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Sam and Em

by ForeverAltered

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"My babies!" The store owner squealed, running towards me and my sister as we appeared from Tanya's store warehouse.

The larger lady enveloped us in her arms as Emily hugged her back, humming to herself lightly from the sudden move of affection.

"Oh, I've missed you so much," Tanya continued.

"I know, I'm sorry!" Emily pleaded.

"What are you doing here?"

"I came back to spend some time with Sam, she told me about today and I wanted to help out."

"Oh, you perfect girl, thank you!"

Emily was still waking up. I didn't bother bringing the young woman to consciousness until about ten minutes before I had to leave. She was in a daze so I had to dress her and myself and pretty much carry her to the car. She gradually woke up during the drive to work.

Tanya gave us one last squeeze before guiding us further into the store where Becky stood behind the till, finishing a cup of coffee as we approached her. She gave Emily a small wave but remained silent as we greeted her. I could sense she was unhappy about my sister's arrival as it spoiled her plans to wear her petsuit at the event.

"Hopefully, your heads could help us in our situation," the store owner stated.

"What's the matter?" I asked my two colleagues as Emily wrapped herself up against me.

Becky butted in, "We need a gimmick, something that would stand us out against the other companies coming to this event."

"Why's that?"

"It hit me just before I went to bed last night, there will be hundreds of different tables there, all selling different merchandise, we need something that would interest people, bring them to our table rather than the one next to us."

"A gimmick, huh?" I pondered, looking around the store.

"We are keeping it personal," Tanya stated, "We are going by first names and being friendly with the customers. I want them returning home thinking 'Oh, Becky was a nice lass, wasn't she?' or 'Samantha really helped me find the right dildo', something like that."

I laughed, "Is that something people would actually say?"

"Well, you never know. I've printed a thousand cards for anyone who would want our products and I would love for them to be friendly with us."

"Ohhhh!" Emily jumped, "I got it!"

My sister wrestled herself out of my arms and ran around the store, grabbing seemingly random objects from the shelves. She went to the outfit section then the BDSM section, before returning back to us.

She made her way to the desk and placed a ring-mistress outfit onto the glass, as well as a chastity belt. Me, Becky and Tanya stared at the two items before bringing our attention to my sister, who was smiling goofily as if she had the perfect idea for the situation.

"W-What's this?" the store owner asked.

We took one last glance at the two objects that had zero connection before my sister decided to defend her decision. She walked towards the outfit and pulled the plastic open, letting the coat, unitard and tights hit the floor but kept the top hat and placed it on top of the box that held the chastity belt.

"That didn't make things any clearer" I laughed, "What's going through your head, Em?"

"You said you wanted the customers to be personal with us? Then we make a competition. They can write one of our names on a small piece of paper and place it into the hat. At the end of the day, we count up the names and whoever has the most names has to spend a week in this belt."

"Oooh, that's an interesting idea," Tanya put her hand to her mouth.

"That's an actual chastity belt though," I asked, a hint of worry in my voice, "Like a metal one, not one of those leather ones."

Becky chimed in, "Who's name will be up to be written down?"

"Yours, Tanya's and Sam's," Emily pointed to us all.

Tanya butted in, "That belt won't fit me, hun. It will have to be you though."

"Oh" Emily's eyes widened, "Oh, we can just forget about it."

"No... no, it's a good idea," I smiled, seeing that Emily didn't realise she would be in the running too, "Becky, are you up for it?"

"A whole week wearing that thing?" Her eyes glanced over the box, "Yeah, that's no problem at all."

Tanya kept her hand to her mouth as her mind ran through the idea, "A week is no problem, best make it two weeks."

Emily's hands pulled at her sides, mentally trying to keep the belt away from her privates, the same way she held down her shirt this morning when she first saw the plug, it was a cute reflex action she always did when it came to sexual ideas outside of her comfort zone. Becky seemed slightly unsure but was happy to continue with the idea. I wasn't comfortable wearing the belt but a plan hatched in my head to make Emily seem as submissive as possible, in return, people would vote for her more than anyone else and she would end up trapped in her own idea.

I loved the girl, but I also loved teasing her.

"So, you are all okay with that?" Tanya questioned the room.

We all agreed in our own way, none of us said anything verbally but agreed nonetheless.

"Perfect," The older lady continued, "Becky, could you cut up as many small pieces of paper as you can, need them around the size to get a name on. Emily, can you help Becky? Sam, can you come with me? We need to get outfits for the day."

"No problem," I agreed, walking behind her.

I followed Tanya towards the back of the store, where the outfits sat. I watched Emily and Becky stand in silence as they began cutting up the pieces of paper. Tanya stood back as she took in the large selection of outfits her shop had on its shelves, she knew exactly what outfits were where, meaning she did not need to sort through each one individually.

"Okay, Do you think Emily would be happy to wear her pet outfit?" She asked, her eyes glancing between her stock.

"Yeah, she would be more than happy to"

"Great! Then she can wear a t-shirt with the store logo on it."

"I just feel bad, Becky wanted to wear the outfit, she asked me if I was okay with it"

"Oh, I wouldn't worry, I'll talk to her later. Okay... How about a sexy maid outfit for you?"

"A sexy maid?"

She pulled the outfit off the rack, "Yeah, one of the ones that just came in. The latex ones."

"Wow" I took a moment to open the packaging, slipping my hand inside and feeling the latex between my fingertips, "That feels amazing, no wonder these are flying off the shelves."

"Yeah. So that set comes with the main outfit, underwear, a frilly apron and a duster"


"Yeah, latex underwear that goes with the rest of the outfit."

"Wow, that will be intense."

"Yeah, I want us all to show off the best outfits... so, what for me and Becky? How about I wear a sexy teacher outfit and Becky wears a... Schoolgirl outfit?"

"I think Becky would look good in the schoolgirl outfit, but how about something different for you? Something that would draw everyone's eyes to you?"

"What did you have in mind?" She looked down at me.

"How about that outfit?" I pointed upwards to one that was hanging just out of reach for me, but the store owner managed to grab it whilst she was on her tip-toes. It was a long, figure-hugging, latex dress, white that contrasted against her darker skin tone. It showed off her large breasts but hugged enough to illuminate her full figure too. The dress came up to just above her knees and needed to be tied at the back like a corset, the rear of the outfit showing her full back but ending just before her butt, the top of the dress was locked by a buckle that held the entire torso in place.

Her eyes looked the outfit up and down, "Do you think I can pull this off?"

"Yes, I do."

Tanya always seemed very self-conscious about the way she looked, especially in such revealing outfits. The many times me and Emily were locked in the petsuits, she complained about not being able to join in the fun as the outfits weren't ever made in her size. I've always kept those words in the back of my mind and once I saw this outfit come in, I knew it would be perfect for her to wear.

She would be wearing the long, white dress, I would be in the black, maid uniform, Emily will be in her pink petsuit and Becky will be wearing her sexy, blue uniform. Hopefully, with the different colours, we should stand out against the rest of the sellers at this convention.


"Here we are, girls!" Tanya exclaimed as we parked outside the building.

It was a rather large building that sat on the outskirts of the city. A large banner stood above the entrance that had two silhouetted women embraced against each other as well as flames behind the two. The name of the convention was etched in front of the two figures in a large, gold font and the year was placed after it. It took me a moment to realise the two girls were chained together, wrist to wrist.

"Definitely the right place," I laughed to myself, shaking off my sister who held onto me for the entire trip.

Tanya had rented out a five seater van that just had enough room for all four of us, one of the items from the shipping containers, our outfits as well as multiple items from the shop that she believed would sell, as well as two tables to put everything on and two camping chairs. Emily would be spending most of the day on her hands and knees so that wouldn't be a problem, the other three of us would have to take turns standing and sitting.

I couldn't tell what the item was from the shipping container, it was still covered in a few layers of bubble wrap but I managed to make out the wooden material it was made out of.

Tanya told us to wait by the vehicle as she approached the building. I didn't waste any time getting out of the vehicle to stretch my legs, my eyes glanced over the car park that already had hundreds of cars with people doing the exact same thing. Owners of cars and trucks embraced the cool air and pulled their muscles from the long car rides. Emily soon came out of the van and held me tight, seemingly still affectionate towards her sister.

Becky joined us, taking a moment to stretch herself before leaning on the car and waiting for the store owner to come out.

We all stood there in silence for what felt like ages before the frame of my boss came out of the doors, a large grin on her face as she walked the entire distance back to the van, placing a lanyard around her neck.

"Okay, that's us booked in. I've seen where we can set up and we are close to the main stage" She clapped her hands together, "So, let's start with the tables, then the rest of the other items. The large object will need two or three of us to take it into the hall."

"What is it?" I asked, looking into the van.

"You'll see shortly, c'mon girls we have no time to lose."

Tanya opened the door and grabbed one of the tables that sat on the side of the van, Becky grabbed the other table. I placed the two camping chairs into my sister's hands and grabbed a large selection of items and followed the girls as they entered the large building. As soon as we got through the doors we were greeted with an enormous hall, with a stage covering one side, several men and women were setting it up.

We continued to follow the larger woman as she headed down a corridor and into another hall, this one was roughly the same size as the room we just left, minus the stage. The large room was separated by temporarily set-up walls, allowing the sellers some privacy from the rest.

"Okay, this is our spot" Tanya placed the table on the ground.

I placed the items I was carrying on top of the table as soon as Tanya had finished setting it up, taking a moment to glance at the other sellers who were in early. I was shocked by how many people were already setting up, a lot of women already stood in their latex and sexual outfits, I didn't know what they were selling but Tanya made sure I realised how different the sellers would be. Alot of them would be similar to us, advertising items that usually would be in their store, however a few 'alternatives' will be here, people selling 'experiences' rather than products.

My face turned red as I caught myself looking between multiple women in their outfits.

"Sam, let's get the rest in." Tanya managed to make me snap out of it and forced me to come with her.

Between us all, we managed to get all the items within the second journey, Becky and Emily carried the rest of the products whilst me and Tanya carried the large object. It was heavy, but manageable. However, I was pleased once we had returned to our spot and put the item down. I once again asked the store owner what was inside and finally, she obliged us with what she kept secret for the last few days.

Tanya pulled at the bubble wrap and walked circles around the object until the whole thing was on show. I wasn't shocked to find it was bondage furniture, however, what did shock me was that it was personally made, nothing about it made it seem obvious that it was created by a company with a specific brand.

The only thing I could compare it to was the bench Tanya tied me to when we did the class to show how to dominate someone, the same day I found out about my dad going into hospital. It was a simple design, a long thick layer of wood that stood vertically to about four feet and two smaller pieces of wood that came a foot up that was in a 'V' shape, with several restraints running down the 'V' shape and two metal cuffs sitting at the back..

The item itself was a bit more advanced than a few pieces of wood glued together, it was obvious how it worked, a person would sit down and their arms would be locked into the metal cuffs whilst their legs would be cuffed into the 'V' shape, this meant the tied person would have their legs wide open and not able to shut them without being unlocked.

"Pretty amazing, am I right?" Tanya looked pleased with herself.

"Yeah," me, Emily and Becky all said in unison.

Admittedly, it looked pretty intense and not the usual type we sold in the store, definitely a step up from sexy outfits, whips and paddles.

"There's also a crank at the back to let you move the legs." Tanya ran to the back of the device and showed us, turning it one way would push the legs together and the other way separated them, whoever could handle the device when it's separated all the way must be flexible.

"Wow…" was all that could come out of my mouth.

"Yeah, wow…" Becky added.

"Okay, that's enough show and tell" Tanya laughed, "There are toilets just down the corridor, that's where you can get changed".


It was odd changing in a place that was so public, even though we were in a stall within the bathroom, the only places we got dressed into sexy outfits were at home, at Tanya's and the store, places that were so normal for us that it was second nature to be half-naked there.

We were quite a drive from home and it felt so alien to be doing this here.

Emily came into the stall with me, holding the small box that contained her beloved petsuit as Becky took the stall next to us. The maid outfit that Tanya picked out for me stayed in the bag and I made sure to hand it up on the hook behind the door. I decided it would be best if I dressed up first before tackling the small job to get my sister in the latex.

Emily's hands grabbed the bottom of my shirt and lifted it up, as I took the shirt and placed it neatly away, my sister was already pulling down my shorts along with my underwear and a quick movement undid my bra. In only a few seconds, I was standing completely naked in front of my sister; who was still fully dressed. She placed her arms across my shoulders and looked down at me, biting her lips slightly.

"You literally saw it this morning!" I laughed as I playfully pushed her back.

Her hands came back around my shoulders and she began kissing my neck, teasing my already aroused body. Despite the fun we had this morning, I never received any pleasure and Emily was still exhausted by the physical exercise I put her body through this morning. I moaned softly to myself as Emily placed me against the stall wall, I wanted to keep quiet as I knew Becky was getting changed right next to us.

She kissed higher and higher up my neck, towards my ear, letting my let out a little gasp as she went back down again.

"Right!" She suddenly stopped, "Let's get you suited up!"

The latex maid suit felt weird in my hands, it was the typical latex material I had felt numerous times before, but this one was much thinner and had a somewhat slimy feel to it. The outfit audibly shimmered with every small movement. The first part I had to put on was the underwear, Tanya told me it was latex, just like the outfit but my mind wasn't ready for the sensations. The material zapped my legs like an electric shock, erotically exciting me as I pulled up the panties. Once they were on, they felt as if they were hugging me in a private area, forcing me to remember they were there.

As I struggled to take my mind off it, Emily handed me the rest of the outfit, despite the loose, slippery feel of the outfit, it held tight to my body's form as I slipped it on, showing off my breasts and hugging my legs. The material was tight on my body, feeling as if it could slip up with harsh movements.

With that on, I put of the small, frilly apron, it was stupidly tiny and only wrapped around the waist, much smaller than a normal apron would be, however, the only purpose of it was to make it resemble a maid's outfit as the latex dress didn't do much to show that fact.

As my outfit was complete, Emily was eager to take her place in her usual outfit. She practically threw her clothes off in one swift motion and stood completely naked in front of me once more.

I lifted the suit up, it wobbled with my hand motions but stayed firmer than the outfit I was currently wearing. I unzipped the back of the suit and helped my sister step into it, the look of her face was one of pure ecstasy as her bare, shaven legs slipped into it, the latex being guided upwards. A soft moan escaped her lips as she fitted it all in and moved onto the next leg, soon the outfit was being pulled up her torso, which allowed her arms to both reach in and become bound in the paws. After that, I began zipping the suit up which sealed my sister within the suit, she could hardly contain herself as the latex feeling enveloped her

Finally, the suit was zipped up all the way to the back of her neck, now all I needed to do was put the hood on and lock on the small choker. I asked my sister if there was anything she wanted to say before I locked the hood on and left her gagged for the rest of the day. She just shook her head and waited in anticipation for the completion of her pet form. I couldn't help but smile, something about her eagerness to be bound was so cute and so sexy at the same time, but I guess it couldn't be helped, it had been several months since she was last sealed inside.

I placed the hood on, taking a moment to see if she was comfortable and happy, a quick nod confirmed this and I zipped up the back of the suit, finishing the pet look for her. The collar went around her neck, covering the seal between the suit and hood and everything was finished. With the pet suit on, her outfit wasn't complete. To cover her modesty, I placed the shirt Tanya gave us when her store reopened over her torso. It was black that contrasted with the pink and boldly stated the store's logo.

Emily was happy, clapping her hands with enthusiasm as she always does when in her pet mode, her soft, cushioned hands patting against each other. After that, she took a moment to move her body around, initially this was only small movements, as we were still inside the toilet stall, but it steadily transformed into bigger movements, pushing my aside lightly to stretch her arm out and lift her leg up; as if she was a ballerina.

"Okay, that's enough" I laughed, pushing her back, "We are both changed, now let's get back to Tanya."

Emily's eyes opened up and she pointed to our pile of clothes that sat on the toilet seat.

"What's that?" I asked.

She pointed harder, desperately wanting me to find something that was hidden in or under the clothes.

I picked them all up in a bunch and something fell out and hit the seat. A quick examination determined the object was a dog lead, it was the exact dog lead Emily used on me when I first wore the old suit, she must have snuck it in one of the pockets.

The bound girl immediately knelt down and clawed at the leash, trying to pick it up with her paws. It was actually funny watching her unsuccessfully claw at the object, failing over and over to pick up the leather material until she got it on the fifth try. Emily jumped up with the leash hanging loosely between her paws, holding it up as if it was a trophy.

"Well done," I said, smiling through the embarrassment.

I placed the clothes back down for a second to attach the leash to the ring on the collar. This seemed to activate something inside her and she took her place by kneeling at my feet, even with the limited room we had in here, Emily was content at being nearer the ground. Once again, I held all of our clothes in one arm and unlocked the stall door with the other, the end of the leash hanging loose on my wrist. Emily didn't waste a second and almost flew out of the cramped room, into the main bathroom where Becky was standing by the sinks.

She didn't look too happy, standing with crossed arms and legs, resting against the wall with a large bag in her hands that contained her civilian clothes. On her form was the sexy schoolgirl outfit, which on her looked more like a regular schoolgirl outfit. Her eyes locked on the pet on the floor as it crawled up to her and began begging with her paws in front of her, the short leash meant that I was forced to follow right behind her.

"Oh... looking good," Becky complimented my sister, however the dullness of her tone threw me off a little.

"Thank you," I felt the need to respond, "Do you mind if we put our clothes in that bag too? We kinda forgot to bring our own."

The young woman sighed and placed her hands forward, holding the bag open which allowed me to deposit all of our clothes inside it. She closed it and began walking to the door.

"Let's go," she continued in her unusual, dull manner, "We shouldn't keep Tanya waiting."

I followed Becky out of the toilets. In the short time we were getting changed, the corridors that were once empty were now full of people already setting up their stands. Many different types of people selling many different types of products and experiences, they all looked different... unique. The old Emily would have wanted to spend time talking to everyone of these people, sharing different experiences and world views together, but my focus mainly stayed on the beloved, pink creature crawling in front of me, trying her hardest to keep up with Becky who was walking at a much faster pace.

"Oh my god," I heard one of the sellers say.

"Well... that's different," Another one squawked.

"Holy... that's cute," A nicer voice echoed.

I suddenly felt very conscious of my being. Emily was the one being looked at, being mentioned at, but she wore the suit that added the extra confidence. Being inside that suit, you felt protected and able to act however you wished. People weren't looking at me but I was the one walking behind, holding the leash, with my full body on show, the ability to speak and the one who was supposed to be in control of the whole situation.

"OMG," A girl yelled as she ran up to my sister.

She was a short girl with bright pink hair, she wore a white crop top with the words 'Bite me, B1tch" written over her breasts, the one in the word being red in comparison to the rest being in black.

"Do you mind if I like... take a picture with your pal?" She asked me, holding up her phone in her hand.

"Umm, s-sure," I stuttered, "As long as she is happy with it."

Emily nodded and the girl knelt down, my sister seemed to love the attention as the girl placed her arm around her and aimed the camera at them both.

"Selfie!" the strange girl yelled and a flash enveloped the area momentarily.

The girl checked her phone and smiled at the screen before continuing, "Awwww, that's cute, you're cute, we both look adorable."

With that, the girl immediately took off, looking interested in another table. I glanced down at my sister, expecting her to have found the whole situation as weird as I did, but she was just looking at where the girl walked off to. She looked as if she was in deep thought, I could tell that she loved having her picture taken. My thoughts were interrupted as Emily began pulling on the lead again, pulling me towards the store owner's table.


"Tanya!" I screamed as my cheeks began to blush a bright, red colour.

"What's the matter?" She asked, in a genuine tone.

In the time we went to the bathroom and back, the older woman managed to get changed into the red dress completely, something that I imagined would have taken a normal person hours to do. Not only that, the outfit itself drew attention to elements of her body that made me want to look away in embarrassment. Her breasts were enormous when she wore her normal clothes, but the red, tight-fitting dress expanded this look, it pushed her boobs up and made them look more fuller than before. The dress didn't stop there, it hugged her stomach and her hips, showing off every curve the woman had.

"It's like Jessica Rabbit crossed with Ursula from Little Mermaid" Becky said quietly, under her breath. 

"There are no underwear lines" I quizzed her, "A-are you wearing anything... underneath?"

"Of course not" she replied quickly and confidently, "There is no room under this dress for anything else."

"...but you didn't have time to get to the bathroom and change?"

"Oh, no. I got changed right here." Her confidence continued to shine, "That poor kid over there didn't know where to look."

Tanya pointed across the room with a large smile on her face, at the end of her finger stood a young man who was helping out at a table, his face was pink but became red once he saw that the mature lady was pointing toward him. For a moment, I did feel sorry for the guy but Emily's tugging quickly made me lose my attention.

"Awww, I've missed you in your outfit," the shop owner walked over to the bound girl, holding out her hands to envelope her in a large hug.

Emily stayed on her knees and returned the hug, the two acted as if Emily was a completely different creature under the latex and not the girl she spent the morning with. Tanya was squeezing her so tight I expected the pet girl to squeak like a dog toy.

Me, Emily and Becky took our sides behind the table next to the latex, clad store owner. Emily continued to stay close to the ground, resting between me and Tanya as if she was a real dog, watching the other tables set up with her head on her arms. At first, she caught the glimpses of a few of the other sellers but they mainly focused on setting up themselves with only a few coming over to ask to take a picture with the latex pet. Obviously, Emily was more than happy to oblige.

Soon the main doors opened and the halls became busy with buyer and general kink fanatics. All sorts of people filled the rooms from elegant dommes to Internet users who never saw latex outside of a computer screen. I stood at the right hand side of the table, continuously pulling the latex dress down to make sure my modesty was intact; similar to how Emily always did. In front of me were a selection of toys, from gags to paddles. In front of the store owner were the outfits and Becky had some more toys as well as the top hat for the chastity game. I think the idea of that belt being on me for two weeks was a partial reason as to why I was pulling my dress down.

Behind me stood the wooden frame, the large object that Tanya was so proud of. Even with my figure in front of it, the piece of furniture had a presence of its own and it easily drew the attention of the customers.

The first hour went by and we were immediately swamped, soon becoming the most visited table in the area. I focused on the customers who were interested in the outfits and the toys, Tanya struggled to keep the customers back who wanted a look at the wooden frame, Becky had a few customers place names into the hat, but focused mainly on the toys that were on her side. Emily was the busiest of us all, every second people came up to her wanting to take a photo with her, people of all shapes, sizes, genders and ages were fascinated with the pink pet and she loved every moment of the attention. I always kept one eye on my sister, as did Tanya, for the worry that one person might want to snatch her away or get more than friendly with her.

I was hoping seeing the submissive, bound girl was enough to get people writing her name in the hat as I struggled to mention it with the amount of people interested in the items in front of me, some were even interested in the outfit I was wearing, which made me smile. It was, however, a far cry to the interest Emily had.

Tanya's smile never left her face, her stock was flying off the table, literally and an even larger number of people took note of the company's name, website and social media. Even if they didn't pick anything up now, they might be interested later and it was getting her name out there. In between the conversations the store owner was having about the wooden frame, she would restock the items that were sold and the replacements wouldn't last long, being picked up almost immediately after being placed on the table.

Once we all had a free moment, we took a moment to breathe after all the talking and selling. I slumped onto the nearly empty table, Tanya stood behind me, squeezing my shoulders and Becky took a moment to glance into the hat. Emily nearly skipped back to her spot, taking her place once again at my feet. I had never seen her so interactive and social, it was hard to imagine that timid girl I met at the beginning of the summer locked underneath those layers. It was like night and day, she even hummed to herself lightly as she laid on the varnished floor.

A man approached the table. This man was different to the rest, he didn't seem like a typical kink enthusiast. The man was rather short, aged with very little hair on the top of his head, but a full beard to compensate, all the hairs on his head were a mixture of black and greys. He had some weight to his frame, which was covered in an expensive three-piece suit, with a tie that was black with white, diagonal stripes, matching his hair. He greeted us all with a smile, making sure to take us all in individually before speaking.

"Good afternoon, ladies," he said to us all, his voice wasn't deep but sported a proud, American accent, "May I ask who is the CEO of this business?"

Tanya walked forward with her hands on her hips, she made sure not to walk too far forward as she was dwarfing him even from behind the table, "I am, my name is Tanya, how are you?"

"It's lovely to meet you Tanya, my name is Jason." The man held out his hand. At first I thought it was to shake hands, but it took me a moment to notice the card between the man's index and middle finger.

Tanya took a moment but picked the card up and examined it.

Jason once again looked between us, this time he caught Emily's gaze, "Oh, I didn't see you down there, hello"

The man waved at the bound pet, Emily continued lying where she was and didn't move to welcome the older man.

"What can I do for you, Jason?" Tanya asked.

"Well, I represent Second Skin, we are a company that produces high quality latex materials for outfits and the like. We sell hundreds of products and I was wondering if you would be interested in a partnership with us and sell our products at your store?"

"Do you mind telling me specifically what type of products you make?" It was as if the older woman was interrogating the man.

"Nothing you would be strangers to, we sell high quality catsuits, some like what that girl on the floor is wearing, we sell vacbeds, straitjackets and many other kind of restraints."

The store owner and the mysterious man spoke for a while longer, she was taking the time to fully understand what the man was selling and how it could be beneficial to her. From what I could understand with my limited knowledge of latex, it seemed similar to what she was already selling but more expensive and higher quality. During the talk, Tanya passed me the business card, it was a simple, white logo with grey squares printed on it. The name was Second Skin but was printed in black as '2ND SKN', with the S, N and the back of the K in red to spell the word 'SIN'.

"I'll tell you what" Jason said, putting a stop to the increasingly intense questions Tanya was asking, "I'll take your card and I can send you a small sample of the products we provide."

"That sounds reasonable," Tanya swung her hips around, triumphantly.

The older man grabbed one of the cards and placed it into his suit jacket, he took one final moment to take us all in before talking.

"I look forward to working with y'all." He unintentionally clicked his heels together before turning around and walking away, finally taking in the sights of the other tables and probably relieved he managed to walk away from my boss.

Tanya scoffed as she turned around, grabbing the last box of items to be placed onto the table. She laughed softly at herself as she looked at the contents, realising how much she had sold in the short time the place was open. She dumped the box beside me and began restocking the table of the missing items.

"Hello," A pleasant voice came from the other side.

A young, pleasant and well-mannered woman caught our attention, even making Emily raise her head.

"Oh, hello there," Tanya smiled her greeting, "Anything I can get you?"

The woman approached us with her hands holding each other, almost as if she was asking permission to approach us. The woman wore plain but smart clothes, a long black skirt with a dark red shirt and a black waistcoat over them. She took a moment to place a strand of her long, dark hair behind her ear, the rest of her tied neatly in a bow. The woman was tall, standing face-to-face with my boss. 

"Good afternoon, I am interested in that wooden restraint you have back there." Her voice was so soft and polite, it was like a vacation for our ears.

Tanya's smile forced its way through, it was obvious she couldn't contain her excitement towards the woman who was genuinely interested in the item she has spent the last few days talking about. The woman waited patiently as the older woman's brain processed what was happening.

"Sure... Sure! It's... rather on the expensive side, I'm afraid" Tanya allowed the woman to take a closer look.

"Money wouldn't be an issue," she said calmly as she stepped behind the table.

As she walked past Emily, she greeted her as if she was a pet, taking in a moment to pet her head and between her ears. Whilst the lady was initially startled by the creature, she seemed comfortable with interacting with the bound girl as if she was a real dog. Shortly after a few seconds of fussing, the lady stood back up and carried on walking towards Tanya and the device, apologising gracefully for the interruption. My boss advertised the product as if it was the best thing in the BDSM world, showing her how a person would be bound on it and even showing her the mechanism to open the object's legs.

"Looks great," The lady chuckled as she carefully ran her hand over the varnished wood, "Is it custom made?"

"Yes, I have a guy who enjoys making stuff like this," Tanya continued with the sales pitch, "But it is super sturdy and will last you a lifetime, I'll show you... Sam?"

I turned around, taking in the sight of the two ladies, "Yes?"

"Could I borrow you for a second for a demonstration?"

"Uhhh, are you sure? What about...?" I pointed at the incredibly short and tight latex skirt I had on.

I badly wanted Tanya to choose Becky instead, her skirt was looser and made of a softer material. I had no problem with testing out the device, but I knew the moment I got on it, my skirt would likely fly up and show the world the underwear I had on underneath. Showing the world my latex panties would be bad enough, but the outfit was so tight that it was likely to ping upward towards my stomach and show my complete lower half.

"Don't worry about it," Tanya tried to wave my fears off, "It will only be for a minute and no one would notice."

I gave in, "Oh... okay."

I steadily made my way to the two women, unintentionally holding down my skirt with both hands and I took the few steps to get to them, each step felt like a lifetime as I slowly met my fate. The device seemed more harsher than before as I walked right up to it, the metal looked colder and the wood harsher.

"Okay, turn around," Tanya walked out in front of me and helped me onto the frame.

Despite the wooden material, the object was comfortable to sit on. I took a moment to get myself comfortable before the store owner took control of my arms, placing them behind me and locking the metal wrist restraints as soon as she was able. I pulled my hands upwards, showing the lady and myself that they weren't going anywhere and I was now stuck in this position until Tanya decided to let me out.

What came next was the part I was dreading, Tanya came around to my front, taking one of my legs and locking it into the front. My leg sat straight with three different areas being tied down by the leather harnesses, one on my thigh, one on my calf and the final one at my ankle. With all three restraints locked down, my leg was fused to the wooden frame and wasn't moving anywhere.

Tanya grabbed the other leg and I gulped, as this was the last moment I had any dignity. With her slow and steady movements, my other leg was forced to the other side of the device and my latex underwear was on show. With three quick movements, my other leg was restrained down too and I was fully locked up. I could not move anything below my neck and just as I feared, the latex dress pinged upwards showing my entire bottom area to anyone who walked passed.

As Tanya went over the frame with the lady, a few people did take notice of my predicament and stopped and stared, I couldn't do anything but look away, look at something that would steal my attention away from my situation. Emily had poked her head up, taking an interest in what was happening between me, the lady and store owner, it wasn't a helpful interest; more one of general curiosity.

Tanya moved to the crank that sat behind the object, with a few turns the device opened and pulled my legs out even further, making the situation worse for me, not only was I bound, helpless with my downstairs region on show, with my legs opened up it made everything accessible for anyone walking by.

Luckily, Tanya stopped turning before the position got too uncomfortable.

"Wow, that's amazing." The lady admired the wooden work and the mechanism inside it, "You've made yourself a sale, can you throw in delivery?"

"No problem at all." I could hear the glee coming from the store owner's voice, "Let's get some details down and get everything sorted."


The two girls left me alone, walking back to behind the table. The elegant lady followed my boss as she walked to her bag and picked out a notebook. Before long, they were talking, laughing and writing down information.

I was still locked to the frame.

"Ummm, Tanya?" I asked, hearing the nervousness in my voice.

"I'll be right back with you," she reassured me.

I looked around, some people were still staring. Some even stopped right outside the table to see my bound form. I struggled to look away, everywhere my eyes glanced was someone staring at my predicament. How do I get myself in these messes?

A quick movement caught my eye, the pink blur down below ended up just inches away from my body. Emily looked up at me, still kneeling on the floor, her beautiful eyes locked behind the mask stared right at me. Was she here to protect me? To take my mind off what was currently happening? What was going on in her mind?

Her eyes stayed in place, linking with mine as she lifted her bound paws and let them fall on both of my bare thighs, the instant feeling of latex on my skin made the hairs on my neck stand. It was then I understood that the eyes she was giving me weren't of concern, they were of malice. The moment I felt her hands moving inwards to my most sensitive area was the moment I knew she wasn't messing around.

"Em! Stop!" I said through gritted teeth, not trying to draw attention to what was happening, "Tanya!"

"I'll be with you soon, hun. I promise," she muttered as she continued writing.

Emily's gaze freaked me out, her eyes didn't move, she didn't even blink as her hands steadily moved further inward, getting dangerously close to my sex; it was like a countdown was happening.

"Em! Stop it! I mean it!"

My heart froze as her cushioned paws pressed against the latex underwear, even through the two layers. Everything went black and white, I knew my sister wasn't playing and there wasn't anything I could do to stop her. I continued gritting my teeth as she explored the outside of my latex panties. Even though her fingers were bound in the paws, I could feel her trying to use them to dig further into me.

"Em! Please stop!"

I wanted to push her away, but with all of my limbs bound, I was useless and only had to accept what was happening, not even Tanya was coming to my aid.

"Oh god!" my body turned to jelly.

Emily's fingers did the job correctly and my body soon started to betray me. I felt the blood rush to my cheeks as a second wave of embarrassment hit me, not only was I stuck in a position that showed everything, I was now being pleasured in front of a growing audience. A bound woman in a latex maid uniform drew some attention, a cute, latex petgirl brought even more attention, but a latex petgirl pleasuring a bound maid was on a different level and the amount of eyes on us reflected that.

"Em... Em..." I had lost the will to continue telling her to stop as she wasn't listening.

Despite the circumstances, I was in heaven. Emily used both paws to brush upwards, allowing the latex to stretch upwards against my clit, the tip of her paws digging further in. I threw my head back, I was truly stuck with no escape in sight. The metal cuffs did their job and kept my hands together behind my back and the leather restraints kept my legs from making any movements.

"Em... That's... That's enough."

She continued, pawing at my privates faster and faster. My hands tensed against their metal prison, she continued, going even faster, my legs trembled in place. The sensation between my legs grew, expanding upwards with every motion the bound girl made. I knew my body, I only had seconds until I would give into my need, there must have been something I could do, something to get someone to help and stop what was happening.

The eyes continued to stare as my face turned red, the pet girl was smiling behind her mask and Tanya was taking in the company of the mysterious woman. I had nowhere to look that wasn't a pair of eyes gawking at me or showing me how helpless I was in this situation, even Becky stopped paying attention to the customers and allowed her gaze to rest on me.

"Oh... god," I said quietly to myself, rocking my head back and forth to soothe myself.

My body suddenly stopped, the furious attacks of my sister's bound fingers did their job and the need to orgasm came quickly. I wanted to hide, disappear into the ground and be ignored by everyone and everything as I gave into my desire, but here I was, on show like some sort of performance for everyone to see. The need built upwards and upwards until I couldn't hold it back anymore. I squeezed as hard as I could but Emily forced me past the point of no return, even if she stopped teasing me, I would still come in front of everyone here. She continued to dig, hitting my overly sensitive clit with the pressure under the two layers of latex.

"Em... Em... Em..." I wanted to beg but couldn't say anything else apart from her name.

I exploded, the orgasm hit me harder than any other one I had before it. The frame did an amazing job at keeping my body still as my bound limbs strained against their restraints, only my head was free to move backwards and forwards as the first of the waves hit my body, followed very shortly by the second wave.

"Shit! Em!... Em!" I bit my lips as I wanted more words to come out, I wanted to scold my sister and yell at her to stop, but I didn't have the energy, I didn't have the strength to muster up any more words than her name.

Her hands continued their strikes, pawing at my sex like a dog digging a hole. The metal restraints clinked loudly as a third, much more powerful wave hit me. I couldn't keep the silence due to the intensity and let out a loud yelp, causing the room to go silent temporarily. I wanted to stop, I would have given anything at this moment to stop the unmeasurable pleasure and be anywhere else, but Emily wasn't letting up, she was only focused on playing with my body as if I was a toy.

Fourth wave. I threw my head back once the agonising bliss surrounded me, the aching, joyful feeling filled my form, I did not scream this time but a long, drawn-out sigh managed to escape my lips. The world became bright, the staring eyes continued their glances but felt further away, with miles between us. Only me and the other bound girl was all my brain could comprehend right now.

Fifth wave. I was tired, my body stopped fighting the urges. I had no say in whether I came or not. I was just an object for the fascination of the pet. My head slumped forward as the sensations left my body and my aching bones rested in its bondage.

Sixth wave. My body didn't even react, the feeling came and went, kicking my already feeble form whilst it was down.

I was done, my clit became overly sensitive and begged for me to stop. I had no energy to lift myself back up, a small round of applause greeted the petgirl and she turned around to bow to the audience, giving the crowd a curtsy whilst remaining on her knees.

"Okay, okay" Tanya finally walked over, "Emily, I think you've done enough. How are you feeling, Sam?"

I moaned softly as the store owner pulled open the restraints. My head was still slumped forward and I closed my eyes to hide myself away from the gawking eyes. I noticed the large group who watched on, travelled to the side of the table where Becky stood, the awkward girl was overwhelmed with the amount of customers adding the names into the top hat.

"Shit..." I whispered, knowing I had failed in getting the upper hand over the latex pet.

Tanya pulled me off the frame and rested me against the temporary wall. Before she let go, she thanked me for showing the frame off by being used as an example. She seemed to be in a very happy mood with the big sale. The store owner continued to stand behind the table and advertise the items to the passers by, this time adding a little dance to each step she took. This time, the quiet girl became more busy and more names fell into the hat rather than products being purchased. However, Tanya was still happy as potential customers took her business cards which meant they may purchase from the company in the future.

My body was numb and my limbs felt weak. I was too drained from the orgasms before, I couldn't stand, I couldn't work, I was nearly useless to the store owner, but she didn't care. My situation before helped the sale of the frame and interested future clients, that made Tanya happy and didn't mind my need for rest.

Emily, the latex, pink petgirl crawled over to me and cuddled up to me, resting her gagged head on my chest and placing her cushioned paws on my stomach. She was warm and comforting for my weakened state.

We only lasted a few more hours before we ran out of items to sell, the latex outfits sold the quickest and the other items soon left the table shortly afterwards, leaving us with just the basic items you could buy anywhere, blindfolds, paddles, etc.

As soon as my body recovered, I joined my colleague and boss, helping them sell the items. Emily stayed close to my feet, taking a few pictures with customers but nowhere near the amount of attention she had before. A few more people entered names into the hat which started filling me with worry and guilt.

Worry, because the events before got the attention of a lot of people and names were pretty much thrown into the hat, I felt like that pretty much sealed my fate.

I felt guilty as I wanted my revenge on Emily, as she was the one who came up with the idea of wearing the chastity belt without realising she could be the one stuck in it, I relished the thought of her idea backfiring and she became the one who was locked, but she saw the opportunity to take advantage of my situation earlier.

Tanya turned the hat upside down and individually counted all the names within the hat. Usually this would be the time we would pack up all the items, but as we sold pretty much all of it, me, Becky and Emily all rested as the boss flicked through the names, all the items that were left easily fitted into one box.

As the older woman counted the last of the names, she looked over the pieces of paper whilst shaking her head, whilst chuckling to herself. She placed all the pieces of paper back into the hat and walked over to us, continuing the happy skip in her step.

"Okay, so this is how we will do it" She said as she approached us, "I've told people we'll announce who goes into chastity on our social media, we'll give them until the weekend until we lock them in. We take pictures and videos to show the locking taking place and post them online."

"Who's going in?" Becky asked.

"So, I was thinking we would update everyone about a week later with more photos and the overall experience of the week from the perspective of the locked girl and then the same a week after that when she's finally unlocked. Do you guys think that is too little? Maybe we need more posts?"

"Tanya... who is it?" I asked.

She stopped, taking a moment to look at the hat before she finally said the name.

"Sam... it's you."

I felt Emily's hand dig a little deeper into me, I looked to the store owner and to the quiet girl, finally letting my gaze return to the bound, pink girl in my arms. It was me... a whole two weeks in that thing.

I breathed out lightly, returning my eyes back to Tanya. The larger woman was still happy but had a small look of concern on her face, the realisation of how real the situation had become. It was a funny idea at first but all of us now faced the reality of what was about to happen, me more than anyone.

Emily had won.

"It's me," I said to myself, letting the moment sink in.

Tanya nodded, "Yes."



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