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Pet Correction

by ForeverAltered

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The room was so silent that I could hear my heart beating in my ears. I sat defeated at the table, with my feet on the chair, I had wrapped my arms around my ankles and rested my head against my legs.

I had lost.

Just less than an hour ago I was sitting in the courtroom with a strict judge peering down at me behind her golden spectacles, causing her wide white eyes to contrast against her ebony skin. It had felt like we were sitting in that courtroom for ages, however, the judge had quickly come to a conclusion.

I deserve the time I got, what I did I would never forgive myself for.

I pulled my head away from my legs to look once more around the small room, it was an interrogation room with only a desk and four chairs against it, the light of the day peered through vents that hung at the top of the wall, this did a better job at lighting the room compared to the almost blown out bulb that hung above me.

The only good thing was, I wasn't in this room to be questioned, that part of my ordeal was over, we were rushed in here to wait as my lawyer wanted a short conversation with the judge.

As long as I held onto that information, I could finally breathe properly, everything was done, no more questions, no more being yelled at by an authority figure, the sentence was complete.

"Three years," a deep voice beside me said to herself.

It was my mama, a large lady in both height and weight. She had sat in the chair next to me and remained silent for the entire time, this was the first time she said a word out loud since we left the courtroom. Mama was a proud lady, despite us coming from a poor household, she prided herself in the idea that her, my dad and I were all good, hard working people… I broke that idea today.

Despite us being poor, she managed to keep a lot of weight to herself, she wasn't obese by any means but she always looked well fed, the complete opposite to my short and skinny frame. She had sat patiently and waited for the lawyer to come back with her large purse placed on her lap. She kept her hands on the handle, looking as if she was going to get up and leave at any moment.

I hated that I hurt her today with my actions, but I was glad she was still by my side.

"You are going away for three years," she continued her sentence from earlier.

I brushed my short, blonde hair back behind my ears before I cuddled my legs harder, trying my best to get myself as small as possible. My only hope at the moment was for my lawyer to somehow reduce my sentence, but I held little hope for anything to change.

The room returned to silence and my mother silently opened her handbag and got out a white tissue, using it to wipe her eyes before wiping her nose.

For me, the realisation that I was not going home today sank in, I wouldn't see my house, I wouldn't see my room and I wouldn't see my mum except from behind a glass screen for three years.

…Three years…

I thought I wanted to cry, but my eyes continued to remain dry. If anything, I was still in shock more than anything else.

My thoughts were interrupted as there was a knock at the door and silently, the security guard turned around and opened it, allowing the man who represented me in court to come through.

He was a short man, probably in his late forties, his thin, brown hair already going grey. His wrinkled suit wasn't buttoned up, showing his barrel of a stomach trying to poke through his white shirt.

With a large huff, he pulled his body to the chair on the opposite side of the table to us and placed his suitcase on the ground.

I could tell he was thinking of which words to use as his hand scratched his beard.

"So, I've spoken to the judge," he finally said after a few seconds of silence.

"Any good news?" Mama perked herself up, hoping for the best.

His eyes fixed themselves on me, "The judge has given you a choice, you already know about the three year sentence she had given you… but she is happy to give you another option."

We both sat there in silence, listening to his every word… anything would be better than what I was already given.

He continued, "There is an experimental trial that the judge has interest in, a way to introduce criminals back into society without giving them the freedom a civilian would have. Across the country are several safe houses, areas where prisoners can stay and even go outside, but there is a catch."

"What's that?" Mama asked.

"You'll have to wear this," he reached down into his suitcase and pulled out a small folder. He opened it up to a certain page and placed it on my side of the table, easily showing me the blueprints of a type of outfit.

"What's that?" I repeated the question my mother asked a moment prior.

"It is an outfit you'll be sealed in for the duration of your sentence," he said, pointing his finger at the image in front of me, "You'll be locked head to toe in this with only your eyes being on show. If you go for this, you'll be unable to do anything yourself, your hands will be encased in mittens, you'll be unable to talk and you''ll be completely reliant on the owner of the property"

I would have been embarrassed if it wasn't for the sincerity of the situation. From what I could describe, the blueprints in front of me showed someone in a latex bondage outfit. Whilst bondage wasn't something that I was sexually into, I must admit it was hard to think of anything else whilst he pointed to certain spots on the outfit, even my mother had a double-take at what she was looking at.

"You see here?" He continued, pointing at a collar-like object around the neck of the blueprint, "Prisoners are equipped with this collar which will stay on the whole time, with this they are unable to leave the location without special orders from the owner."

"This seems a bit much? What will this accomplish?" Mama asked all the questions as I was too shocked to even think properly.

"Well… it's the idea of using humiliation to correct dysfunctional behaviour. As I said before, you'll be completely reliant on the owner and your body will be restricted in this outfit, you'll be unable to be independent or even go outside by yourself. The judge is very interested in this form of rehabilitation and was more than happy to cut your time to just one year, if you decide to go ahead with this."

I continued to hug my legs, it seemed to be a better way out of the situation rather than going to a real prison for the next thirty-six months, but the idea was just too weird to think about. The lawyer was acting as if it was the most normal thing to lock me into a latex outfit for an entire year and being right next to my mom just added to how uncomfortable I was.

"If she went for this, where would she go?" 

"Well, she could go to any of the locations, we won't know until her paperwork is processed. She'll still have to spend the evening in a temporary holding and will be transported out tomorrow morning. I'll be able to get you the paperwork as soon as morning tomorrow, that will include her location and how to arrange a visit."

"I'll be able to see her?"

"Yes, I believe the owner will be happy to arrange monthly visits for you."

Mama finally turned to me, "What do you think, Baby?"

"I don't know, Ma."

"One year is less than three, Baby."

"What about Dad? Will you be able to bring him with you?"

"I don't think so. You know your Dad can't travel for the time being and you might be taken far away… but, I will come every month to see you, I promise you that."

It was the most emotive I had seen her, tears were beginning to form in her eyes as this seemed the most hopeful of the two scenarios. I was still unsure about the idea, but the idea of spending that long in an actual prison felt much worse.

"Okay… okay, I'll do it." I could hear the shake in my voice.

I watched out of the window of the car as the morning sun started just above the horizon, the dark buildings of the city transformed into quiet, infinitely expanding hills of the countryside and the sun soon travelled up the sky, transforming the deep, auburn morning into a bright early afternoon, set against a beautiful, blue sky.

I would have been more pleasant if I wasn't handcuffed in an unmarked police car. With a tall, untalkative man in the driver's seat and a young woman handcuffed in the backseat with me. She was a rather unusual girl, with dyed bright pink hair and deep brown eyes, she looked and acted much more innocent than a normal criminal would be. Initially, I did want to ask her a few questions, mostly what she did to be placed in the same situation I was, but she too was untalkative, instead opting to stare out of her window for the entire duration of the drive. From time to time, I could hear the sound of her sniffing, as if she was trying her best to hide her tears.

We had both spent the night in the same room, the temporary holdings that my lawyer stated yesterday was just a small room with a toilet, sink and bunk bed. By the time I gave Ma one more hug and got to the room, she had already taken the top bunk and hid under the covers, not even once wanting to talk. I spent the night looking up at the slats of metal under her mattress, imagining how the rest of the year would go for me. Whilst I was glad I wouldn't be in a real prison, with real, tough inmates. I must admit I was worried and partially confused with the reality of my fate.

We were both woken up by a guard in the early hours of the morning, we were given fresh clothing and allowed a shower before we were placed into the transport vehicle, the whole time we did not exchange any words.

It wasn't long until we had reached a tiny town with the smallest country roads, even the main streets of the area looked quiet and almost deserted, not that it looked like there were many places to go in this area. The car continued down the roads until we finally reached the property.

It was a small piece of land with what looked like a large cottage occupying a quarter of the property. I could see a part of the garden but the majority of the location was hidden behind the house. The entirety of the land had a large metal fence surrounding it and every six feet or so had a black box strapped to the alloy frame.

As my eyes glanced over the entire fence, I didn't notice a young woman leave the front door of the cottage and make her way to the gate and eventually to the car, by the time I had noticed her, the automatic gate was already opening for her, afterwards, she made her way to the pink woman's door and opened it, allowing my temporary neighbour to step out. With one glance in my direction, with her dark eyes filled with tears, she finally left the car and walked back into the property with who I assumed was the owner.

From what I could see, the owner was a young woman, however, still older than me and the pink lady. She had short, dark hair that just touched her shoulders and she wore a flowery dress, didn't really seem like the type of woman who could control two criminals.

The man continued to be silent as we both watched the two enter the building. I noticed he had locked the doors once the pink woman had left, leaving me trapped behind him. I wanted to ask him why I wasn't taken in yet, however, the idea of talking with him didn't seem like a good idea at this point; I didn't think he would even answer me.

I took a moment to think, about what the lawyer said and the current situation, and I assumed the owner would have to lock the young woman in the suit and that would be much easier one at a time.

…Lock in a suit…

It still seemed way too unreal, the idea that instead of being behind bars, I would be locked in an outfit that stopped me from being free, serving three years instead of one, in this picturesque part of the country. It almost didn't feel like I would be serving a sentence at all, I wasn't being punished, I could just spend my days relaxing and not doing anything… it almost seemed comical that they even considered this to be a punishment for my crime.

Unless, It was somehow worse than being in a cell? The only way they would expect you to only serve one year instead of three would be if the punishment was much more severe. My hands began to shake as I thought about what I got myself into, was this situation worse?

If I went to prison, I would spend most of my time in a cell, I would be able to move around and talk to the people I share the space with.

Here, the cell would be attached to my body, I would be unable to speak, unable to use my hands and unable to do anything by myself.

This…this is worse… I'll be trapped for the whole year without being able to do anything…I…I…

"Hi." A voice stopped my sudden panic attack.

I looked towards the door next to me, noticing it was open and that lady from before was standing next to me, the sudden cool air flowing through my hair. I looked at her with my mouth wide open, but she stared back with a comforting grin.

"How are you?" she asked.

"I-I'm okay… please… don't," I stuttered.

"Please don't what?"

"Umm… I've… changed my m-"

"I've got a long drive back, do not waste anymore of my time," the man stated in a loud voice, he didn't move or emote in any way.

"I… Please…" I continued to stutter.

"Here, let me help you," The young woman grabbed my arm and began pulling me out, "Let's leave Mister grumpypants here to sulk."

I didn't fight back, I didn't want to get into any more trouble than I already was. I stood out of the car and to my surprise, the young woman was shorter than me, standing at just above my shoulders. She slammed the door behind me and the car started back to life, within seconds the car turned around and was driving back up the road where we came from.

"Bye-bye, Mr grumpy-pants." The young woman waved at the vehicle as it disappeared beyond the horizon.

It was a shock to see how child-like the woman was, she was supposed to be this strong enforcer in charge of two criminals and she was acting more innocent than her age. Maybe she wasn't worried as I was still in handcuffs, or she didn't see me as a threat but it was still odd to see.

"Well, now he is gone… what were you saying?" She turned around to face me, her dress floating from all her quick movements.

The fear from before returned, the idea that I was going to be trapped in a body squeezing suit infected my mind and made my heart race.

"Umm, I think I've made the wrong choice," I said more calmly, but still my nerves were screaming.

"What makes you say that?"

"I-I don't like the idea, I'm… scared."

"Awww, it's okay. It's not that scary, Poppy is already in her suit and she's happy and content."

Poppy? That pink-haired girl from before? She's already in the suit? How long was I freaking out in the back of the car for?

"I… I don't know."

The girl slapped her head, "Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Donna."

She took both my cuffed hands and pretended to shake them both.

"I'm.. I'm…" I struggled to think, even my own name didn't come to mind, however, she anticipated that I was going to tell her that and placed her hand over my mouth.

"Ah, ah! I don't need to know that. How about we go inside, have a talk and get everything ready? We have all day and can take as much time as we need"

I nodded, her palm was still against my mouth.

"Good," she continued, "Let's go in, I make a mean tea."

With one hand behind my back, she guided me towards the property. The gate seemed to open automatically for us as we walked up close to it. We passed her vehicle, which looked like a small van that sat four people and up towards the cottage. As we entered the building, it was a shock to see how clean and minimalistic it was in comparison to the outside, which looked like it was overgrown with flowers of all shapes and colours. The woman and the house she lived in looked like they both came out of a children's cartoon.

The reception room had a small table with two chairs occupying it, apart from that a small shoe rack sat in the corner with several of Donna's shoes littered over it and by that was a coat rack. Both of them seemed to have clothes based on the weather on them, a pair of shoes and a coat for when it was raining, one for when it's cold outside, one for snow and one for slightly warmer days.

She helped me to the chair and sat opposite me. On the table was a piece of paper, a pen and a thick, metal collar. As soon as I saw it, I remembered the blueprint my lawyer showed me, he said with that locked around my neck, I was unable to leave the property without the say so of this lady. I assumed that was the first thing that would have to be locked on before I got into the suit.

Donna sat on her legs on the chair, taking a moment to look at me as she picked up the pen.

"You're cute." She smiled, "So is Poppy, I wouldn't have thought you were dangerous criminals."

She said 'dangerous criminals' with a funny tone, as if stating we were too cute to have done what we did. I took a moment to finally settle my eyes on the owner, she was what I would describe as cute too, she was a ball of energy and looked like she struggled to settle down. Whilst her hair touched her shoulders, none of her hair was in her eyes, going with bangs haircut, which probably added to her young appearance. Her features were small, green eyes that sat above a petite, pointed nose and thin lips. Slight creases around her eyes made me realise she probably wasn't as young as I first assumed.

This close up, I noticed that despite her colourful outfit she was wearing, she wore minimalistic jewellery, the only one I could see was a thin, silver chain that hung around her neck and at the bottom of the chain were three small keys.

I smiled at her, mentally and physically exhausted from the morning drive.

"Okay, let's get the boring stuff out of the way before the fun part begins. My name is Donna, I've told you before but I should formally introduce myself. I am the owner of this property and co-founder of 'Pet correction', that's this experiment you've signed up for."

"Pet Correction?"

"Yeah! Pretty cute, right?!" She smiled as if she was extremely proud of it, "Okay, you are with us for the next twelve months. You'll spend everyday for a month locked inside the suit but you'll have one day out of the outfit. During this day, you'll be fed two full meals, you'll get a bath, a massage and the chance to see a visitor, the visit obviously being arranged by yours truly. I see here your contact is… Vanessa O'Dette?"

"Mama…" I smiled weakly.

She softened her already mellow mood, "Aren't mothers the best? So, you'll be unlocked in the morning and re-locked in the suit by the evening. You'll be fed twice a day in your suits and cleaned on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays."

"Cleaned and fed? How will you do that whilst we are in the suits?"

"Feeding is easy, there is a small, hidden hole at the mouth of the suit. I blend up food and place it in a small canister with a tube at the bottom, the tube goes into the hole, gravity is doing its job and you are eating! Think of it like a hamster drinking water!"

She closed her eyes and smiled loudly at the sentence that came out of her mouth, it was vague but I did get the idea.

"Why don't I just show you!" She immediately jumped up and walked out of the room, the moment she left I knew there was nothing stopping me from walking out of the door, but the handcuffs would cause me issues and I wasn't sure if the gate would have opened for me. Was I now trapped behind that metal fence for the next year?

"Here we go!" She came back in a moment later with a small, white box and placed it onto the table over the paperwork and just by the collar.

Without any preparation, she opened the box right in front of me, showing me what looked like a skinned grey cat within the contents of the box. The latex material shimmered against the light of the sun coming through the window, despite the unnatural material, it looked realistic with black strips complimenting the grey 'fur'.

Donna picked up the hood of the outfit, it had two large holes for my eyes to go through and looked like it wouldn't obscure my vision at all, below the eyes was a realistic cat nose and mouth, the young lady pursed open the mouth to show me the thin hole that my food and drink would come through, on the inside of the hood was a large square mound that would act as a gag, it looked like it would form to the wearers teeth and allow to suck but not allow to speak.

"And at the top here, we have the nozzle to use for bathing." She flipped the hood and showed me the top, at the back of the head and between the two realistic ears was a cover that was easily lifted by her fingers, under the covers was a small metal disc.

She continued, "In the bath, I have a nozzle that attaches to this, the shower attaches to the nozzle and water will travel through the suit to clean you without taking the suit off."

"Why don't you just take off the suit for a bath?" I asked, inspecting the metal disc.

"Well, it wouldn't be much of a punishment, silly!" She giggled as she placed the hood back in the box, "If I took off the suit every other day you wouldn't have learned your lesson."

"Where does the water go?"

"At the bottom of the suit… between your legs is a small zip that I'll open to allow the water to drain out. I've been told the whole process is actually very nice, but embarrassing at the end as it looks like you are peeing when the water is emptied."

My cheeks flushed red and Donna laughed as I brought my hands to my mouth.

She continued, "There are also these cute little paw prints on the hands and feet of the suit, it allows your hands and feet to breathe as well as helps empty the suit of the water that will run down your arms and legs."

She rustled around in the box to show me one of the paws, it was slightly elevated compared to the latex skin and had a rougher texture. After that, we got on with the paperwork. The young woman asked me several lifestyle questions, mostly about my diet, allergies and how I keep my hair.

From what I could understand, Donna likes to keep the prisoners hair short in order to keep them comfortable inside the suits, because my hair was already short, that wouldn't be a problem, but Donna would like to keep it the same length and would require to cut it during the times I was let out.

I wonder if that meant the lady I shared the car with had her hair cut? Her bright, pink hair was thick and long and would not have been able to have been kept under the hood.

Donna dropping the pen on the table woke me from my thoughts.

"Okay, that's it. That is all the details I needed." She continued her smile as she placed the paper into a folder.

"What now?" I asked, scratching at my wrists as the cuffs began to irritate them.

"Well, first we get the collar on, then I'll unlock your handcuffs and finally put you into the outfit, how does that sound?"

She asked it as if I had a choice. Everything was moving way too fast but I was too tired to fight the thoughts anymore, the worrying feeling from before had been washed away but that didn't mean I still had my concerns, but Donna seemed a lovely and caring lady and I felt safe in her presence. Even if everything is taken away from me and I spend the next year completely helpless, at least I'll have her looking after me.

"Okay, let's do this," I said.

"YEAH! LET'S DO THIS!" Donna screamed loudly, even jumping in the air as she did so.

The sudden outburst took me completely by surprise, but somehow I wasn't shocked by this behaviour, in fact, I ended up smiling because of her weird enthusiasm.

"First thing is first," she almost sprinted to the table and picked up the collar, "Let's get this on you"

She picked up the silver collar and walked over to me, she opened it up and placed it around my neck, she closed the object but left it ever so slightly open, instead placing fingers between the metal and my delicate neck.

"How's that? Is that comfortable for you? It's slightly loose as I can get my fingers though but not too loose to get annoying."

"It feels okay."



With both hands she pulled the collar closed, the lock automatically activated when the two halves of the metal object connected. With that one restraint on, she took the other restraints off, placing the handcuffs onto the table. With my hands now free, I rubbed my wrists before bringing my hands up and checking the collar, it had about half an inch to move in any direction. I didn't expect the collar to be heavy, but the feeling of the metal resting on my collar bone made me realise I would have to get used to feeling something around my neck 24/7.

"It suits you" Donna continued with her enthusiastic tone, "I think this year should be an amazing experience for both of us."

I laughed, but didn't contribute to the conversation.

"Okay, next step is to get this outfit on!" She clapped her hands, "Alright, get nude!"

"Nude?" My mouth hung open.

"Well… YEAH! You cannot wear anything underneath this outfit, you have to be naked under it."

"Oh… I don't know."

"It's too late now, I've got the collar on ya!" I noticed she said this whilst teasing one of the keys on her necklace, "And you shouldn't be upset about getting naked in front of me, I'm going to see a lot of you by the time you leave, trust me."

I nervously stood up and took my top off. I was still in the same outfit as I was during the meeting with my lawyer yesterday, a pair of jeans and a white shirt. I stood in the reception room in my bra as I handed the young woman my shirt, she folded it up and placed it on the table, eagerly waiting for my jeans. Soon, they were in her hands too, so were my trainers and my bra.

I was standing in front of Donna in just my panties, my hands were covering my breasts and Donna placed all the items into a small storage box that sat under the counter in the corner of the room. Once she got back to me, she looked at the one remaining item and right back at me.

"There's nothing to worry about, I have the exact same things as you do and you will probably see my bits down the line too, I need to take showers and baths… and sometimes it is just nice to be naked"

After a moment, I finally lowered my hands and pulled my underwear down, forcing them to fall to my ankles before I stepped out of them. Donna picked them up and placed them in the storage box too.

"Don't worry, I'll give them a wash before your mother visits," she walked to the box and got out the suit.

I tried looking down at my feet, my cheeks burned red from the embarrassment of being naked in front of another lady.

"No one has ever seen me naked," I muttered.

"No one? Not even a boyfriend?"


"Have you ever… done it?"

"Y-yeah, I did before with an old boyfriend, but I kept my shirt on."

"You've never seen one of your girl pals naked? Or been naked in front of them?"

"No," I tried to hide a smile.

"You are too cute and you look great by the way," Donna laughed whilst looking me up and down, "If I were into girls I would give you a thumbs up."

"Thank you… and if I were into girls, I'm sure I would ask for your number… or something."

"Trust me, if I were into girls, you wouldn't need my number as you'll already be in my bed."

I snorted from the shock of what she just said and we both laughed hard at each other. It didn't feel like I was dealing with a prison officer, more like a friend. It didn't seem like she was an authority figure in the slightest, but was actually happy to be in my company and cared about my wellbeing.

Donna opened the suit up, the outfit had two sets of 'zips', one at the back of the neck, this was to open it up and allow the body easier access into the latex and the other was placed at the bottom of the suit, between the legs, I hoped this was just to allow the wearer to go to the bathroom.

'Zips' were the only word I could use to describe the device to fasten the wearer into the suit, it was a plastic tag that was pulled to place the two pieces of latex together, they didn't seem as harsh as the usual metal zips you would find on clothing.

"Okay…okay, we better get this over with." She held out the suit in front of me, unzipping a part of it to allow me to enter the outfit with ease.

"H-how do I start?" I asked, trying to figure out how to begin.

"Put one of your legs in first and then we'll go from there."

I continued with some giggling as I placed my bare foot into the outfit, it felt odd, it looked like latex from the outside but the inside had more of a fabric feel. My foot almost glided in and was soon met with the bottom of the outfit. With encouragement from Donna, I held onto her as my other foot went into the outfit, which meant I was in it as far as my butt.

Donna jigged the outfit upwards until it reached the small of my back and slid it upwards before she manoeuvred my arms into their respective sleeves, first it was my right hand and it soon found itself into the included mitten that was attached to the outfit. The mitten was a small, oval mound that allowed my fingers to move around freely without allowing them to do anything outside the suit. I moved my fingers furiously, but the oval shape did not move at all. As my brain was comprehending how useless my digits were now, Donna had already started the process with the other hand, forcing it down the sleeve and into its destination. Both hands were now useless stumps with a paw print at the bottom.

Time almost felt like it moved in slow motion as I held my two 'hands' in front of me, as Donna finished up the suit, I realised that I was now trapped in this outfit for an entire month, where the owner would unlock me for a day of freedom. The neck of the latex outfit was tucked under the collar and the zip was put up, sealing me completely into the body hugging suit.

The outfit itself was split into two parts, the body part which was now attached to me and the hood that still sat on the table, waiting to be placed on me. Despite having no holes for eyes, it looked like the hood was staring right at me, as if looking at who would spend the foreseeable future inside it.

"How does it feel?" Donna asked, walking around me as if checking the suit out.

"It feels weird, I wasn't expecting it to feel this way" I finally looked up from my 'paws', "Is this real latex?"

"It's not latex, it's something called 'Datex', it's basically latex on the outside but on the inside is fabric, it's more comfortable, breathable and means you can wear it for longer periods," she began patting at parts of my body to get rid of any wrinkles, "but on the outside, it just looks like a normal latex outfit."


"Yeah, can you feel the paw prints on the bottom of your feet?"

I moved my foot up and down and could feel a slight, elevated bump, "Yes, I can."

"That can get uncomfortable, my previous pets prefer just to crawl around instead of standing. The knees and legs are padded so it's super comfortable being on them, but just see what you like"

"Thank you"

Donna finally stopped messing around with my body and walked to the front of me, picking up the hood from the table before turning to face me.

"Are you ready?" Her voice seemed more sincere, "The first month feels the longest."

"I'm… okay, let's get this on."

"Anything you want to say beforehand?"

"Can…" I smiled to choke back the tears forming, "Are you going to talk to my mum before I see her?"

"Yes, I'll be in contact with her soon."

"Can you tell her… I'm sorry."

Donna smiled back at me, with that same wholesome smile looking back at me, "Of course."

With that, I placed my head down to allow her to easily place the hood on, the first step was to get the mouth guard in, she easily found my mouth and slipped it in, I didn't notice this before but the gag also attached to the bottom of my nose, allowing me to breathe through a different, but similarly hidden tube without any complications from having a drink or being fed. Once the gag was in place, it was easy for her to put the rest of the hood on and attach it to the rest of the suit by an invisible seam under the collar. After a few more pats to the head, Donna finally came back into view.

"There we go" She rubbed the sides of my arms, "How do you feel?"

My first instinct was to talk, but I felt the breath of my first word blow against the gag and back into my mouth. Once I understood how little noise I was able to make, I ended up giving her a small nod instead to convey how I felt.

"You look amazing!" She continued to pat at random parts of my body, "The colours on you look so good!"

Despite continuously touching my body, she did give me the space to move around in my new skin, walking and moving my arms felt exactly like before, I felt both covered up and naked at the same time, as if my movements weren't restricted by clothing, however, my hands, padded feet and gagged mouth all made me completely aware of how helpless I was. With every step, it felt as if I wore thick, fluffy socks that padded my feet against the cold floor and my fingers were able to move but weren't useful in the slightest due to the mittens.

My mind travelled away from the idea that I was now helpless and locked in this outfit, instead thinking of how cute I felt instead, with how figure hugging it was, the playful, realistic ears and paw prints on my palms. It was odd thinking that this was a punishment, yet, I was happy with the outcome.

"Right, now that is all done, we need a name for you," Donna stated, placing one hand underneath her chin as the other played with her hair.

Name? I already have a name, why would I need another? I wanted to tell her what it was but the gag prevented any noise apart from incoherent moaning. I even remembered before when I tried to tell her, she placed her hand over my mouth to prevent me from actually speaking. "What's a cute cat name? Dolly?" She continued thinking hard, "No, that's too obvious… Nala? Yeah, Nala! That's a cute name for you."

Nala? My eyes widened as I realised not only did I lose my freedom today, but I also lost my identity. To her, I was just a latex-clad animal with human eyes and a name that wasn't even my own. How would I feel about spending the next year of my life being called a name that doesn't belong to me. Could I even forget who I used to be? It seems far-fetched but I had never spent a year without talking, bound in this form and being called a different name to what I'm used to. Will I even be able to recognise myself once my sentence is over and I finally leave this place?

It even occurred to me that Poppy wasn't even the real name of the pink-haired girl, she just went through the same situation I did and had her name taken away from her. So not only will I be called something different, but I'll be spending the next year in the company of a girl who's real name I wouldn't even know.

"Then that is settled, from now on your name is Nala," Donna couldn't help but smile, "It suits you so well."

I nodded slowly, it's not like I could beg her to use my real name. Donna took my hand and we finally left the reception room. Outside was a small corridor that led into two rooms, from what I could see, on the left was a living room of sorts and on the right was a small, but spacious kitchen. Despite its size, the kitchen was clean and was well looked after, three containers sat on the side, they were made from some type of metal and ended with a screw on nozzle. I imagined this was what Donna spoke about when she mentioned how we would be fed. Next to those containers were three more similar ones, however, these were made from plastic and see through, even having measurements printed on the side, I could only assume these were for drinks instead of food.

I didn't have time to look at them in detail as Donna was still pulling me, we sprinted past the kitchen and into the living room.

The living room was the exact opposite of the kitchen, it was moderately larger than both the kitchen and the reception room. A large part of the room was taken up by a corner sofa, with a similar style chair, in the middle was a coffee table that was littered with lifestyle magazines and at the top of the room was a tv that stood on a short wooden bookshelf, which itself had multiple books on fictional romantic tales. The room itself said more about Donna than she said about herself.

The room was comfortable and had a lived in feel, but the thing that took my focus straight away was the other two latex girls in the room.

I felt an awkward silence as two sets of piercing eyes looked at me from different sides. One was from a white cat that was sitting on the floor with her legs crossed, the latex skin was a pure snow colour, apart from that, it matched my outfit completely. On the other side was a black cat with beautiful, realistic white paws and stomach; she lay comfortably on the corner sofa and barely even looked up to acknowledge my entrance.

The white cat looked at me with familiar dark eyes. I wasn't surprised when Donna introduced the young woman as Poppy, even though our owner was eager and happy to introduce us, we both exchanged awkward glances, not even raising a hand up to wave hello.

"This is the girl you came in with," Donna nudged me in the ribs, "Doesn't she look beautiful now? She's serving a year, just like you!"

I did feel a slight connection with her, so far we have had the same history with this place and this situation, I joined her on the floor as I took my time to take in her form, despite being locked in a similar suit, I hadn't seen what I looked like within the latex layer and Poppy was almost eye candy. The material hugged her naked form, practically showing off her naked body but still being covered at the same time. It showed how thin her arms were, the curves of her thighs and how swollen her chest was. She was a few cups higher than I was and the outfit highlighted them well.

The beautiful, blue collar stood out against the pure white outfit, which was a complete contrast to her dark eyes. The pink hair that I saw before was now trapped behind the new layer that was attached to her skin.

She looked innocent and pure, as if she wasn't supposed to be here. A quiet spirit that was trapped in a sexual shell. I wanted to hug her, hold her and tell her everything would be okay in the long run, but I too was trapped like her and her history was a complete mystery to me.

"This is Cleo," As I took in Poppy with my eyes, Donna interrupted our moment, "She's serving a year and a half, she's already been here for two months."

I finally dragged my gaze away from the only person I could call a friend and looked across the room. On the sofa was a much larger cat, a tall, athletic girl that was stuck behind the black latex. She looked comfortable as her large frame was stretched across the sofa, with her paws in front of her body and her legs resting behind her, she looked almost like a real cat. She slowly looked up at me with her piercing grey eyes, so pale they made the black pupils stand out even more. I caught a glimpse of her collar, like mine it was silver, but much brighter to show against her black 'fur'.

As soon as she processed me in her mind, she went back to minding her own business, just like a real cat would, was two months all it would take for my human brain to melt and transform completely into an animal? Her body took my mind off the thought as she shuffled her body around, showing off her sexual frame, Poppy's body was sexual despite her innocent look, but Cleo's body matched her personality, her breasts looked like they pop out of the outfit if she breathed in hard enough and her thin, toned body ended on a large, curvy behind. Once again, the suit did nothing to hide what was underneath.

"Cleo isn't a very sociable cat, as you can see," Donna made her way over to the large animal, taking a moment to run her body over her side, "She is lovely though, she's been a good friend since she arrived."

I could tell the larger pet was enjoying the attention but tried to hide it the best she could in front of me and the other new cat.

The next few hours of the day were quiet, however, we found out more about our 'owner', she sat in the chair whilst Cleo continued to take up the sofa. Me and Poppy stayed on the floor but sat closer, shoulder to shoulder as Donna flicked through several tv channels. She loved her cartoons, watching multiple Japanese animated shows, she loved true crime and other types of documentaries, she hated the news and anything about current real world events and she loved her romantic movies.

The day turned into night, we spent the entire time watching tv and settling into the feel of the house. Donna asked several times between the ad breaks if any of us were hungry, I shook my head as my head was still in a spin, it still felt so unrealistic what was happening to me right now. Poppy shook her head as I assumed she was in the same place. I didn't know if Cleo was hungry or not but she still shook her head everytime she was asked, maybe the black cat didn't want to be seen as weak to give into her body or maybe she didn't have much of an appetite, she was a difficult woman to read and the hood didn't make it any easier.

Donna stretched as her final program of the night ended. It was a cartoon about women who used giant robots to fight in a war. I was confused throughout the entire thing and struggled to keep up with the subtitles. A part of me was glad when the ending credits came up.

"Okay, time for bed!" She chirped in her usual tone, this time with a hint of exhaustion added to it, "Does anyone need the bathroom before we go?"

For the first time since we entered the room, Cleo moved and jumped off the sofa, she shook her head at Donna and crawled out of the room on her hands and knees. She moved smoothly and quickly, showing us that she was used to moving this way. She disappeared into one of the rooms we hadn't been in yet as Donna's attention travelled over to me and Poppy.

"Do you need to go?" She asked again.

I nodded, honestly I was desperate for the bathroom but I didn't want to bring it up, I didn't really even want to move to avoid Cleo's death stare. Once she saw me nod, Poppy got the courage to nod too.

"Okay, from now on, if you need to go to the bathroom, come up to me and place one of your paws on my left hand," The young woman stood up and took Poppy's right paw and placed it on her own, bare left hand, "Like this, then I'll know if you need to go, okay?"

We continued to nod.

"Okay, then. You two are really good learners, follow me!"

Donna marched out of the room, my eyes immediately met with the white cat's, her dark irises almost begged me to go first, it was clear she didn't have any confidence. I wanted to sigh, but my body was screaming at me to go to the bathroom before my bladder burst. I dragged my body up and crawled on my hands and knees to the door. Donna was right, this was much more comfortable than walking on my new feet. With Poppy crawling right behind me, we exited the living room and found Donna waiting impatiently in front of the bathroom door.

"Come on, girls. I want to get to bed before I wake up too much" She held the door open as she comically tapped her feet.

We continued to crawl into the rather small bathroom, it had a bath with an overhead shower, a toilet and a sink. It was bare but clean. I crawled towards the middle of the room and Poppy continued to keep behind me, I didn't understand why she was so shy, we were all in the same situation, but I couldn't focus on what the pink haired girl was doing, now we were in the bathroom itself, my body was begging to release.

"Okay then, looks like Nala will be first," Donna walked into the bathroom.

She placed her arms around me and helped me to my feet, she apologised as she reached underneath me and pulled open the zipper by my crotch. My cheeks went red as the cool air hit my vagina and it was on show to not only the owner but the white cat too.

Once the zip was fully down, my 'owner' helped me to the toilet and sat me down. 

I waited for Donna to leave.

She just stood there, looking at me from behind tired eyes, her hands crossed.

I waited for her to turn around.

She continued to look.

Poppy's eyes peered at me from behind her white hood.

I waited as I expected some form of privacy.

"Are you going to go?" Donna asked, "Is everything okay?"

I tried to do a motion to tell her to turn around.

"No… just do your business, otherwise we will be here all night"

My hood was boiling hot now from all the heat coming off my cheeks, this woman actually wanted me to pee right in front of her, I've never been to the toilet in front of anyone before. If the gag wasn't in I would have begged for her to leave, but I was helpless, I couldn't do anything by myself… It was humiliating.

My lawyer's words from the day before came to mind, telling me that humiliation was the way to correct my behaviour, but I didn't realise it was going to be this humiliating.

I placed my paw on the toilet paper, trying my best through the cushioned paws to grab and break off a piece. Donna stopped me, letting me know that she would be the one to 'clean me up afterwards'.

I began to sweat from how hot the suit was making me. This was the first day, I had a whole year of this to endure. I sat defeated on the toilet, the nerves hitting my body hard as the two sets of eyes continued to dig into me. It took the longest time before my bladder fully relaxed and I could finally go.

Donna actually cheered.

As we crawled into the bedroom, Donna said goodnight to us as she crawled into her bed. Cleo laid at the end of her bed frame, smug with victory as she claimed the most comfortable place in the bedroom. I was too exhausted from the day, the embarrassing events before were slowly fading from my brain.

I curled up into a ball on the floor, luckily the comfort of the suit made lying down comfortable almost anywhere. It took me by surprise that the white cat joined me on the floor too, placing herself into an even smaller ball.

It was a burning desire to place my arm around her, comfort her in any way I could. Since I got here she was a nervous kitten and being close to me seemed to be the only thing that comforted her. I felt her flinch as my arm reached around her and ended up at her stomach, but it didn't take long for her to cuddle up closer, a quiet sigh escaped the white cat's gagged mouth as she settled on my arm.

"Goodnight, girls" Donna hummed as she turned the light off, bringing the room to darkness..

Dear Mrs O'Dette,

It's lovely to have your daughter here at Pet Correction. She's settled in well on her first day and I'm looking forward to getting to know her. She's already made friends with my two other pets and has become rather protective of one. You should see her, she looks so cute in her little suit,

I've provided the address of my property and a phone number, in case you want to get in contact with me. As you already know, visits are allowed once a month and I am more than happy to book you in soon.

I'll also be providing you with regular updates on your daughter's general behaviour and achievements, so keep an eye out for my letters.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

Best wishes,

Donna X


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