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Part-Time Equine

by ForeverAltered

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Storycodes: F/f; ponygirl; latex; catsuit; whip; training; corset; harness; leash; outdoors; rom; cons; X

Continues from

Part 6

The morning breeze felt amazing as it rushed through my auburn hair. I breathed out slowly as my legs continued running forward, with each step my hooves dug into the ground and brought dirt up into the air. The morning jog brought me back to the path I took with Saffron the day before, this time with no trainer and no wagon, just me and the morning air rushing into my lungs.
I hummed as I took in another long breath, the air here was far different to the one in the city. Each time I inhaled it into my nose, I was overwhelmed by how fresh it was, the amazing smells and how each breath added more energy into my stride.
It fueled my body, making it feel like it could run forever with just a few intakes.

A loud splash woke me up from my thoughts, the hard hoof that saw underneath my foot hit the water hard and just like the ground before, brought it up high behind me with just one movement. The water glimmered in the morning sun, showing me its true beauty as I passed through. As my foot hit solid ground again, I questioned to myself why I didn't leave the city before, I remembered I didn't want to come back to this place. I still had my reasons, but this peaceful part of the country and spending the day with people I like made it clear how difficult my life was before and how alone I was.

Within a minute, I was standing next to the tree Beth had taken me and Saffron to yesterday. Despite the run, I wasn't out of breath and I didn't have the same yearning feeling below as I usually did in this suit. I took a few steps until I was right up to the large tree, I took a moment to look it over before placing my bound hand on it, feeling the bumpy texture vibrate under the hoof as I dragged my hand down.
Something about this tree made me feel warm… loved, if I had to put a specific word to it. The memories of spending the day with the older woman and the ebony horse had already taken its place in my heart, watching the world go by as Beth held me in her arms and Saffron cuddled up to me.
I… I had never felt this way before,

My eyes scanned over the fields and over the quiet stable. It was odd seeing it so empty, no Kathia strutting around expecting a hug and no Saffron and Abigail fighting. The only remaining constant was the emerald girl taking her place on the fountain, resting peacefully as the sounds of the water moving brought her to sleep.

Spending the night with Lily was an interesting experience, within minutes I was fast asleep in her arms as everything about the girl radiated comfort. Her smell, her warm and soft body and her caring and clingy nature all made me feel welcome in her presence. Even though she was being distant with me at first, we soon spent the night in each other's arms.

I still found it odd that we haven't exchanged any words, yet spent the evening closer than anyone I had ever been romantically involved with.

By the time Harriet woke us up in the morning, I was using Lily's stomach as a pillow. Her belly radiated heat and there was something addictive about it, the way the latex clung tightly to her skin, showing off her rubs, her thigh-bones and her belly button. I would have been happy to spend the whole day resting on her.

The stable owner woke us both early, allowing us time to stretch our legs before the day begins and we meet with our clients. Lily almost immediately fell asleep, but I took the time to explore the stables and go for a run.
By the time I had reached the tree, the sun had crawled up the sky to brighten the day up and Lily trotted out of her paddock and fell back to sleep on the fountain. There was something somewhat adorable about her being a sleepy girl, even though we went to bed early, she still kept shutting her eyes.

I guess that was her specific charm, she was sleepy and cuddly but not as full-on as Kathia can be with her hugs, she wasn't a ball of energy like Nicole and not as nurturing as Abigail. She was a perfect medium for someone.

As I made my way back to the stable, I considered what traits I had that made me stand out compared to the other girls. I was more laid back than Nicole, I liked cuddles but wasn't a cuddle monster like Kathia, I wasn't exactly nurturing like Abigail and definitely not as strong as Saffron. Was I the mischievous one? The one who pranked and played around, teasing the other ponies and getting on their nerves?

…No, I was too caring for that. Despite my attitude, I still followed the rules more than any other pony here. When we were told to go back to our stables, I was always the first one in.

How about the sexy one?

…no, of course not. I had a decent body but Kathia or Abigail could easily take that role from me. Kathia loved intimacy and her massive boobs were easily the first thing to hit your face. Abigail's body was perfect, big boobs, thin waist and large thighs. It even made me look when I saw her in her red outfit and she took great care of it.

'What kind of pony am I?' I asked myself as I approached the wall of the stable.

However, the sight of someone walking in took my mind off my thoughts. The young man, James, headed towards the entrance to the square before his eyes glanced in my direction. The bright silver and black leather was easy to spot in comparison to the green location around me. Even though I found it silly how all the girls reacted to him, I did find my knees becoming slightly weak at his gaze, the way his eyes rested on mine with such comfort, the small smile he shot me that showed the top row of his teeth and the friendly wave to greet me and welcome me towards him.

I found my feet had headed towards his direction without my brain telling them to. I didn't feel like a pony around him, a young woman trapped underneath layers of latex and leather. I felt human, as if I could walk up to him and begin asking him questions, talking to him about his day and the events that happened since the last time we met. It was like I could easily talk for hours with him as my company, even with the bit-gag between my teeth.

"Hey there." He smiled once again as I got closer.

I ended up walking at his side, trotting next to him as we both walked into the square. My hooves clopped loudly on the concrete once again, causing them to echo through the walls.
He made sure to take his time with his strides to allow us plenty of time to talk, not that I said any words to the young man, but he somehow managed to understand me despite the piece of equipment in my mouth.

"So, are you enjoying it here?" His soothing voice asked, "How are you finding the other girls?"

I made two noises to answer his two questions, the first one was one of enthusiasm and the second was a little more muted. He seemed to completely understand what I meant.

"I'm glad you are enjoying it," he replied, "Don't worry, it can take a little while to get used to the girls, especially wearing that all day. I find the girls are completely different women outside the suits, do you feel the same?"

I answered, saying yes to his answer. I told him that I felt like two completely different people when in the suit and out. That I'm not exactly the cuddling type. but the ponysuit changes that. However, I still enjoyed being here and I began to love the person I was inside the outfit.

"That's understandable. Everything changes when you are inside it. You have to express yourself in your actions. Why are you here so early?"

I told him I had an early client, as well as Lily. I pointed to him and then me, asking how he could understand what I'm saying at the same time.

He gave me a wink, "Just a special power, I suppose."

The wink made my legs a little weak, like a miniature shockwave that travelled all the way through my body. It wasn't difficult to see why the rest of the ponygirls enjoyed spending time in his company, he was easy to approach, he cared about you and was always happy to listen to you talk; even if half of it was mumbling because of the gag.
It felt like he truly cared about you and didn't see you as a sex object, which was difficult with the skin-tight latex, even I saw myself catching a glance at the sexual, shimmering bodies of my co-workers. 

James walked with me to the middle of the square, where the emerald pony laid on the stone wall of the fountain. The young man made his steps quiet as he snuck up to the sleeping girl, taking a quick second before rubbing her side and causing her to be startled awake.

"C'mon, Lily. There's no time to sleep," he quietly said.

She squeaked as she took a moment to stretch before keeping her arms open for the young man to embrace her in a hug. As he wrapped his arms around her, he helped her off the fountain onto her feet. I guessed this was another part of Lily that people liked. She was a sleepy girl and enjoyed being in close contact with someone as she napped. It was somewhat cute seeing James try his best to wake her as her hooved hands were wrapped around his shoulders.

I must admit, I felt a little jealous of how forward the emerald girl was. Yes, I had a crush on the young man as well as all the other girls here, but when I was around him, I felt timid… something I had never felt before around a guy. I couldn't talk to him like a normal person, I would have had to use my body to express the words, but I wasn't as confident as the green pony who had him in her arms.
However, I noticed the way he behaves with me is different to the other girls. He treats them all like ponies… like animals, rather than human beings. Just now, he woke Lily up in a similar manner to a person waking their pet; gently, with great care and attention. With me, he just talks to me as if I was a normal person, as if I wasn't currently locked under sexual attire. Did that mean he cared for me differently? Saw me as someone different to the other girls? Or could it just be how comfortable he was around me? Maybe, he was chatty with all the ponies at first and eventually got used to treating them like animals.

It was hard to say what was going in the young man's mind, but I didn't want to make the wrong move. If I only met him outside these walls, out of this suit and in a public setting. I could talk to him like a normal person, ask him questions… even flirt with him. He could see the woman I was outside the suit and get to know me on a personal level.
That's how old Heather would have done it, the brash, confident city girl. However, I wasn't that girl anymore, even outside the suit I was more timid, the outfit gave me confidence, letting me know I couldn't use my voice to communicate and had to use my body to interact with others.

It was the toughest part of being a ponygirl, knowing I couldn't speak and had to find different ways to talk to others. It hasn't happened yet, but what if a situation arose where I had to speak, where my true feelings weren't being shown and the person I was with thought I was being distant or ungrateful to be in their company. It was a fear I had to suppress as none of the others had that issue, yet… it haunted me.

"Harriet hasn't come out yet, she's running behind" James asked himself… or was it Lily who told him and he understood what she meant, "Okay, I'll get your stomach harnesses back on and I'll see where she got to"

It was strange seeing the young man in this accommodating way. So far, Harriet, Beth and Chloe had locked me in the suit and I know Jade did so too, I've yet to see James do anything this level with the girls. I followed him and Lily to her stable, where the stomach harnesses were left to the side after being taken off last night.
Lily continued to wrap her arms around the young man as he bent down to grab one of the harnesses and proceeded to lock it around the girl's waist, it was clear he knew how the suits worked but he wasn't used to actually placing them on the ponies, he took longer than the women to attach it to the green girl, but it looked like she didn't mind, she seemed happy just being that close to him, I didn't know whether it was because of her crush on the poor guy, or that she just enjoyed cuddles with humans.

Once it was on, he managed to get out of her grip and grabbed the other harness with one hand whilst using his other hand to wave me forward.
I took a few steps towards him, taking a quick second to get comfortable with how close I was. I locked eyes with the young man for a second before he focused on getting the item of clothing on me. Being this close, the first thing I noticed was how good he smelled, why is that the first thing I focused on? I did the same to Lily yesterday. I decided to follow the same thing Lily did and wrap my two bound hands around his shoulders, both getting my hands out of the way and getting more intimate with him and as she did it before me, it didn't seem like I was being too weird.
I focused my stare at Lily as James looked up at me, surprised by my sudden action. It might have been too close for him right now, we've only met twice and already I had my arms around him and stood close enough that I could feel his warm breath on my cheek.

He continued to look at me for a few seconds longer before returning to the harness. I couldn't tell what he was thinking but he seemed like he was processing what was happening. Even though Lily just did the same action, he was probably used to having her and the other ponygirls around him and touching him, but we both knew this is the first time we were this close, this intimate with each other.

His hands felt amazing as they brushed against my latex skin. Multiple times the tips of his fingers accidentally brushed against my back or my side as he struggled to put the garment on and it caused butterflies to fly around my stomach with each touch. However, after a few more seconds of pushing and pulling, the young man was done with me and turned his attention to the missing stable owner.

Me and Lily followed him outside where he began walking towards the house. Lily took another big stretch, cutely moaning to herself as she did so, only to then return back to her place on the fountain and nod off once more. I decided to follow James to the door; he used the knocker on the front of the door to try and get her attention, but after half a minute of waiting, no one came to the door.

I glanced around the house, looking to the small garden that sat on the right hand side. As James took a moment to look through one of the small windows to the house, I made my way over to the garden fence that only stood three feet off the ground.
With one small jump, I cleared the wooden fence and made my way through the beautiful, scenic backyard.

"Heather!" James shouted in a hushed tone, "Where are you going?"

I had already begun walking through the grass and James' voice had soon disappeared. Harriet kept this place spotless, the grass was cut, the flowers were all well groomed and there were no weeds growing through. Everything in the garden had its own spot, a small picnic area was void of any flowers, but the greenhouse sat at the back of the property to keep the rest looking smart. I had never seen a garden this tidy before, it said a lot about the stable owner in how particular she was about her property.

Then, something caught my eye that I didn't expect. A small house sat behind Harriet's, it was only one story but it had a modern, pool-house vibe. With large windows that could easily let anyone see in, however, the furniture inside seemed very old-fashioned, something that Harriet had in her main residence too.
It was clear it was a guesthouse of some kind, which was odd as the main house seemed big enough to keep a large family in. The stonework looked new too, so it must have been a recent extension that was far younger than the walls that surrounded it.

My curiosity peaked and I walked up to one of the windows, not knowing what to expect. The room was minimalistic, with plain white walls and cream floor. The old furniture sat around a small table as well as a modern, flat TV. Apart from the main door to the building, there was another on the other side, which I assumed would lead to a bathroom and a bedroom.

Movement caught my eye as I ducked under the window, keeping the top of my head up to continue spying. The movement came from the sofa, a large, wooden framed piece of furniture with white cushions that had a floral pattern on them. It was Harriet, the older lady was sitting down with her arms crossed, she looked asleep. After she woke me and Lily up, she must have come back here for a sit down and accidentally nodded off.

I wanted to bang on the window with my hoof, but immediately thought against it as I wouldn't be able to explain how I got here, the fact I went into her property without permission was probably enough for some form of punishment. I lowered my bound hand and tried to think.
Maybe, I can find a way to wake the woman up without letting her see me. She would feel like she woke up naturally, see the time and realise how late she is.
As I pondered this, my eyes continued to travel, catching a glimpse of something I didn't want to see.
I knew I saw it the moment I came to the window, but wanted to act as if it wasn't there, as if my mind tried to block it out for me.

Beside Harriet was a humanoid shape of pink, not a soft pink, but bright… and colourful, somewhat similar to the latex outfits we wore. I would even go as far as saying it looked like latex… I don't know why I was stepping around the truth again, it was a girl in a pink latex outfit next to the older woman, curled up in a ball like a pet.

I couldn't tell how I felt, it looked like I was sneaking a peak at her secret, as if no one was supposed to know about this. Who was it? Why was Harriet hiding her? Did the others know about this? If they did, I'm sure someone would have mentioned it.

I didn't have much more time to think as one of the girls moved in their sleep, I couldn't tell which one it was as I was already sprinting across the garden, back to the safety of the square.
James continued to stand by the front door, clearly frustrated with me for breaking the rules. I pointed to where the house sat, trying to tell the young man where the stable owner was and he seemed to have understood.

"Is she awake?" he asked.

I shook my head, Harriet falling asleep must have happened before. He looked at me and then to the garden, struggling with the thought of going into her private property and getting her.

He pulled out a set of keys and shifted through them, "Okay… I'll re-open the front gate. I don't know the procedure for when your clients come in… but I'm sure we can play it by ear."

James looked down at the set of keys, teasing the main gate key between his two fingers with a small look of panic on his face. It was clear the young man was never in charge of a situation like this before. With a couple of deep breaths, he walked away from the square to open the gate.

With him gone, I looked around once more to see the place empty. Only the breathing from the body of the sleeping pony made any movement. I stood there, silently contemplating why the easy morning run and lovely chat with James had suddenly turned to this, where I was questioning the motives of my boss and watching the calm and steady posture of James falter.

It was all very odd.

Luckily, I didn't have much time to think as two strangers approached the entrance to the square. The first was a young gentleman wearing glasses, his light brown hair was kept short and his outfit was smart looking, being a long, black shirt and black suit trousers. He smiled as he saw me, which made me question if he was the person who booked in time to see me, but he swiftly moved on from me and began looking around some more, finally catching the emerald green animal who snoozed away lying on the concrete fountain.

He suddenly got a burst of energy and sprinted over to the young woman, slowing down to gently wake her up. She greeted him in the exact way she did with James a few minutes earlier and wrapped her arms around him as he helped her to her feet.

"Morning, Sleepyhead," he laughed as he embraced the girl in the same way, "Sorry for coming so early, but I only had time before work to see you"

It was cute seeing Lily get so much fuss, it was clear the two had formed a close friendship, the man must have been a regular here. I suddenly remembered two people had come in and returned my gaze back to the entrance when my heart suddenly stopped. I saw a young woman with short, black hair and a summer dress hugging her body and was reminded of Donna, the woman who weirded me out a few days before. Thankfully, this wasn't Donna, although there was resemblance, it was clear this woman was younger, probably in her early twenties.
Her short hair sat behind her ear and her dress; which was a cool, blue colour with red flowers, blew in the wind, showing off her smooth legs that ended in white trainers.

However, the biggest shock from the woman was the ghastly look she had on her face. She looked me up and down as it looked like she was trying to comprehend what she was seeing. It stunned me as she genuinely looked appalled, taking in the restraints that held my body in place. I took a few steps towards her, holding my arms out in a way that suggested a hug. Maybe, she just needed a tender touch from me to understand why I'm like this, but she took a step back and held her arms out as if she was to defend herself.

"I… I thought this was a stable with… actual ponies," she stammered, still sounding disgusted; yet awkward.

I shook my head, but continued to take another step. Something in my brain told me that if I could just get skin to skin contact with this lady, I could perhaps bring her over to our side and see the benefits of ponyplay, but she continued to back away from me.

"W-Why are you wearing that? Is this some sort of bondage freakshow!" She finally put her hands down and placed them on her hips with her hands in fists, "You should be ashamed of yourself, doing crap like this! Don't you feel at least a little bit disgusting? Wearing that outfit and those locks!"

Luckily, James and an annoyed looking Jade came to my aid, walking around the corner to see the woman exploding in front of me, her voice echoing through the square and even catching the attention of the sleepy pony and her timid client.

"What's the matter?" Jade looked at me and then the woman, the familiar stern look on her face.

"You work here?!"


"You are all sick-minded individuals. Who the fuck does stuff like this?"

Jade kept her cool, "I'm assuming there's been some sort of confusion?"

"Yes! Of course! I wouldn't have driven all the way here if I knew you had whores standing around wearing sinful outfits like that!" The lady pointed directly towards me, "I came here to relax with an actual horse, a real pony with four legs! Not… this!"

"I'm sorry you feel that way, the website should be more clear of what we have on here. However, you haven't been charged, so you are more than welcome to leave and stop interrupting the actual, paying client." Jade's eyes were fogged over, as if she wasn't even reacting to the state of the yelling woman.

"Sick… all… of… you," she pointed back to me, then to James and finally to Jade.

"Goodbye," Jade turned away from the lady and walked towards me.

The lady scoffed one more time before walking out of sight. Stomping heavily with each step. Once she passed the entrance, Jade turned around to make sure she had left before turning back to me.

Her voice was still monotone but a hint of sympathy fell through, "Are you okay?"

I nodded.

"Don't worry about her, everyone is different at the end of the day. The website isn't completely clear of the services we offer, that's the issue with Harriet trying to keep this place a secret."

I stared at nothing, processing the event that just happened. I've been here for a few days already and the only interactions I've had with 'customers' were Beth under the guise of a client, the creepy woman, Donna and now this.

Jade noticed the tears that began to form in my eyes, "Did Chloe ever tell you the day she started? She thought this was a normal stable too and was freaked out when she met Lily"

The woman chuckled to herself, but soon returned to her stern self once she realised she was smiling in front of me, as if she couldn't let that part of her be on show. I appreciated the small talk, but didn't know how I felt, I was devastated.

Jade hung around for a while longer until her bedside manner wore off, "Well, I have to start working. Where's Harriet?"

James jumped into the conversation, "She's still asleep, in the guesthouse."

His sister tutted, "Okay, we better leave her there for now then."

She began walking away, but stopped once she heard the sound of hooves hitting the concrete ground behind her, she turned around and noticed I had taken a few steps in her direction.

"What are you going to do?" she asked, placing her hands up in a questioning manner, "If you want something to do, go annoy my idiot brother, you girls seem to enjoy his company."

I couldn't respond, I just stood there and didn't react to the things the woman was saying, she took a moment to scowl at me before continuing to walk away. The returning sound of my footsteps behind her made her stop one more time. She turned around to see that I was still behind her, only two steps away from where she stood.

"Why are you following me? You can literally do anything you want right now and you want to spend time with me?" I could hear the annoyance in her voice.

I nodded.

Her stern looked faltered once more and she looked somewhat shocked, "Really?"

I nodded again.

"It's cute, but you can't do anything to help me the way you are."

I pointed to her and then to the zip behind me, indicating to her that if she unzipped me, I could help with her chores.

"Cute again, but only Harriet has the authority to unlock the ponygirls, so unfortunately… you are stuck in there until she gets up."

She walked into the storage room to grab a brush, then she walked into the stable that I owned, I continued to follow her. I didn't know if it was my ponygirl brain, but something had drawn me to the young woman. In a normal situation, I would have been more than happy to spend time with James, I was given an invitation to be with him by Jade and no other girls were at the stable right now, so I had the young man all to myself. However, it was his sister that intrigued me, maybe it was because she saved me from the lady before or the fact I didn't know her as well as the others here, all the times I've seen her; she seemed to have kept her distance.

Once we had travelled from the outside world to the small space, Jade placed the broom in my arms, I struggled to hold it between my bound hooves.

"Let's see if you can be of any use" She laughed, "Do you think you could sweep up?"

I stammered as I looked at the wooden broom that hung between my useless hands, my brain took a moment to figure out how to work it. I pressed my hooves together as hard as I could to get enough pressure to lift the broom and gently brushed it against the floor by my feet. It was an awkward and completely useless job.

Jade let out a hearty laugh as she grabbed the item and proceeded to brush the floor in a much more efficient way than I ever could in this outfit. My cheeks went red as I realised the young woman was teasing me and knew I would have been unable to help, but it lightened the mood and Jade didn't seem as stubborn as she was before. The wall had completely fallen and I was seeing a new side of the stable-hand.
She swiftly brushed the entirety of the room, clearing the floor of any dirt brought in from the outside world and with that job done, she swiftly exited my stable and moved on to the neighbouring one.
I followed her through, keeping closely behind like a loyal pet.

"So, how does it feel?" She asked as she placed the broom on the floor and rested her hands on it, "It must have been odd wearing that for the first time. From the conversations me and Chloe had, you got the job because you two were friends and not because you are into this sort of crap"

I shrugged my shoulders, the only thing I could do despite the words that wanted to come out of my mouth.

"You're lucky, I had to fight for this job." She sighed as she brushed up dust, "I was here before Chloe, before some of the other ponygirls and Harriet was unsure about hiring me. I had to show her I was a hard worker, cleaning the stables, prepping and maintaining the equipment. Chloe came in, Lily took an instant liking to her and she got the job immediately".

She stopped sweeping and returned to holding her hands on the top of the broom, "Sorry, I know it sounds like I hate this situation. I love this job, Chloe is a decent person and you seem alright… actually I'm rather fond of the ponies too, it's just… I still feel like an outsider. The reason Harriet wanted me to work for the job was because… I didn't see the caring and cute side of it. It's hard to put into words but I liked the idea of…being in control of these bound girls, telling them what to do and having them obey me. I assumed as they were in latex outfits and harnesses, it would be the stricter side of BDSM… Harriet made it clear that it was the complete opposite/"

She took a moment to think before walking out of the stable, as if she almost regretted coming clean about her kink to a complete stranger. I continued to follow her, staying only a couple of steps behind. She walked away from the property and toward the large field.
I glanced to the fountain, Lily and her client had disappeared, I assumed they had disappeared into her personal stable.

"I'm done here, the rest are tidy and don't need another sweep. I have to make sure the huts are clean," she continued to speak as she walked away from the large wall.

I continued to follow the woman, not just for entertainment, but I was genuinely interested in what she had to say about her past and what it had to do with the stables. I stayed a few steps behind the woman as she checked both of the wooden huts, both clean as anything and looked like they hardly had been used.
Jade took a moment to look around, checking the pens and the school. For a moment, her head stopped as she clocked the large arena, the place I was forced to orgasm in front of the rest of the pony group, as well as Harriet, Jade and Beth.
My cheeks burned red as I remembered the humiliation.

"I have an idea," she said out loud, "I've done all my jobs and we still have a while before the day starts, "Have you ever heard of dressage?"

She looked at me but I clocked my head to the side, clearly showing her I was confused by her question. Dressage was a word that seemed familiar to my ears but I couldn't explain what it meant without any clues.

"Wait here," she firmly pointed her finger to the floor and ran back to the stables, leaving me alone in the fields to ponder what was in store for me.

As I had a moment to myself, I took that time to look over the school. I'd seen many in the time I had helped out in horse stables before I was introduced to this place, but since I last went in with Beth; It held a different feeling for me. My eyes traced over the ground, the ground was cut up rubber matting to help cushion the hooved feet of the ponygirls but it still showed the tracks the girls have taken before, even showing me the area where I fell down and had the orgasm.
That memory stayed at the back of my mind and was unlikely to leave anytime soon.

"Here we go!" Jade yelled as she walked past me, giving me a small scare.

In the young woman's hands were two items, one was a set of reins that I had seen before and the other was a lunging whip that was used to encourage horses when they were in training. It wasn't uncommon to see these in real stables, yet I had never seen anyone use them on a ponygirl, it was a long, black rod with a leather handle..
Jade looked into my eyes and saw I was eyeing the long object in her hand.

"Don't worry, I won't use it on you," she chuckled, "unless you are disobedient."

I smiled behind the gag and turned to my side, pushing my butt out to tease the poor woman in a way that was telling her to use the whip on me. I didn't know how much it would hurt or if she would want to swing it at a ponygirl, but it felt like the right thing to do at the time. With Beth and Harriet, I was a loyal pony and did everything they said, however, I felt like I could be a little more naughty in front of the stable hand and she would enjoy my rebellious nature too.

"Just get in there" She laughed, holding the gate open for me.

I was correct, Jade and I had similar personalities when I was in my human form and whilst she opened up to me about her strict and controlling kink, it was clear she liked a pony who could talk back and act silly in front of her. I held my head up high as I walked past my new trainer and into the cushioned ground of the school. I began to wonder what-


I jumped up and audibly yelped, somehow bypassing the gag and allowing my short scream to echo through the empty fields. Jade jumped up too and placed her hands around her mouth, looking at her, I automatically did the same; bringing my two hooved hands over the bottom of my face.
The whip was still swinging from the impact it made on my bottom. For the briefest of moments, a large sting accompanied the sound, giving me the most intense pain I had ever felt in my entire life, however, that quickly turned into erotic, electrical buzz that travelled throughout my body, most noticeably around my sex.

"I'm so sorry!" The dark-haired woman said in complete sincerity, "I just got caught up in the moment, that sounded painful, are you hurt?"

I shook my head, keeping my hands up against my face. I'm glad I couldn't talk as I didn't want to explain to her what my body was doing at that time. Whilst the initial impact did hurt, I was shocked to realise that my body was craving another stroke of the whip, I could tell by the look on Jade's face that she was too shocked by the experience that happened, but it was clear that she too enjoyed the feeling of disciplining the bound pony in front of her.

She ran to my side, lifted my tail and placed her hand on my butt, exactly the place she had stricken moments before, both bringing the stinging sensation back and soothing the wound at the same time.

"I didn't damage the suit, did I?" Her voice trembled, her hand combing over my backside for any marks.

I shook my head again, finally bringing my hands back down as the erotic sensation began to disappear from my body.

"Oh, thank god! Harriet would kill me if I caused any damage to the outfits. Are you sure you are okay?"

I nodded, as Jade stood up with her face very close to mine. She likely felt complete guilt over the sudden movement and the intimacy between us came from her sudden nurturing urge, I was sure I was the first pony to see this side of the woman.
Quietly and obediently, I continued the steps further inside the school, taking great care with each trot as my body anticipated another crack to hit my body, but it never came.

Jade closed the gate behind her and walked up to me, shaking off the emotions she was feeling before and getting back into the state she was before the 'incident'. She stopped her body in front of mine and placed the whip between her legs. She attached the reins to my head harness with her free hands.

"Did you know there are all sorts of ponyplay events out there? Not just the sporty ones that Saffron likes to do, but they do so many events that revolve around dressage." She smiled as the reins were clipped into place, "I loved dressage, even before when I worked with real horses. I've always wanted to try it with an actual ponygirl… are you happy if we give that a go?"

I nodded my head.

"That's great! Thank you. Do you know what dressage is?"

I shook my head.

"With real horses, dressage is about the connection between the animal and rider. The ability to control the horse, tell it to halt, walk, trot and canter. The horse is showing it's obedience and elegance, whilst the rider is showing their control in front of the judges. What I've told you is a much more simplified version, but you'll get it in time."

I nodded as I took in the information, watching the young woman as she took my reins in one hand and the whip in her other hand.

"Now, ponyplay is a little different as I cannot ride you like I would a real horse, so I will be walking either behind, beside or in front of you. All you need to do is follow my movements and know what to do when I give subtle hints, but the first thing you have to learn is how to move properly. You travel well on those hooves, but in dressage you'll need to glide rather than trot"

I placed my head to the side, I didn't fully understand what the girl was saying. Yes, I became used to the hooves fairly quickly, but it was only natural for the heavy, rubber shoes to dig into the ground as I walked.

"In dressage, when you walk you have to bounce your foot, rather than let it fall" She placed herself onto my right, facing the same direction as me, "You need to bring your leg up as high as it can go and carefully bring it down and when that leg is going down your other one has to doing the same thing. You have to have full control over your legs to not allow the weight to drop to the floor, but instead use your muscles to bounce your foot back up."

Whilst she was talking, she used her body as an example. She brought her leg up so high that her knee was almost touching her breast and as she brought that leg down, her other leg was brought up in the same position. She continued doing this for a few seconds, letting her body bounce in place, it looked silly but there was a hint of elegance to her movement.

She finally stopped and lifted her whip towards me for a moment, "Now you try."

I brought my leg up, causing the latex to stretch and moan with the movement. I tried to bring it up to the same level as Jade, but it was clear I wasn't as flexible as my new trainer was. I ignored myself as I began to bring that leg down and brought my other leg up. The world swiftly moved to the side as my body inelegantly fell to the rubber floor.
I held out my hands to cushion the fall but it didn't make the landing any easier, soon my latex body crashed into the rubber matting of the school.

Jade ran to my side, "Are you okay?", she asked in a worried tone.

She had momentarily dropped the whip and placed her hands over me, one at the small of my back and the other behind my neck. The embarrassment of tripping over my own feet hurt more than the actual fall. It was odd seeing this side of Jade so quickly, before today I had only managed to get a few grunts and side glances from her and now she was holding me in her arms.

Jade helped me back up to my feet before reaching for the whip she left on the ground. It was clear that I needed practice before the practice, something to steadily get me into the dressage movement without letting my feet get in the way of each other.
She once again placed herself at my right side and started moving again.

"Okay, let's take it a little slower, bring your leg up," she commanded.

In sync, we both brought our right legs up in the same way as before and once again, her leg went up much higher than mine did. I followed her movement as she brought her leg down, allowing me to bring mine down. Once both feet touched the rubber floor, she brought up her left leg and I followed, we held them up until she finally brought hers back to the floor, I felt silly moving my legs like this without actually travelling forward.

"And again…"

We did the same with the right leg, this time Jade placed the whip under my thigh, slapping the latex skin slightly to encourage me to bring the leg up higher than before.

"C'mon, higher…. higher."

I gritted the gag with my teeth as my body leaned back slightly to get the limb in a higher position.

"Good, that's good! Now back down and the other leg."

The same with the left leg, with my entire body straining, I managed to get the leg higher than it did before, but it was still lower than what Jade could accomplish without causing harm to her body.

"Great! You are doing well." She locked her left arm with my right, "Perfect, now let's do the same, but this time we will begin moving forward!"

I sighed heavily through my gag, I wasn't sure about how this was teaching me how to move during dressage, I even felt silly pushing my legs up and down in a comical fashion.
With Jade's arm linked in mine, I felt her push forward, moving ahead slowly as her foot reached the floor. I followed her non-verbal instructions, bringing my legs up and down but moving forward at the same time. She no longer used the whip to encourage my legs higher as I was already pushing myself to do so. The muscles in my legs began to ache and cramp as I stretched them further than I had in years,

The wall of the school approached us quickly and Jade stopped in place before we hit it, giving me time to finally rest my body, or so I thought.

"Good job, girl!" She smiled as she rubbed the back of my head, finally freeing her arm that was locked in mine, "You've done so well, your leg is already getting higher up."

I didn't feel like I made any progress, however, I doubt Jade was one to lie, she would have been more than happy to punish me for making no change. I tried stretching my body out without making it too obvious I was doing so.

"Okay, now turn around!" She commanded, slapping my butt again slightly with the whip.

I did as I was told, I turned one hundred and eighty degrees in place so I was once again facing towards the school, Jade placed her arm in mine again and kept the whip in the other.

"Okay, this time we speed it up. Try and do what we were going to do earlier, keep our legs up but at a jogging pace… are you ready?"

I shook my head… then nodded. I needed an extra second to think of where to put my feet and when but before I had a second to breath, Jade had pulled at my arm as she began jogging forward.

I gave up thinking about it and joined her in her movement. I was surprised as my feet didn't drag into the ground as they usually did. I was jogging, gliding even, over the uneven, rubber matting of the school. My legs were screaming at me to slow down, the heavy weight of the hooves were enough to drain my energy and strength within a few minutes, but for the moment I was happy, I was doing what my new trainer wanted me to do and I felt amazing doing it. I was elegant and powerful, I was a dressage pony.

Jade held my arm as we continued to the other side of the school, just about to reach the wall and stop as before. However, my new trainer decided to turn right, following the direction of the wall instead of coming to a complete stop. Jade laughed to herself as she kept up the dressage pony movements and I did my best to match her energy. The movements and the weight of the restraints was exhausting but there was something so beautiful and so free that we were experiencing, I felt like I could run like this forever.

I held onto the woman as tight as possible as we continued jogging around the entirety of the stage. Jade gave me compliments between breaths and I wished I could have returned the favour, she seemed more elegant than I was.

We had nearly reached where we started, until a familiar body caught us both off guard.
Jade stopped in her tracks and I was too tired to stop and ended up falling onto the floor again.

"I-I'm sorry," The girl next to me blurted out.

I lifted my head up to see Harriet was cleaning over the fence, standing near the entrance to the school, a huge grin plastered over her face.

"What are you apologising for? That looked great!" her voice calmed us both down.

That's great she wasn't annoyed with us, it didn't feel as if we were doing anything wrong but I didn't want to get on the wrong side of anybody. Jade took a moment to smile back at the stable owner before helping me back onto my feet and taking a moment to dust off my silver body.

"Is that dressage you were trying?" Harriet asked.

"Yeah, we had a moment to spare as all the jobs were done." Jade's apologetic tone remained despite stating the facts.

"Okay… the rest of the girls are coming in, Jade. I need your help to prep them."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Oh, and once we are done with that, I'll take you home Heather."

I answered in the only way I could, I blew through the gag and made the horse snort sound.

"I'm sorry about this morning, I nodded off for a few minutes but it looks like you had everything under control," Harriet chuckled to herself as she admitted her negligence, but immediately this emotion was replaced with a confused one, "Weren't you supposed to have a client this morning?"

By this time Jade had cleaned me up and she and I had walked to the entrance of the school.

"Yes, she did. However, the lady believed the girls were supposed to be real horses. She said some horrible stuff to Heather and me before she ran out.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Hope that didn't discourage you at all?"

I shook my head.

"That's good. Well, I'll make sure your next client is a good one."

Harriet hurried back to the stables as Jade helped me through the gate of the school, the events of the morning felt so far away at this point, the lady who called us names for being locked in latex suits had almost left my mind, the same with what I saw Harriet doing this morning.

…the latex girl, how could I have forgotten that? It had been in my mind for so long, somehow the running around the school had made me forget that completely and seeing her just now did not jog my memory; only her mentioning it just now did anything to reactivate my brain.

"C'mon, let's get you back to your stable" Jade sighed as she began to walk forward.

I stood my ground, giving the dark-haired girl a loud snort from the gag to grab her attention.

Jade turned around, her annoyed look that I knew from before briefly returning to her face.
She walked back up to me with her hands in front of her, asking what the matter was without using her words.
I shook my head again, snorting loudly and shaking the reins that were still attached to my head harness.

"What is it, Heather?" She asked in a hush tone.

I sighed again, shaking the reins again. The leather material shook in front of my body. She took a few moments to think before grabbing the reins in a tight grasp.

"You want me to hold this whilst we walk back?"

I nodded with as much energy as I had, I enjoyed being led around on a lead and I knew Jade had a dominant side and would appreciate being in control for as long as possible. Her eyes glanced down at the leather lead in her hand with a smile on her face. Once she was done taking in my request, she stared at me straight in the eyes.

"Thank you," she said with the most amount of sincerity I've ever heard from her.

She clicked her tongue, asking me to come with her as she pulled the leash and began to talk back towards the stables.
The tingling feeling returned and radiated throughout my body as I felt the young woman pull me behind her, I truly felt like a horse, an animal being led from one place to another. Despite not having much time with actual clients, this wasn't such a bad way to spend my days and I looked forward to seeing where the world of ponyplay dressage would take me.

I continued to follow the stablehand past the wall and into the square. Jade brought me to the middle of the square where Harriet was sitting on the fountain looking through a folder. As the two women talked, my gaze began to travel round, Lily was no longer in her stable and wasn't on the fountain as she usually was.
In the corner of my eye, I saw Lily and a bound Kathia distracting James from his work. It was the exact same as the other day where the girls covered the poor man and when he removed one, another had taken her place. He was standing in front of his empty workbench, desperate to continue with his work.
Kathia covered the man's shoulders with her hooves and lily was cuddling his chest, he was struggling to pull the emerald girl away.

I snorted through my gag and pulled against the reins, causing the two girls to get distracted from their talk and notice how urgently I wanted to join my friends. Jade looked me in the eyes, then to the situation with her brother, her eyes fell and her pout returned; it was clear she was unimpressed with me.

"You too?" she sighed, "Fine, you can join them."

With another long sigh, she unclipped the reins from my head harness and immediately I bolted from the two and headed towards my latex friends. With James distracted, I slithered onto his workbench, lying down on the wooden table in a suggestive pose, with my hands behind my back, one leg up and the pose pushing my breasts up.
Kathia noticed my sudden entrance and silently laughed with her hooves covering her face.

"C'mon, that's enough girls," James continued to struggle to shake off the purple and green ponies.

He finally looked down, noticing my welcoming and sexy pose. For a second he was annoyed that he had another pony to deal with, but that feeling immediately ceased and his face softened.

He picked me up in his arms and calmly whispered to me, "It's nice to see this side of you, but I do have work to do."

As he placed me to his side, Lily took my place on the table and I embraced the young man in my arms. James groaned as he continued to get nowhere with his work, but it was clear he was enjoying every moment of our attention.

"I'm home," I sighed as I walked through the entrance of Chloe's flat.

Me and the other ponies continued to tease James until Abigail and Saffron arrived at the stables. Once the two girls were too locked in their outfits, Harriet took me to my stable to unlock me and then drove me home. The entire time I was in her car, I was eager to ask the older lady about the pink latex pet in her guesthouse, but I continued to bite my tongue.

"Hey, how was it?" Chloe asked.

My friend was still sitting in her pyjamas in front of the tv, a white shirt and loose shorts clung to her body. I threw off my coat and boots and joined her on the sofa.

"It was okay, spent the morning with Jade."

"Oooh, that must have been tough."

"No… no, it was nice actually."

"That's good, h-how was your night?"

My eyes glanced over to her with a sly smile growing over my face, "You mean with Lily?"

"Yeah… well, it was your first night there," she tried to defend herself.

"She was nice, she was quiet at first but we slowly got used to each other and slept well."

"Oh, that's good."



"Why were you acting so weird yesterday, when Harriet offered for me to stay the night? Is it because I was spending time with Lily?"

Her cheeks went red, dark right as a wave of nervousness and embarrassment waved over her.

"I… I don't know," She tried to hide her face behind her hand.

"Do… Do you like her? Really 'like' her?"

Her face went even more red, "I… I… I don't know."

It was then my face went red too, I didn't realise Chloe was even interested in girls, however, it made sense why she was acting all weird with me about spending the night with the emerald girl. The conversations from before came to mind, where Chloe stated she wasn't allowed to undress Lily from the suit… that must have been so frustrating, to have feelings for someone and not allowed to explore them.

"I'm sorry, Chloe," I stuttered.

My friend wiped her face, "It's not your fault… just that stupid rule Harriet has in place."

"What rule is that?"

"Harriet doesn't allow relationships on the stable. Apparently, two ponygirls fell in love a few years back and broke up, causing a huge rift between everyone there and almost destroying the business completely. I- I believe Harriet knows my interest in Lily and making sure we don't talk."

I placed my arms around my friend, "Chloe… We don't have to talk about this now. Why don't we spend the day watching tv and get a takeout tonight… would you like that?"

"Yeah" She continued to wipe her eyes, "That sounds nice."



"What do you know about Harriet's latex pet?"



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