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Pony Trust

by Fun2Wear

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Storycodes: F/m; bond; ponyboy; chastity; bodystocking; nylons; corset; mittens; buttplug; harness; cart; outdoors; oral; cons; X

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Chapter 5

Emily was looking up at the passing clouds when she heard some deep breathing coming from Eric. She didn’t think he was fully asleep, but he was definitely relaxed laying there and she cherished the thought of that. She had gotten him out here doing something he had kept as a hidden desire and had fought against doing it. Now, she had him out here quite literally eating from her hand and relaxed enough to fall asleep even though he had given up control of his hands, eyes, and most all his freedom to her. She loved the committed trust he had put in her.

Trust had been one of the key points that Eric had brought up initially and it was the part that intrigued her the most of all of this. When she had been browsing the various ponyplay forums it seemed to be a recurring theme. She had messaged several other pony “owners” to get some ideas and to use them as a sounding board for her own ideas. She had come up with a plan for Eric that would help push him with his trust in her and hopefully, through it they would grow closer together. She was confident Eric would continue to push his limits for her, though she was nervous that it could all backfire quickly if she did it wrong. Only time would tell, but for now she would let him rest. He was going to need it for what she was about to put him through.

After roughly twenty minutes Eric stirred. Everything was dark, but of course it would be, he thought. He didn’t have use of his eyesight. He wondered how long he had been asleep for and adjusted his body a little. He felt Emily next to him but wasn’t sure if she was asleep or not too and didn’t want to wake her. She felt him move and said, “Hey you.” That answered his question if she was asleep or not.

“How long was I asleep for?” he asked her.

“A little while, don’t worry about the time babe. You were clearly tired, and we don’t have a schedule other than this today.” He noticed she wasn’t giving him any information to allow him to process when or where he was at. Eric was curious more than ever about how long this would go on. They hadn’t exactly agreed on a finish time. He just assumed she would play along for a little while and then that would be it. He wasn’t sure, but he felt that it had been several hours already though the only gauge of time he had was his stomach and when it would get hungry.

“How are your feet feeling?” she asked him.

“They feel fine right now. They weren’t bad before, just a bit tired. How far did we walk?” He asked again, trying to get a clue as to where they were at. Emily knew what he was doing and responded with a generic answer that they had walked a fair distance, which Eric knew was completely subjective and not a real answer.

She started talking again saying, “Well, let me know if you’re hurting anywhere or uncomfortable where I can adjust things. We’ve got a long way to go and most of it is uphill.” This was the first indication of real distance Eric decided and he was a bit nervous hearing it. He didn’t remember walking downhill that much on the way here.

“Are we taking a different way back?” He asked inquisitively.

“Pony, trust me that I will get us back to where we need to go when I want us to. You have blinders and a blindfold on for a reason,” she chastised him. He was about to say something when she put a hand on the side of his face and said, “Don’t worry about what you can’t control. You focus on what you can do, which is to trust me and to walk where I want you to go and pull my cart. I will take care of the rest.” He grew quiet and then told her OK.

She didn’t like arguing with him, but she knew that he wanted to trust her, and that letting go of what he could control was the most difficult part. She had intentionally taken as much control from him as she could so he would be forced to rely on her and she intended to take care of him just like she said. “OK pony, are you ready to continue?” Eric said he was and with Emily’s help he got up to a kneeling position. “It’s time to put your tail back in, lean forward again, pony.” Emily said, already unbuckling the back of his harness where the strap going between his ass cheeks buckled. She hadn’t given him the option of wearing the plug or not, this would be the first test of hers to see where his mind was at with trusting her. She was pleased when he didn’t argue but leaned straight over onto his forehead once again, putting his ass directly up in the air.

Emily fed the tail once more through the strap and then putting on another latex glove she had brought along with the lube, she slowly worked her fingers inside of him as she had done earlier that morning until he was relaxed enough to take the plug. Once he was strapped back up, Emily helped him back up to a kneeling position and got the bit and snout ready to put on once again. “Would you like some extra flavor on your bit before it goes in?” She asked him.

Eric smiled, “Mmm, yes please!” knowing exactly what she meant. Emily again undid her pants and slid them down her thighs along with her thong. She wasn’t as wet as she had been earlier, “Come kiss me pony and make me wet again.” Eric leaned forward and with her hands on his head he began giving her crotch kisses as she guided him all around. Using his skilled mouth, he nibbled and sucked all over which had the effect of teasing her since he was not on her clit. “Ooh, you naughty pony!” She said and she felt herself rocking her hips back and forth, wanting his mouth to go further south and make her cum. Just when she thought she couldn’t handle it any more she pushed his head back, “OK enough or I’m going to push you back over and jump on you!” She exclaimed. Eric was chuckling to himself and was in the process of making a teasing comment to her when he felt her stuff the bit into his mouth.

Emily had been hasty after pulling his head back to swipe the bit through her wet regions to get a good coating on it and when Eric opened his mouth, she had taken the opportunity to surprise him. Plus, she had been serious about pushing him back and jumping on him and riding him. She needed to control his mouth, she was the one in control, not him. “Quiet pony, you don’t get to be the teasing one. I’m the one that is in control.” She was bucking the bit behind his head and when she was done, she whispered next to him. “I control all of you today, pony. I control your sight, your taste, your touch, your sounds.” And then reaching down she grabbed his caged cock and said, “I even control this today.”

Leaning forward she kissed him on the cheek. “I love the trust you’re placing in me today. I won’t let anything happen to you and I will take care of you. Do you understand pony?” Eric was quiet, savoring the sweet taste of her once more and relishing in the gravity of his situation of loss of control. He nodded his understanding to her and nuzzled against her. “You’re such a good pony.” Emily said, caressing the side of his face and giving him another kiss on the cheek. She then took the pony snout attachment and buckled it to his face once more.

Eric was helped to his feet and led by his reins back to what he assumed was the same hitching post from earlier and tied off. Emily then walked away to pack up their picnic area. Eric could only guess what else Emily had in store for him. He seemed to have woken up to a very serious yet caring Emily that he hadn’t seen before. He was thinking about her and the taste of her that was lingering on the bit in his mouth when he heard her come back and felt her attaching the cart to him once more. When she asked him if he was still doing ok, he stomped his hoof once in affirmation. She went over his harness and outfit very thoroughly checking to make sure everything was in perfect order before undoing his reins and guiding him back to the road.

Emily walked next to him for a while, ensuring that he was still capable of pulling the cart without problems and that there were no issues with his tack or hooves. She then got into the cart and drove him for what he felt was a very long time. Emily stopped him and made sure he got some water and then she continued, again walking next to him. As in the morning Emily spoke to him as they walked, describing the road and the scenery in front of him. This helped Eric focus and visualize what she was seeing.

Eric stepped off the road into a patch of grass at Emily’s guidance and in short order felt his reins being tied off to a hitching post. “Good job pony, that was a long leg, but you did amazing. We’re going to stop here for a bit. The view is incredible from this new area, and I want to grab some photos of you hitched to this post with that background.” Eric stomped once and heard Emily rifling through her things in the cart and then walk off. Left alone, he began to consider what she had said. This was a new area which meant that they had taken a different route back. Now that he thought about it, Emily hadn’t actually said they were going back.

Hearing the camera click and her footsteps let him know that she was close by. He desperately wanted to ask her where they were and to see the area so he could gauge how much further. The novelty of the hoof boots was starting to wear off and his feet were aching again. His mouth was becoming sore from the bit again as well and his ass hole was something he could only describe as tired at this point. It was tired of being stretched and filled for the day.

As he was feeling sorry for himself, he heard Emily walk up and start caressing his arms and then his backside. “You’re a wonderful pony you know that? I can’t believe how incredible you look in all of this and how much I’ve been getting into this. Believe it or not, I’m actually a little jealous of what you’re wearing. It’s a sexy outfit and maybe someday we can let me be the one fully trusting you to take care of me.” She caressed his butt some more and then untied his reins. “Come along, pony. We’ve got some more road to cover before we head back. Pretty sure the turn is just up ahead and then it’s a fair amount of uphill, but I know you’ll do great.”

Eric felt the pull on his reins, and he walked forward. His mind was swirling going back and forth between the thought of dressing Emily up as a ponygirl and the fact that she had indicated that they still had a long way to go and that they weren’t even heading back yet. In the end, thoughts of Emily trussed up and being led around by him, or even next to him in a fantasy won out. As the distance wore on, he ignored the achy feet and focused on his imagination. He had thoroughly enjoyed her touching caresses on his body. The simple touch had helped him to forget his aches at that moment and the admiration from her of his trust of her made him not regret his decision and helped him feel that the small aches were well worth it.

The terrain had definitely started to rise, Eric decided. Either that or he was getting so tired that even pulling the lightweight cart with Emily on it was getting difficult. At any rate he was slowing down. Emily stopped him with the reins and got out of the cart to walk next to him. She encouraged him, telling him he was doing a great job on the hill. To make it easier, Emily told him she would walk next to him the rest of the way as she could see he was getting tired. Eric appreciated her efforts to help him. Her being next to him also helped as he could focus on her voice and not his aches.

They went for a little while longer before Emily said, “OK let’s pull off here. I think this is the turn that we need.” She guided him off the road once more and came to a stop. “There’s not a hitching post here to tie you off to so I’m going to use this branch instead. I need to go take a quick look around to make sure this is the turn we’re supposed to take. I was trying to look up on my phone, but the signal out here isn’t great, so it was making it tough. I will be back shortly, are you good right now?” She asked him. He was concerned that they were lost, and he desperately wanted to have his blindfold taken off at a minimum so he could see but aside from that he was in fact fine at the moment, so he stomped his hooved foot once.

Emily moved away from Eric and her footsteps faded in the grass until he could no longer hear them. He was once again left to just his own thoughts. He decided that horses must not worry about a whole lot as they spend far more time just standing around or tied off to things than he did, and they didn’t seem to care. He stood there for what felt like forever but was probably only five or ten minutes, shifting his weight between his hooves when he heard her come back.

“OK, we’re good. We may have missed our turn though but there’s another one a little further ahead that should take us to where we need to go. Let’s move your arms to a different position for this next part. Eric felt his arms being loosened from the strap going behind his back and then the mitts were unclipped from behind his neck. His arms fell free to their sides and as he let them hang there Emily massaged his shoulders and worked her way down to where the mitts met his wrists.

Eric was enjoying the arm massage and was content to let Emily do whatever she wanted to his body as long as she massaged it every once in a while. Taking his hand, she angled them behind him and taking the armbinder that didn’t go over his shoulder, she worked it over the mitted hands and up to his triceps just below his armpits where it stopped. Eric had figured she’d use the over the shoulder one again as he could wear that for much longer periods of time but like her, he enjoyed the look of the shorter armbinder better. She strapped it around him and then taking the laces she pulled it tight, much tighter than it had been before, and he felt the strain on his shoulders. As in the morning, she tucked the laces back inside the sleeve and then stood back to admire her work. “Damn, I love the look of that,” she said and then untied him from the tree branch.

Back on the road Emily was once again walking next to him. The sun and the walking had heated Eric up by this point and he felt hot in all the tack he was wearing. He was very thankful that they hadn’t gone with a catsuit for him, he would have overheated for sure. The armbinder gave him a new ache to think about. He was pretty sure that he’d never worn it this tight before and his arms were quickly letting him know this. Still, he pushed on, he hoped Emily would be keeping an eye on his arms or he’d have to start stomping to let her know. He hoped it wouldn’t come to that.

They were going uphill once more, and he was feeling parched. The bit in his mouth felt like it was cutting the corners and his tongue had long since devoured any trace of Emily’s juices on it. Now, the bit just felt like an intruder that was letting all the moisture out of his mouth and depositing it on the inside of the snout that was attached to him. It felt humid in there, yet his mouth somehow felt dry. The two of them had slowed down, he was not moving anywhere near the speed he had been earlier in the day.

Eric wasn’t positive but it felt as if they crested a hill, and the pulling became less difficult. Emily stopped them for a moment in the middle of the road and said, “Phew, these riding boots were definitely made for riding and not walking. I think I’ve got a few blisters forming.” Eric heard this and it sounded ridiculous to him. Why wouldn’t she just ride, she didn’t need to walk. “Come on pony, just a little further.” She took a step, but he didn’t move. The reins went taut, and she stopped and looked at him. “What’s wrong?”

Eric pulled his head and motioned towards the cart. “What? Come on, we’re nearly at a stopping point.” Eric stomped his hoof twice and again nodded his head towards the cart over his shoulder. Realization dawned on Emily. “Oh, pony! I’m fine. You don’t need to pull me. I know your feet are aching. I didn’t mean for you to be concerned.” Eric stomped twice again, insistent that she get in. His shoulders burned but he ignored the pain, determined to take care of her.

Emily walked up to him and softly said, “Pony, I appreciate you wanting to take care of me. We’ve only got a little bit further before we can take another break. If I can’t go on from there, I will ride but right now I’m going to walk. Thank you for caring, pony.” She caressed his chest. “Come along.” She moved forward again and this time when the reins pulled on Eric, he moved forward with her. They moved for what he estimated was another couple hundred meters when they went off into the grass once more and up to what he assumed was another hitching post.

After tying him off once more, Emily said “OK, wait right here. I’m going to go check my map on my phone once more and make sure we took the correct turn back there. I’ll be right back, pony.” She caressed him one final time and then walked away. Eric was shocked, she hadn’t taken the armbinder off and all the feeling was going out of his arms already. He wasn’t sure how much longer he’d be able to tolerate it. She also hadn’t given him any water before walking off and his mouth was incredibly parched by this point. He tried sucking on the bit to build up some saliva, but his mouth was too dry to do so.

Eric shifted his weight from one hoof to another frequently. His ankles ached now from the angle they had been at all day. He had no idea what time it was, and at this point he told himself he wouldn’t have been surprised if it was dark out. He could feel the sun on his body still, so he knew that was ridiculous and that he was just complaining to himself. Eric told himself that he would stomp his foot five times when Emily came back so that she would take the armbinder off. He then began a debate in his head that she wouldn’t knowingly hurt him by leaving it on and he could just trust her to take it off in time. The argument went back and forth in his head when he finally heard her footsteps come back up to him.

He didn’t stomp his foot. His trust in her won out, but he wasn’t sure for how long. “I’ve got some good news and some bad news, pony. Good news is that I know where we’re at. Bad news is that we missed a turn and we have to backtrack a little ways now before we can go back.” Eric’s heart sank. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could keep this up. He felt dehydrated and mentally and physically drained. She continued, “I told you I was going to take care of you, and I intend to keep doing just that. Now, I need you to trust me, more than ever on this. Are you willing to trust me that I’ll get us back?” Eric’s right leg began to tremble with fatigue and the thought of putting more miles in. Emily was caressing him. Why wasn’t she taking the armbinder off he screamed in his thoughts. “Trust me,” she whispered.

Eric decided that he did trust her. He knew that through everything, she would take the greatest care of him, and that she would push him, but not to the point of breaking. Emily watched as Eric’s body straightened and he stood up as straight as possible. With sure footing, Eric stomped his foot once, letting her know that he would continue to trust her. The act of it nearly overwhelmed her, but she knew she couldn’t stop now to soak in the feelings. She had said she would take care of him, and she meant to do just that.

Eric’s nerves were through the roof. He wasn’t sure how he was going to manage it, but he told himself that he would pull her on the cart until the wheels fell off it. He also knew that she was serious in how she handled this, and she wouldn’t stop until she knew he was taken care of. The strain on his shoulders began to loosen all of the sudden as Emily undid the lacing on the armbinder. She continued with the straps until it was completely untied and then slid it off.

Feeling came rushing back into Eric's arms in the form of a thousand tiny needles. Emily took each arm and massaged it up and down thoroughly. Eric was waiting for the clip of the carabiner to his mitted hands when he felt the cart being detached at his sides. Confusion swept over Eric, why would she take this off here when she needed to ride it to protect her blistered feet? Eric stomped twice and pawed at her hands as she undid the cart.

“It’s OK, pony. You don’t have to pull me any more today,” she said. Eric wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or upset that she didn’t think he couldn’t or wouldn’t pull her all over creation. He stomped twice again as she undid the last section and backed the cart away from him. “It’s OK,” she repeated and came up and hugged him from behind wrapping her arms around him. “You’ve done so good today. I’m so proud of you,” she said. His mitted hands rested on hers, but he was confused. Was she stopping him from going on? Part of him wanted to stop, but the desire to show her that he would continue and trust her wanted it more.

Eric felt Emily’s hands reaching up to his face and undoing his snout. He wanted to stop her so he put his mitted hands up to push hers away. “It’s OK, pony, really it is. You’re all done. We’re back.” Eric didn’t know what she meant and lowered his hands, allowing her to remove the snout. She detached the reins from the bit and undid the straps holding the bit in as well and pulled it out of his mouth. Eric didn’t speak right away, instead working his mouth up and down. “OK pony, I’m going to take your blindfold off. It’s going to be very bright so close your eyes.”

Eric kept them closed as she undid the buckles the blindfold was attached to and as she pulled it away, he felt the light through his eyelids and how sensitive his eyes were. Slowly he opened them and allowed them to focus. In front of him was the cabin. They had been here when she had told him they’d made a wrong turn. She had pushed him to see how far he was willing to trust her. The sight of the cabin was overwhelming, and his legs started shaking uncontrollably, knowing he was done. Emily jumped in to keep him steady, holding him by the torso. “Oh Eric, I’m so proud of you.” She reached up and gave him a kiss which he returned with his sore lips.

“We were back the whole time?” he asked her, smiling at her.

She blushed. “Yes. I never left you alone. I was sitting about twenty feet away watching you, making sure you were OK. We were never lost babe; I took us straight back to the cabin.” Eric was astounded, trying to process everything.

“Wow, I totally thought we had so much further to go. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it but I wasn’t about to quit,” he said, pride mounting in his voice.

“You were incredible,” she said to him. “I couldn’t believe the transformation I watched take place in your mind right in front of me. Simply amazing.” She was now undoing the mitts and freeing his hands. Eric’s hands were covered in sweat, and he enjoyed flexing the fingers and the ability to grab things once more. Emily continued freeing him from his tack and removed the bridle.

“Would you like me to remove your tail again?” She asked him.

Eric bent over and rested his weight on the hitching post, “Go ahead, I trust you.” He winked at her and smiled. She felt a warm glow in her and happily undid the harness in the back and worked his tail out of him. Eric gave a moan when it came out, “Ooh, that’s going to be tender for a while. I don’t think I’ve ever had something lodged in there for that long before.”

“Well, if it helps you have a very cute ass for a tail. And your asshole gave quite the sigh when I pulled it out.” They laughed together and finished removing the harness from Eric. Emily knelt down and untied his hoof boots and took them off one by one. Eric felt like he got off a step ladder once they were gone as he was now several inches shorter. Next Emily undid the bustier and the halter of the body stocking. Eric peeled them off and aside from his chastity cage he was completely nude. “I suppose you’ll be wanting out of that now?” She played.

“That depends, is there anything else I need to stay focused for?” He teased back. Emily pulled her necklace off over her head which had the key on it. Inserting the key she undid the lock and slid the cage off of him. Eric felt drained like he’d never felt before. Muscles were sore that he never realized he had. Emily took his hand and walked him onto the deck of the cabin. The hot tub was purring and awaiting company. Emily guided Eric into the hot tub and he relaxed with a big sigh.

“I’ll be right back; I’m going to get us some drinks.” Emily said and walked off. Moments later she showed back up with a couple of waters. “I figured we should probably start with these. You haven’t had any water in a while and you’re all sweaty for some reason.” She smiled at the last part.

“Yeah, I can’t remember why though. I seem to recall dreaming I was walking all day without knowing where I was going.” Emily was stripping her clothes off outside the hot tub.

“Mmm, was it a pleasant dream?” She asked.

“Very. Though it started off with me being nervous about not knowing where I was going. But, it ended with me not caring as long as I was with you,” he added.

Emily, now fully nude, slipped into the hot tub with her water and straddled Eric. “I like the sound of that,” she said and was slowly grinding on his lap. The two of them kissed long and deeply. “I hope I didn’t wear you out too much for some other riding,” she whispered to him between kisses.

“Hardly,” he whispered back and kissed her again. “I’ve got to ask though; did you have this whole thing planned out the entire time?” He took a sip from his water, and she did the same.

“Mostly. I ran the plan by several different people on the ponyplay forums I was researching on. I knew that you wanted to put your trust in me, but I also knew I’d have to take away a lot of your ability to control things in order to allow it. So, I had to drop hints here and there to make you think we were possibly lost, or that I had taken a different route to try and throw you off.”

Eric’s mine reeled. “Wow, you really put some thought into this. I can’t believe how much preparation you did for this. I’m really impressed babe. Was any of it real, like the part about you wanting to wear the gear as well and the blisters on your feet?”

“The blisters were absolutely real. Riding boots, as it turns out, are not great hiking boots. And for the other part, after watching you strut your stuff all day in that sexy outfit. Hell yeah, I would love to try it out,” she told him with a deep smile.

Eric smiled back at her. “Good. Because, thinking of you as a ponygirl helped get me through part of today. One thing though.”

She stopped smiling for a second. “What’s that?”

Eric paused like he was deep in thought and then with a devilish grin said, “I’m going to need you to trust me.”

Emily’s smile returned and she leaned in for a deep kiss. “Always, pony.”


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