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Pony Trust

by Fun2Wear

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Storycodes: F/m; bond; ponyboy; chastity; bodystocking; nylons; corset; mittens; buttplug; harness; cart; outdoors; armbinder; oral; cons; XX

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Chapter 4

Emily moved out of view for a moment and then came back in and reached up to unfasten the snout where it attached to the leather strap across Eric’s forehead. He gave her a confused look in his eyes. He wasn’t sure what she had in mind, he was as dressed up as he had though he was going to be. Emily then pulled out a matching leather blindfold with a furry backing that would go against his face. “I got something else for you to wear, pony.” She could see a flash of anxiety in his eyes. “Pony, I want you to trust me. I’m going to take care of you. OK?” She asked. Slowly, Eric nodded, and Emily put the blindfold into place, strapping it to the buckles on the sides by where the blinders were. She then reattached the strap that went to the leather headband overtop the blindfold which also helped hold it tighter in place. With the blindfold strapped in, Eric only saw black. No light of any kind reached his eyes, and he was wholly reliant on her now. “Are you good?” She asked. He hesitated a moment but then stomped his hoof once.

Emily smiled at this and reached up and brushed his head along the side of his face as one would a horse. Little of his face remained to be touched with all the leather but he leaned his head into it anyway. “Ok pony, we’re going to get going now.” She went back and undid the brake levers for the wheels and walked back. Taking the reins in her hands she stood to one side of him with the reins in her hands. “We’re just going to walk forward nice and easy. I’ll keep talking so you can focus on my voice,” she said and gave the reins a little pull as she stepped forward. Eric felt the reins go forward and took an unsure step into the unknown.

His hoofed foot landed on firm ground. He didn’t roll his ankles and he didn’t lose balance. The cart kept him from swaying much and he felt himself take a second step. With similar results he began to walk forward more and more sure. He couldn’t see his footing but he remembered that he was on the gravel drive and there wasn’t a cliff in front of him to fall off or something equally as drastic. “Good, pony!” Emily exclaimed. “You’re doing very well. That’s it, just keep stepping.” Emily encouraged Eric continually and he focused on the sound of her voice. He wasn’t sure how far they had walked but he noticed that he was no longer focusing on his steps and that it was becoming a natural feeling.

The two of them kept this up for a while before Emily stopped him and said, “OK, I’m going to try riding in the cart for a little bit. Don’t worry pony, I’m going to take extra caution with this.” Eric stomped his foot once. He was keen for her to try the cart as well. Emily walked back and climbed into the cart. She exhaled, the balls had been rattling inside of her vagina for the entire walk and she wasn’t sure how much further she could walk with them in. She was starting to second guess inserting them so early but then she remembered how Eric had acted when he had watched her put them in and she decided just the reaction from him was worth it and everything on top of that was just a bonus.

Picking up the reins again she shook them, and Eric moved forward, a little unsteady at first without her there next to him but soon he fell back into a rhythm once more and he was going along steadily. Emily found she only had to make small corrections on the reins to guide him and the further away from obstacles like rocks or ruts in the road she could begin to correct the easier it was. The bumps on the road were very soft much to her surprise which she figured was down to suspension Eric had built into the cart. It also dampened the amount the balls inside of her bounced around mercifully so she could focus on the task at hand.

The path they were on started to wind down into the valley. As the road leveled out Emily pulled the reins until Eric came to a stop. Emily put the brakes on the cart and left the reins in it and walked up to Eric. “I packed the camera, and I would like to get some photographs of us to share on the ponyplay forum that I’ve been reading on. We really have an awesome cart and gear set up and I want to show it off. Plus, you’ll be able to see just how awesome you look in all that since you can’t see…well, anything.” She giggled at the last part. “All I need you to do is to stand here and look magnificent like you do and I’ll take care of the photos.”

Eric heard her walk off and he was left to his thoughts. At first thought, he was mortified for a fraction of a second about the thought of someone taking photos of him but the more he thought about it he was more excited. He was wearing so much on his head that nobody would be able to recognize him, and she was right, he did want to show off their gear and such. As he stood there, he listened for the soft crunch of the gravel to determine where she was and within moments heard the soft click of her camera going off around him.

The crunch of the gravel grew louder as he heard her approach him. “Still OK, pony?” she asked. He stomped once to affirm that he was good. He heard her rustling around with something near him and then he felt her working on the straps that held his arms. “I’m going to change this up a little bit.” Emily told him and moments later he felt her undo the strap that was attached to his leather-bound hands around the back of his neck. His arms draped free at his sides momentarily, hand still not free when he heard her say, “OK pony, arms behind your back.”

Eric complied and put his mitted hands together and then felt her seemingly pulling a bag over top of them. He realized she had gotten the armbinder out and was in the process of working it up his arms. He held his arms as close together as he could to help her and within short order, she had it up to nearly his armpits. Emily took the straps that went under his arms and across him and bucked the armbinder so it wouldn’t go anywhere. She then proceeded to lace the armbinder up until he was as tight as he’s ever had it before. Tucking the laces inside of the sleeve next to his arms she stepped back to admire her work. “There, damn that looks sexy! You were right about the armbinders, they really do add to the look.”

Eric felt the strain on his shoulders but desperately wanted to enjoy the moment of wearing the armbinder and pulling a cart. This was what he had fantasized about for years. He tried to move his arms, felt his now double layered leather hands hopelessly stuck in the bottom of the single sleeve and was satisfied that there was nothing he could do. He hadn’t noticed her step away until he heard the click of the camera going off once more. He stood as tall as he could so that he would look like he was a proud pony and wearing exactly what he was supposed to be wearing.

Emily saw this and smiled at Eric. She was getting more into the play aspect of this as the morning was going on. Deciding that she needed a different backdrop for her photos she climbed back into the cart and snapped a few photos of her pony’s backside and then shook the reins for him to move. Eric began to pull forward again and she watched, admiring the sleeved figure ahead, tail swishing side to side and not a complaint heard from him. She could tell he was truly enjoying himself up there, blindfold or not.

Emily had kept a sharp eye on the time from the moment she had put the armbinder onto Eric. She knew that at roughly fifteen minutes he would be aching and starting to go numb. She drove him on ahead, looking to find one of the numerous horizontal hitching posts that popped up along the trail. She saw the time was nearing fifteen minutes and was figuring she would have to just stop him along the trail until they came around the curve and she saw a post in the distance.

Emily stopped the cart and got out and walked up to Eric. “Pony, there is a spot to tie you off up ahead, but it will be a few minutes before we get there. Can your arms make it or do you need to stop now? Stomp once if you think you can make it and twice if you need to be let out. Eric’s shoulders were burning but he stomped once. He knew he could make it several more minutes if he really pushed it and he was enjoying the armbinder and didn’t want it to go. He felt his reins pull forward and he started walking once more, Emily was walking with him again. He figured she was probably trying to keep a close eye on him in case she needed to undo the armbinder quickly. He decided that was a good thing, he didn’t want unintentional nerve damage.

Emily offered encouraging words to Eric and spoke to him along the way. He was focused on her voice and was shocked when the gravel turned to grass underneath him suddenly. A few more steps off of the trail and Emily stopped him. She took the reins and tied them over the post in a clove hitch and then set about loosening the armbinder. Eric felt the blood flow in his shoulders and arms tingle as she loosened the single sleeve and was relieved. He wasn’t sure how long he had been wearing the armbinder but he suspected he had broken whatever his previous record at home had been.

He tried to turn his head slightly, but the reins went taught and his head stopped. She hadn’t given him much slack and with the cart attached with the brakes on he was effectively stuck. Emily finished removing the armbinder from him and he felt the carabiner snap at the end of his mitted hands to the back of his harness. He was free of the armbinder, but not free for anything else. A moment later he felt Emily rubbing his arms, each on individually ensuring that there was good blood flow in them as needed. She then undid one of the sides of the snout and pulled it back a little way and stuck a straw into his mouth.

Eric’s mouth was fairly parched since he couldn’t quite close it all the way with the bit in it. He also couldn’t make a seal around the straw to suck the water out, so Emily squeezed the bottle and Eric did his best to swallow the water that was shot into his mouth. The water and drool that came out from his mouth was wiped away from Emily and then she reattached the snout once again. “Did you like the armbinder?” She asked him. He stomped once. She smiled and he could hear it in her voice when she said, “Good, I’m glad you did. You looked great in it. Are you ready to keep going or do you need a break?” Eric stomped once again. He was still feeling pretty strong, and his feet weren’t aching yet. He had no concept of time other than to try and judge it by the heat of the day but even that wasn’t very accurate with the body heat he was putting out from under the bodystocking. He was fairly sure they had actually covered quite a bit of ground so far but again he had no reference with the blindfold in place.

Eric heard some more rustling and then he felt the carabiner being removed from his mitted hands. Then another cloth item was pulled up around them. He initially thought it was the armbinder again, but he realized quickly that the material wasn’t quite the same. “OK, I need you to lift your arms backwards if you can, I have to go all the way up to your elbows,” she told him. He was a bit confused as to what she was putting on him, but he complied, and she got the material up. It again felt like an armbinder and it only dawned on him once she pulled the material over his shoulder to the front that it actually was an armbinder, just a full coverage one.

This armbinder wouldn’t put undue pressure on his triceps and cut off circulation. It also wouldn’t get as tight so he could wear it for much longer. This armbinder, while laced in the back, attached together around his chest with three leather straps. Within no time, Emily was finished. “Does that feel good?” Eric stomped once. “Good, I know it’s not as snug, but it still has the same effect, and you should have some endurance with this one.”

Eric felt the reins be released from the hitching post and he was carefully backed up with his cart and guided back to the road. She was correct, his arms had no issues in this new armbinder. Once back on the road Emily walked with him, all the while talking with him and describing the scenery around them and how beautiful it was. She would say things teasingly like, “Oh if only you could see it, it’s so beautiful.” Eric would try and smile at this but the bit in his mouth made any movements with his lips difficult and she wouldn’t have seen it anyway behind the snout.

From time to time, Emily would stop him and take more photos in an area she thought had a good setting. She talked to him, explaining how she was posing with him with the camera on a tripod. He loved the thought of this and tried to be as still as possible for her. She also alternated between riding and walking. Eric wasn’t sure how far they had gone; it was impossible to keep track of time or distance but he had started to hear the sound of running water off to the side. If this was the same stream, they had gone to the day prior then he figured he had likely walked a couple miles by this point and he was starting to feel it.

Emily checked on him frequently and she could see that he was slowing down. She wanted to push just a little further to a point she had picked out. Once there she would give him a much-needed break and let him rest for a while. He had been extremely patient with her stopping and starting him so she could take photos, partly she knew because he was enjoying it and she was sure there was still some lingering anxiety in there that he told himself that she wasn’t having a good time. Emily didn’t want Eric to feel that way and in truth, she had gotten wholly into this and was enjoying herself and Eric.

She saw the spot she had been planning to go just up ahead and let Eric know that he was nearly finished for the moment and would get a break. She noticed that he picked up his step a little, eager to have a break. Emily wanted to give him a break but didn’t want to pull him out of character and had a few things planned for the break. Walking next to him she directed him off the trail once more and towards another hitching post.

Eric was tied off once more to the hitching post and as before, he only had about three feet between his head and the post and couldn’t move much from where he was. Emily told him she was getting some items out of the cart and would be back shortly. Eric felt the cart shudder from items being removed and then listened as the noise of her steps faded away. Finally, still with just his thoughts, Eric began to notice his feet aching from being in a high heel position for so long. The over the shoulder armbinder was more comfortable, but it still caused his shoulders to become tired from the angle of his arms. The tail plug was in need of being relubricated and was starting to cause a little discomfort. Eric shifted his weight from one hoof to another, trying to get his feet some relief. It started to feel like forever before he eventually heard footsteps once again.

She didn’t say anything at first. Instead, he felt the cart being detached from his sides. Once she was finished Emily pulled the cart back and set it on the grass and moved back to Eric. Undoing the reins from the Hitching post she said, “Come along pony, only a little further and you can relax.” Eric turned and began to walk forward, conscious that the cart wasn’t there to help him balance. The two of them walked slowly across the grassy area until Emily stopped Eric.

“OK, in front of you is a large blanket for a picnic but you can’t get on it yet.” Eric felt the straps and lacing on the armbinder being loosened. The armbinder, now undone, began to slide down his arms. As it reached the end by his mitted hands, he heard Emily snap the carabiner between his hands and then felt her attach it to his harness. Eric grunted, he was thinking he would get a break from this, but she must have something else in mind, he decided, and went along with it.

He felt Emily fiddling with something on the back of his neck and then felt the carabiner unclip from the mitts. Emily then took the hands and said, “OK, up in front like before, pony.” Eric grunted again and gave a little resistance. “Hey, ponies don’t have hands and they’re not going to now. Now, stop fighting me.” Eric stopped pulling back and let her clip his mitted hands once again behind his neck. Before she tied off his arms behind his back, she took the opportunity to rub his shoulders and his arms. Eric conceded that he did enjoy the attention she was giving him.

Once she was finished and his arms were once again fastened, she helped lower him to his knees on the blanked directly in front of him. Eric’s feet felt immediate relief from not standing for the first time in what he was sure was hours. At the side of his head Eric felt her undoing something. A few seconds later he felt the snout come loose on one side and the cool air reach his face. Emily undid the other side and then strap going up to his forehead and removed the snout entirely. Eric felt like he could breathe so much better already from just that one piece being gone.

The next thing Emily did was undo the bit Eric was wearing and carefully she pulled it out of his mouth with drool falling onto the blanket. “Oh, wow that’s so much better,” he said involuntarily. He expected his jaw would hurt; he hadn’t anticipated how much it would ache. He worked his jaw up and down reveling in the freedom of it. Eric was ready for a break much more than he realized.

Eric was waiting for the blindfold to be removed next when Emily asked, “Do you want your tail out while we’re relaxing?”

Eric thought about it, and then finally said, “You sure? I can take care of it if –“

“Yes. I’m sure,” she cut him off. “I’m well aware there could be a little mess. I’ll take care of it and I’ll take care of you like I said I was going to. Stop worrying about trying to take care of things for me, I’m the owner and you’re my pony. OK?”

Eric was quiet and then nodded his head, “At the bare minimum I think I need some more lube on it, it’s starting to ache a bit.”

“OK, well I’m going to take it out of you while we’re resting so your butt can get a break as well. Lean forward please.” Eric did, stopping himself on his forehead since he couldn’t brace himself with his hands. This left his butt sticking up in the air. Emily knelt down and unbuckled the strap holding the plug in and pulled the tail through the strap until the strap was free. Taking a wet wipe, she held it under the plug and as she slowly pulled it out, she watched his hole stretch around the widest part of the plug. She was always amazed at how elastic the asshole was. Applying a little forward pressure so the plug wouldn’t swiftly pop it out she slowly removed it, watching as his asshole flared without anything in it and then shrank back down and closed. She wiped off the area with the wipe and then refastened the strap to his back without the plug.

Having wiped the tail plug off as well, she set it aside out of the way and stood up. As she did so she felt her ben-wa balls jiggle inside of her, “oof, I think it may be time to take these out as well. I’m getting kind of tender with them in,” she commented. She was now standing in front of Eric and after a quick glance around she decided that now was as good a time as any to remove them. She took her hands and placed them on the side of Eric’s head which was about roughly waist height to her since he was still on his knees. “Too bad you’re still blindfolded pony, you could get quite a show here as I slowly pull the balls out of me.” She drew out the word slowly to emphasize it, knowing that Eric would be visualizing it in his head.

“Well, you could always undo my blindfold so I could watch,” he suggested with a smile, knowing that she probably wouldn’t agree to it but he felt it was worth a shot.

“Now, where would the fun in that be? You'll just have to use your imagination and listen to what is going on.” She let go of his head with her hands and with a quick motion she undid the zipper right in front of his face so he would hear it. “Mmmm, you’ve made me pretty wet down here,” she commented as she pushed her crotch towards his face, so it was mere inches away. “So close, poor pony.”

Eric heard the sound of her fingers running over her unzipped riding pants and guessed that she was probably only a couple inches away from his face. Taking the chance to catch her by surprise he lunged his face forward and put his nose right into her pelvic area and stuck his tongue out. Emily yelped in surprise, jumping backwards and started laughing. “Got ya!” he said to her and laughed with her.

“Oh my gosh you surprised me, I was not expecting that!” She moved back forward to him and took his head in her hands once more and pulled it to her groin. “You like that don’t you,” she said, watching Eric nuzzle her through her panties and inhale through his nose to smell her scent. She laughed and put his head back. “OK now, that’s enough,” she said. Emily then started to work her pants down over her hips and got them down to her thighs. “Mmm, that cool air feels good on my ass,” she said and watched a smile form on his face.

Taking her thumbs, she put them under the sides of her thong and began to work it down. “If only you could help me get these panties down. I guess I’ll have to do it all by myself. There it is, all exposed and you can’t see it or touch it.” She laughed at the last part devilishly. Waddling forward until she was in front of him again, she said, “Come closer pony, now you can get your fill.” Eric leaned forward and she guided his head once more until his face was pressed up against her bare groin. A pleasurable but very subtle moan was let out from Eric.

Emily reached between her legs and felt the loop of the string attached to her inserted ben-wa balls and pulled it forward and brushed Eric’s lips with it. “Do you know what that is, pony?” Eric smiled and to her surprise he looped his tongue in it and began to try and tug on it. “Haha, nice try pony. Let me give you a hand.” She reached down and began to pull on the string, feeling herself open up and with a rattle the first metallic ball dropped out. “Ooh, one out,” she said and then pulled slowly until the second came out. Holding them by the string they were in-between the two of them when she got the idea.

“OK pony, I want you to open your mouth.” Eric smiled and opened as wide as he could with the straps around his head. Emily slowly pushed the ben-wa balls into his mouth and left the string hanging out of it. “I’m going to finish getting our lunch ready. I don’t want you to drop those out of your mouth, OK?” Eric nodded his head. Emily then pulled her thong and pants back up and went about getting their picnic items ready.

Eric was blissfully enjoying a mouthful of Emily’s wet taste. The thought of her putting the balls into his mouth had never entered his mind as a possibility. He was astounded by how much of a tease Emily had been throughout the morning so far. His cock was straining to the max against its plastic prison. He couldn’t believe how the morning had gone and was continually amazed with how inventive with ideas Emily had been.

Emily walked back to him and said, “OK pony, open up.” She had grabbed the end of the looped string and pulled the balls out of Eric’s mouth. There were no traces of her juices remaining. “My, you cleaned these off pretty well. Quite hungry are we?” She then set the balls down and took the bottle with the straw and offered it up to Eric for him to get a drink. It was far easier this time without the bit in his mouth.

Emily then helped Eric down off his knees until he was sitting on the blanket, legs draped off to one side. This was much preferable as his knees had started to ache. “Are you ready for some food?” She asked him. Eric told her that he was quite hungry and had worked up quite the appetite. Emily sat down next to him and fed him bites of a sandwich and some cut up sausage and crackers. Eric noticed that with the bustier and the body harness on he got full pretty quickly.

Once she was finished feeding him, Emily laid Eric down onto his back so he could fully relax. As much as hands tied, a body harness over a bustier, hoof boots, a chastity cage, and bridle would allow anyway. Regardless, Eric was happy for it, and he felt his body falling into a deeply relaxed state. Now that he wasn’t pulling a cart or walking, he started to get a bit chilled. The bodystocking only provided so much warmth. Emily had prepared for this and once she was done eating, she grabbed another thin blanket that she had packed, and she snuggled up next to Eric and pulled the blanket over them. Eric felt the warmth of the blanket and the sun on him and if he hadn’t been already blindfolded, he would have likely felt his eyelids getting heavy.


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