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Part-Time Equine

by ForeverAltered

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Continues from

Part 9

My heart was in my throat.

I spent the entire morning bringing up the courage to come to the stables, to see the green pony once more after that message she sent me.

A tingle shot through me every time I thought about it, thought about her. All this time, this entire year of spending nearly everyday at these stables, I have not once spoken directly to Lily. I did not even know what her voice sounded like before Heather played the message to me.

A smile appeared on my face, one that I was unable to shake off. She did that for me, Lily made a video only for me, showing me that somehow the woman underneath all the bondage cared for me in some shape or form, that she wanted me to feel better and return to this place as soon as I was able to.

Perhaps I was reading too much into her actions, maybe everyone missed me exactly the same amount and she was the only one who had the ability to share it. The doubt wracked my mind more than anything else I had to deal with before and I did not know how to carry on the day without understanding what the green ponygirl wanted from me.

I hid in the stables, Heather's stable to be exact. I took as long as possible to sweep the rubber floor, taking a moment to peek out of the door, towards the beautifully sculpted fountain that sat in the middle of the square, Lily's green skin contrasted deeply with the grey stones she was currently lying on. The fountain was her favourite spot, the sound of the running water allowed the young woman to fall asleep quickly.

I wasn't alone in Heather's stable, I was joined by the new, brown ponygirl, who was in the same situation I was in, watching the world outside go by as she hid behind the door; praying that none of Harriet's customers would walk around the corner and expect to play with her. I took the smallest amount of glee seeing Jade in this state, it was different seeing her show any emotion than anger and now seeing her scared to walk out of the door tickled me.

Her bound hands were resting against the wall as she peaked her head around the corner, almost in a cartoonish fashion, the sounds of the latex suit stretching and moving filled the stable.

"Jade? …Jade?" Beth's voice called from outside.

I glanced out as the mature woman walked around the square, walking past the emerald green pony as she took quick glances into the open stables before coming in the one I was occupying.

"Chloe, have you seen Jade?" she asked.

Jade hid behind her, trying to make as little noise as possible and had a look on her face as if she was begging me not to tell her where she was. However, Beth was smart and noticed my eyes point briefly at the poor brown pony.

Slowly, she turned around with her hands on her lips, meeting Jade's widened eyes.

"What are you doing in here?" The older woman sounded like a disappointed teacher, "Get out there! We can be expecting customers any minute!"

Jade let out a huge sigh as she dropped her shoulders, the noise she made was suffocated by the gag in her mouth and instead let out the realistic sound of a horse snorting. She followed her orders and dragged her feet out of the door, into the world that she found uncomfortable.

Beth laughed to herself and turned around to me.

"How are you doing, sweety?" Her voice was so calming, it took my mind off what was plaguing it.

I looked down at the dust I was picking up with the broom, "I'm okay, feeling much better today than I did."

"I'm sure something else made you feel better."

"What's that?"

"A certain pony?"

"I… I don't know what you mean?"

"I was there when Heather made the video, it was pretty cute."

My cheeks instantly blushed, my nervousness caused Beth to laugh, "Awww, so cute."

I smiled, I did not know what else to do. At first, I thought both me and Lily were in trouble for expressing feelings towards each other. Harriet had made the no dating rule perfectly clear to all of us, but Beth's reaction caught me off guard.

The woman in front of me must have sensed my awkwardness to the situation and came over to envelope me within her hands, giving me a caring hug like a mother would to her daughter.

"Hey… hey, it's okay. I don't think Harriet would mind if you two began to get to know each other outside of the stables." Her voice was so reassuring.

"Are… are you sure?"

"Yeah, it would be very ignorant of us if we were to deny anyone to have a relationship."


"Me and Harriet." The mature woman took a step back and looked as if she accomplished something, "Harriet and I made up last night."

"Made up?" Why did she say that? They've always been friends. The sentence rattled through my head until it finally made sense, "Oh! You two are back together?"

She couldn't hold back her glee, "Yes! We made up all through the night!"

The burning in the cheeks returned, but this time it was for a whole different reason, "I'm… I'm happy for you."

"Thank you, we made up in the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen…"

"Ah!" I ran out of the stables with my hands over my ears, not wanting to hear anymore of where the two women reconciled.

The cool morning air hit me as I ran a few steps out of the building, realising that the noise I was making had woken Lily from her nap and I could make out her big, beautiful eyes staring at me all the way from the fountain.

I stopped suddenly in my tracks, my entire body ceasing there and then; with my hands still over my ears.

I couldn't move, her eyes pierced through me and it made me think every move I was going to make.

Beth's laugh echoed through the square as she walked up behind me with a skip to her step. She came up behind me, rested her head on mine and placed her hands on my shoulders.

"Just talk to her…" Her voice was calm, but informative, "Start from there."

"She's… she is in her pony gear right now, how am I supposed to talk to her?"

"Chloe… you know better than that. You've been here for over a year now, you should know that the pony girls have the ability to interact through more means than just conversation."

For a split second, both me and the older woman were distracted by the sound of Jade walking through the square, the poor girl in the pony outfit was still trying to get comfortable with her hooved feet, but continued to send brief glances towards the entrance of the square, just in case any customers of Harriet's came in and expected some alone time with her.

A laugh escaped me and Beth once more. I did feel sorry for the poor girl, but it was funny seeing her in this situation.

"I better calm her down, she's a nervous wreck." Beth took her head off mine but kept her hands in place, "Go talk to Lily."

She left me and continued the confident strut towards the brown ponygirl. Jade's eyes looked relieved as someone in control came to comfort her, they began communicating with each other, just out of earshot from me.

I looked again at Lily, who was in the middle of a stretch whilst picking herself up from the rocky wall underneath her.

I numbly took a step forward, forcing my body to move before my mind had time to think. Seeing her unique form shine in the morning sunlight highlighted her shape and curves, reminding me of the first time I saw the girl.

It was just after my interview, Harriet laid everything down and admitted that her stable only housed ponygirls and not actual horses.

I was scared, I had no experience with bondage, let alone latex and other fetishes. It was only when she asked me to meet one of the ponygirls that I decided to stay.


She was ill, much like I am now. She was vulnerable and resting in her stable, trying to sleep off the bug. Harriet asked me to look after her as Jade came in and needed her for something, then I was left all alone with her.

It was me, Lily and no one else. My first ever experience seeing anyone in restraints, my first time ever feeling the latex material on my fingertips. Lily barely even looked human under it, she looked foreign; almost alien-like.

Then she woke up and began crawling towards me, it felt as if I was in a horror film and I didn't know how to react. Then our bodies touched, she rested herself on me and only wanted a connection with another human being, I was the one who was scared but she was the one who was feeling vulnerable.

I didn't know the sensations I was feeling then, but I knew now. I was in love.

Not just with Lily, I knew my feelings for her were more intense than I had for anyone else, but I was in love with ponyplay, seeing the beautiful girls in the shiny outfits, their humanity being limited could only show affection through simple means.

It was addictive to see, it was addictive to feeling.

I snapped out of my thoughts as my feet hit the low wall of the fountain, I was standing right in front of Lily, looking down at her.

There were no words that conveyed the thousands of thoughts that travelled through my mind, I wanted to tell her everything, I wanted to thank her… I wanted to tell her that I love…

I stopped thinking completely as the emerald green ponygirl stood up and wrapped me in her arms, resting her head on my shoulders with her hooved hands meeting behind me.

I just stood there, my own hands sitting still at my sides, I willed them to come up and return the favour, but my body was locked in place like before.

I could feel her tight latex skin being pressed up against mine, her warm breath hitting my neck and… and… a fast, terrified heartbeat coming from her chest.

… She was just as nervous as I was.

Then it came easier than anything in my life, my hands finally came up and held her in return, my arms wrapped around her so tightly that I was scared I was going to hurt her, but she just did the same and held me in a more secure embrace.

Beth was right, her movements told me everything I needed to know.

Then it came out, the easiest sentence I had ever said.

"Lily, I love you."

The green pony didn't react for a moment, I started to get nervous in case I had misinterpreted her signals, but her arms tightened once more around me and she pushed her face against my neck with her nose tracing my skin, starting from the bottom before reaching just behind the ears. A heavy breath escaped me as I realised I had stopped breathing the entire time our bodies were touching.

Then she finally moved away from me, her large eyes fixed on mine, telling me everything I needed to know without using her voice. Everything about her was welcoming, guessing it was the addictive latex suit that hugged her body that brought so many people to these stables, but I wasn't looking at the shiny, green material that hugged her frame, nor was I looking at the straps and bondage that held her in place. I was looking directly at Lily, the human underneath it all.

She wanted to say something, but we both knew the gag that was locked in her mouth would stop any words.

I pulled myself away from the beautiful sight in front of me to look towards Beth and Jade, the two were still in the square with Beth arguing with the poor girl, telling her how to act in front of any customers who may come in, with Jade wanting no part of it.

My heart went out to her, but it did distract the older woman long enough for me to take Lily by the hand and run into one of the stables. I knew Beth didn't mind us having a moment, but I doubted she would approve of what I had on my mind.

Lily looked confused but followed anyway as I brought her into the darkness of the building, hoping that the sudden noise of her hooved feet clomping on the concrete ground would not have gained their attention.

Immediately, my hands were reaching for the back of Lily's head as soon as we were out of sight, my fingers fumbling to undo the few buckles that rested behind the pony hood. Lily's eyes never left mine and each time I caught her beautiful irises with mine, my heart skipped a beat.

I undid three of the buckles, enough for the hood and gag to become loose, but not enough to remove it entirely. The gag easily left her mouth and gave me enough room to hide it underneath the girl's chin, freeing her mouth entirely of bondage.

"Chloe…" Lily said my name, it wasn't the start of a question, it wasn't the beginning of a statement, it was just her understanding what I was trying to achieve.

I couldn't hold on anymore, the moment my name left her mouth, I placed my hands behind her head and connected our lips together. It was the best feeling I had ever felt in my entire life, a whole year of not being able to talk to the girl who I cared so much for, now her smooth, delicious lips were on mine and I couldn't get enough of it.

A long breath escaped out of her nose and her entire focus was on what her mouth was doing, her tongue resting on mine.

Wow, she tasted amazing. Despite what was happening, my body was finally calming down. I knew this is what I wanted to do all morning, it had been on my mind since she made me that video last night. However, I couldn't avoid the idea that she didn't feel exactly the same way, whether she wanted to take things further with me. Now, with her accepting my lips on hers and even returning the kiss, I could see that she felt the same way I did.

I finally left her lips, giving us both space to breathe. Her bound hands carefully placed themselves at the back of my head as she leant in once more.

"No, not yet" She whispered before returning us to the same state as before.

Moans left both of our lips as the feeling overwhelmed us. This kiss was different, the first was innocent, as if we were dipping our toes into what potentially could happen between us, a taster of things to come. This kiss had much more passion behind it, more sexual and more vicious. Her lips were telling me that she wanted me, she needed my taste in her mouth, she was hungry for my body.

It was my first kiss with a girl and I assumed it was the same for her, but it was clear we enjoyed what we were experiencing and required more.

Her arms tightened around me as she tried to get further in, her tongue was exploring mine, massaging it heavily as if it was already addicted to me.

I didn't realise that my hands had fallen down and my fingertips could feel her latex bound body as they worked their way towards her butt.

A soft whimper came from her, escaping her mouth and vibrating mine, my hands travelled over her perfectly shaped bum before leaving and headed towards her stomach.

I needed more.

She needed more.

My hands moved upwards very slowly, passed her belly button, allowing my fingertips to tease her ribs before continuing in that direction.

The soft whimpering turned into a moan as my touch explored her bound breasts, bringing the nipples hard against the latex skin.

"Girls!" Beth's voice called, it was a strict tone but a soft giggle could be heard underneath it.

We both pulled ourselves away from each other as we tried to catch our breaths, I felt as if I had just run a marathon and I assumed the emerald green pony felt the same.

"I was hinting at you two having some fun, but I didn't expect you two to get carried away with it."

I finally turned my head towards the mature lady, noticing that Jade had joined her at her side, looking into the stable to see what the commotion was.

Beth continued before I had the chance to speak, "Do her buckles back up, we should be expecting Lily's first customer any second now."

"Okay," I said between breaths.

"…and I don't mean sloppy seconds!" She winked before ushering the brown pony away.

Lily laughed and took a step backwards, trying to return her mind to that of a pony's. I couldn't help but stare at her. She might have been bound in a helpless form, but she was a beautiful goddess in my eyes.

"W-what are you doing tonight?" I stuttered as I asked.

"Umm… nothing, Why do you ask?" she replied, trying to get the hang of talking again after the experience.

"Would you like to come to mine? Perhaps watch a few films?"

She smiled, but tried to hide it behind her hands, "Yeah… yeah, that sounds quite nice actually."

I returned the smile before walking to the back of her, placing the gag back into it's position before redoing the buckles on the back of her head.

Once she was reset into her Ponygirl mode, she clapped her hooved hands together and left the stable for the outside world.

I struggled to get the door open with both my hands full, but managed to let myself into the guest house Harriet had at the back of the property.

Once Jade had left the stable, Beth suddenly started grabbing items from the storage room and placing them in my arms. In her mind, the sudden thought of Lorelai wanting to search through our storage came up and the older woman hated the idea of the room being untidy. It wasn't too far-fetched that she might see into where we store the suits and equipment, but any room used for storing items would be untidy in one way or another.

I guess Harriet was relying very heavily on Lorelai having a wonderful time here, I hoped Heather was on her best behaviour. I was given Abigail's and Saffron's outfits, as well as a few dirty hooved feet and hands to hide away from sight.

I kicked the door closed behind me, Beth told me to place them anywhere, as long as no one would trip over them or make a mess.

It only just occurred to me that I had never been in this place before. I took a few steps into the building, out of the reception room and into what looked like an open space living room. It was a simple design, grey carpet with dark blue walls, one side had large window panes; looking out to some trees. On the wall were a few pictures of Harriet with various real horses and a large flatscreen TV, opposite it was a blue, two person sofa.

An open, wooden staircase travelled upwards, looking modern but easily was a safety hazard as someone could fall off it as it only had a handrail on one side.

Under the stairs was a kitchen, a very basic one at that. A few cupboards, a sink, a fridge/freezer combo and an oven, all placed neatly under the wooden beams that made the staircase.

It was an odd feeling, seeing that the guest house was very modern; especially when compared to Harriet's manor house, which looked like it had been standing for hundreds of years at this point and despite the stable owner's age, it was furnished as if it was done by a much older person.

I took another second to look around, completely sure that this would be the first and only time I would be allowed in this place. I dumped the items on the sofa and began walking back out, knowing that Beth would be expecting me out there shortly.

However, I stopped. With my hand reaching for the front door, I completely froze in place. I wasn't going to come back to this building, so what was the harm in having a snoop around?

If I was quick, surely Beth would not miss me with the two ponies outside to look after?

I turned myself around and ran up the stairs as quickly as I could, taking great care not to lose my balance and fall off the wooden beams, my brain telling me how wrong this was each time my foot hit each step.

The top floor of the building wasn't as exciting as I thought it was going to be. I was face to face with a large, open bedroom. A used, double bed was in one corner, with a small TV sat opposite it, a wooden cupboard sat next to the bed with three drawers underneath it, one of the drawers was open with clothes hanging out of it. In fact, clothes were scattered all over the room, underwear, bras, t-shirts and shorts covered the furniture and floor, telling me that this place was well lived in.

The strangest thing was, the clothes were a few sizes too small for the two older women, whilst Harriet was thinner than Beth, these clothes looked to be for someone much younger, someone more like my age.

The silence of the room was interrupted by the sound of movement in the next room. It took me a moment to realise the top floor wasn't just a large bedroom, but it was smaller than the floor below. As there was no bathroom downstairs, it was safe to assume that it was behind the wooden door on the wall. A louder thump echoed from inside it, my eyes bolted upwards, the urge to flee came heavily and I spun around to attempt a quick getaway. I wasn't supposed to be here and I was dreading the idea of being caught by whoever was on the other side of the door.

Then I saw it.

A brief glance towards the bed showed me something I did not see before. The white material of the mattress hid it well. A latex suit, not a pony one, this one looked more basic than what Heather, Kathia, Lily and Jade were currently wearing. It was bright pink, not a natural soft pink, it was bright and heavy, it almost didn't look real.

The form was very similar to what I was used to seeing, but inside of hooved hands and feet, it ended with paws, four bulbous balls on the end of each limb that meant to represent paws. At the top of the hood were two large ears, almost cartoonishly large.

Heather was correct, Harriet did have a latex pet hidden away.

The door knob rattled and I knew I did not have enough time to make it down the stairs before whoever was on the other side came through. If I hadn't stopped to take in the view of the suit, I might have had time.

I stood my ground, I didn't have any other choice as running away now would have made the situation worse, I'm sure this person would have more questions seeing the back of someone sprinting to the door than someone just standing here.

It's not like I was in the wrong, I was here to deliver something and I was just doing what I was told, it's not as bad as Harriet keeping a latex pet all to herself, surely she was in the wrong… right?

The door opened slowly.

Painfully slowly.

I winched, keeping one eye open on the door, realising how better it would have been if I ran. Seeing the back of me wouldn't have been too bad, now that I stayed, I had to confront this head on, I would actually have to talk to this person.

A familiar body exited the bathroom. A small frame, her short, blonde hair was the first thing I saw before I noticed she was only wrapped in a towel. She was shaking her head side to side, trying to dry it as she walked out, humming softly to herself.

Because of this, she didn't notice me until she took a few steps into the room, when she did, I saw her large, blue eyes get even wider.

"Chloe!" She screamed, jumping upwards and letting go of the towel, causing it to fall to the floor.

"Nicole?!" I asked, shocked to see her, especially now that she was standing naked in front of me and it didn't occur to her to cover herself up with something.

We sat in silence at the end of the bed. It didn't take her too long to notice the towel was sitting at her feet before she scrambled to protect her dignity.

I watched as her large, beautiful eyes began to fill with tears, she tried her best to not succumb to her emotions and continuously wiped to keep the tears from rolling down her cheeks.

It was Nicole. It felt like so long since I had seen her, the pony that belonged to the blue suit, she had been away from the stables for what felt like an eternity, I'm sure Heather hadn't seen her since a few days after she started here.

I assumed she was ill or there was a family matter, hard to believe she was at the stables all along.

I didn't know what to say, I wanted to say something that would have comforted her, make her know that everything was okay and there was no reason for her to be upset, but no words came.

My body reacted the only way it knew how, a mixture of feeling bad for the girl and not seeing her in a while caused me to wrap my arms around her and embrace her in a tight hug.

It was the first thing that came to mind and what I believed we both needed most.

"I'm sorry," she finally blurted out, causing tears to fall down her face uncontrollably, "I am so, so sorry."

"Don't be." I tried to hold back my tears as best I could, "You are okay and that is all that matters."

"I'm okay, I promise I am."

Hearing the young woman's voice tremble with each word felt almost like a dagger to the heart, it was clear that she was hurting after being found out. However, I was still confused as to why she was here, was she living here all the time? What was the suit for? Was she really the latex 'pet' that Heather saw through the window? and why was she being kept a secret?

I continued rubbing her back, "You don't have to tell me anything you don't want to, okay?"

"I owe you that, atleast," she mumbled, wiping her eyes once again.

"Only if you want to."

We stayed in silence as she tried her best to compose herself, wiping her eyes each time she tried to open her mouth to speak. I didn't say anything, I did not want to get in her way and just stayed silent, massaging her back in a slow, rhythmic pattern.

"I… I spoke to Harriet a while ago," she started, taking her time to make sure she wasn't going to cry, "Whilst I do love being a pony, I wanted to ask her if I could pursue… another form."


"Don't get me wrong, I am so happy I have this job and I love being a ponygirl, I would never give it up for the world… but, I don't feel completely right as a pony. I've… I've always loved the idea of being a pet."

"That's understandable."

"I'm sorry… I really am sorry." Tears continued streaming out of her already red eyes.

"Don't be sorry, there is nothing to be sorry about. Just continue at your own pace, none of us here are people to judge."

"Okay… okay. Umm… I mentioned this to Harriet, that I enjoyed the idea of being a pet, a cat or dog… either one I was happy with and asked her if that was an option, to be a pet rather than a pony."

"Did she not like the idea?" I asked.

"She loved the idea!" she cried through gritted teeth, "Both her and Beth were very welcoming to the idea of having a latex pet, they ordered me this expensive suit and gave it a trial run, for the last few weeks I've been coming here and spending the day as a pet."

"Nicole…I understand what you are saying, but I'm going to be honest. I don't know why you are hurting, things are not sounding too bad."

"Because I should be out there with you guys, I'm spending everyday here in luxury, I've given into my needs and desires and left you guys behind because of it. I shouldn't have even mentioned it, Beth and Harriet have been so nice, but I'm letting you all down by being here."

"Nic, that is nothing to be worried about. You have found something that made you happy, the others aren't going to be mad about that. Everyone just wants to know that you are okay, having a pet around sounds pretty sweet actually."

For the second time since I got here, me and Nicole's eyes locked. However, it was the first time she smiled, it was a soft smile, but it was nice to see. She wiped her eyes for the last time, it looked as if she was completely dried up. I wanted to continue talking and bring her completely out of her dark mood, but the sound of the front door opening and closing quickly made my heart flutter. A set of feet stomping up the stairs, taking them two at a time filled the air, there was hardly any time to process what was happening before Beth came into view, looking slightly worried and out of breath.

"Hey… umm, Chloe. Sorry, I forgot that this place is… off limits." She was still acting casual despite me having my arm around the young woman.

"Yeah, I can see why," I laughed.

"I… I think Jade could use some help. A couple came in a few minutes ago and Lily is indulging herself in their company, Jade looks like she is freaking out as she is the only free pony left."

She really wasn't going to say anything about the small blonde girl? The empty latex outfit that was lying on the bed next to us? I was holding the secret she and Harriet kept from everyone and she was doing her hardest to avoid the subject.

"C'mon, we are burning daylight,” she continued, clicking her fingers towards the stairs.

"Okay, okay," I finally stood up and turned towards the girl next to me, "Nicole, we are here for you, please come back to us; Pony or pet."

I walked past the older woman and began my descent down the staircase, the wooden beams creaking slightly from my weight. Beth stayed in place, I assumed the two women would have had a small talk once I was out of the room, but I could sense even Beth was uncomfortable with the situation; a side of her I had never seen before.

"Wait!" Nicole's voice stopped my movement.

It even made me jump, the loud noise erupted from the short, blonde haired girl, I had never heard her speak in that tone before. She leapt from the bed, holding the towel up with her left hand in front of her breasts in order for it to not fall to the floor again.

"Nic?" I questioned her, returning up the stairs and standing next to the mature woman.

"Nicole?" Beth asked, seemingly as confused as I was to her outburst.

She looked back towards the suit, her fingers tightened around the knot keeping her towel up, her toes tensed up and dug themselves into the carpet.

We gave her all the time to add to the sudden outburst, causing the room to go completely silent as her eyes flickered over the empty pink outfit.

"Is… is it just Jade out there?" She finally asked, stumbling over her words as if her brain wasn't processing them correctly.

It is hun, unless we can get Chloe here in a suit?" Beth laughed, turning towards me.

My eyes widened as I shook my head.

She continued with her joke, "Ah, probably not a good idea. You are still ill and no one wants a sick pony."

"I'll do it…" A quiet peep came from the girl in front of us.


"I'll do it. I'll help out, I know what it is like being in the suit for the first time and how scary it can be. It's about time I went and help my friends."

"Are you sure?"

"I can't keep hiding. Do we still have my pony suit?"

I saw a smile grow on Beth's face, not a mischievous one that she usually wears, but a smile of pride, "We still have it, hun."

"Then, let's do it. Being a pet can wait."

I covered my face with both hands, I couldn't have shown that I was smiling at the situation. The couple were regulars, a young man and woman. I always got the vibe that they weren't the most social of people, they seemed rather timid and not very talkative, but the act of being in front of a ponygirl had brought them both out of their shells. Once we had left the guest house, we were surprised to see that the couple had taken over both ponygirls, as there were no other customers in the square.

Whilst the male of the relationship kept the emerald green pony company, the woman had moved on to the new horse, Jade was knelt down on the ground whilst the woman was sitting on the fountain; gently rubbing the brown pony's back with one hand and combing through her long, dark hair with the other hand.

It was difficult to hold in my laughter, to see the unsociable girl being treated like this.

However, as Jade rested her head on the woman's lap, she kept her eyes closed and showed hardly any emotion, if I didn't know any better I would have said she was asleep. I could not tell if she was hating the attention the customer was giving her or secretly loving it.

Deep down, I knew I could have enjoyed seeing her with a horrified look on her face as she was being touched by a complete stranger, but overall I was just glad she was helping out.

My thoughts were interrupted with a new, but familiar sound that filled the air. The sound of hooves clomping on concrete, lighter and quicker than what my ears are used to.

As I turned around, a blue blur sprinted past me. Nicole zipped past my body and almost landed on top of the female customer, sitting her butt on her lap and resting heavily on the poor girl's arms, almost like she was being caught before falling.

Luckily, Jade had sensed something was coming towards her and got out of the way before being knocked out by the tiny pony.

"Nicole!" The young woman screeched as she brought the blue horse in for a tight hug, "Mike look, it is Nicole!"

The two girls embraced each other like long lost friends, Jade managed to get herself on her feet and slowly walked towards me, sighing into her gag with every step.

I noticed the guy in the relationship looked over to confirm that it was the blue pony, however, Lily's need for attention soon forced him to look back at her.

"Nicole, where have you been? I've missed you, me and Mike have been here twice now and you weren't here."

Nicole didn't answer, she couldn't answer, but she managed to hold onto the customer even tighter, as if apologising for her absence. Jade looked glad that her place was taken and walked up next to me, as if I was a safety net from the customers. She let out an exhausted sigh once she was side by side with me.

I did something that I had never done with Jade, but which I had done multiple times before with all the other ponies. I wrapped my arm around her in an attempt to comfort her, to let her know that I was pleased with her progress. Jade would have flipped out that our bodies came into contact with each other and I would not have heard the end of it, but the Pony version of the same girl seemed happy with the contact, even going as far as resting her head on my shoulder.

"Jade?" I asked, quietly in her ear so no one else would hear, "Are you doing anything tonight?"

The brown coloured pony continued to look forward, for a second I didn't think she heard me, but a moment later she was shaking her head softly.

"How would you feel coming to mine? I'm going to be busy as I have some company, I'm sure Heather would like someone to spend the evening with."

It was a long shot, I was so happy at the idea of spending an evening with Lily, that I didn't take my roommate into consideration. I knew if she wanted to spend the evening with anyone, it would have been Jade.

I had fully grabbed the pony's attention, she was no longer looking at Nicole, Lily or the customers, but was staring directly in my direction.

"We were thinking of having a movie marathon," I continued, "You can bring anything you like?"

She continued to stare for a few more seconds, her eyes darting around as if she was processing the words that were coming out of my mouth.

She nodded.

It was a singular nod, slow and confident.

Beth came in between us, breaking the connection me and Jade were having before placing both of her arms over our shoulders, "Looks like she has settled back in well."

"Yes, she has" I smiled back at the older woman.

"I'm not sure how Harriet is going to react when she gets back."

"I'm sure she will understand."

"I hope so. How are you feeling, Jade?"

The brown pony sighed heavily, causing the gag in her mouth to whistle like a horse's snort.

"I'm sure you are loving it more than you think. That outfit looks great on you, maybe I can convince Harriet in making you a horse full time."

Jade threw herself away from Beth, shaking her head as well as snorting through the gag over and over, making sure the idea came across that she never wanted to be a pony ever again.

Beth nearly doubled over in a fury of laughter before wrapping her arms around Jade once more and letting her know she was only joking.

The rest of the day went by like normal. The couple enjoyed their time with the two ponies and left after another hour of cuddling them. Much to Jade's annoyance, many other customers came through the entrance for their time with a latex ponygirls, whilst they generally liked the appealing of the attention-seeking Lily, or would enjoy a long awaited return to have Nicole in their arms, it was the new pony that caught a lot of people's fancy.

Never before did I hear one of the girls sigh so much.

The sun crawled up the sky, causing the nice blue sky to transform into a deep orange as it prepared to fall back beyond the horizon. I spent the afternoon looking out for the new pony whilst making sure all the stables were tidy and the customers were happy.

During this, I continued to look towards my watch, keeping track of how long Harriet, Kathia, Heather and Lorelai were out, slowly getting worried about their safety.

However, Beth did not feel the same and did not show any signs of anxiety towards the lateness of their return. To her, Harriet was pulling out all the tricks in order for their visitor to have a good time and hopefully donate more towards the stables.

In spite of this, I took swift glances towards the entrance, hoping to see the two humans and two ponies walking back in.

The final customer said goodbye to Nicole, taking one last moment to tickle her belly before standing up and walking out, then the entire square turned to calm.

Lily returned to the fountain, Jade did not leave Beth's side and Nicole actually walked up to me and placed her body against mine, asking for a cuddle without using her words.

Nicole's latex skin felt cool to the touch and allowed me to feel her warm, soft body underneath the layer of material.

It felt so nice to have her back, I almost completely forgot about the breakdown she was having earlier and the secret that I had exposed. It just felt complete, having all the ponies at the stables once again, sure Abigail and Saffron were still ill; but we knew they were coming back as soon as they were better, Nicole's disappearance was a mystery until now.

Then it happened, the sight that I was looking forward to so much, the purple and silver latex ponies walked through the entrance of the square with Harriet and Lorelai leading them from behind.

I had to apologise to Nicole for letting go of her and ran across the concrete to the approaching group. Harriet looked exhausted whilst Lorelai was having the time of her life, a grin was etched across her face and showed no signs of leaving.

"How was everything?" I asked.

"Oh, it was amazing!" Lorelai mouth was wide open, "This operation you have here is just fantastic."

"We showed Lorelai Heather's dressage, took a stable ride to the other side of the property, had a nice picnic over by the tree, I really enjoyed myself" Harriet smiled in a similar way to the woman before turning towards me, "Me and Lorelai are going to have dinner inside, would you be able to help Heather and Kathia out of their suits?"

I returned the smile, "No problem."

I looked at Kathia and Heather, the purple pony looked tired but Heather was completely red-faced, she was looking directly at the ground as blood pumped into her cheeks.

I continued, "Umm, what happened to Heather?"

"SHE CAME!" Lorelai shouted with glee, not caring who heard.

"Oh, my."

"Yeah, she was running, running and running around the school, showing us all of her dressage tricks and then exploded."


"Well, not a real explosion. She knelt down and covered herself down there, making all sorts of funny noises. I may not know much about your horses, but I know an orgasm when I see one."

"I wonder what brought that on?" I asked Heather, she briefly glanced up at Jade before looking back down towards the ground.

"OMG, is that the rest of the ponies?" The visitor asked, clocking the green, blue and brown girls in the square.

"Yes, they are. They are rather tired now, but you can say hello if you want?"

"YES, YES, YES!" She clapped her hands together as she walked towards them.

I looked up at Harriet, who was gobsmacked to see Nicole was one of the girls that Lorelai was referencing. Before I knew it, the purple pony had bolted from her position and sprinted across the ground, even beating the visiting woman to her friends. She ran up to Nicole and wrapped her in a tight, loving hug; one that Nicole didn't seem to mind.

Heather finally looked up and noticed the returning pony.

"Can we talk about this later?" Harriet asked, "I need to get some food prepared for Lorelai, once she is done, could you help Beth with cleaning up?"

With that, the older woman walked away and returned to her home.

It was now only me and Heather standing in the entrance, I wrapped my arms around my friend and asked if she was okay. She nodded slowly but she still looked embarrassed by what happened earlier.

"I thought you were over that?" I asked, "You haven't done that in the suit for a while now, what did I miss earlier that got you so worked up? Was it something with Jade?"

Again, she nodded as slowly as before.

"Awww, it will be okay. Hey, I have good news, Lily is coming over tonight for a film date."

Heather finally lifted her head fully and despite the gag in her mouth, I could see her expression fully light up.

I continued, "You weren't the only one who had fun this morning, ohhh and before I forget, Jade is coming over too."

Her expression immediately changed, showing she was now completely shocked.

"I just thought it was best, she could keep you company whilst me and Lily are busy."

"It's okay… it's okay" Heather was biting her nails as we were driving back home, "We'll get home, I'll have a shower and we get the place tidied."

"Heather, relax" I laughed, "We are just having the girls over for a film or two, it's not like we are expecting royalty."

"But the place is a mess, what would Jade think if she saw your apartment, dirty clothes on the floor, a sink full of things to be washed."

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to clean up slightly."

I forced the car into a complete stop. The road that had taken us from Harriet's to home had come to an end and a barrier separated us from the rest of the way. Workmen in illuminated clothing didn't notice us and continued working on the road, offering no assistance or help to guide us a quick way around.

"That's odd." I looked around, trying to see if they had left any gap open to squeeze around, "I don't recall seeing any signs that indicated they were going to close the road down."

"I guess we will have to take the long route home" Heather said as she held her legs close to her body, her mind still on the thought of Jade coming over tonight.

I pulled the car into reverse and turned around, wasting no time.

"I guess I could take the road on the left here, that would mean we will go around the outskirts of town and come in by the road next to the church."

"Sure… sure" She was still in deep thought.

I briefly looked at my friend, seeing that she had returned to being silent. However, I could not help but smile. I didn't mind that my apartment wasn't the cleanest, or that there were probably a handful of things Heather wanted to do before our visitors came over, but I was happy.

Finally, after a year of being at the stables, I had the chance to spend quality time with the person I adored, an entire evening of finding out about each other, human to human, no latex, no bondage, no Harriet or Beth. Just me and Lily.

My smile continued to grow, but my attention was once again drawn to the person in my passenger seat, the person who was usually so cool and never dared the idea of overthinking. The person who was currently muttering to herself whilst thinking about everything that needs to be done tonight.

"Heather… it will be okay." I placed my hand on her knee, "Just try and enjoy yourself."

"Thank you."

The car continued down the road until the edge of town came into view once again, Heather suddenly jumped up and seemed on edge.

"Why are we going this way for? Can we go a different way?" She asked loudly and quickly, as if to get her sentences out as swiftly as possible.

"This is the only way in, otherwise we will have to go back and take the very long way round, that will add at least twenty minutes onto our journey" I stated calmly.

"Can we go that way?" She grabbed my shoulder, "Anyway but this way, please? PLEASE?!"

"Heather, what's the matter?"

"Just please not this way, just stop… Stop! STOP!"

I pushed the brake as hard as I could, bringing the car to a complete stop. Me and Heather lunged forward before falling back into our seats. The lights of the vehicle illuminated a road with several houses on either side.

"Heather? What's the matter?"

My friend was hyperventilating, her legs were once again on the seat and her hand remained on my shoulder.

"Just… not this way… please." She whispered through her breaths.

"Heather… what?" I asked once more before it finally clicked in my head.

My headlight had illuminated part of it, casting the rest of the building in shadow and giving it a foreboding, creepy vibe.

This was where Heather used to live, on the first building on the right as soon as you came into town from this direction.

We had never spoken about why she left the town in the first place, but I knew she didn't have a good childhood and her mother was a part of that, a few months after she left for the city, Heather's mum sold the house and moved away too, not giving anyone her new address and giving Heather no way to return home.

""I'll… I'll turn back," I stated, putting my car into reverse.

"No… No, it's okay," she settled herself down, "Go ahead, we don't want to be late getting back."

"Are you sure?"


I drove forward, trying to get past the house as quickly as possible to make the situation as painless as possible for her.

"I'm sorry, I completely forgot," I said, apologetically.

"It's okay… there are bikes and toys in the front garden, it looks like a nice family lives there now."

"Do you still want Jade and Lily to come over? I can make some calls, maybe change it to another day?"

"I'm fine, would be nice to see Jade again."

"It would."

"I'm sorry for earlier, we don't have to tidy up. I think I'm just overthinking, your place isn't that bad."

"That's alright… maybe a little bit of tidying up would help."

Heather chuckled lightly but remained quiet for the rest of the car ride home. I wanted to ask her more about her mother and her family, but she always remained quiet about these subjects. I wanted her to know that was all behind her and if she didn't know already, she already had a family. One that consists of two older women, me, Jade, four other ponygirls and now, a pet.


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