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Pony Transformation

by LilCthulhu

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Chapter 1.) At the Gate

“Come on Airi. We are almost there. It can see the entrance.” Clair yelled, waving her friend towards her. Like most of the time the tall blond woman had a big smile on her lips and her eyes were bright with anticipation. She was a very confident and beautiful woman, with pale skin, long legs, short blond hair and an alluring body, with no hesitation to emphasize her curves with fitting clothing.

“Okay, okay, I am on my way already.” her friend replied. She was in many ways the opposite to Clair - short, with long black hair and a very shy personality, which showed through nervous body language. Avoiding looking at other people she scurried to her extrovert friend, and tried to calm her down. “Could you please stop yelling. People are already looking at us.”

Only very few people were at the platform with Airi and Clair and most did not look very interested in the pair. Instead they just walked towards the gravel road which led to the gate of a dangerous looking, tall chain-wire fence. Behind the fence a set of tall buildings stood, looming over the otherwise empty countryside. It all looked very bland, and did not at all betray its lewd purpose.

“Dawww, you are ashamed aren’t you? You are afraid they might look at you and see the kinky secret reason why you are here?” The blond said with a chuckle, while Airi began to blush. “I’m just teasing you.” The blond kept on talking, and pulled her friend closer, thwarting her attempt to answer or voice any doubts. If she didn’t, Clair feared Airi would just rehash all her doubts again, and maybe even talk herself out of their plan.

“Look over there.” Clair said, pointing along the path which led towards the gate. “The main entrance. It looks just like in the photos. With the famous Logo and everything. This is our way out of poverty! The Human to Animal Rehab Center.”

Indeed Airi could see the Logo, showing the name of the center printed on a simple horseshoe with a ribbon at its top. “The petgirl factory.” Airi added the colloquial name. Her voice was way less excited than Clairs. To her the big tall buildings looked much more foreboding than exciting.

Chapter 2.) Registered as livestock

“Nice to meet you. Miss Airi Hano? Miss Clair Kelly?” A young woman introduced herself, shaking Airi's and Claire's hands. “I am Vanessa. Vanessa Brown. I am your registration partner and your general go-to-gal if you need anything. We had a call before, you remember? I am sorry you had to wait for so long.”

“Yes of course! Nice to finally meet you in person Vanessa!” Clair immediately took control of the conversation and began to exchange pleasantries with the other women. Airi had not much time to say anything but a short greeting. That was okay in her book though. She didn’t like small talk anyway.

“Why don’t you take a seat so we can go over the contract.” Vanessa began and pointed at the chairs opposite of her desk. “And let me open the roller - I am certain you two are curious to see a few of our products.” She then added with a smile.

The roller moved up at a snail's pace, and Vanessa used her time to talk some details with Clair: minimum time of contract, ban of human speech, 24/7 bondage, vacation schedule, etc. Most of those things Clair and Airi had already discussed at home. Clair still listened to the office drones oration, nodding along. Airi on the other side was much more interested in what happened outside of the window.

Below Vanessa's office window lay a big hall, which Airi could only describe as a giant, hyper modern farm. Lots of long pipes and cables mounted to the walls, and big machines, probably, regulating everything from temperature, over food to waste management. There were only very few farmhands, keeping everything running. Most seemed to be automated.

The most interesting part however was the livestock pens. Airi gasped, as she saw dozens upon dozens of young women in them, all dressed in kinky latex outfits, tightly bound and restrained. “Magnificent, isn’t it? Most of those girls are hu-cows or fillies. Right after processing we keep the ponies here for a day or two, giving them time to adjust, before moving them on to training.

The blond representative of the center smiled at her two guests, especially the brightly blushed Airi. “Very well. I think all the papers are in order and we have all the information we need.” She said, and put a smooth tablet computer with the details in front of both. “If you would sign at the dotted lines on page 42 and give your fingerprint on page 45, you could join them in only a couple of hours.” She said with a winning smile, while a loud moan echoed from below.

“I am sure you would agree the pay is pretty good, especially considering you won’t have to pay for food or rent while under contract. And after only two weeks you get a chance to cancel early, if the job isn’t as you expected.” She said with a soft smile, gesturing towards the window. “To be honest though, I have never had somebody quit like that. The personality tests literally never fail, and you two are just perfect candidates for our program!”

Chapter 3.) Meet Dr. Marc

Airi fiddled nervously with her fingers, while waiting in a sterile looking doctor's room. After they had signed their contracts, Vanessa had given Clair and her a temporary ‘new livestock’ batch and led them through the complex into the infirmary. Once there, nurses had taken over - and like the petgirls they too were dressed in oversexualized latex outfits. “Don’t worry. Processing and outfitting is a very exciting process. I am sure you will love it!” The blond manager said, looking at the two women with a winning smile. “I will see you later, once you are in proper uniform. Have fun!”

That was 30 minutes ago, and Airi was growing increasingly nervous. She and Clair had been separated and put in individual rooms. This ment Airi had time to think about everything. Had she made the right decision? Was the money really worth working as a ponygirl?! Airi had seen human ponies - mostly on TV of course and only a couple of times in person, but still, she had a very clear picture in front of her eyes. They always looked proud, incredibly fit and unbelievably sexy. They were beasts of burden and no longer human. Not only by the letter of their contracts, but in how they were bound, controlled and treated. Could she do this? Was this really the right thing for her? Most ponies were convicted criminals after all. Being a ponygirl was a punishment for them. The option to be hired as one was only recently opened to the public.

Suddenly the door opened, and Airi was pulled out of her brooding. The doctor walking in was a young bald man with dark skin. He was tall and handsome, and had very kind eyes, hidden behind a set of square glasses. “Good morning Miss Hano.” He said with a strong baritone, while walking up to her and shaking her hand. A nurse clad in blue latex followed behind, and closed the door after her. “I am Dr. Tailor, but you can call me Marc.” The man said and sat down on a stool next to Airi.

“So, Airi, I am here to make you a beautiful ponygirl.” He began with a confident conviction, looking directly at his patient. “The treatment of the vocal cords will be the first thing we do, therefore I would like to make sure you are still positive with your decision.” He said, and Airi could not help but feel like she was at a crossroad - this was her last chance to say no and bail out.

Airi took a few deep breaths and then nodded. “I-I am.” She said with a nod, trying to return the smile from the doctor. “Can’t get out now. My friend Clair would never forgive me, if I leave her to do this alone.”

Dr. Marc nodded, seemingly happy with the explanation. “Very good. Then let me walk you through the process. First we will remove all body hair from the neck down. This you will mostly do together with nurse Blue. She also will take care of your clothing and personal belongings which you have on you. Everything will be returned during vacation or when your contract is over.”

“Next I will give you a series of injections. Growth hormones, birth control, vaccines, and nanites - all to make sure your body can handle the stress of longterm bondagen and the general physical stress of being a ponygirl. You will see. You will be healthy like a horse after this.” The man added with a smirk, and Airi could not help but answer the pun of the handsome doctor with a shy smile.

Looking at his clipboard Dr. Marc then went on. “I also noticed your genetic markers are very promising for milk production. Which means you would be a great cow too. So I decided to put you on our brand new hybrid program, along with your friend.”

Overwhelmed by the positive energy of the doctor, Airi tried to stammer a protest, but he was already talking about the next point, thwarting her meager opposition.“After the injections you will get your piercings, and after that a short break. Last but not least we will get you in uniform.”

Done with the explanation, Dr. Marc took an inhaler from the nearby table. "Okay, Miss Hano? Ready?” Still visibly nervous, Airi immediately nodded, afraid she might change her mind, if she had more time to think about it. “Y-yes. I am ready.”

“Open please.” Dr. Marc said with a smile, and put the inhaler in Airi's mouth. A second later she heard a hiss and felt the spray hit the back of her throat. It tasted sour and made her want to cough. Immediately after she felt an irritating itch in the back of her mouth. A second and third spray followed, before the doctor took the inhaler back. “Don’t try to speak, Miss Airi. The drug will numb your vocal cords and help with your gag reflex. The slight tickling or itching you feel will be gone in a few minutes.”

The doctor then got up and took his clipboard again. “I will be back in a moment. Nurse Blue will stay with you and do the hair removal in the meantime.”

Chapter 4.) Shower

While they waited, Airi had time to take a closer look at the nurse. Her entire body was clad in a form fitting baby blue latex catsuit, and a white circle with a red cross was imprinted on both her shoulders. She had impressively large breasts, squeezed in place by the latex and supported by a very constricting looking white underbust corset. Even her head was in the tight grip of a form fitting hood, only sparring her beautiful face. On the back of her head was seemingly a small hole in the cap, because she had a visible ponytail of long, brown hair. On her feet she wore shiny white pumps and fitting white stockings, reaching up almost all her legs.

The woman did not talk to Airi, but smiled friendly at her, as she noticed her gaze. Airi returned with a shy smile of her own, but then she looked away, as it felt impolite to stare at the nurse. She could not deny however, how good the women looked, and how the tight fitting latex emphasized her curves.

A few minutes later the itch had died down, just like the doctor had promised. Airi had looked up and tried to tell the nurse, but instead of words she only produced a croaking gurgle. Of course she knew that was the plan all along, but it still surprised her, and she put her hands against her throat, looking surprised at the women in blue latex.

“Is the itch gone now?” The nurse asked, while making a step towards Airi, who only could nod in response.

"Perfect. Then please undress now.”

Airi usually hated getting naked in front of strangers, but the nurse was already next to her, helping her out of her hoody and top. The touch of the women's latex clad fingers made the entire situation oddly erotic. It took only a couple of minutes before Airi found herself completely undressed, and her belongings neatly put into a box.

“Good girl.” The nurse praised, making Airi feel a weird mix of pride and humiliation.

“Now we get you washed down. Follow me.”

The nurse led Airi through a small half hidden door at the back of the office. Behind lay a small shower room.

“Show me your wrists please.” The nurse asked from behind, while Airi was still looking over the room. Turning around she noticed how the latex clad women had produced a set of metal cuffs, standing ready to bind her.

“Don’t worry. I will make sure you enjoy yourself.” The nurse then added, as she noticed Airis anxious look.

Airi hesitated for another second, but the nurse's smile won her over. So she put her hand in front of her, letting her put the cuffs on her hands. CLICK! CLICK! The sound of the closing locks felt much louder than it actually was.

“Good girl!” The nurse praised Airi again, using the same condescending words like before.

“Now move into the center of the room and lift your arms.” She then instructed, guiding Airis arms up, and clipping the chain between her wrists into a snap hook on the ceiling, trapping her hands over her head.

With Airi properly secured, Nurse Blue fetched a shower cap, and put the girl's beautiful black hair into it. Once she was done, Blue got an innocent looking bottle, and put some of the green gel onto her hands.

“Now comes the fun part.” She then said and stepped behind Airi, reached around her bound body, and began to massage her exposed breasts.

In reality Blue was supposed to massage the green gel all over Airis body, but she spent a good amount of time with her breasts first, getting the filly in a properly excited state, before turning her attention towards the rest of her skin.

Taking her sweet time, Blue massaged Airi’s tits for a good while, enjoying the feeling of the girl's nipple getting hard between her fingers. After a while she had to move on however, and spread the green gel all over the future ponygirls body. Just like with her boobs, the nurse took great care to thoroughly massage Airi’s pussy until she was moaning and shamelessly grinding into her hand. Orgasms in the shower were strictly forbidden however, so Blue had to stop, when she felt Airi getting too close.

Roughly 30 minutes later, Airi was still squirming, but not from arousal, but from agonizing itching, which had begun to take over her entire body below her neck. Her skin felt like it was crawling with ants, and with her hands still tied, there was nothing she could do about it. Just as it was growing almost unbearable, the nurse stepped in, and washed the green gel of her body. Looking down Airi could see small little hair particles in the foam, slowly vanishing into the drain. Except for her head, there was not a single hair left on her body.

Chapter 5.) Afraid of Needles?

Airi was back at the doctor’s room and still naked. Sitting on the bed next to the desk she waited for Dr. Marc to return. Nurse Blue had dried her clean and brought her back, before she walked back to her place at the door, keeping an eye on the pony-to-be. The room was warm and comfy, so Airi did not feel cold. Her hands were still cuffed and rested on her knees. The cold steel against her bare skin felt heavy, constantly reminding her why she was here.

Then suddenly the door opened and Doctor Marc walked back in. He smiled at Airi, who blushed, feeling suddenly very aware of her nakedness. 

“Hello again, Miss Hano. Ready for the next step?” He asked cheerfully and sat down in front of her, putting a hand reassuringly on one of her legs. 

“Let’s start with the injections. You will see, it’s not bad at all.”

The nurse prepared Syringes, which the doctor then injected Airi with. The first two shots she received to her hips, followed by two more to her shoulders and one into the crook of the arm. The process itself was done within minutes and Airi soon felt a weird fuzzy warmth spreading through her body.

Dr. Marc explained while taking hold of Airis' left breast, “It will take a few days until everything is in effect, but for now you should feel a little dizzy. That is a painkiller, it will make the piercing process much easier.”

The black haired woman gasped in surprise and looked with wide eyes, while the handsome man began to roll her nipple between his fingers, until it grew hard. 

“Try to relax Miss Hano, we are almost done.” He suggested, before plunging the needle of another injection in her sensitive teat.

The pain was surprisingly mild, and Airi had not much time to think about it, as Dr. Marc repeated the process with her right breast. 

“See? That wasn’t so bad?” He said nonchalantly, as if the situation was perfectly normal.

Chapter 6.) Piercings

“Well done, Miss Hano?” Dr. Marc said with a chuckle and patted her on the leg. 

“Now, if you would please stand up and sit down over there?” He instructed and pointed at the gynecologist's chair in the corner. 

“Just put your feet up and into the stirrups. I am sure you know the drill.” He added, while turning to note down a few things on the clipboard he had with him.

Nurse Blue helped Airi up and into the chair, while the doctor was busy. Once Airi had both her legs in position, the nurse began to pull leather straps over her calves and upper legs, effectively trapping her. Once done with the legs the nurse opened Airis handcuffs, put her arms onto fitting armrests, and also tied them down with strong looking leather straps. In the end Airi was completely trapped and exposed. She had not tried to resist, but watched with growing anxiety, knowing fully well the piercings would come next.

A moment later Dr. Marc rolled with his chair over to Airi, examining the fold between her legs, before getting up and examining her breasts.

“Mhm… alright… we start with the breasts and do the clit last. This will give the painkiller a few more minutes to take effect. Nurse, disinfectant spray please.” He then ordered, not even looking at his latex covered helper.

Airi had trouble controlling her breathing. Everything felt so surreal and wrong, but also weirdly arousing. The drugs in her system did not help either, making it hard to concentrate or focus on something specific. Suddenly Airi saw the blinking steel of a clamp-like device. She watched with wide eyes as the doctor put it over her nipple, adjusted it to his liking and then pressed the trigger.

A painful sting followed and Airi gasped, as she felt a needle punching a hole through her nipple. It wasn’t as bad as she had feared, but still painful. Her entire body tensed and tears wallowed up in the corners of her eyes. A moment later she felt something cold sprayed onto her tortured flesh, and the pain almost immediately dulled down.

“Good girl!” The doctor said, petting her leg, before he fiddled a heavy, well polished, steel ring through the hole he had just made.

“It really suits you very well. Now let’s do the other.” He then said in a cheerful slightly condescending voice.

Airi could only watch in anxious anticipation, while Dr. Marc switched to the other side of the chair, and began to repeat the process with her other tit. Once again he began to rub her nipple until it was hard, put the maschine in position and pulled the trigger. Hot pain shot through the girl’s body, making her gasp in anguish.

Moments later Dr. Marc had put the second ring in place, and gave Airis' lovely breasts another squeeze. 

“Good girl!” The doctere praised again, and Airi felt a weird sense of pride as the handsome man patted her legs.

Airi concentrated on catching her breath while the doctor walked between her legs again, sitting down on his stool. Soon she could feel his cold hands on her most sensitive parts. Fear began to bubble inside of her, as she knew what would come next.

“Seems like you are enjoying yourself very much, Miss Hano.” The doctor said with a teasing chuckle, while spreading her labia with one hand and spraying disinfectant on her clit with the other. Airi tried to protest, but all her stunned vocal cords could produce was a croaking groan.

“Don’t worry, you are not the first girl getting wet during the piercing.” The doctor said jovially, while rubbing Airis' lovebutton.

For Airi the world was a chaos of shame, want, fear, and desire. Her drug-filled head was hazy and unable to form a coherent string of thought, especially once she felt the doctor's gentle gyrating finger stimulating her clit. Then suddenly he stopped, and for a second she could not understand why.

It did not take long however, before Airi was remembered. She heard the angry puffing noise from the punching machine, and suddenly her world was red-hot pain. It was so much worse than with her tits, forcing her to wordlessly scream, while her entire body strained against the unforgiving bondage holding her down.

A moment later Airi felt the familiar touch of the pain numbing cold spray between her legs, followed by the doctor's soft hands pushing another ring through the freshly made hole. It was done within less than a minute, but Airi was wet from sweat, still breathing heavily.

Once he was done, Dr. Marc petted Airis leg, rubbing her still tense muscles for a few seconds.

“You have done very well Miss Hano. I know it's a bit hard to think with the drugs in your system, but you will have half an hour or so to calm down and sort your senses. Once you're ready, nurse Blue will put you in uniform.”
Getting up, the handsome doctor took his clipboard, and smiled at Airi, getting ready to leave.

“I can’t wait to see you in full dress little filly. Until soon.”

Chapter 7.) Uniform

Airi did not know how much time had passed, but her head was slowly getting clearer again. She was in a different room with warm green colored walls, but could not remember how she got here. She was looking at a row of lockers, and nurse Blue was rummaging through them, preparing a bunch of glossy looking items. The intense smell of latex and leather filled the air.

With her senses getting back, Airi tried to move, but found her arms tied with metal chains to the ceiling. She was still naked, and her freshly pierced nipples and clit ached in numbed pain. Not sure what to do, Airi tried to ask what place this was, but her vocal cords were still numbed, allowing only for an unintelligible grunt.

Blue noticed her pony getting her senses back together, and walked up to her, putting a pile of black leather and orange latex on a table next to Airi.

“Feeling a bit more focused again?” She said with a bemused smirk, gently petting Airis' head.

“Just in time, when I was ready to massage some lubrication onto your body.” She added, while purring a transparent, slippery looking liquid onto her latex covered hands.

It took a while for Airis' foggy mind to understand the implications, but then she felt the naughty want between her legs flare up again. Rubbing her thighs together, she could not help but lean towards the latex clad nurse, eager for her to start.

A couple of minutes later Nurse Blue was done. She had spent more time than needed on her helpless victim's tits and pussy, making sure the raven haired girl would play nicely. Pulling an orange catsuit from the pile, she knelt down in front of Airi and began to instruct her how she had to move.

Despite Airi being helpful, aroused and all lubricated, it was a struggle to push her into the catsuit. The material was thick and incredibly tight, requiring a good bit of teamwork to put it on. For the last few steps Blue even had to free Airis hands, so she could push her arms into the suit too. This was a critical moment, as the slave was free for once. But the horny little slut was a natural submissive, and played nicely along, before being put back in cuffs.

After some hard work almost all of Airis body was covered with thick orange latex. Even her head was snuggled inside of a hood. Her beautiful black hair had been pulled through a tube at the back of the hood, dangling behind her in a neat ponytail. Besides that, only her face, breasts and private parts were still visible. 

Airi could feel the tight hug of the material all over, and the intoxicating smell was filling her lungs, making her unbelievably horny and wondering how she would look once she was fully dressed.

The next item was an black underbust corset, which the nurse worked with ease around Airis body. With the lacing loosely done, Blue attached straps to the corset, weaving a tight harness around Airis breasts. With all the attention, and Blue shoving and pushing her tender breasts, Airi could not help but moan and lean into the nurses hands. Her freshly pierced nipples stood erect and her tits felt weirdly heavy and sensitive. Sadly the nurse did not give in to her wants, and finished her work without much diversion.

Once done, Blue took a step back and looked her work over, nodding satisfied. Airi could feel how the harness was supporting her heavy boobs, while also emphasizing and drawing attention towards them. It felt unashamedly lewd.

“You are doing very well.” the nurse said with a smirk, before pulling a broad leather strap and two dildos from the pile.

“How about we reward you for playing along so nicely?”

The strap was made from black leather and split into two parts. The front part was thick and had a rubberised vertical slit in its center, while the other part was small and long, like a thong. Both parts were connected together with a sturdy looking metal ring.

The sextoys on the other hand were big and intimidating. Both were made from black rubber and clearly modeled after a horse's shaft. One of the dildos was a little shorter and bulkier, and had a tail sticking out of its back, collared in the same black as Airis hair. Airi wasn’t sure she would be able to take them, but she was so incredibly horny, she could not wait to try it anyway. 

“Come on slut, now spread your legs.” The nurse ordered, while putting a good amount of lubrication over both sextoys. Noticing how Blue was suggestively running her fingers along one of the shafts made Airi moan in want, and follow the command hastily. Her body was in sexual overdrive, aroused by a wild mix of drugs, the situation and her submissive tendencies.

“Good girl.” The nurse said, rubbing Airis wet snatch, spreading a good amount of lubrication over her private parts. She then put the first, longer dildo up against Airis cunt, slowly pushing it into her victims' waiting tunnel.

“Relax slut, you need to take it all the way.” She said, slowly fucking Airi with the sextoy, shoving it deeper and deeper, until it was all the way in.

“Good girl.” Blue praised again, while she aligned the second dildo with Airis' backdoor. Airi wasn’t exactly a big fan of anal, but in the entire situation as just so surreal and erotic, she could not help but enjoy herself, lewdly moaning as she felt the tip of the phallus against her ass.

Airi’s sphincter only resisted for a moment, before letting the well oiled sextoy slip inside. A wave of pain rushed through Airis body, making her stomp and grunt in discomfort, before a warm sense of sexual pleasure slowly followed and replaced the pain.

But Airi did not have much time to catch her breath. The nurse pulled and pushed the phallus, working it deeper and deeper into the moaning ponygirl, until it was all the way in. Only the tail was sticking out of her overstretched bum.

Airi had become a shivering mess of frustrated arousal. She wanted the nurse to go on, but had no way to tell her, or use her hands to touch herself. Blue meanwhile was working with the leather strap, connecting it to the Airis corset, so both sextoys would stay inside of her.

After some fiddling around the nurse managed to guid Airis tail through the metal ring of the strap, which was now resting right atop her butthole, and her pierced clit through a slit in the leather crotch shield. The piercing made sure Airis' lovebutton could not slip back out, effectively trapping everything in position.

With all in place, Blue pulled the strap a nudge tighter to the corset, forcing both sextoys deeper into Airi. The ponygirl-to-be grunted, as she felt weights inside of the toys swing and move with every slight shift of her body, and her trapped clit being pulled and pushed around in the slit, which was coated with hundreds of tiny little rubber bumps, drifting her almost crazy.

The nurse wasn’t done however. With the sextoys in place, she finally was able to tighten the corset properly. At first Airi thought it wasn’t too bad. After the third round however, it became hard to breathe, and the pressure made the dildos inside of her feel even bigger, almost as if her entire body was constructed around those unforgiving rods, hugging them with every inch of her body.

With the first major part of the uniform done, Blue walked back in front of the panting ponygirl. She smirked for a second. She knew exactly what Airi was going through. But sadly she had no time to play with her.

“Relax and take shallow breaths. If you calm down you will get used to it pretty soon.” Blue advised, while she was already taking a set of boots from the pile of items.

“Hooves come next.” She then added with a smile, meeting the ponygirls horny gaze. 

A few minutes later Airis' legs were covered in black leather. The boots shaft reached up over her knees and tight, intricate lacing made sure everything sat tight. Her toes were forced into the hoof-like front of the boots. Her heels were forced up, like in high-heels, but there was nothing to support her. Instead all her weight rested on the front of the boot and the ball of her feet. The sturdy construction of the boots and the hoove-like shape however disburse the weight, allowing for a surprisingly comfortable and stable standing.

“Your arms go next.” Blue interrupted Airis' thoughts.

The nurse warned with a stern voice, “Once I have freed your hands, you will put them behind your back. Don’t mess with your uniform, don’t try to touch yourself. I will have to punish you if you try.” Slowly getting used to the lack of her voice, Airi nodded, looking timidly at the nurse.

After staring intently at Airi, Blue was confident the girl was serious. Reaching up she simply opened the handcuffs, leaving them dangling over their heads. There was a tenuous moment, where Blue wasn’t sure she had read Airi correctly. The young filly rubbed her wrists and took a deep breath, but after only a second she stopped, followed the given order, and put her arms behind her back.

“Good girl!” Blue praised, satisfied with Airi’s submissive behavior. She hurried to get behind her pony and put her arms into a thick, black leather armbinder. It only took a few seconds, and Airif felt her short lived freedom been taken away again.

“Put your hands together… Make your palms touch… Now stretch your arms up” The nurse instructed, while putting the binder into position, tightening the lacing, until Airis' elbows were almost touching. A set of leather straps crossing over Airis upper chest made sure the tight bondage could not slip off, and another set of straps around the waist made sure her arms were tied against her body.

With her arms tied and her legs inside those boots, Airi could not help but feel like she was more pony then human. It almost felt like she had crossed a border. Gone was the timid, shy girl, born was the proud and horny pony.

Looking down at the pile, Airi was confirmed. There were only a few scary looking metal items left, and nurse Blue was just in the process of snapping a collar around Airis throat. It was made from black leather, tall and sturdy, and would certainly make it harder to look around.

"Okay, orange." Open your mouth.” Blue said, surprising Airi with the new name and a pinch on her left nipple. Gasping in pain, Airi was overwhelmed by the nurse, as she shoved a rubber coated metal bitegage with a deep reaching tongue depressor between her teeth. 

“Calm down, calm down.” She said soothingly, pushing a head harness, which was connected to the bridle, around Airis head.

A few moments later all was over. The bridle was tied in place, pulling against the corners of Airis mouth, while a set of blinders limited her vision. Airi was still swaying around angrily, but Blue held her with a painful pinch at her nipples, until she calmed down again.

“See Orange, that wasn’t that bad.” The nurse said, now slowly turning the pinch into a soft massage. 

“And we are done! Would you like to see yourself?”

Airi was still a bit angry because of how blue had forced the last piece of her uniform in place, but the soft massage to her erect nipples and the offer calmed her down. Snorting to vent her frustration, she nodded.

Blue just smirked in return, and took hold of the ring holding Airis' bridle in place, gently pulling her to turn around.

On the wall behind Airi was a full body mirror and she could only look with wide eyes of herself. She looked stunning! A kinky dream, dressed in skin tight orange latex and accentuated with black leather bondage. Only her face, clit, and tits were not covered, making her somehow even look more lewd than naked. Drool ran out her mouth, and she could see the wet glistening between her legs.

Every step made the dildos inside of her move, stimulating her sensitive holes, and her clit rubbed around inside of the soft, rubber coated slit it was trapped in. It felt incredibly good, making her horny by just moving around. 

Somewhere in the back of her mind Airi realized how right this all felt. All doubt was gone and she was certain: becoming a ponygirl was not only the right decision, it was the best decision she had ever made.


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