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Pony Trust

by Fun2Wear

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Chapter 3

Eric woke to the sound of Emily downstairs in the kitchen. He rolled out of bed and pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of trunk style underwear that Emily liked. Walking downstairs he saw that she was making breakfast and wearing one of his shirts and a pair of his boxers. Her hair had been hastily thrown up in a ponytail to keep it out of her way. She smiled as she saw him. “Good morning babe. I’m making sure you have a good breakfast before we play today. Would you like some coffee?” She asked as she was actively scrambling some eggs.

Eric took a cup of coffee from her and gave her a kiss. Walking to the door to the deck he looked out its glass window. Light was just starting to fill the valley in a muted color. The sun would still be another hour or so before it crested the ridge to the valley they were in. Looking at the thermometer hanging outside it indicated that the temperature was hovering just below 60 degrees. In a few hours it would be perfect weather for walking outside without becoming too chilled.

The two of them sat down at the table and ate their breakfast. Emily had made a hearty meal and Eric was sure that he wouldn’t be hungry for some time after it. He forced himself to eat despite his nerves. The anticipation of this day could be quickly ruined by it failing to live up to the hype that he had made it in his head. He wondered how long it would take before Emily decided she was bored with it. Only time would tell he decided.

After breakfast they cleaned up and Eric slipped his feet into some sandals and pulled a robe on. He was not completely naked underneath, but it didn’t matter, everything he would be wearing was out in the stable. Walking up the stairs of the loft Eric saw Emily pulling different clothing items out of her bag. “I think I’m going to go for a more equestrian look and not a cowgirl,” she said. “I think it may be too cold today to not wear pants and long sleeves for me and if I do the cowgirl thing, I want some daisy dukes and a plaid shirt that is too small to hide anything,” she said giggling.

As she was digging through her bag she came across an item and said, “Oh, I want you to wear this today too.” Her hand withdrew from the bag and Eric saw that she had the black 3d printed chastity cage that he had. Chastity play wasn’t something they really did with any real seriousness. Eric and Emily both agreed that it was fun for short periods of time but that they both viewed it more as something for decoration and for teasing foreplay.

Eric tilted his head, curious. “You want me to wear the cage today?”

“Mmhmm. In some of the forums I’m in I’ve heard several people mention they have their ponies wear them. It helps keep them focused and prevents them from trying to breed with anything.” Her nearly indifferent approach to this and the mention of breeding, not sex, was eye opening to Eric. She had indeed done research on her own and was far more read into this than he had realized.

“Well then, I guess we can’t have that!” Eric said laughing as he took the cage out of her hand. Just the thought of it was arousing him and the more he thought about it the more he realized she was right. If he was caged and wasn’t able to get an erection, he would in fact likely focus more on the tasks at hand of being a pony. Trying to think of something else to quit arousing himself he finally managed to slip his parts through the ring and then slid the plastic cage over his cock, forcing it to point down.

When he was done, he handed the key over to Emily. She smiled and hooked it to a necklace and put the necklace around her neck. Eric sat down on the bed as he watched Emily pull out a pair of tight black equestrian riding pants. To match, she had a tight white riding shirt which she put on over a black bra that could be lightly seen through the white material. She wore a black microfiber thong and pulled the riding pants up, tucking her white shirt into it. The whole outfit was very snug, and Eric felt himself grow to the constraint of the cage he was wearing.

Emily then pulled out a pair of riding boots from her bag. They were also black with a glossy sheen to them. The boots were stiff and were made specifically for riding. With a bit of a struggle, Emily finally popped her feet down into the boots. Eric hadn’t heard her say so directly, but he was pretty sure they had some actual horse riding to do in the future. It’d be a shame for that outfit to go to waste, he thought.

“How do I look?” She asked, spinning around so he could see all of her.

“You look magnificent, I really like the outfit a lot!” He told her as he stood up. He walked over to her and she smiled at him.

“You’re oozing out of your cage, you must like it.” She giggled as she watched a small drip of precum fall through the slit in the end of his plastic cage. “Let’s go get you ready.” Together they walked outside and Eric offered his hand to her. Emily gladly took it and interlaced her fingers with his with a big smile. He could see she was already enjoying this and had a little pop in her step.

Entering the stable, they came to the table of items that Eric had placed the day prior. There was a slight musty smell of straw in the stable and a chill in the cool mountain air. Eric’s body was telling he shouldn’t take the robe off, but he knew that with the activity he would warm up in no time. Wasting no time and delaying the inevitable he opened the front of his robe and felt the blast of cool air hit his naked front and he felt himself shiver as he placed the robe onto the table.

Emily was sorting through some of the items and picked up a pile of black nylon material and held it up, the material falling towards the ground from where she held it. The item became visible as a thick denier, nearly opaque body stocking for Eric, “Here you go, I believe this goes on first,” she said. Eric thanked her and took it from her and turned it around a bit before he figured out how he was to get it on. The body stocking would cover his legs up to his upper thighs where it would then cut in as suspenders to back above his waist again before filling back out and then up to his neck in a halter. Eric had told Emily he was interested in the wet latex look or a catsuit but he tended to run a bit warm and they had decided that it would probably cause him to overheat, especially with all the additional items he was about to wear. In the end, they decided on the black opaque nylons as it would have a similar effect yet allow his body to still breathe. It would also provide a material to go between his feet and the boots and the bustier he was going to wear.

Eric grabbed a nearby chair and placed his robe on it so it wouldn’t be so cold to sit on. He proceeded to sit down and began to work the stockings up his legs. Emily and Eric had taken the time together to wax each other’s legs and crotches a few days before their trip. Thankfully, Eric was not a hairy man and the two of them had made waxing each other a date night every 3-4 weeks for several months. Without much difficulty aside from his cock trying to grow in his cage from the excitement of what he was doing Eric pulled the stockings easily up his muscular legs. Standing up he pulled the remainder over his caged crotch and as he pulled the torso portion up Emily moved in behind him and fastened the snaps behind his neck for the halter top.

Eric turned around to face Emily and reached over and gave her a kiss. She leaned close to him and reaching around she squeezed his butt with both of her hands. Her fingers traced the suspenders portion of the bodystocking at his backside and then gave his butt another squeeze. “I love your butt so much, and I didn’t realize at first how sexy you could look in something like this. I’m quite jealous!” she said playfully to him. She then grabbed a black satin bustier off the table. Since Eric was proportionally different from a female body, he had to do some research to find the best way to be fitted for a corset or bustier. The best pro tip he got was to flip the bustier upside down and let his broad chest be where a female’s hips would fill out the bustier or corset. He was doubtful about it until he tried it and realized that the bustier truly did fit better that way and the lacing was even in the back which was important for aesthetics.

Flipping the black bustier over Emily pulled it around Eric and helped him fasten the five loops at the front. Eric then held the front halves together as Emily went behind him and began to work at the laces. Pulling at the top and bottom she worked her way towards the middle and Eric began to feel the constriction on his torso. Emily continued to work at the laces until the garment was snug but not crushing. The goal was not to restrict Eric’s ability to breath but also for it to not fall off. Eric let Emily know when they were at the happy medium and she tied it off, ensuring it would not come undone accidently.

Emily ran her hands down the sides of the bustier, feeling the boning material underneath and how snug it was. Eric realized that Emily was inspecting him, looking for any imperfection in his outfit as she circled around him. He stood still until she was satisfied with the fit, tucking in a bit here, fixing the bodystocking there, and giving it a nod of approval. Eric then sat down on the chair again as Emily pulled his boots over to him. The boots were of a unique design, like a stiletto without the heel. Instead, a horseshoe had been fastened and the front of the boots made to look like hooves. The boots would lace up all the way to just below Eric’s knees.

Emily knelt down and unlaced the first boot as Eric quickly realized with the bustier on he was far less flexible to bend over. To his surprise, Emily seemed to be thoroughly enjoying this and very focused on preparing the boots. Having unlaced them sufficiently enough, she helped Eric slip his right foot into the boot and then proceeded to lace it up, again snug enough that he foot would not slide around inside but not too tight to cut off circulation. Emily gave his left foot the same treatment and within a short matter of time he felt his feet stuck into a pointed down position. She offered her hands to him and he took them and she helped pull him up. Eric immediately felt how tall he was compared to Emily now, with the boots he added an additionally four or five inches on her. The back of the horseshoes had a metal tab sticking back so there was a larger surface area and easier to balance.

“How do they feel?” Emily asked, genuinely curious. Eric took a few cautious steps getting used to his new hooves and how he would need to place them to contact the ground differently. Eric had always been good with balance and within a few more steps he was walking normally enough to make it look smooth.

Taking several steps over to Emily he stamped his hoof a couple of times on the ground and smiled at her saying, “They’re actually very supportive and the balance isn’t bad at all. That little tab that points backwards definitely helps the balance.” He again began to walk around in a couple circles while Emily started going through the other items on the table once more.

Turning around she held a couple of black items in her hands. “Ok pony, get over here and let me get these on you.” Eric looked at her, smiling at her calling him pony. He could see that she had some leather mitts that would encase his hands so he wouldn’t be able to use them. Eric had told Emily that he didn’t want to wear hooves on his fists but would rather be in an armbinder or have them in mitts and attached behind his neck as ponies don’t have hands. Emily had actually been excited about that idea as it would force Eric to trust her more implicitly.

As Eric walked over to her, he said, “Uh, I still need to put my tail in.” He wouldn’t be able to do this if his hands were covered in leather.

She put her hands at her sides, holding a mitt in each and looked up at Eric and said firmly, “You are a pony, and you are my pony. I am going to take care of my pony and ensure that he is properly fitted with all his proper equipment and tack. My pony doesn’t need to worry about his tail, it will be taken care of.” Eric smiled at her trying to hide his nervousness, the tail was attached to a rather sizable butt plug so it wouldn’t inadvertently slip out and he had never let her put a butt plug inside of him before. Emily took a step forward so she was right in front of him and dropped her hands from her sides and placed one on each of his hips and said, “It’ll be ok, I’ll go nice and slow. I don’t want to hurt you.” Eric nodded and offered up his right hand.

Emily saw this and smiled while tucking one of the mitts under her arm to free up her hand. “Good pony,” she encouraged him and worked the tight leather over his hand and up to his wrist. She then pulled the laces tight which prevented him from moving his fingers or thumb around in the mitt. Emily then put the second mitt on Eric’s other hand. Within moments, both hands were encased in a leather pouch that had a loop at the ends so they could be attached or tied off to anything. Eric inspected his leather hands in front of him and tried to move his fingers within their sheath, satisfied that they were sufficiently trapped but not to the point of being crushed.

Emily grabbed a carabiner off of the table and snapped it through the loops at the ends of the mitts on Eric. She then pulled on it and he followed her as she led him over to the table where she had picked up the carabiner off of. The table was pushed up against one of the stable walls and Emily directed the carabiner towards a ring that was on the wall. Eric had to bend over to let her clip the carabiner into the ring since he was now taller due to the hooves he was wearing. “Go ahead and lean on the table pony.” Emily said once it was clipped. Eric complied and smiled, realizing his backside was now fully exposed.

Emily pulled on a pair of latex gloves that were on the table and picked up a tube of lubricant. Moving behind him Emily ran her finger over Eric’s ass. “Your ass looks really sexy, you know that?” Eric tried to turn his head back towards her to smile. She smiled back at him and then continued, “It’s going to look even sexier with a tail.” Eric playfully shook his ass back and forth prompting her to laugh. She gave it a playful spank and then squirted some of the lube onto her gloved hand. The lube was an oil base so it wouldn’t absorb as quickly and continue to keep the tail plug lubricated for a longer period.

Gently, Emily touched Eric’s asshole and he flinched at the temperature. Determined to not be tense during this as he knew that would make the whole experience unpleasant he relaxed and tried to breath as regularly as his bustier would allow. Emily started very slow, working her finger around the opening of his hole until she saw him relax and then she gently pushed a finger into his hole and then held it there until he relaxed again and she pulled it out. Applying some more lube she worked her finger inside and out of him a few more times until he was stretched enough to allow a second finger. Eric grunted as she slid two fingers in and pushed until she felt his prostate. Smiling, she began to rub it a little, causing Eric to say, “Hey, what do you think you’re doing back there?”

“Just making sure you’re primed and ready.” Emily replied with a giggle as she slowly removed her fingers and watched his lubed hold slip shut. As she moved around him and grabbed the tail off of the table, she saw that his cock was straining in the cage and that a bead of pre cum was hanging from his cage by about 6 inches. “Looks like something is trying to get a little excited down there.”

“Yeah, well I’m told that I’m not allowed to breed anything today so I can focus.” Eric playfully said back to her.

“Aww you poor pony!” Emily said mockingly. “You’ll have a lot going on soon and you need to focus on not falling over, pulling my cart, and whatever else I want my pony to do. Besides, if one of us is going to be distracted it’s going to be me.” She leaned in close to his ear and whispered, “You’re not going be the only one with something inserted today.”

Eric snapped his head around, “Wait, you’re wearing something too?” He quickly followed it up with, “What is it?”

“Haha, don’t you worry about that pony. All in good time.” She had the tail by the plug in her hand and the tube of lubricant in the other. The tail came out from a large glass plug and then angled at 90 degrees away so that when it was inserted it would stick out from Eric’s butt and not directly down at the ground. Once the plug was sufficiently lubricated Emily brought the tip of it to Eric’s hole and began to slowly apply pressure against it. Eric felt himself stretch as Emily worked the plug back and forth slowly until he finally felt his sphincter slip around the bulbous end and the plug sucked inside of him filling him. The tail rested against his prostate and again he felt himself become tight against his cage. Emily softly said, “Good pony, very good.” Emily then took some baby wipes and cleaned up the excess lubricant from around his crack and butt cheeks.

Peeling off the latex gloves, Emily unclipped the mitts from the wall and Eric stood up, feeling the long tail of horsehair brush against his thighs. He then took a few steps in a circle feeling the swish of the tail against the back of his legs and smiled, “I love the feeling of the tail. I’ve been wanting to wear one for such a long time,” he exclaimed with a smile to Emily who was grinning watching him adjust to the playful tail inserted into him. “I love the feeling of it on the back of my legs, and the fullness of it feels really good too. It’s not an extreme plug that hurts to put in but it’s also not going to fall out.”

“I know what you mean, I loved my fox tail last night.” Emily agreed with Eric. “And as for falling out, I don’t think that’s going to be a problem. Let’s get the rest of your tack on,” she said and walked into the horse stall where the mass of leather straps was hanging on the wall. Eric followed her into the stall and stopped behind her. Emily turned around and held the mass of straps up and turned them until there was a clear front to what took the shape of a body harness. The front of the harness was a large, nearly diamond shaped section of black leather that most all the other straps ran off of. The sides of the diamond shape had large belts that would connect to the back piece at his sides and also provided attaching points for the cart. Emily held it up and Eric ducked his head under the harness, and she laid it on his shoulders.

Holding his arms and hands up so Emily would have more space to work, Eric watched how intently she worked and how serious she was taking it. Emily focused on the largest straps first around his sides and over his shoulders. These would bear the weight and pull from the cart, and she didn’t want them loose so she took extra care to ensure that they were nice and snug. The front of the diamond section tapered down to a thinner flat leather section with an oval shaped hole in the front. Emily took care not to accidentally pinch or squish one of Eric’s testicles as she moved it through the hole in the leather. His cock was safely tucked away inside of the plastic 3D printed cage which only proved a little difficult sliding through the leather hole. Within a few moments she had his whole package neatly through and the leather laid flat against his pelvic area behind the plastic cage. Eric then separated his hooved feet slightly so she could pull the strap up underneath him to his backside. Again there was a small opening in the now much narrower leather and Emily took a couple moments to fish the tail through the opening. The narrow leather strap seated itself up against the curved base of the plug and held it firmly inside of Eric. The plug was now definitely not falling out and Emily then fastened the strap that carried on up between his butt cheeks to a buckle on the back piece of leather. Two more straps attached from near where his plug was and came under his butt cheeks around to the front and attached to the large diamond shaped leather.

Emily stepped back and eyed him, looking to make sure everything looked correct. “Damn, you wear that so well. You really are a sexy pony,” she said, clearly proud of her handiwork. Eric took a few steps around the stall to test the fit of the tack. Nothing seemed to be pinching or binding, especially down near his crotch or ass where fitment was crucial. Emily saw Eric twisting his body, testing out the fitment and asked, “How does everything fit?”

“Really good. Surprisingly good. I mean, it’s all very snug and not going anywhere but it all fits very comfortably.” Eric replied.

“Good, I don’t want my pony to have a bad experience today because of a strap that’s out of place,” she said to him smiling. “Couple of more pieces babe.” With that she held up another, though smaller, set of straps and leather pieces.

This was his bridle that he was to wear. The sides of his head and face would have large sections of leather with cutouts for his ears and attachment points for the various straps and such. Eric walked over and leaned forward so Emily could reach his head. Taking the bridle she pulled it over head and started adjusting it. A strap went underneath his chin, several behind and over his head. An additional one with a broad pad of leather went over his forehead. The section on top of his head had a metal attachment where Emily stuck a nearly foot tall, red and black feathered plume in it. With it in the bridle the total height of Eric including his hooves pushed over seven feet in the air. To the sides of the bridle along his temples, Emily snapped on a couple of leather square shapes that would serve as blinders, common to horses to keep them focused.

The bridle had several buckles and snaps that remained empty. Emily wanted to make sure Eric was comfortable walking around in his hooves and pulling a cart before attaching the remaining pieces to him. The last thing for her to do before taking her transformed pony outside was to finish with his leather-bound hands. Eric had indicated to her that he absolutely loved the look of an armbinder with ponyplay. They had purchased one to try and quickly realized that Eric could wear the single sleeved glove but that after about fifteen minutes his arms would start going numb. Emily had to test fit it to see for herself how the feeling was, and she was far more flexible than Eric. She had been able to stay in the armbinder at the distance Eric’s arms had been apart almost with ease. Eric had then tightened the lacing to the point where her elbows had nearly touched, and she then felt the same numbness after ten or fifteen minutes as well. She had been adamant that she just wanted to try it to test if her arms went numb or not and that was it. Eric suspected there was more to it as she had willingly let him put it on her and then had seemed to enjoy walking around their house in it while waiting for the numbness that only came after she suggested he go tighter on it.

The two of them had still packed the armbinder and the plan was to wear it for a while and then since Eric’s hands were still gloved, Emily would take his hands out to get the feeling back into his arms and she would attach a strap around the back of Eric’s neck to the mitted hands. Another leather strap would go around his arms and then behind his back. Emily had gotten another item as well that Eric wasn’t aware of to use later. For the moment Emily walked over to Eric and using the leather straps mentioned she attached his mitts behind his neck and then secured his arms.

Eric was reveling in the moment. Here he was dressed in what he had been so drawn to for years. Now, he was truly in his fantasy and loving every second of it. His arms were immobile, and he had a beautiful woman who was enjoying herself playing along. “Let’s get you outside pony and I’ll get you hooked up to your cart.” Emily went to usher him out of the stall and looked for a way to guide him along. “We need to get some reins on you, I don’t know where to push or pull you from” She laughed.

Eric laughed with her, “Soon! And then I’ll follow wherever you direct me!” The two of them walked towards the open area of the stable where the cart sat. Emily moved Eric until he was positioned in the middle of the room and then she picked the front of the cart poles up and wheeled the cart until it was behind Eric. She was surprised at how lightweight and stable it seemed. She was impressed by Eric’s skill in creating it and a small amount of pride welled up in her that she would be riding in something that he created for her.

She pulled the cart forward and found a hole with a bushing in it on the front of the poles and attached the mounting point on Eric’s side to the first one and then went around to the other side and attached him to it as well. Eric shifted his weight feeling that he was now slightly limited from twisting, but it also helped provide him with some balance as well. As it was, the majority of the weight from Emily would rest directly over the wheels and he would have to just make sure he kept up some forward momentum when rolling.

Emily went and pushed the barn door of the stable open and Eric began to walk forward, feeling the cart behind him moving with him. He walked out into the warm glow of the morning sunlight. The sun had now crested the ridgeline and was giving off a warm morning glow around him. The brisk air felt cool on his exposed crotch and arms. He could feel the coolness through the bodystocking, but it was not uncomfortable for walking despite how thin the material was. Eric continued walking around getting used to the feel of the cart behind him and the hooves over uneven ground.

Emily walked next to him asking him questions and making sure everything was feeling ok. Eric reassured her that everything was feeling perfect and took a wide circle back towards the stable, Emily maintained her pace with him. At the entrance to the stable Emily looked up at him and said, “Are you ready for me to try riding? I’m going to put your bit in and attach the reins so I can steer you,” she added at the end.

“Yes, I believe I’m ready. And as agreed on, I will stop and stomp a hoof five times to indicate that I need to stop right away. Three stomps will let you know I’m struggling and need you to slow down and give me a minute.” He smiled down at her. The two of them had agreed on the signals and it was just one more way that showed how much thought and care Emily had put into this.

She smiled back at him and got up on her toes and puckered her lips. “Bend down you big horse and let me give you a kiss before you’re unable to.” Eric laughed and bent over and let Emily take the sides of his harnessed head in her hands and let his lips be pulled into hers. “I love you, pony. I’m going to take care of you today.” With that she let go with one hand and grabbed a U shaped rubber covered bit. The bit was a rubber bar that went directly across Eric’s face but in the center had a bend that went into his mouth. The part that went into his mouth was thinner and coated with an extra layer of rubber to protect his teeth. Emily ran the straps around the back of his head and fastened it. At the end where the bit met the straps were large silver loops that Emily attached a set of reins to.

This wasn’t the end of it though. Emily pulled out a leather shaped “snout” that had a couple of holes in the end that resembled a horse nose. Emily placed this over Eric’s nose and bitted mouth. The opening at the end had been designed to fit over a mouth with a bit in it and not interfere with reins. On the top of his nose, the snout had an extra strap that Emily buckled into the flat portion that went across his forehead. Once that strap and the ones alongside his face were strapped in, the snout wasn’t going anywhere and became an extension of his head. Ensuring he was still good one final time and getting a nodded approval, Emily took the reins and moving them over Eric’s shoulders she went back to the cart and taking great caution she slowly stepped into it.

Right away she noticed that when stationary, she put little weight onto Eric’s sides such was the balance. Sitting into the bench seat she admired the craftsmanship once more and noted the brake levers for the wheels and ensuring they were off she picked the reins back up. The cart gave her confidence by its lightweight and yet sturdy build quality. The hard part would be learning to manage the reins and guide her pony. She took a bit of slack out of the reins and watched as she pulled Eric’s head backwards a little causing him to take a step back. “Whoa! Stop!” Emily said and Eric did. “Sorry!” Emily said and Eric knew she wasn’t intentionally pulling him backwards. He tried to stand as still as possible and show her that he wasn’t frustrated or upset.

Emily then took the reins and shook them, and Eric moved forward and the two of them began walking down the lane a short distance before Emily stopped him by pulling back on the reins. She then practiced turning him both directions a couple of times before angling him back towards the house. Eric was making good speed and with the ease of the cart and Emily’s light weight he made good time with very little work.

At the stable once more they stopped, put on the cart brakes, and Emily got off and came to check on Eric. “Everything going and feeling ok?” Eric nodded that it was and stomped a hoof once, their way of messaging that he was good. “Good. I’ve got a couple of things to put in the cart and then a couple more items and we’ll be ready.” Emily moved out of Eric’s peripheral vision which the blinders limited, and he heard her go into the house while he waited there. A few moments later he heard her emerge from the house and felt the shudder from the cart as she placed a few items into it.

Walking back around in front of him she had a devious look in her eyes. “Ok, I told you I would be inserting something as well for this and here they are.” She held up a string with a couple of shiny metallic red balls attached to them. Eric recognized them as ben-wa balls and knew that they would vibrate inside of her as they rode down the road. He felt himself swell against the inside of his chastity cage. He stomped his hoof once in approval. Emily laughed and began undoing the fly of her riding pants and worked them down around her thighs. “I was going to get some lubricant but getting you all dressed up in your gear has taken care of the need for that,” she told him as he watched her slowly pop one and then the other ball inside of her vagina.

Pulling her fingers out Eric could see a glisten off them and was reminded of the taste of her from the night before. He stomped again and she giggled. “Oh, pony did you want this?” She said working her wet fingers together. Eric stomped again, causing her to giggle more. “Well, then how about just a tease,” she said and put her fingers near the nose holes of the snout. “Smell that pony?” She asked and Eric did his best to catch her sweet scent. Just as he was catching a whiff of it she pulled her fingers away from his snout and wiped them around his caged cock. “Maybe this won’t stay on all day.” Eric dropped his snout down and nuzzled against Emily causing her to laugh. “Ok, pony one more piece to add and we’re off.


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