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Pit Pony 3

by WishItWereMe

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Part 3

They spent a restless night, but for the wrong reason. At dawn, Emily lay on the mattress ineffectually trying to dislodge the many ants crawling over her body, which was difficult without the use of her hands. Eventually, she sat up and struggled to her feet. Her movements woke John, who appeared impervious to the attention of the ants.

“It’s no good,” she cried, “We’ll have to find a way of stopping them before tonight.”

With a smile, John stood up and brushed the ants off her, again spending too much attention on the area between her legs. She started to go weak at the knees. For once, they were nearly equal, as he was also naked. She stared at his enormous looking (to her unpractised eyes) erection. He saw her look, pulled her down to the mattress and entered her without difficulty. The disturbed night was forgotten and they lay together in mutual satisfaction.

John rose and went to the utility. “A wedding present for you,” he said. He had a light chain with 3 collars. Two smaller ones he locked to her ankles. The larger one locked around her neck. The chain ran loosely through a small ring attached to the neck collar. She realised that the chain was too short to straighten her legs simultaneously. He removed her arm binder, which was a relief as she was able to resume her war on the ants. He walked off to prepare breakfast in the small brick building.

Emma experimented with her new restriction. She found that she could kneel, but standing upright was virtually impossible as she could only (nearly) straighten one leg at a time. She found that she could crawl with some difficulty, as the chain ran easily through the small neck ring when her ankles moved forwards and back. However, she had to move carefully to prevent the chain tightening and jerking her neck. She crawled over to the camp table which John had brought outside with one chair. His breakfast was on the table and he passed hers down to her on the ground.

After breakfast, she cleaned herself up on her knees using a bowl of water John had set down outside. He emerged dressed and armed with a tube of sun cream, which he applied all over Emily’s naked body, again bringing her to a climax. She began to marvel at how easily and often she achieved an orgasm and realised the potent effect that bondage had on her.

“Going fishing,” he announced and walked to a pontoon over the lake some hundreds of yards away. He settled down under a large umbrella to shield himself from the increasing sunlight. She realised that her only protection from the sun was to join him, as he had closed the door to the building. She began to crawl around the lake, finding that she was obliged to select a path avoiding rocky areas, spiny plants and angular pebbles if she didn’t want to damage her knees. Some twenty minutes later, she arrived hot and flustered and curled up at his feet in the shade provided by the umbrella. He patted her head absent-mindedly and continued to concentrate on his float. With all the exertion and the disturbed night, Emily quickly dropped off to sleep.

She awoke to find herself alone under the umbrella, which John had moved to keep her under its protection. He was walking back along the path from the building carrying a large wicker basket. He set it down and produced some leather items. Emily stared, transfixed.

“In case you are wondering, I’ve been making all these things myself. I’m getting quite good at it – and it’s given me a hobby in the evening,” John said. He then fitted Emily with two knee pads.

“You could have given me these earlier,” Emily protested.

“Wanted to see if they were needed,” he replied with a sadistic grin.

The other items were two leather gloves, which Emily saw had no separate fingers and thumbs, and reduced her hands to two flat pads. He buckled them on. The rest of the basket was occupied by their picnic lunch, which he fed to her between his own bites. After clearing up, John resumed his fishing and Emily sat and questioned him about his earlier family life. Although he was not evasive, Emily found that she could only get detailed information from him by asking direct questions. Tiring of the effort required, she rose to her knees and padded (she realised that padding was the right verb for her motion) off to explore, finding it much easier with the protection to her knees. She had to close her fists and use her knuckles to be comfortable with her hands. “Like a monkey,” she thought.

She ascended the largest hill in the area and discovered that it revealed a considerable, if hazy, view. In one direction she thought she could make out a second large lake, which appeared black and artificially rectangular. “What’s the other lake?” she called out to John. He looked up, rose to his feet and walked up the hill to join her.

“Oh, that’s not a lake,” he said. “It’s the solar farm. That’s hundreds of solar panels. It is the reason for the survival of Zulu. Most of the people living here are connected in some way to the company which runs it. You can see the power line running off from it over there.” He gestured, although Emily couldn’t spot it.

“One of the conditions of employment is that workers are young and have no children. They want to keep medical and social expenses to a minimum so far out here.”

He continued, “I have realised the reason that our wedding caused so little fuss. They are always having pool parties out here in Zulu – there’s not much else to do. And Diane told me that skinny dipping is often the norm. So they are used to seeing people running around naked. You weren’t such a novelty after all!”

Emily didn’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed.

They spent an idyllic five days before returning to the mine. John solved the ant problem by putting the mattress on the back of the utility and lifting Emily in each night. The chain was not removed when John realised that it brought her knees up and her feet towards her bottom when she was on her back!

At the mine, John lifted her from the utility and proceeded to return the mattress and the other items to the house. He disappeared inside and Emily could hear him moving around. He reappeared in his work clothes, snapped a lead onto Emily’s collar and led her up to the mine. She crawled along obediently behind him, though she did protest that he was walking too fast for her comfort. Saying nothing, he clipped the lead to the truck and walked into the mine. Emily was obliged to sit there in its shade for the hour it took him to return, holding various hand tools.

Again, wordlessly he unclipped her and led her back to the house. They walked around the back where she had never explored before and he opened up what turned out to be his workshop. He brought out a saw bench and laid Emily onto it face down so that her legs straddled it. He then joined her ankles through the legs of the bench with a leather strap. Because of the chain to her neck which now ran diagonally across the sides of the bench, she was forced to lie face down on the rough bench. He playfully slapped her bottom and walked back into the workshop.

He had arranged the bench in the shade of the building facing the open door and she was able to watch him cleaning and sharpening his various implements. Neither of them spoke. She was beginning to feel uncomfortable as the sharp edges of the bench pressed into her thighs and she felt that a splinter might have penetrated her left breast (even though it was a small target!) Even so, she realised that she was experiencing a perverted sort of pleasure from her predicament. She was beginning to realise that she enjoyed a certain amount of discomfort as well as the restraint. After a while, John stopped and walked out to her. He looked at her and raised one eyebrow. She looked at him and said, “Not yet”. He nodded and returned to his work.

When he had finished his maintenance, he carried the tools back up to the mine and dropped them in the truck, leaving Emily on the saw bench. She realised that he was not going to release her until she asked. She felt a perverse urge not to give in and lay quietly on the bench. John continued working around the buildings on various tasks. Each time he passed her he gave her a slap on the rear. Emily did not protest.

At lunch time, he came over to her and fed her. She still refused to yield to his unasked question. Instead she said, “Take your trousers off and come over here”.

He looked shocked, paused, and then complied. He was already erect when he presented himself to her mouth, having to crouch slightly to bring himself down to her level. Abruptly, he pulled back just before he came and turned his back on her to clean himself up. He looked embarrassed.

“Thank you”, she said.

“What for?”

“Not making me swallow it.”

He knelt in front of her and kissed her with feeling, “I should thank you. Do I release you now?”

“It’s up to you, I have no choice.”

“Ok.” He said and walked away.

Later, lying there, Emily thought she could hear the sound of a large vehicle. Voices came from the other side of the buildings, and the sound of metal being moved. The vehicle restarted and its noise faded away. John returned to Emily and released her from the bench. There were deep red indentations on the inside of each thigh from the edges of the saw bench and the beginnings of some bruising. John was aghast. “Don’t worry, I bruise easily,” said Emily.

John ran off and returned with a small jar. “Arnica,” he explained, “It’ll reduce the bruising.” He rubbed some on each wound, accompanied by “Ow!”s from Emily.

“We need to agree limits,” said John.

“I shouldn’t have been so stubborn”, she replied. He took her in his arms and kissed her.

“Come and see what has arrived.”

In the open space between the buildings was a miscellaneous pile of what Emily saw was mostly plumbing. John refused to explain what it was. Over the next few weeks after work in the mine, he occupied himself on the construction whilst Emily watched, mostly tied to the winch in the centre of the courtyard. He built a wooden tower next to the outhouse and mounted a large tank on it, which he connected to a new t-piece on the water tap supply on the wall. He took Emily’s collar and chain and used it to draw a semicircle in the dust at its maximum reach. He dug a trench from the manhole in front of the farmhouse to inside this semicircle and laid a larger pipe. He then produced a curiously shallow ceramic basin, which he installed on the ground, connected to the pipe. Finally, he connected the tank to an outlet on the basin. John continued to refuse to explain its purpose until it was completed.

Finally, he led Emily across to demonstrate. He pointed to the basin. “What is it?” asked Emily.

“I’m told it’s a European style toilet,” said John. ”You squat there”, pointing to two raised footprints, “and aim there”, pointing at the large hole

”You wash it down with this”, and turned on the tap. A jet of water arced up and sprayed the area around the hole.

“It has the added advantage that you can squat in front of it to clean yourself!”

“Thanks,” said Emily sarcastically, “and all in the middle of the courtyard?”

“Yep, want to argue?”

Emily was silent as John removed her old chemical toilet from the rear of the outhouse. “And I don’t have to keep cleaning this out”, he said.

Next morning, John delivered breakfast which was a large bowl of prunes. He grinned wickedly.

When she had completed her meal, he took her dish and then went to drink his coffee on the veranda. He started to read a book and showed no signs of moving. Unlike Emily, where everything was showing signs of moving. Eventually the pain was too great and she was forced to submit and use the new toilet in his full view. When she had finished, she used the water to clean the bowl. She then knelt on the footprints and turned the tap on again, bracing herself for an icy shock. To her relief, she discovered that the water was warm from its storage in the tank in the sun.

She stood up, to a small round of applause from John.

“It’s too late to start in the mine now, so we’ll have a day off”, he said.

He walked over to Emily, clipped on her neck and ankle cuffs and her leather knee pads, and finished it off with her lead. He then led her to the shade of the veranda. “Lie down on your front”, he said.

He fastened her ankles and knees together so that her lower legs were vertical, held by the chain to her neck. He put her arms back in the arm binder. He added the hood to blindfold her and the bit in her mouth. Leaving her helpless on the deck, her walked off to tidy the house and do some of his overdue bookkeeping. Emily lay there, patiently awaiting his return and revelling in her complete inability to move.

She was suddenly aware of a car arriving and a male and female voice and then felt John’s footsteps pass by on the veranda. Next there was activity around her and she realised that it was Diane, Alec and John. John departed to return with tea and cakes and they all sat around chatting amiably. No-one attempted to speak to Emily or mentioned her presence. Her frustration grew, and she had to hold back tears as she began to appreciate her position. Eventually, the conversation lapsed and Diane and her husband made their exit. All was quiet and Emily again was left alone.

In the evening, John returned and released her leg restraints. He took her back to the outhouse and replaced her collar, leaving her hood and bit in position. She realised she wanted to pee and tentatively edged her way to the new toilet. She relieved herself, not knowing whether she was observed or not and went back to the outhouse.

John brought her evening meal, removed the remaining restraints and went to leave her. She said, “Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why did you leave me tied up?”

“Because I could and I thought you liked it.”

“I would liked to have joined in when Diane and Alec came”.

“You don’t get a choice – either you are submissive or you are not!”

Emily sat silently, trying to balance her enjoyment of bondage against the loss of her freedom.

John continued, “It’s too late now – you’ve made your choice.”

Emily ate her meal with mixed emotions. John returned.

“Will you put me back in the restraints – everything but the bit?”


“I think I want to punish myself”

John quickly replaced the restraints and left. Emily cautiously felt her way to bed and lay down on top of the blankets. She was suddenly aware that John had returned. He helped her under the blankets and lay down alongside her. The sex was sudden and overwhelming. They climaxed simultaneously and fell asleep together.

For the next week they worked steadily down the mine. John kept Emily fully restrained all day and night, taking every opportunity to massage her into an orgasm. Eventually one day Emily cried, “Enough, please stop! I need some normal life.”

John replied, “No problem – I’m due in town tomorrow to ship another batch of ore. Diane is taking over for a day or two. She can do what she likes with you. You can try negotiating.”

Diane arrived on schedule to find Emily lying in the courtyard, arms bound, hooded and ankles tied.

She kissed her gently and went to make them both coffees. On her return, Emily asked for her to release her. “Oh no,” said Diane. She offered the coffee to her lips and Emily drank it readily.

“What’s that in the courtyard?” Diane enquired.

“My new toilet.”

Diane burst into laughter and immediately went across to test it. “Interesting,” she said, pulling up her pants. She released Emily, leaving only the collar and chain. As the coffee took hold on top of everything she had drunk during the day, Emily was forced to use the toilet. Diane watched with amusement. “So you now have to toilet in full view of anyone here?”

Emily glowered, then, seeing the funny side, started to laugh herself.

“Why didn’t you talk to me when you visited last week?”

“I was worried that we might inadvertently reveal our relationship and feelings for each other. Alec obviously doesn’t suspect – and I don’t think he would be very happy. In his case, I think that he was just too embarrassed to acknowledge that you were there.”

“OK. Now I understand. I’ve already decided that I’m going to tell John that I will submit completely. I’m too hooked on the bondage to stop.”

Diane replaced the arm binder, removed her own panties, sat on the only chair and beckoned Emily over to kneel in front of her. She spread her legs, pressed Emily’s head, face forward, between them and crossed them behind her back, imprisoning her. Emily delicately plucked at Diane’s pubic hair with her teeth and concentrated on breathing in the confined space. They remained in this position, whilst Diane read her book and it became too dark for her to see.

Next day was cool and cloudy, so Diane put Emily in her ankle cuffs, collar, chain and pads, clipped on her lead and took her for a long walk. They passed the mine, rounded the hill behind and entered an area that Emily had never seen before. It was mostly sandy hillocks with spiny scrub and the odd stunted tree. Diane stopped in the shade of the largest she could find and secured Emily to it with the lead. Without saying a word, she walked off and quickly disappeared from sight. Emily settled down to wait.

After a few minutes, Diane reappeared naked, carrying an assortment of bondage gear. Emily could not take her envious eyes off Diane’s generous boobs bouncing as she walked. She released Emily from the tree and then quietly put on a collar and chain set like Emily’s and knee protectors. She hooked a very short chain between their neck collars and then, with some difficulty, put on the hand pads, using her teeth to pull up the buckle on the second one.

Emily sat transfixed.

“I got John to make a second set for me. I wanted to understand what you saw in it”, Diane explained.

“We’ve got to get back and he will release us when he gets home.”

They started to crawl back in tandem, but quickly found difficulty where there was no room between bushes or over stony patches. They often succeeded in lying together tangled up and giggling.

Eventually, they reached the house, tired, dirty and entertained. They lay together in the dust kissing and stroking each other, waiting for release.

John eventually returned. “Good evening, ladies,” he said and walked past them to the house.

“Hey, brother, come and free me,” called Diane.

“All in good time.”

He returned with food for them all after a long pause. He put the two bowls down and stood back, with arms folded, watching them. They didn’t move, so he sat down at the table and chair and started to eat his meal. Emily rose and attacked her bowl. After a pause, Diane followed her lead.

They drank their drinks using the straws provide. Diane sat back. “Happy now?” she asked him, trying to smile pleasantly.

“Not yet,” he replied. He rose and sat on the veranda to read his book. After a while, they realised that they had not relieved themselves and it was now becoming pressing. Diane appeared to be most affected and squirmed uncomfortably. Emily, who had less to lose, started to crawl over to the toilet. Because of the short chain between them, Diane was forced to move with her to let her go. Emily used the toilet and, with great reluctance, Diane followed.

John cheered and then walked over to free Diane. “Free to go now, sis.” He said.

“You rat,” said Diane, “I’ve got to walk back and fetch my clothes and its getting dark.”

“Better get a move on then.”

Diane left. John moved over to Emily, smacked her rump and left to clear up the dishes. She heard Diane return, call out “Bye” and leave in her car.

Emily wondered what on earth could happen next in her tangled relationships.

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