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Rubbercat Tails

by Tigerstretch

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Storycodes: F/f; F/f+; catgirl; bond; cage; messy; sticky; costume; bunny; naked; toys; oral; cons; X

Note: This spinoff of Feliformia may contain spoilers. I recommend you read up to Chapter 9 of the main series prior reading this spin off. Enjoy!

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Chapter 2 - Easter Cats

“Wear it!”

“No, Kitty. I’m busy right now. I have to finish this online management course. Maybe we will play later.”

“No, wear it now!”

Erika wore her new furry suit for Mark’s birthday, but she never put it back on after, to my great despair. It’s been three weeks already, and I didn’t get to cuddle again with this soft cat a single time since.

Erika was pretty much ignoring my distress calls, so I brought the suit to her and placed it on her lap while she was studying this management non-sense.

“Kitty, I’m in the middle of something. Stay quiet, or I will put you in your crate. Plus, you have homework to do as well else you’ll never get your degree.”

“I don’t care about that. It’s the Easter weekend; we must have fun!”

“Go have fun with Mark then. That’s why we do this polyamory thing, remember?”

“You know Mark is not here. He went to visit his sister.”

“He did ask you to go with him if I remember correctly. You can only blame yourself for being too shy.”

She was right, but it wasn’t appealing to me. I didn’t know Mark's sister, but I knew for sure I wouldn’t be able to have sex with her. Plus, she wouldn’t be a soft cat, like Erika. Why did she choose to study today out of all the days?

“So, you don’t want to celebrate Easter with me at all?” I asked.

“Stop pushing! You know we are going to celebrate it tomorrow.”

“But tomorrow is not today!”

“Kitty... Last warning. You’ll get a solid spanking if you ask one more time, and I’ll make sure you sleep out on the patio!”

I didn’t want to get spanked today. I would be okay with the crate, but I didn’t like Erika's spankings too much. She was a bit rough. I pulled her furry suit from her lap and left the room, groaning.

I trotted back to the living room and laid down with her suit on the couch. It was so soft, but it didn’t move. Erika had to be wearing it to be fun; else, it was too much like a plush blanket. It still felt good on my naked skin, though.

I didn’t put on my latex suit this morning, and no other clothes either. I tried to get used to it slowly, so eventually, I would feel confident enough to go out without it. I was too scared to visit Mark's family without my latex suit yet. But today, the real reason I was not wearing anything was my desire to cuddle naked with Erika in her furry suit. Her refusal annoyed me.

So I just laid down here on the couch, trying to come up with something that could potentially entertain me until Erika completed her boring learning stuff. I could always play with some sex toys, but it wouldn't be the same if Mark didn’t force me to. I was miserable.

All of a sudden, I heard the front door opening and closing. Odd... Mark wasn’t supposed to be back today. Someone climbed up the stairs and walked to the living room.

“SYR! What are you doing here? I thought you couldn’t come this weekend.”

“Plan changed. My family postponed our dinner to next weekend. So I decided to bring the food here and cook for you two since Master Mark is away.”

It was kinda strange to see her wearing a pair of tight shorts, a tank top, and running shoes. She would never have done this with Mark around... or should I say “Master Mark.” She took her maid role very seriously around him to the point where it freaked us all out. She wouldn’t do anything for us unless “Master Mark” allowed her to. Her dedication to him was way too intense.

The funny part to me was that Mark totally got used to it and used her to his advantage. It was much harder to trick or torture him since Syr was around. He only had to tell her to keep an eye on us, and she obeyed. Erika and I couldn't plan anything anymore when she was here. That said... not today. Mark was not here... which gave me an idea.

“Syr... Can you help me?”

“Sure. With what?”

“I want you to force Erika to wear her furry catsuit.”

“Oh... I cannot do that.”

“What? Why?”

“Master Mark is not around.”

“Oh, come on! Are you going to role play even when he is not here?”

“I’m at his house. I’m his maid. So yes.”

I loved Syr a whole lot, but why was she so into it all the time. She would gladly cook for Erika and me, but anything that was slightly sexual or playful, she would wait for Mark to direct her. Was this some sort of maid code of honor? There should be a way to convince her to do as I ask.

“Call Mark and ask him if you can be my maid for the rest of the day!”

“Why would I do such a thing?”

“Call him!”

“No. I am not to disturb Master Mark without a good reason. He told us his sibling was important to him.”

“I think he would be disappointed in you if you missed an opportunity to make him happy.”

“Is that so? Care to explain?”

“Well, if it makes him happy to put me in charge, then you would be a good maid, if he says no, then you would have just performed your duty as he expects.”

“Alright. Your logic is sound. I will call Master Mark then.”


It was rather impressive. Syr was not nearly as stubborn as Erika. But now that she was going to call him... I hoped it would not backfire on me. I didn’t really think about this possibility beforehand.

She put her grocery bags on the floor and pulled her phone out of her tight shorts rear pocket. This girl had such a sexy body; it was almost illegal. She played on her screen and placed the phone on her ear. I would have preferred if she had used her speakerphone instead. She initiated a discussion.

“Master Mark? Yes, this is Syr. I apologize for calling you.”


“No... All is well. It is just that my plans changed and I came to your house to keep them company.”


“Yes. Well, Kitty asked me to call you. She wants me to be her personal maid until you come back tomorrow morning. I don't mind, but I wanted to verify with you first to make sure it would be acceptable?”


“Why? It is because she wants me to force Erika to wear her catsuit... the birthday one. Yes.”

Noooo! Why did she tell him that? She could just have said that she didn’t know. Mark is going to be suspicious... well, more than he would have been in the first place. I became quite nervous while she continued her awkward conversation.

“But... Master Mark... I’m not sure I...”


“But.... What do you want me to do exactly?”


“Up to me? But...”


“Alright... Fine... If this is your wish, Master Mark... I will see what I can do.”


"Yes, Goodbye. I apologize for the call."

That... didn’t sound too promising. Syr hung up and put her phone back in her back pocket before picking up the grocery bags and walking toward the kitchen. She looked a bit tense, was she not going to tell me what he said? I got off the couch, keeping the furry suit on my chest to hide my boobs and crotch. I caught up to her.

“Syr? Wait up... What did he say?”

“I cannot be your maid today.”

“How come? What else did he say?”

She placed her groceries on the kitchen island and turned to me.

“Kitty, please, show me your right hand.”

“Uh? Okay...”

I extended my arm toward her. Was she going to give me something? Out of the blue, she grabbed my wrist and started to drag me back to the living room. I couldn't compete with her strength, so resisting was pointless..

“Syr? What are you doing? Where are we going?”

“I’m going to put you inside your crate.”

“Wait... No! Why?”

My words fell into deaf ears. Syr led me to my box, and after taking away Erika's suit from me, she pushed me in and locked my door. That would teach me to try to trick Mark without a proper strategy. That said, I didn’t dislike how forceful she had been... It kind of turned me on a bit even if I knew she didn’t do it on purpose.

“Kitty, you’ll remain here for now. I will be back later.”

“O... Okay.”

And just like that, she went back to the kitchen to put away the groceries. My instinct told me this was not over. Her phone conversation with Mark was troubling. He asked her to do something, but I had no idea what it could be. Usually, Syr didn’t get involved. She was our ally for his birthday, but then she always stayed away from our sex games. This whole situation was way too suspicious.

She came back to me, crouched in front of my door and passed me a bottle of water.

“I have to go out again for a short time. If Erika comes to you, tell her I have your keys and will be back shortly.”

“Where are you going?”

“You are not my Master. I do not have to answer you.”

“Meow! You are hiding something. I know it!”

“I do! Now please don’t make a fuss while I’m away.”

I was so in trouble. Syr walked away and left the house. Being locked away inside my crate without wearing my latex catsuit was rather strange. I think it was the first time ever this happened to me. It was dark and not as warm as it usually was, but somehow, I liked it. This crate always made me sleepy. Since I had nothing else to do, for now, I just closed my eyes, hugged my little heart-shaped pillow and drifted away for a short nap.

“What the hell are you doing in there?”

“Mmm? Oh... Erika.”

“Where are the keys? I finished studying and just found you inside your crate. Did you do this to yourself?”

“Of course not. Syr did this.”

“Elizabeth is away this weekend. What are you talking about?”

“Ooooh! Cute! Is that her real name? She said that her family postponed their dinner, so she came here to cook for us tonight.”

“Ooooh, noooo! Don’t tell her I let out her real name... She is going to be so mad. This was so important to her. You can never tell Mark, okay? Please!”

I never saw Erika feeling this bad before. Her face drastically changed when she realized her mistake. Under normal circumstances, I would have used this information to blackmail her into some sex games, but in this case, it seemed just wrong. Syr and Erika were great friends; I would not risk damaging a friendship for entertainment purposes.

“I won’t say anything... Not to her and not to anybody. I promise! Don't worry about it. But... I think I messed up earlier...”

“What do you mean, you messed up? Where is she now?”

“I don’t know. She will come back soon. I asked her to call Mark, she did, and then she acted all weird after she hung up.”

“Kitty! We swore we wouldn’t bug him while he was with his sister. Why would you do that, cathead?”

“Only Mark can call me that! You must not!"

"Speak, else I'll pull on your ears until they fall."

She grabbed one of my ears and pulled me closer to the door. Always hidden inside my latex catsuit, my human ears were quite sensitive.

"Ow! Ow! Let go! I wanted you to wear your furry catsuit... So I thought if Mark allowed me to give commands to Syr, she would help me, you know.”

“Kitty, you brainless cat! You have no clue what Syr is capable of. She will blindly obey every single order Mark gave her. I just hope you didn’t drag me into your mess; else, it’s going to be an ugly evening for the two of us.”

And just as she expelled those concerning words, we heard the front door slamming shut. Syr was back and on her way upstairs. Erika and I just stared at each other, with a bit of fear in our eyes. When Syr entered the living room, I immediately understood that something was... not good. Syr was back to wearing her full maid uniform. She had ditched her sexy shorts and the tank top.

Erika stood up to greet her awkwardly.

“Heeey, Syr. Nice to see you. Kitty told me that your plans have changed?”

“Yes, I came here to spend the evening with you. Since Master Mark was not here, I had a day off duty and looked forward to relaxing with you two. However, Kitty forced me to call him, and now I have to work and have lost my day off. I am displeased by this turn of events, but I will fulfill my duty.”

“I bet, I’ll gladly punish her with you. She deserves it.”

Erika was a traitor. She was trying to turn the situation to her advantage to avoid sharing my troubles. It was her fault in the first place; she should have worn her furry catsuit for me. I shall remember this one. Syr placed a paper shopping bag on the coffee table and put her two hands inside. She pulled out a small bundle of black and white fabric.

“Erika, I want you to wear this right now.”

“Uh? Why? What is this?”

“It is a sexy bunny attire.”

“A sexy bun... Wait a minute! Why would I do that?”

“It is Easter, and this is a bunny suit. It is appropriate.”

“You know it is not what I meant. Screw that! I’m not wearing this! Kitty is the one that should wear it, not me!”

“Alright then, I’ll put you inside the crate with Kitty until you agree to wear it.”


Erika and I were very small 5’2” girls... We were skinny and physically couldn't match anybody. Syr was taller and more muscular. It only took her a minute to control Erika, forcefully take off her clothes, and manage to squeeze her inside the crate on top of me in the infamous 69 position. The door slammed shut, and the padlocks were back on.

“Kitty... You are so going to pay for... Aaaaanh!”

“Sorry... you taste good today...”

“Aaanh! No! Don’t lick me there... Aaah!”

“Why not? You like it... AAaaaanh! Erika! Be careful! Aaaaanh! Stop!”

This was a fight that none of us could win. It was always the same. Once we got started, it was almost impossible to stop. It almost became a competition or a game of assault and revenge. We licked each other for what seemed like an eternity.

My face was drenched in Erika’s juice, I knew that my only hope to get out of this situation would be to make her cum so hard that she would give up and ask out. I ferociously sucked on her clit, ignoring my continual orgasms. I was almost at the point of exhaustion when finally she surrendered. The victory was mine this time.

“SYR! Get me out of here! I’ll wear your stupid bunny costume!” Erika said.

“... and you won’t complain like you are doing right now?” Syr asked.

“... No... I won’t! Please, open the door before Kitty kills me.”


A draft of fresh air entered our small prison when Syr pulled the door open. She helped Erika out, and I just collapsed on my little mattress; that was a close one. The door closed again, and the padlock went back on.

“Heeey... Syr! What about me?” I asked.

“You just wait like a good Kitty.”

I turned around and looked at what was going on in the living room. Syr handed over the sexy bunny costume to Erika, and she put it on reluctantly. She looked quite hot in it; the fluffy tail was just too cute. The best part was when Syr handed her a pair of bunny ears, one of them was crooked. I couldn’t help it when they went on top of her head, Erika was the cutest bunny ever.

“Hahaha! Erika is so cute!” I said.

“Kitty, you are so going to pay for this!”


Syr asked Erika to follow her, and they disappeared from my view. I sat back in my crate and hugged my pillow. I knew Syr wouldn’t just leave me here forever. Some sort of evil plan was unfolding, and it was triggering my curiosity. I was really wondering what they were doing.

It took Syr a bit of time before coming back to open my door. She pulled me out of the crate and asked me to stand in the living room, as she did with Erika. She plunged her hands into her bag and pulled out, not too surprisingly, another sexy bunny costume.

“Wear this.”

“What!? No... I’m a cat! I can’t wear a bunny costume.”

“Do not resist, or I will find a way to make you obey!”

“Okay, okay. You are no fun.”

She was awfully serious today. I climbed inside the costume. It was barely enough fabric to cover my waist and my not very large boobs. I shared Erika's faith when Syr forced me to put some rabbit ears on top of my head. I tried to look at my own fluffy tail.

She grabbed my wrist again and led me upstairs... I expected to find Erika in some sort of predicament. It was as scary as exciting.

“Syr, what are you doing to us?”

“You’ll see. Come.”

She dragged me to the guest bedroom, where she had dimmed the light. And there she was, Erika kneeling on top of the bed like a sexy rabbit. But something was different. A large sheet of plastic was covering the entire mattress and adding to the weirdness, Erika had a wide rubber collar around her neck and a chain running from it to the bed frame.

“Aannh... Syr... What... Annh!”

So far, I had managed to control myself, but this was too much; my sexual brain kicked in.. I didn’t know what was going to happen here, but it was turning me on like crazy.

Sure enough, Syr wrapped another wide rubber collar around my neck and locked it with a padlock. She grabbed a short length of chain and attached my collar to Erika’s. I got the feeling that we would be here for a little while. I wrapped my arms around Erika, and I could only imagine what we looked like in front of Syr.

“Aannh... Erika? What is she doing?”

“I have no clue, Kitty... No idea.”

Syr just left the room, leaving us behind and puzzled. We both expected her to come back soon. The wait was oppressive and kept us silent. Surely this was not the end of it. It couldn’t be.

A minute later, Syr indeed came back with four large plastic jugs which looked quite heavy. She placed them on the floor and unscrewed the cap from each of them. We were petrified by the unknown. She looked at us and asked a very odd question.

“It is Easter, so who will be the caramel bunny, and who will be the chocolate bunny?”


“Mmm... Based on your hair color, I think Erika will be the caramel bunny.”

Erika tried to pull away, but she was just tugging on my chain. Syr approached with two of the big jugs and ordered Erika to stay still. I didn’t think there was any way to escape our sticky faith.

“Don’t move!” Syr said.

She slowly started to pour the sticky caramel on top of Erika’s head. I couldn’t utter a word when I saw the golden-brown viscous liquid gradually covering her head and face, sliding down her breasts and her arms. It was as if she was getting swallowed by a slime. Syr was smiling a lot right now.

“Oh... This caramel is much thicker than I thought. I have another one too, so don't move," Syr said.

It took a while, but she finished the first jug. Erika, eyes closed, tried to say something, but only a sugary bubble came out of her mouth. And Syr started to pour the second caramel jug atop of her, making sure not to miss a single spot. It was a slow process, but she was very patient. Erika’s fighting spirit was gone, and she entered her submissive mode, pulling me into this mood with her.

“Alright... that will do. Now, it is your turn, chocolate bunny.”

“Aanh... Syr! Wait! What... aaaaanh!”

“Don’t resist, Kitty, you want this too as much as your body does.”

She grabbed one of the chocolate jugs and began pouring it over my head. Chocolate shouldn’t be that thick. It slowly crawled all over my skin and bunny outfit. I had to close my eyes as it ran all over my face. I opened my mouth to breathe, and the strong taste of chocolate was unavoidable.

Of course, the second jug was on the menu. My whole body was already covered, so this was simply to add an extra layer. My hands were sticking on my own body but also on Erika's, who remained silent while I received my chocolate shower. I think we couldn’t believe what Syr was currently doing to us.

Once satisfied with her work, Syr stepped back and admired the result.

“This should do. You look so cute. Master Mark will be pleased.”

“Is he the one that asked you to do this?” Erika asked.

“Oh, no. Master Mark merely said that he was busy and that I should handle such a trivial matter myself. You are responsible for this.”

“Really? And that is how you decided to handle it?”

“Yes. It is Easter. Sweet bunnies seemed appropriate and should keep you entertained until Master Mark returns.”

Erika and I were just baffled... but I was also turned on. It was my first experience with food play, and I didn't hate it at all. It reminded me, to some degree, the night I spent in the mud with Mark when we first met. However, this was tasting much better. I started to lick Erika’s cheek.

“Kitty? Stop licking me!”

“No... You taste good. Aaaanh!”

“But... mmm!“

“You should taste me too, Erika. The chocolate is good.”

She pressed her nose on me and gave me a quick lick. It tickled. I wrapped my arms around her and started kissing her. Our punishment was way more fun than I could have anticipated. Erika, of course, wrapped her arms around me as well. We laid down on the plastic-covered mattress and started to cuddle in the puddle of gooey sugar. I guess she quickly realized the feeling was quite pleasant, even though she wouldn't admit it.

“Alright, I will let you two enjoy yourself. I do not intend to watch this," Syr said.

“What in the world is going on here?”

It was early the next morning when Mark came back from his trip and found the two of us, chained together on the guest bed. The mixture of caramel and chocolate covering our entire body pretty much hardened overnight. We were not even sure we could unstick ourselves from each other at this point. We fell asleep in a sweet embrace and turned into a giant Easter candy because it dried.

Mark wouldn't believe us when we told him what happened. Syr was too much of an angel, and considering her as a criminal was not an option.

“M... Mark... Syr did this to us...”

“Right! As if! The girl that doesn't even let me return her hugs. I'm not a fool.“

“But it’s... it's true... She did this after calling you last night.”

“What are you talking about Kitty, Syr never called me. I didn’t even have my phone with me. I get no signal at my sister’s. She lives in the middle of nowhere.”


“Alright, enough lies, you two little perverts... Go hit the shower before making a bigger mess.”

As we were trying to unstick ourselves from each other unsuccessfully, Syr entered the bedroom behind Mark and acted surprised.

“Oh my... What happened here?”

“Syr, do you have anything to do with this?”

“Certainly not. I do not get involved in such perversion, Master Mark. You should know this by now. Plus, I just found this note and a bunch of keys on the coffee table.”

Mark took the note from her and read it out loud.

“Dear Mark. Kitty and I decided to surprise you with a little something special for Easter. I hope you’ll like your caramel and chocolate bunnies. Feel free to come to play with us or free us using those keys... only if necessary. Love. Your two favorite catgirls, now bunnies.”

Well, Syr was good... Really good... Scary good. Erika and I looked at each other, thinking the same thing. We were totally screwed. Mark folded the notes, thinking about his next move.

“Well, you two. I won’t even get close to this mess of yours. Come Syr, let’s watch a movie. We will come back later to take care of those sticky bunnies. I think they deserve to stay here a bit longer after all.”

“Yes, Master Mark!”

Mark left the room first. It was just enough time for Syr to turn around and look at us with a giant smile and give us a little wink. She quickly trotted back to Mark and grabbed his arm.

“Master Mark! Since it is only the two of us, could we watch an anime? I’m thinking of Your Name or A Silent Voice! I feel a bit romantic.”

“Hey, that is a great idea, Syr!”

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