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Pet Correction

by ForeverAltered

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Continues from

Part 3

They say one human year is the equivalent of fifteen cat years.

I had certainly felt that as a pet. Only a week had gone by and it felt like I had been trapped in the suit for years. It felt like an eternity had gone by since I had felt my own skin, heard my own voice or used my individual fingers.

It had been so long since I thought like a normal human; on a normal day boys would be on my mind, hanging out with friends or seeing the latest films at the cinema. Topics like music and the latest gossip amongst my friends were things I would talk about.

All that was taken away from me and had not even entered my thoughts since being encased in this outfit. I was a pet, a cat and nothing more. My brain only thought about being with Poppy, cuddling up to her and having naps during the day. When I was having my next meal also played on my mind a lot, getting head scratches or belly rubs from Donna.

It was a complete contrast to my days as a human.

Over the week, things had changed for the better. My relationship with Poppy blossomed, now she hardly ever left my side, unless it was to play with Donna. Whilst the relationship between me and Cleo was strained, we managed to maintain some mutual trust and I got used to Donna's weirdness, her strange cartoons she liked on the tv all the time and the sudden burst of energy she would have in the mornings and evenings.

However, the week together gave Donna a few ideas for changes. She went out and brought two large pet beds for me and Poppy to sleep in whilst we were on the floor. She also installed a place for us to drink in the kitchen. It was three of the drink containers she used before on a wooden frame, which allowed us to crawl up to it, push the metal straw against the mouthhole of the gag and drink water whenever we needed to.

It made things much easier, but Donna wanted to keep feeding us the way she did before, as she enjoyed the intimate connection the feeding process had between owner and pet.

None of us complained, not that we could to begin with.

As the week went by, I also realised some information about myself too. Despite not having much sexual experience, I was semi-addicted to masturbation, well… addiction might not be the correct word, but I only lasted seven days before I had the urge to play with myself and achieve an orgasm solo.

With the time being held in custody and the week of being in the suit, the need had soon popped around again, this time with the inability to get myself off with the latex outfit and the cushioned paws, I couldn't even feel anything down there; as much as I tried.

I assumed Poppy was even more addicted to sexual pleasure than I was, not that I knew much about the young woman. Not a day would go by that I don't get the white cat's shiny breasts in my face or her waving her butt around. I guessed she fantasised about being out of the suit, being able to feel skin contact against her sensitive nipples and clit, her nipples constantly pushed through the suit; showing off their arousal.

I wish I could say I was different, that it wasn't on my mind as much as the white cat's, but I was fooling myself. It got to the point that I was noticing sexual elements from the two other pets, Poppy's arousal wasn't lost on me and Cleo's large, curvy butt and giant breasts constantly attracted my attention. I wasn't into women in the slightest, but over a week of no stimulation had begun to warp my brain.

However, it seemed Cleo was immune to those types of thoughts, not once did she even seem sexually frustrated. Perhaps she was used to the feeling, or she wasn't as sexual of a being as me or Poppy.

Donna was the only one of us getting pleasure. It was clear that she was in charge and saw herself as the only human in the house. Often, late at night I would hear a buzzing coming from her bed, along with the occasional moan it was clear she was getting off using a vibrator. Not only that, she was comfortable with her body, often keeping the door open whilst she had a shower and even walking around naked if she needed to get a towel.

We were only pets to her, us seeing her naked body was no different to a normal person being naked in front of their own pet, a real dog or cat.

Donna had sexual desires just like any normal person has and she was going to sexually satisfy herself if we were in the room or not.

Despite all this, being a cat was rather boring. Spending most of the days just laying around the house, exploring the property for the hundredth time or eating. I always admired how cats lived amazingly quiet lives, but I was bored out of my mind as a human living as a cat.

During the seven days, Donna kept up with the gardening, making sure it was neat and tidy as she planted the seeds she purchased when we went shopping.

It got stale very quickly seeing the same three people everyday, with only one of them being able to talk and interact with you in a normal manner, not that Donna ever acted as if we were women under the suits.

The only other contact we had with the outside world was the local postman. A nice, older gentleman that spotted us when he was delivering post. Cleo had spent most of her time indoors, so he never noticed her before, but me and Poppy loved being outside.

One morning, he noticed us lying in the front garden as he placed a few letters in the letterbox that stood just outside the gate. He was confused at first, maybe a little horrified, but Donna quickly came out and told him the situation.

He didn't take it as badly as others and always greeted us every morning as he placed the letters in the box.

It had become a routine for me and Poppy to sit outside and wait for him to show up, it lasted only a minute and he never reached out to pet us, but it was something different and it was nice to see a friendly face most mornings.

This morning was no different. The sun had begun to crawl up the sky behind a thin layer of clouds. Me and Poppy took our usual spot at the front of the house, laying on our stomachs as we locked our eyes onto the dusty road to the outside world.

Cleo sat at the doorway, keeping inside the property whilst watching the outside world with us.

The sound of boots hitting gravel echoed down the quiet road, grabbing our attention. Together, we all looked as far up the road as we could, which wasn't much due to the gate and the trees, giving us only a small amount of room to peek into the outside world.

A figure entered our vision.

A young man wearing the typical postman uniform.

Not the gentle, older man we knew.

We locked eyes, our shiny, bound forms took him completely by surprise. His dark, brown eyes widened, he stood completely still as he held Donna's letters in his hand. The white cat and I just stared right back at him, our bodies didn't move and we couldn't explain our situation to him.

He numbly took a few steps forward, opening the letterbox and before he placed them inside.

He turned as he went to shut the box, but he didn't lock the box in place and the latch fell open, causing one of the letters to fall onto the dusty ground.

He quickly turned to see what happened, then turned to us to inspect our reaction. Almost in unison, me and Poppy looked at the letter before turning our gaze back to him.

He muttered something to himself before he continued walking back up the path, it sounded like he apologised to us but with a slightly aggressive and confused tone, but the sound of his footsteps soon went, leaving me alone with the white cat.

We looked at each other once more as we tried to figure out what to do about the letter. Donna was still inside the house and it could blow away by the time we manage to get her. It was now covered in a small layer of dirt, tiny rocks had made the letter its home as we struggled to think of what to do.

I pulled myself up, stretching my thin body as I did so. The white cat continued to stare at me as I crawled over to the fence, I was sure Cleo was also watching me from the entrance of the house.

The gate was hung high up, leaving a small gap underneath, just enough room to get my arm underneath, maybe my head too if needed, it looked like the letter was close enough to pull towards me.

As soon as I was close enough to the gate, I rested my entire body on the ground with my arm placed outside the property, I stretched my limb as far as it would go and it wasn't enough, my paw barely brushed the envelope. I sighed in frustration, I had to inch myself forward, placing my head under the gate too as I continued to stretch my arm outward, using my leg and other free arm to push my body as far as it would go.

I was so close, I could feel the letter underneath my latex paw, all I needed to do was stretch a little further and get a good enough angle to be able to pull the letter back.

Almost there…

Almost there…


I was suddenly pulled backwards.

I watched as the letter went further and further away from me.

I was pulled so quickly I could see dust being thrown into the air. I spun myself around so I was on my back to see Cleo in my vision, she used both of her paws to pull back my right leg. I spun my body around so I was kneeling down, my hands in front of me as if we were about to fight, but I was met with a dull look from the black cat.

Despite our mutual understanding, we were still uneasy with each other and Cleo always used her strength and size to maintain dominance over me and the white cat. I couldn't be blamed for thinking this was a continuation of her alpha role in our lives.

Without taking her eyes off me, she pointed with her left paw to the gate and then to the collar that hung around her neck. My arms finally collapsed back on the ground as I took a moment to look behind me, seeing the scary gate with the red light attached on top, I gently rubbed the collar around my neck as I realised the situation. Any further passed the gate and I would have been electrocuted, the position I was in would not have made it easy for me to get out with volts running through my body.

I didn't know if it would have been painful, or if I would have gone completely numb by the punishment, but it would have not been fun either way.

I turned back to the black cat with the intention of thanking her, however, she already made her way back to the house as she attempted to relax in the same place she was before, in the doorway of the entrance.

I turned my gaze to the white cat who was just as dazed as me. I doubted she would have known what to do in that situation either. I felt bad for thinking the black cat was only thinking with malicious intent.

"We have mail?" A familiar voice asked from the house.

Donna appeared from behind Cleo and made her way towards the large gate. She was dressed in her typical attire, a long blue dress with red roses across it, she wore light coloured sandals that clicked and clacked across the ground with each step, her already short hair was tied up in a small bun.

We all watched as she stood in front of the gate and clicked a button on a small remote that she had hidden in her palm, she kept a smile on her face as she waited for the gate to fully open before moving. She was a thin lady, within seconds of the gate moving; it was open enough for her to step through, but she always made a habit of allowing the gap to fully open before continuing. The metal fence rattled to signal she could move, she took a few steps towards the mailbox before noticing that it was open and one of the letters was on the ground.

"Silly postman," she said out loud, "He completely missed with this one."

She laughed to herself as she picked the envelope up and stuffed all the letters into a pocket on her dress. I wanted to let her know that it was a new person who made the mistake, but I had become used to the fact that I was unable to verbally interact with her whilst in this suit, I'm sure if she says anything to our regular postman, that he would correct her anyways.

"Cleo! Don't forget today is your day off!" Donna yelled at the black cat in her typical cheery tone as she walked back past the gate, "Get yourself in the bathroom and I'll be there shortly!"

'What?' I questioned internally.

Donna just smiled at me and Poppy as she walked by, Cleo had already disappeared into the house. The gate only began to close, leaving a large gap between us and the outside world, however, Donna didn't stop, she just continued walking until she was inside.

I turned around, the gate was only halfway closed, evening crawling I had enough time to make it through, there was nothing stopping me or Poppy just walking out of the property… nothing but the collars at least.

I once again pressed my bound paw against the steel around my neck as the metal gate closed in front of me.

By the time me and Poppy got back into the house, the bathroom door was closed shut and we could both hear Donna's voice behind it. It didn't take me long to realise that today was Cleo's day of freedom, something that was one of the only things that kept me going, the idea of spending twenty-four hours out of the outfit, I could speak, stand up, eat normally and more specifically, I can see my family. If I was in a normal prison, I would place each day on the wall with chalk, counting down the hours until I can hug Mama in my arms. However, in the suit, I was already getting my days confused. I knew today was a week since I was locked in, but the days were all blurring together and it was a struggle just to remember the time that had already gone by.

Donna did not have any calendars on show, nor did she have any clocks around, which made keeping track of time that much more difficult.

I knew that I would soon forget which day it is, the days, weeks and months would cease to exist soon and the time away from my suit would come more as a surprise than a calculated guess.

I assumed that was another layer of punishment from the young woman, cats do not care about time, so why should we.

It was a thought that made me want to begin crying, I already had so much taken away from me and it wasn't long before I would lose more of my humanity and there was nothing I could do about it.

I sat down in front of the door with the white cat taking her place right next to me, she would always sit so close that our latex skin was constantly touching, I knew Poppy suffered with separation anxiety. I knew coming here was difficult for her, I remembered her crying to herself softly for the entire car journey, but since becoming a cat, she never left mine or Donna's side.

If I were still human, I would admit being followed around by a cat most of the day would have become exhausting very quickly, but I had more patience for her as we were both in the same situation.

The bathroom door opened and immediately shut. Before we managed to get a peek inside, Donna launched herself through the door, making sure we had no time to sprint through, not that we would have, as we were taken completely by surprise; me and Poppy only managed to get back up onto our knees by the time Donna had come through.

I mentally screamed as I saw the black latex outfit folded up underneath her arm. To me, it looked like she had skinned Cleo alive, but at the back of my head I knew the human Cleo was safe behind the door. Our owner just looked down at us with a huge grin on her face, smiling like normal as if she didn't have the skin of one of the pets in her arms.

"I'll be making breakfast soon," she said, as she turned and walked away.

Poppy didn't stay next to me for very long, as the sound of Donna's feet moved away from us, me and her were surrounded by silence; with no sound coming from the bathroom. I'm not sure if it was boredom or requiring attention that I couldn't give her, Poppy got back onto her knees and walked away, following the path that our owner took only moments before.

I stayed where I was, the ground welcomed me and I placed my entire body over it, resting comfortably on my stomach rather than on my paws. My eyes were locked onto the wooden door, I knew someone would emerge from behind it soon despite not being able to hear anything. Whoever it is would have been a complete stranger to me as I knew Cleo, the black, shiny cat that I spent nearly all day with for the past week, but that layer of material was gone.

Whoever would emerge from the bathroom would be a person, not a pet. They would be able to make sentences and use their hands, they would be able to feed themselves and not rely on Donna for a meal. She would be able to stretch her body normally and be able to walk on her feet without feeling the need to get onto her knees. She would be able to brush her hair and wash her body. From what Donna said, she would have a day of freedom, despite not being able to leave the premises, she had much more freedom than what me and Poppy had at the time.

I continued to wait there for a few more minutes, the stillness of the hallway and the overall silence was beginning to make me uncomfortable, that was until the door finally opened and a large figure stepped out.

I got up to my knees as I scanned the young woman up and down.

She was certainly older than me by a few years and standing on her two feet I only just noticed how tall she was, to the point she had to duck to get past the doorway.

The eyes were the same ones I had seen everyday, but passed that everything was new. She had a small but pointed nose with permanently pursed lips. Her skin was pale all over without any sign of tan lines. Her black hair was cut short to just below the ear with bangs that covered most of her forehead.

Her figure was toned, it seemed as if she was quite muscular before becoming a cat, the time within the suit; unable to do much with her body had caused her muscles to go slightly soft, but she still clearly was a strong woman, even with the suit on she managed to take control of me countless times.

She walked barefoot into the hallway before she noticed me, a white cotton vest and shorts clung to her body. This must have been the only outfit Donna had for the young woman; I assumed we would have got our civilian clothes back for the day, but I guess we got that back at the end of our sentence.

The white clothes clung tightly to her body, hiding nothing from my view and making it very obvious that she wore no underwear underneath the clothes, not that the situation she was in required more clothes than the bare minimum.

I was surprised to see her breasts were just as perky under this layer of material in comparison to the shiny latex that usually envelopes her. I assumed the tightness of the material was what kept her giant chest on attention, it was clear that this was a natural part of her frame as her breasts pushed against the loose vest, allowing her nipples to be on full show.

I felt my cheeks getting warm underneath the mask, it felt as if I was watching her walk around naked, somehow the soft material she was wearing now seemed more inappropriate than the catsuit she wore 24/7, even though that outfit highlighted every inch of our bodies and left nothing to the imagination.

The shorts were tight around the crotch area but loose around the leg, allowing me to easily see up the piece of clothing but hung tight to give her privates some privacy.

A soft, metallic clicking noise followed all of her movements, that's when I noticed the familiar collar that hung around her neck whilst she was a pet was still in place, locked tight with no sign of being removed. I guess it only made sense, being able to escape was much easier for a human than a pet and the collar ensured the prisoner would keep compliant. I was slightly saddened when I realised the collar would be in place for the entire duration of my time here, it was a permanent fixture to my body until I was free.

Once she noticed me on the floor, she scoffed to herself and left the hallway, entering the living room without giving me any sign of being sociable.

I followed the stranger but kept my distance, standing at the doorway as she made herself comfortable on the sofa.

I could tell by her body language that she didn't want to be disturbed, as she took her seat, she sat with her bare legs and arms crossed and focused her entire attention on the tv that was displaying one of the many adult cartoons that Donna loved to indulge in.

I couldn't get used to seeing her face, her eyes were so familiar to me, they were eyes I had seen everyday, it was just the rest of her body I couldn't get comfortable with. It was like looking at a complete stranger but only one piece of the body was recognizable.

Despite this, I couldn't take my eyes off her, it was like peeking past the curtain at a magician's show, like something that I shouldn't be seeing. This was Cleo, but without the latex skin.

She continued to ignore me and stare at the screen, probably trying much harder not to interact with the cat in front of her than paying attention to the show. Her crossed arms broke for a moment as her left hand gingerly travelled up to the collar around her neck, a quick tug of the metal ring showed her that it wasn't moving anywhere, the metal ring at the front clicked with every movement. She gave up after a few seconds, letting the metal drop onto her collar bone and returned back to the grumpy position from before.

I dared crawl in a bit further, not taking my eyes off the human in front of me. I knew I was being rude and she was hating the attention I was giving her, but I just couldn't look away. This was new, this was something different, a complete contrast to the days I was used to.

"What are you looking at?” she yelled.

Well… it wasn't exactly a yell, more of a loud whisper. It was clear that her throat wasn't as strong as a regular person’s, a month locked in the suit with a gagged mouth had taken its toll on her voice, temporarily quieting her.

"Stupid cat" Her voice creaked as she tightened her crossed arms and legs, returning her attention back to the television.

It was clear as day that the girl wanted to be left alone, being quiet and watching tv was all that was on her mind.

To be honest, it was a struggle for me to understand that feeling. I couldn't wait until I was out of the suit, I would run around outside as I felt the cold air brush against my skin, I would talk to Donna for hours and hours about anything and everything, just feeling human again would feel like a reward.

I would… I would… see Mama again.

I smiled under the hood, that was the one thing I was looking forward to most, seeing and holding my mother in my arms. Never did I realise I would miss someone so much… Mama… Dad, I wish I could hold them in my arms right now.

A lightbulb went off in my head. It was clear that the human Cleo wasn't interested in interacting with a cat, she was probably already tired of me, I couldn't blame her after spending everyday with me.

I finally left the room and crawled out towards the hallway, the front door was still open from earlier.

I sat down in the doorway, staring at the world outside the metal gate.

She might not want to talk to me, but she must be looking forward to seeing family.

Parents, siblings or maybe a boyfriend or girlfriend would be coming to see her. I might not be able to interact with the tall girl, but I could at least keep an eye on any visitors for her. Helping her out but at the same time, keeping my distance away from her.

I smiled underneath my mask, helping her out felt good.

"What are you doing?" A voice came from behind me.

I quickly turned my head around to see Cleo was standing behind me, her arms continuing to be crossed as she looked past my body to the outside world.

As I couldn't use my words, I just pointed outside with my bound paw.

Her soft voice squeaked again, "You are looking outside? Why?"

Without taking my eyes off her, I turned the rest of my body around and pointed the same hand towards her.

"You are looking outside because of me? Why?"

It was a struggle to try and convey full messages whilst in the suit. I put my hand back on the floor and tried my hardest to think of how to tell her I was waiting for her visitor to come and that I wanted to help her out.

"Me? Outside?" She continued the annoyed tone as she quietly spoke to herself, looking between me and the open doorway.

"Are you waiting for… someone?"

I looked up in glee, I didn't have to explain myself after all. I nodded with all the enthusiasm I could muster.

"Waiting for someone for me?"

I continued nodding.

She went silent as she just stared at the outside world, to the path that sat just outside the large gate which was covered with overgrown plants.

"You're… you're wasting your time"

She turned away and began walking back to the living room, the arms that were already crossed became tighter as her posture weakened. Without a second thought I began crawling after her, staying as close behind her as I could, but I struggled to keep up with her pace.

My brain wasn’t comprehending what she meant by her words, why would I be wasting my time?

She turned around, probably annoyed by the sound of the latex stretching and moving behind her.

"I HAVE NO ONE COMING TO SEE ME, OKAY?!" She forced her voice into a yell.

Without giving me any time to register what she said, she scoffed loudly to herself and continued to walk away from me, placing herself back onto the sofa with her arms and legs crossed once more.

I fell back onto my knees, taking in what she just said.

To say I was struggling in the suit was an understatement. Everyday I wanted to stretch my body, but I couldn't. I want to move my fingers, touch my skin, speak, eat food that isn't blended up, wash myself and feel cool air touch my body.

The days within the suit became easier over time but these were needs that would never go away, things I took for granted as a human which would stay at the back of my mind for the entirety of my sentence.

The only thing that was keeping me going is the day I could see my Mama. Being released from my tight prison and being granted temporary freedom were huge advantages to this day, but I was desperately missing my family and holding Mama in my arms is the first thing that comes to mind on my day off.

It was an uncomfortable and numbing feeling to imagine Cleo not having that. Being free from her shackles is one thing, but the thought of no one coming to see her was more than my heart could bear. More than ever, I wish I had the chance to speak, to ask her why isn't her family seeing her, even seeing a friend would be beneficial, or maybe even a boyfriend or girlfriend; if she had one of those.

Just someone to talk to, to take her mind off her current situation, to flex her human self for one day to remind her she isn't just a cat, a pet to someone, a guinea pig for some twisted experiment on human behaviour.

I couldn't even imagine what was going through her mind.

I crawled further into the room, approaching the sofa and the woman sitting on it slowly.

I watched her eyes as they were fixed to the tv, I knew she could see me in her wider vision, but I believed I wouldn't alert her if I moved slow enough. No doubt she would yell at me if I caught her attention again.

I kept low to the ground, trying to be sneaky but at the same time, making it seem as if I was doing nothing of importance. Just moving around like a pet would. As the sofa was within my reach, I leapt onto the piece of furniture, feeling the soft cushions warp underneath my body.

"What are you doing?!" She yelled, finally noticing my actions.

She caught me, I was already too far into my plan. I practically launched myself at her, trying my hardest to get to her before she had the chance to brush me off. My body leaped in the air as she came into view, the soft, white shorts that covered the top of her bare legs was the image that I saw first, the image that travelled to me very quickly before I felt her soft skin touch my chin.

It was a lot of hassle, but I succeeded in my mission. I was now resting my head on her lap as the rest of my body was laying down on the sofa. The overall objective of this mission was to get as close to Cleo as possible before she could move me away. I felt bad for the tall woman and wanted to comfort her anyway I could. Placing my head on her lap seemed like a good way to get her mind off certain things.

Her arms were raised in the air after my little stunt, most likely shocked by the sudden movement. However, if I moved any slower, I knew she would stop me and overpower my small frame.

I rubbed my head into her lap, showing her that I was getting comfortable on top of her.

"Stupid cat" She muttered to herself, this time more softly.

My entire body shivered as I felt her hand rub against my back, moving up and down in a slow, rhythmic manner. At first it felt that she was hesitant to show me attention as if she had to force herself to do it, but it soon became very comfortable. It was natural for me to have my body touched by human hands, just as it was natural for her to let go of what she was holding on to and show me attention.

I woke up with a slight start.

I was confused and worried as it was something I wasn't used to. Everyday as a pet, I woke up by myself or very slowly by Donna.

It became clear what woke me up and it terrified me even more.

The front door was being knocked on.

That was something that never happened here, even when you think of what it would take someone to get to the front door.

I jumped up and so did Poppy.

Donna stood up and walked out of the room, cheering in a melody to everyone that she would answer the door.

With that, she closed the living room door behind her so we couldn't see who she was talking to.

Despite only being asleep for a short while, it took me a moment to remember what happened as my brain was slowly coming back to reality.

Me and Cleo had cuddled for a few minutes until Donna came in with breakfast, holding pancakes dripping in maple syrup for the human girl and two food canisters under her arm for me and the white cat.

Donna had asked Cleo if she would like to feed me and the tall girl agreed, placing the container through my gag and holding it in place as I sucked the blended food out of it as Cleo ate her human food. I must admit, the pancakes smelled delicious but I was happy with my own food, with a combined taste of eggs and toast going down my throat.

On the other side of the room, Donna did the same thing with Poppy, feeding the white cat who laid against her as her human eyes were drawn to the tv.

A combination of hot food in my stomach, relaxing against the soft, tall girl and her rhythmic petting was enough to get me to fall asleep.

I looked around the room, Poppy looked concerned and her eyes jolted between me and Cleo. I guessed having Donna answer the door made her feel more exposed than I would as I was still close to the tall girl and felt protected.

Cleo didn't look too bothered, despite her initial jump due to the suddenness of the front door being knocked. She just rested against the sofa as the distant sound of Donna talking to a stranger filled the air.

An awkward silence filled the room, now that Cleo was a human, I expected her to begin talking and acting like Donna, yet it was clear that she was a quiet girl even outside the suit.

The front door closed and within seconds the living room door re-opened, Donna let herself in and behind her was a new woman. It felt so strange seeing someone different in the house, seeing a human standing alongside Donna. I immediately backed down, falling back into the tall girl to protect me from the stranger.

She was taller than Donna and maybe a little older. She had long brown hair that was tied up at the back. She wore a large smile as she glanced around the room, taking in the sight of me hugging myself against Cleo and Poppy sitting on the other end; just as nervous as I was.

She was larger than Donna, but that wasn't saying much compared to our short owner. She had on a dark blue nursing tunic and black trousers with a small duffel bag under her arm.

"This is Catherine," Donna introduced us all to her, "On your days off, Catherine will come in and give you a health assessment as well as a massage to relax your bodies."

We were still unsure of her, despite the nice introduction.

"Well, I've met Cleo before," the new woman said, "But I've not met these two before."

"Ah, yes! They've only been here for a week, so they are still new. The white cat is Poppy and the grey cat… who is holding Cleo very tight, is Nala."

It struck me as odd that despite these introductions, the TV was still on, showing naked women. I guess Donna really didn't care who saw her filth.

Catherine walked towards Poppy and placed her hands on her latex cheeks, "Awww, aren't you just a cute one!"

"Did you want to set yourself up in the bedroom again?" Donna asked the woman.

"Yeah, that's the only room you have, right?" She continued giving the white cat attention, who was loving every moment of it, "I travel the country visiting these places everyday and you have the smallest house by far."

"I like my bungalow, it's small but sweet. You don't need more space than you need."

"Where do the girls sleep?"

"On the floor and on my bed, where cats usually sleep."

Catherine stood up, laughing loudly despite Donna's completely straight face. Poppy seemed saddened that she stopped getting attention. The new lady walked over to me and placed her hand on my head, stroking the hood lightly with her fingers, I could only just feel the movement under the layer of latex.

"You are taking really good care of them, they seem really happy," Catherine stated whilst staring into my eyes.

"How can you tell?"

"I just can, it's their body language"


"Yeah, many of the pets I visit are scared of their owners, they tremble if I get too close as they are worried about getting punished."

"Oh, well… they haven't really stepped out of line, I suppose I'm just lucky."

Catherine began scratching my chin and I immediately lost all concentration. It felt the exact same as when we were outside and that girl from the shop was petting me all over. It was like she was scratching an itch I had been holding on for so long and I could not control myself.

"Okay, are you ready Cleo?" Catherine asked.

'Please don't stop' I begged internally, I loved all the attention the new woman was giving me and I didn't want it to end.

Cleo silently got up and walked out the room as she headed towards the bedroom. The woman in the nurse tunic stopped with the scratching and petted me a few more times before following her.

I sat frustrated on the sofa. It wasn't just the attention I was craving, I must admit that Donna gave us all the attention we required. However, it was being touched a certain way that I loved and it wasn't often that it happened. It seemed as if our owner deliberately only gently touched our bodies, whereas Catherine and the girl from last week dug their hands into the skin, going past the latex and feeling my actual skin underneath. That was the only time I felt like I did, as I said before it was like scratching a large itch that I've had the entire time in the suit and whilst the feeling is satisfying, I could not ignore the growing feeling down below that yearned for more attention.

Poppy joined me on the sofa once the two women were out of the room. Donna closed the door behind them and joined us, sitting between me and Poppy with her hands placed on our backs.

We continued watching the television as our minds couldn't stop thinking about what was happening in the other room, I could tell Poppy was thinking the same as I was, usually she fidgets often and is unable to stay still for long unless she was tired, this time she sat patiently next to our owner with only the sound of the tv to accompany us.

It felt like hours before anything changed. Donna stayed silent the whole time, but it was clear her attention was fully on the tv. She never took her eyes off it the entire time the human Cleo and Catherine were out of the room.

I got frustrated waiting, but didn't want to get up and leave incase Donna yelled at me for not leaving them alone; that and the door was closed and I was unable to open it with my bound paws.

I tried to watch the program, but I wasn't into it as much as Donna was, there was only so much cartoon nudity I could take.

Luckily, my boredom itch was scratched as Catherine opened the door and began to talk to our owner. However, before she even managed to open her mouth, Poppy jumped off the sofa and crawled towards her, wanting more attention from the new lady.

"How is she? Everything okay?" Donna asked, remaining seated.

"Yeah, she is perfectly healthy," Catherine replied.

The new woman put her bag on the ground and knelt down to touch Poppy. I expected her to pet the white cat and scratch her as she did to me earlier, but what she did was something I wasn't expecting.

Catherine placed her hands on the small cat's hips and picked her up. It was smooth and almost effortless, as Poppy was lifted up, the nurse's hands quickly went underneath her bum to keep her stable, almost someone holding a toddler.

I could tell by Poppy's face that she was surprised too, with her paws up in the air in a confused/begging position as the woman held her up. I could tell Poppy's cheeks were burning up underneath her mask, but despite this, it didn't take the white cat long before she got comfortable on Catherine's shoulder.

However, the two humans continued their conversation like normal, as if this wasn't a strange thing to happen.

Catherine continued, "I did all the examinations and she's passed all of them. She has gained a small amount of weight, so try getting her to move around more often."

"I'm sorry, she's been rather quiet and not as energetic since these two got here," Donna apologised.

"Don't worry, it's a common thing to happen, just try to get her moving more often."

"Thank you."

"I've also given her a full massage and stretched her arms and legs, she's now having a bath and is all set to go back into her suit tomorrow."

"So she's perfectly healthy?"

"Yeah, she's in good health, just get her to move around more often, yeah?"

"Thank you so much," Donna stood up, "So these two have their days off in about three weeks, can I book you in for two days?"

"Sure, just message me what day and time and I'll be here"

"Great! Thank you, Catherine. I'll walk you to your car."

Catherine's eyes widened as she held the white cat tighter, "Do I have to say goodbye now?"

This entire time she was very professional, but suddenly with the cat in her arms she acted like a complete child, pouting as she spoke about leaving the cat behind.

Donna laughed, "Catherine, you do this all the time, you know you can't take the cats with you."

"What about just this one? She loves me, I'll take good care of her."


"What if I just keep her for the day?"



"Tell you what, you can hold her as I walk you to your car."


Catherine's professional side returned as she winked at me and turned around. Donna walked her out of the living room, out to the main hall and opened the front door to allow her and the white cat out of the house.

Cool air flowed through the house as the three women left me in peace, allowing me to climb off the sofa and head towards the bathroom.

I was obsessed with Cleo since she was unlocked from the suit this morning, maybe it was because it was new and her human form was one I had never seen before, maybe it was because I would be having the same experiences in three weeks time and it was a look towards my future, or it could have even been the attitude change Cleo had with the suit removed. Before she was a territorial, alpha cat and now she was a mellow human, someone who tolerated my presence.

As I walked down the hall, I could see the bathroom door was still wide open. A strong smell of bath products had filled the air and I could occasionally hear the sound of water splashing about. As I continued crawling, more of the large girl's frame came to my vision. I was greeted by the sight of her moaning by the hot water of the bath, large soap bubbles overfilled the tub, allowing me to see only the top of Cleo, her head and the top of her breasts being on show.

The heat from the water had already forced condensation on the tiled walls and fogged up every shiny surface, including the mirrors.

The black cat looked a lot calmer than she did before, I assumed the massages from Catherine certainly helped improve her mood. One of her hands were lifted in the air, forcing all the warm water to leap off her skin and fall back into the bathtub. She moaned softly to herself as her hand reached the top of her head, forcing her once dry hair into being coated in the bath water.

It was a sensual, beautiful sight and in some ways I would also see it as sexual. Everything about what I was watching was appealing to me and I would imagine someone with a keen interest in women would have found it even more appealing.

The tall girl was already a sexual person, whilst she had a dark attitude, I couldn't deny that her frame was something everyone would stare at. A thin waist with large, perky breasts and a curvy butt was typical of what everyone deemed sexual.

With each movement, I saw the steaming, hot water collect and fall off her engorged breasts. Each large intake of breath the dark haired girl took forced her breasts higher up, almost leaving the body of water and showing off her erect nipples.

I was straight, I had never thought of women in a sexual way at all in my life; however, I would admit that underneath the mask and passed the gag, my mouth was completely dry. 

That's when I noticed that the breaths were deep for no reason, her moans weren't because of the warm water pouring past her sensitive skin. I noticed the shower head was off the wall and the hose travelled deep underneath the soapy water, travelling between her legs that were now wide open.

Oh god.

She was sexually pleasuring herself with the shower head… and I was here just watching her.

"Mmmmm…" Another moan escaped her lips whilst her free hand continued to travel through her short, black hair.

I couldn't move, I was frozen in place. At first it was just genuine curiosity and an interest in seeing the girl's large form, but now it was something else, seeing behind the curtain of a play. Masturbation was a solo activity and I was pretty much a peeping tom, spying on her in her most intimate moment.

A quick gasp from her confirmed everything.

Her breathing got quicker and more heavy.

I crawled forwards slightly, obsessed with the view in front of me.

"Oh, wow," she mumbled more loudly this time, placing her face into her hand.

I could see she angled the shower head differently, pulling it closer towards her.

As this happened, her hand went downwards and covered her mouth, muffling the continued moaning that came out.

It came out louder and louder.

Her breathing came quicker and quicker.

Her body spasmed with more intensity.

Her body suddenly jolted up, sitting up in the bathtub, allowing me a full view of the entirety of her large breasts. The hand stayed over her mouth as she screamed into her fingers, forcing her legs to come together as the first wave crashed against her body.

It was a completely different feeling seeing a woman have an orgasm compared to seeing one masturbating. Her free hand travelled underneath the water and my mind went crazy thinking of both hands were doing down there, between her legs.

"Oh god, oh god!" she said in a loud whisper, I assumed not to get the attention of Donna to her actions.

Her body spasmed again, forcing her head to shake left to right, with a mixture of painful and pleasurable sounds emanating from the tall girl. As the second, less powerful orgasm left the girl, I noticed her head was still looking to her right… looking directly at me.

She didn't look cross, she didn't even look angry. After finally noticing I was spying on her, I was expecting her to yell at me or even climb out to hit me, but her eyes never left me, looking directly in my direction with the expression that she was holding back her pleasure.

"Ohhh GOD!" She screamed, finally making a loud noise as her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

A third and even more powerful orgasm rocked her body, forcing parts of the warm water to splash out of the tub.

"Oh god! oh god! oh god!" she continued.

She disappeared under the water. Causing all the noise that just happened to immediately stop. It felt weird, I couldn't hear anything, not even bubbles coming from the large girl. I crawled further forward, trying to make sure the girl was okay, not that there would be much I could do if she wasn't.

"Nala!" a voice boomed from the doorway.

I spun around to see Donna standing with her hands on her hips. I froze once more, now I was caught, snooping on the naked girl.

"What are you doing in here? This is Cleo's quiet time, you need to leave her alone!"

I could see Poppy was hiding behind the short girl, looking nervous as if she was somehow going to get told off afterward.

"Now come here!"

I hung my head low and turned my body around, I accepted my fate and whatever punishment Donna had in mind for me, what was the punishment for being a voyeur to a bathing girl?

At that point, the large woman re-emerged from underneath the water, flinging her short hair back and clearing all of the liquids from her face.

The first thing she saw was all three women staring directly at her, but she could tell from my body language that I was going to be punished for something.

"What's happening?" Cleo asked.

"We are just leaving you to your bath," Donna apologised before turning back to me, "Nala, get here!"

"It's okay, she can stay."

"What?" Donna asked.

'What?' I asked, internally.

For the first time ever, I saw a small smile crawl onto Cleo's face, "Yeah, of course she can stay. It's quite comforting having her there"

Our owner seemed stunned by what she said, "Oh… oh, okay. Just let me know if she is being annoying."

Cleo nodded, once again wiping her hands through her flat, wet hair.

"Come one, Poppy. Let's get back to our program."

Donna closed the door behind her, leaving me and the human alone together. Cleo laid back as her foot reached up and turned off the shower. Now that I knew I wasn't being punished, I felt more embarrassed than anything, being seen snooping on the naked girl. Cleo wiped her face once more as she relaxed, sighing and laughing softly from the experience she just had.

"Wow… wow, that was intense," she giggled softly, keeping her voice as quiet as possible, "Who knew a whole month without an orgasm could be that extreme."

I nodded, it was all I could do, I continued staring directly at her, watching every movement the human did. It looked like she was done with pleasuring herself and indulging in the afterglow of her orgasms.

She continued with her bath, washing her body all over with the occasional glance in her direction.

I didn't know what to think at this time. I… enjoyed the view I had before. Watching the girl in front of me succumb to her sexual needs and desires was pleasurable; I struggled to comprehend why I enjoyed it so much.

"How are you doing?" Cleo asked me, her voice still quiet.

I just looked back with a blank stare.

"Like, with your needs? I know you have been here for a week, but how much does it suck that we can't touch ourselves?"

I nodded.

"Are you struggling with… that sort of stuff?"

I nodded again.

"Do you think you'll last another three weeks before you can do something about it?"

My eyes widened, I looked down at the floor and shook my head. For a moment, I forgot that I was still going to be locked up for another three weeks. Cleo's questions seemed genuine, as if she was feeling bad for me, she had all the freedom and I was the one still stuck in the outfit. It was a contrast to me feeling more sorry for her earlier.

"You sure you can't last?"

I shook my head once again.

She leaned forward and pulled the plug out of the bath. Her enormous figure stood up, forcing the warm water to fall off her body, but soap bubbles continued to cling onto her pale skin. I wanted to look away, despite seeing the woman in her most intimate moments before, this was the first time I saw her completely naked.

She calmly reached over and picked up a warm towel from the side, taking her time to cover her body and get it clean. The tall girl had all the intent of allowing me to see her body, her large breasts and pink nipples, her now freshly shaven private area and visible engorged clit.

Once all the bubbles were wiped off, she tied the towel tight to her breasts, covering her entire body from the snooping pet.

I imagined she would immediately leave to get dressed, but instead she knelt down in front of me, our eyes locked as they were so close together.

"How about we make a deal?" She asked, keeping her voice at the whispering level to not attract the attention of our owner, "I'm not sure how you feel but I'm not into girls, but a whole month is a very long time to go without… relieving yourself"

I nodded, noticing that she had grabbed one of my paws with both of her hands, trying to be more personal and friendly.

"So how about this? How about when we have our days out of the suit… we 'help' each other?"

'Help?' I asked internally, nervously knowing where she was going with this conversation.

"As you know, you can't touch yourself whilst in the outfit. So when one of us are out, we can… you know."

I looked down at our hands, my paw was bound and useless, but her fingers were individually moving, gently moving over the layer of latex. With her fingers, she could touch me sexually, maybe even bring me to an orgasm. We knew Donna would never do this, despite having full control over her body, she saw us as pets and nothing more.

I was with Cleo on this, I wasn't into girls in the slightest, but a whole month was a long time to wait to achieve an orgasm. I was getting desperate already and I was sure the events of the day probably contributed to my need, my need for a release.

I nodded slowly, taking as long as I needed to decide if this was the right thing to do. If I didn't nod or shake my head now, would Cleo bring it up again? If she didn't, I would have to wait the entire month before exploring my body and for some reason, that thought scared me.

I nodded, I nodded quickly before I had the chance to regret my decision. I didn't care that I had never been with a woman, I cared only about my need for a release.

"Good, good." She smiled again as she rubbed my paw between her hands. She finally let go and placed her hands against my cheeks, "Tonight, I'm going to sleep in the living room, I don't exactly fancy sharing a bed with Donna. Keep me company, okay?"

I nodded, this time more numbly than before. Her smile widened as I did this. She stood up once more and opened the door, letting herself out of the bathroom and leaving the door open so I could leave too. If it wasn't for the mask, my mouth would be on the floor.

I was left alone, the only thing accompanying me was the sound of the water draining from the bathtub.

What did I just get myself into?


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