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Rubbercat Tails

by Tigerstretch

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© Copyright 2020 - Tigerstretch - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; catgirl; latex; catsuit; bond; mum; naked; toys; force; oral; cons; X

Note: This spinoff of Feliformia may contain spoilers. I recommend you read up to Chapter 8 of the main series prior reading this spin off. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 - Cat Education


"Well, you don't have a choice!"

I'm Kitty, and this evil person next to me is Erika. For one week already, she has been at our place, and some things were starting to change. I spent a lot of time with her because Mark, our boyfriend, was at work during the week.

When he was around, wearing my full latex catsuit was the norm, which meant padded cat paws were attached, and I couldn't use my hands. I decided a long time ago I would not let Mark see me out of this suit; he loved me too much as is. The only time he saw me out of my costume was for a few minutes on the first day we met. Since then, I had been exclusively a cute and rubbery catgirl.

Erika only became our lover recently. She wanted to stick around for a bit longer before deciding to move in with us or not, but I knew she would. Her pretension to think about it would not fool me. That said, she was also wearing a copy of my rubber catsuit, and she just LOVED it, perhaps as much as I did. When we were together around Mark, we liked to drive him nuts together, and it was so much fun. But there was a significant difference between her and me; she would let Mark see her out of her catsuit, to my great despair. I tried to convince her not to do that, but she wouldn't listen.

Occasionally, before Mark left to work, he let her out of her suit so she could take better care of me during the day. Erika enjoyed that responsibility way too much. Not only was she in love with me, which was a mutual feeling, I was also obsessed with her. She would never leave me alone unless she was busy and put me in my crate for a while. I was the victim of her relentless sexual assaults day after day. I was not complaining, far from it, but she was an intense one. She could make me come all day long without any remorse.

I had to be fair here; she changed my life for the better... I think. Before her arrival, I spent most of my time in bondage, in my crate, or inside my sex-coffin. But since Erika, I kind of lost interest in those solo adventures because she took care of all my sexual needs and more. Mark was fantastic, but because of his work and responsibilities, there was only so much he could do. I didn't want to burn him out with my high sex drive. With our new lover around, I got to spend more quality time with him while getting permanently satisfied by Erika during the day. I loved this new way of living. Except today…

"The word embarrassing needs two R... You know that already, I told you earlier... "

"Erika! Can we stop... My brain is fried!"

My head fell on top of my arm, and my long black hair bundled up on the table. Today was one of those days when Mark let Erika out of her suit so she could "take care" of me. Usually, those turned into a sex massacre, but not this time. Last night, when Mark fell asleep, Erika and I kept making out on the bed next to him. We also were chit-chatting for a bit. She said to me that Mark had told her at some point that I didn't get my secondary school diploma. This was trouble.

"No, Kitty, we can't. You have two more hours to go."

"But I don't need to study! I don't need a diploma! Mark is taking care of me."

"Well, what would happen if something happened to him then?"

"...You would take care of me?"

"Oh, enough. Grab your pencil and write the sentence again else I'm going to spank you harder this time."

When I was alone with Erika, I didn't mind if she saw me out of my suit. She was not Mark, so the rule didn't apply. She and I loved taking our shower naked together. I never had someone else washing my hair before, and she was so good at it. Hugging a girl's soapy body felt fantastic too. I wouldn't let Mark do the same because he only loved me as a latex cat. I was sure of it. Erika kept saying I was wrong, but whatever.

Today, Erika unzipped me after Mark left, and I lowered my suit down to my waist. The reason this time was that she decided to homeschool me until I could pass the secondary school official exam to obtain my diploma. Apparently, I was not that far from being able to do it, but I didn't believe that deep down. What she was showing me was so hard, and it was not even sexually fun. But yet, I had no choice. If I were not obedient, she would find a way to punish me because she was a bit of a sadist.

I grabbed my pencil and tried to write that sentence all over again, trying to avoid mistakes this time. I was not good at it. The lead was scratching the surface of my paper sheet clumsily. Erika was just watching me struggle and analyzed every single one of my movements. I lived in fear. If I were to make another mistake, she would stop me, and I would have to start all over again.

This time around, I managed to write the final dot of the sentence without her interrupting me. There was a short silence. Maybe it was just in my head, but I expected to be reprimanded again.

"Kitty... You did it!"

"Uh? Really?"

"Yes, it's perfect. No errors. See, you are as good as anybody else, and you can learn new things. How does it feel?"

I just shrugged and slid down on my chair. I didn't have this surge of happiness for accomplishing something that everybody else could do. Plus, my fingers hurt a lot because I wasn't used to using them anymore; they were always encased in latex paws. This was no victory. Erika wrapped her hand around the back of my neck and kissed me on the side of my head.

"Alright, that's enough for today. Maybe a full day is too much too soon."


"Yes, but only if you let me play with you... Please?"

"Erika, you never ask for my permission before playing with me..."

"I know, I'm just trying to be less bossy... Okay then, back in your catsuit. I want to try something with you."

"Try what?"

"I'm not telling you, else it won't be as fun."

Here we were again. Erika always did this to me. She thought about something kinky, then I became her victim. In all honesty, that is how I loved it and was wondering what she would come up with this time around. Even though, with Erika, it was not guaranteed, my hope was to get some good pleasure out of it.

I got off my chair and presented my back to her. She helped me suit back up, and sooner rather than later, I was a shiny pink and cute catgirl again. I loved it so much. Erika picked my pink Kitty collar from the table and fastened it around my neck, and then locked my zipper with a small padlock, I wasn't even sure she knew where the key was. I turned around and gave her a deep kiss. Why did I love her so much? Her kissing abilities were one of the reasons.

"Come on, cathead, go upstairs, I'll be there in a sec," she said.

"Only Mark calls me cathead! You cannot!"

"Okay, well, I'll call you... fuzzball."

"Erika! No!"

"Just kidding... Alright, go to the washroom first, then to the bedroom, I'll be right there."

She unzipped my crotch and slapped me on the butt. I had no clue what she was going to do to me, but I would soon find out. Usually, when she asked me to go to the toilet first, it was because a smell of bondage was in the air.

My business finished, I walked back to my bed and climbed on it. I hoped Mark would buy a king bed eventually. This one was too small for the three of us. A couple of nights ago, Erika fell from it, and she scolded him big time. If it happened once more, I was convinced we would get our king bed. Maybe I could just push her off during her sleep to speed things up. I wanted this new big bed.

I laid down on my back and looked at the ceiling. It was one of those ugly stucco ones. I spent countless hours in bondage looking at it and finding all kinds of forms and shapes in it. I knew there was a bunny somewhere... and a cock... Ah! Erika was climbing up the stairs.

"Alright, Kitty. How much do you like being tied up?"

"Aaanh! Mmm!"

It was always the same... I couldn't control my stupid brain. Erika said this purposely knowing that I would get hit by a wave of sexual pleasure, then refusing anything she wanted to do would become impossible. After receiving those treacherous words from her, I was prepared to be a good helpless Kitty that would be used for Erika's pleasure. Groundhog day.

"Okay, get off the bed and stand in front of me," she said.

"What are you hiding behind your back?"

"Oh? Just this..."

She brought her hidden hand to the front, not even trying to keep a secret from me. In her hand was a big roll of plastic wrap. Meow! It looked like I was about to have some fun this afternoon after all. Or at the very least, it couldn't be worse than an English lesson.

"Okay, Kitty, spread your legs. I have a small cat to wrap up. You spent much time inside your sex-coffin, so you'll like this just as much, I'm sure."

"Mmm... Maybe."

Erika started to wrap the film around my hips and slowly went down one of my legs with the roll. Once she reached my ankle, she ripped the plastic and repeated the same thing with my other leg. I now had a plasticky pair of pants.

"Open your arms..."

I obeyed and lifted my arms to let her wrap the plastic film around my waist, torso, and over my shoulders. She was doing it a bit tighter than I expected; it almost felt as if I had a corset. The next step was the arms; she covered them from my shoulders to wrists. I was always encased in tight latex, so it didn't feel that unusual, but it was kinky, so I was not complaining. I liked the attention.

"Good Kitty. Hey, Do you want to keep your arms on your side? Or do you want to cross them in front of your chest? Perhaps behind your back?"

"You decide! Aaanh!"

Of course, I let her decide. She was drilling my brain with twisted questions to turn me on, but she knew what I liked the most. I loved it when she took control and forced me to do things. I was taking a risk, though. With Mark, I knew for sure that he was never going to go extreme on me, unless I did something really bad, like that time when I smashed his phone onto the floor. But with Erika... I was not so certain. Being a different breed that enjoyed using me as her playtoy, no matter what I could have said, there was no guarantee that she would listen.

"I can keep you wrapped longer if I put them on the sides. You'll become a delicious Kitty sausage."

"Mmm... Not sure I like being compared to a sausage."

"Kitty mummy then. Is that better?"

"It rhymes... "

She began to very tightly wrap the plastic around my torso and arms, maybe at the limit of what I was comfortable with. I was gradually losing the use of my arms and tried to wiggle a bit to get a first impression of the trouble I was in.

"E... Erika... It's a bit tight."

"So? What are you going to do about it?"

"Aaanh. Stop. You say that on purpose."

Why couldn't I fight anybody as soon as they took away my freedom? It was always the same. My rational brain needed something, but my sexual brain always bypassed it. Once more, I was in trouble; Erika was just ignoring my internal debate and kept wrapping me tightly. When she reached my crotch with the plastic film, she abruptly stopped as if she were about to make a big mistake.

"Oh, I almost forgot. One sec!" She said.

"Where are you going?"

"To get your vibrator, the big remote-controlled one."

"Erika! No! You are not allowed!"

If I thought I was in a mess before, now I was doomed. My life was over. I didn't know if I hated it or loved it, but this vibrator was just pure evil. It was very powerful, and Mark could control it from his phone. Some of the settings were just harsh and made me come over and over. Erika was coming back with it...

"Here, I have it... Sorry for the wait, I had to put some fresh batteries in it."

"Erika, no! Not that one. You can't!"

"Then why are you so wet?"

My crotch was still unzipped and was dribbling sex juice; why did my body kept betraying me again and again? Erika crouched in front of me and slowly pushed the infernal machine inside my pussy before zipping my crotch back up, securing the inert vibe in place. As if she were not satisfied enough with this level of torture, she gave me a couple of gentle slaps between the legs.

"Aaanh! Don't do that!"

"I do what I want, Kitty. You said you wanted to play. Alright, let's finish this before Mark comes back."

"But... that's not before another two hours, at least..."

"I know, but I want to have my fun before then. Put your legs together now, and don't fall."

I was feeling so full. This vibrator was too big for my own good, and my closed legs made it way worse. Erika continued her wrapping work and was not any more reasonable with the tightness. A bit more force and the plastic would rip as she applied it. I quickly turned into a shiny mummy from my neck down to my ankles.

"Erika... It's... It's tight."

"I know, but I have to apply another layer. I don't feel like it's enough to prevent you from escaping."

"Aannh... Another layer?"

Indeed, Erika was a sadist; I kept saying it. She started applying another layer of the film over the previous one. This time it was not tighter, but it took away the only remaining wiggle room I had left. I didn't want to press my luck too much just yet as I didn't want to fall over and end up on the floor, so I let her finish the second pass without whining... too much.

"All done! Look at you. You are so cute. Too bad I don't have duct tape or something. An extra layer would have been awesome on you."

"Meow! Now what?"

"Now? It's time for my reward, of course."

Erika carefully moved me to the bed and made me lay down on it. She then pushed me where she wanted me to be before placing a pillow under my head. I was testing my bonds as much as I could at this point with no risks of falling.

"Stop it, Kitty, you are not going anywhere, and you know it. Let me text Mark now."

"Mark? Why? Oh! No! Erika...! Don't do that!"

"Haha... I don't care what you are saying... I do this for myself, kitty cat."

She climbed on the bed and put her knees on each side of my shoulders while she texted. She lightly sat on my chest, just enough to prevent me from rolling around. She always smiled so much. Her smile was one of the reasons why I loved her so much. Her happiness was simply contagious.

"Haha, Kitty, Mark wants you to give him a number between 1 and 5."

"What? Why?"

"I don't know, he is evil, you know that... come on... give me a number."

"I don't know... one?"

"Wait for it... Wait for it..."

"AAANNNHH! Aannnh! No... Tell him to stop! Aaannh"

"I don't think so... He says that you picked the random setting for your vibe... so he doesn't know what intensity it is at right now."

"It's too high! Aaannnh! Make it stop!"

"No... you chose that number, not us. It's your fault. Just so you know, he said he was going to bring me some tape after his work."

"Aaannh...! Erika... You are evil!"

"I know I am... and I know you love it. Now, kiss me. Then you are going to lick me... a lot."


If this was my reward for managing to complete an English class with Erika earlier, then I wanted more of this homeschooling. And I hoped I wouldn't get my diploma anytime soon.

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