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Sam and Em

by ForeverAltered

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Chapter 13

"They should be here any minute" My dad said to himself in an excited manner.

The Chinese restaurant was beautiful and calming, the red walls were plastered with pictures and models of dragons and the music gave the place a more authentic feeling. Two waitresses walked around the floor, seeing to the rest of the customers of the establishment; as they walked past us, they always gave a forced smile.

Whilst Dad was excitedly shaking his knee, I sat back with my arms crossed. I didn't like the fact I had to dress up for the occasion, however, it was nice to see my dad happy once more. We sat across from two empty chairs, two pieces of furniture that will soon be occupied by my dad's new girlfriend, Jane and her daughter, Emily.
It took me the longest time to accept dad's new relationship, for days we shouted, pouted and kept silent about the whole situation, but there was no budging on his part. He had made his peace with my mother's parting and was ready for the next step in his life.

Jane was another doctor from his workplace, an old friend of both my father and my mother, but the long hours at their job caused the two to become closer.

"Here they are!" my father shouted in a quiet tone as he stood up to greet the two women entering the building.

His hand nudged mine, telling me to also stand for the company, I did so with a loud sigh. I managed to get to my feet as Jane and her daughter got to the table.
Jane looked smart, a blue shirt with black skirt and a pair of tights underneath, it looked like she could have been at a business meeting rather than a meal. Emily wore a long, shoulderless pink dress that covered her legs, only showing the tip of the pair of trainers the girl wore underneath, clearly showing she wasn't used to dressing smart. However, I wasn't one to talk, out of everyone here I was the only one wearing my casual clothes, a dark blue tank top with black denim shorts and my converse shoes were clearly on show.

"You are looking amazing today," my dad said to his new girlfriend as he kissed her cheek.

Jane thanked him and turned towards me with an open hand, "You must be Sam? Your father has told me all about you."

Reluctantly, I shook her hand but kept quiet. I had a small smile on my face but I wasn't ready to talk to the woman just yet. I knew I was being rude, but I wasn't here to make a good impression on my new family.

"…And this is Emily, she's about your age," Jane continued, pointing towards the thin, blonde girl who stood next to her.

Before I could greet the girl in a similar manner, Emily wrapped her arms around me in a tight grasp, pinning my arms to my sides.

"It's so nice to meet you, I've heard so much about you, you are much prettier than I imagined you would be… ooooh, that's nice perfume you are wearing, you are not much of a hugger, are you? I'm sure you'll hug me loads once you get to know me, I love my hugs" The girl asked too many questions without taking a breath.

Jane sighed with a laugh, "Emily, give the girl some room to breathe."

Emily finally let go, but continued to talk a hundred words a minute, "I'm sorry about that, I can be a bit much at first but you'll get used to me, it's just so exciting you know, we are practically sisters and I've never had any siblings, I'm just can't wait to get to know you and me you… sorry, I meant you me."

I continued the sigh that Jane started as we all took our seats at the table. The conversation split into two, my dad and Jane had their own conversation for the night as the blonde girl talked my ear off. In the few hours we ate at the restaurant, I knew practically everything about Emily and I was still a stranger to her. For every word I managed to say, Emily would make twenty sentences.

Despite me hating every moment I spent with the young woman, the night seemed to go by very quickly and before I knew it, the staff had begun cleaning the tables and setting up to go home.
My dad didn't notice anything around him as he was too interested in talking with his girlfriend and I believe she was in the same way. Emily was way too distracted by the hundred things going through her head that she didn't notice either.
I was the only one to look around and say something.

"Ummm, guys… I think it's best time we paid and leave," I pointed my thumb to some of the workers stacking the chairs onto the table, "they look about ready to close."

"Oh, shoot," My dad finally looked around, taking his eyes off his girlfriend, "Guess we lost track of time, we better pay and head out."

"I would tip them generously too," I whispered.

The cool air welcomed us back to the outside world, the darkness of the night was held back from the warm glow of the restaurant's lights that enveloped our bodies as the building was locked behind us.
As my dad and Jane said their goodbyes, I was once again enveloped in the arms of Emily. The young woman made it clear that she didn't want to leave me and begged for us to meet again soon, maybe to hang out at the nearest mall one day. I smiled back with gritted teeth, lying to her and agreeing to meet up.
It was only after that when she let go and her and her mother disappeared into the dark evening.

I pretty much bolted to the car and closed the door behind me before she had any more time to say anything and my dad eventually entered the car too, sitting with both hands behind the steering wheel. A quiet silence joined us as my dad struggled with the words to say.

"So… you enjoy yourself?" He forced a smile, "I'm sorry we lost track of time there, but it looked like you and Emily had a good time too."

I scoffed, "Yeah, we will be best pals one day."

"I'm glad you like her" He didn't notice my obvious sarcastic tone, "I… I have something to tell you.”

I placed my feet up as I assumed we were going to be there for a while, "What's that?"

"I'm thinking of asking Jane to marry me."

"Marry? That's a big step."

"Yeah, but I'm happy."

"Doesn't seem like it's taken you that long to get over mom."

"Sam! It's been nearly eight years."

"I'm sorry… can we please just head home."

"Okay," My dad turned the ignition on, "I'm glad you like Emily, if Jane says yes, you'll have a sister."

"Dad… I was being sarcastic. She's not that much younger than me and she acted like a child, she spoke so much I couldn't even get a sentence out."

"I'm sorry to hear that, I was hoping you two would become close as having a sister must be exciting."

"Dad… I can guarantee that me and her will never be close."

I stared deeply at the beautiful creature that was sleeping next to me. The events of the convention had disappeared as the rest of the week soon flew by. Tanya graciously gave me the rest of the week off to spend time with Emily, knowing that me and her only had a small amount of time together before our parents got back. However, I needed to go back on Friday in order to be placed into the chastity belt, which itself was the same day Emily would be heading back to university.

Today was that day.

I huffed to myself as the looming thoughts of that bloody device continued to linger. How would I be able to spend two weeks inside that thing? The idea of not being able to touch myself was terrible, but knowing I would have to try my best to keep it a secret from my family also plagued my mind.
Me and Emily had almost been caught several times now with our kinky games and one time we were actually caught by Emily's mother, I dreaded to think what would happen if my dad found out.
Emily sighed happily as she continued to dream. Her back arched, showing off her petite breasts that poked through the thin top she was wearing, her legs coming together to hide her white panties from my view.

I was licking my lips at the thought of tasting her delicious body. Her ribs showed through the thick skin of her chest, no matter how much she crossed her legs, her vagina was still accessible, her long neck was begging to be bitten. Within the week together, me and Emily had explored both of our bodies, and yet, I was begging to explore hers further.
We still had today, a few hours in each other's company until Tanya would come to take away my freedom and to take Emily back to university; she offered as I would be too distracted by the metal belt to focus on the long drive.

Emily moaned again as she moved her body, this time her eyes fluttered open to see me watching over her. A grin grew, as she stretched one more time before placing her arms around my neck and resting her fingers at the back of my short, black hair.

"Good morning, beautiful," I smiled back at her.

She mumbled as her body left the dream state, "Oh, I had the most wonderful dream last night. I was the princess of a castle and you were my subject, on all fours next to my throne and did everything I told you to."

"That's odd, usually it's the other way around with us," I laughed, "I think you should stop snacking before bed."

"I know, it's usually me but you can't exactly be dominant wearing that chastity belt." Her eyes opened, "Oh wait, that is today, isn't it?"

My heart fell, despite the smile that was stuck on my face, I knew where Emily was going with this conversation. She knew that I had a submissive side and it didn't take much for her to take over, it happened before. The D/s side of our relationship depended entirely on Emily's submission, but it was clear that side of her was gone for now. Perhaps the idea of me being in that device had turned on her sadistic side.

Her hands moved from my neck and placed themselves on my cheeks, holding them tight and pulling me down to give me a kiss, biting the bottom of my lips in the process.
I was shocked she could bring this on so easily, change from the happy and silly Emily I knew, to this dominant creature in front of me.
In an ideal world, I would have put her in her place, made sure she knew I was the one in charge and commanded her to do my bidding, but I was powerless when she showed this side and I couldn't fight back knowing I was going into the belt later today. To make it worse, my body reacted positively to her being in charge with a tingle down below telling me I was enjoying this take charge version of my sister.

She moaned once more, biting the bottom of her lip as she let me lift my head up.

"Can you grab the box from under the bed?" Her fingers gingerly removed themselves from my body.

I felt helpless, I wanted to say something in return, make it seem as if what was happening was a joke, but I obeyed her command and stood up from the bed, giving her the full view of my panties and vest.

"Wait," She stopped me in the middle of my movement, "You wont need those."

Her finger pointed at the clothes that covered my body. I instinctively pulled my vest over my head and let my panties fall to the floor, standing in front of my sister; completely naked.

She smiled, "Good, now continue."

Feeling the cool, morning air exploring my now nude body, I walked the few steps to my sister's unused bed and brought out the box that lay underneath. That one box that started everything, started this relationship and our exploration into the world of BDSM and Petplay.
I picked it up and brought it back to my bed, placing it onto the blanket that covered the mattress.

Emily finally sat up, taking out the torn original petsuit and a few other items that we used over the years. She picked out a ball gag and placed it onto her side before returning back to the box. She stopped in her tracks, looking once more at the gag next to her.

"That would make things more interesting." She picked it up and moved herself to the edge of the bed, with her feet touching the floor, "Come here, kneel next to me."

She tapped her knee and I obeyed, I walked up to my sister and knelt down on my hands and knees, my hands automatically went behind my back.
The blonde girl didn't waste any time, placing the ball gag into my mouth and locking it behind my head, taking away my ability to speak. I looked at my sister with a pleading look in my eye, despite the growing yearning feeling down below, it was fun to play the innocent victim whilst Emily took control.

She continued to browse through the large box, taking her time to look at everything I had collected over the years. A pair of wrist restraints also made their way to her lap, but she didn't stop there, her eyes continued to glance before they finally opened up wide, as if she found what she was looking for.

"Ha!" She screamed, picking up the large, metallic ring that we both knew so well.

It was the lockable collar, the one that we both wore to show we were owned by the other. I had worn it when I was last the submissive one and Emily loved wearing it to the point that it was mentally painful for it to be removed.
Before Emily had left for university, she expressed the desire to wear it full time. As the collar sat in her hands now, I dreaded what was coming next.

"As you are wearing the belt for two weeks, I thought it would only make sense to make your outfit complete. I want you to wear this the whole time too, what do you think?"

With the gag in my mouth, I couldn't answer her verbally. I wanted her to be happy so I nodded slowly, glancing between the lockable collar and my sister's grinning face.

"Perfect!" She screeched, "I think they would go well together." She didn't waste any time opening the ring and placing it around my neck, with a loud click, the steel ring locked and hung loosely. My immediate thought was to pull at it with my hands, making sure that it was in place and wasn't going anywhere, but I decided to keep my hands behind my back.

It only took a few swift movements, but within seconds I had lost my freedom. The collar was around my neck and it will remain there for the next two weeks, two weeks that I'm sure Emily will love.

To my dread, my sister continued to browse through the box, moving the items inside very slowly to stretch out my torture. My eyes continued to glance down at the hand restraints that sat next to her bare thigh, I knew my day would involve those, but it was clear my sister was looking for something else. Quietly, she placed a blindfold next to the restraints before continuing her search.

"Found it!" She yelled with glee, picking up a familiar, metal and oval item in her hand.

My eyes almost fell out of my skull as she held the large buttplug that I forced her to wear when she first came back home.
I saw the metallic material shine in the light, my sister's full teeth were on display as she held the object up with one hand, as if it was a trophy.

I pleaded with my eyes once more, this time for real. I know I wouldn't have said no to whatever my sister desired, but I had never tried wearing a butt plug in front of her before and I had never in my life worn a buttplug that was of that size.
She reached in with her spare hand and grabbed the bottle of lube I kept in the box, before patting her lap, commanding me to lie across.

I could feel my heart beating against my chest, I knew I couldn't complain with the gag firmly in my mouth. I let my hands go from behind my back and crawled onto the bed. My mouth was dry as anything as I placed my head on the mattress and had my butt up in the air, giving her full access to that area.

"Good girl," she joked.

She brought my hands together behind my back, locking them together with the restraints I saw earlier. Now, I was truly helpless. In this position, my sister had full control and full access to my body; to do with as she pleased.

My body flinched as I felt her hand caress my soft buttcheek, placing her full palm against my skin and giving it a quick squeeze, causing me to whimper.

That whimper quickly turned into a muffled yelp as she let go off my butt, bringing her hand up and giving the area a full slap. I pulled against my wrist restraints and my legs began to tremble. Emily's hand left my body and shortly after it hit my butt again. The gag stopped me from screaming too loud, but as much as I hated what was happening, a part of me also loved it at the same time, the swift pain on my behind was continuing the expanding tingling between my legs.


I pulled my head up, the scream from the pain obviously had a more sexual moan behind it.

"Sounded like you enjoyed that a bit too much," Emily laughed.

My cheeks went red, I was used to being in her shoes, being the one in charge and punishing her in the way she liked. However, being the submissive in this scenario was humiliating, I felt exposed, like Emily could read everything about me. She knew I liked the pain, she knew I wouldn't say no to any of her requests, she knew I was happy with her being in charge.

I was too humiliated to say or do anything, I was Emily's plaything. The spankings quickly stopped as she noticed the red marks appearing against my skin, but that did not stop her exploring down there. Her fingers gently ran down my butt, between my legs and around my vagina.
The arousal from earlier meant my body did nothing to stop her wandering fingers from entering me, easily allowing them to slip deep inside.

"Wow, you must have enjoyed that," Emily giggled, her digits becoming covered in my juices.

My eyes ran to the back of my head, the sensation was incredible. Despite the entire week of us having fun, my sister taking charge was a change of scenery compared to what we usually did, everything was fresh, new and unique.

She explored my helpless body for a few more minutes, allowing the burning engine inside me to rev harder. The moans escaping the gag became more frequent and louder before she suddenly took her hand away from me.
I could hear her laughing, as if amused by how moist covered her fingers were. I tried to turn my head around, to see my sister's glee, but I suddenly stopped this motion as she once again placed her digits by my butt, her index finger pressed against the entrance to my anus.

I seized up, not moving an inch as the natural lube from earlier helped her glide in. The entire finger filling me up behind, with Emily cooing from the sensation of the soft, tight skin against hers.

I stuttered, a weird mixture of pain, pleasure and pressure filling me up. She pulled out, leaving just the tip still inside me before bringing her digit back in, forcing a mixture of grunts, moans and groans to leave the gag.
I'm sure that to Emily, this time inside me flew by, feeling entire minutes fly by in seconds, but to me, time dragged, with a minute feeling like an hour.

It wasn't painful, more strange with a small hint of pleasure.

Then her middle finger joined in, filling my hole with both of her digits. A noise escaped me that was similar to a horse's neigh as she explored the entirety of the insides with her index and middle finger.
Emily tried to shush me as I felt her stop with the movements, as if she began to focus on something else now. I tried to look around once more, seeing what my sister had planned next. I immediately wished I didn't do that as I noticed the metallic buttplug in her free hand, topped up with a layer of lube.

I placed my head back onto the mattress once the cold metal touched the outside. Emily withdrew her fingers and wasted no time introducing the foreign object into me. The plug itself was much wider than her two fingers, so the object only travelled so far before being stopped by my muscles.

I felt pain for the slightest of moments, as the plug filled me up and expanded my hole for its own use. My legs shook for a moment, before the plug eased its way inside me, pushing past my muscles and disappearing entirely inside me, leaving only the jewel that sat on the bottom of the object on show.

I finally relaxed, almost slumping onto the mattress and the knees of my sister. My body felt full, heavy with the undeniable need to push hard down there, however, no matter how much I pushed, the object was too large for me to pull out alone.


I groaned loudly into the gag as Emily returned to the torment of slapping my ass.


Another three more hits on my already red ass.

"How does that feel?" she jested with me, "Doesn't it feel good?"

I had no choice but to confirm the pleasure I was receiving, a negative answer would surely end in more punishment.

"I'm glad you like it, it can stay in there until Tanya comes to put on the belt"

My eyes went wide once again, I didn't realise Tanya was coming here, I thought we were driving to her store? I know now why Emily was acting the way she was, she loved getting Tanya to see what predicaments I got myself into.
I moaned through my gag and pulled at my restraints, I knew it did no good but I had to show her that I wasn't keen on the idea. However, I believed Tanya had seen me in worse states, so this shouldn't be a surprise to her.

Being in my sister's arms was soothing, I knew this was only the beginning of the humiliating day, but her warm hands against my body felt amazing. Carefully, she turned me around on her lap and rested me as if I was an infant, her right hand behind my back to keep me upright, allowing me to stare right into her eyes; ignoring the invading object inside me.

She soothed me for a few more minutes before she decided to take away my sight. I opened my eyes to see her placing the blindfold around the top of my head, using her one free hand to pull it down and cover my eyes. Once the world went dark, I could feel every sensation much more clearer, the feeling of the leather cuffs pulling my wrists together, the cool feeling of the collar around my neck and the hard, plastic gag that sat between my teeth.

All I could do was whimper softly, as I waited for whatever my sister wanted to do next.

I didn't have to wait long as I felt Emily's hand travel down my stomach, teasing my nerves with the slightest touch of her fingertips, I had no control over the moans that escaped from behind the gag, getting louder and louder as I anticipated the pleasure from her fingers.

I pushed my head into my sister's chest as she reached my clit, covering her white vest in my spit as she massaged them using both fingers, once again, the wetness down below only helped her explore where she needed to.

The feeling was more intense than before, the buttplug inside me making every sensation feel much more extreme. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as an orgasm began to approach, the foreign object inside me and the playing earlier caused it to come much more quickly than usual. I couldn't help but audibly moan as my sister's hand worked its magic, bringing me close to the point of no return, only to stop short of hitting the edge.

My body trembled as I groaned through the gag, frustrated by her teasing, but as soon as the feeling started to fade, she returned to teasing my helpless clit.

I couldn't tell how long had passed, despite my body telling me I was tormented for hours; my brain suggested it couldn't have been any longer than one hour at most. Emily took much delight in teasing me, continuously bringing me to the point of orgasm before stopping completely in her tracks. I didn't know how she knew, but she knew exactly the point I was going to explode and stopped just short.

My body screamed at me, I was tired and sore from the whole experience, but it desperately wanted the orgasm still. It wasn't just my vagina that my sister explored, my breasts and even my mouth had been penetrated by her fingers, allowing me to taste my own sweet juices.

"I think that is enough of that," Emily stated, despite the situation, she continued to use her sweet voice.

She finally took off the wrist restraints, but the blindfold and gag remained in place. She slowly helped me to the floor, forcing me onto my hands and knees without any audible commands. Soon, I knelt naked as she walked to the other side of the bedroom, only allowing me to hear her movements as I sat in complete darkness. I heard her as she undressed herself and had a quick wash in the ensuite bathroom, knowing that it was almost agony for me as I awaited the next touch or command.

I could tell she loved my situation, my body desperately wanted my fingers to explore deep inside, using whatever I could to achieve orgasm. However, with Emily in charge, I knew I would be punished if I did so. I couldn't tell if she was watching me, or if she would be able to hear my movements, but with the looming dread of wearing the chastity belt later, I didn't want to step out of line. I'm sure she would love to make my punishment more severe than it already was, all she was waiting for was for me to step out of line.

"There… all refreshed," I heard her sigh to herself as she walked out of the bathroom.

She took a few steps to her bed, which was still empty except for the box that contained our 'adult' toys. She found what she was looking for after a quick search of the contents, after that walked steadily towards me. My body trembled in anticipation as I questioned what she took out of the box; it could have been anything at this point. I was mentally thinking of the entire contents of the box, from cat ears to powerful vibrators; what my sister could do to me was almost limitless.

I mentally sighed a breath of relief as I felt her lift my head up, clipping a pet lead to my steel collar.

My sister pulled me towards the living room. At this point, it was completely normal for either me or Emily to be crawling on our hands and knees in the house, a majority of the time in our latex outfits with Tanya looking after us.
We had become so used to playing our naughty games in this house that it felt weird when Jane and Dad were around and we had to act like typical sisters; not that we were together often as a family.

Despite being introduced to petplay with the latex outfits, it wasn't uncommon for either me or Emily to be walked completely naked. The empty walls of the house seeing our nude bodies had become a regular occurrence, being blindfolded, bound or gagged was also a familiar feeling, but what was new was the intruder inside me, the metal buttplug that moved up and down every second I was crawling, the harsh, cool material pushed tight inside me, reminding me that I had no control over the situation.

Emily took a seat on the comfortable chair that faced the tv, commanding me to lie down where her feet rested, as I laid on my back; she used my bare body to place her feet on, placing her left foot on my soft breasts and the other on my stomach.

There I stayed for the next hour, Emily using my body as a small footrest, the heels of her feet resting against my soft, naked skin. I assumed it was an hour, even if I wanted to ask her how long I was down there; the gag prevented any speech. I could tell she was doing a mixture of reading and watching tv, the sound of the pages turning was much louder than the daytime tv that was showing on the screen.

It was relaxing, resting on the floor by myself whilst my sister's bare feet were gently placed against my stomach. I could feel myself going back to sleep, but the odd movement from her kept me awake.

The front door rang.

"Ooooh! Here she is!" Emily exclaimed, jumping off the sofa and running out of the room.

I stayed still, we both knew it was Tanya at the door, despite the many times she had seen me naked, the urge to cover up never left me. I wouldn't have thought there would be an extreme punishment from my sister if I did use my hands to cover my exposed breasts and vagina. Wearing the belt for two weeks was a bigger punishment than she could ever give me, but I still didn't want to displease her.

"Oh… oh god, Em!" I heard Tanya's voice from the entrance, a hint of a mischievous giggle in her voice; along with concern, "You are really having fun here, aren't you?"

Two lots of footsteps entered the living room, I felt all four of their eyes on me, staring at my completely naked body.

Emily replied, "Sorry, I couldn't help myself."

"Well, she's naked so that helps… I guess, Is… is she wearing the collar, too?"

"Yeah, we both thought we should go all out"

'Both of us?" I mentally added to the conversation.

"As long as you both are happy" Tanya said in a more neutral tone, placing a heavy box onto the coffee table, "Okay, here we go, one female chastity belt."

"Yes! I can't wait!" Emily was pretty much jumping for joy at this stage.

Despite Tanya coming over to place me inside the belt, it took both her and Emily much longer than I thought to get to me. Even though she rarely participated, the store owner knew to play along with us when we were having our fun, she judged from the situation what was happening and went with it. The two women left me there on the floor as Emily treated Tanya to a cup of tea, this was drawn out as they began to have a conversation in the kitchen; just out of earshot from me, the entire time I didn't move, remaining as just a foot rest for my temporary mistress.
Even though I could not see, or speak and I was left completely alone, the box containing the chastity belt on the table was a constant reminder of what was going to happen, as if haunting me.

After what felt like ages, the two women returned to the room and I was commanded by my sister to get onto my knees. It wasn't a difficult request, but it took my body a while to move since I had spent so long laying on my back.
I knelt onto the soft carpet with my legs spread apart, giving both women a full view of my naked body. I couldn't tell if they were looking at me, but I could feel their eyes digging into my skin. Once I was in that position, I placed my hands behind my back as a show of servitude towards them, along with my head bowed down.

"Well, you have her trained well" Tanya laughed at my submissive movements.

"Yeah" Emily joined in, "Are you ready, Sammy?"

An audible groan came through the gag, I was still very turned on from the teasing Emily gave me earlier, my clit was begging to be touched once more, it wasn't ready to go into the belt just yet, but I assumed that was her plan all along; making sure I was begging for release before taking away my freedom for two weeks.
I wanted to ask for five more minutes, just sometime to touch myself and release the tension inside me. However, I knew deep down that no matter how much I begged, I would not be having an orgasm before I got locked away.

I nodded, slowly.

"Oh!" Emily suddenly spurted out, "I forgot about the buttplug inside her!"

"The buttplug?"

Tanya's question fell on deaf ears as my sister rushed to my side, placing her hands near my butt. I expected her to immediately pull out the foreign object, but she stopped at holding my cheeks open, with the emerald end of the plug visible to her.

"I'm going to need you to push it out" My sister commanded.

I made a sound in the shape of a question.

"It's a large plug, I know… I've worn it myself. I can't just pull it out, I'll need you to push it and I'll meet you halfway."

I nodded again, gritting my teeth into the ball gag as I pushed below. I felt the foreign object move, with the bottom of the plug sticking out, the larger part began to stretch my ass open, but the plug was too large to shift by myself.
I groaned, screaming at my sister to do her part.

"A bit further!" She screamed back at me.

I took a long breath in before I continued straining again, pushing the plug out as far as I could, the continued sting from below telling me that I was pushed to my limit, I expected to feel any movement from behind, to feel my sister take the end of the plug, but nothing.

I breathed back in, forcing the plug back inside my body. I forced out a loud grunt to show Emily of my frustration, she wasn't doing her part to get the object out from inside me and I knew she was doing it on purpose.

"Sorry, Sam!" Emily pretended to be sorry, "I couldn't grab it in time!"

"Mmmmmph!" I shouted.

"Hang on, let me see what I can do"

Finally, her hand reached out and touched the end of the plug, she gripped the base with all of her fingers and I waited for her to tell me to push again. However, without saying anything; she pulled the entire plug out of my body, without any effort from my part and an audible 'pop' as the foreign object left my body.

I screamed once more, in both frustration and discomfort as it was the weirdest feeling for an object to be taken out of me without any straining.

"There we go!" Emily's voice had a hint of glee in it.

"That was mean, Em," Tanya said, I imagined with her arms crossed.

Despite the seriousness of Tanya's tone before, the two girls erupted into laughter. With the feeling of emptiness down below, the only thing I could focus on now was how horny I was, the desire to be touched down there, with the removal of the plug almost adding to the desperation.
The sound of Tanya opening the box and getting the chastity belt out was an answer to my question, I would have to wait the full two weeks before achieving my orgasm.

"How does it feel?" Tanya asked, pulling at the sides.

I didn't know how to answer the store owner's question. I was free of the gag and other restraints, but I remained speechless. I was still naked in front of her and my sister, except for one thing, the new metal belt that covered my lower half. A thick, steel belt locked tight to the sides of my stomach, a long plate covering my vagina, with just enough room to allow me to go to the toilet. The back of the belt is thin, cozying up between my buttocks; with a large hole giving access to my ass.

The belt was sealed with two keys, one on the long plate covering up my sex and the other at the top of the belt, keeping it tight to my stomach.
I pulled and twisted the belt, it was going nowhere… I was completely locked in.

"Samantha?" Tanya bugged me again, "Everything okay?"

"Yeah" I finally said, the first word I said to the store owner since she got here, "What is two weeks, right?"

I was finally let out of my bonds once the belt was placed on me, I realised I didn't even see my vagina since this morning, before Emily began playing with me. The yearning that she caused had begun to settle, but it was far from fading away. I had the desperate need to pull the belt off and finish myself off, giving me the orgasm I've been dying for since Emily first started touching me.

My sister placed her arms around me, giving me a hug from behind and kissing me gently on the cheek.
I both loved her and hated her at this moment in time, because of her I was in this belt, because of her I was frustrated, because of her I was…

I turned towards her, her soft expression and large eyes stared back at me, the intoxicating feeling of being near her entered my body and I felt nothing but love for my temporary mistress.

"Two weeks," I sighed, my eyes staring down at her lips.

"Two weeks." She smiled back.

I pulled her close, connecting our lips together, her arms went down from my shoulders to my hips, with her fingers teasing the metal material around my waist.
Emily pulled me tightly, embracing me even harder than before with her tongue massaging mine.
I could see Tanya standing awkwardly in the corner, waiting for us to finish our carnal activities with her phone in her hand.
After a few seconds, we finally parted lips.

"I need to take a few pics for the website, to show everyone who voted for you that you went through with it," The store owner stated.

"Okay, back to work," I giggled softly, pulling myself away from my sister.

Emily stood back as Tanya crouched in front of me, taking close up pics of the belt without getting my face or anything recognizable in frame. As the store owner manoeuvred her way around me to get as many photos as possible, I couldn't take my eyes off my sister. The way she looked me up and down as she bit her lower lip, it was as if seeing me in this state was exciting for her.
I couldn't help but fall in love with her everytime I looked at her, especially as she looked at me in the same way, with eyes full of love and lust.

We both laughed, it was a surreal situation but nothing we hadn't done before. I wondered what would happen once the two weeks were up, I remembered what Tanya said long ago, that Emily would only be dominant if she wanted me to get my revenge. I knew she was expecting retaliation, maybe that was why she was biting her lip? Knowing that as soon as I was free, I would push her further than before.

For now, I was her slave. With my sister having the keys to the collar around my neck and the store owner having the keys to my belt. My freedom was in the hands of two separate people.

I sighed as I put on my shorts, I hiked the clothes as high up and I could but the top of the belt still showed. No shorts, trousers or skirts were high enough to hide the metal casing of my chastity.
I grabbed a shirt and covered the top of my body with it, making sure to grab a shirt that was long enough to cover my stomach.
During these two weeks, I would have to be careful with what I wore. Wearing the wrong thing would show my secret.

The room that just moments ago shared laughter with two close people was now empty. Tanya took her photos and Emily gave me a longer kiss before they disappeared. Emily was now back at university and the house returned to its silent self.

I pulled down the shirt as far as it would go. For a second, I looked normal, but a quick feel of my waist beneath the shirt reminded me of what was under the clothes.
Hopefully, the yearning feeling would cease soon and I could forget about my predicament.

I sighed loudly, patting the belt as I tried to figure out what to do with myself now. It was odd not having Emily around, a whole week in each other's presence made me feel like we were connected, almost like one person. Even before this week, we spent nearly the whole summer together; having hardly any time apart, being alone now felt unfamiliar.

My thoughts were interrupted by car lights illuminating the room, Jane's car drove down the road and parked up in the drive. I ran out of my room, towards the hallway to see my dad and Jane coming through the entrance.

"Home at last!" My dad laughed.

He looked thinner than the man who left for France at the beginning of the week, thinner and healthier, both him and Jane had a light tan. I jumped at my dad, wrapping my arms around him.
He was initially shocked but that soon returned back to the laughter.

"Wasn't expecting this! Are we in the right house?" He began to place his arms around me.

The moment I felt his hands touch the outside of the belt through my shirt, I jumped back and went in to hug Jane, hoping he wouldn't question what he felt, that's if he thought he felt something.

"This is nice," Jane joined in, "You must have missed us."

"Of course I did!" I hugged Jane tighter, "How was France?"

"Oh, it was wonderful. The culture, the food… even your dad enjoyed himself."

I finally let go of the older woman and turned towards my father, "Dad? How was it?"

"Hot," he replied, as he walked towards the living room.

Me and Jane were left by the entrance, the front door was still open, letting in the cool, evening air.

"Is everything okay?" I asked Emily's mother.

"Yeah… yeah, you know your dad, he's not happy unless he is home." She let out a long sigh, "I'm going to grab the rest of the luggage from the car and then fixing myself a drink, I'm thinking a coffee… or maybe something stronger."

Jane brought me in for another hug, "It's good to be home" she continued, "How is our girl doing?"


"Of course, I'm assuming she came over whilst we were away."

"She's hard at work at school."

"…sure" She winked at me before going outside to the car.

I chuckled to myself, it felt as if we couldn't hide anything from Jane anymore. Ever since she saw us that one time, she seemed to have a sixth sense about what we did behind her back.
I turned around and walked towards the living room, expecting to see my dad on the sofa or the chair, but he was no longer in the room. The back door was open, filling the living room with cool air.

I continued to walk out of the house and into the garden, the large stretch of grass welcomed me once more, I could still remember when Emily walked me for the first time in the original suit and when Tanya more recently walked me and Emily as her pets. These memories were always the first to pop into my head when I saw the garden, even though it was dark I could see everything so clearly.

"Hey" My dad interrupted my daydreaming.

He too was staring at the garden, he was sitting on the wooden bench with his hands together. It was weird seeing him so quiet, so calm; but with a thousand thoughts on his mind.

"Hey Dad, you okay?" I asked, joining him on the bench, trying to move in a way that looked natural and not give away my inability to move the bottom half of my stomach, "You seemed pretty quiet in there."

"You noticed that, huh?"

"Yeah, do you want to talk about it?"

Me and him weren't fond of opening up to each other. Ever since my mother died, we did everything we could to keep our personal life separate; but since seeing him in the hospital after his accident, our dynamic had shifted slightly.

He let out a long sigh, "It's just… not fair you know, you bust your ass for the same company for twenty years and one thing causes it to crumble."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm not getting better, Sam" He stated as his gaze continued to look towards the garden, "They thought with the angina medicine and a relaxing holiday… they thought it should be enough to fix the problem."

"I'm sorry to hear that, Dad."

"Not as sorry as me, the only option I have now is surgery."


"Me and Jane just got back from the hospital, we got back in the country this morning."

"What about your job?"

"They are talking it over, I have a meeting with them tomorrow. However, it's likely they will be talking early retirement… or teaching if I am lucky."

"I'm sorry, Dad" I didn't know what else to say.

"It's fine… everything will be okay." He finally looked away from the garden and turned towards me, "How have you been?"

"I've… been okay."

"Jane told me you were having nightmares? Is that true?"


"I'm sorry I never noticed before, what are you dreaming about when you have these nightmares?"

I sighed, turning away from my dad and looking out to the garden, just like he was doing moments before, "Mom, mostly."


"Everytime I dream of her, it's like she is getting further and further away from me. At the beginning she was outside of the room I was in and I couldn't open the door to get to her, the worst I had was standing on the top floor of a skyscraper whilst she is walking away on ground level. I… I know we have lost her, but it feels like I am losing her again."

Dad noticed the tears that began to fill my eyes, "I know, it's tough. I can't say a single day goes by that I don't think about your mother."


"Yeah, you were so angry with me that I found Jane, but I will always love your mother and I will never stop thinking about her for as long as I live."

"… I was angry" I said as I recalled the numerous arguments we both shared, "I wanted you to be happy but I thought you were going to forget about Mom… I'm sorry, I was selfish."

"Are you sure you are my daughter?" he grinned, "I've never seen you like this before."

"I feel like a lot has changed since we've lived here."

"Yeah, can you believe it's almost been a year?"

I smiled at him, I didn't realise time had gone that quickly, but I had changed alot since being with Emily. When I first came to this house, I was screaming at my Dad for having to share a room with the blonde-haired girl, now we share the same bed. Emily's enthusiastic nature wore my heart down until I wasn't full of hate anymore, I've almost forgotten what it's like to be angry.

"Scary how quickly time flies by" I finally answered him.

"Yeah, it was the start of the summer, can you believe Emily will finish university soon?"

"Wow, didn't realise that was so soon."

"Yeah. Anyway… I wanted to tell you about my situation because I don't want anymore secrets between us. I want us to carry on forward being honest about everything with each other."

"Yeah, that would be nice."

"I'm glad you think so."



Why did he have to talk about being honest with him? Me and Emily have been seeing each other for almost a year now and we've managed to hide our secret pretty well so far. Sure, Jane knew about us but I've always thought she was more understanding than my father was, as years of us two fighting had made it perfectly clear to me that he wouldn't have taken the news well.
The man in front of me was almost completely different, the man I was angry with for years had gone, taken away from me due to the health problems, in his place was a much calmer person, someone who wanted to take back the last few years of our lives and return to a much more calmer and understanding relationship.

To me, he looked broken, as if all the fight had left him and he was more accepting of the situation. As much as I hated to see him suffering like this, it was nice to see him reach out to me.

"Dad… Jane and Emily are great" My voice was shaking, was I really going to admit to this?

"He chuckled, I'm glad you think so, I want you to be happy around them, at first I was nervous that you wouldn't be, with your attitude to sharing a room with Emily."

"Yeah, Dad… I love Emily."

"Well, that's fantastic. I wasn't expecting you to love them both like family, but it's nice to hear that you like them."

He still didn't understand. My heart was beating a hundred times a minute. Why… Why didn't he understand what I was trying to say? Why did I want to tell him? I'm sure me, Emily and Jane could all keep the secret for a few years longer.

"Dad…" I placed my hand on top of his, I could feel the tips of my fingers tremble.

He stopped staring at the garden and locked his eyes onto mine, I had his full attention, the soft smile on his face tore my heart into two, I didn't know what the outcome of this would be.

"What's the matter?" he asked.

"Dad… I love Emily."

He smiled for a second, only a second before his face got serious with a hint of confusion.
The world was quiet, I couldn't hear anything. Jane was silent indoors and the choir of the night time bugs had ceased.

"W-what do you mean?" He questioned me in a neutral tone.

I cleared my throat before I sheepishly confirmed what I stated earlier, "I… love Emily."


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