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Pit Pony 2

by WishItWereMe

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Storycodes: M/f; F/f; MF+/f; captive; naked; bond; harness; collar; armbinder; hood; bitgag; pitpony; cart; mine; public; wedding; mast; oral; climax; cons; X

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Part 2

It was nearly dark before Emily heard the sound of an approaching vehicle. To her surprise, she saw that it was Diane’s car and not John’s. It stopped near the farmhouse and Emily saw Diane walk round the car and help John across to the house. Because of the approaching darkness, Emily was unable to clearly see John’s face and his condition. After a long wait, Diane came over to her with some food and explained that he was not as fit as he thought he was and she was remaining for a few more days. After Diane had returned to the farmhouse, Emily realised that she had not released her arm binder and she was obliged to eat the food from its bowl on the floor like any animal. She was surprised to discover how used to the binder she had become and that she had not thought about it until it was too late. Climbing into bed some minutes later, she was forced to pull the bedclothes up using her teeth.

For the next week, some sort of routine was set up. Diane ministered to John then fed, watered and cleaned Emily. Despite Emily’s request, she refused to remove the arm binder and regularly brought her to helpless orgasm with her probing fingers, at the same time demanding a return service with her tongue. Any hint of a refusal to cooperate with met with a threat to leave her unwashed. With food caked around her face and her juice round her groin, Emily was’ forced’ to cooperate. She had to admit that it did not take much coercion!

Finally one morning, Diane came for an emotional farewell and left in her car with John to retrieve his utility from Zulu. Emily was again forced to await his return, this time with an additional restraint of a leather strap around her ankles which Diane had added with a wicked smile on her face. Emily was obliged to worm her way across the floor to the door to witness their departure. John did not look in her direction, although Diane waved cheerily.

John returned surprisingly quickly and walked straight over to her lying in the dust. He pulled up the chair from the table outside, sat down facing her and said, “Diane says that we have to talk?”

Emily surprised herself with her first question, “Why didn’t you get a pony instead of me?”

John wave at the arid landscape, “No grass - and importing feed is too expensive for me.”

“So I’m just a cost saving exercise?”

“Guess so”

“Can I expect anything else from you?”

“Such as?”

“Affection, love?”

“I think you are very attractive. Thin, but attractive. And I like you – especially how compliant you have been”

“Just like me? No more”

“What more do you want?”

“Do I have to lie on my back with my legs apart to explain it?”

“You’d find it difficult at the moment”, he said with a big grin on his face. Emily realised that that was the first time she had witnessed him smile properly since he had first abducted her.

“Besides,” he added “I promised not to harm or molest you.”

“I absolve you from your promise,” she retorted.

He walked over to her and raised her to sitting position, sat down alongside her, brushed her hair back and kissed her gently. He leaned back and asked, “Are you a virgin?”

“You’re direct aren’t you? As a matter of fact I am. And you?”

“Yes. Not much chance of an alternative round here.” He said, looking around the empty landscape.

“I have requests” She said. “If I am to be alone with you here, I want to be married, please.”

“Suits me – I am in favour of that”

“I don’t want to be free”

He looked mildly surprised, but nodded immediately, again grinning broadly.

“- and I want to be married, fettered in the nude! And I want to vow to obey you.”

“That might be difficult – finding a kinky priest might be awkward”

“I’ve promised not to make a complaint to the police, but I reserve the right to expose your abduction of me if I ever succeed in escaping”

“That is a challenge I cannot refuse. Believe me; you will not be free again! Is that all you want?”

“I will need to contact Diane to do some shopping for me, like contraceptives, and other feminine things,” she said coyly.

“I will let you talk to her on the phone,” he said.

He rose and went to walk back to the farmhouse. “I‘ll get some food”

“Are you going to remove the straps?” she called. He ignored her and continued to walk away. Emily lay in the dust until he returned an hour later. He put the plate on the ground and walked back. Emily worked her way over to the food, fell onto her side and rolled over to the plate. With difficulty, she ate the food (which he had cut up), occasionally falling face down into it. She was pleased to find that the glass of fruit juice had been augmented with a straw.

John returned and removed the strap from her legs, checked the collar and removed her arm bindings. She was alarmed to find that she was barely able to move them after a week of immobilisation. Seeing her difficulty, he took the soap and water and washed her from head to foot, sparing no areas. She flinched when he reached between her legs and was unable to remain still as her gently scrubbed her. He detected her reaction and prolonged his attention until she quietly exploded. Without a word, he towelled her dry and left her to go to bed.

Next day, he clearly was eager to return to work and led her back up to the mine, using his habitual grip on her pubic hair. Emily was so aroused by his touch and presence that she spent the next few minutes verging on an orgasm.

He attached her to the truck with the normal harness. He then reached into his bag and pulled out a leather item which Emily had not seen before. He slipped it over her head. She realised it was a hood which reached down her face to cover her eyes. When he pulled the buckles tight at the back, she was enveloped in near darkness. “Pit ponies were always blindfolded” John said. Emily started to protest, but he then added a bit to her open mouth, which he secured behind her head. After a few moments, Emily started to drool. He slapped her bottom and said “let’s get to work”

The working day took the usual routine. At first, Emily was very tentative walking along the mine blindfolded, but gradually became more confident. The round trip was soon accomplished at the normal speed. At lunchtime, John removed the bit from her mouth to feed her. He replaced it afterwards, without any complaint from Emily. “Good girl” he said and then swiftly brought her to a climax by inserting his hand between the harness and her clitoris. Emily was in heaven. Weak at the knees, she resumed her round trips and the afternoon went quickly.

The routine was repeated for several weeks.

One evening, Emily asked what John was mining. “It’s our family secret” he replied.

“It’s fluorite, which is a semi-precious mineral, but a rare colour. I sell it via an agent who controls the supply to keep the price reasonably high. That way, I can make just about enough to manage.”

“In fact I am going down to the train tomorrow to send load off. I’ll also go into Zulu and get some supplies. Diane says she’ll come up for a couple of days while I’m gone”

He rose, “I’ll be back to tuck you up in a few minutes”

He returned as it got dark. “Turn round” He fastened her arms and led her to the bed. “Down on your face” he said. He looped a strap around one ankle and under the bed to the other, spreading them wide. “I trust that is suitably uncomfortable, but not too bad” he said. “It’s OK so far” said Emily. He swiftly brought her to a climax, threw the blankets over her and abruptly left. “I’m going before I am overcome with temptation” he called over his shoulder.

Emily slept soundly despite the restriction. She heard John’s car leave just after dawn and realised that she would have to await Diane for release and food.

Diane’s appearance at the door awoke Emily, who had not realised she had gone back to sleep.

She walked over to the bed and drew back the covers. When she saw how Emily was restrained she swiftly dropped to her knees beside her and massaged her. Emily thought, “This is becoming a habit” and then resigned herself to the coming climax, made doubly difficult by her overfull bladder. Much to Diane’s amusement, she only just made it outside before losing control.

They ate breakfast together quietly and then Emily submitted to being restrained again with the arm binder before being released from her collar. She followed Diane quietly around the house whilst she carried out the housework. “It must be nice doing nothing” Diane said with malice later in the morning. “Come with me – I have an idea!”

Outside was a winch which John used occasionally to haul equipment to the mine. Diane looped a rope tightly around the drum and tied the other end round Diane’s waist. She went inside and returned with a deck chair, a cup of coffee and a book. She switched on the winch, which began to rotate slowly. Diane quickly realised that she either had to walk around the winch or be wound into the drum. She started a steady circular walk. Diane read her book and sipped her coffee. Fortunately, the day was overcast with no sun, but the humidity was high and Emily was soon bathed in sweat. The exercise continued for what seemed an eternity. When Diane saw her begin to flag, she walked over and stopped the winch. With the usual handful of pubic hair, she led her over to the bed in the outhouse.

“Now I guess I have to reveal my kink – I like my partners sweaty!” She immediately pushed her head between Emily’s legs. The combination of exhaustion and orgasm was too much for Emily and she almost passed out. When she had recovered, Diane had looped a rope to her ankles and thrown the other end over a beam in the roof. She then hauled on it until Emily’s butt was just clear of the bed. In this helpless state, Emily was forced to submit to Diane’s teasing tongue over her breasts, nipples, ears and anywhere else she could reach. “You taste quite salty” she said.

Diane left her dangling saying that she needed to finish the housework. “I’ll be back”

Emily was left to her own thoughts. She had to admit that the bondage was a turn on. She was worried that each day it was becoming more taxing and hoped that both her captors knew when to stop.

John returned late the following day. He immediately took Emily to the outhouse and secured her with her collar. He and Diane sat on the veranda of the farmhouse with a cup of coffee, having what looked like a very deep conversation. Emily was intrigued and frustrated at not being included and realised one downside of being treated as a piece of property with none of the usual rights of involvement. She saw Diane laughing loudly. She stood up, and they both disappeared inside to their beds.

Next morning, Diane left after walking across to Emily and briefly playing with her willing body. “John has a lot to tell you she said. And I’m not too popular with him at the moment. He’ll soon come round when he realises it’s for the best.”

John walked over with her breakfast. Emily looked at him quizzically. He saw her expression and sat down. “Diane’s told just about everyone in Zulu about you. She’s told them that I abducted you, but that you are not complaining. She’s told them about your submissiveness. She’s told them about you being a pony substitute and about the harness etc. The only thing she hasn’t revealed is about my parents doing it when we were young.”

“I’m not sure that I can face going into Zulu again.” He added wryly.

“She says everyone was amused and it was the talk of the town for about a week.”

“She also talked to the minister in the chapel. Amazingly he has agreed to marry us with you naked and bound. He says that’s much better than us living in sin.”

“He has invited the whole town.”

Emily was aghast. She had anticipated a small private (but kinky) wedding. But now this!

John continued, “It’s bound to leak out to the outside world, so he has suggested tomorrow. Being Sunday there is no passenger train today and tomorrow’s will be after the ceremony. Driving here from the nearest paved road is also too far in the time. There is no airport and we are out of helicopter range. I must admit he is right.”

John and Emily spent the day preparing for the wedding. He looked out a good suit and sponged and pressed it and a fresh shirt. He even polished his shoes. He cleaned up the utility. Fortunately, he had had a haircut during his last visit to Zulu.

John took the arm binder and polished it up to a high gloss. With the constant use, it has softened and was a very comfortable fit.

He allowed Emily the use of the bathroom the next morning, locking her in whilst free of her restraint. She luxuriated in the first bath in a year. Liberal use of shampoo brought her light brown hair to a pleasing shine and which she brushed out carefully. She regretted not being able to have it trimmed. Emily had found a broad white ribbon which she used to tie back her hair. This was her concession to being married in virgin white. Towelling herself off, she admired herself in the full bathroom mirror. She was not disappointed. The constant exercise had kept her fit and lean (although very lacking in size of breasts; she wished she had Diane’s full set!) and she was tanned a pleasing golden colour all over. The mine had protected her during the worst heat of the sun during the day.

She called out to be released from the bathroom. When he saw her, John whistled in admiration and turned her round to apply the arm binder. “Shoes?” he enquired. Emily shook her head. John picked her up and gently carried her out to the utility which gleamed unusually in the sun. Emily squealed as her dropped her naked rear onto the hot leather. John laughed. She turned to look at him. He was a fabulous sight when tidied up, she thought.

They drove sedately to Zulu, in a mixture of fear and anticipation. To their amazement, the town was festooned with bunting and the population lined the road to greet them. There was a mixture of humorous cheers and whistles and applause for their courage.

On arrival at the chapel, John helped her out of the utility and escorted her into church. Emily half expected him to grab her pubic hair, but to her relief he simply held her by one elbow. With her rump to the congregation (the chapel was packed to standing room). Emily was able mostly to ignore them and enjoy the service. When it came to the wedding ring, Diane passed John the ring on a heavy gold chain which he fastened around her neck. They kissed decorously in front of the assembled crowd, to more cheers. The minister then addressed the congregation, thanking them for coming. He then turned to the newlyweds and thanked them for bringing him the best church attendance he’d had in years.

The reception was held at Diane’s house. Emily was introduced to Alec and John’s parents. Despite his fragility, Emily could see a sparkle of amusement in his father’s eyes as he held his finger to his lips. She nodded to show that their secret, at least, was safe. The local policeman came over. “I can see that you are happy”, he said. “I presume that you want no action over the abduction and that I can get them to close your missing person case?” Emily nodded happily.

There were dozens of people Emily was introduced to and many she probably wasn’t. In the melee, she wasn’t able to remember. One thing did stand out – in the crush she was continually surreptitiously molested by male and female alike! It had finally dawned on her that Zulu had become the repository of a group of weirdoes and misfits. Just like John and her! The all- seeing Diane whispered to her “See? I knew it would be OK. I explained to everyone that you were John’s pet and pit pony surrogate. Also that he has the same responsibilities to you that anyone would have for a well-loved pet. I said that they should treat you accordingly. They appear to have taken the petting bit to heart. ”

“I can’t remember seeing anyone try and bring their pet to orgasm before!” Emily retorted. Diane grinned widely.

Emily had no idea of how much she had eaten or drunk. People were continually offering her sips from their wine glasses and feeding her titbits from their plates. At the same time, they were often caressing her with their other hand (often putting down their food to do so). Alec, Diane’s husband took an enthusiastic role as did the minister, his wife and the policeman.

They left the reception through another gauntlet of cheers and applause. John drove the utility out of the town. Despite the lack of landmarks in the desert-like scenery, Emily suspected that they were not taking the road back to the farm. “Where are we going?” she asked.

“One of Diane’s friends has a small building out by the artificial lake which supplies our water. He’s the engineer and he uses it to stay overnight when he has any large jobs to do.”

“Only he and Diane know we are using it, so we can have our honeymoon without fear of discovery. I intend to stay here until outside interest has died down.” Visitors won’t stay long in Zulu. There’s no hotel or accommodation and the townsfolk have agreed that they won’t put anyone up. Visitors are in for a hard time.”

After a journey of about one hour (“Do all journeys here take an hour?” Thought Emily) they pulled up in front of an enchanting view of a lake, a pump house and a small bungalow.

John came round the utility, lifted Emily out, fitted a collar and chain and attached her to the door handle. He walked off to the bungalow with the luggage (mostly food). He then dragged a mattress off the utility and dropped it onto the ground. It was followed by a large tubular metal frame over which he draped an anti-insect net.

Finally, he looked up at Emily. “Ready?” he said.

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