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Sam and Em

by ForeverAltered

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© Copyright 2023 - ForeverAltered - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; fpov; chastity; collar; shop; costume; latex; rom; cons; X

"Dad?" I asked.

He was shocked, but only for a moment. It was as if he had a second emotion that overcame the first one. His eyes soon left mine and were looking over the darkness of the garden. He was calm, I was expecting many different emotions to come from him as I knew one day he would find out about us. I was expecting him to be angry, I was expecting him to be confused and I even expected him to be sad, calm was the last one I thought I would get.

"Dad?" I asked again.

He continued to look into the darkness that stood straight ahead of him, his body never moved, his arms sat at his sides with his hands resting on his lap. He was breathing… that was one good sign I suppose, but the rest of his body was void of any emotion.

"Dad? Please say something?"

"Just… just give me a minute" He finally said.

I tried to relax my body, sit next to him and be as calm as he was, my racing heart was what stopped me. I couldn't rest knowing he had that information and I couldn't tell what his next movement would be, what the next words out of his mouth would be.

Throughout my entire life, I had never been this on edge.

"Dad, please say something" This time it was more of a request than a question, I needed to know what he was thinking.

"Please… Just give me a minute" He copied his same answer from before.


"I'm just confused" He interrupted the beginning of my next sentence, "That's all, it's… it's a lot to take in, okay?"

"Are you mad?"

He sighed out a loud and long sigh, "No, it's just…"


"It's just the last thing I expected you to say, how long has this been going on for?"

"A while."

"Does she love you back?"

"Yeah, she really does."

He breathed out again, finally bringing himself forwards as he placed his hands over his face.

"Who else knows?"

"Mom does… er, um… Jane does, she found out a while ago."

"I didn't think you were into women?"

"I'm not… well, I don't think I was, but it's just Emily, she's different."


His glance once again returned to the garden, but he kept the same posture; leaning forwards with his head in his hands. He went silent once more, still processing the news I gave him.

"You're not mad?" I asked, gingerly.

Another sigh, "No, I'm not mad."

He sat back up as he scratched the thin stubble that covered the bottom of his face. I finally let down my guard as I knew he wouldn't start yelling at me for my sins. It felt good in a way, like a heavy burden had been lifted from my shoulders, but I still expected something, a large explosion to come from him, a huge fight to happen between us as it always happened when we had conflicts.

"Are you happy?" He asked.

That took me off guard, it was a genuine question with no bad emotions behind his words. He even looked back at me as soon as the question left his mouth.

"Yes, yes I am happy."

It felt so strange with him being so understanding. It was clear that he was confused about the whole situation, but there was zero signs of negativity coming from him.

I jumped forward, giving him the biggest hug I had ever given anyone before, my thin arms grabbing his large chest as tight as I possibly could. I was overwhelmed with a sense of loving and care from him, with a level of understanding I would have never thought we would have together. There were no words that could signify what I was thinking at that moment, so a hug had to do.

"Y'know, I should have thought something was going on" He started to say, I was too deep in the hug to question him, he wrapped his arms around mine before he continued talking, "You've been unusually happy since we've been here, a complete change to how you used to be. I thought you might have met a boy… how wrong I was."

We both burst out laughing as I finally let go.

He continued, "I do have a few questions though."

"Ask away" I continued to smile.

The morning rays peeked through the curtains as I walked in and sat on my bed. My body was refreshed from the morning shower and was currently wrapped in a towel.

Whilst the feeling of the warm water against my skin was nice, it felt odd not being able to cover my entire body. The chastity belt hung tightly against my waist and travelled down to cover my vagina. It was soon becoming the bane of my existence, Emily did an amazing job at teasing me to the point that I still desperately needed to orgasm; even nearly a whole day afterwards.

I dreaded to think how I was going to spend the next two weeks in this thing, even getting desperate enough to try and point the shower head through the small gaps to get some pleasure, all to no avail.

I threw my towel off before walking to the mirror to inspect my figure. My hands gripped the edges of the belt to try and move it as best I could, but it wouldn't shift at all, not that I've already tried a good amount of times to move it. My reflection showed the belt had dug in around the waist, pushing my skin in and making the metal device look more uncomfortable than it already was.

That was not the only piece of metal I was wearing, the collar that Emily placed on me sat tight around my neck; I truly felt like a slave with these two items off, a temporarily permanent acknowledgement that my freedom was gone. With Emily having the keys to the collar and being a long drive away and Tanya having the keys to my belt and not letting them go until the two weeks had gone, I had to get used to my bonds as they were staying on for a long time.

I opened up my clothes drawers and got out a clean bra, I didn't bother putting on any panties, the chastity belt already felt like a pair and it would be odd placing them over the cold, metal material.

Once the bra was on, I picked up a pair of denim shorts, a cute pair that had a shredded look at the bottom, I pulled them up as high as they could go, but it was never enough to completely cover the belt, with it going up half my stomach; I had to use a selection of tops and shorts to completely cover the humiliating device.

I buttoned the shorts up and picked out a nice shirt, it was white with a picture of a cat's face on it, with the cat having a top hat and fake moustache edited onto its face. The top belonged to Emily, but I loved the design so much that I managed to steal it off her.

As I prepared to put the top on, I heard the door to the bedroom squeak open and Jane's tall body entered the room. I yelped, it was completely unintentional but I was caught completely off guard. Luckily, I was standing on the opposite side of the bed to the door and managed to duck down before she managed to see the entirety of my body. Seeing me in my bra was not a problem for me, but the metal belt that stood out from my shorts was the thing I didn't want her to see.

"Oh, sorry! Should have knocked!" she apologised, covering her eyes with one hand.

"It's okay!" I said, with my cheeks red as I expected her to say something.

I managed to fall onto my butt as both my hands were in the process of pulling the shirt down over my body. I pulled them right down, covering the top of my shorts. I even took a few seconds to make sure they were hiding all the metal.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Umm…" She peeked from behind her hand.

I gave out a nervous chuckle, "You can look now."

"Oh, sorry. Your Dad is at the hospital today, he'll be there a majority of the day as he had a few meetings to discuss…"

"His heart?"

"Yeah, I didn't have any plans today, did you want to come to the shops with me? I thought we could have a girl's day, just me and you?"

"Ah, I would… but I have to get to work. We can do it some other time though, honestly it sounds like a good idea."

"I didn't realise you were working today, sorry."

I finally stood up, feeling awkward talking to her from behind the bed, "It's only a few deliveries, so I should be back fairly early if you still wanted to do something?"

"Yeah, sure. Hope you have a good day." She turned to leave, gripping the door as she was about to close it behind her.

"Jane?" I asked, placing my hand on the door.

"Yes, sweet?"

"Did Dad talk to you? Yesterday after we spoke outside?"

"Yes… he did."

"Oh… he seemed happy for us, I'm still doubting myself if I should have told him though."

She smiled. "He only seemed angry that he didn't know sooner."

"It's weird, isn't it?"

"What makes you say that?"

"I didn't expect Dad to be so accepting. I was expecting him to blow up or scream the place down, the very least I was expecting was for him to give me the silent treatment for the next few years."

"I think he might have caught on to something happening."

I gave her a puzzled look, "What do you mean?"

"As you know, due to what happened, we had to cancel the wedding. When me and your Dad were in France; he came up with the idea of eloping, making it a surprise when we got back. I told him we would try and arrange something when we get back; he didn't seem too pleased about it. I didn't want us to get married if it makes things awkward between you and Emily."

"Yeah, me and Emily have had similar talks before. I felt it was weird at first, I hurt Emily… I hurt her alot when I said we couldn't date, it would be like dating my sister."

The room went silent, as if we were both accepting how awkward the situation was. I felt bad knowing my dad and Emily's mom had the chance to get married, but didn't due to the relationship between their children. Yesterday, I saw my father was a changed man, with a new perspective on life after his illness, he deserved to be happy.

"I'm sorry, you and Dad should have gotten married in France," I admitted.

"It's okay, Samantha. We are happy as we are."

"Promise me one thing, you and Dad will have that talk about it. Don't think about me or Emily, just put your happiness first."

"We will do that, thanks Sam. Won't it be awkward between you two? If we did get married?"

"Yeah, it will be at first, but we will deal with it."

"Thank you, Sam. That is very grown up of you."

"No worries, I have to get to work now."

"Can I ask one last question before you go?"


"What was that metal thing I saw around your waist?"

"C'mon! C'mon!" I pushed the key in the ignition.

The van's shell hummed as the engine continued vibrating, coughing loudly as it failed to turn on. I couldn't get out of there fast enough, running past Jane once she asked that question, I couldn't bear the thought of talking to her about my chastity belt. Lying to her that if I didn't leave now, I would have been late for my job.

I sighed loudly, letting go of the key and allowing the machine to return to its silent form. I slapped the steering wheel, as if punishing the vehicle would get it going, afterward I turned the car key again and the engine responded by rumbling loudly once more, spinning over and over without the light to get it going.

I yelled loudly as I fell back to the seat. Throwing my hands against my face, trying to cover my eyes against the situation that I found myself in.

My gaze was caught by a figure standing at the front door of the bungalow. Jane heard what was happening and came out to see me.

I placed my head on the steering wheel as she approached my car.

"Everything okay?" She asked as she opened up the passenger door.

"It's not turning on," I moaned into the fake leather material.

"Have you had this issue before?"


"I have an idea, how about I drive you to work?"

"I still have to do a bunch of deliveries today."

"I'll help with that too."


"Yeah, sounds like fun."

Jane closed the door and walked around, opening the driver's side to help me get out. I laughed to myself softly, it was odd what this woman found fun. I assumed she wasn't someone who enjoyed spending the day alone, sitting in front of the TV or reading a book. She did look disappointed that I initially wasn't going to be spending the day with her. I guess with Emily at University, Dad at work and me just heading off, she probably hated the idea of being alone for the day. Emily was the exact same: like mother, like daughter.

I focused on the world outside as Jane drove me to work. I took in the green hills, the houses of many colours and the morning sky. I wanted to focus on anything that wasn't my current situation, the top of that list was the belt that held me tightly and Jane was a close second, who was very intrigued by what I had around my waist.

"It would be very nice to see where you work," She said with a large smile.

"It's nothing special" I tried my best to brush it off.

"Where exactly do you work? I know you said it was a delivery job, but I don't believe you told me or your father where exactly it is."

I deliberately didn't tell them where. I knew my dad would not have been too pleased if I told him I worked for a sex shop.

"Oh, it's just a small shop close by."

"What's the name of the shop?"

"Uhhh… It's just round the corner."

"Down here?"


Jane turned the car down a road and went down a one way street. I didn't know why I was struggling to tell her about it, it's not like she would have much of an issue about where I worked and she would find out very quickly where it was."

"It's just up here" I pointed up the road, "You can park right in front of the shop, we won't be here long."

"Just here?… The black coloured shop?"


The tires screeched slightly from the brakes hitting them, forcing the car to come to a complete halt. Jane put on the handbrake and turned the engine off, she didn't look at the shop or attempt to get out. She just sat back in the seat with her hand covering her mouth as if she had something on her mind

"It's here, we better not be long," I said, I could hear the nervousness in my voice.

"You work… here?" She asked, putting on her stern voice, one I only heard her use on Emily.


"So, when you saw me shopping with Emily's dad, I'm guessing you were here at the time?"

My blood went cold, I somehow completely forgot about that. How could I have been so stupid? Of course she came in, Emily had that huge tantrum about seeing her parents together.

"Oh… yeah." That was all I could say, my brain almost stopped working.

"Were you working here then?"

"No, I wasn't… I was just helping out."

I needed a shovel for how large of a hole I was digging myself into.

Jane placed one hand over my forehead and the other over my mouth, focusing directly on my eyes.

"What?" I asked.

She took her hands back and fell back into her seat, "You were dressed in that black outfit, weren't you?"

"Oh… Umm…"

I was. I was wearing the latex pet outfit with a shirt covering my chest. I went directly up to her to help her out. How could I be so stupid, bringing her here, I was unravelling my entire secret life in front of her by complete accident.

"You were! You wore that skin-tight shiny outfit, with the pet ears! I remember you!"


"Please don't tell me Emily works here too!"

"No, she doesn't." This was the one truth I could tell her.

Jane scoffed as she pulled the key out of the ignition and stepped out of the car. I jumped out too and followed Emily's mother, she walked straight past me and directly into the store.

When the automatic doors opened for her, I felt a knot in my stomach as I watched her storm in, with hundreds of sexy outfits and items welcoming her in.

"Hi, how are you doing today?" Tanya welcomed the woman in.

"Just great."

Jane didn't stop and walked past the counter, hardly giving any attention to my boss. Tanya's face lit up once she noticed me dragging my feet behind the older woman, a look on my face that said I didn't want to be here.

"Is that who I think it is?" the large woman's finger pointed towards Jane.

"That's Emily's mother, yes."

"Oh wow, you can really see the resemblance, why did you bring her here?"

"That lousy van of yours crapped out this morning, Jane wanted to give me a lift and… well, here we are."

"Ooooh, sorry."

"Excuse me?!" Jane walked back towards us with the attitude still in her steps, she walked until she was within arms width of me, "You said you work here?"

A large sigh left my lips, "Yeah, I do."

"Well, I'm going to need some help and it doesn't look like you are very busy right now."


"Yeah, I need to find a sexy outfit for my partner and YOU will help me find one."

My jaw dropped, my eyes immediately jumped to Tanya who was giving the biggest grin I had ever seen her give.

"W-What?" I stuttered.

"That's right, I'm not leaving until I've brought the skimpiest, sluttiest outfit I can find!"

Tanya guffawed, slamming her hand down on the till in front of her.

"I-I… Wha…?" I couldn't muster up any words.

Jane continued the strict mood but broke it slightly with a smile, "That's right, I've seen what you and my daughter get up to and I've heard more than I should, now I'm going to put you in my shoes."

I whimpered, "Please… don't."

"Now, your Dad loves a sexy police woman uniform, do you have any of those in stock?"

I screamed, placing both my hands over my ears and making a noise to drown out what my step-mother was saying. The words that were coming out of her mouth were enough to traumatise me; I know she knew more about me and Emily's life than I would like, but this revenge was more extreme than I would like.

Tanya forced the hands of my head, "Sammy, do you think you could help this lady?"

I sighed, "Yeah, I can help."

I accepted my fate, taking one last look at Tanya before I dragged my feet after Jane. I was hating every moment of this, but I had to admit that something did make me laugh. Seeing Jane in this way really reminded me of Emily, how she pouts and tries to get her way, no matter how unrealistic it may be. I remembered the time she tore the original pet suit and did anything she could to get a replacement, she held the suit in her hands the entire way back to Tanya's store.

The apple really doesn't fall too far from the tree.

The moment only lasted that long, a moment, before I remembered what fate had in store for me. I had to find a sexual outfit for my step-mother to wear to please my father. Even thinking those words was enough to make me feel sick.

All I could do was follow her around the store as she began searching through the racks of sexy outfits we had. I tried to take my mind off what was happening and tried to see her as just another customer who walked in.

"How are you feeling?" Tanya asked me as I walked behind the counter, slamming my head onto the glass.

"So, so, Jane is really enjoying herself," I murmured to myself.

Tanya poked at the chastity belt that hung around my hips, "I was referring to this, but I'm glad she is loving this, it might be embarrassing for you, but at least I'm making a sale today."

I sighed loudly, for a moment I did forget about the bondage that was locked around my waist. Luckily, I wasn't thinking of anything sexual with the events that just happened.

Tanya lifted up my shirt, exposing the top of the belt and tugged at the top, making sure they weren't too tight or loose, or making any marks on my skin.

Luckily, the store was completely empty, apart from my step-mother trying on some of the outfits in the changing room.

"It's okay, I'm getting used to it now."

"Are you?"

"No! I want it off already!"

"It looks alright, let me know if it is too tight or causing any damage."

"Will you let me out if it was?"

"Oh, heavens no, I will just adjust it so it fits better. I'm afraid you will be in there for the full two weeks".

I sighed again, slamming my body into the counter.

Tanya continued, "So, what got your step-mom into this mood?"

"Oh, I never told her I worked here and it seems like she is punishing me for it."

"Is that it? I got a whole list of things that you have done, that would make her punish you even worse."

"Please, don't encourage her… I… I also told Dad about me and Emily."

"W-What?" Her hand covered her mouth.

"Dad knows about me and Emily now, I told him last night when he came back home."

"You've waited until now to tell me this?! How did he take it?"

"Better than I thought he would."

"Well… that's good, right? You and Emily don't have to hide anymore."

"Yeah… I dunno, even though he says he is okay with it, I'm not sure he really is. I mean him and Jane could have got married, instead they are staying the way they are."

"What's wrong with that?"

"I don't want my Dad to be sacrificing his happiness for me, he deserves to be married to Jane if he wants to be. Even if that would make things awkward between me and Emily."

"I get that-"

"Well, how do I look?" Jane's voice interrupted us.

"MOM!" I screamed.

She casually walked through the shop, strutting up to me and Tanya wearing a latex police woman uniform. The dark blue suit held her tight, the zip on the front of the outfit only went so far up, showing off her cleavage to us both. The bottom of the outfit came out short, showing off the bottom of her latex underwear and the tops of her legs before they were tucked into a pair of thigh high boots. The only non-latex part of the suit was a belt that went around her waist, a pair of handcuffs hung loosely off them, and a pair of short, fingerless gloves that were wrapped around her hands, hands which were now on her waist. A typical police cap was placed on top of her head, which now had her hair in a ponytail; completing the look.

"Mom, take that off!" I screamed again.

"Why? Don't you think I look good?" She smiled, spinning around slowly to give me and my boss a good look, this is when I realised that the suit came up at the back and showed off her butt.

"I think you look fabulous!" Tanya grinned, looking at her over her glasses.

"Thank you, I'm glad you like it. I'm sure Samantha's dad would like it, he has a thing for police women."

"MOM!" I screeched, covering my ears.

"Police outfits, handcuffs, the works!"

"Please! I'll do anything, just put your clothes back on!"

Jane looked down at the outfit and scoffed lightly whilst still retaining the smile, as if she noticed herself how silly the outfit looked.

"Do you have anything skimpier?" She asked.

"Yes, we have!" Tanya almost jumped from behind the counter, "We have a two piece police uniform, how happy are you to have your stomach on show?"

"I'll be happy with anything, right now."

I sighed, smacking my head into the glass counter once more.

The cool air of the back room refreshed my mind as it went over the events that just unfolded in front of me. I processed the orders that were meant to be delivered today, this is why we were here after all, not to have a shopping spree for sexy outfits.

I sighed loudly and sat on top of a wooden crate with my legs crossed. I knew Jane was doing this to punish me, I did feel as if I was flaunting mine and Emily's relationship in front of her and she did know more personal things that we would have liked, I guess I deserved it.

"Well, you do sell some amazing things here." Jane came into the back room with a large bag full of items she just brought, "I'm surprised you kept this from me for so long, I know I came here before, but I didn't know how much you sold. Tanya sold me this thing, I don't even know what it is."

I looked at Emily's mother as she pulled out an item covered in plastic, she looked at it with a clueless look on her face.

"That's a ball gag." I laughed.

"A ball gag? Is it a joke, a guy puts on his genitals?"

I laughed softly, "No, it's something that goes into your mouth and is buckled around the back, stops the wearer from making too much noise."

"Too much noise for what?"

"I think you know."

She looked at it again, placing it directly in front of her face to get the best view, a sudden gasp came from her the moment she realised what the item was for.

"You want to take it back? Tanya can give you a refund if you think it is too extreme," I laughed.

"No, no. I'm sure me and your father can think of some way to use it."

Her phrase revolted me, everytime she got the chance she reminded me of her and my father's sex life. Although, a part of me did find Jane's mannerisms funny. She was just an older version of Emily, the love of my life had often found herself in situations beyond her comfort zone, but still pushed through it; even if she seemed unsure of it.

"Okay, we have these three boxes to deliver today and then we can go home afterwards," I said, pointing to three rather large crates in front of us.

"How long would that take?"

"Well, it will take us a few hours. We will be back home just after lunchtime."

"Wow, that is a short day."

"Yeah, well I'm only part-time."

"So is it just you and Tanya here?"

"There is also Becky, she works part-time too, but she only works in the store. I mostly do the deliveries and work in store from time to time."


"Yeah, you probably saw her when you came in that one time."

"Oh, okay… do you mind if I ask you something else?"

I sighed out loudly, "Yeah, sure. It seems like we are asking all the personal questions today, so why not?"

"That… thing, you are wearing around your waist, is that anything to do with this job?"

I internally screamed to myself, I had hoped she had already forgotten about that. Just like her daughter, she didn't let anything go the moment it had entered her mind.

What do I do? Do I tell her the truth? Or shall I make something up? She's already standing in the sex shop where I work, she already knows more about my relationship than she should, what would letting her into my current situation cost? Surely, it would help as it would mean she finally lets this subject go.

"Yes," I finally said, "It was a lost bet, I have to wear this for the next two weeks. It advertises the product I'm wearing and helps the business."

"You have to wear it for two weeks? How far down does it go? Is it comfortable? and who's idea was it for you to wear it?" She asked in a flurry of concerned and curious questions.

"Yeah, two weeks. It goes all the way down, it's like metal underwear… It's quite comfortable, I'm not having any problems with it and it was actually Emily's idea."

"Emily's? I thought you said she didn't work here?"

SHIT! I can't believe I let that slip.

"She…she doesn't. She just helped out… a few times," I stuttered, "I'm sure she didn't mean it, she was just having fun."

Jane went silent, she crossed her hands and had a completely concentrating look on her face. She looked between me and the orders we had to deliver that day, as if she was just processing what I just said.

"We are safe," I stopped the silence, "We are always careful and we would never do anything either of us was uncomfortable with. I promise I would never do anything that would cause Emily any harm."

"Does Emily… do anything else, apart from just help out?" Her stern voice came back, but it sounded more concerned than before.

I went quiet, I might as well come completely clean. It was obvious that Jane had a large interest in what we were doing, mostly for the welfare of her daughter, but it also seemed like more genuine interest now. I remembered when we first tried bondage, Emily told me that her mother was super strict about this sort of stuff and Emily had lived a very sheltered life because of it. I've seen a side of Jane today that was completely new, maybe both the women had a secret interest in this.

"Come here," I smiled and walked across the room to two crates.

The older woman begrudgingly followed, keeping her arms crossed for the entire journey. I reached one crate and opened it immediately, placing the lid onto the ground and signalling Jane to come closer.

She leaned over the box and looked in, several pink latex parts of an outfit were on show, placed neatly on top of each other with a latex pet hood on the top, looking upwards to the two women looking in.

"What's this?" She asked, leaning in closer.

"It's Emily's." I picked up the latex hood, "Tanya has been so kind to us, she has found us these suits to wear. They are what is called 'Pet play outfits', they make the wearer feeling like a pet, I can personally say it is very overwhelming."

"You have one, too?"

"Yeah," I placed my hand on a box next to the one we are looking at, "We were both given them at the same time."

"This is crazy" she grabbed the pet hood out of my hands and began to inspect it, "You and Emily wear these? What do you get out of it?"

"It's fun, it's a break from being human. You saw Emily wearing one when you… walked in on us, that was an older suit and this is what we wear now."

W-why are you showing me this?"

"Honestly, I'm not sure. I'm a little freaked out that you are seeing this, but I wanted to show you what we do. We are just having fun, we are safe when we do this and it's a good escape from being human for a while. Emily doesn't work for Tanya, but she does enjoy the lifestyle. What do you think?"

She was silent once more, looking between what was in the crate and the hood that was in her hands. The silence was deafening and the more time that went passed, the more I was worried she was going to react negatively to it.

"It's… it's pretty," she admitted.

"It is," I smiled at her.

"As long as you both are safe and you are happy, then I will not pry anymore."

"We are happy and we will never do anything that will hurt one another."

"That's good, then we will leave it at that, I think that is more than enough prying into our relationships for one lifetime."

"So that's it? No more talking about it?"

"Well… one last thing."

I sighed, "What is it?"

"Let's see that contraption you are wearing down there."


"Just show me and we will leave it at that. I already know that thing around your neck is not just a necklace."

"What? Why do you want to see it?"

"Let's just say I'm intrigued, I want to make sure what it is isn't too tight."

I sighed again, grabbing the collar with one hand, "You knew about this?"

"Well, I didn't at first, then I saw the keyhole on it and a quick search on the Internet showed me that it wasn't just a decorative piece of jewellery."

She had a large grin on her face as if she just found out my biggest secret. I felt so embarrassed.

"No!" I screeched softly, trying not to gain the attention of the store owner.

Jane laughed, "Fine, fine. As long as you are happy and comfortable, I won't pry. Come here."

She held her hands open, indicating that she wanted a hug. I huffed and walked up to her, wrapping my arms around her before she did the same. I placed my head on her shoulder, actually beginning to enjoy the contact with Emily's mom.

I felt my shirt lift slightly and a hand pulling at the belt around my waist.

"Jane!" I yelled.


As the day went on, clouds began forming in the sky and the sun soon disappeared, luckily we were at the last stop. Jane parked the car in front of a new looking house, all the houses on this street looked new.

I sighed and looked at the paperwork, double-checking the address was correct.

"Looks like this is it" I tapped my finger on the sheet of paper.

"Great, get it delivered and we can get home. I'm thinking burgers for dinner" Jane smiled at me.

"Great, sounds delicious" I fell back into my seat as I sighed.

Jane noticed my lack of enthusiasm, "What's the matter?"

"Things aren't going to change now, are they?"

"What makes you say that?"

"You know where I work, you know more about Emily and me."

"Answer me this, what do you and Emily do in those suits?"

"We… get treated like pets, it's just calming and relaxing."

"And who looks after you?"

"Tanya, my boss at the store."

"Does she take good care of you?"

"Yeah, she has her moments, but she is nice to us."

"Then, I have nothing to worry about. As long as you two are safe, I'm happy and won't say anymore about it. It's not exactly fun for me to know about my daughter's sex life."

"Good, thank you" I grinned, "After today, we will talk no more about it."

"Can… Can I just ask one more thing?" Jane chimed in.

"Yeah, one last thing."

"Actually, two more things."


"So the collar has a padlock and so does that thing on your waist. Who holds the keys?"

I pointed to the collar, "Emily," then I pointed to the chastity cage, "Tanya."

Jane laughed again, "Aren't you frustrated, wearing that?"

"Very much so!"

Jane laughed again, covering her mouth.

"Are those the two questions?"

"No, they were both the one question, I'm afraid."

"What's the second question? I should get this delivered."

"You called me Mom earlier, why was that?"

My cheeks went red, I was embarrassed more now than I was when she had her hands on my belt.

"I… uhhh, I-I…" I couldn't do anything but stutter.

"If it makes you uncomfortable, then you don't have to say anything."

I breathed in, "Emily was the one who started it, she called my Dad hers and kept saying ‘our parents’ as if we were actually sisters. I started calling you Mom to her and it kinda stuck."

"Are… are you comfortable calling me that?"

"Yeah, it's become second nature now."

Jane smiled, it was not the devious smile from before but a genuine smile with some love behind it, "Okay."

"I better get this delivered, see you in a moment, Mom."

I got out of the car and grabbed the box to be delivered, this one was rather lighter than the ones I had already delivered that day. With the box under my arm, I left the car with the blushing, older woman behind me and walked up to the newly built house.

I knocked on the front door which had a clear window built into it, the rest of the door was made of wood that was varnished to a darker colour.

About half a minute went by before I noticed movement behind the door, a flash of flesh hit my eyes before the door opened. My mouth went dry as I realised the person opening the door was completely naked.

She opened the door fully, showing off her completely nude figure with a cheesy grin on her face.

I would admit, she had a really good body. Large breasts hung freely over a rather slim body that ended in a large butt. She had her legs crossed so I couldn't see her completely shaven private area, but did nothing to cover her already erect nipples.

Her light brown hair with pink highlights hung loosely over her shoulders.

"Well, hello there," she smiled at me.

"H-hi," I struggled to talk, "I have a package- a delivery for you, just sign here."

"Oooh, you bet."

She kept still but signed the piece of paper before taking the small box I handed her.

"Thank you so much," she said, "I love the shop you work at, I went there when you had your grand opening."

Her large breasts jiggled with every small movement the woman made, I tried my hardest not to look down at them, "Yeah?"

"I saw the two pet girls you had on show, are they available to hire out?"

I could comprehend what she was saying, her lack of clothes made the whole situation very awkward.

"Huh?" Was all I managed to get out.

"Never mind, would you like to come in for a bit? I'm sure we can find something fun to do?"

"Ah, No, I shouldn't," My red face spoke.

That's when I looked behind her at the rest of the property, a desk sat in the corner with several lights surrounding it. On the desk was a laptop with the camera on, I could see the back of the woman on it with a chat box on the other side of the screen, several messages popped up in the brief moment I saw it.

She was a camgirl. I suddenly lost all awkwardness and suddenly felt a small amount of anger coming from within, she was using me to get more viewers in.

"Will that be everything?" I asked in a dull tone.

"Oh, yeah. That is everything," she smiled sweetly, "I will see you again, very soon."

She gave me a wink before closing the door up. I shuddered, both internally and externally before leaving the property behind me. The weird feeling would not leave me as I walked back to the car, Jane turned the engine on before I even got to the car. I gave the house one final look before opening the door and getting in, with a part of me being relieved we were leaving.

"So… home?" Jane asked, the smile on her face returning.

Still uneasy, I smiled back at her, "Home."


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