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Pet Correction

by ForeverAltered

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Continues from

Part 6

"Hey, hey, hey," Donna's voice called out to me, it was quiet, calm and barely a whisper, as if she didn't want to wake anyone else apart from me.

"Hmmm, what?" I responded, just waking up from a lovely dream.

"Nala, stay quiet, I don't want to disturb Cleo or Poppy just yet" She tugged on my arm, trying to get me out of the bed, "It's time to go back into the suit."

"Okay, Mama," I mumbled, still in a dreamy state and unsure of what was happening in the outside world, I turned my head and tried to go back to sleep.

"Nala! Come on!" She grabbed my other arm and successfully pulled me out of the comfortable, warm bed, "It will only take a moment."

"Yeah… yeah, sure."

Donna held my hand as she guided me out of the room, my eyes refused to open so I just followed close behind her. I had to remind myself why my body was so cold, only the shirt and shorts covered my body; I was practically naked. I knew the real world came back to me and I was not with Mama anymore, I was in Donna's house and she was my owner. I had my day of freedom and it was time to go back to being a pet for another month. However, I didn't want to fully wake myself up yet and did not force my eyes awake, hopefully I could get some more sleep once I was locked back in.

"I'm sorry, Nala" She apologised, ushering me into what I assumed was the living room, "I was going to wake you up early so you had some time before I unlocked Poppy for the day, but it looks like we have overslept."

"Yeah… sure, that's no problem."

"What can I say, you are very comfortable to sleep on and I mustn't have heard the alarm clock."

"Sure… sure, no problem."

I placed my arms up in the air, allowing my owner to easily slip my top off and the shorts followed shortly afterwards. If I were more awake, I would have realised I was standing completely naked in front of the young woman.

Then she left me alone for a moment, causing the room to go completely silent. I looked down at my now bare body, with my breasts standing confidently outright.

Donna came back with my outfit in her arms, with the sound of latex wobbling from her movements filling the air. On top of the suit was the mask, the one thing I was going to be trapped in for the next month.

It didn't click how final this situation was, if I were a little bit more awake, I would have appreciated these final seconds more. However, right now I was just enjoying the idea of going back to sleep, maybe cuddling up to Cleo and nodding off for a few more hours.

She placed the whole outfit on the ground and unzipped it before ushering my foot into the cold material. She allowed me to use her body to balance as I lifted up my right leg, she wasted no time in sliding the leg of the suit up my limb, then the left leg was in, before I knew it, the suit was being slid up my thighs before reaching my waist.

I yawned again, stretching my arms out as much as I could, it was the last time I would be able to do that before the next day of my release.

Donna grabbed one of my arms and placed that into the outfit too, feeding my limb through the sleeve until my fingers rested within the paws and just like with my legs, my other arm met the same fate.

She zipped it up, sealing my naked form underneath the layer of latex. The familiar feeling of a pet came so quickly, the suit was heavy on my legs and I knew the only way to sooth it was to get on my knees. I fully opened my eyes as I looked at my hands, thick paws had returned to cover my human hands, at this point it started to feel like returning back to normality, as if I were always a pet and being a person was just a temporary fault in my schedule.

"Okay, let's get this on and you can go back to sleep," Donna said, holding up the hood of the suit.

My eyelids fell back down once I opened my mouth, I just wanted to get this over with and get back to sleep, the idea of cuddling up with Cleo before having a doze was very tempting. The latex material engulfed my head as my owner tried to connect the gag to my mouth, once that was done all she needed to do was zip up the hood and I would have returned to being a pet.

"Purr-fect." She laughed to herself once all remains of my human form ceased to be.

Why was I so tired?

My head started to drop, Donna quickly guided me towards the bedroom, giving me a light tap on the butt to encourage me to move forwards. I soon found myself back in the bedroom, where the other two pets were sleeping. I tried to move my head between Cleo's arms, luckily she moved her body in her slumber, wrapping her arms around my body and hugging me like a pillow. I was unsure if she knew she was holding me, but I was more than happy to take it as I fell asleep seconds later.

The last thing I heard was Donna walking across the room to Poppy, waking her up as softly as she did with me.

"Poppy… Poppy? Sorry to wake you, it's time to get you out of your suit."

It felt as if a long time had passed. I painfully opened my eyes to a bright room, my first instinct was to yawn and stretch but the latex held me in place, reminding me that I was no longer human.

Instead, I had to sit up and stretch my body like a cat, placing my paws in front of me and pushing my butt out as high as it could go, this was the only way to get a satisfying release.

The first thing I noticed was Cleo's body in front of me, her large, shiny, black form made almost too good of a pillow. The larger cat was fully awake and seemed like she had already been up for a long time before I opened my eyes. She watched the entire time I was moving my body and even kept still when I placed my paws against her side to get the stretch earlier.

I was so glad that she and I made friends. It took one of us being human and mutual agreement to sexually satisfy each other when we were released, but it was all for a good cause. It helped both of us out in multiple ways, we both get a sexual release twice a month, I was no longer scared of her and she made a really, really good pillow.

The moment I was off her body, she did the same thing as me, stretching out her body before the long day ahead of her. I looked around, noticing that Poppy wasn't in the room with us. I think Cleo caught me trying to look for the white cat and did a movement with her head that was telling me to follow her before she crawled out of the room.

I kept close behind her, noticing her large butt moving side to side with each 'step'. I felt as if I was drooling underneath the mask, imagining using that part of her body as a pillow for tonight.

Together, we crawled to the hallway, Cleo did not stop until we were at the door that went to the reception room, where me and Mama had a moment to talk when she was here yesterday.

To my surprise, I could hear talking from behind the door. Whilst it shouldn't have been too surprising that Poppy was up and she had a visitor, there was more than one voice I could hear. At least four, maybe five at the same time, a mixture of women and men, young and old people, it sounded like she had a whole town behind this door.

My curiosity got the better of me and I pulled myself up towards the window in the door to see. My suit was almost begging me to get back onto my knees as the material stretched and tightened around my legs and the need to get back down became too great to ignore, but this did not stop me. I managed to just get my eyes at the same level as the window and was shocked to see what was on the inside.

People… lots of people.

The entire room was full of them, not a single part of the floor could be seen, not a single space between the white cat's visitors. Poppy was sitting in the middle of the room at the same table me and Mama were at yesterday, with what looked like her grandmother on the other side, an old lady stretched over the furniture, holding hands with the girl we had spent a month with. The rest of the room was full of what I could only assume to be her parents, Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, Uncles, Aunts, Grandparents and any other family she may have had.

I was so shocked by what I saw, so invested in what was happening in front of me, that I didn't notice the large, black cat beside me, doing the same thing I was doing, our paws holding onto the door and allowing us to look over. Luckily, it seemed this action was much less strenuous on Cleo's body than mine, that was the perks of being taller than me.

Poppy looked extremely happy, managing several conversations with multiple family members, even the aspect of wearing those see through shirts and shorts didn't seem to bother her. It was nice to see and wasn't as odd as seeing Cleo out of her suit for the first time. I had the luxury of knowing Poppy before we came here, the poor girl with pink hair, crying softly to herself the entire time we were driven here.

However, this time her long, pink hair was cut short, I assumed by Donna during the initiation process and her natural hair colour began to grow through and her tears were long gone, this time replaced with the joy of seeing her relatives… the entire lot by the look of it.

I finally rested my body back on the ground. I was happy for her, however I must admit… I was jealous. Seeing Mama was one of the best things that happened to me since coming here, but I would have loved to have seen Dad or maybe my friends.

Cleo joined me on the ground as I felt my stomach begin to grumble, maybe having breakfast would take my mind away from my thoughts. I turned around and began looking for Donna, with the black cat crawling right behind me.

Donna kept her attention towards the TV as I rested against her, my eyes partially blocked by the canister that was feeding me. Not that I minded too much, despite being here only a month, this is the third time my owner had watched the exact episode of this cartoon. It was almost to the point I could remember this episode word for word. It was a typical sexual scene with three girls skinny dipping in a lake and one of their friends steals their clothes, causing the girls to run back to their house completely naked.

It was a cliche; even for a sexual cartoon, but it had Donna hooked every time it was on.

I was just happy warm food was going into my stomach.

Cleo was the first to eat, now she rested in a ball and tried to clean her outfit with her mask. Being in these suits all the time, we found out that the solid front of our hoods were perfect for cleaning small amounts off our bodies, almost as if it was a feature to make us look more like cats. No matter how careful we were, the latex would pick up small amounts of dirt, mostly outside but even the carpets inside did the same. It had gotten to the point we spent about half an hour everyday trying to clean our bodies as much as possible.

It was an odd feeling, despite being in these outfits against our own wishes, having a clean outfit was almost something to take pride in.

I tried sucking in further, but it was clear the canister was empty and I would have to wait for dinner later to have another meal.

I groaned softly to myself, not that the sound could escape the gag that was around my mouth, it was more for me to tell myself how disappointed I was to get more food.

Donna didn't notice the fact I was finished, she was too busy being engrossed in the scene in front of her. The girls on TV were crawling in bushes, trying not to be spotted by a pair of hitchhikers, as the girls crawl in a line, the one in the middle notices the leader's butt and tries to avoid looking at it, but she can't.

I noticed this scene made Donna lean forward, it was like she was putting herself in the same position as the cartoon on screen.

I sighed… another mute sound, I knew how this ended, she knew how this ended, why was she pretending that the outcome was going to be different.

The girl in front stops in place, causing the girl behind to crash into her butt, the girl's nose enters the leader's vagina and they both get awkward with each other. Then it starts raining and the group runs home, not caring if they are seen or not. If I've seen this three times already, I dread to think how often Donna watched this before I came here, Cleo had probably seen this hundreds of times already.

I lift my paw up, squishing the soft latex against her cheek, carefully trying to get her attention away from the show.

"Oh, sorry Nala," Donna jumped, "Have you finished?"

I nodded. She apologised again as she pulled the canister away from my face, a quiet *pop* could be heard as the nozzle leaves the hole in my hood.

"How long has Poppy been in there for?" Donna asked herself as she checked her watch, "Oops! She's gone over the time limit, better get her to finish up."

My owner moved around me, trying to get off the sofa without interrupting my position. I would have been more than happy to move over but the young woman was off the sofa and out of the door before I could make any non-verbal hints.

I felt insulted in a small way, Donna did not allow the time between me and Mama to go over the limit, she was at the door the moment the minute ticked over, but it seemed to be a different story for Poppy, as if it there was no penalty for being a human longer than normal.

The thought did not stay in my mind for long. Cleo watched her leave the room and the moment she stepped out of the door, opened her arms up to allow me to cuddle up to her, just like the night before. I accepted the invitation before she had the chance to change her mind.

It was so comfortable being next to Cleo, despite the issues we faced earlier in our relationship, it was an addictive feeling to be in her presence, to be next to her or even cuddling up to her. Despite her strong, tall physique, her skin was super soft under the latex and it felt similar to hugging a pillow.

We got into a comfortable position where I was resting underneath her arm with her laying on her front, it wasn't the most comfortable position I had been in with her, but there was something about having her arm over me that made me feel safe.

This is when we were disturbed by the two humans. The moment Poppy saw us she placed her hands over her mouth and started giggling, as if we were the cutest thing she had ever seen.

"Go on, join them if you want, I'll make up some breakfast" Donna sighed as she walked back out of the room and towards the kitchen.

I must admit, my stomach growled at the thought of food, despite only just eating. I had to force my head up to look at Poppy, feeling the latex tighten at the back of my neck.

I was still surprised at how little the shorts and shirt protected your body. I was uncomfortable being in front of Mama in it, knowing it did nothing to hide my boobs from her. Poppy didn't seem too bothered about her family seeing her in that outfit and her breasts were much bigger than mine, almost jumping up and down with each tiny movement the young woman made.

I must admit, I was jealous of her, I was jealous of them even when she was in the latex suit and that held them tight against her body.

I noticed they started bouncing almost uncontrollably as she ran towards us. My first instinct was to run out of the way, but she was too fast and made herself comfortable between me and the black cat, lying directly between us.

"This is sweet," she hummed to herself, "I love our cuddles."

I felt my face get warm underneath the hood, not from embarrassment like usual, but from anger. The girl's voice sounded normal and not hoarse like I was the moment I got out of the outfit. She gets more visitors, longer time with them and wearing the outfit for so long did not do anything to her.

Of course I was angry.

Poppy didn't notice this and wrapped her arms around my waist, hugging me from behind. I could feel her large breasts pushing against my back.

I was still angry… but comfortable.

I even began closing my eyes. Donna might have been a while with the food, and the idea of having a few more minutes of sleep sounded good right now. With food in my stomach and a comfortable pillow behind me, it wasn't too difficult to drift off back to sleep.

I wanted to sleep, I really did. However, the motion of Poppy's hands moving upwards kept me awake. It felt like the soft touch of her fingertips being dragged along my body was attacking my nerves, causing my body to shudder in anticipation of where she was going with this.

I wanted to play dumb, but I knew what she was doing before her hands got to their destination and when I felt her hands cup over my breasts, I wasn't surprised.

I looked down… there they were. All of her fingers were covering my bound mounds, tiny in comparison to the large breasted women behind me. It wasn't like I could ask her what she was doing, being locked in these suits meant I was helpless in every way possible and I should have known this was what the white cat wanted the moment she got our freedom, as me and Cleo were struggling with our sexual frustration and Poppy was the most sexual pet out of all of us.

"I hope this is okay?" she asked, carefully and quietly in my ear.

I nodded as I noticed Cleo's large frame move from the corner of my eye, trying to understand what was happening between the two women in front of her.

It was a big risk, with Donna just in the other room, we didn't know how she would have reacted to seeing her prisoners sexually touch each other, no doubt some form of punishment would be in order.

The moment I nodded, all Poppy did was move some of her fingers, as they grazed over my breasts, they touched both of my nipples at the same time; causing me to breathe out heavily into the mask. My legs rubbed against each other as what felt like a few bolts of electricity was bringing life to my sex.

She continued with her motions and took glee in seeing me writhe in front of her, unable to stop her attacks on my body.

Cleo placed her large paw on Poppy's arm, almost as if asking if she could have the same experience as I was having. I was slightly disappointed to feel the small woman take her hands away from my body as she turned around and began teasing the large, black cat.

"Wow!" Poppy smirked, almost too loudly, "Look how big your melons are! What size are you?"

I turned around to see she had placed both hands on top of Cleo's giant breasts, the latex and skin underneath cushioned to her touch, making a hand sized hole under her pressure. She played with both breasts for a solid minute before taking it any further, moving them up and down, left and right, squeezing them both together. The black cat loved every moment, laughing beneath the gag until her expression changed, her eyes stopped focusing and looked upwards towards the ceiling.

I looked back at Poppy who had stopped playing with them and began rubbing her thumbs over the latex and bringing her slowly erecting nipples to the surface.

"Poppy? Breakfast won't be too long, did you want to sit at the table?" Donna's voice echoed from the kitchen.

The moment it was heard, Poppy turned back round almost instantly and returned to the cuddle, as if she was scared of being caught by our owner.

"Table? Yeah, sure… that is fine." I heard her voice crack.

The way she acted was almost funny, if it wasn't the same thing me and Cleo went through when we were back to being human. We had the patience to wait until it was night and Donna was fast asleep, that way there was a much lower chance of getting caught.

It was nice to see that she too was a slave to her desires, the curiosity of being a cat and requiring pleasure had combined together. Being locked in latex for a month and seeing everyone's sexual curves was a completely different experience out of the suit. With that freedom, you could act on your ideas, and actually touch the parts of the pet's body that you had been looking at everyday. Nothing was stopping her from teasing us or discovering that you can have an orgasm by rubbing the front of the suit.

Did that mean we would have to make the same pact with her? It is extremely frustrating to have to wait that long to even touch yourself. In a way, I began to feel bad that we did not include her in our sexual misadventures. Not that it was something we were proud of, it was a mutual understanding between two prisoners.

It was probably a good idea that Poppy stopped playing with us when she did, Donna left the kitchen and sat on the sofa within less than a minute of calling out to the human girl. She had the widest smile on her face as she noticed us all cuddling each other, Poppy being the middle of a cat sandwich.

"Aww, don't you all just look so cute." Her smile somehow grew even wider.

Poppy just laughed in return, holding me as close to her as possible. That's when I noticed Cleo was trying to hide her giant breasts from our owner, trying to hide them both behind the tiny figure Poppy had as her breasts did not calm down from when she played with them moments before and her nipples were very much on show, sticking out harder than I had ever seen them.

I did not know if I showed any signs of sexual teasing, it seemed as if the black cat enjoyed her moment with the human girl much more than I did.

It didn't matter much to me, I was still content from the orgasm I had when I was human and the feeling of Poppy's arms around me was one of the most relaxing positions I had found myself in. Maybe because she was out of the suit, I felt that extra bit of comfort that she would be there to look after me if I needed a human's assistance.

She placed her head on my shoulder and relaxed as all four of us continued watching the program on the TV.

I could not believe what I was seeing, I wanted to place my hand in my paws in complete disbelief. I knew Poppy was more accepting of her pet role than me and Cleo combined, as if it was second nature to her, but I imagined she would want a break from being one when she was finally unlocked, but here I was, staring at her butt as she took the plate of food from Donna and placed it on the ground.

Eggs, bacon, sausages and toast were all being devoured by her as she was on her arms and knees, eating everything like a dog or cat eating from their bowl.

Despite Donna's initial nervous laughter, she seemed okay with it.

I must admit, the smell was making me even more hungry than before, despite only eating less than an hour before, but my mind was just so shook from the surreal experience in front of me.

The black cat and I watched in silence as the two humans consumed their meal, one sat normally and the other on all fours.

Donna cleared her throat as she finished the last bite, placing her cutlery on the plate before picking up a napkin and wiping her face of any excess food, a stark comparison to Poppy staring up at our owner, smiling with food both in and out of her mouth, parts of all her breakfast covering her face.

A loud knocking was then heard throughout the house.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

We all stopped what we were doing, even Poppy looked round in confusion as she chewed and swallowed the last bit of food in her mouth. We've heard many noises around this house and whenever a visitor came, they would be introduced in the form of a loud buzzing that could be heard in any room. However, this was a knock, coming from the front door, behind the large, electrified fence that covered the entire property.

Who the hell could that be?

Me, Cleo and Poppy all looked towards our owner, it seemed that despite being in human form, Poppy still only saw herself as a pet, in the same situation as me and the larger cat.

Donna didn't react apart from the initial shock, she continued wiping her face with the napkin, before standing up and walking casually towards the front door.

Cleo and Poppy stayed in place, nearly paralysed from the new sound. I was bound in the outfit and completely helpless, but I did not like the idea of leaving Donna alone.

I followed her, keeping a few steps behind. As she got to the door, she waited a few seconds before opening it up, seemingly as if she was preparing herself for something.

The door opened up to the outside world and to two people in suits.

"Hello?" Donna asked.

I did not like the look of them. They weren't imposing by any means, but they had an aura about them, telling me that they were strict and harsh people. It was a man and a woman, both must have been in their late forties, maybe early fifties. The man looked between Donna and I behind large, heavy glasses that highlighted his eyes, making them appear larger. He had lost most of his hair by this point, having a large forehead that connected to the few grey and white hairs near the back of his head. He was wearing a plain, dark blue suit with a faded shirt underneath, it looked like it should have been white but took the appearance of grey after so many years of being worn, A stripped, blue and white tie completed his outfit.

The woman wasn't much different in terms of outfits, she wore a black suit with a black shirt underneath with no tie, letting the top two buttons of her shirt stay open. She was clearly younger than the man next to her, easily by a few years, but covered in more wrinkles than the guy, at every point where her face moved was a deep wrinkle. Her hair was strange, it was an unrealistic red, as if it had been dyed, but a collection of grey hairs were beginning to poke through. It was a short bob, covering her ears but ending just below her lobe, giving her entire face a very round look.

"Good morning, Donna" The man finally began to speak, taking me out of my trance of staring at the woman, "May we come in?"

How did they know her?

Donna bowed slightly and opened the door up a little, "Of course"

I crawled backwards, looking as if I was giving them space to enter the hall, but I just didn't want to be close to them. I felt like I shouldn't trust them, they gave off vibes of being a Hollywood film villain.

"It's nice to finally meet you." The man's voice was easy on the ears, but seemed like it would be boring to talk to him for long periods, "I'm Mr West and this is my colleague, "Ms Armstrong."

"It's nice to meet you."

"We are from Pet Correction's head office, we are here to talk to you about a few things. Do you mind if we go somewhere private?"

"Yeah… sure," Donna stuttered before pointing towards the reception room, "We can go in there."

"Great!" The woman stepped forwards, her voice was louder and more shrill than the man's, "We will need to speak to you and Prisoner…" She looked at a clipboard she held behind her, "Prisoner 1921, last name Odette, first name…"

"That's her," Donna nudged her head in my direction.

It was odd seeing her so worried, her voice was breaking every time she spoke and it was as if she wanted to cut the woman off before she said my name, my actual human name. It seemed our owner never cared much for who we were before coming here and she only saw us as pets and not the people we used to be. I was Nala to her and nothing more, even on our days of freedom, we are only known as our pet names.

The two people in suits walked into the next room, Donna followed closely behind, ushering me in with her hand to stay close.

The last time I was actually in the reception room was when I saw Mama, it was a place that held a good memory for me, I imagined Poppy felt the same thing with her family, it was a room that we hardly went into outside of those meetings, it was a room that held a special place in our hearts and seeing the two boring people in suits was going against that feeling. I even began to feel slightly insulted and disgusted when the strange lady took the seat Mama took only yesterday.

Donna made herself comfortable on the opposite side of the table and the man grabbed a nearby chair, placing it next to his colleague.

I felt weird, being in front of complete strangers. This is the first time I had seen people from the outside that I wasn't used to, Donna, Mama and the Postman were the only people from the real world that I interacted with. It made me feel so aware of what I was wearing, whilst they were in normal clothes; like suits or a dress, I was sitting in front of them in a full latex outfit with a collar around my neck.

It felt wrong in a way, like being naked would have been better at this point.

"Oh, if she could sit over there, that would be perfect," the man said as he finally sat down, pointing to the corner behind Donna, a few feet away from the rest of them.

Donna looked towards me, keeping a stern sound in her voice, "Nala…please?"

I looked at her and then to the two suits before dragging my body towards the far corner. I felt like a kid on time out, not allowed to participate in what was happening… but what did I do? I haven't done anything wrong, why was I being treated like a… 

…like a prisoner.

I hung my head down, knowing that was what these people saw me as and nothing else.

"I would like to start by congratulating you." The man's tone shifted as he said this, not his mannerisms, just the way he spoke, "Because of you and everyone else in this program, Pet Correction has been a success."

"That's really good news," Donna said, she sounded happy but remained still, it was very unlike her.

I noticed at this point, the woman started writing in a notebook, not participating in the conversation.

"It really is, so far there has been a one hundred percent success rate in ex-prisoners returning to society, not one of the people who went through our program have reoffended."

"So, they have all returned to normal lives? Having jobs, meeting with friends and just being human?" I'm glad Donna asked that question, it was one I had at the back of my mind.

"Most of them, yes," he nodded.


Donna nodded too, completely avoiding the way he phrased that, "That's good."

"Yes, it is. So far, the program is still secret from the world, but the committee is really thinking about going public with the idea. They still have to do some tests, but they are really pleased with the success rates of no zero re-offenders. Please keep in mind that this is a long way from now and they will take the security of all the houses that hold these prisoners very seriously. We know that some people might find this operation a kink and we do not want them to stumble across one of these houses."

Donna nodded again, "Yes, that is completely understandable. Thank you."

The man shot her a small smile, "That's no problem. Now, onto the bad news."

The woman with the red hair passed him a sheet of paper, which he gladly took and placed in front of him, he began eyeing up the words on the page.

"There's bad news?" My owner's worried voice came back.

He shot another smile, "There are exactly two issues that need to be taken care of, Donna."


He repositioned himself on his chair, resting his elbows on the table as he continued reading the sheet in front of him, "I understand it was you that picked this property? The moment you were eligible for being a warden of sorts for these 'pets', this was the house you picked. May I ask, why?"

The young woman looked around the room, smiling softly as a series of tears slowly filled her eyes, "I loved this place, ever since seeing it on paper. This is where I wanted to work, to look after the pets. I thought I could really do something here, make my time with them worth it."

"With that in mind, the moment you saw prisoners 1921 and 1923 become available, you decided to take them both on?"

Knowing I was 1921, I assumed 1923 was Poppy, as we both arrived here on the same day.

"Yes, I did. I knew they were both sentenced on the same day, at the same court and both took the chance to become pets. I thought it would be easier for them to have the sentence together."

"Even though you already had a prisoner? 1612, I believe?"


1612 must have been Cleo. If they add a number between each pet, that must mean there was nearly three hundred pets between when Cleo first started and when me and Poppy came in.

"Donna, do you realise on your lease with this property, it states this house can take a maximum of two pets?"

"… Yes, sir. I did."

"It's easily one of the smallest properties we have. There is only room for you and two others, that means you are one person over the limit."

"But it's never been a problem, ask the girls! They have no issues here, we are not overcrowded."

"That is beside the point. You must respect the rules of the organization and you must keep to the two prisoner limit. If Health and Safety were aware of this, they would have you shut down. Having a prisoner means they must be alloted a certain amount of space. The three you have here, along with you exceeds what this place can hold."

"So, what do I have to do?" Donna's voice lost all emotion.

"It's easy. Either we take out one of the prisoners and move them to a different location, or we relocate everyone here to a larger facility."

"…but I love this house."

"You've made that very clear, so that means you can choose one of the prisoners to move."

"But I love… I've become used to the pets I have, I don't want-"

"Donna, it's your choice" The man interrupted her, "But you know the choice you have to make, you have a week to make it."

The young woman hung her head down, as if trying to stop herself from crying, "Okay… is that everything?"

"I'm afraid not" The man said, taking another piece of paper from the woman, "The main reason we are here was to discuss a recent event that happened with your prisoner over there."

My ears perked up, knowing they were talking about me. I leaned forward, as if that would somehow make me listen better.

The man continued, "We would like to discuss an incident that happened a few weeks ago."

Donna managed to lift her head back up, remaining with the unemotional tone from before, "Yeah?"

"According to this report and receipt you filed with us, Prisoner 1921 broke equipment that belonged to Pet Correction. You replaced it with one that cost three times the amount."

"I'm sorry, I indulged a little."

"We have no issue with that. Compared to some of the others we deal with, you hardly use any of the budget given to you. The problem we have is how Prisoner…"


The man looked up, peering down his glasses at her before returning to the paperwork beneath him, "Nala was not sufficiently punished for the act she committed."

"It was an accident." Donna nearly stood up to defend me.

"I have the report you filed here. An hour in solitary confinement and an afternoon of being blindfolded… Does that sound like enough punishment for equipment that is worth hundreds?"

"It was an old TV! The sound was going, it was only nineteen inches."

He flashed the smile again, "That is correct, but we must punish the prisoner based on the price of the replacement equipment, rather than what was broken."

I could tell Donna wanted to fight more, but enough information was given to her, she already had a lot on her mind to think about.

"Okay," she murmured.

"So we are not punishing her based on the nineteen inch tv she broke, but replacing it with a…" He was given another piece of paper from the lady, a copy of the receipt of the TV Donna purchased, "A forty-two inch smart TV with surround sound audio with built in voice controls."

"What's the punishment?" She was still cold.

"We will be happy with five days in solitary confinement, followed by one week of being blindfolded. We would also request that she is stopped from having visitors for one month. That would be enough to keep the company happy."

Donna didn't say anything, she just looked over in my direction, knowing how much seeing Mama meant to me. I was angry, I was shaking. My eyes were coated in tears and all I wanted to do was run over and hit this man over the head. I was sorry for what I did, I really was sorry. Please don't do this! Being blindfolded, unable to see didn't matter to me at that moment, spending a whole week in that stupid cage took less of a priority than seeing Mama.


"Okay." Donna's head fell down again.

That was it, I couldn't hold on anymore. Tears began streaming down my face uncontrollably as my fate was sealed. An audible noise could be heard from behind my mask, to them it sounded like I was coughing, but I was blubbering, causing air to hit my gag and fall back down my throat.

In my mind, I was pleading with them. Telling them I was a good girl, I would take any punishment that meant I could see my Mama next month.

The man looked in my direction for a brief moment, I was shocked to see the woman do the same, I think that was the first time she looked up since she sat down.

"Well?" The woman said, pointing the tip of her pen towards me.

"Right away." Donna stood up and walked towards me.

I fell over, holding up my hands towards the woman who had looked after me for the last month, almost like she was an attacker and I was defending myself. I just wanted to say what was on my mind, I wanted to rip the mask off and tell them why I did what I did, I was scared. I didn't mean it, it would mean everything to me if I could take it back.

Donna placed her index finger through the hoop on the front of my collar and dragged me out of the room. I resisted all the way, doing a mixture of falling over and skidding across the carpet. I could tell she was pulling me with all the strength she could muster.

She opened the door, seeing a shocked Cleo and Poppy jump out of the way. My owner did not stop and continued to drag me to the door to the garden. I turned around to see the sight of my human and pet friend moving further and further away from me, the black cat placing her arms around the legs of the human girl next to her.

I cried a little more, seeing their reaction to me being treated this way. The grass was still damp from a night of continuous rain, not allowing me any traction to stop the movements of the woman in front of me. I dug my knees in, placed my hands out and nothing stopped her, only slipping slightly just before getting to the wooden shed slowed her down.

She wasted no time in unlocking the door. It was clear she was as angry as I was, I don't think it was at me, but the company in general. Deciding that extreme of a punishment for me despite the issue not even being that bad. The man said that Donna did not use that much of a budget, so why was it they wanted to make an example of me.

The door swung open. I first thought Donna was going to continue dragging my by the collar, but to my surprise, she walked into the shed and up to the cage, allowing me to make the movements towards the cage.

"Please… don't make this difficult for me," she murmured.

It wasn't like there was anything I could do. I couldn't run away, I couldn't hide and I was scared that acting out anymore would make the punishment even harsher.

I wanted Donna to fight for me more, but I could tell by the look on her face that the meeting had already taken a toll on her, she had much to think about and either choice she would make would affect all of us.

I accepted my fate. Looking down at the wooden floor below as I took every step, feeling my paws deflate slightly with my weight placed on them, with the room being completely silent, I could even hear the soft *pfht* sound with each step as air escaped the latex.

The heavy metal bars welcomed me once more, it felt more real each time I crawled further in. I did not want this, I didn't want to be blindfolded… I didn't want to miss seeing Mama for a whole month.

The sound of the door closing made my skin crawl and my heart beat even faster, but that only lasted seconds before it changed to the sound of the gate locking as it closed.

I didn't bother moving around, I just wanted to lie down and rest, take time to think about what happened and how my life would be for the next fifteen days.

"Nala… I'm sorry," Donna said, for the first time since the two suits arrived, I heard the sincerity in her voice.

She walked out of the door and closed it behind her, not giving me the chance to look at her before she left me alone.

I looked around once more, remembering the feeling of being behind bars. 

How did this happen?

Just a few minutes ago I was in a meeting, just a pet in front of a group of people. Before that, I was relaxing with Poppy and Cleo, before that I was relaxing with Donna as she fed me a warm meal… Before that I was looking through the door, watching Poppy interact with her whole family after a month of being apart from them.

I had no idea this day would take this turn.

Not only was I forced away from my friends, but I was looking at spending nearly a week in here and then losing my sight for ten days… not seeing Mama was still something I was struggling to process. What did I have to look forward to now?

That and knowing Donna had a very serious choice to make was tearing my heart up. I was stuck here in silence, contemplating what she would do. She loves this house, so it would be heartbreaking to see her give that up. What if she decides to give up one of us? It felt horrible to think that I could be stripped away from my friends and placed somewhere different. What if it was one of the others? My heart equally broke with the idea of not seeing either Poppy or Cleo everyday, they were more than friends… They were family to me.

The cold silence of the shed caused the creaking and cracking of the latex suit to echo throughout the room as I got myself into a comfortable position to lie down. The silence was almost deafening, to the point that I could even hear my heart beating throughout my body.

Knowing I was going to be in here for a while, I closed my eyes and hoped I could sleep through my time in the tiny cell. As I closed them, one last tear left my eye, it fell down my latex bound cheek and hit the cold floor of the cage, as it did this I was picturing myself being warm and cosy, lying next to Poppy and Cleo by Donna's feet, watching those stupid, pornographic cartoons she likes so much.

That was my idea of heaven.

"Dear Ms Odette.

I hope this letter finds you well and I hope your husband is doing much better than before.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately, your meeting next month with your daughter has been cancelled. This is due to some recent events that have occurred, please give me a call if you would like more information that I cannot discuss via letter.

I want to reassure you that your daughter is safe and she is doing well, after your meeting with her she had a full examination and the nurse states she is healthy as a horse. You should also know that your daughter is doing extremely well and has become very good friends with the other pets.

I am happy to tell your daughter any information you might like to pass to her until you are able to meet again, it is just unfortunate that she is unable to have any visitors for the next month.

You are more than welcome to give me a call anytime you like.

Best wishes,

Donna X."


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