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Pony Trust

by Fun2Wear

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Chapter 1

The gravel of the long lane crunched under the wheels of the pick-up truck as it wound its way down through the trees. Inside the truck Eric looked over at Emily in the passenger seat. She noticed his glance and gave him a warm smile and reached over and gave his upper thigh and encouraging squeeze. Eric smiled back and looked back out the window of the truck. The cool spring air drafted in through the open windows of the truck along with the subtle smell of the pine trees.

They were arriving at a cabin that they had rented for the weekend. The cabin itself sat on a large patch of isolated land nestled into a small valley at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The cabin and land promised complete isolation and the renter had prided himself on the fact that the only people in the area would be the renters. The isolation was one of the key factors for their weekend together and a necessary component.

The closer they got down the lane to the cabin, the more nervous Eric became. He checked his mirrors, ensuring the trailer he was pulling was doing exactly what he wanted it to. He noticed that he was double and triple checking everything in the truck, the things he could control. What he couldn’t control and what was making him nervous was the plans he and Emily had for the following day. Plans that would require both of them to place a significant amount of trust in each other.

Eric and Emily had been a couple for some time and were relatively open with each other. Where there was some hesitation was in the bedroom. Emily had a wild streak in her and without hesitation could be very playful, lightly tying up Eric’s hands and then proceeding to ride him as if was a bucking bull all the while whooping and hollering. The two of them would descend into laughter at this but Eric could see that she had really gotten into this aspect and the whole experience had been a huge turn on for him. Emily also had a caring streak in her too where she just wanted to spend quality time together and just cuddle together. Eric knew he had an amazing find in this woman, but he was nervous that some of his fetish desires would frighten her away.

While drinking together one night Emily had asked Eric what sort of kinky thing he had always wanted to do. Eric, a few drinks in and feeling more confident than usual, blurted out that he wanted to try ponyplay sometime. The moment he said it he became mortified that the words had escaped his lips and his eyes grew large. Emily, having less of a tolerance to the alcohol than Eric saw his reaction to saying this and got a very large, devious smile on her face. “What is ponyplay?” She asked, seeing him retracting inwards after having made his comment. She wasn’t ready for him to get away with this yet.

“Uh, it’s nothing. I’ll think of something else.” Eric said quickly, his mind reeling trying to think of something that sounded less ridiculous to him.

“Ooooh no you don’t!” She exclaimed. “Come on, tell me about pony play!” She said turning to face him and give him her full attention.

“It’s just this stupid thing where people dress up as…ponies. Man, that sounds dumb now that I am saying it out loud.” Eric stood up with this last word, eager to get away from this conversation. Emily grabbed his hand with both of hers and stopped him.

“Eric. Please stop. I don’t know what ponyplay is and it’s obviously something that you have interest in, or you wouldn’t have said it so quickly.” He allowed himself to be pulled back down onto the couch with her. “Now, please explain what this kinky thing is so I can understand it.” She finished and gave him a reassuring smile.

Eric felt himself sobering up quickly, nervous that the next words could have the potential to laugh his girlfriend right out of his life. “I…uh…” He coughed, cleared his throat and tried to think of the words to say. Screw it. “Ponyplay is a fantasy where a person dresses up like a pony and another person is the owner of the pony and makes them do…pony things and it requires complete trust in the other.” Eric exhaled a blow out his mouth, his pulse was racing.

Emily tilted her head in a curious manner with a small grin. “So, who gets to be the pony?” Eric stared at her and blinked speechless. Emily began to laugh, “Oooh the drinks are really hitting me! But seriously, who do you fantasize about getting to be the pony? I’m up for some fun role playing, not sure how the pony thing works but I do love horses.” She finished, still smiling.

Finally finding his words Eric said, “Well, ponygirls are something I find incredibly sexy and I…uh…I’ve always fantasized about being in their place. So, I guess you could say that I would be the pony and you could be the owner. But I personally like the look that ponygirls have far more than I do for ponyboys, they get all the sexy harnesses and corsets and such.” He hadn’t meant for the last part to come out but now that he did, he was glad it was out in the open. He had always loved the look of ponygirls wearing a catsuit with a corset over it and then a body harness on top of that. In his mind, this was the quintessential look of a ponygirl.

“So, you want to wear the stuff a ponygirl wears?” Emily asked.

Eric shrugged, trying to play it cool, “Basically, it’s just not a reality so let’s talk about something else,” he offered, trying to change the subject to literally anything else.

Emily wasn’t finished however. She reached down to the table, picked up their drinks and handed Eric his. “We are going to keep drinking and you’re going to loosen up and tell me more how this ponyplay thing works. I’m going to need to see some pictures to catch on.” Eric took his drink from her, and she raised hers in a sort of toast fashion. He smiled and raised his as well and they both took a drink.

For the next hour Eric had shown Emily the various types of gear and activities that he liked with ponyplay and talked about the parts that he didn’t like. Emily asked several questions throughout, genuinely interested in this side of Eric. He was surprised to feel so relieved having told someone about it. He had been interested for many years and had never once shared it with anyone. Emily hadn’t made any comments to the effect of supporting or not supporting his kink Eric noticed, but she hadn’t run away either.

At the end she said, “So, correct me if I’m wrong but it seems like a lot of this comes down to wearing sexy clothing and having to have trust in the other person.”

Eric was nodding his head at her, “Complete trust. In the event the pony’s hands were tied the owner would need to provide food and water for them or guide them if they were blindfolded. I think that part is almost as big of a draw as the outfits and activities. It’s much less sexual for me and my desire. Don’t get me wrong, I still admire the sexual aspect of it, it’s just not the only part.”

Emily leaned forward and kissed Eric. “Thank you for sharing with me, for letting me in on some of that trust you were just talking about. I’m not sure what all I think of it yet, I’ll need to do some research on my own before I jump into something like this. It’s a little overwhelming at the moment and I’ve probably had too much to drink to make any sensible choices currently.”

Eric didn’t bring it up again, nervous that he had already pushed his luck with Emily on the matter since she had been intoxicated. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that it was brought up again and this time by Emily. She had casually mentioned to him one night, “Let’s find a place to do some ponyplay.” Eric had been caught off guard by the comment that he had asked her to repeat what she had said. “Let’s find somewhere secluded where we can do some ponyplay together,” she said simply.

“Uh, ok?” Eric said, his mind already had started to think of the possibilities.

“Stop worrying so much, I said I was going to do some research and I have been. I found some forums and sites that have lots of information and I have a much better understanding of it now. I can see what your draw to it was and I want to do this for you.” She smiled and gave him a big hug. He hugged her back tightly, his heart racing with excitement.

“We don’t exactly have any of the equipment or outfits to do any of it.” Eric pointed out.

Eric loosened up his hug on Emily as she pulled back slightly and looked up at him. “Good point.” She scrunched her lips in thought and then said, “How about I look for a place where we can do this, and you start getting a list of the things you’d like to wear together. I have some things I want you to wear as well to add to your list.” She smiled up at him. He smiled down at her and then bent down and planted a kiss on her lips.

“Deal” he said. “And thank you,” he added with a smirk. Pulling her in close he gave her a big hug once more.

Now, several months later they were finally here and pulling up to the cabin. Eric parked the truck between the cabin and the empty stable that was near it. The place was designed for horse riding with several trails, nice gentle roads and plenty of open space. Eric and Emily suspected that the owner of the place likely hadn’t had human ponies in mind when he built the place.

The two of them unpacked the truck and took their things into the cabin. It was very spacious with a loft that overlooked the dining area and the area in front of a large fireplace. Outside on the deck there was a jacuzzi quietly humming away. The view from the deck dropped away into the valley and they could see for what appeared to be miles. A small creek fed by the thawing snow far up in the mountains wound its way through the valley floor.

Back at the truck, Eric opened the back ramp door of the enclosed trailer he had been pulling. It wasn’t a horse trailer as they didn’t have any actual horses but instead it was a small car trailer. Eric was handy with mechanical things and enjoyed working on project cars. This trailer allowed him the ability to pick up and move cars both when they weren’t working to his place as well as when they were working. Now, without a car in it the space felt enormous.

In the middle of the trailer was a two wheeled contraption that Eric had put together. One of the things he had always loved about ponyplay was cart pulling. While he had never done it himself, he loved the look of it and the thought of it. So, when it had come time for him to purchase his ponyplay items he looked at carts and saw the very large price tag associated with them. Not to be deterred, Eric had looked at the designs and realized that he could easily make something similar for very little cost and it would be purpose built to exactly fit his body size and shape.

What he had ended up with was a lightweight cart that was fitted with large bike tires on carbon fiber rims to save weight. On the hubs of the wheels were small mountain bike disc brakes that the rider could activate and lock the wheels in place. The front bars that went to Eric were mounted at the height of his sides and would limit the amount of up and down bouncing motion from when he would take a step. The seat on the cart was a leather upholstered bench that two people could squeeze into or one person could sit comfortably. The seat had air ride shocks from a bicycle under them as well so and jarring bumps would be smoother for the rider. Behind the bench seat was an attached basket to store items. The top of the basket had a lid which could both latch and lock.

Eric pulled the cart out of the trailer and into the sunlight. Looking at it by the trailer he snickered at a joke in his head thinking that every vehicle that had been in his car trailer previously had been measured at over 200 horsepower at a minimum. This cart would have only one horsepower. Eric checked over the cart to make sure the wheels were aired up; the shocks were at the correct pressure, and everything rolled freely as it was supposed to. He then moved the cart to the stable that was nearby and backed it in through the main door.

By this time, Emily had come out of the cabin having put their luggage and food items away. “How’s everything going? She asked. “I saw you got the cart out.”

“Yeah, it’s going well.” Eric replied. “I made sure everything was still good on the cart and that it would be ready to go for tomorrow morning.” Eric walked into the trailer and started grabbing several of the bags that were hanging on the walls of the trailer.

“Would you like a hand?” Emily offered as she followed him into the trailer. Eric smiled and handed her one of the bags. Together they walked the bags into the stable. As they passed through the door Emily could smell the straw and hay that was in there and she closed her eyes smiling, “Mmmm, it smells like horses in here. I love it.” Outside one of the stalls Eric had found a small table which he had laid down a clean sheet on.

Placing the bags on the floor he began removing items from the bag to place on the sheet. These items would be his outfit that he’d wear underneath his tack the following morning. He placed all the items on the sheet and then pulled the sheet over on itself covering the items to keep them clean. Next, he and Emily went into the stall that was next to the table. Emily reached in and pulled out the handcrafted body harness and hung it on a peg inside the stall. Next to that she hung the bridle and other items. Eric felt himself becoming aroused watching Emily and he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her front and gave her a big hug. She allowed herself to be pulled into him and leaned her head against his cheeks, “All done?” She asked him.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s all ready to go. Everything good in the cabin?” He asked.

“Yep, all unpacked, and I’ve got a couple outfits for tomorrow that I’m deciding between, and a sexy outfit picked out for tonight as well,” she said, and he could hear her smiling at the last comment.

“Ooh, I can’t wait. What would you like to do first?” He asked.

“I don’t care, I’m just glad to be out here with you,” she replied to him. By this point she had turned to face him, still wrapped in his arms. He was several inches taller than her, and she had to look up at him. “Eat first?” She asked.

Eric nodded his head and then said, “Would you like to go for a walk and we can get to see the area a bit?” Emily agreed and they walked back to the cabin, fingers intertwined. The afternoon devolved into them taking a long stroll down the various lanes with no particular sense of urgency. Eric, knowing he would be out there the following morning was trying to get the lay of the land. He noted that there were several hitching posts throughout the area where people could tie their horses off to. The whole area was very picturesque.

Emily saw that Eric was mapping out the area in his head, so she said playfully, “Hey, don’t worry about where we’re going tomorrow. I’ll be the one deciding that.” She had already started to get them to head back to the cabin so he couldn’t try and memorize more of the area. She knew trust was a big part of the ponyplay aspect that Eric liked, and she wanted him to be forced to trust her.

“Sorry, couldn’t help that. I’m just envisioning what it’s all going to look and feel like,” he said to her. She could tell that there was both excitement and apprehension in his voice.

“Trust me, I’ll lead you to where I want you to go,” she said in a soothing voice. Squeezing his hand in affirmation she looked up at him. “You’re going to do fine.” She told him.

“I’m more worried that this thing will be a grand failure and you’ll hate it all,” he said with a burst of honesty. “I want this to be perfect not just for me but for you as well. This is my kink, and I can’t help but feel that you’re just placating me by doing it.” His pulse increased with his nervousness, and he envisioned the whole weekend collapsing around him.

Emily stopped, grabbed his hand and turned her towards him. “Eric, I want you to trust me. I said I wanted to do this so please just believe me that I do. I also want to be as close to you as possible which means sharing in your kinks. I want your kinks to be my kinks as well. And please trust me when I say that I intend to enjoy this and have fun as well. I’m not just along for the ride. Well, maybe that was a bad analogy because with the cart I very much am.” She smiled with the last sentence, and it broke the tension and Eric smiled at her as well. “I’m going to keep asking you to trust me until you actually do, ok?”

“Ok,” he replied. “I do trust you; I just don’t fully trust my nerves sometimes,” he added. “And thank you. I needed to hear that.” He bent down and gave her a big kiss. “Let’s get back and see about that outfit you picked out for tonight” he said with a devious grin. She tilted her head up and away like she had a big secret that only she knew and wouldn’t tell.

“I think you’ll have to just wait and see.” She teased.


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