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Pet Correction

by ForeverAltered

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Continues from

Part 2

My eyes gingerly opened as the early morning light started to shine through the thin curtains of the room.

It took me a moment to remember where I was, the night before I woke up in a prison cell, which made this much more welcome to see when I first opened my eyes. I was still on the floor after yesterday, Cleo made herself more than comfortable at the end of Donna's bed and I could still see she was there through my tired eyes.

Poppy had wiggled away from me and somehow turned herself upside down as when I looked at her, the first thing I saw was the pawprint at the bottom of her feet.

The tired part of my brain thought it was hilarious and I began to laugh, which only lasted a moment as all I could feel in my mouth was the large gag that began to mold itself to my teeth. I jumped up as my tongue struggled around the foreign object and it touching the end of my tongue made me want to gag, I couldn't breathe.

I brought my hands up, trying my best to pull off the mask, but the useless paws I had did nothing to help. Needless to say my body began to panic, I wanted to scream but the gag prevented the normal sound to come out and a muffled moan escaped instead, I felt my hot breath fall back into my mouth.

Tears entered my eyes as I did everything I could to remove the obstruction from my face but all to no use.

Donna finally woke up from the commotion and ran across the room towards me. It did also wake Cleo and Poppy up, the white cat looked concerned and crawled over, but as she was in the same situation I was; her hands were useless too.

Cleo looked up but almost immediately put her head back down to go back to sleep.

"Are you okay? What's the matter?" Donna placed her hands on my arms to try to stop my frantic movements.

I pointed towards my mouth, feeling the blood begin to rush to my head.

"Nala, I know it is scary, but just breathe" She had to shout to get my attention, "Breathe in through your nose slowly and breathe out through your mouth, but don't force it."

My body shook, I listened to my owner, I took a long breath through my nose, held it for a few seconds before letting my lungs deflate, which allowed my breath to escape through the small hole in the gag without any pushing back into my throat.

"And again… keep going…" She continued to help me by calming me down.

Once again, I breathed air in through my nose and slowly let it escape through the gag. I did this a few more times until my brain began to relax.

However, I still felt trapped, I realised it once I was locked in the suit but what happened cemented that idea, the idea that I chose to spend the year in a skin tight suit, no way to get out, no ability to talk and not an inch of freedom to myself.

My body was shaking despite the panic slowly escaping my system, Donna's mood had changed from being to a sudden relief as my breathing returned to normal.

"Feeling better?" Despite being woken up in the early hours of the morning, the woman was her usual sugary sweet self.

I nodded slowly as I continued the slow breathing technique.

"Okay, come with me."

Donna's garden was an overgrown mess. A large field that spanned a majority of the property. Behind her house was an aged but comfortable wooden bench, she sat down and allowed me to lie down with my head placed on her lap.

She stroked the hood as I took in the view of the garden, with the morning sun just coming over the horizon, it illuminated the few flowers in the garden; the beauty that grew out of the carnage. Watching the morning dew on the flowers was almost as comforting as the repetition of my owner's head scratches.

I had completely calmed down and the events before were beginning to disappear from my mind, but the realisation of how trapped I was still circling around my thoughts. I knew it was too late to change my mind but I continued to question if it was the right choice to make. If I went to jail, I could have slept in my own bed, used the bathroom without needing someone to help me, I could eat on my own, breathe on my own, talk and even use my fingers.

I had to choose between two prisons, one could have been living in a room that I could move around in and I chose the one where the prison cell was wrapped around my body. I couldn't even call myself a human… I was a goddamn pet!

A tear fell down my cheek as I cuddled and pushed myself deeper into the caring woman, trying my best to hide myself away from the world.

Donna sighed, "It's the first few days which are the hardest, it's called the 'Adjustment period', it's not uncommon to have a panic attack from time to time, Cleo was the exact same."

I turned myself around onto my back to look up at her, she adjusted her petting to rubbing my stomach with one hand and continued to comb the top of the hood with the other hand.

"You wouldn't think it now, as Cleo is so tame, but she did have a few moments like you had this morning, I understand it can be scary… but, I'm here for you, I'm here for you all and wouldn't ever let anything bad happen to you."

I did start to feel better about my situation. Despite my freak out earlier, I truly believed this was a better position to be in than being in prison. It was only chance that I was stuck with such a lovely person to care for me, who knew how strict other owners would have been and I'm sure I would have been bullied by other criminals if I went to an actual prison.

Maybe losing so much of my freedom was worth it for the lighter sentence?

Donna's sighing continued as she took her gaze away from me and began to look over the garden, "It's such a sad sight, isn't it?"

I moved my head to take in the area.

"This place used to be so beautiful when I started Pet Correction. The grass was shorter and I was planning to grow some flowers and vegetables, but I just never had the time to give it a good sorting out. It is a shame, it could be so beautiful if it could be managed correctly."

She continued to look around before finally returning to stare down at me, I stopped looking at the garden and watched her the entire time, it was clear she was saddened by the mess. Donna was one of the only women I had met who I would describe as 'beautiful', not just in looks but in soul too, it was nearly heartbreaking to see her so sad.

"How would you feel about giving gardening a go?"

I nodded, enthusiastically.

"Really? You mean it?"

I nodded again.

"Perfect!" Donna's eyes brightened up, it was nice to see her so happy.

Her stomach strokes and head pats sped up energetically. I squirmed as her fingers tickled my belly with each movement.

"How about we get some flower and vegetable seeds when we go out shopping today?"

Shopping? I tilted my head to the side. She didn't mean going out in public like this, surely?

"I'm really looking forward to this" She smiled at me once more before she was distracted by the orange sky.

My heart was beating loudly from the idea of being seen in public in this suit, but I must admit I soon was distracted by the beautiful morning sky.

The sun began to rise above the horizon, sending a bright light to part the soft, grey clouds.

…A new day.

I followed Donna back into the bedroom, Poppy sat next to the doorway as she waited patiently for me and the owner to return, it looked like Cleo had returned back to sleep as she was dreamingly stretching as we came back.

I knelt down next to Poppy, who surprised me by wrapping me in her arms, pushing her latex boobs into my face. Despite only knowing each other for half a day, it was clear the white cat had already begun caring for me.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Donna going through a set of drawers on the other side of the bed, she picked out a set of underwear and another summer dress. Once Poppy finally began to let me go, my jaw dropped as our owner pulled off her sleepwear and stood completely naked in front of us. My jaw would have hit the floor if it wasn't for the latex mask.

It was just so natural for her to get naked and didn't give it a second thought, her body was thin, with relatively small breasts and her private area trimmed nicely. I wanted to look away but both of the other pets were staring at her too.

To her, it was probably the same as getting undressed in front of real cats, as if we weren't seen as human beings.

She swiftly put on her bra and panties before letting the summer dress slide down her body and she pulled it down to cover her legs.

Donna let the other two know about the plan for the morning before stating she was going to get our breakfast prepared, she pretty much skipped to the kitchen as she hummed to herself, she must have been very happy with the idea of going shopping.

Cleo did one more big stretch before finally getting off the bed. Once she reached the floor, she automatically got onto her hands and knees and crawled out of the room. I couldn't help but watch her shapely body move, Poppy followed the black cat and I followed my new 'friend'.

A part of me wanted to explore the rest of the house, but it was clear that I had seen most of the house already. It was a small bungalow that consisted of the reception room, large living room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. Despite not doing much yesterday, it was clear that I saw most of what the house had inside it, with only a few doors remaining a mystery, but I assumed they were cupboards for storage.

We followed Cleo to the living room. It felt natural for me and Poppy to follow the large cat, even passing Donna in the kitchen, who looked busy trying to find ingredients for breakfast. Cleo immediately made herself comfortable on the sofa, curling up into a ball to watch tv. The show on the television was a typical morning cartoon, something Donna would usually watch.

Poppy stayed on the floor, resting on her knees as usual and I assumed she expected me to sit next to her, but I had a different idea, I wanted to sit on the sofa. Spending nearly half a day sitting or lying on the floor had me craving to have something soft underneath me.

I crawled past Poppy and toward the corner sofa, even with Cleo's large size, she only took up less than half of the piece of furniture.

I could feel the daggers being placed into my back as the large cat watched as I struggled to climb onto the sofa, but finally I managed to get on and make myself comfortable, I made sure I stayed a good distance away from Cleo and curled up in a similar fashion to her to watch the television.

Despite watching me too, Poppy stayed on the floor and seemed content with where she was.

We all sat in complete silence as the noise from the cartoon filled the room. It didn't take long for Donna to make the food up, walking into the room with three metal containers and a plastic container full of water. All three of her cats watched as she placed the containers onto the table and sat on the sofa right next to Cleo, who moved herself to make room for the young woman, it seemed that despite having an attitude towards me and the white cat, Cleo dared not to show it in front of the owner and changed into a very docile pet.

"Okay, watch how I feed Cleo just to see how it's done" Donna took the metal container and used the nozzle to find the gap in the hood, as the tip reached the fake cat mouth on the front of the hood, the latex layers were pushed to the side easily and it smoothly slid in, "See, now Cleo can suck and take as much food as she wants."

The black cat moaned softly, moving her paws around as she took in the food. I watched as Donna placed her free hand on the top of Cleo's back and began stroking her up and down.

It was a sensual experience, rather than a sexual one. It looked like the girls were having a deep connection, even though it was just Cleo having her breakfast.

Donna and Cleo's eyes were locked together. I would have said the two girls were in love if I knew them a little better, but I was sure Donna saw her as just another pet.

As soon as Cleo was done with her feeding, Donna told me to take her place on her lap. Despite how open and caring the girl was, it was a struggle to get comfortable underneath her. It was much more intimate than I thought it would be, as I was completely reliant on her feeding me and she was overly caring, almost in a motherly way. Despite this, she walked me through it, taking her time to make sure I was understanding of how the feeding worked in the suit. I felt her push the bottom of the container against the opening of the mask, parting the latex mouth easily and soon filling my mouth with the blended food.

I honestly thought it would taste horrible, when she told us about blending the food together I assumed it would be the most toxic tasting thing I've placed in my mouth. I was pleasantly surprised to taste a combination of blended toast and cooked eggs.

I found myself moaning softly at the warm taste in my mouth, I had to suck at the gag to pull the blended food through; but it was a much better experience than I imagined at first.

I could see why Cleo was moving her paws around, there was something addictive about the situation, the food tasted great in the gag and being this close to Donna made everything feel much more intimate.

I looked up at the short, dark haired woman to see her looking back at me in the same way, her large eyes looking directly into mine, I immediately looked away in embarrassment.

When I was done, me and Cleo watched as Poppy had her turn being fed. She was much more audible than us as she enjoyed every moment. She too began pawing at the air just like we did earlier, showing our owner that she was loved gulping down the food, but Poppy was much more enthusiastic with her movements.

"Does anyone need the bathroom before we go?" Donna asked us once the white cat was fed.

I was reminded of last night, the embarrassing event of having to go to the bathroom in front of Donna and Poppy. Hating every moment as I knew our new owner would have to clean me afterwards. She didn't mind, I'm sure she's done it for Cleo and other pets before, but it was a deep level of intimacy that I wouldn't have dared to share with anyone.

To my surprise, Poppy shot her hand right up, seemingly ready to burst. Cleo shook her head, curling herself up into a ball before Donna looked right at me… I gingerly put my hand up.

"Ooh, big stretch!" Donna laughed as she left the house.

Cleo, Poppy and I had waited outside of the house for the last few minutes as she grabbed her purse and a few other items. For me and the white cat, it was the first time outside in the fresh air since we had been locked up in the suits, it felt weird as I knew I could feel the wind against my body, but the latex suit stopped most of the feeling, only allowing the wind to hit the area around my eyes, the only part of my body on show.

Donna caught me in the middle of a stretch. Deep down, I wanted to pull the outfit off, feeling the cool air hit every part of my body as I stretched each of my limbs out completely, but I was limited to what I could do in the suit. No matter how far you moved, it always felt like you couldn't pull your muscles far enough; stopping that incredible feeling of stretching your body.

Me and Poppy were still getting used to the idea of being pets, it hadn't sunk in yet for us. With a head start of a few months, Cleo was fully in what Donna called 'Pet Mode', where the black cat didn't just look the part, she also acted like one. It was automatic for her to crawl around on her hands and knees and she spent the entire night curled into a ball, exactly how a cat sleeps. I always felt the need to stand up when I moved and both me an Poppy spent the night lying on our backs. In fact, sometimes it looked like Donna owned a 6 foot tall feline instead of a human.

As the three of us waited for our owner to come out, the need to stretch my body came again. Instead of doing my usual routine, I decided to stay on my knees, using my hands to pull my torso forward and pull my muscles that way, very similar to what a domestic animal would do.

It worked.

That's when Donna came outside, noticing that I had finally begun to embrace my cat-like form. I just needed to find a way to stretch my legs out in this suit, but that would have to wait, as Donna came up to us all individually, clipping a leash onto each of our collars.

"Okay, right!" She said, as she clipped the final leash onto Poppy's collar, "Cleo, you've heard this before but Nala and Poppy, you'll be leashed the entire time we are out. You must do exactly what I say when I say it, understand?"

Poppy nodded, I was shocked… Did she really mean we were going to go outside? In a public place? Like this?

I remembered my lawyer telling me that we would be able to go out and about, but I didn't think we would still be in the outfits, I assumed we would have been able to leave in our civilian clothes… people would see us and the cat suits did nothing to hide the shape of our bodies.

The thoughts that went through my head were confirmed as Donna walked over to her car, dragging us behind her. Cleo hardly reacted, it seemed that this was something the black cat was comfortable with, but I could tell Poppy was as freaked out as I was. We followed our owner to the back of the car, as she opened up the trunk, we were all greeted by a rather large space. The seats were put down giving us a majority of the car to lay down, only leaving the two seats at the front up. On four different points were installed hooks, one behind the passenger seat, one behind the driver's seat and two on either side of the door. As I processed this, Donna pulled on Cleo's leash, forcing the large cat to crawl into the back and within seconds, her leash was clipped into the hook behind the passenger seat. After her, it was my turn, as I was still on my hands and knees, I had to jump into the back of the car and the leash that was connected to my collar was attached to the hook behind the driver's seat. I tried to get comfortable, curling my body up into a ball without touching Cleo's, I knew she hated the fact we were so close together right now.

Soon, Poppy joined us in the back and her collar was clipped to the hook by the door, which placed her next to me.

We all sat in silence as Donna made sure the trunk was closed properly and wasn't about to hit the white cat on the head. After that, she made her way to the front of the car, placing her large purse on the passenger seat. She adjusted how far back her seat was from the steering wheel and even flipped down the sun visor as she checked herself out in the mirror; making sure her makeup was applied correctly.

I heard Cleo sigh to herself as she watched our owner take forever in getting the vehicle to move. However, I wanted to laugh as it reminded me exactly of how my mother reacts once she gets into the car. However, the woman was done messing around and finally turned the car's engine on, out of the corner of my eye, I could see Cleo pick her head up, staring intensely at the driver's movements.

The car began moving forward and headed towards the metal gate, which opened automatically to the proximity of the vehicle. Donna made the car stop just before the opening gate and waited for the metal frame to open all of the way.

The black cat finally picked herself up and pushed her cushioned paw into our owner's shoulder.

"What is it, Cleo?" She asked.

Ofcourse, she couldn't answer but she continued pressing her hand down, as if Donna's shoulder was a large, red stop button.

I noticed the cat's odd behaviour had caught the attention of poppy too, Cleo's paw was patting Donna with such speed and intensity that I could clearly hear the latex skin being depressed into the driver's actual skin.

"What, Cleo?!" Donna's tone was louder and slightly more annoyed, but she started to move the vehicle forward once more as the gate was now fully opened.

The look of urgency became more apparent.

*Pat* *Pat* *Pat*


Donna pushed her foot down on the break so hard, causing all four of us to lurch forward at the sudden movement, stopping most of the vehicle just outside the gate with the nose of the car on the other side.

I expected our owner to shout at the black cat and put her down for her constant annoyance, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Donna chuckling lightly to herself, even slapping her head with her palm in a comical way.

"I'm sorry, Cleo," she said between her laughs, "I forgot to turn the security system off, didn't I?"

Cleo looked relieved as she nodded, returning herself to her original position.

A small remote was taken from the owner's purse, she pointed it towards the metal gate and pushed one of the large buttons, the red light on top of the gate slowly died. As that was done, she threw the remote back into her purse and drove away from the property.

Donna continued chuckling, "Thank you for reminding me about that, you girls would not have liked it if that was still on when we passed the gate."

My eyes shot open and I noticed Poppy had the exact reaction I did, I gingerly held the metal collar with my useless paw. I imagined the three of us on the floor, spasming from the voltage coming from the metal restraints.

How did she just forget it? Surely, it is important to turn the security system off. It was clear that Donna and Cleo had not left the property often as they seemed more out of their comfort zone, but Donna seemed to be very 'by the books' and turning off the system should have easily passed her mind. It also felt off that Cleo was the one to remind her, as she seemed very indifferent about everything and non-emotive, seeing her react so wildly made me feel rather uncomfortable.

I noticed Poppy's attention soon changed to something else, as she was peeking out of the window to the outside world. Watching as we passed normal buildings and businesses, passing people walking to work or going shopping. Life was going on normally despite the situation I had found myself in. I had only been a prisoner for less than a day, but it seemed that so much had changed within those hours. I went from being a normal girl to a pet cat for one of the weirdest women I had ever met. I went from walking on my feet to crawling on my hands and knees wherever I went. I went from eating normally, with a knife and fork to sucking blended food through my gag.

I noticed my paws were pressed against the window, as if I was trying to reach out to the people living their normal lives, wanting to return back to normality. People of all ages were walking around, some talking on their phones, some stopped to talk to people they knew, some were doing their daily or weekly shop and somewhere eating outside.

They were living their normal lives and here I was, stuck in this latex prison, hands and feet completely useless and completely reliant on the driver for my everyday necessities.

It felt wrong in a way, being outside in this outfit, one that I would have thought was too sexy and something you should only wear in the bedroom or wear at a specific club. I had never even thought about latex outfits, BDSM in general had never even crossed my mind, but here I was; wearing this thing in a public place, bound, gagged and locked for the next month, where everyone outside were wearing dresses, shorts and shirts.

I pulled myself away from the window and curled myself up in a ball in the same way Cleo was, Poppy continued to watch the world pass outside with full curiosity.

It wasn't long before we found our destination. It seemed to be a large retail park, made out of several large buildings which housed over a dozen different shops that surrounded the large car park, luckily a lot of the parking spaces were empty, meaning the shops would be quieter and not a lot of people would see us in these outfits.

I pulled myself up as Donna got out of the car, trying my best to stretch like a normal human but again, to no use. If I wanted to stretch, I would have to do it cat-like and I didn't have the room in the back of the car.

Donna opened the back of the car before unclipping the end of our leashes and letting us out. It felt so odd being outside, trying my hardest not to notice the stares from the people who walked passed us, especially the people who did a double-take. I understood it was an odd thing for people to see and they probably automatically thought it was a sex thing. For me, it was scary, knowing I was completely helpless against anyone who had motives with us as almost anyone who walked past us could turn around and do something. Only Donna was there to protect us and she was a short woman, standing at shoulder height to most people walking by, I would have felt more comfortable with Cleo protecting us, but I'm sure she was as helpless as I was in these suits.

"Everyone ready? I want to get some clothes first and then we can get some plants and seeds for the garden" Donna got out a small list of items to shop for, "Clothes, garden stuff, washing up supplies…"

As she read out the items on her list, I was super self conscious at the people walking passed. Whilst it wasn't constant, as the area was rather quiet, we still had a few people walk by every five to ten seconds or so. Poppy was staring at everyone who came by, I looked down at their feet as I dreaded the idea of making eye contact. Cleo wasn't phased by this, staring intently at her owner as she continued reading.

Luckily, no one said anything, but the occasional tutting could be heard from some of them.

"Right, let's start here" Donna placed the list in her purse and walked to one of the nearest shops, pulling us three behind her.

It was a large store based entirely on clothes, a large collection were based on women's outfits, everyday outfits, underwear and lingerie littered the building; with a small area at the back for menswear.

Donna automatically clocked some items of clothing that interested her, running towards them like a kid in a candy store, pulling the leads and forcing us to crawl quickly behind her. Cleo had no problem keeping up with her.

"Ohmygod! Look at these colours!" She was pretty much drooling on a collection of shirts.

They were all tie dyed, sporting a selection of colours in a trippy fashion, most of them were in a spiral fashion but a few were different. She couldn't get enough and immediately picked some up and began saying the prices of the shirts out loud as she calculated how much they would all cost her.

A man cleared his throat behind us. Donna stopped what she was doing to look at him, Cleo, Poppy and I, we had to turn our entire bodies around to see the interrupting man.

It was a security officer, his black outfit and cap was a contrast against his fair skin and ginger hair. He looked tough despite his thin body.

He waved his index finger over us three, keeping his gaze directly on the lady holding our leashes, "Listen, I don't know what is happening here, but you are not doing it in this store."

"What?" Donna squeaked, as if shocked by the man's bluntness.

"I'm asking you to leave, please leave peacefully or I'll have to force you out."

"Oh… wait"

Donna put the shirts back on the rail and placed the ends of our leashes on one arm, using it to search through her bag once more.

"I'm not going to ask you again, you shouldn't be doing things like this outside your home. I don't even want to what this is, but please move it along."


Donna brought out a white ID card, looking similar to a driving licence, but the back was completely blank. The security man laughed, taking the card into his hands and reading the writing on the front. He continued laughing, as if he thought this was a pathetic way for our owner to redeem herself in the man's eyes.

His smile dropped immediately as he finished reading the card, I watched his eyes as he glanced back up, taking a second time to read it. He wetted his lips, giving the card back to Donna.

"S-sorry to bother you, Madam." He took a complete turn, I could hear the shake in his voice, "Please continue to look at your leisure, if you need anything or if anyone bothers you, please give me a call."

"Thank you so much, kind sir!" Donna smiled, placing the card back where she got you.

"I apologise again for any inconvenience I m-may have caused you" He walked away as soon as he finished that sentence, trying to move quickly without looking like he was running.

"He was so nice!" Donna almost jumped with glee as she watched him leave, returning to browsing the colourful shirts.

'WHAT THE HELL WAS ON THAT CARD!' I screamed internally.

Donna took much longer than I thought she did, taking her time to browse every section of the store before finally taking her large basket to the checkouts. She brought shirts, underwear, shoes and a few dresses. The entire time we had eyes on us, other people who shopped took a few glances at the three latex pets on leashes, some even muttered things under their breath, but no one dared to approached us. I didn't know if she was used to this sort of thing, but Donna didn't react to any of them at all and instead hummed peacefully to herself as she spent the day with her beloved animals.

"Oh yeah! We are supposed to get some seeds and plants for the garden" Donna laughed to herself, forgetting herself in a flurry of colourful clothing.

By this time we had finally left the store, it was now afternoon and we finally headed to our destination. We were back outside in the car park, the fresh air finally hit our faces once more and this time we were dragging Donna behind us. It felt like all three of us pets worked together to pull our owner to the store that would sell gardening items, Donna not paying attention as she read what was on the receipt the lady behind the counter gave her.

She was the one person who did not give us weird looks, or said anything. She was a young woman, with long dark hair and glasses. She didn't say much to Donna to continue her look of professionalism, but it was clear that she was interested in me and the other two pets, taking a moment between scanning the items to look down at us with her wandering eyes.

I knew she wanted to say something, ask us why we were in the suits, could she touch us or maybe how she could become a pet herself. Despite her silence, it was clear these were the thoughts that went through her mind.

It was nice, after a long day of being looked at for being weird, to see someone genuinely interested in us and our shiny outfits.

I knew Cleo and Poppy were done with all the stares they had been getting and wanted to get home as soon as possible, even I had to admit that being back at the bungalow and lying down on the sofa sounded better than crawling around a shop one more time. However, the thought of how happy Donna was this morning when I agreed to helping her in the garden stuck in her mind. She seemed genuinely surprised that I didn't want to live out my sentence just lying around the house, but actually wanting to help out around the place.

"Okay, after that we need to… pick up… gardening stuff" She finally looked up from the receipt to see we had already pulled her to the shop she was going to next, "Oh, looks like we are already here… that was fast."

It was a weird accomplishment, somehow dragging our owner across the car park without her noticing. She finally put the receipt into the bag and placed the bag onto the ground.

"Do you guys mind if I keep you out here?" She said as she wrapped our leads around one of the poles, "I won't be too long."

We didn't react, dragging her towards this store had left us nearly exhausted. I didn't like the thought of being outside the store alone, but I liked it better than being pulled around another store.

"Cleo, can you look after this?" Donna asked, placing the bag underneath the black cat's head.

She rested her head on top of the soft bag, using it as a temporary pillow.

"I promise I will be back in two ticks" Donna nearly skipped into the store.

I pulled my collar against the tight lead, we were going nowhere. Donna wrapped the leads overlapping each other and tied them altogether in a bow. A person with hands would be able to undo it in a short amount of time, but we were stuck here in our useless forms.

Cleo stopped caring about everything and rested on top of our owners belongings, even closing her eyes to get a bit of rest. Poppy was tired too, collapsing her body into mind and curling her body up. I wasn't comfortable with the idea of resting, people were still walking past us and giving us weird looks. With Donna gone, we had no security, no one to look after us in our helpless forms.

Luckily, most people just walked by without saying anything, everyone stared, did a double-take and even said something, but no one approached us or tried to start a fight.

I closed my eyes and tried to rest with the others; the feeling of Poppy's soft body against mine was somewhat calming, her long, deep breaths causing her shoulders to move up and down.

"Hey there!" A voice said as they approached us.

Donna had been gone a few minutes at this point and I was expecting to hear her voice perk us up any second, but when I looked up; I was greeted with a familiar face, but it wasn't one I knew well.

It was the checkout lady from the shop we were just in. She was still in her uniform but her hair was down and she was carrying a bag. I assumed she had either finished for the day or was on her break.

Her voice was calming, but I still felt uneasy despite her attitude. I was the only one who looked up at her, both Cleo and Poppy still rested next to me and I was unsure if either one was still awake or not.

"Hey, what's your name?" The lady continued to say, crouching down in front of me and placing one of her hands on my head.

I couldn't answer, I think she knew I couldn't respond to her as it was clear my entire head was encased in the latex suit with the only part of my human side showing was my eyes. She began teasing the fake ears on the top of my head, brushing them left to right with a gentle push.

"You look so cute, wish I could take you home with me"

I knew she meant well, but I was still so unsure about her. It was clear that she loved having a second chance to spend some time with us, but being so helpless forced me to keep my guard up.

That's when she stopped teasing my fake ear and began scratching my head, the area between the two ears. It felt amazing, as if she was scratching a non-existent itch, I could hear myself moaning through the gag. It was hitting a spot, as if satisfying a need but teasing me at the same time. I couldn't explain the feelings that were going through my body, but I was loving every second.

"There's a good girl." She spoke to me as if I was an animal.

Keeping on my knees, I pulled my body off the concrete floor, causing Poppy to fall onto her back. The girl from the shop placed her other hand on my cheek, rubbing it left to right with her thumb as her other hand travelled downward to my back, scratching it slightly with her fake nails.

My eyes wanted to roll to the back of my head, it felt sooooo good! As if electricity was travelling all over my body, coming directly from her hand. It just felt like someone else was scratching an irritating itch, but there was something else… something getting me excited.

My eyes widened as she continued with her barrage of motions, I felt something begin to grow below, inside of me… I was getting extremely aroused by this.

I was embarrassed, I wanted to hide away, I had never felt this way before; especially not from a woman's touch. I begged my hands to cover my face, as my head was already going red from the stimulation, but I couldn't move.

My body reacted automatically, placing my head further down and raising my butt up, inviting the young woman to explore my body as much as she needed to.

I didn't know what was going through my brain, I didn't think anything was; but I needed to be touched. I needed her fingers to fill me up, to touch the exact place my body was yearning.

"Awwww, you are too cute," she said, her compliment falling on deaf ears.

Despite my eager display, she didn't travel any further down below, just stopping at the waist. However, her hands continued to tease and scratch. Being on my knees, my lower legs kicked backwards and forwards, as a range of feelings travelled all over me. It was nearly orgasmic, with her nails digging in ever so slightly to lightly scratch the skin underneath this suit and my body begging to be touched further. For the first time ever in my life, I was more aroused beyond anything I had ever felt before and my sex was agreeing with me, I could almost feel how wet I was down there.

I heard a familiar voice interrupt us, "Hey there!"

It was Donna, as the young woman's hands finally left my body, I took whatever strength I could muster to turn around and look at my owner.

She was holding a large paper bag with two large sunflowers poking out the top, the bright flowers complimented the large smile she gave the lady stroking me.

"Oh hi, sorry, I was just saying hello to your pets," the lady responded, returning one of her hands to my back.

"It's okay, that's Nala. She and Poppy are my newest pets, Poppy is the white one."

"Oh wow, they are all so cute!"

"Thank you so much."

Despite what she said, I noticed she never touched the other two girls, maybe it was because I was the one who paid her any attention. Cleo was still resting on Donna's bag, only bringing her head up once our owner had left the shop. Poppy was still resting next to me, I think she actually fell asleep at one point.

Donna continued the conversation, "Didn't we just see you at that clothing store?"

"Yeah, I'm done for the day, but wanted to say hello," The dark haired lady smiled, "So, why are they in these outfits… if you don't mind me asking?"

"Oh, these are their prison uniforms."

Donna's voice was still so happy despite the words that just left her mouth.

The lady lifted her hand back up, "W-what?"

"Yeah, Nala, Poppy and Cleo here, they are all part of a prison rehabilitation program. It is to get prisoners back into society without bringing harm to the public."

"Oh." The girl finally stood back up. I looked up at her, all the love in her eyes a moment ago had passed and she looked at me blankly, I didn't even think she was looking at me; but through me.

Donna continued, despite the obvious change in the lady's mood, "So instead of spending their sentence in a cell, these three girls were placed in these outfits and put under my supervision. They cannot do a thing whilst wearing these and are completely dependant on me… but they are sweeties nonetheless, very good girls."

"I'm sorry, I'm going to have to go" The lady began walking away before even finishing the sentence. She walked away at a fast pace, almost jogging to leave the area; she walked up the road, passed the shops and turned the very first corner she could, leaving our sight within seconds.

"Oh, guess she had a busy day ahead?" Donna questioned to herself as she took the bag from underneath the large, black cat, "It's a shame she couldn't chat any longer, but maybe she'll say hi next time we come here."

She undid all the leads and began walking back to the car, with a bag in each arm, the leads were placed on each finger on her left hand, forcing us three to cuddle up together as we walked behind our owner.

That was the last thing that mattered to me at that moment because of the way Donna talked about us and the reaction the girl had. It was clear she didn't understand the words that she said, Donna merely described the situation to the store clerk, but it was the exact wording that hurt me deeply.

I was just getting used to the idea of being a pet to Donna, just a cat that she was going to look after and I thought that was the way she thought about us. However, it was clear she still thought of us as prisoners and she was the warden and the fact she spoke about it so bluntly, just coming out like a normal conversation. That poor, young woman probably thinks the worst of us now, as if she was petting a murderer or something worse.

Donna probably didn't even think about this, she hummed to herself as she opened the back of her car, placing me, Poppy and Cleo back in the same spots we were earlier and placing the bag of items she brought in the space between us three. She did all this without even considering what she made that young woman think and how she made me feel.

I curled back up into a ball, facing away from the other two girls whilst trying to make myself as small as possible. We all stayed silent for the entire trip home, with Donna humming to herself to the songs on the radio.

When we got home, our owner made short work of finding a place for the two sunflowers she had brought from the shop, placing them near the house so it was one of the first things you could see when you looked outside.

As Donna and Poppy spent the afternoon outside, I stayed in the living room with Cleo. The black cat was her usual antisocial self and I wasn't feeling like moving around too much, my mood was too blue for that.

Poppy spent most of the afternoon sunning herself, relaxing on her back to soak up what she could of the rays, not that the outfit was thin enough for her to feel the effects. If she wasn't doing that, she followed Donna around like a puppy, sticking close to her as she did chores around the garden, digging up weeds and pruning her flowers.

Cleo took her usual place on the sofa, watching the tv that Donna had left on for us.

It had one of her many programs on, it was a Japanese cartoon about women who transform into cops and go after bad guys. I would have just called it porn, but Donna says she is interested in the story; whatever little story I could make from it anyways.

Cleo was always drawn to the tv, it seemed that she didn't care for the half-naked women, sex jokes and extreme sexual undertones and was just enjoying watching something, dulling her brain as lights and colours illuminated from the screen.

As she watched, I sat next to the back door, half watching the girls in the garden and half falling asleep from the feeling of the sun shining through the window. The sun had since dulled since sitting there, falling down the horizon and forming the sky into a beautiful, orange colour, it seemed that the two girls weren't aware of how long they had been out there, or how late it was getting.

I couldn't enjoy myself. Before the events of today I was getting used to the idea of being a pet to Donna, it was going to take a long time for the reality to sink in, but it didn't seem too bad to spend the next year as a pet.

She practically called us criminals to the unassuming woman and it was clear what she took from the interaction wasn't good, based entirely on how quickly she tried to leave the area.

The world around me began to blur as tears began to form in my eyes, I hugged myself tighter, trying to squeeze myself as tight as I could as a single tear fell down my latex cheek.

I was blubbering, the gag muffled most of the sound. For the first time since coming here, I felt truly like a prisoner, a criminal that did a bad deed and deserved nothing less than being punished. The second skin that surrounded mine made me forget who I was. I thought I looked cute, sexy and pet-like, but it was just a way to hide my disgusting body away from the world, to permanently restrain me and take away my freedom by luring me in with a shorter sentence and an erotic costume.

When Donna first put me into the outfit, I thought it was a mistake, that I should have gone to prison and serve my full three years, because I knew that I was wearing the prison and I had lost so much more than I thought I was going to.

Now, I understood my initial reaction was correct. For the last day, I got all caught up in the pet side of it and with it being so erotic and sexy. However, the trust was still the same, I may be a pet, but I'm still a prisoner, wearing my cell.

A soft prodding feeling touched my back, I somehow found the strength to pull myself in tighter.

The prodding continued and I just chose to ignore it. As the person wasn't speaking, it wasn't our owner and it was most likely Cleo trying to get my attention. It would have been an interesting site to see her become more emotive than before, as all she did was react to the world around her with her dull eyes. I was in no mood to interact with anyone.

One final prod, this time with more force than before.

I still ignored it.

That's when my world moved, with one giant heave, the pet trying to get my attention pushed me from my front, onto my back with my hands and feet in the air.

It was Cleo, but why was she trying to get my attention?

She didn't wait for me to react to her sudden movement to begin the next phase of her attack, she placed her bound hands on my wrists and slammed them against the floor, restraining me down beneath her. It was so fast… as I looked to my left and right, seeing my hands pinned against the carpet, I didn't notice her moving her body, so her large hips were sitting on mine.

Even though she had no control over her digits, she used gravity to help my hands where they were.

I was truly stuck.

I wanted to scream at her, tell her to knock it off… or even fighting back would have been a good idea, not that I had much of a chance against the giant cat.

What the hell did she even want anyways?

She looked directly at mine, noticing the waterfall of tears that were now leaving my eyes, both due to the events earlier and what was happening now. I was helpless.

Her initial look of anger remained on her face before it was subdued, her eyes calmed and she gently let go off my body. She picked herself up and kneeled down next to me as she waited for me to compose myself.

It was clear she was wondering what was wrong, probably hearing the softened wailing coming from me.

We just sat there, in silence for a moment. I was trying to wipe my eyes free of the tears, but the latex was useless at removing them, causing the tears to be wiped all across my eyes.

Cleo looked at me once more before turning her gaze outside. Donna and Poppy had now finished their fun and were getting ready to come back inside, although they were taking their time with it.

I felt Cleo's patting once more, but this time it was on my shoulder and they weren't to get my attention, it was a sign to say she understood what I was going through.

She crawled away as she made her way outside to grab the woman's attention. Donna immediately engaged with the large cat and the two had a conversation, despite not being able to talk, it seemed that Cleo did a few hand gestures to speak.

It seemed to work too, as I noticed Donna looking back at the house, looking directly at me. A grin caused her cheeks to wrinkle before she skipped towards me, with the black and the white cat following behind her.

I felt awkward. I didn't know what Cleo had managed to 'say' to Donna, but I had found myself kneeling in the bathtub with both Cleo and Poppy watching me from the doorway. Our owner sat on the edge of the bathtub; getting everything ready.

"Cleo tells me you are a bit down?" She asked, taking a metal hose from the wall.

It looked like a shower without the showerhead. A long, metal, flexible tube where water came out of. Once it was free from the wall, Donna messed around with the top of my head, unclipping something before attaching the tube to it.

I struggled to see where she plugged it into as it was just outside my vision, but the tube stayed in place without the owner's help, I even shook my head around slightly and it stayed in place.

"Well, I hope this makes you feel better, I was going to introduce you and Poppy to it anyways tonight. It looks amazing, or so Cleo tells me."

She turned the tap on, after a second a wet, warm feeling came from the top of me, immediately wetting my hair inside the hood. The water travelled down my neck and explored my body, the feeling caused me to moan quietly. It felt amazing, more than just warm water covering my body, it felt the same as before; when the young woman was scratching my body, but instead of a barrage of hang movements, this was slow, like lava crawling down a mountain. The water went everywhere inside the suit, but it managed to scratch the itch the woman earlier managed to find. It felt so good.

Donna reached down and unzipped the suit, gaining access to my downstairs area but mostly allowing the water to escape the suit, which it did almost immediately. I opened my eyes, but they went straight up from the unexplainable pleasure I was feeling. It felt like still waters in some places and crashing waves in others. I loved every moment.

When I was done, Poppy was next and had the exact same reaction as I did. Her moans were much more audible than mine were and she practically begged Donna to play with her breasts. My cheeks burned red as I noticed how much her nipples were poking through the suit… were mine like that? However, Donna forgot to unzip Poppy's suit and within seconds her suit began to fill up with warm water, making the young woman look twice as big, with a swollen waist, arms and legs. We all laughed at the expense of the white cat, who also saw the funny side.

A large amount of water was free once the zip was undone.

Cleo tried to hide the feeling, but we could all see she was enjoying it. Even Donna was shocked that the black cat was hiding her true feelings, but our owner did something that all shocked us. She began petting the large pet, scratching her body before grabbing her giant breasts. Cleo seemed annoyed at first, but she was soon struggling to hide her pleasure.

The laughter from the bathroom soon turned to silence in the bedroom. I took one final look around before going to sleep. Donna was in bed with Cleo wrapped in a ball at the end. Me and Poppy found ourselves on the floor once more, with the white cat's arms wrapped around me, holding me tight against her breasts. I nuzzled into them as I soon drifted off.

"Dear Mrs O'dette,

I hope you are well? Your daughter is doing very well. I took the girls out for a small shopping trip and she was very well behaved outside, even being social with a member of the public.

She has shown much enthusiasm in being productive during her time here, being eager to get some gardening done. I brought some flowers for her to plant and look after.

However, she is showing signs of struggling in this suit, learning to control her breathing with a gag in seems to be something that will take some time to learn. She was also overwhelmed by the feeling of foreign touch on her body; but this is a small issue that only more time in the suit would solve.

Overall, she is doing very well and is behaving very well. You should be proud of her.

As I said before, I will update you regularly with any updates, please message me if you have any questions or concerns.

Best wishes,

Donna X


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