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The Pony Girls Play Some More

by Cropsncuffs

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story continued from part two

Part 3: The Pony Girls Play Some More

“You should try it on” I physically jumped at the unexpected voice. I turned round to see Elizabeth standing in the half-open doorway to my office. A doorway I should have latched securely rather than just closing it.

I was holding the heavyweight leather harness that she had seen in use at least twice. On both occasions it had been wrapped and buckled tightly about my muscular lover. Or rather he had been tightly wrapped and buckled into it. It was never intended to be a simple toy. Once inside it and all those gleaming buckles and dark leather straps were fastened you were it’s prisoner until such time as you were released. I was very firmly the dominant in our relationship, but something about it spoke to a deep, submissive side of me that I hated to admit existed. Yes, damn my soul, as it hung there wafting the smell of fresh leather to my nose I was getting turned on. As I held it up the straps were curving themselves towards me as if both inviting me while reaching out to entrap me.

Elizabeth was watching me carefully, her bright blue eyes fixing me with a look that burned through to my soul. Of all the girls I had included in our games with my not entirely willing boyfriend she was the only one I had never seen waver in her devotion to her coldly dominant image.

She was the eternal cold eyed Nordic beauty. Her eyes were a bright blue, her cheekbones high and her hair long and blonde. Rumour had it that she knew how to use her whip in a whole range of fun situations and that she was happy to welcome both sexes into her love life.

Tall and leggy she could make even me to weak at the knees when she fixed me with a certain sort of stare. She had her head cocked on one side, and legs were sheathed in skintight jeans that could have been sprayed on. Her ankle boots had heels just high enough to give her already great legs a lift, legs made smooth and muscular by long hours working on the stables and clutching powerful horses between them.

“Why don’t I pop round later ?” she asked with an almost shy smile, “We could have some fun”

I know I should have said no, for both professional and personal reasons, but as I stood there fixed by the look in those big blue eyes I heard myself saying a carefree yes.

I was waiting for her when my doorbell chimed that night and the echoes had barely died in the air before the door was open and she was inside. I gulped silently as she slipped out of her overcoat and I took in her outfit and the tiny submissive part of my soul twitched and it’s ears stood up and took notice.

She was sheathed from neck to foot in a fishnet bodystocking that shimmered as she moved. Over it were tight black shorts snug about her hips, high at the waist and eye-wateringly tight about her tightly toned buttocks. A cropped top kept her breasts under control, and as we looked long and hard at each other I saw her nipples rise slowly from their slumber and point towards me.

Her boots came up to her knees, the heels square and hard yet still adding the most incredible poise to those magnificent legs of hers. They were of buffed black leather, not gleaming patent but they glowed under the lights is an almost threatening way.

She had her hair pulled forward over her shoulder in a thick plait, and a riding crop hug lazily from her wrist by it’s lanyard. And she was smiling at me in a manner both playful and domineering. Her eyes flickered to the harness I had left lying on the table.

She looked me up and down and when she spoke her voice was soft yet wrapped around cold steel.

“If we are going to play with that properly,” she said, “I do believe you should naked.”

I stared back at hrr for a moment, my brown eyes meeting hers across the room, and I felt both my passion rise and the terrible submissive flower that lived within me blossom. Without a word I tugged at the zip of my loose dress and let it slither to the floor. I lifted my chin in pride at the sight I knew I presented. I knew my body was good. Firm, toned, well worked over the years of tireless equestrianism and gymnasium workouts. Only my kinky knee high boots of gleaming patent leather remained

I caught sight of the momentary bulge in her eyes as they drank in the sight of me and her eyes dilated. I knew I was looking at her in the same way and I knew we were going to be in for a most enjoyable night. Without a word I turned my back to her, placed my hands behind my back and waited.

I closed my eyes and drank in the sounds of her picking up the harness from the table. The terrible mixture of slithering leather and the rattling of the metal fixings made me go weak at the knees and warm between my legs. I almost yelped when I felt the collar closing about my throat and heard the whispering of the tongue gliding through the hasp as it was closed snugly, and as I revelled in it’s warm embrace I knew there was to be no going back for me tonight.

I felt the straps unfolding about my body, and I could smell the sweet feminine scent of Elizabeth as she moved about me fastening the straps about with in a playful rhythm, her fingertips playfully lightly caressing me as she made me the harnesses prisoner and her willing plaything.

After what felt like an absolute but utterly enjoyable age the moment I both dreaded and desired arrived. I felt her grasp my wrist and lead it towards the thick cuffs that I could feel resting against the small of my back. For the show as much as for any hope of actually winning I fought her. She showed a surprising amount of strength forcing my arm swiftly behind my back and pulling me momentarily off balance. Before I could recover and make a token protest the cuff had been closed about my wrist and my other arm was on it’s way to join it in its fate.

I opened my eyes to see Elizabeth standing in front of me with a smile on her face. She glanced down at my erect nipples and gave one of them a playful tweak. I yelped and she laughed. It was the first time I had heard her laugh and it was quite the most delightful thing I had heard in an age. The tiny part of my mind that was still functioning logically thought that this could be the start of a wonderful friendship. When she reached down and slender fingers curled up inside me and touched my tenderest spot I let out a wail of passion and felt my knees go weak. Light saw flashing lights and I felt tears rolling down my cheeks. By the time my vision had cleared she was holding up the bridle that would complete my bondage.

There was a serious look on her face as she offered it up to my mouth, and I clamped my lips tightly together in an act of vain defiance that I knew could only end one way. Her lips twisted into a smile as the bit came to rest against my closed lips. She moved to stand alongside me as she pressed the rubber against my still closed lips. The hard swat of her hand across my tight arse made me flinch but I had been playing domme games far longer than her and I knew not to open my lips to cry out. Even the slash of the riding whip did not loosen my mouth.

I felt her moving behind me, her lithe young body pressing tight up against me. It moulded against my body and I felt my breathing quicken at the sudden warm intimacy. One arm curled around my waist and held me firmly yet lovingly while the rubber bit still pressed against my mouth. I could feel myself flushing as her fingers traced downwards again and I knew I was beyond any hope of escape. As they started to curl between my legs I allowed my lips to part and I took the huge rubber bit into my mouth and lost control of my voice. Straps danced about my head and my transformation into a helpless ponygirl was complete. I was hers to do with as she pleased.

The reins swiftly followed, the metallic snap they made as they were fixed to my bridle made me flush as I surrendered my last vestige of control to her. She stood sternly before me with them held loosely in her right hand, the riding whip swinging gently back and forth in her left. She pulled gently on them and I found myself gently resisting their influence, despite knowing that they were always going to win as long as the bit remained in my mouth. And judging by the tightness of the straps around my head, it was not coming out any time soon.

“I think” she said playfully to the air, “We should take a little walk, don’t you ? Down to the stables where we can have some real fun.”

It was, if I was honest, exactly where I expected the evening to end up. And part of me knew that we would not be alone when we got there. Kinky little Marnie of the wild dark hair and sleek redhead Katie would both be there, probably in their kinkiest riding kit and just waiting for us to arrive. Exactly what they would have in mind for me I partly dreaded to think, and was partly desperately looking forwards to.

The door swung open, and we stepped out into the cold of the evening. Elizabeth kept the reins tight forcing me to almost trot across the yard behind her swinging long-legged gait. If I slowed she paused and the whip slashed out and left a harsh red line across my rightly muscled arse, and I loved every moment of it. My heels clicked out a staccato rhythm on the hard concrete, and I watched my nipples rise in silent salute as the cold hit them and mixed with the wild submissive elation I was feeling.

The door to the warmth of the show ring swung open and closed behind us with a crash. In the sudden light it took my eyes a moment to focus and take in the scene before us. Clearly my games with the lover had had an incredible effect on them all and they had not been idle.

My lover was there, his mighty frame bound in a copy of the harness that had me it’s prisoner, and as I looked around I could see my harness maker had been busy. The cold and logical part of me thought that he might owe me some sort of commission for all the work my wicked perversions had brought his way.

The glorious slender redheadedness that was Katie and the tiny ball of leggy passion that was Marnie were both also harnessed and bridled, their reins hitched to a high rail that kept them tight and in one place. Someone had taken the trouble to fit them both out with knee-high hoof boots that kept them always moving restlessly as they tried to find a comfortable way to stand. The tightness of their reins kept their chins up, and I could see the muscles of their shoulders desperately contorting as they tried to get free of their tight leather harnesses, but they found as all comers had before them that I knew how to design a harness from which there was no escape.

Of the mighty Russian ponygirl they had invited last time there was no sign, but three new figures stood in the middle of the room. One had short blonde hair and was dressed in a traditional riding outfit of tight tan jodphurs and a tight white blouse with the usual top buttons undone to reveal the upper slopes of a milky white cleavage. She clutched a longer riding whip on one hand that she tapped against her gleaming high heeled boots. Two identical figures stood at her back. Both had long black hair, gleaming white jods and over the knee boots with wicked heels. Tightly buttoned white blouses completed the image of identical twins. They stood identically upright, hands clasped behind their backs, chins up and silent.

As we watched Blondie walked over to Katie and Marnie and examined them. Marnie had not been bitted in the usual manner but her bridle had thrust a huge ring gag behind her teeth that had reduced her usual siren tones to helpless burblings. Even from where I was standing I could see her tongue flickering periodically about the inside of the ring in a most enticing fashion. As I watched the blonde reached up out to her face, gave it a soft caress then slipped two fingers through the ring gag. I watched as Marnie’s tongue reacted by instantly reaching out and caressing the fingertips in a loving manner I knew she employed regularly with any number of the boys and girls of the college. The blonde moved her fingers about and I watched Marnie’s eyes widen and her tongue redouble it’s efforts. As the blonde withdrew her fingers the tongue reached out after them.

“You might want to be careful with that reflex that tongue of yours has sexy” she chided softly. “There are some places it might get you some very unwelcome offers.” She picked something up from a table before returning and whispering close in Marnie’s ear, “We have a client who just loves sexy girls just like you. Big brown eyes, loads of dark curly hair. And they pay plenty extra for the loan of matched pairs.”

I could see the sudden beginning of panic in Marnie’s eyes as her game was suddenly taking a worrying turn. “Of course, your sister is a blue eyed blonde, but I understand your mother is almost your twin, and damn nearly as kinky a bitch as you are.” She held up a bridle just like the one that had Marnie it’s prisoner, “This is one is for her. She’ll be here soon after your phone sent her a message saying you needed her help.”

Blondie was smiling now as Marnie suddenly started to fight her harness and reins. The silver buckles flashed under the lights and the leather creaked but both of them knew there was no hope of escape. “We have a customer who has what she calls her music system. It looks like a big old Victorian wooden box, and she tells me that once you are in the grips of the machine that has been built inside there is no escape from it’s embrace. All that can be seen on of you in your head sticking out the top of the box, and the machine can make you laugh, cry, or weep with passion depending on whoever has the controls.” She smiled at Marnie, “I understand the new version has room for two heads. And as for you red,” she turned to face the surprisingly docile Katie, “You really don’t realise how desirable you are, do you ? There are places a woman with a body and hair like yours could make an absolute fortune, and you are going to one of them. A couple of weeks over the college holidays, then who knows ? If you are prepared exchange the harness for boots and a whip you can expect a job offer with pay that will make your eyes water.”

“Ah, Elizabeth, we were wondering when you would get here?” Blondie swung around and came towards us with a huge smile on her face, and part of me thought I knew her from somewhere, “And I see you have brought your new pony to join in our games.”

Elizabeth glanced about as she led me towards her and her closely following twins. The sounds of Marnie struggling and crying out inarticulately added an unsettling but somehow sexy background soundtrack to our meeting.

Blondie took my reins from her and gestured to her attending twins who stepped smartly forwards and stood one on either side of Elizabeth.

“I see you have kept your side of the bargain my Elizabeth, so do go with my attendants and they will see that I kept mine.”

Each one took one of Elizabeth’s elbows and they gently led here away to a lit side door. I saw one of the twins gently cup one of Elizabeth’s shapely buttocks while the other almost playfully stroked her flank. I saw Elizabeth disappearing through the door as a twins arm was slipped about her waist, then the door closed and I knew no more. As she walked away Blondie took my reins from her and the submissive part of my heart gave a leap. The simple act of handing me over to someone I did not know spoke to a deep part of my soul I did not always want to acknowledge existed.

The blonde peered up at me and smiled.

“You don’t remember me, do you Suzy ?” I shook my head, and my harness rattled and rustled in the sexiest manner imaginable. “Well I remember you my love. Well, I say my love, I recall you turned me down.” Still I was struggling to put a name or location to the face. Marnie’s moaning and wailing and the incessant rattling of her tack in the background were not helping my concentration.

She swung away from me and sauntered over to my lover. His reins had been hitched from the moment I had come in, and surrounded as he was by naked, harnessed female flesh his mighty manhood had never dipped from it’s powerfully erect state for a moment.

Blondie lent in close and placed a kiss on his cheek while a hand slipped low and gave said manhood a fleeting caress.

“And as for you big boy, we have a lesbian owned ponygirl farm just crying out for a new stud, and I can see you are just crying out for that position. You have a couple of weeks off coming up don’t you ? It is the college holidays isn’t it ? Well, we have got just the thing to fill those weeks for you in the most enticing manner. Of course, there is a small stop on the way for you at another farm where their old stud needs a little bringing back up to speed. And their mounting rack just has to be seen to be believed. They strap their mares down inside a realistic pony, arms and legs down the legs, gagged head up in the head and sex right where it should be for some really kinky mating. Put the back on and their stud feels like he is mating with the real thing. Shame he is losing his edge really. So you are going to help him out.” She reached around and a finger tickled his anus “You see, if we put you in their mounting rack, this tight little orifice will be in just the right place to give him a nice welcoming target. He won’t know any different, and he will be inspired to get back to great things”

My lover started to wail as Blondie’s finger pressed tightly against his anus while the other hand danced along his manhood.

She swung back to me, and as she started to speak to me again I fancied I could hear sounds from the room into which Elizabeth had been so enticingly escorted. Sounds of faint unrest and upset that chilled part of me to my soul.

“My dear Suzy Sue,” she whispered up at me, giving my reins a tug. “You really do not remember our meeting, do you ?. That rather special club down South on the coast, with it’s paddock and fun outbuildings. I seem to recall we got on rather well there. Well, we did until you so rudely turned me down.”

The lights went on my head as memories surfaced. A few drinks, well, loads of drinks if I recall right, and she had wanted to play. She had brought her own bridles and harnesses to the party and I didn’t fancy putting myself completely in to the hands of someone I hardly knew. And now, here I was, at the end of her reins in an utterly inescapable harness of my own creation. Surrounded by my friends, all also fastened in to the most potent bondage imaginable and about to be carted away to a whole range of fates.

“Ah, I see you remember at last!” she cried out, “I took your rejection very badly, especially after people told me what a naughty bitch you had a reputation for being. So I tracked you down, got to hear about the games you were playing up here and set my trap. Dear Elizabeth was talked in to helping me, and here we all are” She smiled at me so widely I could see the faint tint of madness in her eyes.

Only Elizabeth could save us now, poor duped Elizabeth. I heard sounds behind the door for sure this time, and I could see shapes behind the frosted glass. The door crashed open and my heart sank. Tall, leggy Elizabeth emerged naked and harnessed as thoroughly as we all were. The straps were thick and brown, thicker and more heavily made than even those of my own creation. A huge rubber bit was jammed between her teeth and she was fighting the reins of the black haired twins as if her life depended on it. My heart sank as I realised that our last hope of rescue had been taken from us and from now on we were in the hands of the blonde woman.

“So” said Blondie, “The start of a two week holiday from college, and we are all going to have so much fun!”

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