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Rubbercat Tails

by Tigerstretch

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Chapter 5 - Graduation

"Master Mark! Why is this taking so long? I will not have enough time to cook a proper dinner tonight."

"Syr, we will just go to the restaurant, okay? We didn't know her exam was going to be delayed due to a power outage."

"My presence isn't required."

"Syr! Why are you so grumpy? What's the matter? Aren't you happy to be here to support Kitty? She is trying to obtain her first school degree. It is a big moment."

"We have been sitting in a car for almost two hours, and Erika has poor music taste."

Erika turned around to retort to Syr, who was sitting by herself on the rear bench. They have been at it since we have parked at the school.

"Poor taste, my ass! At least it is not a hundred percent auto-tune like the crap you are listening to."

"It's not crap! It's art."

I squeezed the bridge of my nose with my fingers and let out a long sigh.

"Guys, would you cut it out!? I'm sure Kitty is almost done. She has been studying hard for this, so try to respect that."

"No, she hasn't... The only times I managed to make her learn something was when I tied her up and spanked her ass hard until she listened to me."

"Erika, everybody learns things... differently."

"Differently... I will develop early arthritis in my hands because of her. She had no desire to study and didn't even want to graduate."

"I know, but once she gets her diploma, she will be happy."

"Seriously? Do you really expect her to become less lazy after she gets her secondary school diploma?"

"Well... no... But... Ah, can you two cheer up a little? It's a big deal in Kitty's life. The last thing you should do is to make her feel worthless about this."

I didn't know what Erika and Syr ate today, but they were both so negative. Kitty didn't have an easy life so far, and for once things were good for her, I wouldn't let anybody push her down. Getting her first school degree was not as impressive as a doctorate, but it was huge for Kitty.

"Master Mark?"

"Yes, Syr? What is it now?"

"To succeed, she needs sixty points out of a hundred."

"Yes, that is sixty percent."

"It's not a lot."

"SYR! Would you behave! What did I just say?"

This would never end until Kitty got back from her exam. Several students already finished theirs and walked out of the school. It was pretty easy to tell who had passed and who had failed. The happy ones, who were hugging their family and friends, passed, and the grumpy or crying ones failed their test. I couldn't wait to see what version of Kitty would come out of the door.

"Hey, Mark, look... That's her over there."

"Ah yeah! Mmm... She doesn't look too depressed. I hope it went well."

Erika pulled her arm out of the window and honked abusively to catch the small half-Asian girl's attention.

"Did you really have to make her wear a schoolgirl uniform, Syr?"

"Yes, she didn't have any other suitable clothes. This is how the students are dressing up for school in my light novels."

"I know... That is kind of the problem here. Unbelievable..."

Kitty walked casually toward us, wearing a marine blue vest over a white shirt and a short black skirt with long socks; thanks to Syr, she turned into a real manga character.

Kitty opened the rear door and sat down after tossing her backpack inside.

We all stared at her while she was quietly buckling her seatbelt. When she looked up, she felt observed.

"Uh, what? What did I do?"

"Well... How did it go?"

"What? The exam?"

"... Yes. What else? Did you pass?"

"If I passed?"

"Kitty, seriously... Tell us."

"I'm not sure... How am I supposed to know that?"

Erika took the relay as I was rubbing my face with my hand in despair. Kitty had such an ability to be clueless about obvious things.

"Kitty, you wrote your exam, right?"

"Well, yeah... I'd not go to school for fun."

"So, when you finished, what happened?"

"I gave it to the lady? That's what they told me to do."


"I dunno... She drew stuff on it with a red pen. I don't think she knew how to draw. It was boring, so I walked away and went to look at the posters in the hall. Hey, did you know they performed a musical here last week... It's called Cats. They all wear latex suits... I think."

I rubbed my face some more as it was highly unlikely that the school board made teenagers wear latex suits. Erika was as speechless as I was. Kitty was not even joking; she had no concept of how her exam worked and got distracted by whatever else was more enjoyable at the moment.

Syr had a wiser idea than questioning the small catgirl as we did. She opened Kitty's backpack and dug out a brown envelope from it.

"Master Mark, this must be her result."

"Well, what are you waiting for? Open it already!"

Using her delicate maid fingers, Syr unwinded the red string from the pin and opened the flap. She then pulled out a document covered in red marks; it didn't look good at all.

"Sooo, Syr? What does it say?"

"She got sixty-three."

Immediately Erika started screaming of joy, and Syr jumped on Kitty to hug her.


"We are so proud of you! Come on! Hug me back!"

As Kitty was half-smiling and reached Syr to return the powerful hug, I grabbed Kitty's thigh with my hand to show her my pride.

"Feww, sixty-three was a close one, but you did it!"


"MASTER MARK! It doesn't matter if it's sixty-three or ninety-three... Can't you be happy for her?"

Erika grinned at me and added some more sarcasm to complete Syr's evil maneuver.

"Yes, Master Mark! Kitty worked extremely hard to achieve this. You are a very negative person!"

Aaaah! Those girls are going to drive me nuts with their mind games! It was better just to go home instead of trying to fight out of their trap.

"Alright, carrot head. Just drive! Kitty, do you want to eat at the restaurant or home? It's your choice."

"I want to go home. Syr cooks better than the restaurant. Syr, I want those cheese sandwiches."

"The brie and fig jam grilled cheese?"

"Yes... those..."

"Master Mark, is this okay with you."

"Yes. It's Kitty's day today. She gets whatever she wants."

"Alright, then. Erika, drive us to the grocery stores so I can pick up the ingredients."

And just like that, we were on our way.


"Aaaah! That was so good! I ate like a pig!"

"Good... So now that you are done stuffing your face, we can play with you."

"Play with me?"

"Yes... You got your diploma, so you need to be rewarded."

Of course, Erika couldn't wait anymore. All week she had been working on a little plan in case Kitty succeeded in obtaining her diploma. I knew she had bought some special items, but she didn't want to share her ideas with me, fearing I would interfere or something.

"Come with me, to the basement, Kitty. It's going to be a long night," Erika said.

"Meow! You are scaring me. Mark! You must stop her!"

"Nope! Not getting involved. I know better."

"Awww... She is going to go too far again!"

"Oh, I know... but that's how you like it... so..."

Erika grabbed Kitty's wrist and forcefully pulled her away from the dining table. But then she looked at me and fired an order.

"Mark, you come too... I need your help!"

"Hehe... Sure... might be fun. You are coming too, Syr?"

"No, Master Mark... This might be too hardcore for me. I will clean the kitchen, read a book, and go to bed early."

"Alright, I will see you tomorrow then. Thanks for the meal."

I kissed Syr on the forehead and followed Erika and Kitty.

Having a cute maid around was turning me into a giant sloth. I was not even arguing with Syr anymore or trying to help her because I would always lose when it came to anything maid-duty related. She was happy serving me and even happier if I didn't get in her way. As long as I didn't forget to reward her regularly, she never made a fuss about me spending time with my two other girls. I still had a hard time believing this was my real life.

We headed to the basement, our oversized bedroom, and reached the giant king bed. Kitty just leaped forward and jumped on the mattress, bouncing around playfully in her cute schoolgirl uniform.

"I get the feeling it's going to be a hot night!"

"Kitty, I got you a gift!"

"A gift from Erika, that is always risky..."

"Maybe... but that was an idea I had for a long time, and your final school exam was just a good opportunity to get it for you. Get naked... You need to wear your latex kitty suit."

"Which one? The pink or the black?"

"I think the black would be good."

"Meow! I like the black one!"

"You like the pink one too... Alright, get to it... Mark, can you help her?"

"Sure... Come here, Cathead."

Kitty bounced back to me and wrapped her arms around my waist. She may have acted clueless after her exam, but it was just a facade. I could tell... She was happier than usual. Or maybe it was just that graduating removed an enormous weight from her shoulders; she really didn't like to study, and now she knew Erika would finally give her a break. On top of that, she was getting a surprise gift tonight.

I unbuttoned her white shirt and took it off her. With her little five foot two, all skinny, her clothes always made me laugh... They were pretty much doll size.



"Now that I'm officially smart... Can I get a job?"

"A job? Where does that come from? Since when do you want to work?"

"No... I don't want to work, but there must be a job somewhere that I can do that does not imply work."

"Kitty, can you be weirder?"

"No... I think I'll look for one where they would pay me without making me work. If I do real work, I will end up like you, all stressed out and tired all the time, then I'll need a maid to take care of me."

"Silly Kitty... Alright, take your skirt off now."

It was funny... Kitty was acting innocent as usual, but we could be sure that she was dead serious. What she said just now made my little hamster spin its wheel. It was a valid point; I worked hard and was often exhausted because of the stress and workload. In that aspect, having Syr around was a lifesaver because once I got home, I could forget about pretty much everything work-related, and let her treat me like a prince.

The idea of getting paid for a job that didn't require any effort was a very enticing concept... But... It was just that... A concept. Who in the right state of mind would pay me for doing nothing?

Once Kitty finished stripping down, I helped her in her black catsuit. It was stronger than me; every time she turned into a rubber cat, I fell in love all over again. Those little ears, that little tail, those big black eyes... I just wanted to hold her in my arms.

"Mark! Snap out of it. Hold Kitty for me."

As soon as Erika popped my daydreaming bubble, we looked at her, and Kitty's brain exploded at the sight of what was coming her way.

"Aaanh! Erika! ... Is... Is that an... armbinder!?"

"Yep. A nice thick leather armbinder just for you. You aren't going anywhere tonight."


That was it... We lost Kitty already. Her sexual brain turned to mashed potato, and if we were just to say her name a bit too loud, she would probably cum uncontrollably. The thought of losing control always been her major turn on, which was going to happen tonight.

I held her tiny rubber arms while Erika wrapped the luxurious item around them. She zipped it up and proceeded with crossing the straps in front of her chest and over her shoulders.

"I... I can't move my arms."

"Well, we have to tighten the laces too..."

"The... Aaaanh!"

"Stop being so excited, Kitkat. We are just starting."

Erika was focused for sure. After securing the armbinder's straps, she walked behind Kitty and pulled on the long laces, bringing Kitty's elbow closer together. It was quite a thrill for the small cat girl who loved being restricted.

"E... Erika... this is tight."

"I knew you were going to complain, so I got you another gift..."

"Another gift? What is it?"

Without listening to Kitty, Erika went back to the corner of the room and pulled another item from a random bag, and it was pretty obvious what It was; a thick leather hood. She brought it up to Kitty's face.

"See, there are no eyes and no mouth. Just two eyelets for your little nose."

"Aaaanh! Really? You are going to put that... on me?"

"Well, yes... It's your gift. Stay still now."


I don't think I could have stopped Erika even if I had wanted to. She was pretty much set on rewarding Kitty in a way that she knew would please her small companion.

The hood went on, isolating Kitty from the world. Erika laced it well enough that it wouldn't move accidentally. I rubbed Kitty's leather face, knowing that she was probably having a blast. A long time ago, well before we met Erika, she had asked me to buy a hood like this for her, but we never got around to it. I was glad Erika took the initiative.

"Why didn't you tell me that you were going to get her this? I would have split the cost with you."

"Ah... I wanted to keep it a secret... but it was not too expensive. Did you forget your maid is a crafty one?"

"What? Syr made the hood and armbinders?"

"Yes, and the sleepsack too..."

Kitty may have been hooded, but she totally heard what Erika said on purpose. She looked around uselessly, trying to make sense of what was happening to her. She couldn't talk or ask questions; all we could hear was her little moans.

"Hold her, please, while I go get it."

I pulled Kitty's back to my abdomen then wrapped my arms around her. She was a helpless one. I ran my hands over her small breasts to give them some little squeezes and visited her crotch to provide her with something to think about.

Erika dragged a long piece of heavy leather to the bed and opened the long side zipper.

"Did Syr use you as a model since you are the same size as Kitty."

"I'm not telling you that!"

"Ooooh... So you did end up in the sleepsack... Did she tease you?"

"Mark, add a word, and I'll gut you like a fish."

"Did you like it?"

"Maaaark! Last warning!"

"Haha... Alright, alright... Can I bring Kitty now? She is twisting around like a worm. She needs to be restrained further."

Together, we positioned Kitty on the intimidating body bag, face down. Her feet went into a pocket, and then I wrapped the leather around her while Erika zipped it up. In no time at all, Kitty was a prisoner of something extremely inescapable.

Erika stood up on the bed and placed one foot on each side of Kitty. Then she laced the sleepsack tightly, compressing Kitty further; it looked like hard work, but she enjoyed herself so much. Every time she pulled on the strings, Kitty let out a cute grunt, and soon enough, we got a small black leather mummy immobilized on our bed. Erika rolled Kitty to her back and then rubbed her hands, satisfied with the result.

"There... She is not going anywhere."

"Honestly, Erika... I think that was the best graduation gift you could have given her."

"Oh, no! You got that wrong, Mark... This is not her graduation gift at all."


"Hell, no!"

Erika got off the bed and quickly stripped naked. She jumped back on the bed and laid down on top of the mummified Kitty for a chat.

"Kitkat! This is for ALL the trouble you gave me. I tried to teach you simple things, but you never wanted to listen. You whined over and over instead of trying to learn, and you made a fuss about it every single day. You were the worst student ever!"


"Yes, that's right... You know I'm right!"


"And now that you can't move a finger, Mark is going to fuck me for as long as I want while I'm straddling you. Enjoy your inability to cum, Kitkat! We will keep you like this for months!"

"Heee, do I have a say in this?"

"No, Mark! You do as I say!"

"Hahaha! You are in a good mood, Erika... Okay, I guess I can play with you a little bit."

It was quite hot to make love to Erika, knowing Kitty was probably turned on like crazy and wanted to cum badly. Erika moaned way more than usual just to make it worse for Kitty. Or maybe it was because having sex over a cute girl in tight bondage was wildly turning her on. The only thing I was sure of was that Kitty was having the time of her life. This totally was what got her engine purring, a total loss of control.

Between two fucks, the leather cocoon twisted quite a bit, and the erotic noises that kept coming out of it were very healthy. She probably hoped that this would last all night.

But a couple of hours later, Erika surprisingly decided to remove Kitty's hood. It didn't take long for Kitty to beg for mercy.

"Aaaanh! Let me cum! Please!"

"No! We are just giving you a little break. Then the hood will go back on, and then Mark will fuck me some more."

"Well, Erika, I'm kind of drained."

"Ah! Mark, I'm sure I can find a way to motivate you."

"Hehe... We'll see..."

Erika stretched her arm and grabbed her cellphone from the nightstand before sliding under the blankets and asking me to do the same.

"Why do you want us to hide? Who are you texting?"

"Syr... I hope she is not asleep..."

"Why are you texting her? You know she is not into our kinky sex games."

"I know... But I think it's the right timing... She has something to tell us."

"Something, to tell us?"

"Yes... Ah, she replied... She is on her way."

"You are so shady, Erika... It's unbelievable."

Five minutes later, Syr arrived in the basement, wearing her usual maid uniform and carrying a little serving tray with a few drinks on it.

"This one's for you, Master Mark."

"You always serve him first... It's so annoying."

"He is my Master, Erika... Here, this one's for you... And this one's for Kitty... Alcohol-free with a straw."

She handed us some tropical drinks then lowered her serving tray in front of her apron, looking as pretty as ever.

"So... Tell them, Syr..."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, it's the right thing to do..."

"But... It's embarrassing..."

"You know you have to...

I was really wondering what that was about, and Kitty didn't look too sure either. One thing I knew, with Syr, it was impossible to guess... She was too good of an actress. I sipped on my delicious drink while waiting for her news.

"Alright then... I'm pregnant!"



My sweet tropical drink turned into a spray, and Kitty thrashed inside her sleepsack. The blood drained from my face and even got a bit dizzy... Did she just say she was... pregnant?

"S... Syr... !? ... Are... Are you... serious?"

"Of course not, Master Mark. Erika told me to say this and..."

"Aaaaaaaaah! Syyyyyr! Why did you tell hiiiiim!? You were supposed to pretend!"

"My master asked me a direct question. I had to tell the truth."

"You are SO boring, Syr!"

As Kitty and I recovered from the shock, we let out a long sigh of relief... Kitty was really not a kid person, and neither was I.

"Syr, you almost gave me a heart attack."

"Rest assured, Master Mark, I have no desire to reproduce at the moment. Perhaps if I were to find a suitable male..."

"... Syr?... Did you just make a joke?"

"I... I did..."

"Well... Good job. Hehe."

Erika shook her head a little and then adopted a more serious tone.

"So, Syr really has something to tell us. You are going to like this. Go ahead, blondie."

"Well... My aunt, the one who raised me, moved to the Caribbean after my cousins and I left the house. She recently opened a small inn on a beach and invited us to visit..."

"You are kidding? Really? That's awesome, Syr!"

"Yes, but if we go there, it's to help. We will have to assist her in getting started. There is some work to do, she said."

"That's alright... we can help... All we have to do is to get some time off and get tickets."

"I already have the tickets, Master Mark."

"Oh... Okay!?"

"Yes, Erika is paying for mine, and you are paying for hers and Kitty's..."

"I see... Erika must have decided that."


I leaned back in my pillow pile, and Erika rolled over me. I scratched her behind the head and had no difficulty imagining myself relaxing on a Caribbean beach for a while. Maybe this was what I needed; some real time off...

"Alright, Kitty, let's take you out of this bodybag... It's Erika's turn."

"Whaaat? No! I don't want to be tied in a body bag! That was for Kitty only!"

"Well, you had to think about this twice before orchestrating a pregnancy prank! It was terrible. Syr, can you hold Erika, so she doesn't run away."

"Yes, Master Mark."

"Aaaaah! Syr! Don't you dare touch me!"

I loved it when I could reward Erika for her mischiefs; it was always a lot of fun. And tonight was for Kitty after all; I needed to give her some pleasure as well.

She would be able to tease Erika all night.


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