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Pony Trust

by Fun2Wear

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Storycodes: FM; buttplug; bodystocking; nylons; oral; sex; cons; X

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Chapter 2

After dinner Eric was sitting by the fireplace watching the flames rise around the wood. Dinner consisted of a few drinks and some steaks on the grill. The sun had now set and the only light in the room came from the fireplace and a few dim can lights recessed in the ceiling above the loft. Eric had been told to get the fire going while Emily was going to go change into her outfit for him. After a while he began to wonder if something had happened to her as it seemed to be taking a while for her to get ready.

He briefly considered asking her if she was alright or if she needed help but then thought better of it. She would be ready when she was ready, and they had all night. There was no need for him to rush her. Instead, he went to the shelves that were next to the fireplace. One the main shelf was an old turntable and lining the shelf above it were numerous records in all different styles of music. Eric began to thumb through the records looking for one to play. Coming across a section of jazz he found a very worn cover stating it was soft jazz. Eric wondered why this one seemed so much more worn than the other when he realized it was probably one of the more “romantic” albums on the shelf. Well, that many people playing couldn’t be wrong he guessed and slid the record out of the cover.

Opening the player cover he placed the record down and turned the player on. The record spun and once it was up to speed, he gently placed the needle onto the record and with the briefest of scratching noises it began to softly play the soothing jazz. Eric smiled and turned the volume up to a level where it would be enough for background noise but not enough to drown out any conversation.

Turning around he started to move back to the large sectional couch in the middle of the room when his eyes caught a movement at the top of the steps. Eric looked up and saw Emily and his pulse quickened immediately. Emily, staring down at him from the top of the stairs for the loft looked at him with a devious grin. She started to make her way down the stairs and Eric registered the audible “click” of her gloss black stilettos every step she took on the hard wood. Eric couldn’t be sure, but he felt that he was probably staring with his mouth open.

Emily was wearing a black bodystocking that started at her legs before thinning out to garter straps that connected once more on her hips. From there the bodystocking continued around her midsection with a lace design, wrapping around the front covering her breasts and hooking together around her neck in a halter top. A small black lacy g-string was all she wore to cover her crotch where the bodystocking was bare. Her face was done up with perfect makeup and her lips were of a dark red lipstick that had a liquid sheen that danced in the reflection of the light of the fire. Emily’s straightened brunette hair flowed down around her shoulders. She wore a small black headband that Eric finally noticed had two fox ears on them.

Emily smiled and twirled around for Eric. A fluffy fox tail roughly a foot and half long flicked out as she twirled and laughed. Eric’s eyes got even wider in surprise when seeing the tail. It wasn’t a simple clip-on tail, instead it went straight up into Emily’s butt cheeks. Shaking her tail back and forth she looked back over her shoulder at him and said, “I couldn’t let you have all the pet fun!” She began laughing and shaking her tail more.

Eric closed the distance between them with controlled haste. He had to touch this magnificent creature. “You’re so incredibly beautiful,” he said as he pulled her into him. His hands found her butt, giving them a firm squeeze to which she responded by trying to wag her tail some more. “I am blown away by this! I don’t even know what to say.” He felt he was rambling like an idiot, but he didn’t care and judging by the blush and smile on Emily’s face she didn’t mind either.

She was nearly his height with her stilettos on and she leaned over and planted a big kiss on his cheek. She pulled away and giggled at it and he knew right away that he had a set of lips on his face from her lipstick. He just smiled, accepting it as a trophy from her. “Can I get my fox something to drink?” He asked her.

“Mmm, yes please,” she said, still smiling. As if to emphasize how giddy she was feeling she gave her tail another wiggle. Eric laughed and walked into the kitchen area and got her a vodka with a mix of some juice with it. Bringing it back into the room he saw that she was laying on her side on the couch. The light from the fire accented off her breasts and her eyes that were looking at him.

“Here you are my sweet fox,” he said, bending down with the drink. She took the drink from him and he bent in even further and kissed her on the mouth. At first it was a soft kiss but then he sank into her as she pulled on him and the kiss became more intense. Her tongue flashed across his lips and the two of them smiled, forehead to forehead. His hand had found her breasts under the bodystocking and through it he could feel her erect nipples. Gently he caressed his fingers across the nipples which caused her to twitch with the heightened feeling that they were getting.

Emily’s breath began to deepen as his hands moved down her body and he kissed his way across her jawline to her neck. Her eyes closed and her head tilted back against the cushions of the couch opening her chest to him. Pulling her to the side he placed her onto her back and slowly got onto the sectional couch himself on a knee. Emily’s hands were working through Eric’s hair as his face made his way down her neck to her breasts.

Her breasts were still covered by the bodystocking which was preventing Eric from using his mouth on them. While squeezing them with his left hand his right hand worked its way down to her g-string. Emily’s hips were beginning to work themselves up and down and began to push against his hand. He could feel the wetness on the material as soon as he touched it. Still squeezing with his left hand he worked his kisses down her abdomen and to her pelvic area. Her hips began to thrust her crotch directly at his face. Taking his cue Eric took a hand on either side of Emily’s g-string that she had smartly decided to wear on the top of the body stocking and began to work it down her hips. Emily arched her back and Eric pulled it the rest of the way down, careful that it didn’t catch on her tail and pull on it.

Eric worked the g-string all the way down her legs and over her heels until she was no longer wearing it at all. Eric held it up with a smile like it was a trophy he had just won. Dropping it on the floor he leaned forward with his mouth once again near her pussy. Emily again put her hands into his hair and guided his head onto her lips. Eric heard a gasp and then a positive moan from Emily when his lips made contact with her pussy. He began to work his tongue over her clitoris alternating where it was flicking. Emily’s legs began to arch up and back towards her as Eric brought her to the brink of orgasm. Eric could hear Emily’s breathing become very heavy and then she held it and he knew that she was very close. Keeping up with the barrage from his tongue he savored the taste of her. Her juices covered his mouth and he relished it, knowing his actions and the closeness of them were the cause of it.

Emily shuddered as she orgasmed and she let out a large breath that she had been holding. Extra sensitive now she guided Eric’s head up from her pussy as it quivered and the feelings washed over her body. Eric smiled up at her and said, “I love your taste so much.” Emily gave him a loving smile back, still relishing the feeling but she wanted more. She wanted him to be inside of her.

“I need you in me.” She gasped between breaths. She swung one of her legs over Eric and stood up from the couch. She then pulled Eric up to a standing position and to his shock she kissed him intensely on the lips. He wasn’t expecting this as she typically wasn’t one to want her fluids in her own mouth. She then squatted down to the ground, her tail pooling up on the floor under her and she began to work his belt open.

Eric helped her and unfastened it. Emily was pulling his pants down with a fire driving her, Eric smiled and gladly stepped out of his pants and underwear allowing his very erect cock to pop directly up. Emily grabbed his cock with one hand and began to pump it and placed the tip of it in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it briefly. Eric enjoyed it but he could see that she was aching for more. She pushed him down onto the couch and was on him before he had come back from the first bounce of the cushion.

She climbed on top of him and he felt the fox tail on his balls as she grasped his cock and slid it into her slowly. She lowered herself onto him and exclaimed, “Holy shit, you’re huge right now!” She began to slowly work herself back and forth until she had relaxed enough to accommodate his size comfortably in her. Once she did the tempo increased and they began rocking their hips back and forth and within seconds Emily was cumming once more. Eric could feel her arms shake and she said “I.. <gasp>…need you…gasp…to take me…<gasp>…from behind.”

“I’d love to.” Eric replied and helped her dismount him. Once she was off, she turned around and knelt over offering her backside to him. Eric looked down and saw her fox tail hanging between her cheeks and he lifted it up and laid it onto her back. Inching forward then he plunged his cock back into her and her Emily moan once more. The plug inside of her, combined with Eric's size made everything in there feel tighter for her. Eric grabbed her along her hips and began thrusting inside of her, bouncing up against her tail. Emily orgasmed twice more before Eric plunged as deep as he could inside of her, pulling her into him with an intensity, holding the motion. Emily made a noise as he plunged as deep as he could and he felt himself explode inside of her, not letting go of her hips. She was his fox and she wasn’t going to be able to get away from him. He pulsed, filling her up and she gasped.

A few moments later he released her and he heard a sigh from her as she was able to relax from the large push that Eric had made. Slowly he removed himself from her, the two of them breathing hard. Eric slowly laid back onto the couch and Emily turned around to face him. She wasn’t able to directly sit down with the tail sticking out of her butt so taking advantage of the situation she crawled over to him and laid along him with her head on his chest. Eric wrapped his arm around her as she lay there on him. “I love you so much,” she said.

“I love you too, my fox,” he replied to her with a smile. She lifted her head up and looked at him and smiled.

“I was really hoping you’d like this,” she replied, a pleased look across her face.

“Like it? I loved it!” With a big smile on her face she laid her head back down onto his chest once more. Together they laid there listening to the soft pops and cracks of the fire until both of them had dozed off. After a few moments Eric woke to the sound of the needle on the turntable bouncing off the middle and returning to the start position. He leaned down and gave Emily a kiss on top of her head. He could tell that she had fallen asleep as well but that his kiss had stirred her.

“Ugh, I don’t want to get up but I need to go take this tail out of my ass,” she said and the two of them laughed. “It’s surprisingly comfortable though,” she added as she sat up.

“Oh yeah?” Eric asked. The two of them weren’t completely unfamiliar with butt plugs. Emily would wear a jewel one occasionally for the briefest of moments as that was about all she could stand as it felt like it was cutting into her cheeks. Eric had tried plugs as well and rather enjoyed the full feeling of them. The few times that he had worn one when having sex he had orgasmed very quickly as it had been pushing against his prostate. Emily had tried pegging with him on a couple of occasions and had in turn let him try anal with her. He knew it wasn’t something she was really into much so he hadn’t pushed the desire to try more with her. This could really change things he thought if she was having as much fun as she was when there was a tail attached.

“Yep, it’s a glass plug like the horsetail one you got and it’s way more comfortable. Crazy what a difference it makes. But, it’s also definitely time for me to take it out. I don’t think it’s something I want to wake up in the morning still wearing,” she said that last part with a smile and stood up. She shook her butt back and forth a few more times for Eric and then walked off to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Eric gave her the privacy to get her plug out and clean up how she wanted to with the plug. When he heard the shower turn on he went in and joined her.

“We never finished our drinks,” he pointed out to her.

“Yeah, I’m good for now. Plus, you need to be hydrated for tomorrow,” she said, nodding her head at him.

He smiled at her, watching the water from the shower head drum into her shoulder. “Big plans for tomorrow or something?” He asked playfully but still trying to gauge how she was feeling towards their plans for doing ponyplay, though after her performance with the fox tail tonight he was pretty confident that tomorrow was going to be good to go.

She laughed at his comment, “Yeah, there’s something big happening tomorrow. And I’m really looking forward to it.” She pulled him into her wet body under the stream and they embraced once more.


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