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Pit Pony 3

by WishItWereMe

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Storycodes: M/f; F/f; bond; armbinder; ponygirl; mine; naked; outdoors; hood; susp; leather; tease; public; hum; mast; climax; cons; X

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Part 4

The routine of working in the mine during the day followed by an evening of restraint for Emily continued. During the day she was a working pit pony and at night she was forced into the role of a pet. After a number of weeks, John announced his regular run into Zulu to ship more ore. As usual, Diane arrived the next day and immediately set about reducing Emily’s freedom of movement as much as possible.

“You like being dominant, don’t you?” asked Emily.

“Much more than being tied up. I didn’t enjoy being humiliated by John last time.”

With Emily lying flat on her back on the veranda, Diane dangled her ample bosom over her mouth so that she could lick and suck her nipples. She sighed contentedly.

“I wish I had boobs,” said Emily. “I feel like a boy next to you.”

“You’re fine as you are,” Diane replied. “You can’t imagine how much I felt like a cow with them dangling and bouncing around when we crawled back. That was the worst part of it”

“Not John forcing you to pee in the open?”

“That was awful too.”

“You see, I enjoy being forced to do things like that.”

Suddenly, Emily caught a movement out of the corner of her eye. She swung he head, but there was nothing visible.

“What’s the matter?” queried Diane.

“I thought I saw something move. A rabbit? Do they have rabbits round here? Or anything else?”

Diane rose and pulled her clothes on and then walked off in the direction Emily had indicated. Emily watched as she walked back and forward, looking at the ground and around the area. She returned, looking worried. “There are bicycle tracks, but nothing else. Does John have a cycle?”

“Not that I know of,” said Emily.

Interrupted in their play, Diane left to make drinks, leaving Emily in her usual helpless position, in which she was forced to remain during most of Diane’s stay.

Diane left on John’s return after exchanging a sisterly kiss with her brother and an un-sisterly kiss and grope with Emily. John looked on, commenting “I would have been worried if you’d been a brother!”

“No, just keeping the pot warm for you,” she retorted.

Two days later, in the evening, Diane returned unexpectedly. Emily was on the veranda, hooded and gagged, on her back with her wrists and ankles tied together and tied up to the beams in the roof.

Diane looked worried as she and John sat down. Diane told him about the cyclist incident and then said, “It was Alec spying on us! He’s mad at me and says I am a lesbian and he is leaving me. He has asked for a transfer back to the power company’s head office and is going at the end of the month. I shall have to move as I can’t stay in the company house.”

“You’ll have to come back here,” John said.

“Won’t Emily be upset?” She nodded in her direction.

“Judging by what I’ve seen happening between you, she’ll be quite happy. I could say that she hasn’t a choice, but we’ll ask her.”

He removed Emily’s gag. “Well?”

“I’m fine with it, as long as you don’t mind me getting Diane’s attention.”

“No, you appear to be insatiable, the help will be welcome.”

Emily thought about it. She had to admit that all she thought about was her next orgasm.

Diane asked, “Where am I going to stay? I don’t mind converting the outhouse.”

“No, it’s OK, I am happy there.” responded Emily.

Two days later, Diane arrived accompanied by a large truck containing clothes and furniture, which was carried into the house. Emily continued to be an unclothed onlooker whilst everyone was busy. Her presence chained naked to the outhouse caused some amusement to the removers, who fortunately had already seen her at the wedding. Emily was so used to her nakedness that she had not anticipated their reaction or withdrawn into her room.

Their routine remained relatively unchanged, except that with two masters, Emily was raised to orgasm twice as frequently. Often she arrived blindfolded at the entrance to the mine with a loaded cart to be leapt on by Diane for a hectic session of arousal before a hasty return down the tunnel with wobbly knees.

The flow of Fluorite out of the mine was low, but enough to keep John happy. Working at the face late one evening, he suddenly stopped and exclaimed, “Wow!”

“What is it?” asked Emily, who was still hooded.

“It looks like an enormous piece.” said John.

He worked for another hour until the piece lay free on the floor where it had dropped out of the workface.

“It’s too heavy for me to lift.” he said. “You’ll have to help. I’ve never had a piece this big before”

He walked across to Emily and released her. She suddenly realised that, apart from in the bathroom on her wedding day (when the door was locked), this was the first time she had been totally free. Strangely, the thought made her nervous, although it did prompt her to think again about her dependency on bondage and its drawbacks.

John arranged some slings under the rock and they were able to manhandle it into the cart with some difficulty. They sat together for a few moments breathing heavily and coated in sweat.

“Let’s get it back to the open air and finish for the day.” John said.

Slightly more reluctantly than usual, Emily turned so that he could reapply the arm binder.

“You’re sure?” John said, sensing her hesitation.

“Go ahead.” said Emily.

John fixed the arm binder and reattached the cart. He didn’t put back the hood and he hadn’t used the bit for some weeks. John pushed the cart from behind and Emily pulled as usual. At the entrance they stood and looked at the load.

John said, “A piece that size will make a fine ornament when turned and polished. It should fetch a load of money. We can describe ourselves as being flush!”

John arranged for the buyer to organise collection of the piece, which happened a few days later.

He announced that he would get Emily something special to celebrate and Diane was instructed to measure Emily thoroughly. They had a riotous afternoon, whilst Diane measured Emily externally all over and internally as far as she could get the tape measure, assisted by as many fingers as possible. John complained that he now needed a new tape as the old one would go rusty, and anyway, he didn’t need those particular sizes.

He wouldn’t say what the measurements were aimed at. Emily was secretly rather alarmed, as she thought he was buying clothes and she wanted to stay naked. She was forced to accept that she was not normal.

Some weeks later, John collected a parcel from the post office in Zulu. He passed it over to Diane.

“You measured Emily. If it doesn’t fit, I can blame you.”

Diane took the parcel over to Emily, who unusually was sitting in the chair outside the outhouse, free of her arm binder and reading. She looked up worriedly.

“What is it?”

“I don’t know yet, I haven’t opened it.” Diane broke the package open. Inside was a strange jacket-like garment, made of beautiful soft brown leather. John, seated on the veranda, called across, “It’s for the colder autumn weather.”

They put Emily’s arms in and then realised that the legs had to go first. Emily took it off and Diane sorted out the apertures for her legs, which turned out to be two hoops of the leather. She held them out and Emily stepped into them, followed by re-insertion of her arms. Diane pulled the two halves of the front together. They then saw that the leather reached only to her hips. In fact, there was nothing between her legs or covering her pubic area and anus, the leg hoops being attached to the main body by two straps running up the outside of her legs. Diane hooked the ends of the zip together at the bottom and pulled it up, smoothing out the garment as she went. Emily appreciated how well it was made, the bands round her legs fitted snugly and the body just pulled in her waistas the zip rose.

At this point they discovered the two neat holes cut to reveal Emily’s nipples. By this stage Diane was almost helpless with laughter and delight. Nestling in the bottom of the package was a small lock and keys. Diane fitted this to the zipper at the top, securing Emily in. The leather was beautifully soft and a deep dark brown. Despite her fears, Emily was delighted, especially with the revealing shape.

Diane turned her round, fitted her arm binder, released her collar, and then they went over to show John the result. Emily pirouetted around.

John said, “Like it?”

“It’s lovely” said Emily and went across to kiss him. He held her with one hand round her shoulders and the other gripping her pubic hair. Their kiss was warm, long and passionate. Diane stood to one side, whistling loudly to herself and affecting embarrassment and then went inside the house.

“Just to finish off the treat,” announced John, and led her over to the veranda railing. Emily noticed two new straps on the rails at ankle height. He stood her facing the rails and fastened the straps. He walked round to the other side of the rails, clipped a lead to the lock at the top of the zip and pulled her down until her body was nearly horizontal over the rail. He then tied the end to a large block on the ground.

Walking back to her rear he then traced his fingers round her anus. Emily wriggled ecstatically. John playfully slapped her rear and went in to help Diane with the evening meal, leaving Emily in her helpless position until she cried and begged for release.

As autumn arrived, Emily lived permanently in her new jacket, being unable to remove it except under Diane’s supervision whilst she washed.

John made a sudden decision one morning that they all should go to Zulu that day.

“All?” questioned Emily.


“I can’t go around naked. Once at our wedding is OK, but……”

“It’s all taken care of,” John interrupted.

He brought out a bag. Inside were two blue garments. He threaded the lighter coloured top garment onto her chain and put on her collar. He then removed her arm binder and the leather jacket. She slid the top down over her head off the chain. It was sleeveless and failed to reach her navel when fully pulled down. He passed her the second garment which was a darker blue and was obviously a skirt. She stepped into it and pulled it up her legs. It had an elasticated waist but was large enough to sit on her hips. This was a good thing, because the frilly lightweight skirt only just reached level with her crutch. She realised that she would have to be extremely careful not to reveal anything.

“Panties?” she asked.

“No way,” he grinned.




“You can run away dressed like that if you like.”

They climbed into the utility, which had three seats in front, Emily in the centre.

Diane dropped her hand between Emily’s legs and allowed the jolting of the track to move her had up and down. Emily closed her eyes and tried not to wriggle too much.

A particularly heavy jolt made her re-open her eyes. They had reached Zulu Halt. Emily had not really looked at it when she passed through on the way to the wedding – she was too nervous and pre-occupied. There was nothing there: the dominant railway line, the large flat dusty area which passed as the car park and, two or three vehicle tracks leading in and out of the area. The only other landmark was a short post near the track which had a box on top for the telephone, with a sign “CALL TO STOP TRAIN” and other writing which was too small to read from any distance. She briefly wondered if she would ever use the train again.

They left the Halt using the track she had seen the other passengers use when she arrived and drove the five further miles into Zulu itself. John stopped the utility in front of a building labelled “General Store” and jumped out. He came round the front and opened the door to help the ladies down. Diane hopped out and Emily followed more carefully. She followed them both into the store, holding one hand in front and one behind, trying to control her wayward skirt, which wanted to flutter in the gentle breeze.

They toured the store with Emily trying desperately to hide between the other two.

“What do you think of that?” asked John, pointing to something on the floor. Forgetting herself, she bent down to look. There was muffled laughter from behind as she displayed her rump. She straightened up hurriedly, then thought “What the hell” and spent the rest of the visit in Zulu (post office, coffee shop, clothes store, liquor store, book store and chemists, which were mostly in one building) acting normally and not caring what was revealed. John and Diane pretended not to notice the notoriety their visit was creating. It wasn’t until she looked in a mirror sat the chemists that she realised how flimsy the top was. Both the colour and shape of her nipples were prominent landmarks. John saw her surprise and raised an eyebrow. (He was good at that expression, she realised.)

They returned to the mine in the early evening. John asked, “How was that? Everyone got what they wanted?”

“Well I discovered another of my oddities. I really didn’t mind displaying myself as much as I thought I would.” said Emily.

“Rather you than me.” said Diane.

Beyond the Halt and not far from the mine, John stopped the utility and came round to their side. They both got out.

John held out his hands for Emily’s clothes, locked her arm binder back on and then attached her to the back of the truck with a collar and chain. He and Diane returned to their seats and he started a gentle drive back towards the mine. Emily plodded along enveloped in dust from the wheels. Fortunately her feet had become hardened with the months walking round with no shoes. Arriving at the mine, John and Diane took the purchases into the house leaving Emily still attached to the truck. She slumped down into its shade and awaited release. With the exercise and the stress of visiting Zulu virtually naked, she quietly dozed off, leaning against a back wheel.

John woke her up and took her back to the house. There was a table set up on the veranda with three chairs. John released her from all her restraints and held the back of a chair indicating that she should sit there. He and Diane took the other two. They ate mostly in silence, although they did discuss the day’s shopping trip. Emily was puzzled.

At the end of the meal John sat back and cleared his throat. “Diane and I have been talking. We are running out of ideas to keep you in bondage without getting too rough. We are afraid that we will start to exceed sensible limits. We also think that you have become addicted to it. It’s no longer fun for us. I did think that today’s trip would put you off bondage.”

Diane interjected, “We also want to be more normal. We would like to have a normal life with a little bit of fun bondage thrown in rather than the other way round. After all, now you’re happily married you are not going to run off, so that excuse isn’t valid anymore.”

Emily was stunned by these sudden revelations. She sat and thought in silence. She recalled how she was becoming increasingly disturbed by being left out of conversations and decisions. She also recalled her feelings in the mine, when she felt some relief for the first time not being restrained

“I must confess that I have found it less fun when it is so intensive. I just can’t help myself with the compulsion. I’ll give it a try.” she said, “but can I at least do the mine work in bondage? That won’t affect the rest of our day to day lives. Also, I love the leather jacket and it would be a pity not to use it. Another thing; being led by the pubic hair is a real turn on for me.” She blushed slightly.

John showed his relief and patted her knee. “That’s a brilliant compromise to start with. Let’s see how it goes. Another thing – winter is coming and it will soon be too cold in the outhouse for you. I want you to come in with me and share my bed.”

Diane smiled, rose from her chair and went into the house. She returned with Emily’s case. Emily opened it and stared at the clothes she hadn’t seen for many months. She slowly took it back into the house and returned 30 minutes later dressed in a neat printed summer dress. Under it she had her tiny bra and panties, although the other two were unaware of them. On her feet was a pair of sandals. She had brushed out her (now long) hair and tied it back into a ponytail with a flamboyant ribbon.

John gazed at her open mouthed. “Wow! I want to take you back into town for folks to see what you are really like when you are dressed properly.”

Emily came over and sat on his knee. They kissed passionately.

She paused to regain her breath and said, “You are both quite right; this is day one of our normal life.”

“Not quite so normal.” Said Diane, with her familiar wicked gleam in her eye.

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