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The Pony Girls

by Cropsncuffs

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Once the collar is fastened around their neck there is no going back. Ask any dominant or submissive and they will tell you this is true. There is just something about having a collar fastened snug about your neck that means there is no going back. And young George has just had a nice thick collar fastened about his throat and I can already sense the effect it is having on him. I can hear his breathing getting deeper and I can feel the heat of arousal radiating from his naked body.

George is a big, handsome lad. Too many hours in the gym have given him a broad chest and magnificently muscled arms and legs that draw admiring glances from the ladies. But that is not what turns George on, oh no. I learned his guilty secret by accident and now I am going to give him the time of his life.

The collar is not alone in what I have in mind for George. I found out his secret by accident when I caught him waiting for me in my office. I have a rather unruly stallion amongst my charges here at the equestrian science college and I had a set of custom made harness crafted to keep him in check, and as George was waiting for me he saw the new pile of dark leather tack lying on my desk. He could smell the wicked scent of the leather and when I eventually arrived I found him with hands full of harness pressed close to his nose smelling the delightful scent of the fresh leather and sporting quite the most magnificent erection I had seen in many a year.

He blushed, he stammered, he threw the harness down on my desk, but I had been teaching at equestrian college for enough years to know exactly what was going through his mind, and he was mine.

It started tamely enough with the sex, and I will not deny the pleasures to be had in a muscular young stud, and I soon found how to reduce him to a blubbering wreck by appearing in my tightest jodhpurs, my over the knee boots with their high heels, riding hat and clutching my riding crop. I knew I cut a magnificent figure in all my equestrian finery, but his reaction was a picture of lust and frustration when I first appeared thus attired in public (I know, I am both a tease and a show-off) when he could do nothing to salve his frustration and could only stare in open-mouth awe at my tightly sheathed arse as I deliberately wiggled my way past him and put on the best show I could of my muscular arse as I walked away from him.

The day in the sunshine I mixed that look with a cropped top I thought his erection would burst his trousers, and when I found his web history on his phone of cheap play harnesses I made a phone call to my favourite tack maker, which leads us to this quiet evening in a quiet back room.

I asked hesitantly of my tack maker and was surprised to learn that I was far from the first to place such an order for such specialised tack, and that he was more than happy and able to oblige.

George had been leering at silly play tack and harnesses with small buckles and decorative studs that looked both puny and silly to someone brought up on real horses. An oversight I was quick to remedy.

As I buckled the collar snugly about George’s throat he purred and I smiled as the attached black leather harness unrolled downwards and almost seemed to embrace his body as the straps rolled and curved about him.

As he stood basking in the unfamiliar caress the of leather straps and enjoying the smell of the fresh leather I started swiftly fastening the straps about him. One about his chest, another about his waist joined by a strap that had unrolled itself down the length of his spine.

I deftly reached between his legs and pulled straps tight about the tops of his legs which stopped the harness riding up about his body, then pulled my master stroke. I had felt his manhood bobbing desperately hard and my fingers had danced past it and he had whimpered at my fleeting touch.

I reached around and took one of his wrists in my strong fingers. Unresisting he allowed me to move it behind his back and before he realised what was happening it was fast within a thick cuff mounted on that vertical leather strap that ran down his spine.

I felt him tense and watched his cuffed hand tugging at its restraints but before he realised where things were going his other wrist was fast behind his back and he was mine to do with as I pleased.

I stepped in front of him and watched the best part of any bondage session. The part when your subject realises that things have suddenly gone just that little but further than they had intended. That they really are your prisoner until you choose to let them free.

He tugged at his restraints, then pulled at them, then hauled at them with something approaching panic in his eyes. The muscles on his arms and chest swelled and flexed as he desperately tried to take control of the situation back, but he was confined by straps thick enough to hold and control a real four legged stallion, not toys from the local sex shop. He could struggle all he liked, but he was not going to be getting loose anytime soon.

I smiled at him as he settled down again and stood still before me, his flesh now wearing a pleasant flush and his breathing heavy as he watched me with a sudden wariness in his eyes.

I reached out and picked up another bundle of leather straps from the table, and his eyes watched them with a mixture of fear and expectation. I slipped my finger into the top of the bundle and allowed them to hang down for him to see.

For a moment I could see confusion in his eyes, then realisation dawned and he tried to back away from me. I just shook my head and took a swaying pace forward, lifting the mass of straps up towards his face.

His faintly gasped ‘No’ was all the opportunity I needed to thrust the steel bit between his not entirely willing lips and pull it tight. He fought me, and I would have been disappointed if he had not. After all, no matter how attractive some long-held fantasies might seem at a distance, sometimes the reality is nothing like as pleasant. And while he did not yet realise it, I was going to bring his darkest and wildest fantasies to life, and I doubted he would enjoy it one bit to start with. But the mighty erection I could feel bobbing against my leg as he fought me told me that some deep, perverted part of his psyche was enjoying every moment of his bondage.

I got behind him and gave the vital strap attached to the bit a hard tug and got the buckle fastened, and from there on there was no going back. He shook his head and wailed in protest but no matter how hard he shook his head the other straps just flailed about his face but the bit remained in place between his teeth.

As he calmed down I reached out again and started to fasten the other straps of this beautiful human bridle about his head. Tugging each one lovingly just tight enough for him to know it was always there, keeping him my prisoner and under my utter control. The bridle was a thing of beautiful design, a design my saddler had supplied with a smile and I was amazed at the thoroughness and strength of the design. The leather was thick and black, and the buckles gleaming stainless steel. The work of a craftsman.

I took a pace back and took in the sight before me. My muscular lover in a secure leather bondage that came from the very depths of his darkest confessed fantasies. Thick leather straps were tight across his chest and snug on his thighs while his lust engorged manhood throbbed upright between his legs. Wary but lusty eyes stared out at me from amongst the straps of his bridle. Straps that I knew would creep into his vision no matter how he held his head (What can I say, I had to try it on before putting it to use) and make him weave his head back and forth in a most enticing equine manner.

I reached out and brought out the last item of his bondage. Long reins with a snap ring at the end. Without a word, and with no fight from him, I reached out and snapped the reins to the ends of his bit and he was truly under my complete control.

“Well well my friend” I said with a smile “Is this how your fantasy went ?” I gave the reins a tug for effect, and he pulled back in defiance. I fought the urge to reach for the riding crop I had kept to hand and carried on talking.

“Well, I did listen very carefully to your fantasy, and you do say some very interesting things when you have had a drink don’t you ?. Well, I have taken some steps to bring every little bit of your fantasy to life. After, I am sure you must know you are not the only one who has fantasies like you. Quite the opposite” And with that, I reached for my mobile and pressed the text send key. His erection continued to bob helplessly in the air but now there was something close to fear in his big brown eyes. And I felt myself smiling again.

+ + + + + + +

My phone buzzed as the text came through and I saw it was from Suzy Sue, our lecturer and I put down my coffee cup and called out to the others. She had been cryptic when she had said she was going to have a surprise for me tonight. Something to do with a fantasy I had rather foolishly confessed to her during a drinking bout, but she would give me no more details. If I was honest, I could not remember exactly what I had told her, and I hoped it was nothing too strange or embarrassing. Especially given some of the rumours that floated about campus about Suzy Sue being a wild lesbian who liked to be rough.

Her instructions had been simple. Get a couple of friends together and she was going to make one of my fantasies flesh. When I asked her what we should wear she simply replied ‘Riding girl bitch’, and I knew exactly the look she meant, even if I was not sure why she wanted it.

I had been looking in the mirror when the text had arrived, and damn I looked good. I had chosen my tightest jodhpurs, and they fitted to me as if they had been shrunk on. And after all those long hours clutching powerful horses between my thighs my legs were in great shape. I had abandoned my sensible riding boots of some wicked over the knee black numbers that were almost as tight as my jodhpurs, and had four inch heels that gave my arse the sort of sway that made men putty in my hands when I walked past.

My blouse was freshly laundered white, tight at the waist and unbuttoned at my chest to give a glimpse of my cleavage. My wavy brunette hair was pulled back into a tight pony tail that flared wildly beyond the pinch point of my hair band. A hair band that was a black leather item with studs and a buckle I had found at a goth show and I had never dared wear until tonight. I had applied just enough makeup to look glorious but not tarty. I was the riding mistress of every man’s dream and I knew it.

My friends had not put quite so much trouble into their outfits, but that suited me just fine. I liked to stand out in any sexy crowd. Both had swapped their riding boots for something with heels that came up to their knees, had applied makeup and smart shirts, but alongside me they were the supporting act. Elizabeth has long blonde hair and Katie had the most glorious red hair and a smattering of freckles that could reduce men to putty in her hands without her evening thinking about it. Elizabeth, well, she lived up to her name. Cold and imperious with cool blue eyes that fitted her pale complexion perfectly. Somehow she could never be a Lizzie, she was always going to be an Elizabeth. She was a long-legged minx who towered over us both.

Before we walked out of the house we perched riding hats on our heads and took up riding crops, and as we left our heels clattered on the concrete as we made our way to Suzy Sue’s house and whatever she had in mind for us.

It was only a short walk, and the house was quiet but had the lights on as I rattled the door knocker and waited. Suzy Sue opened it almost immediately and I could feel professional eyes taking in our attire before she nodded.

She took a pace back and gestured us into the hallway. Her wild dark hair hung about her face in curls and she too had applied beautiful makeup to make the best of her high cheekbones and big dark eyes.

She had adopted a riding girl bitch outfit just like mine. High black boots rose well over her knees, but she had slipped into gleaming black lycra trousers even tighter than my jodhpurs and a white blouse tied tight under her breasts to reveal a tight midriff. The image was stark and sexy, and for a moment even I fancied her.

“I promised you a treat my dear” she said softly “I do hope you enjoy it”

And with that she led us into her living room and all our lives changed forever.

I heard my friends both gasp behind me while I felt a smile so wide spread across my face that I thought I might break something. I glanced at Suzy Sue and she was smiling too.

He was looking at us in horror, but between his legs an erection that was truly massive was bobbing up and down with a life of its own.

I had no idea who he was, but he was a muscular specimen, with a broad chest and well exercised legs. And he was buckled into the most incredible bondage outfit of thick leather straps, and judging from the way he was desperately righting to get free his hands were strapped somewhere out of the way round the back so he could not get free. I was slowly working my eyes up over his body from that impressive manhood, over his chest until I finally reached his face. I felt myself getting wet as I took in the loving detail of the bridle that had made his head it’s prisoner. A bridle complete with a bit and reins. I was in heaven.

“He is all yours my dear” said Suzy Sue “I think he would benefit from a walk down to the stables and some exercise, don’t you ?. I am sure you girls can think of something to do with him, can’t you ?”

She handed me his reins, and I glanced around at my two friends to see similar looks in their eyes as there must have been in mine. Looks of sheer naked lust. Elizabeth was flexing her riding the crop while Katie had her hand to her mouth and her eyes wide.

I gave the reins a tug, and when he resisted I gave them a sharper tug and he followed us out of the door and off into the night. I had a few ideas I wanted to try, and Suzy Sue was right. He was my utter fantasy and I was going to make the best of him.

+ + + + + + +

I watched from the window as they led him away. She had spent hours training horses here and knew exactly how to use the rein to make sure he did not trial. She kept it tight between her and George, making sure he did not get the change to put up any resistance or lag behind.

As they led him on I could imagine the sight they must have given him. Three gloriously toned pairs of buttocks in skintight jodhpurs walking before him, their riding bitch outfits complete right down to riding hats and crops. I could imagine his straining erection and I smiled. I would give them a couple of hours free rein of their imaginations and then go and see how they were playing with him. Arriving unannounced I hope to find all manner of fun taking place.

When I thought they had been left alone for long enough I crushed my wild curly hair down under my own hard hat, picked up my own swishy riding crop and, high heels clattering, strode out into the night to see what was happening.

There were only lights in one building down amongst the stables so I knew where they were playing. Amongst the shouts and chatter I slipped in through the door and took in the scene before me.

Still tightly harnessed in leather they had George on the horse walker. Within the cage his reins were hooked to the hitching post and the floor was moving smoothly under his feet at a steady pace. They had set the speed of the walker to just faster than walking pace and his muscular frame was covered with a delightful sheen of sweat. I shifted my position slightly and saw his arse was red with crop strokes, and his manhood still bobbed massively up between his legs but I could see it was red and tender from the way it had been handled. They had certainly been having their fun with him, but the slightly tired look on his face told me he had had enough of his own personal fantasy and that the time had come to bring things to a suitable climax. Literally.

I stepped out into the light and cleared my throat loudly and there was suddenly silence from the girls. The room suddenly silent except for the mechanical sound of the exercising machine and George’s heavy breathing.

“I can see you girls have been having fun” I said with a smile, and three broad smiles under dilated eyes told me all I needed to know. “Time to finish the games” I said “We have all had our fun, now you must allow him his. After all this time, it is time he was mated like any other stallion”

There were looks of mild confusion, and I saw the eyes of the red headed girl I hardly knew, the one with the freckles who always sat at the back of the class grow wide. Her hand went to her mouth and I could read a wild lust in here face that told me she was the one.

I pointed to her with my crop and nodded in her direction.

“You girl” I said “Are you ready to be mated by this magnificent stallion ?”

The others turned to face her, and she went red, but the expression on her face told us all we need to know. They advanced towards her, hands reaching out for her as she backed away from them in that half-hearted way of every person who secretly wants to be caught.

They grabbed her wrists and hauled her toward them. Staggering off balance on her wicked heels she fell into their clutches and quick fingers started to tug at her clothes. There were ripping sounds and soon pale flesh was being exposed to the fresh air. As they pulled her largely unresisting body towards a stack of piled hay bales I tossed them a bundle of discarded ropes and straps that rested on a bench .

Suddenly realising the implications of her imminent fate she started to fight them and squeal in distress. Four strong harms kept her off-balance, and from the moment she landed across that stack of bales her fate was sealed. Deft fingers and hands quickly wrapped straps and ropes about wrists and ankles and moments later she was tightly tied down, her limbs spread, head down and her womanhood invitingly spread at just the right height. Naked except for her high boots, their very presence making her seem somehow more naked than if she had been completely bare. I watched with a smile dancing across my lips as she fought her bonds, muscles flexing desperately and impotently along her arms and legs.

I unlatched the door of the walker and unhitched his bridle. He turned his bridled head to face me breathing heavily and flushed. His manhood still bobbed and dripped mightily between his muscular thighs despite his exertions his eyes were dilated with a wild lust. He came docility out of the walker on the end of his reins and I heard his breathing deepen as he saw the girl spread and tied tightly across the bales of hay. She looked up as he emerged and started to fight her bonds again as we walked towards her.

I led George behind her and she was squealing for release as she felt as much as saw his presence. One the girls, the one with the long blonde hair, dropped down on her haunches before the tied girl and lifted her chin to look into her eyes. There were tears in the eyes of the tied girl with the magnificent red hair as she fought her bonds with a futile intensity. Their lesbian kiss was both passionate and unexpected, their tongues dancing together as I allowed George to lunge forward. He let out an inhuman cry as his tender but still raging manhood buried itself into her warm softness, and she let out a matching squeal as he filled her to capacity and began to roughly mate with her, his strokes coming hard and fast as hours of teasing were brought to a passionate head as the Stallion was finally mated to his mare.

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