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The Pony Girls Play Some More

by Cropsncuffs

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story continued from part three

Part 4: Aftermath

I slammed the door of my battered old Land Rover and looked up at the rambling farmhouse. I had been here many times before, but the sheer size of the place still held me in awe. Even with the horsebox attached my rig took up practically no space on the gravel apron.

As I stood in awe the front door opened and a curvy figure with long thick hair worn in a high pony tail came bounding towards me.  Her name was Emma, and she ran this incredible place. When they said farmers had to diversify, I am sure they had not thought of anything quite like the place Emma had turned her old family farm into. But a success, oh yes, it was a success.

Her long tawny hair bounced back and forth as she came to a halt in front of me, and part of me gave her the sort of cold calculating look I might give a girl in a club before making a pass at her. She had a certain old fashioned look about her. Broad hips, a tight little waist and breasts just big enough to make a girl smile. Her blouse had just enough buttons open to reveal the pale upper slopes of said breasts, and what I could see looked delightful.

Unlike most of us playing our little games she had retained her regulation riding boots with flat souls and heels, and somehow they suited her. Her legs were tightly clad in blue jodphurs, and muscles rolled powerfully beneath the material as she had approached.

“Blondie” she gushed as she gave me a hug “It’s so great to see you. Have you come to see how your friends have been enjoying themselves ?”

Now Blondie isn’t my name, but as I seem to have become known by it I have got used to it. After all, it saves having to create repeated aliases when doing business with people like Emma.

“I have indeed” I said “Their two weeks are almost up after all”

“How has Suzy Sue been enjoying herself ?” she asked, no doubt fascinated to hear how the almost famous Equestrienne had been treated, her eyes wide with curiosity. I felt myself smiling and led her to the back of my horsebox. As we walked along something kicked the side of the box from the inside and the body shook on its wheels. I snapped open the catch and the rear door swung open to reveal the contents.

In the middle of the horsebox stood Suzy Sue in all her naked glory. The powerful leather harness still held her body its absolute prisoner, and I had swapped the thick rubber bridle bit for a far more controlling one of gleaming steel.

Her curly hair was sweat plastered wild about her head from where she had been fighting her restraints again, and her body shone where said sweat was running over her glorious flesh. Her arms were still pulled tightly one above the other behind her back by the wide cuffs and she had no hope of escape. But that was not stopping her from trying.

Emma sprang up into the box and walked slowly around her as she twisted in her bondage, reins hitched to the side of the horsebox keeping her from turning completely around to follow Emma’s slow circuit of inspection. Emma reached out and ran her palm slowly across a muscular flank. Suzy Sue did not flinch, their eyes meeting, and she pressed her body against Emma’s hand.

“I have broken her completely” I said “First with the whip, then with the tongue. The poor bitch’s days as a domme are over forever. I have made her come so many times while she is being whipped her brain is gone. She will do anything to be a submissive now, absolutely anything”

Emma cocked her head on one side as she started into Suzy Sue’s big brown eyes and allowed her hand to slip around that powerful flank and between her thighs. Suzy Sue almost whinnied as she turned into the touch and moaned as Emma’s fingers curled up within her and touched her tenderest spot.

“If you ever fancy lending her out” said Emma “Remember me won’t you ? I think we could make some wonderful music together”

Laughing together we closed the doors of the horsebox and Emma slipped a tender arm around my waist, led me around the farm house and out into the fields. We came to a stop at a gate that led into a secluded field shielded by hedges from prying eyes. A horse stood still in the middle of the field. A lovely looking horse with well groomed brown coat and a pale mane. It took me several seconds to realise that I was not looking at a real horse but at a re-creation.

“Shall we take a closer look ?” Emma asked, springing over the gate with an easy grace and leading the way to the fake horse. The closer we came, the more impressed I was with it. From anything other than close quarters it would be taken for a real horse. And as Emma walked up to it I realised this was the infamous pony mating rack. She reached out and slowly slipped two fingers between the padded buttocks of the fake horse. From within I heard the muffled sound of whoever was held captive within the evil piece of bondage’s implacable grasp.

She wrapped her arms about the horse’s back and it lifted easily in her hands. As she lifted it away it revealed the sweat covered figure of the girl held captive within. Her arms and legs were held firmly captive, thrust down the legs of the evil bondage machine, her head vanishing up into the fixed head of the figure. She shook her arse as best she could with all four limbs confined, and I could see how with the back in place she was perfectly positioned to be mated with the stallion of the farm. And from outside, the Stallion would have absolutely no idea with whom he was being mated, and the person inside would have no idea who was mating with them. I recalled being told that when reversed the mouth of the person within could be positioned in the most welcoming but helpless of positions.

“Wow” was all I could find to say, then I remembered our earlier conversation “Did you really put her boyfriend in there ?”

Emma threw back her head and laughed.

“Of course I did. You should have heard him screaming through his gag, but I think he enjoyed it after the first couple of times”

I felt myself flush slightly at the thought of his torment, and the treacherous part deep within me fleetingly imagined myself trapped within and the awful pleasures I would experience while being ‘mated’. Then I had to ask.

“What have you done with him ?”

“Oh, we have put him to work. We have a couple of customers who were most taken with the prospect of be attended to by a pair of well endowed Stallions. Either one after another or both together. We have a rather impressive rack that can keep a lady rigidly down on all fours while she is being mated. It is well padded but made of some very inflexible stainless steel.” She smiled at me “Would you like to see it ? I believe we have a guest about to try it ?. You can help me out if you like ? Two girls are always more fun than one at a time like this”

All I could do was nod speechlessly as I was led in through a nondescript door into the warmth of an outbuilding.

We entered a room without knocking and a lady sprang up from a chair. She was older than I had expected, her pale skin flushing as we entered. She was bare footed and was wrapped in a black silk housecoat.

“Well, Mrs. K, how are you feeling today ?” said Emma Cheerfully “All ready for your afternoons recreation ?”

“Well, you know I’m not so sure now” Mrs. K said hesitantly, hands clutching at the front of her housecoat protectively “Maybe I was a little rash in booking this, perhaps I should think about it some more”

“Oh my dear lady” cried Emma “Do not be so silly. You booked it and now you must have your fun. You know you want to”

Emma reached out for the housecoat, and, getting the silent message, I reached out too. Soon we were both tugging gently at it. The housecoat parted to reveal a pale but surprisingly toned and shapely body of pale flesh. She must have been near to her fiftieth birthday, but she was in great shape. A true English rose and damn sexy MILF.

We allowed the housecoat to fall to the floor with an almost silent whisper and guided her gently but firmly towards the rack that stood in the middle of the room. There was a long padded central spine with pads spread left and right front and back for her arms and legs. Thick leather straps decorated the rests, and as we helped her onto the rack the straps curled almost lovingly about her flesh.

We moved swiftly to fasten the first straps about her wrists, then about her forearms to pin her arms to the front rests. As I saw her trying the strength of her restraints and I could sense the tension in her body we moved quickly to the rear and fastened the rear straps deftly about her ankles and about the back of her knees.

Moments later she was heaving desperately at the straps in something close to panic. This was always the best of any bondage virgin. That moment when they realise that there really is no going back and that are quite helpless in the hands of whoever had fastened the straps.

“Now Mrs. K” said Emma softly “The stallions will be in momentarily, and you have a great time now”

We slipped out and Emma stopped me by a secret viewpoint, pressing a finger to her lips for silence.

I watched in silence as another door opened and the Stallions entered. I recognised Suzy Sue’s lover, but the other was a new sight to me. He was as large as the lover, maybe even bigger, but they both cut impressive figures, oiled and muscular in their nakedness.

Both wore thigh high hoof boots that gave them a tip-toe equine walk, and horse shoes on their souls made them clatter in a most realistic fashion as they walked. Each wore a freakishly realistic horses head behind which they hid their real faces and completed a bizarre sexual scene as both sported stunning erections.

The one I thought was Suzy Sue’s lover moved silently to the head of Mrs. K and stood silently before her. He moved slowly closer and closer to the flushed form of Mrs. K. The tip of his manhood was factions of an inch from her lips and bobbing frantically. Mrs. K was watching it silently, her whole body flushed pink with a mixture of embarrassment and passion. Then, within her tight bonds she lent minutely forwards and kissed the offered manhood. Then the tip of her tongue darted out and touched the gleaming tip making the stallion groan under his mask.

“What about the girls ?” I asked as we moved away from the viewport and the ravishing that would no doubt follow soon. I was quick to change to subject before I suggested something a knew I would regret later. Enjoy, but regret.

“Oh, Elizabeth and Katie. Well, they really were a find weren’t they ?. We have found some real multitasking uses for them”

I raised a questioning eyebrow and she slid a phone from her pocket and held it up for me to see as a video she had selected. It took me a moment to work out what I was seeing, then I felt myself flushing as I took in the scene.

A sulky ponycart was being drawn rapidly across the field we had been standing in, with Emma in the driving seat. Her thick ponytail was flying out behind her, and there was a huge smile on her face as she was plying the arses of her very human ponies with the end of a delightfully painful looking carting whip. And what a magnificent pair of ponies they were.

I had never noticed the resemblance before, but now it was obvious. Harnessed side by side Elizabeth and Katie were pulling the sulky swiftly across the field at a decent rate of speed. Both slender, leggy beasts they looked a matched pair with their long hair flying unbound out behind them, one a shining ash blonde, the other a firey red. Both naked except for their matching strict harness and bridles. A harness with a stark leather bra arrangement for their comfort and to allow them to run faster. Shiny metal bits were pulled tight between their teeth to allow Emma complete control with the reins she held tightly in her hand.

As they came closer to the camera I could see the sheen of sweat on their beautiful bodies and hear the cries of encouragement from Emma, liberally mixed with the snap of her whip. There were little yelps when it stuck home and when they swept past the camera I could see the red marks on muscular buttocks where the whip had struck home. Then they were past the camera and galloping (There really was no other word for the speed they were covering the ground) away.

“We started offering rides with them as the ponies” said Emma, “But we soon started getting other requests. Far more profitable requests. Would you like to see ?”

I felt myself nodding dumbly and I was soon being led to a low extension at the rear of the farmhouse. All the windows were shuttered and Emma pressed a finger to her lips to indicate silence before we slipped in through a side door. And what I saw filled my soul with a terrible wanting and lust that I had not thought it capable.

Elizabeth and Katie had received a makeover both in clothes and actions that had to be seen to be believed. Gone were the bare, shining ponygirls, and in their place stood two stunning dominants.

I had never noticed how they resembled each other before I had seen the video of them pulling that little sulky cart, but it was so obvious I amazed myself. Their glorious long hair pulled back in tight ponytails, they both worse identical makeup that only added to their glorious resemblance.

They were naked no more, their hips wrapped in matching black leather hotpants, their already long legs given a wildly exotic turn by their shiny black thigh boots with towering heels. Pert breasts were tightly confined and lifted by bras that matched their shorts and contributed mighty cleavages to the image. Each of them held a long coaching whip which they were plying with a measured, carefully timed enthusiasm.

And what a target upon which they were whipping. Two naked bodies were swinging gently back and forth from the ceiling, their wrists tightly confined in soft leather cuffs, their toes just able to touch the ground. Two women pressed tightly together face against willing face by gravity, their mouths kissing with unbridled passion as Katie and Elizabeth worked their bare, tightly stretched buttocks with their whips. First one striking making the couple swing one way, then the other causing them to swing back. As I watched a barely perceptible nod passed between them and they struck together, thrusting the dangling lesbians together and making them moan with passion.

I felt myself touch my throat as a flush spread up from my chest to consume my face. I was not sure whether I wanted to be wielding a whip across the arse of these two kinky bitches or whether I wanted to be hanging there with them being lashed hard while pressed against another bucking sexy woman.

I felt an arm around my waist as Emma turned me way from the scene and steered me away from the torrid scene.

“You just would not believe how much people will pay to play with those two lovely fillies you have introduced to my establishment. They have been invited to come back and work anytime they like” She gave me a squeeze “At a very good pay rate I can assure you”

“And what of Marnie and her mother ?” I heard myself ask “I understand one of your neighbours was going to put them to good use ?”

Emma laughed as I found myself being steered towards a gate in the hedge that led to the adjoining property.

“I thought you might ask” Emma said, “So I have arranged for my neighbour to give you a guided tour of his machinery”

We were met at the back door by a fair haired, square shouldered man who looked as if butter would not melt is his mouth. He shook my hand with a firm grip and beckoned me inside with a smile. Emma gave a little wave and I watched not without a little sadness the way her tiny waist and rounded arse rolled away through the hedge.

My new gentleman friend led me through several immaculately decorated rooms until we reached one with an ornate wooden door. He stood back and gestured towards the brass door handle. I opened it with a dry mouth and allowed it so swing silently open. What I saw took away my breath.

A large mahogany box with brass fittings stood in the middle of the room. And from the top of it emerged two heads. Two heads I recognised. Marnie and her equally sexy mother. Everything I had heard about her mother was true. With identical hairstyles and makeup they could pass for sisters, and that was how they now looked. Both heads looked round as the door creaked open and mouths and eyes opened wide in surprise as they saw me enter.

My host gestured me towards a sofa facing the machine. I settled myself, and two heads fixed me with dreadful glares.

The host sat down beside me and picked up a large remote control.

“As you can see, the tales of my little toy have not been exaggerated. A finer sound system to pass an evening you cannot imagine. Locked down in there, I can make it do things you cannot imagine to those inside. Allow me to demonstrate”

He raised the remote and smiled at the two heads facing us. As one they both started to plead with him to stop, to think again, and to offer him sexual favours that would have made a sailor blush in exchange for him not using the remote.

“As you can see” he said with a smile “They know all too well that delights my toy can inflict on them. And thanks you yourself, I can now listen is stereo”

He slithered a finger over a control and for a moment all was silent. The tension was terrible as everyone waited to find out what button he had chosen to press. Moments later we knew.

Feathers danced across the helplessly spread souls of feet and tightly stretched rib cages and screams of laughter filled the room. I watched in open-mouthed awe as all I could see were two hear identical heads twisting helplessly back and forth as the machine had it’s wicked way with their bodies.

As the machine silently reset itself and all we could hear was the gasps and desperate gulping of air that followed any tickling fit, my host pressed another button and this time one of the heads cried out in pain, followed swiftly by the other. Unseen whips slashed down on muscular buttocks. For a minute the whips fell alternately and each head cried out in pain in turn, then another button was pressed and those terrible mechanised whips started to fall in unison and the two heads cried out together.

He pressed a button to stop the assault and both heads gasped for breath, sweat running off them, their hair plastered to their heads.

“And for our finale” said the hose, flourishing the remote in the air “May I offer you the ultimate soundtrack to any evening at home.”

The two heads started pleading again, pleading desperately for him not to, but he was smiling as he pressed a complex pattern of buttons before offering me a drink.

“Do sit back and relax” he said cheerily “This show can go one for a while. But the ending is worth the wait”

His smile was infectious as I sat back, took a sip and I watched the two disembodied heads with naked fascination and not a little passion. One moment they were animated, eyes dancing about the room, their every fibre straining to find what would happen next. Then, as one they both froze and Marnie gave out a sad little whimper. Her mother’s head turned as best it could to face her daughter, then she too let out a little wail and her face turned slowly front as the tools within that mahogany box went to work upon their bodies.

The show was impressive as, slowly but surely, both were subjected to caresses and stimulation of a kind I could only imagine. Soon both were crying out with passion, their skin growing pink and running with sweat. I could feel my own skin flushing again, and my hand was at my throat when first mother came loudly, closely followed by daughter. With a smile my host moved a thumbwheel and those unseen parts within redoubled their efforts and soon they were both screaming with passion again.

The room was hot, and the soundtrack utterly intoxicating as their cries echoed off of the walls, and slowly but surely it was all getting to me and I felt myself slipping away from the scene. The drink was not helping, and neither were the glorious sights that my host was putting in front of me.

How long I was asleep I have no idea, but when my brain forced its way up through the cotton wool that was my sleep things had changed. The scene before me was now very, very different.

Marnie and her sexy mother now reclined on the sofa. I do not know how long I had slept but both were now bathed and immaculately made up. Their long dark curly hair rolled about their faces and four big dark eyes were looking at me with undisguised interest. They sleek bodies were sheathed in skintight black lycra catsuits, and gleaming black heels decorated their feet.

I tried to move towards them, and slowly but surely my brain started telling me something was not quite right. For a fleeting moment I thought I was paralysed, then I realised my position was far worse than that. A long expanse of mahogany was visible in the lower part of my vision, and a thick black rubber collar was snug about my neck. I was in the machine.

I heard myself let out a scream as I fought like a thing possessed, much to the amusement and laughter of Marnie and her mother. My every limb was held tight by some unseen bondage within the mahogany box. I could feel my legs gently spread, the souls of my feet tilted upwards and my spine bent gently forwards to present my breasts to who knew what sort of appliances.

With a smile wide enough to break her face Marnie flourished the remote and I watched in silent horror as her finger advanced towards a button. She pressed it, I felt the faintest of tremors within the box, and I screamed with laughter at the sudden and unexpected dance of what felt like feathers across the souls of my bare feet and down along my stretched ribcage. For a moment they vanished, then they were back again as Marnie rolled that thumbwheel up a notch. A terrible, insistent tickling assaulted me and I felt my compose collapse as I laughed so hard it hurt and I could neither stop nor move my tender body away from the source of my torment. The mother reached across and pressed another button, and the feathers started to flick left and right across my already erect nipples. It was the softest, most glorious torment I had ever experienced. I tried to move my breasts towards it, but I was held tight and immobile. The feathery flicks started to move up and down, rougher now and I knew that they were not really feathers.

Moments later I was crying with frustration as their caress, and I heard new laughter before me. I had not even realised my eyes had been closed, but when I opened them the long blonde and red hair of Elizabeth and Katie had joined the party on the sofa. They too had exchanged their costumes for skintight black lycra. Part of me noticed the way Elizabeth’s arm curved covetously around Katie’s waist, then my world vanished as something vibrating took me from behind at the same moment two whips crashed down across my arse and I both screamed with pain and came at the same time. Through the tears I could hear them all laughing and whooping.

Through the laughter I head one voice clear and cold. Elizabeth spoke with a chilly cadence forged by two weeks on this alternative farm.  

“Our turn now bitch”, she said. And lying on the carpet in front of them was a carelessly piled heap of leather straps and buckles that looking terrifyingly familiar. A whip lay with it, and before I could take in all the details the whips and feather launched a joint assault that reduced me to sobbing tears of tormented orgasm. A tormented orgasm over which I had no control of when it would end.

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