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Pet Correction

by ForeverAltered

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Continues from

Part 5

"Morning!" Donna almost strutted out of her house and immediately walked up to me and Poppy.

We were in the middle of our usual routine, sitting on the outskirts of the property, waiting for the delivery man to come by. If we were lucky, we would get some head scratches in the process.

Little did I know that the head scratches came from our owner, with one hand on my head and the other on Poppy's, she took in delight as she petted us at the same time, not going easy on how enthusiastic she was with them.

I would lie if I wasn't in heaven every time someone did that. I was hoping it would be the lovely, old postman, but I was happy to take in any affection the pet owner was willing to give.

It was at this moment that I saw the black cat appear in the doorway of the house, seemingly interested in the event that was taking place outside.

Donna was much happier today than before; it had been a while since I accidentally broke the TV and it seemed as if her affection towards me had grown increasingly since then.

I wanted to ask her what the deal was with all this praise, but I knew at this point that she would eventually let us know why she was being so friendly.

She knelt down and continued the scratches, this time travelling further down our backs, something she knew that I personally loved; I didn't know if it was the same for the white cat.

I could sense a hint of jealousy coming from the black cat in the house, who refused to leave the building and join us in this moment.

"Come on, Nala," she said to me, "Get inside!"

She stopped the petting and I was struggling to think of why she wanted only me to go inside? Did I do something bad again?

I looked at Poppy, who seemed as equally shocked as I was.

Our owner began walking back to the house, only turning around once to command me again to come inside.

We were doing so well that I numbly followed the woman in the bright dress, I did not want to get on her bad side again. Poppy watched me as I slowly made my way back to the house, but she did not move from her spot, as she knew the postman would be there within a moment and she could get extra head pats from him.

I crawled to the door and passed the large black cat, she just looked at me with an expressionless look on her face, not giving me any indication if I was in trouble or not. At this point I realised that Cleo was very knowledgeable about our owner and could tell if she was mad, happy, or any other range of emotion. So her blank look told me that I wasn't in any trouble, however it didn't seem that she wasn't anything in particular that justified her happy behaviour this morning.

I sighed to myself and continued the walk inward, to see Donna standing by the bathroom door; ushering me to crawl into the small room. I did what I was told to and the woman came in behind me and closed the door behind her.

Admittedly, I was now terrified that something bad was going to happen. I glanced around the room to find a flannel and a razor on the side of the bath and what came to mind wasn't good.

"Can you believe it has been a month already?" she asked, taking a seat on the toilet.


I've been here a month already? It only felt like I'd just arrived… no, it feels much longer than that, it feels like I've been here for years.

That was the problem with the house not having any clocks, I could not keep track of time, only with the passing days and I've lost count of that ages ago.

Wait… A month, that means…

"Today is your day of freedom," Donna smiled at me, resting her hands on my shoulders.

I did not know how to process the information, I would get out of the suit… I'm going to be human again for the day… What do I do? What do humans do? I…I… I get to see Mama!

I immediately started jumping up and down on the spot, I could not explain the feelings that were travelling through my body. Sure, I was happy, but I also wanted to cry, I was nervous and scared of being human again. It was all too much, but became all too real when Donna pulled me towards her and started messing around with my latex hood.

"Just keep calm during this process," she said in the softest tone.

I was calm, I think I was calm. My body was shaking and shuddering from the anxiety and anticipation for things to come.

It was the oddest feeling, the hood became loose for the first time since I came here, no longer was the latex tight against my head, but came off easily, feeling as if I was being shedded of my real skin.

"Okay, hold your breath, it makes this a whole lot easier," she said, looking deep within the now loose eyeholes of the suit.

I did as she said and took a long breath in, she took a moment to make sure the two layers of latex were fully separated, the connection between the hood and the body. Then came the weirdest feeling in the world, it felt as if my mouth was pulled wider due to the size of the gag, but soon it was taken away, freeing me completely from the hood and leaving a long string of spit between my mouth and the gag.

"How does that feel?" she asked.

I felt weird, I felt naked for the first time in ages, I still had the bodysuit on and was only free from the mask. My mouth felt empty as my tongue pushed against the top, something I had been unable to do with the bondage locked on. I could feel the cool air against the entirety of my head, not just my eyes and my nose could smell other things apart from latex. I could smell shampoo and other cleaning products the room held.

"H-H…" I wanted to speak but it was tough, it was something I hadn't done in a month and I felt no power behind my voice.

"What's that?" Donna simply smiled at me as she placed the mask on the side of the bathtub.

"H… Hi," I managed to say, my voice was very quiet and cracked with just one word.

Donna smiled, that one word made her soften more than anything else I did as a pet, "Awwww, you are sweet."

She leant forward and scratched my chin, taking a moment to kiss me on the forehead. I noticed that she would do the same if I still had the hood on, it was as if she still saw me as her pet despite having a part of it removed.

I felt disgusting, I could feel my short, blonde hair damp against my skin, thirty days of being trapped underneath that hood did nothing for it. However, I felt something that I hadn't felt in a long time, I felt human again.

Donna worked around the collar around my neck, fiddling with the top of the zip before unlocking the entire suit. It was an unusual sensation, this outfit was placed tight against my skin for the entire mouth and now it was pulled away, it felt almost like shedding, but freeing at the same time.

She pulled the grey suit forward as it moved away from my skin, allowing my naked back to be on show. She stood up and grabbed the tips of my paws and commanded me to pull my hands. To my surprise, they came free; making a popping sound as my digits escaped their prison.

My hands almost flew out of the loose latex, coming free from their confines and feeling the cool air on my fresh skin. I… I had no words to explain it, I stared down at my hands, moving each finger individually to make sure everything was working right; it was, but it looked alien, seeing my fingers again after so long of staring down at paws. I wanted to ask my owner if they were right, if that was what fingers were supposed to look like. They looked like normal digits, apart from being wrinkled from the heat of the paw, they were what I saw everyday before the suit.

It didn't even occur to me that I was sitting half naked in front of the woman, my full breasts on show to her. It didn't seem weird at all at that point, the woman saw my form everyday, this was just what was underneath.

She picked me up slightly, pulling the latex from underneath me and exposing my butt. She popped me back on the floor and with a few good tugs, she pulled the latex off my legs and made me completely naked for the first time since becoming a pet.

My legs were nearly useless, after that long of crawling around, it didn't feel as if they had the strength to hold up my frame. A layer of hair covered both legs and I dreaded to see what my vagina looked like, something that I had kept clean shaven was now just a mess of blonde and ginger hairs.

I laughed, otherwise I did not know what other emotion to portray. I was completely naked in front of my owner, who had folded the suit and rested it on her arm. The only piece of clothing I had on was the collar around my neck and that wasn't coming off for another eleven months.

"How do you feel?" Donna asked, running the hot water on the bath.

"I-I'm ok" I struggled to speak, I tried to speak normally but it only came out as a whisper.

"That's good, it's different being outside the suit. Don't worry if anything feels off, things will take time to get back to normal"

"T-that's good" I croaked.

Donna made sure to put a lot of bubble bath into the steaming hot water and waited until the bathtub was completely full before getting up.

I looked at my body, it seemed so naked without the suit on, even though I was technically naked. I felt more exposed than I would have thought, however, I did not feel the need to hide anything away from the young woman in front of me. She'd already seen me naked before, she'd helped me in pet form that felt more exposing than this.

"Do you need any help getting into the bathtub?" she asked as she walked up to me.

"I… I think… I'm okay," I whimpered as I attempted to pick myself up.


Nope, I fell back to the ground the moment I tried moving my legs, whilst I could move them I had very little strength left to hold my body up.

"Come here," Donna sighed with a smile, she helped pick me up and walked me over to the bathtub, settling me under the bubbles.


"No worries, I'll leave you in here for a moment. Try moving your feet around, that might help get the feelings back in your legs. Make sure to shave your legs and bits and I'll see you in a bit"

Donna turned around to leave the room, but turned around before she got to the door, "Oh, your Mother will be here at lunchtime, so make sure you are ready for then"

"T-Thank y-you," I stuttered.

"Oooh, and after that, we have Catherine coming over, she will be checking you over and giving you a deep massage"

"I…I'm looking forward… to it"

Donna smiled at me before opening the door and closing it behind her. For a second, I could see both Cleo and Poppy poking their heads in the doorway, trying to get a look of their friend outside of her suit, but the door was closed before they got a real look. I sunk into the warm water, allowing the bubbles to travel over me.

I closed my eyes, the steaming water was very soothing over my aching body. I think I was so used to being a pet that I was using muscles that had been dormant since losing my human status. I could stretch my legs out without needing to adjust my entire body, I could move my fingers individually.

I knew I was told to clean and shave myself, but the feeling of the warm water engulfing my body was amazing. I soon found myself drifting off within the bathtub, my body temporarily free from its bondage.

"Nala!" Donna yelled, shaking me from the realm of sleep, "Nala! Get up, lazybones!"

I found myself staring up at the young woman who I called my owner. She didn't look too angry at me, which was a relief, but it seemed as if she was panicking about something. The water wasn't as piping hot as before, was it that my body was now used to the temperature? Or how long was I resting my eyes for.

"C'mon, sleepyhead!" she yelled again, placing the white vest and shorts on the side, a similar pair to what Cleo wore when she was released.

Speaking of Cleo, I could see her. Her head was poking itself over the bath as Donna moaned and complained behind her. My brain was still coming to and I thought I was imagining her for a moment, before reality hit and I noticed she was still there. She was looking me up and down, seeing the human who was underneath the suit for the first time.

Our owner had left the door open and the pets had let themselves in. Poppy sat near the door, most likely paranoid that she would be told off if she came in anymore; besides, she had seen my human form before, when we first came here.

"No time for messing around!" Donna came up to me, "Your Mom should be here any second, please tell me that you've atleast shaved yourself"

"Shaved?" I was still coming to.

"You've already been here for half an hour! Let me do it!" She picked up the razor.

The next few minutes comprised some of the most humiliating moments I had at Pet Correction so far. The two pets watched through emotionless eyes as the short woman picked up both of my legs out of the water and proceeded to shave them completely clean. I wasn't going to complain about it as she did a good job, but then she ordered me to get out of the tub and then she wiped my body with a towel until it was completely dry and despite my protests, she was the one who shaved my private area.

Even with my human form back, it was clear that Donna was in control.

I had to sit on the toilet as she covered the entire area with soap and shaved off all the hairs that had grown in the time I had been locked away for, making sure my sex was completely hairless before letting me get changed.

It wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't have an audience of two pets, watching the entire situation unfold; that, and Donna got extremely close to my privates so she could see it was clean. She was so close that I could feel her breath against my freshly clean body.

"There we go!" Donna smiled as she placed the razor down, satisfied with my lack of hair down there.

"A-Am I done?" I asked, looking down at myself.

"Yeah, well to my standards anyway," she laughed, brushing the last of the soap from it.

She helped me back up to my feet, I was still struggling to move on my human legs, I could feel the muscles trembling under my body weight but this time I managed to stand without falling over.

Donna was nice enough to hold my hands until I could support myself.

As soon as I was about to thank her, a knocking sound came from the front door. It was a noise I was rather unfamiliar with, only hearing it once before when Catherine came to meet Cleo.

Donna looked at me with a large grin on her face, saying that we both knew who that was without using words. I wanted to smile back at her, I was happy to see Mama again, but my nervousness showed, my stomach was in a knot and my mind was flooded with a familiar feeling, guilt.

I felt bad that this was the only way I could see my parents, in a strangers house, miles away from home, with this stupid collar around my neck that told everyone that I was a prisoner… I was a criminal.

"I better go answer that, are you okay standing by yourself?" she asked as she was already letting go.

"Yeah… yeah, you better go to the door," I could hear the fluster in my voice.

"Okay, see you shortly"

She turned around and ushered the two pets out of the room, despite Donna trying her quickest to move them, both girls took a very long time to move out, clearly showing their unwillingness to do so. Once they had crawled out into the hall, Donna wasted no time closing the door behind her and walking towards the entrance.

I sighed, it felt good to be alone, even for a moment, it gave me time to think about what the day had in store for me. I had been dreaming of the day I would see Mama again. Daily, I had thought about what I would say to her, but it felt as if I was less prepared now than I had ever been.

I sighed once more as I picked up the pair of shorts Donna left on the side, as I held them up, I could see how incredibly see through they were, allowing the light to travel directly through them.

I bent over, opened the shorts and lifted one leg up to place it into the piece of clothing… and promptly fell over.

As soon as I opened the door, I was greeted by my two friends. Cleo and Poppy never left and laid by the bathroom door until I left. It filled me with gratitude that they wanted to be by my side, even if Donna probably asked them to give me some space.

Cleo continued to look me up and down, almost as if she was struggling to understand that I was the person behind the mask. I had the same experience when I saw her outside her suit.

I knelt down and placed my hand at the top of her back, right between the shoulders and scratched lightly. Despite my ability to speak, I had no words to explain all the feelings that were travelling through my body at that point. It surprised me to feel the latex suit for the first time with someone inside it. I expected a strong, glossy skin to cover the two pets, but my hand sunk in and I could feel Cleo's real skin underneath the fake one. The latex was much thinner than I imagined.

Poppy came over and immediately wrapped her arms around the top of my legs, I did the same for her, placing my hand at the top of her back and rubbing it as softly as I could. Yeah, the latex was very thin, I could feel Poppy's nipples rubbing against my knees.

I wanted to laugh, but voices from the other room disturbed the moment I was sharing with the girls. One voice was Donna's, that woman's voice can travel through walls, but the other voice hit me harder, as if remembering that tone and pitch from a memory.

"Mama!" I yelped.

Quickly, I carefully pried the two girls from my body, they understood what was waiting for me and did nothing to fight back. The moment I was free, I galloped all the way to the entrance of the house, passed the kitchen and through another door.

I pushed the door open with all the force I could muster, stopping it halfway so as to not slam against the wall. Numbly, I walked into the small room, around Donna, to the woman who was standing in the doorway.

I practised it in my head so much, I knew I wanted to walk up to her, apologise and give her the biggest hug I could give anyone. I was going to be calm, I was going to talk to her cleanly and slowly to let her know how sorry I am for being a burden. I was going to tell her what I was going to do to make it up to her, to Dad, to my friends and to everyone we know.

"Mama!" I screamed, tears running down my face.

I ran into her arms, squeezing her as tight as I could, not wanting to let go. All my ideas fell out of the window once the waterworks started, I was blubbering as tears streamed down my face, getting my mother's shoulder soaked within seconds of being in contact.

Donna began walking out, "I'll leave you two alone"

I wanted to thank my owner, but it was impossible due to the layers of tears that covered my face and my bottom lips whimpering from all the emotions that were running through me. It was difficult to speak before, but it was now downright impossible to say anything.

Mama held me for as long as I needed, despite me soaking through her coat, she remained calm and focused, probably trying to make me feel better as if I saw her tear up, my crying would be ten times worse.

I started to apologise to her, but nothing came out as my face was buried in her body.

"Why don't you take a seat, baby?" she asked me.

"Yes… yes!" I whimpered, trying to regain control of myself.

Mama waited for me to pull myself away from her before moving, which took much longer than it should have.

She held me in place until I managed to hold myself up. To the left of us was a table with two chairs next to it, the same table I sat at when I first came here and was being interviewed by Donna. My Mama took one side as I sat opposite her.

It was a weird feeling sitting normally like a human, spending the whole month on the floor had taken it's toll on my mind and my body. As a normal person, I would have said this was a comfortable seat, but my pet brain was telling me to sit down on the floor. I must admit, the tiled floor that filled the room seemed much more alluring than the seat I was currently sitting on.

"So… Baby, how have you been?" She smiled as she asked the question, placing her hands forward to lock them into mine.

This was the first time I could have a proper look at her, she had lost weight. She was still a rather large woman, but it was clear that in the month I had been here, she hadn't been eating like her usual self. That made me feel even more guilty. I could see the grey hairs started to grow on her head, where she usually kept her hair dyed a natural colour.

However, nothing mattered more than the smile she gave me, the smile that told me that everything was going to be okay.

I still wanted to cry, despite my eyes being dry and getting to that point of being painful, I struggled to remove that feeling from my body. It was just so good to see her again, with the last time we laid eyes on each other being in that bloody room where I decided to go ahead with being a pet.

I noticed she continuously looked down, as if her eyes were being drawn to something. It was my collar, something she wasn't used to seeing on my body. It was a reminder that I was still a prisoner, despite being free from the cell that covered my body.

"How are you doing? You getting along alright here?" Mama asked.

"Yeah… Yeah, I'm doing well" I replied back, trying my hardest to keep my voice from breaking again, "The two other girls here are nice and Donna treats us very well"

"That's good. She sent me an email saying that you had to be punished for something"

My face fell as the reminder of being placed in that cage and being blindfolded came to mind, "…yeah"

"What happened?"

"Oh, I broke something. I was sorry and made it up to Donna"

"So everything is okay now?"


"That's good"

I smiled, nodding my head lightly, but took a moment to realise that she was here alone.

"Where's Dad?" I asked.

I felt her hands grip mine a little more tighter once that question left my mouth, "He… he is well"


"He's… umm, since you've been here, he hasn't been too well. He's spent a lot of time in hospital"

Tears returned to my eyes, "Is he okay?"

"He is okay now, there is a long road ahead to recovery and he is at home. Sadly, he was too ill to come here today, but he sends you his love"

Regrettably, I had to take back my hands to wipe the tears off my face, "I'm so sorry, Mama!"

"Hey! Don't blame yourself for this, Dad would have been sick whether you are here or at home, you should not blame yourself for his condition"

"I know… but I should be there, I should be home right now to look after him"

"I would admit it would be nice to have you at home, but you are doing really well. It might not feel like it, but we are both very proud of you and how far you have come. Baby, I am looking at you right now and I can tell you have grown up so fast, you need to focus on yourself and doing the best you can"

Her words were kind, but they did not quell the guilt in my heart.

We continued to speak, although I mostly just listened. There wasn't much I could tell her, I didn't want to go into too much detail regarding my containment and what went on behind these walls. About the punishments, my feelings towards the others and the lesbian experiences I was having.

Mama talked about the world, about the simple stuff that was happening around town. About our friends and neighbours, who is dating who, who fell out with who and any events that happened. She told me about my friends, how all of them asked about me, what they were planning on doing during my time here. Some of them were at university or other forms of education, one was expecting a child, one even got into trouble herself and ended up in the same program as me, placed in a house further away than I was.

I couldn't help but laugh, I hoped she was doing well. It was nice to hear Mama talk about such things, I felt like I was home, listening to her talk about random stuff that happened during her day. It was a warm comfort to me, I could imagine turning around to see Father sitting in his chair, watching TV.

I wished that it would happen, but I knew that dream was far away, I was at Donna's house and I would still be here for eleven months yet.

It felt like no time had passed at all when Donna knocked on the door and let herself in, her voice was calm and had a hint of sorrow in it.

"I'm sorry, ladies. Time is up, I'm afraid," I knew those words were going to come out of her mouth, but I was dreading actually hearing them.

Mama smiled at the lady, however, it was clear she had much pain behind her eyes as she did so. She knew Donna was only doing her job and she was only able to see me for a certain amount of time each month, but it still hurt her to know that she had to say goodbye.

I accepted this too, with the feeling of guilt slowly fading away, I was unaware another emotion had set in, it wasn't sadness, it wasn't anger, it was something completely different that I couldn't place my finger on.

I knew Mama had to leave and I had no problem with this, but it hurt me greatly to have to say goodbye, but I did not show her this pain; I merely accepted it.

Mama stood up and I did the same. Once again, she wrapped her arms around me, engulfing me with her love. I had so much more to say to her, but nothing at the same time. It was odd, I knew I was still sorry for putting her through all this, it also felt as if we were seeing eye-to-eye on everything. Yes, I did wrong and still had a long time to go until I was free, but I agreed with her that I wouldn't get anywhere if I was guilty the whole time… I needed to focus on myself and become a better person.

"Thank you, Mama," I whispered in her ear.

She didn't say anything, but a simple kiss on the cheek told me everything I needed.

I watched as the two women walked down the driveway, Donna kept her arm around my mother as she escorted her to the car.

A sudden sadness came over me, not because she was leaving, but it was the conclusion of what I was waiting all this time for. The entire month I had been here, I had only one thing keeping me going and that was to have a talk with Mama… however, now that it was over, I felt as if I had nothing to look forward to now. I will see her again within a month, but that felt like so far away.

Mama took one last look towards the house before getting into the car. I saw the machine shake slightly as it turned on and before I knew it, she was past the gate and out of sight, leaving only Donna waving to her in her place.

The time with Catherine completely flew past. I had an hour with the woman as we were locked away behind Donna's bedroom door with Cleo and Poppy waiting outside. Within the room, Catherine got me to strip and sit on the massage table, afterwards she checked my body over, I had no issues sitting naked in front of someone else, she held my breasts in her hands as she gently rubbed her thumb over it entirely, she checked my temperature and made sure my heartbeat was strong enough. She then made me read words from a short distance away, making sure my vision wasn't hindered in the slightest.

Once all these tests were complete, she asked me to lay down and began massaging my body, I have never received a massage before in my life and I couldn't hold back my moans of pleasure as her fingers dug into my skin, pushing out all the aches and pains my body held; with some being before I became a pet.

I'm sure the two pet girls were getting the wrong idea, but I couldn't help myself, it felt too good. I was even gripping the edges of the table from the overwhelming pleasure that her hands created, even Catherine began giggling at my sounds.

That's when I remembered the pact me and the black cat had. I was coming down from my high as my body turned to jelly and melted on the furniture I was lying on. Whilst the feeling was amazing, my body began to remind me of another pleasure I needed to get out of my system before returning to my pet state. My private area began yearning for touch, as if I had completely forgotten the need for release since being unlocked and with that, I recalled the last time I had felt any form of pleasure was when the human Cleo forced it out of me. In return, I must do the same for her.

For the first time in my life, I had to pleasure a woman and bring her to orgasm.

"How is she?" Donna asked, walking into the bedroom and making sure the door was locked behind her so the other pets couldn't peak in.

"She's good. Her vitals are all great" Catherine said as she continued to massage my legs, "She has lost a small amount of weight since coming here, so it might be a good idea to up her feed a small amount each day"

"I'll take that into account, thank you"

Catherine continued working on my legs for a few more minutes, catching up with the woman I called my owner. Despite only seeing each other the other week, they began talking about what had happened recently in their life. Donna didn't have much to contribute, spending all of her time with three pet girls, behind the metal gate outside, did very little for her social life. She did, however, talk about the shows she was watching on TV; something that Donna did often and to my surprise, the two had a very similar taste in shows.

It was odd, seeing Catherine, who I thought was more mature than Donna, talk about cartoons and the characters within them, especially when I thought the cartoons were just pornography.

Apart from that, Catherine spoke about her social life and a woman she had been seeing outside of work and what their plans were for their next date. It sounded romantic, with them going to a fancy restaurant and then a movie afterwards.

It made me yearn partially for the outside world, I cannot remember the last film I went to see, I couldn't remember the last time I went out for a meal… I couldn't even remember the last time I had solid food.

However, my heart went out to Donna before mine. I knew she wasn't as sociable as the woman who was currently touching my body, but surely she had needs that weren't being met due to the 'criminals' she had in her home.

Surely, she wanted to date other people, surely she wanted to talk to people who weren't locked in latex, surely she wanted a life?

Once our year is over, what happens to her? I assumed some more pet girls will be locked in our place and it was her job to look after them too. What about after that? And after that?

Was that all she could do? Just look after pets until they get released?


"Ow!" I whimpered, a soft, sudden pain hit my bare butt.

"You're done," Catherine interrupted my thoughts.

The day flew by quickly, almost too quickly.

By the time I realised it, the sun had gone down and I was watching tv on the sofa with Cleo laying on top of me, with Donna on the other end of the room with Poppy doing the same to her. We both were feeding the pet girls, with our eyes glued to the screen with a heavy, warm meal in our stomachs.

Despite being human, I didn't really speak much to the other person in the room. We sat at the dinner table and ate quietly. It had been a while since I fed myself, but I was happy and content by the end of the day.

Cleo's paws pressed against my chest as I raised the food canister up, forcing her to move her head upwards too and continue having her dinner. It was cute, seeing the large girl desperately try to continue sucking in the blended food.

I laughed softly before bringing it back down and allowing her to rest on top of me once more, I didn't want to be too harsh to the pet girl I called a friend.

I was enjoying my freedom from the suit, it was nice to stretch my legs, use my hands and be able to talk. However, I soon found myself missing the confined feeling the suit gave me, like a protection against the world. Being a pet was just so much more simpler than being human, I began craving the feeling of my skin being covered, the gag that filled my mouth and spending the day relaxing next to the other pets. I was counting down the hours until I would feel that again, despite the fact I didn't want to accept it.

I had waited weeks to be unlocked, to have my body free from the shackles, I hated that suit… then why was I so desperate to crawl back inside it.

Donna yawned, raising her arms up in a dramatic fashion. It looked like Poppy had done with her feeding and started resting on the strange woman's stomach. I was surprised to see that Cleo had finished not long after.

"I think I am going to hit the sack!" Donna said whilst yawning again, "You can stay up for a bit and continue watching TV if you would like?"

"Thank you," I smiled back at her, I still wasn't used to talking to her like a normal human.

"It's your choice if you would like to sleep out here, but my bed's pretty warm if you want to join me"

She winked at me with a smile, letting me know she wasn't being serious, but before I had the chance to answer her, she walked out of the room with Poppy following close behind her.

I noticed Cleo watched the two girls walk out before becoming more cosy with me, wrapping her body around mine and placing her head on my shoulder.

I wasn't used to this, it felt so odd being the human in this situation, I wanted to cuddle up to her too, reacting in a way a normal pet would… but I wasn't a pet, not yet.

I heard a sigh of happiness escape from the mask that was held tight against her face and despite laying completely on me, she made sure I wasn't uncomfortable and was able to move underneath her large frame.

It was extremely easy to place my hand underneath her, I attempted to put my hand against her belly, I did not know why but that part of her body looked so tempting to me. It didn't matter as during my exploration I accidentally brushed my hand against one of her nipples and she reacted accordingly, arching her back and moaning softly as the tiny sensation of pleasure overtook her.

I pulled my hand back immediately, as if I had done something wrong. It did not take Cleo long before she returned from her sexual high and with both paws, she grabbed my hand and made sure to place it back on her breast, my small hand barely covering a quarter of it.

I breathed in heavily due to nervousness, never before had I been the one to sexually pleasure a woman. It was our pact, our agreement that we would take care of each other's needs whilst we weren't in the suit. I looked down at her chest, despite the black latex covering her skin, it only took a few seconds for her hard nipple to push through the material and be on show.

I rubbed my hand around her giant orbs, making sure to brush her erect nipple again with my thumb as it went past. Once again, this caused her to react in the same way as she brought her head up and arched her back. As she did this, she curved her body more towards me and allowed me access to her other breast and almost immediately; I took the other nipple into my hand.

The nervousness never escaped me, I was confident I was doing the right thing and I was actually enjoying myself more than I thought I was. The yearning feeling below had reappeared and was asking for attention, somehow knowing that I was sexually teasing this animal was a turn on.

She placed her bound hands over mine, there wasn't much she could do with her paws, but the sensation of the latex paws on top of mine was enough to encourage me to go faster, to be a little rougher with them.

I was in the zone, I didn't care anymore that I was new to this, Cleo's movements were telling me my actions were correct and she was enjoying herself. Both nipples were clearly on show and I saw out of the corner of my eye that she began to open her legs, giving me a clear sign to progress downward.

However, the cat would have to wait for her needs. While I did remove one hand from her breast, I soon replaced it with my mouth, sucking the nipple (and the latex covering it) into my mouth.

The overwhelming taste of the shiny material filled my taste buds, but it was worth it due to the reaction the pet gave me as she pushed her head further back and placed her hands around my back, a precaution to encourage me to remain where I was and not move away just yet.

I tried my hardest not to suck too hard and to dull the urge to gently bite the nipple, I couldn't risk the possibility of leaving a mark on the suit and showing Donna that we got up to something, especially as I wasn't sure what the punishment was for pleasuring one of the animals.

My mouth continued sucking, my left hand still teased her nipple and my right hand began to explore. I started by her breast, the latex settled under the weight of my hand and as slowly as I possibly could, I began travelling downward, passed her stomach, passed the belly button and down her leg.

It was difficult to avoid that area, but I wanted to do it for as long as possible and draw out this torture for the large cat, but she couldn't bare it much longer and pushed my hand off with her paw and tried her hardest to bring it as close to her sex as possible.

I couldn't help but laugh at her struggles, the fact that she had no access to her fingers meant she could only pat my hand into the direction she wanted it to go. She may have been stronger than me, but only I had the ability to use my fingers.

I finally let go of her breast to look up at her, she looked as if she was in a panic, frantically using her one paw to guide my hand, the other hand was stuck underneath her.

I felt bad for her, it was clear that she needed this, a touch on her most sensitive area. I decided to stop being mean and helped her guide it.

Almost immediately, she pushed my hand directly towards her crotch, she closed her legs to clamp my hand in place, not allowing me to pull it out without extreme force.

She shuddered as my fingers began to explore, what took me by surprise was how warm she was down there, she must have been desperate for me to touch her.

My heart was beating heavily, I might have been pleasured before by her, but this was the first time I was in control, with my fingers sitting on her sex. I was the one who would have to do the work, I was the one who had to consciously please this woman to the point of having an orgasm. 

This was the first time.

That I touched a woman's most private area.

I would admit that I wanted to pull back my hand and walk out of the room, it would be no stretch to say that I was out of my comfort zone. However, I felt for the creature, the need to have a release is built into everyone and being denied it for a month is nearly torture, I knew she was uncomfortable doing the same for me… but it was a pact between us, an understanding.

Before I knew it, my finger had begun exploring past the layer of latex. Cleo's sudden spasms told me that I was doing right, I was pleasing her in some form as I tried to get an idea of what I was feeling. Unsurprisingly, the large woman was already soaking wet under the suit and I soon found that her sex offered no resistance in letting me open it. My finger was placed directly on her clit, something that caused the poor girl to shudder with anticipation.

I breathed out.

I was already halfway there, there was nothing else to worry about. My finger soon began moving up and down in a slow rhythmic pattern and very slowly, I worked it into a faster pace. I didn't know what speed was comfortable for the black cat, it wasn't as if she could just tell me. So, I decided to try all speeds and see what she enjoyed most, but it didn't matter what I did for her, every movement and every speed offered the same results, her body rocked backwards and forwards as her paws patted against my chest. She was getting pleasure one way or another and anything I tried was alot for her to take in.

I stuck with a normal speed with the same motion, feeling her clit under the latex was an odd sensation and if it wasn't for her movements, I would probably have doubted I was touching her clit directly.

Soft, stifled moans escaped the mask, each noise that erupted from her got louder and the soft moaning turned to grunts… I was about to bring her to an orgasm.

I didn't know how the situation was making me feel and I wasn't sure what else to do to please the woman, I was a complete virgin when it came to pleasing another woman.

However, that feeling only stayed with me for a brief period. I stared deeply at the black, shiny creature on top of me, watching her as a feeling beyond words was surging through her system. I watched as her paws were hanging in the air, not sure if they should cover her body or lean on mine. I watched as her eyes went from looking straight forward to rolling to the back of her head with each wave that was bringing her closer to the edge.

I watched as the latex completely disappeared from my sight and all I could see was the dark haired, human Cleo before me, her pale skin coated in a thin layer of sweat, her dark red nipples standing out completely and her sex dripping with excitement.

I watched as her eyes rolled to the back of her head for the last time and the upcoming waves turned into an internal explosion. Her body shuddered violently from the most intense orgasm I had ever seen anyone have before, she lurched forward and fell on top of me once more, connecting my skin to her latex skin, she rested her head on my shoulder with the holes of the mask pointing towards my ear, allowing me to hear the sounds of a woman coming from my touch.

Again and again, grunts escaped the hood that was locked onto her head, loud grunts that seemed as if my touch was forcing the orgasms out of her, quiet whimpers also filled my head in between them, as if she wanted the feeling to stop but another orgasm was guaranteed to come.

It took a long time, but she began to soften, in both her form and the noises that were coming out of her. I had lost track of the amount of times she came and I wasn't exactly counting them to begin with. I knew she came alot, much more times than I ever had at once.

It was as if her body had turned to liquid and began pouring on top of me, the pleasure had indeed loosened her up, the only part of her that kept tight was her legs around my hand, not allowing me the right to pull it away, but each time I moved my hand slightly she spasmed and a loud, irritated moan filled my ear to tell me her sex is way too sensitive for anything more.

I…I felt something else overcome me. The warm breath of the black cat was hitting the side of my face, as well as the silky moans of her post-orgasm state. Again and again I heard her, quiet but content. I was stuck underneath her, hearing the pleasured, liberated sounds of the cat echoing around me… It did something to me, as if reminding me that I had my own needs to take care of… not reminding me exactly but nudging me in the right direction.

There was no other explanation, hearing Cleo's lush groans was turning me on.

I was not in control, there wasn't anything I could do, my free hand moved by itself and the soft, cotton shorts I was wearing did nothing to stop it travelling.

It lifted the material off my soft skin…

It travelled further down, past where I was freshly shaven.

Down… down… Oh… god.

"Ah," I stuttered softly, barely even a whisper.

Why did it feel so good? My clit was poking out, awaiting the touch, knowing that it was needed and I was unable to prevent myself from going there.

Cleo's moans continued, but she had opened her eyes to watch me, making me feel even more guilty for thinking of my own pleasure, but I couldn't keep my gaze on her for long, soon the room went dark and I knew nothing but delight.

I…I needed this, after everything… I needed this.

Cleo began stirring once more, I had to force my eyes open to look at her and ignore the overwhelming sensation for a second. Moans returned to the mask, I wanted to look at her but it was so difficult as my hand wouldn't stop, it was moving in a circular pattern around my clit and was getting faster and faster… I had no control.

As it got faster, so did the black cat's movements… It was my hand, I didn't realise that both of my hands were doing the same movements, I was forcing the cat into more pleasure as I took in my own.

I… am sorry, Cleo… I can't stop. It's so good…

I didn't know if I was forcing the girl into another orgasm or if the feeling was too intense that it had become painful for her. I didn't want to hurt her.

She lurched herself up, placing one paw on my shoulder and the other over my free hand, forcing it further against my sex. My mouth went wide and my vision blurred, as if the entire room went white.

I couldn't stop my hand underneath her, I couldn't stop my hand from attacking my own clit and with her paw in place, I could not pull myself away and it caused the feeling to be even more intense. We were both stuck in my own animalistic instincts, unable to separate ourselves from my own selfish desire.

Cleo returned to pacing herself backwards and forwards, knowing that I wasn't going to stop until I had my needs met. I saw her eyes roll to the back of her head once more before my eyes travelled upwards to, the ceiling of the living room travelled away from me, spiralling into a white light as my body underneath it was preparing to have the world crash down on it.

A simple groan escaped my lips, a sudden feeling flashed over me, letting me know that I had passed the point of no return, I had jumped over the edge and was just waiting for the ground to hit me. It wasn't a question of if I was going to have an orgasm anymore, it was a matter of how long I could last before the inevitable happened.

Cleo urged her back once more, placing her head upwards towards the ceiling too, she was in the same situation as I was, passed the threshold and waiting for a break in my hand's movement to allow the orgasm to pass through, with my fingers attacking her clit, it did not allow her the peace to achieve this feeling with every slight touch of my digits pushing the climax further and further upwards.

No matter what I did, it was going to fall down eventually.

I gritted my teeth, wanting my hands to stop, to allow us to process what was about to happen, but I had long lost control over it. It took all my will to find a way to make the movements stop,

"Oh… god, No!" I muttered.

Half a second is all I could manage, to gather all my strength and stop myself completely. It was enough and it hit us both harder than we imagined. My fingers tried to continue, but all they could do was spasm in place.

Cleo lurched forward again, once more returning to my side as her body was hit with the numerous waves, her groans echoing in my ear.

I wasn't there to appreciate it this time, I was far away, I felt as if I was out of my body and on a different planet, watching my frame lurch up and down from the indescribable feeling, but I could still feel it, every single moment of the orgasm hit me in full force and I could do nothing but take it. My hand, which was still locked in place over my sex was soon covered in juices and my other hand was no longer under Cleo as that cat was smart enough to crawl away from it.

It was only a moment of freedom as I was pulled back into my body with a large exhale. I was unable to tell if it was one massive orgasm I had achieved, or multiple ones at the same time.

Even once the feeling had passed, my body continued to shudder as I pulled myself up. My body felt heavy with no power left in my arms, I looked down as I managed to release my hand from the now soaked shorts, causing the article of clothing to become transparent.

Cleo was slowly coming to, she managed to get herself into a small ball and wait patiently until the feeling overcame her.

"Cleo?" I asked, wrapping my arms around her, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry"

Ofcourse she couldn't answer, even if she wasn't in the suit, she was still coming down from her high, that's if she even experienced the high as the whole experience might have been unpleasant for her. It took the longest time, but her eyes finally opened to look at me. Despite not seeing her mouth, it looked like she was smiling at me.

She managed to pull herself up and place her head on my chest one more time.

"Are you okay?"

She nodded.

"That's good, I'm glad," I gave her the biggest hug, "I was not in control of myself, I couldn't stop it"

She just looked up at me with a blank stare.

"Shall we go to bed? It's been a long day"

She nodded again.

Donna's bedroom was a chore to get to. Whilst I wanted to walk like a human, the feeling did not return to my legs and I had to crawl alongside Cleo to get to the bed. I decided to take Donna up on the offer of sharing her bed, it seemed like a good idea as I was returning to my status as a pet in the morning.

As the bed frame came to me, I struggled to pull myself up. Luckily, Donna was already in a deep sleep and Poppy was curled up at the end of the bed; I assumed she was too. Cleo ended up pushing my butt to help me and in the end, I managed to lift up the blanket and join the woman in bed.

Donna had her back to me, so I decided not to push my luck and cuddle up behind her, at least she couldn't see how wet the shorts were from this position; if she did wake up. Cleo managed to pull herself on top of the bed too and rested at my legs, she managed to enter the realm of sleep within seconds of making herself comfortable, those orgasms must have wiped the poor animal out.

I was completely comfortable for the first time since coming here, my skin was free, my body was not itching or wanting to stretch and the yearning feeling below had been quenched.

Yes, everything will start again tomorrow, but the night was still young and I had hours left as a human.

A human who was… falling… aslee…

"Nala?" A voice croaked in front of me.

I opened my already tired eyes to see that Donna had lifted her head up and was now looking at me.

"Yeah?" I asked quietly, not trying to wake the pets up.

"So, you joined me in bed?"

I could just about see a smile on the young woman's face, a row of white teeth shining through the darkness.

"Yeah… yeah, I decided to"

She chuckled softly before returning to her position, "Good girl, cuddle me tighter"

I nervously laughed, I had no idea what she meant by her words but I was too invested in the idea of resting my eyes. I pulled her small frame into a tight embrace and rested my head against her back.

"Goodnight, Nala"

"Goodnight… Donna"


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