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The Pony Girls Strike Again

by Cropsncuffs

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story continued from part one

Part 2: The Pony Girls Strike Again

She caught up with me in an unguarded moment while I was lost in thought. I was looking at her stallion. Her real stallion. A huge, dark brown beast of a horse standing quietly in his stall. He was harnessed in a specially made dark leather harness of especially sturdy straps to tame the wilful beast. A sturdy leather harness that made me go weak at the knees. Straps thicker and stronger than she needed for any of her other horses because he was a strong beast and given to be uncontrollable.

Why was it making me go weak at the knees ? Because my lover, the glorious Suzy Sue had had one just like it made for me. A wicked harness of matching thick straps with big stainless steel buckles and fittings that had once made me it’s complete prisoner, and she had caused things to be done to and with me that made me rampant and utterly frustrated. You will no doubt have read about it, and if you haven’t I believe it has been set aside somewhere here for you to read, and I urge you to read of my downfall into bondage among the pony girls. You will probably enjoy it.

Suzy had cast me into the hands of a handful of her riding bitch friends who had led me away to a fate that was almost too sexy to contemplate. They whipped my arse red, harnessed me to an animal walker and tormented me until I was walking exhausted with the sort of erection usually only seen in porn movies. Suzy Sue had rescued me from my fate and had me mated with a glorious redhead I still yearn for.

The soft whisper of her breath on my ear made me jump and my head snapped round to find myself looking into her big brown eyes set in a handsome face framed by waves of curly brown hair. And words rose unbidden from between my lips.

“I want to wear the harness again”

“You sure ?” she asked softly. I nodded.

“And I want to take it further” My brain was shouting at me to shut up as her mouth twisted in to a smile.

“Watch this space” she whispered and sauntered away, her glorious arse rolling in her skin-tight jodhpurs and I wondered what I had just let myself in for.

That was a couple of weeks ago, and not an hour had passed without me wondering helplessly what I had let myself in for. A message duly arrived, and tonight was the time I was going to find out my fate.

We were in the stables, and I was already naked. Thankfully the other staff and students had all long since gone home for the day. The only sounds were those of the horses in the adjoining stalls shifting quietly about. The soft equine smells all mixed together with the scent of fresh mown grass from outside and I found myself so turned on it was just not true.

Suzy Sue slipped into the stall to join me and dropped a worryingly large bag on the floor and smiled at me. A wicked smile that made her eyes sparkle and my manhood achingly hard.

She had slipped out of her conventional riding kit and replaced her always tight jodhpurs with a gleaming light tan pair that looked as if they had been painted on to her smoothly muscled legs. Long hours in the gym and clutching horses between those magnificent thighs had given her legs a muscle tone that was a source or marvel and wonder to any male who saw her.

Her sensible riding boots had been replaced by her favourite over the knee kinky boots with the evil spikey heels that made the sexiest noise imaginable on any hard surface she chose to walk over. She set the image off with a crisp white blouse with just enough buttons open to display a smooth cleavage and a riding hard hat pressed down on her head of magnificent dark curls. Truly the sort of riding mistress every man dreamed of. And I was hers to do with as she pleased.

She reached into the canvas bag and lifted out the harness. That harness that I both loved, desired, dreaded and feared. Once within its embrace I was helpless to her (and anyone else’s) desires and wishes. She gave it a shake and I shivered as I heard the buckles rattle and the thick leather straps slap gently against each other. Without a word I lifted my arms towards her and waited.

Suzy Sue walked forwards and opened the harness towards me, the straps splayed outwards in my directions like arms preparing to grasp in into their embrace. I nearly took a pace back as I felt the first touch of those thick but tender leather straps but I stood my ground and kept staring straight ahead as she pressed the harness towards me. As she released her grip the straps turned inwards me as they sought to embrace me as they had done before, as if it were a living thing.

The collar touched my throat and it was fastened before I could gather my thoughts and I was her. Once the collar is in place there is no going back, any dominant or submissive will tell you that.

She moved swiftly and with her usual sexy grace, deft fingers dancing about me pulling the buckles and straps tight about me until my torso and upper legs were snug within its embrace. I knew the point of no return had come and I felt her pause as she stood behind me. It was now or never and she knew it. Without a word I offered my arm up to her behind my back and I felt the cuffs making prisoners of my wrists, one after another and I knew I was here until she choose to let me free.

The wicked bridle came next, the thick rubber bit slipping between my teeth, the straps wrapping about my head and finally the reins attached to my bit to give her complete control over me.  Without a word she threw the reins over a hitching rail to make sure I could not back away from her. And then there was a pause. All I could hear was her breathing as she stood behind me and the soft movements of the other horses.

I knew what she was doing. She was giving me a chance to both savour the moment and to dread what was coming next. I could feel her watching as, despite myself, I tried the tightness of the cuffs that held my arms prisoners behind my back knowing full well that the straps were thick and the buckles inescapably secure. I heard her chuckle before walking back to my front, trailing her fingertips teasingly across my chest as she came. There was a smile on her face.

Without a word she reached in to her bag and fished out a mass of leather, then allowed it to dangle to reveal that is was a pair of thigh high boots. Boots with combined platforms and heels, and sporting long zips up their sides.

She knelt down at my side and grabbed one of my ankles. I reared back but my reins kept me in place and I was helpless to resist the tight grip of her hand. My foot was thrust in to the grasp of the unzipped boot and she swiftly ran the zip up the side of my leg before I could resist. As I desperately tried to balance on the unfamiliar heel she grabbed my other ankle and swiftly my legs were both sheathed in unfamiliar black leather.

I was standing on tiptoe as if I were wearing high heels and damn me but it turned me on. My legs felt yards long and my arse felt incredible. I shifted my weight and my foot felt heavy as I lifted it. There was a hard sound when I let it settle back on the concrete of the floor. Experimentally I lifted and dropped one foot after the other and was rewarded with the distinctive clip-clop of a walking horse. Not only booted, I had been shod.

“Well” she said softly “You did say you wanted to take things further. There are real horseshoes on those boots, and there is more to come”

Reaching once more into her bag she lifted out something that had me fighting the bondage and my reins madly, but we both knew there was no escape. She held in her hand a long tail in a colour that matched my own hair. And a plug on the end told me where it was heading.

She sashed past me as I tugged desperately at the reins, then I cried out as best I could past my bit as the she reached round me and the palm of her hand came to rest on the flat of my stomach. I felt her sexy body press firmly up against my back. I felt the tip of the plug touch my anus and I tied to leap forwards but she had me firmly in her grip. There was a swift lunge and I felt my anus open and snap closed about the plug and I knew I was tailed until such time as I had my hands free and I could remove it.

Suzy Sue reached behind a stack of wood resting against the wall and pulled out a tall mirror. With a wide smile on her face and fire dancing in her eyes she put it in front of me so I could see my fate.

I knew how I looked wearing the harness, there had been way too many photos last time, but the tall pony boots were new and I could feel my manhood bobbing up between my legs as I realised how sexy I thought I looked. I turned side on to see the long tail hanging from my arse, and as I turned I felt it brush the back of my calves. I could not remember when I had felt so turned on. I took a few paces forward and back on my newly booted and shod feet and the resulting clip-clop sound that emerged nearly made me come on the spot. ‘Taking things further’ had led me to somewhere I had never imagined and I could not wait to see where I was going to be going next.

Still smiling Suzy Sue unhitched my reins and gave them a tug. Without a word I followed her out of the stall and allowed her to lead me through the stables, the only sound being the clip-clop of my shod boots and the lighter clip-clip of her wicked heels as I went willingly to my fate.

Part of me was thankful of the hiding darkness as we crossed the yard towards the other stable block, but another part of me was so utterly turned on at the thought of how I looked that I actually wanted to be seen by people.

We entered the other stable block, the one with the show ring, and I found we were not alone.

Tall imperious Elizabeth and tiny sexy Marnie were both there, standing in front of that damn horse walker. They had put me in that the last time they had me under their control. In my tight harnessed bondage they had hitched my reins to the bar and set the damn thing in motion. The bar stayed stationary and the floor rolls relentlessly by under your feet. The bitches set it to what was a fast walk, probably something really slow for a horse, but I had to almost trot to keep up, and they had laughed as they whipped my arse every time I started to flag. And, damn my soul, it was so sexy to be so helpless as they mistreated me in my leather bondage. Only Suzy Sue let me out and gave me the passionate release I was so desperate for that night. Now I wondered what fate they had in store for me this time.

I slowly looked them up and down and I felt my manhood twitching at their wickedly tight jodhpurs, spike heeling ‘riding’ boots and artfully revealed breasts beneath their gleaming white blouses. Damn my Soul but they had incredible bodies and they knew exactly how to use them.

And standing by that dreadful walker was a new addition to the equipment of the stables. The last time they had me mated to the lovely Katie handy ropes and a pile of straw bale had served their purpose, pinned and spreading her so I could have my wicked stallion way with her. They had clearly been busy since I had last been in the stables as now there was what could only be considered a mating block.

It was constructed of a dark varnished wood, shaped and padded so someone could lie along it in comfort, their body supported, they are up in the air and their legs suitably spread for their mating. And at strategic points all over the device were leather straps. Thick leather straps with oversized buckles to ensure whoever was due to be mated would not be able to change their mind at the last moment. Or at any moment come to that until they were through with their ordeal. Or their pleasure.

Suzy Sue nodded to them, and they clattered as their heels struck the hard concrete floor while they stepped away from the walker and went to one of the stables. There was a commotion from within, what sounded like a whinnying horse and I could hear the clip-clop of hooves before they emerged with their new pony.

Red hair flying about her head as she fought them, Pony Katie emerged from the privacy of her stall and joined in our games.

Her body naked was wrapped in a harness very like mine, with thick, broad leather straps that made their wearer their utter prisoner until someone else was prepared to let them free. And like me her legs were swathed in wicked pony boots. I could hear the clatter of her metal shoes on the concrete floor and I wondered if she was as turned on as I was at that terrible yet somehow exciting horsey sound. Just like mine, her boots were zipped tight all the way up to her thighs and they held her wickedly straight on her feet.

She was fighting the reins as they dragged her out, her bare breasts bouncing as she pulled hard back against them, then squealing as Elizabeth’s coaching whip slashed across her arse and drove her forwards towards us. She was snorting though her bit in a wild, almost equine manner that only added to the perversion of the scene.

Her wild red hair flew about her head as she fought the reins, her porcelain pale skin soon glowing with a healthy flush at her wild exertions. I had never seen her upright and naked before and had scarce suspected how stunning she looked in her bare bondaged glory.

Soon we were facing each other, my manhood bobbing desperately in her direction as she regarded me with wild, dancing eyes. Her pupils dilated I could not tell if she was terrified of her fate, or as turned on as me. Suzy Sue had had me mated to her glorious body the last time we had played in the stables, and I wanted it to happen again.

Tiny Marnie stepped towards me, looked up into my eyes, smiled, and I wailed as her gloved hand gently took hold of my manhood and caressed me. I let out a half-human sound, part moan, part howl at the unexpected contact and felt my knees go weak. Only the wicked embrace of the boots kept up upright.

“Well my horsey friend” she purred “Have we got some fun in mind for you tonight. We have invited a few friends of our own”

I glanced at Suzy Sue and I could see confusion in her eyes. Events were clearly taking an unexpected turn. From outside the show ring doors I could hear the clip-clop of horses hooves. Several sets of horses hooves. Or maybe it was a whole group on pony boots. Katie and I exchanged nervous glances and all eyes turned towards the doors.

They swung open to admit the newcomers. In the lead were two real horses, large brown horses with what could only be described as Amazonian female riders clad in gleaming riding kit adorned with spike-heeled thigh boots over skintight jodhpurs. Thick long blonde hair cascaded down both backs in tight plaits and fierce blue eyes took in every detail of the show ring.

All eyes then turned to the third figure. She was a naked as Katie and I, and she stood inches over six feet tall, her long blonde hair flying about her as she wildly fought the massive straps of the leather harness that kept her their prisoner. Only her hoof boots covered her milky pale flesh, hers only rising to her knees.

She was bitted and bridled, and the huge straps that made up her harness and bridle made ours look like playthings. Long reins ran from the front of her harness to the hands of the two blondes on horseback, and they kept their horses always moving to ensure the reins were kept tight to the woman they had in their thrall.

The naked ponygirl was possessed of massive muscles and a physique that would of been the envy of any gym workout enthusiast, but here she was, the ponygirl captive of the other two.

It passed my mind that there seemed to be some sort of resemblance between them before the first of the riding blondes threw her rein to the other and she sprang down beside us.

Few people towered over Suzy Sue, and fewer still over Elizabeth, but she was both tall and statuesque in the most glorious manner. She pulled her long plait round so it hung over her shoulder in a careless gesture and she addressed Marnie.

“We have brought our sister as promised to be mated to your stallion” she nodded towards me “I hope he is of sturdy stock, our sister does not mate often and she has a wild heart”

All eyes turned to me and I felt my manhood flinch. Their hard-bodied pony girl looked down at me and snorted, tossing her head of long blonde hair and fixing me with hard stare. I could tell whether it was filled with lust or contempt as she looked at my manhood.

She took a pace forward, looked me up and down and clip-clopped her way to the mating block without a backward glance. The two sisters allowed the reins to play out as their ponygirl walked away from them. Moments later she was standing silently facing the mating block.

“It appears she is ready to be mated” the girl still on horseback said, and her sister stepped forwards to unhitch the reins.

The hard-bodied ponygirl lent forwards over the mating block, bending her knees until her mighty torso settled on to the padded upper surface. Marnie and Elizabeth sprang forwards and threw wide straps across her back before she could change her mind. The straps were pulled tight and she was held tightly down.

They moved almost nervously around the tightly pinned figure and looked down at the muscular legs. Elizabeth moved first, reaching out and grasping a booted ankle, pulling it gently but firmly towards a waiting strap. The strap was swiftly fastened, and I watched as a terrified looking Marnie reached out to cuff down the leg nearest to her.

As she reached out I saw the nearly confined ponygirl look along the length of her body and almost lazily kicked out at shrinking Marnie. Marnie sprang back with a sharp intake of breath and the mighty figure laughed through her bit. Her mouth confined the laugh had a terrifyingly equine tone to it.

Clearly now in the groove of the game Elizabeth stalked round the mating block and slashed her riding crop across the tightly ponygirls tightly muscled buttock. She let out a squeal then silently allowed Elizabeth to cuff her ankle with no further fight. Nodding with satisfaction, Elizabeth gestured to Suzy Sue that I should be brought to my mare.

Suzy Sue was also clearly enjoying herself as she led me towards my now thoroughly confined mare. I approached the tightly spread rear of my mare and I felt my manhood regain its full erection as I viewed her in all her muscular glory from the rear. I took a pace forwards and I realised all the onlookers were silent. Even Katie was standing silently in her reins, and I wondered if part of her wanted to swap places with my mare, slipping her limbs under those leather straps to be mated again without any hope of rescue.

I looked about me, saw Katie shake her head in what I hoped was frustration, saw Imperious Elizabeth watching me with dilated eyes that I hoped I might one day translate in to some mating of our own. Then I was standing close up behind the ponygirl. She looked round at me as well as she could in her straps, shook her mass of thick blonde hair, snorted and shook her arse at me as much as she could.

I needed no more encouragement. I stepped forwards and pressed my manhood against the inviting warmth she offered and lent forwards. She squealed as I entered her, and I let out a wail as her tightly muscled body took control of me. I had never felt muscles like it as she gripped me and I had to struggle to pull back and thrust forwards again. She whinnied and I plunged on, her muscular buttocks taking a grip I found it hard to fight as we mated.

When I came it was like nothing I had ever felt before, her muscles holding me tight and almost pulling me about as her glorious arse moved back and forth as best it could with its restraints.

Moments later I stood panting in my reins again, Suzy Sue stopping me from walking away or sitting down. Marnie was keeping a safe distance as Elizabeth unfastened the heavy straps one by one and allowed my mighty mare to regain her feet.

She turned to face me, her body flushed and covered in a faint sheen of sweat. She clip-clopped over to me. I nearly gulped as she came up to me and I realised just how tall she was. She dwarfed me. Both upwards and across. Muscles rippled as she approached, stopped within touching distance and looked me slowly up and down. Then, slowly, gently, she lent forwards and nuzzled me as a lover. Her eyes were warm and welcoming, and as she nuzzled my neck I felt a tongue dance over her bit and caress my flesh. Teeth tried to take an affectionate nibble at me but their bit stopped her. When she straightened up I realised I had made a friend.

By the time she had turned away I saw Katie was now strapped to the mating rack. My erection sprang back into life but the moment I tried to step forwards Suzy Sue pulled my reins tight and stopped me in my tracks. Katie looked confused as well as she eyed my already swelling manhood with undisguised desire.

The two sisters pulled their ponygirl sister aside and moments later she was wearing a leather harness about her hips. Confused for a moment, I realised what was occurring when they beckoned Elizabeth over and handed her the final part of the harness, a monstrous double-ended dildo.

With a wicked smile on her face Elizabeth slowly slid one end of the massive phalus into my mare’s womanhood. I watched as she went weak at the knees, then whinnied and threw back her head as it filled her. As it reached the harness it latched in place. Now walking for her must have made every step an insanely arousing experience as the intruder moved inside her. As the mighty ponygirl advanced on poor restrained Katie the massive dildo swung to and fro between her legs.

Not for the first time I watched beautiful redheaded Katie desperately fighting the embrace of her restraints as she watched the approach of the inhumanly massive erection. Ponygirl had a huge smile on her lips around her bit as she took up her position and paused.  Katie let out a squeal as ponygirl threw back her head and whinnied, her hair flying about her as she lunged forwards and impaled Katie as deeply as she could, her hips slamming against Katie’s slender buttocks.

Then, eager for the wonderful feelings the double ended dido must have been giving her Ponygirl began to pump Katie for all she was worth, mating with her with more vigour and size than I could, and no doubt more than Katie could ever have imagined possible.

Moments later they were both wailing half-human sounds past their bits and bridles as they both came at the same moment. Ponygirl came close to collapsing as she pulled free of Katie’s shuddering body, and her sisters led her away panting, her body covered in sweat, her head hanging.

Katie was still, her body flushed, her breathing laboured as she recovered her composure lying in her bonds on the mating rack. Me ?. I was raging hard again at what I had seen and I want to be mated again, but I was not to get my second chance today. In the future ?, who knows. Let us just sat I am not going to let Suzy Sue put away my pony harness just yet.

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