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Part-Time Equine

by ForeverAltered

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Continues from

Part 8

I breathed in and out slowly, pulling my left leg behind my body as I stretched it as far as it would go. This morning, I decided to get to Harriet's stables early in the morning, not that you would call this the morning as the sun had only just begun to peak above the horizon. The entirety of the stables was still in darkness, but I didn't care, I wanted to be alone for the moment.

I left Chloe a note and got here as early as I could. One thing had been on my brain more often than anything else and I wanted to explore it further.


Ever since trying it out with Jade, it felt more comfortable to me than anything I had ever done before. It felt natural, as if I were supposed to wear the ponyplay harnesses and skip across the school, it made me genuinely happy and I noticed how much Jade enjoyed it as well.

Jade… that was another thing that never left my mind.

I knew I had another busy day ahead of me, so coming here as early as possible was the only time I could practice. Although, it did feel weird. Coming here with no one around was pretty creepy, it was so silent and I doubted Harriet was even awake yet. I threw my clothes in my own stable and struggled to get the suit on by myself, but I managed it.

I stood on one side of the school, wearing the latex outfit with the hooved shoes. I couldn't work out the head harness, the body harness was difficult to put on without any help and the hand hooves were completely impossible without a second set of hands, so I left those items off.

It felt weird only wearing the latex suit and hooves, as if I was naked without the rest of the restraints. I guess it was because I still felt human, with the head harness and hooved hands in place, I felt like an actual animal. Just a pony in comparison to the women around me. I felt almost too free as I was.

I breathed out once more, I was finished with my stretches and I was trying to remember what Jade had taught me already.

I remembered I had to glide, despite the heaviness of the hooved shoes, I was expecting to move as if I were running on clouds, my legs had to interconnect without hitting each other; something that caused me to fall to the floor multiple times before. I had to trot with my legs reaching up high, moving whilst at the same time looking graceful.

It sounded like an impossible task when I said it in my head, but when Jade talks about it, it seems like the easiest thing in the world. She had a way with words, as if I could do exactly what she said without any hesitation or difficulty. I wish I had her here now to tell me what to do.

"Okay, let's do this," I whispered to myself, hyping myself up to do my best.

I started with a slow jog, bringing my knees up as far as they would whilst placing my hands at my sides as if they were in the hooved gloves, with my head up straight and looking forward. As the boots reached the ground I used the force to push myself up into a bigger stride.

I felt the strain at the back of my legs once I reached the other side of the school. I took a moment to catch my breath once both feet were planted into the ground, pushing away the thin layer of rubber bits. I didn't travel that far but the exact movements I was making were a huge strain on my body.

As I finally caught my breath, I turned around and began doing the same motions but to the other side of the school, pulling my legs up as high as they would go, trying my best to be as graceful as I could.


The dull sound of my right hoof hitting the back of my leg filled my ears before I planted the ground. I managed to fall over, even with the full use of my hands, luckily the rubber ground managed to cushion my fall; but it was embarrassing nonetheless, I had lost count of the times I had tripped up at this school.

I couldn't help but laugh, as I was usually a well-coordinated person, but I was a clumsy pony whilst wearing the hooved boots. I turned my body around to look at the beautiful morning sky, which was now an early shade of blue with some orange rays. I continued to laugh at myself, still thinking how bizarre the whole situation was. Even after a while of being here, the idea of me trying to behave like a horse was still an odd feeling, which was now enhanced by the lack of restraints, showing me my human side in this outfit.

I finally picked myself up, patting the dirt off the shiny suit that enclosed me before something in the corner of my eye caught my attention.

It was Jade.

She was leaning against the entrance of the school with the biggest grin on her face, a smirk that said she caught me doing something I shouldn't have been doing. I awkwardly stood still, trying to figure out the best way to explain my actions and why I was here so early in the morning, but no words came out.

Luckily, Jade was the first one to break the ice.

"You need to pick your feet up a little more," She explained as the smile remained on her face, "You are overthinking where you are putting your feet, just focus on moving forward."

"Anything else you would like to add?" I said sarcastically, returning the smile.

"Oh, just a question really, what the hell are you doing here this early?"

"I'm just trying to get some practise in."

Jade opened the gate and let herself into the school. The old wooden gate creaked open as if moaning from the movement. Once she was through, she walked directly up to me, this is when I realised she had a lead rope on her arm.

For some reason, I became more nervous as she approached, her smile disappeared but she retained the light mood. She was once again dressed in all black, this time in a hoodie rather than the usual jacket she wore, that was in the storage room after she gave it to me yesterday.

The one new item of clothing that stood out was a choker that hugged her neck, it was black with silver studs going the entire length around and a silver hoop at the very front.

Whilst it was a common piece of jewellery women wore in public, I had always associated that look with something dirty, as if telling the world that person was into BDSM.

"It probably doesn't feel like it, but you are getting better," she said in a calming tone, making me feel immediately at ease, "Just remember to keep your back straight, your head forwards and your feet up and the rest will come easily. Judges look for elegance over everything else."


"Don't you remember? I was talking to you about ponyplay events? Dressage is a popular subject at these kind of events as they show the beauty of the ponygirl, not just what they can do."

I honestly almost forgot she said that. I was still getting used to the idea that places like this existed, but the idea that people would actually go to a show to see bound women act like horses was such a strange thought, I actually began to imagine that I dreamt that idea up.

"Sorry, I forgot about that," I admitted to her.

Jade placed herself in front of me, "Well… if you forgot about it, then why are you still practising?"

My cheeks caught fire as I realised she caught me out, the only thought that came to mind was that I wanted to impress her, but what would she have said if I told her that? She might have thought I was some obsessed weirdo.

"I…I just enjoy it," I lied, badly.

"Oh, I get that, let's try and turn your obsession into an art."

Jade had me follow her around the school. At first, it was following her around whilst picking the heavy hooves up that were strapped to my feet, bringing them up and allowing gravity to bring them back down. We had walked around the entirety of the school twice before she began a casual job, forcing me into a jog to follow behind her, this became more of a struggle as it meant my energy was being burnt twice as fast and already I was becoming tired from the heavy shoes.

"If I knew you were down here, I would have brought down the lead rope," Jade shouted to me.

All I could do was laugh as I struggled to control my breathing; forcing my mind to multitask between breathing and keeping my elegant stance.

Despite not wearing the head harness and hand hooves, my hands remained at my sides and I didn't speak, forcing the air in and out of my nose as if I were wearing the head harness and gag.

I followed Jade around the entire school once more before she finally stopped, whilst she was slightly out of breath, I was panting and my elegant form was immediately lost.

We had gone around in a large circle four times now and it was just a warm up for her, I was happy for it to end there and then but my trainer had other plans.

We both stood at one of the corners of the school facing the other end.

"How do you feel about moving sideways?" she asked, it was a genuine question but she had a slight hint of laughter in her tone, most likely due to how exhausted I was compared to her.

I wasn't good, I couldn't think of what to say to her. The times I had tried it before, I always ended up getting my feet tangled and face-planting the ground.

I just looked at her with an unsure expression across my face.

She laughed and told me to wait where I was. She took her time to walk to the other side of the school; standing diagonally to me.

"I want you to jog sideways to me," she shouted.

I gulped. I knew exactly what I needed to do but I was unsure if I had the ability to do it. I had to keep my elegant form, looking directly ahead whilst my feet did all the work to move me sideways. Whilst my feet were encased in the heavy hooved shoes, they had to work together to not trip up whilst my body lightly moved up and down. I had to focus on every part of my body to do it correctly and make the motions look as smooth as possible at the same time.

I took a deep breath and decided not to focus too much on any individual part of me. If I were to do this correctly, I couldn't overthink about what I was doing.

I leaped forwards, keeping my hands at my sides, my head and back straight. I pushed my right leg over my left to begin the sideways movement and as the full weight of my body landed on the leg, my left one immediately came out and landed in front of my right leg. I was shocked as I was expecting the sound of the shoes hitting each other but my feet were finally working together.

It was the hardest thing not to look down at them, but I had to keep my focus in front of me. A smile shot onto my face as my right foot landed on the floor.

I was doing it, finally doing it. Each time I had tried this technique, I would always end up on the floor, but I was nearing half-way across the school and I could see Jade's form in the corner of my eye cheering me on.

As she got closer, my smile widened. I was proud of myself for the first time in my life as I felt I was finally accomplishing something.

Despite Jade now being only a few feet away from me, I kept my head forward, I wanted to reach her without faltering, without giving into my urge to leap into her arms and give her the largest hug I had given anyone.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Jade had already begun that. With her arms stretched out, I could see two rows of white teeth as she also was wearing a large smile.

Then the ground hit me.

For the briefest of moments I was distracted from my movement and my legs got tangled up together, forcing me to fall into the young woman who was holding out her arms towards me.

From the moment I crashed into her, a hundred apologies were falling out of my mouth as I thought I hurt her, they continued as I pulled myself and her up.

Instead of being angry, she laughed harder than I had ever seen her do before and as soon as she caught her breath, she hugged me tight against her.

"You did it!" she was almost in tears from the laughter.

I joined her in the hug, "I did, didn't I?"

"You looked so good too, you were practically gliding across to me!"

"Thank you, thank you so much."

We both got caught up in the moment, jumping up and down as we continued the embrace, celebrating my sudden triumph. I felt stupid for acting so childish and jumping around, but at the same time it felt like the right thing to do; I felt as if I truly accomplished something this morning.

"Thank you for what?" A voice came from behind me.

Jade immediately let go and I spun myself around, only to be met with the shape of Harriet standing at the entrance of the school. Resting her arms against the top of the gate. She didn't look happy.

It was the first time I had seen the stable owner like this and I could tell by the sudden mood change in Jade that it wasn't something that happened often.

"Come inside, both of you," Her voice sounded normal but it had no sense of emotion behind the words, she gave us one last look before forcing herself off the wooden fence and back up the field towards the house.

Jade immediately left me and walked after the older woman, although at a much slower rate so she wouldn't have caught up. I had a lump in my throat. I wanted to say something that would have eased the situation, but I didn't know how much trouble I was in.

The silence of the room was deafening. I knew Harriet's home was extremely quiet even when the stables were full, as if her house had some form of sound proofing, but I couldn't hear anything from the outside world as we all sat in her living room.

I had taken a seat next to Jade on a comfortable sofa and to my surprise, Harriet was joined by Beth. Both sitting there wearing similar style sleeping attire, as if Beth had spent the night here without much notice.

I put that question aside as I was expecting a scolding from either one of them, I didn't know what it was me and Jade did, but Harriet's energy made me uneasy.

I cursed the silence of the house, my decision to wear the latex outfit only made the situation worse, with every small movement the suit creased and stretched, audibly alerting the people surrounding me about what I was doing. That and the sound of a spoon stirring tea in Harriet's finest china filled our ears. It was an odd feeling, that I was going to get an earful for something I did wrong from the two older women, but they made sure we had a warm drink inside us.

I stretched out my hand to receive the warm cup from Beth, the suit was screaming my actions despite trying my hardest to move slowly.

I was even cursing myself for not asking Jade to put me into the full pony outfit. If I were wearing my normal clothes, I would have been fine. If I were in the full pony outfit, I would have been fine. I wasn't, I was in half of the outfit, the latex suit and hooved feet. These two pieces of outfit messed with my head. If I was here as Heather the person, I would see the women as my equals, I could talk to them as a human being. If I were Heather the pony, I would see the women as my owners and trainers and let them take full control of the situation.

I was neither and both at the same time. The best part about being a pony is feeling the loss of control. Yes, I was vulnerable, I was wearing this outfit that wasn't just skin-tight, but showed off specific parts of my form, but in return I had all control taken away from me, I couldn't use my hands, I couldn't talk and the human I was with had all the say in what we were doing.

I was vulnerable, but without the head harness or hand restraints; I was still Heather. I was still expected to talk and interact with the women like a normal person, with the suit showing off my body.

Despite everyone here seeing me in this outfit before, despite all of the women who had seen me completely naked, I wanted to cover myself up, my brain was screaming to me that I was naked despite the layer of latex.

I took a sip from the cup and tried with all my might to put the thoughts to the back of my head.

"Heather," Harriet began, "I'm sorry that we didn't have time to go over some of the rules of these stables while you were doing your training, but we have to make one point very clear. I have to know who is on site at any time. As you can imagine this is primarily for the safety of the ponies."

"Oh, I'm sorry," were the only words that managed to escape my mouth; my submissive side was showing more than I had hoped.

She continued, "You didn't know, which is understandable. I am more than happy for you to come in before your shift, just please let us know in future."

I felt a slight sense of relief that was all I was getting, I hated seeing Harriet with that energy.

"So! Dressage then? That sounds exciting, what got you into that?" The stable owner's mood completely changed. One moment she had her arms crossed and was scolding me, the next her head was resting in her hands as we eagerly awaited my answer.

I noticed Beth's mood changed too, from sitting quietly and understanding why Harriet was angry at me to being in the exact position Harriet was in. I suddenly felt awkward with the two women staring directly at me.

"Uhh… Jade introduced me to it." I hid myself behind my cup, pretending to take a mouthful of tea to avoid answering any more questions.

The two women continued their gaze but moved it towards Jade, who suddenly felt the same awkwardness I just felt. Her eyes widened as she looked up towards the two, only to be met with four even more wider eyes.

"Yeah… yeah, I've always had an interest in it and I introduced Heather to it when she had a free moment," Jade said confidently but glanced over towards me from time to time, shooting daggers into my direction, "It was that day Heather had that appointment but the lady had a change of heart."

"Oh," said Harriet.

"Oh," said Beth.

"She didn't have a change of heart, she didn't realise we were human ponies and called us freaks," I confessed.

Beth ignored my comment and continued talking to Jade, "So?… Is she any good?"

"She only just started! It isn't fair to ask if she's good, she's got a lot of training to do before we can take this any further," Harriet butted in, "Even if she is ready, she'll have to perform in front of a judge before she is even considered for the pony trials."

"She's good, very good!" Jade said.

"Really?! I'll call the judge as soon as I can to book in an audition" Harriet went back on her last sentence, "If she's accepted then that is three girls we have in the pony trials!"

"How much more training do you think she needs?" Beth asked, "The auditions end in less than two months."

"We've only done a few sessions but she is learning quickly," Jade answered.

"If you train most mornings, that should give you plenty of time before the trials begin," Harriet pondered.

Beth added, "Plus they can also train in the evenings and the days where it is quiet."

"She'll be competing before we know it."

"Heather?" One asked.

"Heather?" Asked the other.

"Heather?" Asked the third.

I looked up to see the three women were staring directly at me, expecting me to answer them. My brain went dead, the intense conversation between the women caused me to zone out.

"Pony trials?" I asked.

Beth smiled and leant in closer, "Well, Pony trials are an annual event where-"

"Beth, I think that is enough," Harriet leant back on her seat, stopping all conversation and bringing the room to silence, "We do not want to overwhelm the poor girl, there is a time and place to discuss that and we have more important things to discuss right now."

"We do?" Jade asked, picking up her cup.

"We do" The stable owner confirmed, "Heather, you said that Chloe is feeling better and should be back in today?"

"Yeah, I did." My voice squeaked, still partially overwhelmed by the questions before.

"That's good, but it looks like we are a few girls down today as they have come down with similar illnesses. Saffron and Abigail have called in sick. Nicole won't be back until next week. Lily will be in but she isn't feeling too well, so I do not want to push her. We have Kathia in and Heather, so that is two well girls out of six."

"Wow," was all I could say.

Beth chimed in, "Now this wouldn't be an issue, running on two and a half ponies wouldn't be a problem, except…"

"Except what?" Jade asked, placing the cup in front of her lips.

Harriet regained control of the conversation, "Except we have a special person coming in today, someone who has donated a lot to the stables in the past. She lives abroad, but will be coming in later today. She phoned up last night as her current plans had been cancelled and wanted to spend a few hours with some of the ponies."

"Who's that?"

"Her name is Lorelai, she's been one of our biggest donors since we started and she only ever came here once before. I want her to spend the day with two ponies who are fighting fit."

"Which means there will only be one unwell pony for anyone else who may show up today," Beth butted in once again, "Which brings us onto you, Jade."

The dark haired girl next to me only managed a sip of tea before the conversation shifted back to her, she looked at the two older women with concern as she gently placed the cup back onto the table.

"Me? Why me?" She asked, her voice breaking slightly.

Harriet leaned forwards again, "I know you never liked the idea of it, but we don't have any options right now."

"N-no" Jade stuttered.

"We have a spare outfit in the storage room and it's just your size," Beth said.


"You've been working here over a year now, we think it would do you some good to see the pony side of things" Harriet smiled.


"Please Jade?" Beth pleaded, "All you need to do is stay in the square and be nice to any customers that come in, if any come in at all."


"This is humiliating!" Jade screamed from behind the stable door.

It took a few more minutes of convincing, but the young woman finally gave in to the two older women. Jade begged the two ladies to let her be with me all day, but it made sense for them to ask Kathia to be with me, Kathia was a hug machine and loved any and all attention she got from the customers, Jade wasn't exactly approachable as a human being, let alone as a pony; a role she had never taken on before.

I understood both sides, they wanted to make this Lorelai lady feel comfortable and welcomed and Kathia certainly could do that and I wasn't ill, so I was a close second. It would take Jade most of the day to get used to her new form and sadly, time wasn't something we had.

"Don't freeze up, it will be over before you know it" Harriet's voice also came from behind the stable door.

I took a small amount of glee seeing Jade in this situation, so much so that I was happy for them to use my stables for her to change in. Beth took me into the supply room to transform me completely into my pony state.

Beth looked around the room, completely ignoring the crate I usually had my belongings in.

"What are you looking for?" I asked, whispering as if not to let the two women next door hear us.

"Just trying to find… Hah! There it is!" Beth was louder but continued talking in hushed tones, as if we weren't supposed to be there.

She grabbed a smaller crate off the shelf and placed it on top of my own, it had a thick layer of dust covering it, telling me that it hadn't been used in a very long time.

"Jane! You know better than that, you have to take your bra and panties off too!" Harriet's voice boomed against the wall.

"No, I refuse. Just put the outfit over it!" Jade responded.

"Come here!"


Beth giggled lightly as she opened the crate up in front of me. A selection of ponyplay items sat within the box, all looking almost the same as what I'd worn before, but with added details.

"What's this?" I asked, taking another step towards the crate and peering over Beth's shoulder.

"Well, you said you were interested in dressage, you should look the part of a dressage ponygirl" Beth whispered back, holding up what I assumed was a glove, "Harriet brought these years ago but no one was interested in trying it out".

I put my hand in and picked up one of the boots, it was identical to the one I was wearing this morning, but this one had a thin gold chain at the top which was held in place by thin strips of leather and where the chain reached the front of the boot was the official crest of Harriet's Stables, a real horse surround in a circle of chains.

I stared at the glove Beth was admiring, it had the exact same design on it, with the crest resting on the top at the front of the article of clothing. Once she was done, she placed the hooved glove into my arms, along with the other boot and glove that still sat in the box. Underneath all of these items was the head and stomach harness. The older woman sighed gleefully as her eyes caught the two items, she grabbed the head harness and lifted it up. It seemed the two items were connected together by two pieces of soft, silk ribbon.

The head harness itself seemed identical to the ones all the ponygirls wear, this too had the honour of adorning the stable's crest, the gold chain was sewn into the top of the headwear, creating a line from above the forehead which travelled all the way back to the top of the back of the neck, breaking into a circle at the back of the head to allow the users hair to come through. The crest on the headgear wasn't locked in place like the gloves and boots, but hung with the chain clasped only at the top, which meant the crest would swing loosely as I moved.

The ribbons were beautiful and easily caught my eye, going from both sides of the mouth gag to the bottom of the stomach harness. Both ribbons were made from two different colours, the outside were a deep, pink colour, whilst the inside was white with a thin strip of the same pink colour going directly through the middle.

The stomach harness they were connected to was slightly smaller than the one I was used to wearing, whilst it was smaller, it made it up with two adjustable leather strips that attach together at the back. It soon became clear to me that this would go across my privates, acting similarly to wearing a leather thong outside of the latex outfit.

"Do I have to wear a muzzle?" Jade barked.

Harriet sighed very loudly, "It's not a muzzle! It's a bit piece, you've seen how these work!"

"I'm not putting it on, I refuse!"

"Open wide!"

"No! No! N-Mmmmppphh!"

Beth and I fell into a flurry of giggles as Jade's yelling transformed into the sound of a horse snorting.

It took a moment for my eyes to focus on the bright sky. The sun had crawled up much higher since me and Beth had entered the store room.

I was adorned with the new items that Beth had in front of me, the dressage gloves, boots, head and stomach harness. The ribbon hung loosely from the bit gag in my mouth, bouncing lightly with every step.

I wanted to say I looked silly, I knew if I saw myself in this outfit I would be making fun of myself and I'm sure the old Heather would be doing much worse things than that. However, I must admit I felt amazing. I felt pretty for once in my life, I definitely could see myself being eye-catching, but more than that I felt accepted. It might sound weird but I didn't think this would last, it felt too good to be true to have a job that I actually enjoyed, a job that I actually felt sexy in, I felt as if this was temporary and I was going to have to leave the moment they found someone better for the role.

These extras to my outfit meant that Harriet and Beth saw me as one of the ponygirls, not just that, but one with a speciality, I could be the dressage pony for Harriet's Stables, I could potentially represent them all in the Pony Trials.

"What do you guys think?" I heard Harriet's voice ask.

I looked up in absolute awe. The stable owner brought me out of my deep thoughts but introduced me to another feeling. I was proud… proud? Is that the right word? I was happy for her? I was… something.

Jade turned to us wearing the full pony gear. The light brown latex suit hugged her entire body, showing us the body she had underneath those dark clothes. The hooved boots clapped against the ground as she nervously paced in place, keeping direct eye contact with me and occasionally letting her eyes jump to Beth.

Her hooved hands were up, close to her face as if to protect herself. As if to gain some control due to her body being on show, I must admit I did check her out completely. I saw the small thigh-gap she had despite trying to close her legs completely, I saw her having her hands up actually pushed her boobs out more than she realised and I saw her feet were bent slightly inwards, giving off the vibe that she was uncomfortable.

It was only then I decided to take in her face. Just like mine, it was hidden behind the gag and head harness, but something just seemed so innocent about her lips being separated by the leather gag and her eyes looking so unsure.

I wanted to hug her and make her feel better, she looked nice, she looked… sexy.

My eyes widened, I did use that word. Jade was… sexy.

Why am I struggling to say that? But… at the same time, why does it come so easily?

She was sexy, I didn't realise how good she looked underneath her civilian clothes.

"Awwww, Jade!" Beth screeched and ran over to the startled girl, "You look so cute!"

Cute, maybe that was the word I wanted. Surely, I didn't find the brown girl to be sexual… surely?"

I followed Beth, staying behind her as she forced the poor girl's arms down and pinched her cheeks. It was actually funny, seeing the older woman completely melt and fuss over the girl who was usually against being social

I noticed that despite the attention she was getting, Jade just continued staring at me; not giving the older woman any emotion back.

"Oh my god, Heather!" Harriet squealed in a similar way and ran her hands up the ribbon that connected the head and stomach harness, "You look so good! It really suits you. Beth, you did a great job."

"I just put the pieces on, didn't do anything much" Beth admitted as she wrapped her arms around the brown pony.

"Well, it is superb. We have two very attractive ponies here. I'm sure Lorelai will be thrilled by you. Whilst she will spend the day with Kathia and Heather, she will most likely want to meet everyone."

"Oh, that's right. When are we expecting her?"

"She'll be here as soon as we open."

"Okay, we should get changed. The other girls should be here soon."

Harriet looked down, noticing both her and Beth were still in their sleep wear, "God, you are right. Okay, Heather? Make sure Jade gets comfortable, we will be out in five minutes, ten minutes tops!"

Beth grabbed me and forced me into the hug with her and Jade, giving us one last squeeze before she followed the stable owner back into the house. It was like a cartoon, seeing the two older ladies run away from the square and into the property, I almost imagined a dust cloud to be left in their place.

Silence came in when they left, making me realise that I was alone with the new pony, with no way to communicate with her properly. I wanted to ask her if she was okay? If she was comfortable in the outfit and how she was walking in those boots. I also wanted to ask her if she knew how good she looked in that outfit. How the latex was so tight against her skin and showed off… certain areas.

My eyes widened again, why was I thinking of these things? It was almost as if it was involuntary, as if I had no control over what my brain thought.

My eyes glanced up at Jade's, I could see she was uncomfortable as she was being quiet but… she was… smiling?

I twisted my head to try and see down her head harness and at her mouth, sadly the leather gag was hiding it.

She… she WAS smiling!

I scoffed as I placed my bound hands on my hips, trying to give her a questionable but authoritative look. Her smile widened, it was clear it was showing off her embarrassment due to finally being put into the outfits that she saw everyday.

She struggled on her boots, trying to give me a slow turn to show how she looked in the outfit. I must admit, I was now seeing the funny side, it was how sexy the outfit was in comparison to how red-faced she was. A sexual outfit is only one if the wearing is comfortable enough.

As our faces locked again, I could feel the smile forming on mine. This was probably how I was the first time I wore my outfit.

She held up her bound, hooved hands in a shrugging pose. It looked like she had no clue what to do, it was obvious she didn't know what to do. I doubt Jade had ever felt sexy in her life and this was virgin territory for her.

I took one more look at her face and she smiled even wider this time, it wasn't a happy smile, but one that showed she was uneasy.

I couldn't hold it in anymore. Seeing the strict girl who never smiled, wearing that outfit, in that pose and with an awkward smile. I doubled over and laughed harder than I had ever done before, the laugh was almost completely muffled by the gag as it forced my laughs into fake, horse snorts.

I continued laughing, holding my hoof out on the brown horse to balance myself, it was such an absurd situation that I couldn't help myself.

The moment I finally picked myself up, Jade spat into her gag as a hearty snort left her, she too chimed in on the contagious laughter, dramatically falling to her knees as the comedic moment took over. With one hand she used me to balance herself and the other hand held her stomach.

I joined the girl on the ground, holding her tight in an embrace with the gags going crazy with snorts.

The school welcomed us once more. We left this morning as teacher and pony, but we returned to the location as two ponies. The gate wasn't closed properly when Jade shut it behind her before, so it was easy to nudge it open and let ourselves inside.

I decided this will be the best place to help Jade get used to the outfit and the bondage that surrounded her body, a large open area where she could walk, run and maybe even learn some tricks; if we had the time.

Jade practically wobbled through the entire walk down the field, struggling with the feeling of the boots on the soft grass, I couldn't blame her, it was the same as wearing high heels, which was something that I had never done as a human and I assumed it was the same for her.

It was the first time I had seen the figure she was hiding under her clothes and I couldn't help but stare at her form as she walked past me and further into the school. I thought if anything caught my attention more, it would be the poor girl's breasts, butt and private area, places you would generally look when eyeing someone up. I would admit, these places did hold my vision multiple times, however, it was the less erotic but as sensitive areas that I found myself going back to. It was mainly the hips that caught my attention, where the legs met the body, sometimes it was even the back of the legs, the back of the knee. Jade had strong legs and it was the natural curves and toned muscles that really interested me; for one reason or another.

I loved watching the latex stretch and crease with every movement in these particular areas, imagining the soft skin underneath.

'What the hell am I thinking?' I internally thought.

I was messed up, why was I so obsessed about this girl? Maybe it was because she was now in the same situation as me, something I doubt I would ever see again in my lifetime. Jade was always the one in control, the one who wanted to be in control, the one who enjoyed the idea of being in control of all the other latex ponygirls and this time, I had all the power. She was in a situation she had never been in before, trapped under layers of bondage that forced her to relearn everything, to walk and to talk.

I was the predator and she was the prey, I was loving every second of it. I knew this was only temporary and she would be a human tomorrow and I would still be a pony, but I wanted to enjoy myself as much as I could before then.

I could see from her face that she was struggling with something. She stayed silent for the entire walk down here and only whimpered softly to herself, it was odd hearing someone as brash as her whimper in the first place. The laughter we both shared was the only time she didn't make this noise, as if she did that in order to take her mind off something.

The head harness did a good job at hiding her red cheeks, but the rest of the suit showed how uncomfortable she was, stretching and pulling her form as she kept her legs closed as tightly as possible and moving very slowly.

Quick breaths flew past the gag whilst she tried to get in control of what she was experiencing, at first I was worried that she was in pain or the suit was extremely uncomfortable on her body, only then I figured out what was the issue.

It was the same problem I faced when wearing the suit for the first time, something that took a lot of practice and experience to get over.

The movement of the suit was sexually teasing her.

I knew the feeling she was going through, the feeling of the latex rippling over your most sensitive area; stretching, pulling and rippling exactly where it needs to, forcing you to endure the painful pleasure every time you take a step. I watched her movements, seeing that she was taking gentler and gentler strides on the spot and trying to figure out how to move properly without allowing her body to be pushed over the limit.

I wanted to say that my thoughts were sympathetic, that because I knew what she was going through, I was helpful towards her and made sure to go as easy as I could. However, I had a single image in my head, of when I was trained by Beth for the first time and the suit caused me to have my full orgasm in the school and in front of all the other ponies.

I remembered Jade's expression, just a smirk stretched across her face as she watched me lie on the floor, hands between my legs whilst the outfit forced me to have the agonising orgasm.

Whilst my feelings for Jade had changed since then, this was a unique opportunity that was likely never to happen again and I wanted to enjoy it to the full.

I linked my arm with hers and began walking forward. We began at a slow pace to get her used to the boots, taking a long second with each step.

It felt as if I were pulling the poor girl around the school, but she wasn't protesting, she was trying to focus more on every step she was taking, rather than the feeling expanding down below. However, I could tell it was still on her mind, the quiet whimper that escaped her mouth was a telltale sign she was being attacked by the suit.

Despite taking our time, it wasn't long before we hit the top of the school and this was when I decided to quicken the pace, bringing myself into a slow jog and forcing Jade to do the same. Her cries got louder as her bound feet hit the floor, I started to quicken my pace and began leaving her behind me. In part, I wanted her to learn to move in the suit before anything else as the caring side of being a pony was all down to the attitude of the girl, something she had to do alone.

Maybe the upcoming orgasm would help in readjusting her attitude and make her a more loveable pony.

I smiled at the thought, but I couldn't imagine Jade being anything else than what she is now, not that being that way was wrong. I was happy with her being unsociable and difficult sometimes, it made Jade who she was.

I couldn't tell how far back she was to me now, I was focusing on going forward and the head harness made it extremely difficult to turn my head back.

Instead, I slowed my pace and began my dressage technique of jogging with my knees going high in the air. The new parts to my outfit reacted well to the movement, I could feel the crest on the head harness bobbing up and down as the ribbons did the same, swinging softly without getting in the way of my strides.

It felt great. Wearing the full outfit made the whole experience of dressage feel complete. It brought me new energy and a yearning to learn and do more with the sport.

I… Ahhhh!

Jade came up from behind me and fell to the ground instantly, looking as if she sprinted to catch up. Unfortunately, she caught one of my ribbons with her hand and pulled me to the floor at the same time, causing me to fall right on top of her. I picked myself up straight away, making sure that I had not hurt her in the tumble. I fell back to the floor instantly as she kept the ribbon tight in her arms, forcing me to stay low to the ground.

Seeing her in this state had completely removed any dominance I had, I wanted to enjoy her humiliation and pushed her to have the orgasm early before we had the visit from Lorelai. I wanted to watch the orgasm be forced out of her the same way she looked at me when I had mine. However, seeing her in this state, I wanted to make everything as easy for her as possible, I realise that I did now wish her any wrongdoing, I wanted her to be happy.

She was rocking backwards and forwards, trying to push back the feeling as much as she could, holding the ribbon tighter and tighter as the feeling was slowly overwhelming her. I'm sure the rhythmic movements were only causing the eventual orgasm to come out quicker. She could have just relaxed and waited for the feeling to fade away, even if that would take forever whilst in these outfits, maybe she knew there was nothing she could do and was trying to get it over and done with.

I wrapped my arms around her, there was nothing else I could do apart from that. All I could do was console her through this time, be there for her when it happens. The orgasms I had in this suit were humiliating, but they were enjoyable to an extent.

I felt as if Jade was not enjoying this at all, as if the overwhelming pleasure that she was facing was more like a pain that had to pass.

She dug herself into my shoulder, placing her hands around me and squeezing me as tight as a stressball. A waterfall of whimpering came out of her mouth, getting louder and louder as her legs tightened together.

Her arms squeezed me to the point that I was struggling to breathe and then…

She came.

Everything that was happening before came back twice as much, her whimpering was louder, her squeezing was tighter, her legs crossed completely as the feeling between them overwhelmed the poor girl.

Every shake became more and more extreme as the waves of pleasure poured over her body, this is when she finally let go of me and placed both hands between her legs, as if somehow that made the entire experience more manageable.

Before I had the chance to get her in my arms again, she fell onto her back with one final sigh, it was stretched out and much louder than any other noise she had made during this entire experience.

I knelt down next to her, looking down at her as she placed her hands over her face, it was obvious the embarrassment of the situation was going over her.

I wanted to tell her it was okay, it was something that all of the pony girls would have gone through, wearing the suit was more intense than any of us would have thought before putting it on. The suit moved around the wearer's body, almost as if it had its own mind, shimmering around your most vital parts and forcing you into the situation Jade was currently going through.

I knew that feeling, I knew the embarrassment, especially having the experience in front of other people. She was so silent before and even though we were getting to know each other well, she still kept a wall up between us. She was probably going to be extremely embarrassed for sharing this experience with me.

A giggle came from underneath me. It started very quietly, but soon erupted into hysterical laughter, the laugh managed to escape the gag in her mouth, exploding out as if she wasn't even wearing it.

I looked at her with a confused expression as it was unclear what was so funny. I knew it was an absurd situation, but I wouldn't have thought any situation would have made the dark haired girl laugh this way.

Then it happened.

Our eyes locked.

I didn't see the bondage covering Jade anymore. As she continued the fit of laughter, I just saw the girl underneath the outfit.

The laughter was genuine, not forced, not through awkwardness, it was as if she was enjoying herself, loving the situation, all the tense feelings I felt before had just disappeared.

"Guys!" Beth's voice brought us out of the situation.

I helped Jade back onto her feet before we looked at the entrance of the school. Beth rested her body against the fence, looking tired despite the early morning.

"It's nearly opening time, Lorelai is at the gates about to be let in, we need to get back to the square!"

It felt as if me and Jade were marched back into the square. Beth stayed behind us for the whole journey up, just in time to see a blacked out car drive into the middle of the property, parking right next to the fountain, right next to where Lily’s usual sleeping spot.

Harriet was making the final touches to Kathia's suit, making sure every lock and buckle was in place. The plump girl looked happy with the attention the older woman was giving her.

Chloe was standing next to the two women, she had her arms wrapped around herself as if she was uncomfortable with something, occasionally glancing over Harriet's shoulder and looking at the green girl resting on the fountain.

The sound of the car's door opening took my mind off the current situation, a red high heel settled on the ground and the young, tall woman got out. Her smile was large and bright, her almost white, blonde hair was kept short and swept back, kept in place by a pair of expensive looking sunglasses. A light blue dress hugged the top of her body and was loose on the bottom half of the body, floating softly in the light wind of the morning.

Her heels clapped across the ground, sounding similar to how a ponygirl walks across the concrete. She was nearly sprinting up to me, Jade and Beth.

The moment she came up to us, she gave the older woman a handshake, grinning widely the entire time.

"You must be Harriet!" she squeaked, "I am so excited to be here and finally meet you all!"

She looked between me and Jade as she took her hand back from Beth, she made this sort of squealing sound as if she was overwhelmed by the sight of us two.

"Hi, I'm Harriet. This is Beth" The stable owner quickly came over to introduce herself and correct the young woman, "This is Heather and Jade, over there we have Kathia and by the fountain we have Lily."

"Ooooh, you are all so cute. I cannot wait to have some fun with you all."

"Well, how about we have a cup of tea inside first and then spend time with some of my girls?"

"Do you mind if we do it the other way round? I would love to spend time with the ponies first?"

Harriet looked briefly at Beth before looking back at the young woman, "Sure, that should be fine."

She squealed again before regaining her calm, "Perfect, thank you. I'm sure me and your girls are going to have a lot of fun together."


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