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The Manor - Rebecca

by ForeverAltered

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Storycodes: MF/f; fpov; petplay; collar; oral; cons; X

"Shit!" I yelled at myself, counting the small amount of change that sat on my palm.

The cashier looked me up and down, counting the coins faster than I could, her middle-aged eyes looked as tired as the rest of her demeanour. She'd already scanned and bagged all the items I gave her before I came into this predicament.

"Sorry" I mumbled an apology, "I thought I had more."

She continued to just stare at me, not helping in offering a solution. I realised how ragged she looked, her hair was quickly tied up with a hair tie without any thought about how she presented herself.

"How much if I take out the soda?" I asked, poking at the money in my hand.

"Then the total will be £2.97" Her monotone voice creaked out.

"Oh, okay" I realised I didn't have enough, "What about if I take the bread out?"

"Total will be £2.21."

"…and the chocolate?"

"It will be £1.13."

"I can do that," I gave her the change, she didn't even look at it as she placed it into the till and handed me the bag.

I thanked her and walked outside into the cold streets. I ran my hair through my short, red hair, everytime I go shopping I always end up embarrassing myself with the lack of money in my pockets.

The cold evening air ran through my thin form, the coat I wore did nothing to protect me from the elements. Luckily, I only had a short walk until I reached my apartment, my home, if you can call a small room in a building that should be condemned home.

As I entered the building, I walked past the elevator and headed straight up the stairs, knowing the elevator had never worked the six months I had been in this building. After a few flights, I had reached my floor. Doors and doors of empty apartments greeted me as I walked passed them all to the door I spent everyday behind, my key struggled in the lock but managed to open, allowing me into the tiny room. The bed and kitchen existed in the same space, with hardly any room to move around. I had to spend my days on my bed, the only separation to this space is the bathroom, a cramped area with a standing shower and toilet, I had to use the sink in the kitchen for all my washing.

"Home, sweet home." If I cared anymore I would cry.

I threw the bag with the two cheap items onto the bed and followed it as my body fell onto the soft material. I just wanted to close my eyes and wake up somewhere different, somewhere sunny where all of my problems are somewhere else. I spun over to my back, looking at the cracking ceiling. I never had any money, struggling to even pay rent, even the only window in my room had no curtains covering it.

Not giving me a break, my stomach growled to remind me how empty it was. A sigh exited my lips, this wasn't where I expected my life to be at twenty-three. I had no family, no income, the only money in my pocket was only there because of the generosity of friends and strangers.

The worst part was the lack of love in my life, I struggled to maintain a partner as a lot of the guys I manage to get with either only want sex or are freaked out by my… fetish.

I looked out of the window as raindrops began to travel down the glass. I couldn't let it go, despite years of trying. I love sex, I love being naked but I loved petplay even more than that, it felt more like a life choice rather than something that should be kept to the bedroom. However, others weren't as willing to indulge in my passion, with the small amount of money I did have I brought dog bowls, pet ears, a collar and lead. Whilst the occasional time I managed to have sex in petplay mode, afterwards my sexual partner would always want me to return to my human state.

I knew it was a long shot, but my biggest fantasy was to be looked after and treated like a pet full time. I scoffed as I realised it was something that was never going to happen.

The morning came slowly, the early sun illuminated the room, waking me up from my sleep.

I walked myself to the shower and washed my body clean. After I dried myself I left the apartment and went outside, I hated spending my free time trapped in that box.

The bright, morning sun strained my eyes as I walked down the nearly empty street, many people had already begun their day at work, making me feel worse that I never even had a proper job and the only money to my name was the few coins in my pocket.

I spent the early hours of the day looking through shop windows, imagining all of the things I could buy if I had a little more money to my name, new clothes, better food and materialistic objects to litter my life and make the days more entertaining. Most of my days were spent pretending I had more of a life, something to do during the day and a reason to get back to my apartment at night.

Whilst looking through the window of a clothing shop, I suddenly realised how dry my mouth was. All this walking with no food in my stomach caused my body to burn up more energy. I moved down the road and entered the same store from last night, a shop that dealt with cheap items… sadly, the only thing I could afford. My eyes scanned through the chilled canned drinks and I picked the cheapest one I could find, any liquid to calm my throat was welcome.

I walked the can to the checkout when I noticed the same lady from last night behind the till, she looked at me with that same expressionless face from before. I gently placed the can in front of her and she scanned it, placed it in front of me and told me the price before I got the chance to even get out my money.

Once again I found myself looking down at the coins in my palm, I counted them about four times before I realised I was short.

"Oh, I don't have enough," I mumbled.

She continued to look at me with that expressionless face, and another lady joined the queue which made the situation even more stressful for me.

"Can I pay you back later?" I pleaded, "I'm only five pence short."

The lady said nothing but shook her head left to right very slowly.

"Please?" my pleads became more stressed, "I really need a drink and don't think I can take the walk home, I promise I'll come back later with the exact change."

She sighed, "No."

I looked down at the coins, hoping that I missed one and actually had enough, but sadly it didn't happen… I didn't have enough for the drink.

"Oh, don't worry about it, I'll pay," The lady who joined the queue sighed out.

I looked up at her, she was a tall woman with dark, brown hair held back in a ponytail, her features were small and she held a composed position. Her attire was smart and told me she must have worked a decent job. She looked at me with a slight smile on her face, making me feel at ease in her presence.

"Thank you… thank you so much." I couldn't be more grateful to someone.

The cashier sighed and rang up the lady's items.

"Don't worry about it," the polite lady said, "It's a small drink, it's no worry."

"It means a lot… it really does."

I took the can and held it in my hand, waiting for the lady to pay before I opened it. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her look me up and down once again, probably taken back by how much this one can meant to me, I was passed the point of caring what strangers thought of my financial situation but appreciative of her help, no matter how little of effort it was from her side.

She paid for the food items and we walked out of the shop together, as I passed the exit I opened the can and began drinking the cheap soda. Her high heels clacked against the concrete ground as she stood by me, watching me enjoy every drop.

"Thank you… thanks again" I was breathless from the large gulps I took, "It hasn't been an easy time"

"I can see that" Her voice was the verbal version of velvet, it was soft, welcoming and pleasing to the ear, "Whereabouts do you live?"

"Just down the road… I can't remember my last decent meal" I decided to tell this stranger everything, I had never said my problems out loud.

"I'm sorry to hear that, I know what it is like to be in that situation. My name is Ms Roseburn, it's nice to meet you."

I found it odd that she was so formal, even to someone like me, "I am Rebecca, Rebecca Miles."

"It's lovely to meet you, Rebecca" she smiled loudly, "I love your red hair, it's cute."

"It is?"

I brushed my hand through my short hair once more, trying to look slightly reasonable to the woman standing before me.

"Yeah" She took a moment to look at me once more before glancing at her watch, "Oh, I'm sorry but I have to go, otherwise I'll be late for work."

Her heels clicked as she began walking away, immediately I began walking after her, she turned around to say her final goodbyes but was shocked by my following.

"Oh, I have to go to work…" She stopped her strides, "It was nice to see you, but I have to get going."

She walked a few more spaces with her vision not leaving me but noticed I continued walking as she moved away.

She stopped again, "Uh, Rebecca… Do you like to be called Becky?"

"Rebecca," I stated before taking another sip of the drink.

"Rebecca, I have to get to work, you are adorable but sadly you cannot come with me."


"It's not that I don't want to, It's just my work is… different."


"Yeah, so I need to go otherwise my boss will be really mad, hopefully I'll see you soon."

She turned around and power-walked across the road, her strides getting longer and faster as she tried to make up for lost time talking to me. She walked for a solid minute before turning around, only to see me right behind her again.

"How is it different?" I asked.

"Rebecca… you cannot come with me! Please go home!" She stamped her foot as she commanded me to leave her alone.

I placed my free hand into hers, holding it tight, I took a moment to realise how warm and soft her palm was. Her face weakened, as if I was a lost pet that wanted to go home with her… I felt like I belonged with her.

She sighed again, this time it wasn't as heavy as before, "Would you like to come to work with me? I can get you some food."

I nodded gleefully, this woman was nice and the thought of warm food in my stomach was a dream come true.

She knelt down in front of me, her face coming down to mine, "Okay, when I say my work is different, it really is. It's more… adult and it's more like an exclusive club. Normal people usually don't come in and don't know about it, so you cannot tell anyone about it."

I nodded.

"Promise me you wont tell anyone about it."

"I promise."

She turned around and walked hand-in-hand with me to her job. I didn't care where she worked, she was nice and welcoming and I would do anything for food. I couldn't stop smiling as Ms Roseburn tutted to herself.

She held my hand the entire way down multiple streets, walking without stopping for nearly ten minutes until we got to a part of the city that I didn't recognise. I did a double-take as she continued walking towards a small warehouse, something that looked the complete opposite of where she worked as I assumed she worked in a mansion or something, however, the idea of food in my stomach did not stop me from following closely behind her.

"Here we are," she said as she walked me to a small door at the back of the property, it was clear we weren't going through the front.

She placed the key in and opened the door, allowing me to go in first. The room that greeted me looked more like a place to keep coats and other clothing, with pegs on the wall and a few lockers here and there for storage. Ms Roseburn kept pushing at my back to lead me further into the building. She opened the door in front of us and led me into a much larger room. This one took me by surprise as it looked much more grand than the rest of the place. It was a large open and empty space with wooden looking walls and carpeted floor with the occasional rug placed here and there. Paintings were fixed to the wall, giving the place a much richer vibe.

I continued glancing around as the lady walked me over to a grand looking table with four chairs underneath it, she pulled one of the chairs out and I sat down, still taking in how good the place looked.

"Okay, wait here. Do you like spaghetti and meatballs?" she asked, almost as if she was talking to a kid.

I nodded my head with all the energy I could muster, I just wanted food and didn't care what kind it was.

"Okay, I won't be long." She nodded, turned her heels and walked into a different door, one I assumed was the kitchen.

The curiosity got the better of me and I didn't stay seated for long. I felt the need to explore the grand-looking room. It was small but how nice it looked gave it a sense of worth. Whilst it was almost empty, on the sides were a few small cabinets, as they took my interest first I slowly walked over to them. The first one I got to had six sets of drawers, each with exotic looking handles. I gently pulled the top drawer and what was inside made my knees shake.

Inside, a collection of blindfolds, crops and restraints that all sat neatly within a padded, velvet material, forcing a mixture of feelings to inhabit my brain. The first one was arousal, as these objects often entered my mind and I only saw them over the Internet, this is the first time they stood right in front of me. The second was shock, as I soon came to realise what Ms Roseburn did for a living.

Despite the contrasting thoughts in my mind, I gently placed the drawer back and immediately opened the one underneath it. A similar sight hit my eyes, although this one was more erotic for my own personal reasons. On one side a set of metal buttplugs, all in different sizes, but on the other was a collection of collars and leads of all different sizes and materials, leather, PVC and metal.

I instantly felt the urge to put one on and I did feel my hand gravitate towards the objects…

"Can I help you?" A different voice appeared behind me, it was a masculine but smart voice that had a strong, commanding tone to it.

I pushed back the drawer in shock and immediately turned around. A gentle looking man stood before me, young but still a few years older than me. He was wearing a white shirt with a black tie, with grey suit trousers. His hair was brown and short, with some parts spiked up naturally and a small stubble sat on the bottom half of his face.

"Hi… sorry… Ms Roseburn said… I could have… food" My voice stammered as I struggled to get my words out.

"She did?" He buttoned up the bottom of his sleeves as his mind was deep in thought, he turned his head to the door, "Ms Roseburn?"

After a short moment, the kind lady from earlier appeared from the door, this time not wearing her fancy coat and showing a maid-like uniform underneath, it was a cross between a legitimate uniform and one of those sexy ones you can get in any costume shop.

"Yes, master?" She slightly bowed as she walked up to him, she said the word 'master' in a slightly more hushed tone.

"Can you please explain what is happening?"

"Oh," she said before turning into his ear, I assumed she told him the whole story about how I couldn't even pay for a cheap drink, how I haven't eaten in days and the fact that I wouldn't let her go. In some ways I felt mean for doing so, but I didn't relish the thought of spending another day without food in my stomach.

He nodded slowly as he processed her words, he whispered something in her ear about the secret of the club getting out and she apologised but they seemed to come to an agreement regarding their new guest.

"I'm sorry," I interrupted their conversation of whispers, "I only wanted some food, honestly."

"It's okay," The young man softened up, "You are more than welcome to stay for lunch."

I almost screamed, "Thank you!"

"But your food isn't in those drawers, so please take a seat." He gently placed his hand out and pointed towards the table with the four chairs.

I followed and sat back where I was before, Ms Roseburn turned around and walked back into the kitchen, the clicks of her high heels echoing through the room, the young man sat down opposite me, gently placing himself onto the chair and placing a napkin on the side next to his plate.

"My name is Jack Freeman," He smiled towards me, "but everyone calls me Mr Freeman."

"My name is Rebecca Miles, but you can just call me Rebecca," I grinned back.

"It's lovely to meet you, Rebecca. Ms Roseburn has a soft spot for the more… financially stricken. We both have gone through hard times before, a business like this took a lot of time, a lot of patience to get going… honestly, I'm surprised I even have any hair left."

We both chuckled softly, before the room went back to silence.

"So, what do you do here?" I asked.

"I… me and Ms Roseburn… we help people get what they want, shall I say?"

"In what way?"

"Not everyone, but some people have… needs that they need to get out, they need to try, we help accomplish that… we make their dreams come true."

He said that last sentence with a smile. With the words coming out of his mouth and the items in the drawer, I knew exactly what this place was… a BDSM club of sorts. I felt weird, almost like I shouldn't be here, as if this place was behind the red curtain in a sex shop. Somewhere I shouldn't be but I couldn't help but be curious about it.

"What about you?" He asked, "What do you do?"

"Oh… umm… nothing, really."


"No, nothing. I'm struggling to get by, I don't have a job and I'm not even sure if I can pay my rent next week."

The room went silent as I tore my heart out saying the truth, even though Mr Freeman and Ms Roseburn were so understanding, it hurt saying what has been in my head for the longest time, I had no money to my name and I could be homeless by next week.

"I'm sorry to hear that," he went silent.

"It's not easy for people like me, I've tried but I struggle to look after myself."

"Despite how it looks, I'm not exactly rolling in the money myself," he sounded understanding, "It takes a lot of money to keep a place like this going, despite the growing list of clients we have. Me and Ms Roseburn sleep upstairs in two small, separate rooms as we can't afford to get any place else."

"Any room for another person?" I didn't want to ask, but I laid all my cards on the table.

Jack immediately began laughing, taken back by my sudden request, "I'm sorry but we just don't have the room.”

"Oh, that's a shame," I whispered to myself, making my body as small as possible. It was clear he saw how disappointed I was.

We sat in silence for a few more moments before the maid came back, holding three full plates of spaghetti and meatballs. I could smell the hot food from across the room and my stomach grumbled in anticipation. She placed a plate in front of me first and I took no time to begin digging into the meal, she then went to Mr Freeman and placed one in front of him before finally sitting down to my left and putting her own plate down.

The two took a moment to get their napkins and cutlery ready, I didn't care about that, I grabbed the nearest fork and began twirling the spaghetti and didn't waste time devouring it, moaning softly to myself as the taste pleasured my taste buds and soon began filling my stomach. It was the best feeling in the world to have something edible inside me.

The two watched in slight horror as the food disappeared from the plate with elements of the previous meal still on my face. A small chuckle came from them both as they took their time spinning the spaghetti onto their forks and gently putting it into their mouths, taking longer to avoid the food spilling onto their outfits. By the time they took three mouthfuls, my plate was already emptied and licked clean. The look of horror returned to their faces as they realised how quickly I ate.

The shock on Mr Freeman's face quickly turned back into a smile as he stood up and placed his plate onto mine, with more food in front of me. I thanked the young man before tucking into his meal as well, Ms Roseburn chuckled too as she continued with her meal.

"Master" She said quietly, "You should have something to eat, you have a long night ahead of you with the gathering tonight."

"Don't worry, I'll have something later before they get here," he said calmly, taking glee as he watched his meal disappear down my throat.

It took another minute before his meal was completely gone too, which just left Ms Roseburn eating, she made sure to be gentle and savour every bite. I continued to look around the room as I locked eyes with Jack.

"Thank you for the meal," I finally wiped the meal from my face, "Mr Freeman, you told me earlier your job is to make people's dreams come true."

"Yes, that is correct," He sat back on his chair with his hands crossed.

"Is there anything you can do for me? Can I join this club?"

He scoffed, "Apart from giving you a full belly?"

Ms Roseburn smiled but focused on her meal, Jack kept his eyes on mine as he continued talking, "This club is exclusive and the clients I work with pay a substantial fee to be here. We aren't robbing them blind by any means, but to come here and have your biggest fantasies come true is worth a small monthly fee."

I kept my eyes on him as I reached into my pocket and pulled out the remaining few coins I had to my name, "This is everything I have, can you help me?"

His eyes calmly glanced over the pennies that now occupied the table, no judgement came from him but his face made it clear that he stood by his word, the business needed money to keep going and clearly I didn't have enough to be part of it. However, the fact he rubbed his stubble and looked away from me made me think he was thinking more into it.

"You've seen what's in the drawers and you know we are a secret, exclusive club" He started, "I know you aren't stupid so you know the fantasies and dreams are more on the adult and sexual side. This is what I give to my clients, the chance to live out every fantasy they have, I've dominated both men and women, I've watched a large group of men and women have sex with each other, I've tied people up and whipped them and I've probably done everything at least once."

I nodded, taking in all the information he gave me.

Jack continued, "As long as it is not too extreme, I'll make sure any fantasies come true. I'll waive the membership fee one time and will do what I can to help you, but you have to tell me directly what it is you want."

I didn't take a second to answer, "I want to be happy… for the rest of my life."

"That's a bit of an ask, but how can me and Ms Roseburn do that?"

I noticed the maid had finished eating despite having some leftover food on her plate, she placed her fork down and wiped her face with the napkin before putting her focus directly on me.

"I'm… I'm not sure…" my voice stuttered, "I've tried to live a normal life, but I've always struggled, I don't even feel comfortable acting like a human."

I looked down at the two empty plates in front of me, I didn't know how to say it, but I knew these two people were the only two who would not judge me.

"You can tell me and Mr Freeman anything" The maid placed her hand on mine, "He may seem like a grouch but Jack is a really loving and understanding person." Ms Roseburn shot a cheeky grin to the man across the table, he looked softly into her eyes and smirked back.

"You'll pay for that later," he joked, before returning his attention to me, "Do you mind if I take a guess?"

I gingerly looked up from the plates, "Go ahead."

"You struggle at being an adult, you can't stick to a job and can't stand the idea of having responsibilities. When not in the public eye, you hide behind something… maybe a fantasy that feels more real than the life you are living. This fantasy is a part of you, a part of your personality, no matter how many times you try to hide it, it keeps coming back stronger than ever."

"That's… you've hit it on the nose," I gasped.

"I've been doing this for a while, I can tell these things. However, the question is what is this fantasy?"

The two looked back at me, Ms Roseburn's hand squeezed mine gently as she anticipated my answer.

"I… I love petplay," I said quietly, but the two heard every word. "I love being treated like a pet, naked, on all fours, being led on a leash and being spoken down to. I've tried it multiple times in the bedroom with a few partners but even after we are done, I wanted to continue being a pet, being petted and snuggling up. Not being able to talk apart from barking or making other noises. It is the most natural thing to me, more natural than getting dressed everyday, walking on two legs and even talking."

The two remained quiet, absorbing all the information I just gave them, that was it, that was my biggest fantasy. I wanted to shed my human form and spend every single day as a pet, not just for sexual reasons, but because it was natural for me.

"Petplay is good," Jack finally broke the silence, "I've done it many times because submissive people love being treated as something less than human, it's partly a humiliation kink. However, I would be lying if I knew anyone who wanted to do it full time."

"I do… I really do," I mumbled.

"I'm not sure it's something we can do," Ms Roseburn interrupted, "But if we can, wouldn't you feel like you were missing out? Say if you spent the rest of your life as a pet, you would miss out on having kids, getting a decent job, getting your own place and many other things. Me and Mr Freeman would only treat you as a pet and nothing more, we won't talk to you like a normal person, we would take you on walks and you'll sleep on a dog bed. To us, you'll be a pet and nothing more… is that what you really want?"

I struggled to contain my excitement, even though the nice lady was listing the negative points to my fantasy, it excited my brain and body as I imagined being treated as only a pet, everything she said sounded like heaven.

"Yes!" I said rather loudly, "That is what I want!"

"That is a very big commitment" Jack's honestly soiled the mood, "We'll have to have a long think about it but I want two conditions to be met. The first is that there will always be a safeword, you'll always have the option to leave the pet life and return to normality and the second is that I do not want an answer today, I want you to sleep on it and see how you feel tomorrow."

"Yes! I agree!" I was filled with glee, this one chance encounter with Ms Roseburn completely changed my life around.

"If you are serious about this, I want you to pack your bags tonight and come here tomorrow morning with all of your belongings," the man in charge continued, "Ms Roseburn told me of your living situation so you'll return your key back to your landlord. All of your belongings will go into storage apart from a few pairs of pants for your time of the month, you will always be naked except for this time."

I jumped up and ran across the table, jumping onto Jack and hugging him tight in my arms.

"See, I told you she was cute," Ms Roseburn laughed.

Jack didn't say anything but he ran his hand through my short hair.

The maid stood up and began collecting the plates, "It's going to be nice to have a pet around the place."

I tore myself away from Jack and also hugged the maid by the waist. She let out a shocked sigh at my sudden movement but began to hold me back with her free hand.

"Thank you," I said in the most sincere tone, "Thank you both so much."

Sleep didn't come easy to me. My brain couldn't turn off as I came to the realisation of the situation. I was getting my ultimate fantasy, it was real but was it really what I wanted? I wasn't happy with my current life but was it something I really wanted to walk away from in exchange for complete restriction?

After the meal, Ms Roseburn accompanied me home, she was a little less formal since the agreement, placing her arm over my shoulder and holding me close. As soon as I got into my apartment, I wasted no time placing my belongings in the biggest suitcase I could find, the sad part was it took less than ten minutes to put all my belongings away, I placed it by the front door and collapsed onto the bed, waiting for morning to come and the start of my new life.

I managed to sleep for a few hours but woke up at five o'clock in the morning, the sun just beginning to light up the morning. As I slowly woke up, I spent the last few hours in my home just looking out of the window, watching the cityscape as the sky went from being dark to welcoming the warm glow of the day.

After what felt like a long time, a knocking came at the door. I opened it to an overweight man in a vest, the sting of the body odour hitting my nostrils.

"It's a shame we're losing you" His voice irritated me as I handed him the keys, "You were always one of my favourite residents."

"Don't think you have many left" I referenced the empty rooms that sat around my old apartment, I never had to see this man for the rest of my life so I didn't care if he got insulted.

"Ah, just waitin' for some fixins' to be made, then these apartments will fill up with hundreds of buyers."

I grabbed my suitcase and walked away. He watched me walk down the hall until he went into my old home. I assumed it was to spot any damages, but I dreaded to think what that man did when he was alone. He was sleazy and spoke about fixing up the building since I had been here, however, I never saw him do any work, the only time I saw him was when he asked for rent.

The door closed behind me as I closed a chapter in my life.

I knocked on the warehouse door, the same door I entered the building from yesterday. My heart was in my throat, this was it, after today I'll be living my dream. Was I really sure about doing this?

Before I had any more time to think, the door opened up and the maid from last night stood in the doorway. She took a moment to look at me before she came out and held me in her arms, I cuddled her back, taking a few more seconds to think.

"Are you sure this is what you want to do?" She asked, moving away from me but keeping her arms on my shoulders.

I nodded, "It's what I've always wanted, thank you for making it real."

She took one final moment to look at me, I assumed to see me as a person a final time, it's as if she was never going to see me again but I was going to spend the rest of my life in her presence.

"So cute," her hand ruffled my short hair. I giggled, allowing her every moment to enjoy herself.

She finally moved to the side, allowing me to step into the building. I almost jumped in as she went back into maid mode and grabbed the suitcase that I forgot outside.

"This way please," She walked past me and headed towards the same door we went through last time, "Mr Freeman is waiting."

We went from the back room to the grand space from the day before, instead of being empty the room had a few chairs scattered around. Jack was going through the drawers that I had a peek through yesterday, he was wearing a full suit this time, black coat and trousers with a light blue shirt underneath and a black and white striped tie to finish off the look.

He glanced in my and Ms Roseburn's direction as we walked up to him.

"Master?" the maid bowed, "Miss Miles is here."

"Great, thank you" he continued looking through the drawers, "I apologise for the chairs around the room, we used them last night and haven't had the time to put them away yet."

"It's no problem, did you two have fun?" I asked.

He chuckled. "Always, we try to make every gathering as memorable as possible. I'm assuming you have decided?"

"Yep, I want to go through with it. I didn't have to think twice."

He finally finished with the drawer and walked a few steps towards me, "Me and Ms Roseburn are busy people, yes… you'll be our pet but we have clients to see during the day and these gatherings to plan, so we can't be with you all the time."

"That's understandable."

"We will have a lot of people here, but you belong to both me and Ms Roseburn, I will not allow anyone else to own you or do anything to you in a sexual manner."


Jack went quiet for a moment before talking again, "Also, there is a good chance we will be permanently moving away from the city soon and we will not be coming back, are you happy to come with us?"

"Yeah, where are you moving to?"

"It's not set in stone yet, but we could be moving into a large house in a small town called Oakenshot. It will be a much bigger space but it's far away, I just wanted to know if you are comfortable moving away from the city?"

"Yeah, that's no problem at all. I don't think I'll miss this place."

"Any requests you have before we go through with this?"

"Yeah, just one" I played with my fingers, unsure on how to ask my question.

"Of course, we are here to make you comfortable."

Ms Roseburn chimed in, "You can ask us anything."

"I know I'm supposed to be treated like a pet, but would it be possible if I could occasionally have… you know?"

Jack looked confused, "We know… what?"

"Sex?" Ms Roseburn cracked a smile.

"Yeah" I looked down at my fingers.

"Well, you are human, you have needs too," Jack couldn't help but smile, "I should have asked you what your sexuality was?"

"Oh, I'm straight," I felt my cheeks flush, "But… I don't mind…" I slightly pointed towards Ms Roseburn.

She chuckled, "But you are interested in… experimenting?"

"Yeah," Once again I looked down, embarrassed by my recent request.

Mr Freeman stepped in, "That's no problem, strip naked once you are ready."

I suddenly felt nervous. The two watched me as I slowly unbuttoned my shirt; whilst I have gotten naked in front of a person before, it was odd doing it in front of two people, especially a man and a woman.

My fingers got to the bottom of my shirt and separated, showing off my stomach and white bra.

Ms Roseburn stepped forward, "I'll take your clothes for you," she politely said.

I pulled off the shirt and gave it to her, she folded it up and placed it on her left arm. I pulled off my shoes and socks, pulled down my trousers and also gave that to her, she did the same to that piece of clothing. I already felt naked, standing in front of the duo in my plain, white underwear. Unsteadily, I unhooked my bra and pulled it off, I placed my legs together and my panties fell to my ankles, both ended up on the maid's arm.

"So petite" She whispered to herself with a large smile on her face as she walked around me and picked up my shoes, she disappeared into the backroom with the last of my belongings.

I stood naked in the middle of the room, I continued to play with my fingers, partially covering my private area. Jack's eyes glanced down before he once again turned around to the drawer. After he picked up a few items, he walked over to me with his hands behind his back, as his figure stood up next to me I noticed that I didn't even come up to his shoulders.

"Which one would you prefer?" He asked, holding three collars in his hands.

My mouth fell open as I took in the three collars, one was a thick, metal collar that looked like it would be a bit too harsh on my skin, one was more of a BDSM-type collar, being more of a fluffy, pink material and the last one was a faux-leather type material, simple, basic and perfect.

"This one," I pointed to the last one.

"Good choice" He smiled as he placed the other two collars on a nearby table, "It's only a temporary collar, I'll get you a better one soon."

"It's perfect, thank you," I squealed as I watched him unbuckle it.

"Okay, get on your knees," he commanded in a mellow tone.

"Ooooh, okay" I held onto his arm to steady myself as I lowered myself onto my knees, luckily the soft carpet was very comfortable for my knees.

"Anything else you would like to say?" he asked, "Remember you won't be able to speak unless you want out?"

I stammered, unsure on what to say, "I… uh…"

Ms Roseburn finally came out of the back room and joined us, standing beside Jack with her arms placed in front of her in a polite manner.

"Thank you, honestly. Thank you two so much," I said genuinely.

Jack smiled, "It's no problem at all."

"It's our honour," the maid joined in.

Jack stepped forward and placed the leather collar around my neck, I tilted my head forward to help him access the buckle at the back easier, he tightened it as far as it would go without being too tight around my neck, locked it and ran the rest of the leather through the buckle. He walked around me and took a few steps back, standing next to the maid as he placed his arm around her waist.

"Awww, I love the collar, it suits her" Ms Roseburn almost melted at how cute I was.

"You're perfect," Jack's voice was the most soft I've ever heard.

I got my brain into petplay mode, I panted with my tongue out, wiggling my butt as I soaked myself in their stares.

"I've got to head to town" Jack walked back to the drawer, grabbing a lead from the wooden piece of furniture, "Ms Roseburn, please can you give our new pet a tour of the building."

"Yes, master," The maid took the lead and locked the end to the large C-ring on the front of my collar.

Jack walked up next to me, petting my short, red hair with his soft hands, he gently went over my ears too as he placed his forehead against mine, "Welcome to the family," he whispered.

I answered by licking his cheek, I had to figure out how to communicate with the two humans as I was unable to speak. He chuckled as he rubbed my hair one last time and walked out of the building.

"Come on, girl," Ms Roseburn gently tugged the leash, "I'll show you the kitchen first."

It felt amazing as she pulled me towards the room, the leather stretched against my neck and forced me to crawl after her. The kitchen was slightly colder than the large room, the cool floor chilling my knees and hands. It was a small room with an oven, washing machine and multiple, wooden cabinets hugging the walls.

"Here's the kitchen," she said as she spun around, "In the corner are your feeding bowls."

I wanted to yell out about the bowls but I was still getting used to the 'no talking' rule. I glanced in the corner, one red bowl and one blue bowl sat in the corner, one for food and other for drink.

My mouth stayed open as I crawled towards the place I'll be eating, something stirred down below as I imagined not using my hands in the future.

"Okay, let's show you the rest of the place," she continued, pulling the leash once more.

I yelped slightly, shocked by the sudden movement of the collar but I followed my owner out of the kitchen and once again through the open space. On the other side of the room was a third door which I haven't been through yet. I followed the clicking of the maid's heels, behind the door was a small room filled with nothing but a staircase. Ms Roseburn didn't stop as she took the stairs one step at a time, walking slightly slower to allow me time to keep up.

As we reached the top, a short hallway greeted us with two doors on each side, all doors were the same apart from the one on the first left which was more flimsy, sharing similarities more to a door for a cupboard rather than an actual room. The maid walked up to it.

"This one used to be a cupboard but me and Mr Freeman hardly ever used it, so we decided to make it into your room", she gently opened the door and I looked into the small but cosy room, filled mostly with a dog bed, a high shelf with a lava lamp lighting up the room, on the inside of the door was a piece of rope attached to the door to help me close it.

I was happy with what I saw so I wiggled my butt to simulate me wagging my tail.

"We stayed up most of the night to find a human sized pet bed that would be delivered by this morning" she continued, "Luckily, Mr Freeman pulled a few strings."

She closed the door behind her and pointed to the door across the hall from me, she stated it was the bathroom and the two rooms at the end were Mr Freeman's and her bedrooms.

"That's about it," she suddenly stopped, "Not much else to show, sadly this isn't a big place. Okay, Mr Freeman will be gone for a few hours, would you mind if I have a quick shower before he gets back?"

I shook my head, still wiggling my butt.

"Awwww you're too cute," she petted my hair, "Would you mind waiting in your room until I get out?"

I whimpered, letting my imaginary ears fall and my eyes become twice as big.

She moaned, "Stop it, where would you like to wait?"

I gently pointed my nose towards her room, still keeping the whimpering noise coming.

"Rebecca, that's my own personal space."

I whimpered.

"Not even Jack goes in there."

Whimpering continued.

"Ah, Fine! Can you wait on my bed?"

I continued wiggling as I nodded. The lady sighed loudly but smiled as she saw how happy I was; she took off the leash and asked me to follow her down the hallway. I pounced behind her, keeping very close as she got to her door and opened it. To my surprise the room was as clean and tidy as she was, the room was small but had room for a single bed and a fairly large cupboard, no items sat on the freshly vacuumed floor.

I crawled in and jumped onto her bed, trying to get comfortable without making too much of a mess.

"Okay, stay here… I'll be back in five minutes."

As she closed the door behind her, I crawled into a ball and sighed happily to myself. Everything was complete. My eyes glanced over the room, taking in how tidy she kept it, I noticed in the corner there was a small desk with a tiny tv on it that seemed unused. I assumed it was to keep her entertained but she didn't seem like the type of lady who would spend all day in bed watching it. My mind then turned to the relationship between Mr Freeman and Ms Roseburn, I knew they were Master and maid but they seemed closer than that. The maid was a formal character but I watched her drop this in front of him numerous times. I wonder how they actually felt about each other… if they ever dropped their acts, would they be in love?

Ms Roseburn sighed pleasantly as she walked through her bedroom door, her hair was still soaked and her body was covered in a dark pink towel. I could feel the heat radiating off her body as she sat down on the bed next to me, the mattress sinking to her weight.

I didn't realise how long I was in deep thought for.

"Ah, that's better" She turned around to me, rubbing my back with her soft hands, "How's my girl doing?"

I giggled lightly, wiggling my body to her touch. She moved in closer, pressing her head against my cheek whilst telling me how good of a girl I was. I loved every moment, absorbing the love she was giving me. Her hand on my back began moving up and down, moving further down my body. I felt the fingers tickle my bare skin as it travelled down to the small of my back to my butt. Her fingers petted my cheeks and I moved without letting her know and her fingers brushed against my vagina.

"Oh my god!" she swiped her hand away.

I turned to her, wondering if I did something wrong, to my surprise she was giggling to herself whilst looking at her fingers. A clear, gooey substance coated her digits.

"Looks like someone is a bit over-excited?" she said between laughs.

My cheeks burned red as I never noticed how turned on I was getting from being treated this way. It was clear I was enjoying myself but I didn't notice my privates were coated in my juices.

"Come here, I'll clean you up" She jumped up and knelt on her bed as she used the bottom of the towel to clean up my undercarriage. I could tell she was trying to be gentle but the slight brushing against my sex was getting me even more excited, it was a struggle to not moan from the sensation.

My eyes glanced over to the maid, the towel parted where she was using the bottom of it to clean me, without realising showing me the bottom of her body, which included her sex. Her vagina was unshaven, however she didn't have enough pubic hair to cover anything. It was my first time seeing some other woman's privates, the clit poked out and it was a temptation to taste it.

I pushed myself forward, at first licking the bottom of her stomach but pushing my head further down. Ms Roseburn was caught off-guard and fell into the mattress, struggling to hold me in place.

Through a few giggles she asked me to stop politely, holding my head in place to not get any further.

"Rebecca, that's enough" She smiled, looking into my big eyes.

I whimpered, still gently licking just above her most sensitive area.

"I know you want to get… experience with a woman, but you belong to Jack more than me, so he should be the one to… have a first go."

I continued my whimpering, her eyes softened and so did her hands, allowing me to travel further down.

"Just don't tell Jack that…oh god."

I stopped her as my tongue began licking at her clit, lapping it up like it was my last meal. It was my first time doing this and I loved every moment.

"Good… good girl," she stammered through her moans.

I woke up gently, the dog bed they provided me with was very comfortable and allowed me to enter the realm of sleep within seconds of lying on it. Jack took just over an hour to get back to the building. During the entire time he was away my tongue did not leave her body, she did try and stop me every few minutes but the power of my tongue was too much. I got addicted to the taste, everytime she had an orgasm her vagina just tasted amazing. We had to stop when Jack came back into the building and Ms Roseburn had to get ready before he realised where we were.

After that, the maid went and fed me but the lack of sleep from the night before got to me and I had an early night. When I woke up it was dark, I was unsure of the time but then a pet doesn't care about the time so it didn't bother me. My door opened easily with a gentle push from my nose, as I stretched my body out, I noticed Mr Freeman's door was left partially open.

I crawled down the hallway towards his door, I tried to do it slowly in case my owner was asleep, I pressed his door with my nose to budge it open, gently taking a peek in. As with the rest of the building, his room was dark too, illuminated only by the bright screen of his laptop. Just like Ms Roseburn's, his room was tidy too but I assumed that was because she was the one who tidied it.

"Hey, girl," I heard his voice from somewhere in the room, "Did you sleep well?"

Sensing his welcoming mood, I took the initiative and crawled in a few more steps. As my eyes adjusted, I finally saw where he was. He was sitting at a desk chair in front of the computer, he was leaning back in the chair with his eyes fixed on me. As I got used to the darkness, I noticed he wasn't wearing his suit anymore, but a t-shirt with pyjama trousers.

I panted happily as I approached the man. As I came into arms width of him, he put his arm out and started petting my hair, ending with his thumb going over my ear. He patted his lap, giving me clear indication that he wanted me sat on him. I wasted no time and with his help I managed to sit comfortably on him.

He reached around me to the laptop, as he pressed a few buttons a picture of a rather large house came onto the screen with more information pasted to the right of it.

"How would you feel about moving to Oakenshot?" I heard a small amount of sadness in his voice.

I wiggled my butt, I loved being a pet and the idea of having a larger place to move around in excited me.

"Okay, don't get too used to this place then, we'll be moving in a few months"

I was happy, if I was turned around I would be licking his face but I was in a cowgirl position, so instead, all I could do was wiggle to show how happy I was.

I felt his hand softly grip into my side, something underneath me began growing. If I was a human I would have assumed it was the young man's penis but as a pet, I could pretend to be ignorant to what was happening.

"Slow down, girl" He whispered in my ear.

I began to wiggle even faster.


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