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Pit Pony

by WishItWereMe

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© Copyright 2014 - WishItWereMe - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; captive; strip; bond; harness; collar; pitpony; cart; mine; naked; slave; mast; oral; climax; reluct/cons; X

Emily‘s eyes closed as she dozed on the train. On impulse she had taken her redundancy pay and set off to explore the world, but the overnight flight had taken its toll and overtaken the excitement of the journey. The trip was inspired by the last book that she had returned to the shelf in the library where she had worked. In it was a business card doubling as a bookmark. She took it out and read “Zulu Taxis. Zulu Halt and Zulu City”. The last line was a telephone number. What a strange name! She had taken the business card and looked it up on the Internet that night. On impulse she had called the number from the airport and booked a pick up from Zulu Halt for later the same day.

She bought a ’Rover’ rail pass, found the train, and now she was startled awake by the train announcement “Next request stop is Zulu Halt. Please leave the train promptly as the train will depart immediately”. She had not realised it was a request stop! A good thing someone else was leaving the train! She picked up her suitcase and moved to the end of the carriage, noticing that everyone was dozing and taking little or no interest in her.

She threw out her case and jumped off the train as soon as the door responded to her pressing the button. It was a long drop to the dusty ground. The train towered over her and seemed to stretch to the horizon in both directions. Almost immediately, the door hissed shut and the wheels ground into motion. She realised that, being so close to the train, she was invisible to any passengers looking out and already there was an exciting sense of adventure and isolation. Far down the track she could see the other passengers, already climbing into a waiting car which left without delay. She guessed that they had not seen her, as the setting sun was very low behind her and her shadow seemed to stretch almost up to where they were.

Looking around the deserted scene, Emily could see no other waiting vehicle and felt a momentary panic. She had seen from Google maps that Zulu City (population 325) was at least 5 miles from the halt. Walking carrying her heavy case seemed out of the question on the dirt roads and she doubted its tiny wheels would last the distance. The sound of an approaching car was a relief to her and an ancient utility appeared from behind a small hillock. The driver jumped out, took her case, threw it into the back and held the door open for her. Emily climbed in without either speaking a word. She gave him a sideways glance – older than her but attractive. He muttered about making a call and threw the utility into motion. The bouncing ride took all Emily’s concentration to stop her from being thrown around and the journey continued in silence. She stole another look at her driver. Tall, tanned, muscular, neatly dressed in clean jeans and an open necked shirt.

After an hour of being thrown around, they reached a small cluster of buildings nestling in a hollow. He stopped the utility, jumped out and opened the door for her. Emily looked at him quizzically but he just grinned and gestured her ahead of him. The instant she was in front she felt an enormous push in the middle of her back which forced her to her knees. She reached out to steady herself and he immediately pushed her flat to the ground, seized her wrists and fixed them together behind her back with a cable tie.

To her great surprise, he jumped off her, retrieved her case from the back of the utility and walked off towards the house. Emily rose to her knees and shouted after him. “What are you doing? Come back and release me now!” He ignored her and disappeared into the house. She rose to her feet and whirled round looking for help. Nothing! She started walking back down the track, but the thought of the impossible distances involved daunted her and she stopped again.

With her back to the house, she was unaware of his return until he threw her over his shoulder and carried her over to a smaller building some 50 metres from the main house. He dumped her down and quickly fastened a collar to her neck. The chain attached to it cascaded down her back. He cut the cable tie round her wrists and strode off, ignoring her cries of protest. She sat on the ground for a long time trying to reduce her panic. Emily looked around – there was no one in sight. The chain on her collar came through the door of the small building behind her. She rose and followed it inside to discover that the other end was fastened high up in the ceiling-less roof, out of reach. The only furniture in the single room was a small bed along one wall.

Emily returned to the doorway and sat down on the step. The sun started to sink in the sky and there was no movement for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually the man emerged from the house carrying a tray which he placed on the ground out of her reach. Then he said, “Here comes the interesting part. You can have this (pointing to the meal on the tray) or bread and water. To get the meal, I want all your clothes.”

Startled, Emily leapt up and took a pace back into the building. “You’re mad!” she cried.

“I’m giving you 5 minutes” he said and walked back towards the house with the food. She was hungry as her last meal was breakfast, nearly 10 hours before.

“Stop”, she called, “Please tell me what this is all about.”

He returned. “You’ll find out tomorrow. I promise that you won’t be hurt or assaulted”. Reluctantly, she started to unbutton her belt. She climbed out of her jeans, removed her shoes and socks, blouse and bra. She hesitated at her panties. “I’ll let you keep those tonight”, he said, “but I want your watch.”

She dropped it on the pile of clothes. He stepped forward and swept up the clothes. She automatically took another step back with her hands and arms covering her breasts. He did not look at her, but dropped the clothes out of her reach and brought the food over, putting it on the ground. Retrieving the clothes again, he disappeared back into the house some 50 yards away. For a moment an old man and woman appeared at the house door, looked over at her and disappeared back inside.

Emily sat on the bed and ate the food, which was a well cooked meat and vegetable pie. It quickly became dark. She lay on the bed trying to rationalise the events. Much to her surprise, she awoke next morning having slept the entire night.

The door had been opened and it was the flood of light which had woken her. “Breakfast.”, he announced, put down the tray and left. She ate it sitting on the bed. When she ventured discretely outside, she discovered a table with a bowl, soap, a towel, her hairbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste, together with some water, supplied in large jug. She cleaned herself up as well as she could, but the collar and chain were a hindrance.

He reappeared, carrying strange leather object with a number of short straps and buckles hanging from it and a pair of boots. “Put these on” he said, handing her the boots and socks, “They won’t be too bad a fit”. She complied. “Now turn around and face away from me” he ordered. Emily did not move, just continued to shield her uncovered breasts. “I won’t tell you again”, he said. “You need to earn your next meal”. She slowly turned around. “Now put your arms behind you and hold each elbow.” She complied and felt him wrapping the leather around her arms. After a few moments of tugging, he removed the collar with a key and stood back.

She realised her arms were secured in position behind her back, turned to him and asked, “Why are you doing this to me?”

Again, he didn’t answer but seized her panties and pulled them down her legs to her ankles. Startled, she jumped back, but he seized a handful of her pubic hair and started to lead her away. She gasped and tried to keep up with him, being forced to kick her pants off her ankles to match his pace. They walked up the hill to small flat area where there was a small truck on tracks leading from what she first thought was a cave, but quickly realised was a man-made tunnel. Alongside was a small spoil heap cascading down the side of the hill. Draped over the truck was a jumble of straps. He stopped and quickly arranged a harness over her shoulders, lacing it around her waist. The straps ran between her breasts to the waist band at the front and under her bound arms at the rear. Lastly, he fitted a strap linking the belt between her legs. She flinched as his hands brushed her groin although he made no sign of noticing. Two further straps from her shoulders were attached to the front of the truck.

He stood back, saying, “You’ll find the truck is easy to pull, I won’t be filling it too much and there’s hardly any slope in the mine. Follow me.” She made no attempt to obey him. “Do I have to remind you of what sort of food you’re going to get?” he asked.

She reluctantly followed and was surprised to find that the truck rolled easily and quietly. The track looped round and returned towards the mine entrance. As it passed the spoil pile, a mechanism alongside the track flipped a catch which tipped the hopper. The spoil was released and the hopper returned upright. They continued into the mine and walked in silence for what seemed to be about half an hour. Eventually he stopped at a widening in the tunnel and showed her how to reverse the truck using another loop. He put the lamp he was carrying on a ledge and started to shovel spoil into the truck. When it was about half full, he said “Off you go then.”

She glared at him (wasted in the gloom) and started back up the track. It was easier than she thought it would be and, despite being in the dark, she took little time more than the journey into the mine. The light at the entrance made her screw her eyes and it took some time to see. She emptied the truck at the tipper and paused to take in the view. Nothing moved. Reluctantly, she turned around and went back into the darkness. Although she did not know it, the round trip took her just over the hour. He greeted her with, “What kept you?” and refilled the truck. She made the trip many times more during the day.

At one point in the gloom he stopped work and produced sandwiches and a drink from his bag. He fed her between his own bites and gave her a drink from the bottle. Her walked off and relieved himself in a corner of the mine without any apparent embarrassment. She left her relief until she was outside the mine, where she was obliged to squat between the rails. Of course, she could do nothing about the splashes on her legs caused by the harness between her thighs, but it quickly dried in the sun.

At the end of the day he accompanied her back to the entrance. He unshackled her from the truck and took out the useful ore which the final load comprised. Without further word, he led her back to the collar and chain and left her there.

This dull routine of silent work continued for several weeks. On one day, she asked him, “What is your name?” He answered “John” and the conversation, such as it was, ceased. Her solo evenings were relieved by a steady supply of books which she read in the shade of the outhouse.

One day as they were about to enter the mine, the old man appeared at the house door and called out. John went down to him. Very quickly they reappeared, half carrying the old lady into the utility and they all sped off. Emily was left naked and harnessed to the truck. As the sun rose, fearful of sunburn, she retreated into the mine entrance. It was a long worrying day, but John reappeared alone just before sunset. He unshackled her and took her back to the outbuilding and left without explanation to prepare their meals. She never saw the old couple again, although John made several trips away from the homestead in the utility carrying what looked like their clothes and possessions and some of the furniture.

They resumed the silent routine. To her horror, Emily began to realise that she enjoyed the bondage and the lack of responsibility for her life. Her attempts to break the silences were meeting with some success and she discovered that, after his mother had recovered, his parents had moved to a small house in Zulu. John visited occasionally, leaving her fettered in the outhouse.

After many weeks, John appeared one morning looking pale. Emily looked at him anxiously but he said nothing. He put the arm binding on and released her from the collar. He suddenly stopped, took a few steps away, and vomited. Without another word he ran over to the utility and drove off, leaving her standing alone. Stunned for a few minutes, she watched him disappear down the track. After a momentary indecision, she walked towards the house and opened the door using her elbow on the handle. She stalked inquisitively around the house. It was tidy, but there were empty rooms. She presumed that John’s parents had the missing furniture. His bedroom was Spartan, but also clean and tidy. She used the toilet, revelling in the sensation, having been forced to squat in the open for the last few months.

She returned to the veranda and sat in the shade wondering what to do next. She awoke hours later, realising that she had fallen asleep. It was the noise of an approaching vehicle that had roused her. Guiltily, she leaped to her feet and round the rear of the house and up the hill to the mine. She peered down the hill. A car stopped and a blonde woman climbed out. She looked around and then called out, “Emily, where are you?”

Surprised to hear her name being used, Emily came out from her refuge in the mouth of the mine and walked slowly down the hill. The woman saw her nakedness and ran towards her. “What on earth..?” she started and then, “Are you OK?” Emily nodded wordlessly. The woman held out her hand and gently turned her round. “I’ll get this off.” she said, touching the arm binder. “No.” said Emily, to both their surprise. Emily had to admit to herself that she liked the bondage and was, well, she had to admit it, in love with John.

“I’m Diane, John’s sister. He called me from hospital. He is going to have an operation for a ruptured appendix and asked me to look after you. I won’t let him hurt you.”

Emily said. “I’m not frightened of him. He’s never hurt me. I know it’s silly, but I think I love him.”

“Let’s go over to the house”, Diane said and took her by one elbow. “We have a lot to talk about.”

They sat in the kitchen and Diane made tea. Between sips, she held Emily’s mug to her lips. “Are you sure you don’t want if off?” nodding toward the arm binder.

Emily shook her head again, “I don’t think John would like it.”

“I don’t know what power my male relatives have, but my mother was like that with my father. Do you know she even let him lead her by her pubic hair until we were old enough to realise what was happening?” Emily blushed. Diane looked at her in surprise, “OK, I get it. Like father like son. My mother accepted it, so I really shouldn’t be surprised if you do. Doesn’t it hurt?”

“No, I guess it doesn’t” Emily replied.

Diane changed the subject “What’s your name?”.

“ Emily, Emily Whatmell.”

“Ah! I remember that you were reported missing, but nobody had seen you since you left the airport. How did you get here?”

Emily told her about the business card and the pick up at the station.

“I take it you don’t want to go to the police then?”

Emily shook her head, “Not if I can get him to marry me.”

“You’re mad.” Said Diane “But at least I can keep an eye on you.”

Diane said that she would visit John in hospital the next day and asked if Emily was going to go. She refused saying that she wanted John’s agreement first. Diane made supper and alternately fed Emily and herself. “I’m ready for bed.” said Diane. Emily rose and went towards the door. “OH no” Diane called and with a wicked grin on her face took a handful of her pubic hair and led her upstairs. Emily did not complain, once again acknowledging to herself that she enjoyed being submissive.

Inside the bedroom Diane further startled her by turning her hand so that her forefinger entered her vagina. She started to massage her. Emily went limp in her arms and quickly orgasmed. Diane smiled and pushed her to her knees, lifted her own skirt, pulled down her panties and said, “Now you can return the favour.” She pulled Emily’s head in. Emily worked hard with her tongue and was gratified when Diane eventually climaxed. Diane washed her, undressed and pulled her into bed. They slept soundly, Emily in Diane’s arms.

Next morning after they had returned downstairs, Diane said, “I’ve been thinking. I have also decided that I won’t release you – I like you as you are.” Emily smiled and they kissed passionately. “Mind you” she added “I’d better not tell my husband Alec about this.”

She left to go to the hospital, leaving Emily, at her request, back in her collar, but still in the arm binder. After a long day, Diane returned with news that John had had his ruptured appendix removed and was feeling much better. She had told him about Emily’s feelings. He was relieved to discover that he wasn’t going to get a visit from the police and promised to talk to Emily about their future.

Diane released Emily from the collar and chain and led her back to the house for supper before taking her to bed. Two days later she packed and left before John’s expected return home the same day. Emily sat and waited for John’s return, wondering how their relationship would turn out and when she would next see Diane.

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