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Sam and Em

by ForeverAltered

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Chapter 15

"Ahhhh!" I yelled to myself before falling back into the bed.

I placed my hands over my sweating head, I have tried for hours, I have tried for days to get some form of sensation down there. I didn't care about anything else apart from the indescribable feeling of release, an orgasm.
It was a simple task, something I had done many, many times before on my own and was very easy to accomplish.

However, it was this belt… this stupid, annoying belt that was locked around my waist, stopping any way of getting to my genitals and relieving myself of this constant pressure to release. I would do anything to break the cage open and attack my clit, bringing myself to an earth shattering orgasm.
That idea was far-fetched, I would not be released from this prison until the morning, but I needed… I wanted it off now.

Nearly two whole weeks had passed since I was locked in this terrible device. twelve days with my sex locked, still as close to me as it had always been, but always out of reach.
It had been eleven days since Jane found out I worked at Tanya's and things have returned to normal.
Apart from the night we came back, where I had to wear headphones to bed as Jane and my Dad… were making a lot of noise, everything was the same as before. Jane acted as if nothing had happened, as if she didn't find out about the belt and that her daughter spent some of her free time locked into a latex pet suit.

One thing that did not remain the same was the unrelenting, yearning sensation that came from under the metal belt. The need to have an orgasm did not only remain throughout the entire time I was locked, but had grown to the point that I could not think about anything else.

Emily's teasing before being locked in really did its job. Not only that, but my daily phone call and video chats did nothing to relieve this issue, Emily made it her job to make sure to tease me at least once every time we spoke, ranging from normal sex talk and stating what she would do with me once she was home, to pleasuring herself and forcing me to listen to the entire thing. She stated, numerous times, that seeing me with the collar around my neck and belt around my waist 'did things to her'.

Not that I minded, Emily's pleasure came first and I was happy to help her in that way. However, now, breathing heavily after an evening of struggling to finish, resting on top of a sweat soaked bed, I could not take anything else that would tease me further.
All I could do was lay down and watch the early morning sky as the sun began to rise beyond the horizon.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

"This is so humiliating!" I screeched, nearly to the point of jumping up and down on the spot.

A gentle laugh came from behind me, "I think you look adorable."

A sigh of defeat escaped my lips as I accepted what the older woman wanted to do, but I made sure my pouting was obvious, a rebellious move to the current situation.
It had been nearly a week since Jane joined me at work and my life had been a rollercoaster since, work had partially dried up and Tanya didn't need me to deliver as many parcels, causing me to spend more time at home. Jane's holiday was extended, causing us two to spend much more time together than before.
In the few days since, I had seen many more sides of Emily's mother. She was very maternal and treated me like her offspring. She was also sadistic and enjoyed reminding me about the belt around my waist and taking control of the situation, which happened much more often when we were alone than I thought.
I was a young woman, I was in my early twenties… but Jane made me feel like a child and she took great glee in making sure I felt that way.

I didn't know if it was the age gap or my natural submissive side that came out, but I struggled to say no to her, which led me to situations like the one I currently found myself in.

"Don't be grumpy, you look really nice," she said as she took a brush to my hair.

"I look stupid," I muttered, crossing my arms.

The bedroom mirror stood in front of me, forcing me to gaze at the attire the older woman placed me in. The dress that was hugging my figure was only what I could describe as a stereotypical nuclear family's mother. It was a red dress that travelled outwards into a puffy skirt, dangling all the way down to my knees. White sandals were over my feet as my ears adorned large hoop earrings.
My hair, which was currently being brushed by Emily's mother, was being placed into pigtails, kept together by two white bows. It took me a moment to realise how much my hair had grown since I had come here, it was always something I liked to keep short and out of the way, but now Jane managed to grab enough to place into pigtails.

"There you go," she said with a huge amount of glee in her voice, "Now, don't you look nice?"

I looked nice, I did not deny her that, but I did not look like me. The true Sam wore denim shorts and vests, keeping her colours dark. The girl I was seeing in the reflection looked like me, but it was a struggle to see that it was me. I haven't worn a skirt or dress since leaving school, Jane had to use fake earrings as I did not have my ears pierced and I never had my hair in any form apart from natural.

"I think Emily would really like seeing you in this," Jane hummed.

I softened, that was the only thing that was keeping me going. Emily called earlier in the day to state she was currently on a train home, most of her work was done and all she had to do was to do some more work for her final project and that was it, she would be finished with her studies. She stated that she wanted to do a majority of her work at home and neither me or Jane would have said no.

"I think she would like it," I smiled.

I noticed I was swinging my hips left and right, causing the outfit to swing between my legs. I will give it to Jane: wearing a dress felt nice, it was interesting and new, but not something I could be comfortable leaving the house in.

"All finished," she remarked, placing her hands softly over the pigtails.

I tried to hide the smile from her, but it was a lost cause, a grin forced its way out of me and stayed long enough for Emily's mother to know that I was secretly enjoying it.

"You suck," I stated, before going back to moving the dress with my hips.

"You look adorable, now will you help me with dinner?"

"I'm not good at cooking."

"You don't need to be, I just need help."

"How about I sit by a window and wait for Emily?"

Jane pretended to think for a moment, "How about… you help me and I don't tell your father about that thing around your waist."

Instantly, I pulled down on the dress, despite only talking about it, I felt exposed, "No!"

"Sure, it will be easier to show him anyways!" Jane joked as she knelt down, reaching for the bottom of the dress and lifting it upwards, showing off my bare legs.

My feet stopped the ground over and over, "No, no, no!"

She stood up, feeling triumphant that she had so much control over me, just saying about the chastity belt was enough for me to squirm, but she knew that I didn't wasn't wearing anything underneath the dress and although I doubt she would have told my father; I didn't want to risk him knowing at all.

"Okay… okay, you win," I continued, "I'll help you cook."

"Good girl." I could hear the laughter in her voice as she stood back up and helped guide me out of the bedroom.

I walked across the house, gently moving forward with my hands still keeping my dress down. She made her point, but I still had the worry at the back of my mind that she would lift up my skirt at any moment.

I hate this bloody belt.

"Dad's home!" I yelled through the house, hoping Jane would have heard me from the kitchen.

"Good, tell him dinner should be ready shortly, when you greet him," she yelled back.

"I'm not greeting him like this?! I'm hiding in my bedroom and gonna take all this crap off!"

"No, no!" She nearly sprinted out of the kitchen and held me in place in the hallway, just feet away from the door where Dad was going to come through at any minute, "I've spent way too long making you look nice, I want him to see it."

"Are you insane? I'll literally die if he sees me like this."

"That would just be a bonus. Please just wait here until he comes in, then you have my permission to hide away."

"Why do you want this so badly? The best you'll get is a chuckle." I tried to move my arms out of her grip, but she was surprisingly strong, she must really have wanted this.

"Because you look lovely and if he gets a smile out of it, then that's just a bonus."


"Samantha, your father has been having a tough time recently, if he laughs or pokes fun at you, then he needs to."

I stopped all forms of struggling, "What?"

"Please, just do this one thing for him. All you need to do is stand there and be nice to him, I promise I'll pay you back in some way."

"Okay, if he needs this… then sure."

"He really does."

Jane finally let go and stood next to me, placing her hand at the small of my back. I decided to hold my hands together and place them in front of me, trying to assume what a greeting pose would be.
Despite this, I was ready to head for my bedroom door the moment he saw me. I knew that it was all for a good cause, my father is a good guy and deserves a smile after coming home from a long day at work, but my nerves were on high alert and ready to run away.

The front door clicked and opened slowly, I swear my head was dragging this moment out. My Dad entered the hall, looking tired and ready to settle down.
I keep forgetting how much older he looked since his health issues started, the lines on his forehead and beneath his eyes had thickened and the brown hair on his head had mostly disappeared to a collection of white and grey colours.

Still, it was Dad. The man who started smiling the moment he saw me in this ridiculous outfit.

"What's this?" He smirked, his eyes looking me up and down.

"I finally got her to cooperate," Jane stated, rubbing the small of my back as she presented me.

"Oh, kill me now," I muttered underneath my breath.

Dad's smile grew, "You look… ridiculous, but nice."

"I thought she looks wonderful," Jane chimed in.

Well… she was right, it did put a smile on his face, however, the need to run away had increased and I was already trying to move my body in the direction of my bedroom.

"You look lovely," Dad said, genuinely this time.

"Thank you, Can I take this off now?" I sighed.

"Sure, hun," Jane tapped my butt, ushering me out of the room.

Dad interrupted, "You can at least keep it on during dinner."

I screamed internally, "Do I have to?"

"Well, I've never seen you wearing a dress before, it's sometimes difficult to remember you are even a girl underneath the boy clothes you usually wear."

"What's another hour?" Jane added.

I sighed again, "Uhh… fine."

Jane almost clapped, "Great!"

"It's not all bad news." I could still hear the laughter in my Dad's voice, "I've brought someone home for dinner."

I looked up and stared over my Dad's shoulder, behind him was the girl I had been waiting all day for, behind him was Emily. She looked beautiful and my first instinct was to run over and embrace her in my arms, I would even be happy to gloss over the fact she was trying not to laugh.

"EMILY!" I screamed, sprinting across the hall.

"Sammy!" She returned it, stepping forward to receive me.

"She came to the hospital to meet with me," my Dad said to Jane, "The least I could do was give her a ride home."

"That dress really suits you," my sister said in my ear.

"Just, don't get used to it," I replied.

The moment we began to move away from each other, I went in and gave her a kiss on the lips, something that she did not return, sadly. Instead, she put her head back and looked awkward as her eyes travelled over to where Dad and Jane stood, acting as if this was the first time it had happened.

"Well… that was weird," she chuckled, "Where did that come from?"

I followed her gaze towards our parents, realising that I had not told her that Dad knew our secret. I must admit, it was rather odd to be so affectionate towards each other with our parents staring at us, but I was so happy to see my step-sister, I could not help myself.

"Oh, Dad knows," I smiled, placing my hands on her cheeks.

"He does?"

"Yeah, I do know," he laughed, placing his arm around Jane.

"Are you okay with it?" the blonde girl asked.

For a second he seemed unsure, taking a moment to answer the young woman's question, "Yeah, yeah I am."

"YAY!" Emily yelped, jumping on top of me and wrapping her legs around my waist, covering me over and over with her kisses.

The old Emily was back, knowing that she can be how she wants in front of our parents seemed to bring new life into the young woman, there were no more secrets to be hidden. We were Sam and Em, sisters and partners, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off our shoulders.

The only people we cared about knew our secret and they were happy for us, who cared what anyone else thought.

Emily looked down at me, rubbing her index and middle finger over my lips, when it came to her thumb travelling over my mouth, she gently placed it in between my lips, commanding me to suck it without using her words. I happily took it and sucked, wrapping my tongue around the digit.

"Mmmmmmm," Emily closed her eyes at the sensation.

I crawled forward and once again kissed her passionately, wrapping my arms around the beautiful girl and getting as close to her as I possibly could without being inside her. Breast to breasts, bare legs rubbing up and down each other and my chastity belt rubbing up against her underwear.
As I tried to pull away, she hooked her finger in the ring on my collar and forced me to stay down with her.
I couldn't help but laugh, it was an interesting sensation to see Emily in a dominant role, even though she seemed softer this time round than before, not as commanding but just enjoying my submissive state. It's not like I could be any other way, with the collar around my neck and chastity belt around my waist, It wasn't like I could be anything but submissive.

"I've been waiting so long for this," Emily whispered.

I leant down and began kissing her neck, making my way up to her ear before coming back down her chest. I kissed further and further down until softly biting the top of her chest, the only part of her that was exposed through the top. Emily leant forward and threw off her top and bra, exposing her perky breasts and allowing me to do whatever I wished to them.
Once again, I began kissing downward, down her breast until I felt the tip of her nipple brush against my lips, her nipple already hard at this point before I took it fully in my mouth.

She hummed as she held my head close to her chest, forcing me to continue teasing her sensitive nipple, something that I did not require any encouragement to do, I sucked and wrapped my tongue around it, changing from licking up and down, to circling around the nipple. Everything I did was received in high praise by my sister, sighing and moaning accordingly. The noise coming from her increased as I moved to the other breast, taking the other nipple into my mouth.

I tried to move back upwards, the thought of tasting her delicious neck was very inviting, but I was unable to travel any higher. Emily placed one of her hands on my head and stopped me moving upwards, but if I moved down, she happily let me go that way, but denied all attempts I had going up.
I travelled down, passed her chest, passed her navel and to the point I was staring at her white underwear. This is where she wanted me.
I grinned and helped the piece of clothing off her, pulling the underwear off past her legs and allowing me full view of her private area.

It was just as addictive as before, she kept on top of it and her vagina was completely shaven. I couldn't help myself, I went down and kissed from the bottom of her navel down to her sex, a soft whimper came from her as I started and got louder and louder before I kissed her directly on the clit.

I massaged the area with my tongue, attacking her most sensitive area as I hit it in waves, over and over again. The hands returned, wrapping themselves around the back of my head and did not allow me to escape from where I was stationed. I began moaning too, loving the sweet taste her sex gave me, licking harder and harder to get more of it.
It did not take long, but Emily got louder very quickly, telling me that she was already close to coming, she even removed one of her hands from behind my head and covered her mouth with it. However, I did not let up. There was something addictive about being in this situation, tasting the amazing juices whilst looking upwards to see her in blissful agony, her body shuddering from the sensations my tongue was bringing her.

"Oh… Oh god," she moaned between her fingers, "Don't… please don't stop."

I did not intend to, before my tongue was just brushing the surface, I put my face in as far as it went as my tongue lapped around the entirety of her clit, massaging it left, right, up, down and middle, not allowing any rest for the poor thing.

Her moans turned to grunts and instead of having her hand on the back of my head, it travelled to the front and lightly tried to push my head off, as if what I was doing was too much for the girl.
She pushed her head deep into the pillow and gritted her teeth. It must have been a long time since she had an orgasm, maybe she was waiting to come back to me to have one and only now realising how intense the feeling would have been.

"Oh god… please, stop," she whispered, keeping her teeth together.

I grabbed her hands and kept them in place, attacking her clit harder and faster with my tongue. I watched as she thrashed around, trying to get away from the sensation but not trying to hurt me, that is if she had control of her limbs as they could have turned to jelly.

"Oh god… oh god!" she kept on going.

She wrapped her legs tight against my head, but I carried on with the attacks, I wasn't giving up until she got what she wanted. It did not matter if she had a change of heart now, she was coming.

She managed to snatch back her hands, but instead of struggling to get me away from her, she just placed both of them over her mouth, trying to avoid any noise coming out of her. It worked but she wasn't silent. A low growl went higher, higher and higher, until…

Her body slammed forwards, each of her limbs going in separate directions as the feeling overwhelmed her. She struggled to keep one hand over her mouth so our parents did not hear her, but the waves that surrounded her made that almost impossible.
Her moans turned to groans with the waves continuing to hit her, what started off as bliss soon turned into a pleasurable agony.

I did not help, my job was complete but I couldn't remove myself. Whilst I was getting no physical pleasure from my tongue being down there, I was feeling something new entirely. The taste of Emily's sex was addictive, I could get enough of it and continued licking and sucking to get as much of it as I could before it stopped.
This prolonged her torture, causing her to spasm over and over until all the waves finally went passed her, even then it was difficult to let go.

I moaned as my lips finally left her body.

"Holy shit," I whimpered, before crawling up to her and seeing that she was slowly coming down from her high.

As we saw each other eye to eye, she wrapped her arms around me and came in for a tight kiss.

"Mmmmm, you taste good," Emily said once she managed to pull herself away from me.

I chuckled back at her, "Yeah, so do you."

She sighed loudly, as if she was still humming from the explosive orgasm I gave her and it took forever for her body to return to normality, her body was still so inviting that I continued to kiss her soft skin, just tiny pecks from my lips travelling down her chest.
However, she stopped me. The simple act of placing her index finger through the hoop of the collar was enough to take full control, she pulled me back up to allow our lips to touch once more, soft moans escaped the small gaps between our mouths.
The kiss lasted longer than I anticipated, telling me that Emily wasn't done with my body for the night as she was still in the heat of arousal.

"God, I wish this thing was off" I groaned as I broke the kiss, pulling at the metal belt that covered me, "I would do so much to you now if I were free."

"You can do that, just with your tongue" Emily sighed, still in the hands of her sexual desires.

"Only a few more days, then… I wouldn't even know where to start."

"Tomorrow and you can do anything you want to me."

"Tomorrow?" The feeling in the room changed as I got back up on my knees, "I have a few days left, don't I?"

Emily grabbed the nearest blanket, covering herself as she joined me in sitting up, "Tomorrow would be exactly two weeks since you've been locked in that thing. I thought you would be paying more attention."

"Tomorrow? Is today not Wednesday?"

"No, It's Friday."

"Guess all the days have just merged together, where have I been lately?"

Emily's hand came up and gently rubbed my chin, "I know where you should be," she said with a sly wink.

"Fine, lay down."


My sister threw the blanket across the room and laid back against the bed with her legs wide open, inviting me to begin kissing her body once more. I started at the bottom of her belly button, but wasted no time travelling downward until her delicious sex was in my mouth.

"Oh…god" She sung, "Yeah, just like that."

"It's… closed?" I questioned myself.

Me and Emily held hands as we stood outside the doorway of Tanya's shop, the white sign on the front stated the business wasn't open and none of the indoor lights were on. I felt my heart sink into my stomach, Emily was correct, today was Saturday and was supposed to be my day of freedom, but I had a sickening feeling that I would have to wait longer for my release.

"Hello?" I shouted, banging my open palm against the glass.

"Who was supposed to be in today?" Emily asked, glancing through the door.

"Well, Becky should be in. She should have opened up this morning."

"It looks like the back door should be open, I can see natural light coming from the storage room."

"C'mon, let's walk round" I pulled her hand as we sprinted away from the door.

I pulled my sister towards the side of the shop, the quick movement and a small gust of wind caused the skirt I was wearing to fly up for a brief moment. I had to be careful of the way I moved, I wasn't used to wearing dresses or skirts, I wasn't used to dressing like a girl at all.
It seemed that Emily had the same mean streak as her mother and decided to continue the idea of dressing me up, whilst it delighted Jane to see me dressed as a housewife, my sister only had one thing on her mind when she was up this morning; deciding on what I should wear.
She wanted us to match.

I hated it, but the glee it gave Emily was enough for me to put up with it for the day, a simple t-shirt covered the top of our bodies whilst a short skirt covered our bottom halves, she even went as far as to make the colours as close as possible, with my skirt being white and hers a very light blue, my shirt being a light grey with hers being white.
I just wanted this belt off, the moment it was removed from my body would be the moment I regained control of this relationship.

As we reached the back, we noticed the delivery door was wide open, allowing anyone to access the small warehouse where we kept all of the stock. I held my hand back, trying to keep Emily as far away from the door as possible if it was the worst case scenario.

I peaked my head through the open door, "Hello?!" I shouted the question, all I heard was my voice echoing through the entire building and returning back to me, "Tanya? Becky?"

I waited a few more moments, but nothing came back, no familiar voice and no movements could be heard.

"Wait here," I commanded my sister, however it fell on deaf ears and she followed me right in, keeping close behind my body.

My footsteps echoed as I gently walked towards the door that led to the shop floor, even though the lights weren't on, I could see everything well with the help of the back door being open and the large windows illuminating the front of the shop.
I had to keep still, even though I did shout out a moment ago, I tried to keep my eyes open on any movements, but it was clear that no one was on the shop floor.

I tried to call out again, doubting I would have received any reply, "Tanya? Becky? Anyone here?"


I waited there, the only noise I could hear was a quiet intake of breath that came from Emily as her gaze went from the rest of the warehouse to the front of the shop.

"Tanya?" I continued, "Becky? Where is everyone?"

Again, nothing but silence.

I was about to give up and let my guard down. After a few call outs, it would have been logical for me to assume that the place was completely empty, Emily reached into my pocket and grabbed my mobile phone before going through the contacts to attempt to get ahold of my boss.

"…Samantha?" A voice called from the darkness of the warehouse.

It was quiet, but the sudden noise was enough to make both me and my sister jump, almost to the point of Emily dropping my phone.

"Who's there?" I asked, nearly leaping to the darker side of the backroom.

"…It's me."

My heart finally settled, the young, quiet voice of my colleague was enough to get my nerves to calm.

"Becky… what's the matter?" I asked, "The store is closed, where is Tanya?"

I noticed that Emily stayed in her place by the entrance to the shopfloor, as if staying far away from the voice until she had actually seen the person it came from. I stopped short too, even though I took long strides to the other side of the warehouse, I couldn't go any further forwards as her voice was coming from a small stockroom, a place where we stored stock that wasn't going to be moved for a while, a place that was nearly pitch black as the light couldn't reach it and a place that genuinely gave me the creeps.

"Tanya is out… she is delivering a few items… she will be gone most of the day."

"Then why haven't you opened yet?"

"I… I…"

"Becky? Are you okay?"

"I-I messed up."

"What's the matter? Are you injured?" I tried to look further in.

"I'm not hurt, I did something I shouldn't have."

"Come out, Becky. Please?"

"D-don't laugh."


She sighed softly before repeating herself, "Don't laugh, okay?"

"Why would I laugh?"

"I… I don't know."

"Becky, just come out, I'll do everything I can to help you. Even if I do laugh, we'll help you out."

"We? Who else is there?"


"Hi" Emily chirped, that's when I noticed she had walked up next to me.

Becky was quiet for a few moments before speaking again, "Oh…"

"I don't want to keep begging Becky, just come out and we will sort this problem out together. The sooner you come out, the quicker we can get it sorted." I placed my hand against the brick wall and began tapping it, trying to keep my cool to an uncooperative colleague."

I heard her move slightly towards the light, the sound was light, as if she was not moving on her feet, "I don't want Tanya to be mad."

"Tanya's going to be more mad that her store isn't open yet."

"…I'm coming."

Becky was right to warn me about not laughing, however, it wasn't for the reason she was expecting. As her body came into the light, it was clear she was crawling on all fours, a sight not unfamiliar to me and my sister, she kept her head down as she struggled with her movements, it wasn't surprising as one of the first things we noticed was the complication pet suit that covered her body, forcing her to walk on her knees as her legs were bound together. She still had full use of her arms, but her hands were packed into the shape of paws.

Becky… shy Becky… was wearing a latex pet suit.

I gasped, placing my hands in front of my face to hide how shocked I was, also to hide the small smile that appeared once my brain processed what I was looking at.
The suit was well made and looked much more expensive than the ones me and Emily usually found ourselves in. It was cream in colour, with a large black part covering her stomach, travelling all the way up to her neck.
I didn't have the heart to tell her that the cream parts of the suit were nearly see through, showing off parts of her naked body underneath that weren't covered by the black areas.

"Please, don't laugh at me," she pleaded, keeping her head down, facing the floor.

"What happened?" Emily asked, taking a few steps forward to get a better look at the half pet/half person in front of us.

"An order came in last night, from that new guy that Tanya met at the convention?" As she started to speak, she tried to get herself as comfortable as possible on the hard ground, "It was a sample of one of the items he had in stock, I took a peek at it before I left and decided that I wanted to give it a go. So I got here early this morning to try it on and…"

"And you got stuck?" I asked.

"Yeah, the paperwork it came with states that it is self-sealing, I didn't expect to be unable to undo it."

"I see it!" Emily smiled, pointing towards the large zipper on the back of her neck.

It was a long zip that travelled all the way down Becky's back, stopping just before her butt. The zip itself had a large hoop on it, similar to the hoop on the front of my collar.
Beyond Becky's body, I could see the box that it came in, it looked like an expensive briefcase with padding on the inside, resting on top of the box was the hood to the outfit, along with a few pieces of paper that stated instructions for putting it on, cleaning it, etc.

Emily noticed it too, she finally pulled herself away from the helpless girl to pick up the piece of paper that told us how to put it on, "Warning, whilst all wearers of this suit will be able to lock the suit on their own, some wearers will struggling removing the suit by themselves. Please only put on the suit with responsible people nearby."

"That explains it," I laughed.

"Okay… can you get me out now?" she asked in a huff.

"Sure, sure."

I took a few steps forwards towards the bound girl but stopped just a few feet away from her. It was an odd sensation and not one I had felt in a while. Despite Becky being embarrassed regarding the situation, I knew I was in this exact situation before.
I was! It was nearly a year ago, when I first came to the house and accidentally left Emily in the suit overnight, I recalled opened the door to the room and being worried that she had hurt herself or even worse, but despite having her limbs bound together, she was happy to remain in the suit as long I was there to look after her.
Another memory came to mind, this time it was far more recent. The day that all of us went to the convention and Emily joined at the last minute, before that, Becky had expressed interest in trying out my sister's outfit and seemed silently heartbroken when that didn't happen.

Becky had always been a good friend to me, I felt as if it was time to repay that kindness.

"Actually, no…" Despite my quiet voice, I could hear it echo throughout the warehouse.

"What do you mean?" She looked up at me with slight concern.

Emily knelt down next to her, "Don't worry, I'll get you out."

"Emily, stop!" I commanded, despite not having my dominant edge, my sister stopped in place, I turned my attention back to the half pet in front of me, "I'm happy to open up and look after the shop, if you want?"

Becky smiled, but tried her best to hide it. It was clear that this wasn't the ideal thing to do as it went against what Tanya wanted, but I felt sorry for the poor creature, this was her first dip into something fun, something life altering and it is being ruined so far. She should not be scared of the suit, or the implications of what could happen if our boss saw her in it. Being a pet is fun and a great getaway from being human for a few hours, Becky deserves to actually enjoy what the latex could bring her.

"Okay… thank you," she whispered.

"Good, I'll let you out before Tanya gets back, then she would be none the wiser." I grinned before standing up, "Emily, could you pass me the hood?"

"Sam? Are you sure you should be doing this?" Emily expressed her worries as he handed me the final piece of the outfit, "What if Tanya found out?"

"If you find your suit, you can wear that too, if you want?"


Emily ran across the warehouse, the idea of being a pet was too tempting for her and easily went against any issues she had.
The hood was the obvious difference between the suits me and Emily wore and the one currently on Becky's body, whilst our suits were rather basic and kept close to our faces, Becky's hood was more closer to a realistic dog's head, with small ears and large eyeholes, along with a long snout to complete the pet look.

Placing the hood on was rather easy. A large adjustable ring gag sat inside the snout and I focused on getting Becky's mouth around it, the back of the hood opened up wide and easily allowed the young woman's head inside. Once her lips were around the ring, it didn't take long to adjust the eyeholes and seal the two pieces of the outfit together to complete her transformation into the latex pet.

The shop became rather pleasant once the main door was opened, a nice cool breeze filled the shop, contrasting with the warm sun that began to shine through the clouds. All the lights were on, shining brightly off the multiple items we had on show and reflecting off the latex outfits.
Despite the late opening of the store, no one was waiting for it to finally open and even though both doors were unlocked, the shop-floor remained empty.

I continued to look around, noticing how full all of the shelves were, the racks were filled with clothes, the shelves had no more room for more sex toys. It was as if no stock had been bought recently. Even the backroom had a lot of stock laying around.

I wanted to leave where I was and take a further look around, however, I was stuck behind the cash register. At my feet were the two latex pets, Emily hummed lightly to herself as she got used to the feeling of her petsuit over her normal skin and Becky remained quiet and still. It was odd, seeing the realistic design of Becky's new suit compared to the almost cartoonish style that was currently on Emily, but it didn't matter, as long as both girls were enjoying themselves.

It was kind of cute how both girls followed me from the warehouse and took shelter behind the counter, as if they didn't want to be left alone, yet they did not want to be seen by any potential customers who may come through the door. As I looked down at the two shiny pets, I noticed they were hugging both of my legs. Emily gently had her arm around my right leg as she rested her body against her, rubbing her body up and down with her free arm and enjoying the sensation of latex on skin. Becky was the opposite, she was on her knees but continued to try and stay low, both of her arms were wrapped around my left leg for comfort.

This must be how Tanya felt when both me and Emily were her pets at her house, fully in control of two younger women who had their full trust in you to look after them, both girls fully bound in their outfits with no way to get out unless I decided to.

I wanted to say that I fully enjoyed the control I had over the two women, but I was just glad to see Becky finally enjoy the feeling of being enveloped in latex and it was nice to see my sister's return to the suit.
Slowly, Becky removed her grip from my limb and finally began enjoying the feeling of being a pet, she stretched her body out before looking at her bound hands, the paws that covered her fingers were much more advanced than what Emily and I were used to, it seemed that each 'finger' of the paw could move on their own, controlled by the digits underneath the suit, that must have allowed the young woman to pull up the zip; even whilst fully in the suit.

It was nice to see her finally get comfortable. I was so glad that I wasn't concerned when she finally began moving away from behind the counter and started to roam the shop on her own.
Emily still stayed in her place, leaning up against me and enjoying the feeling of being bound once more.

"Hi," a voice came from in front of me.

The tone of that word made it seem that the person was familiar with me. At first, I thought it was Tanya, ready to give me a stern telling off from allowing not one, but two helpless pets on the shopfloor. However, the voice was much lighter than hers and definitely more higher pitched.
Jane's voice came to mind, she had been to the shop twice now and knew I worked there, but in the same way, the tone of the voice was much more higher than how Emily's mother sounded.
Emily and Becky were bound in their suits, with their voices taken away from them.

That left no one else, no one was familiar with me here to give me that kind of tone.
I looked up and my heart immediately sank into my stomach. It was a horrible feeling as I recognised the woman in front of me, a churning feeling that caused all of my skin to develop goosebumps.

It was the woman from the other day, the cam girl.

"Hi," I said back.

It was only her face that I recognised, this time, her body was stuck behind clothing. A light jacket was buttoned up to hide her large chest and the bottom of her body was hidden behind figure hugging leggings.

"Do you remember me? I had something delivered to my address."

"Yes, I remember you."

"I want to apologise for the other day," she continued, "It wasn't right for me to put you into that situation."

You mean the situation where she had her camera pointed at the door? Trying to get a reaction from a delivery person seeing her naked? "No, it wasn't right," I agreed with her.

"I hope we can put it all behind us."

"Yeah, sure."

"That's amazing. Do you mind if I take a look around?"

"No, of course not. Feel free to browse."

She was kind and it did seem that she was truly sorry for doing what she did to me. I was happy she was apologetic, but she still had me on edge. I didn't realise that I was squeezing Emily with both legs now, trying to get some form of comfort from her. As she was apologising to me, she continuously looked towards the back door, looking directly into the warehouse.

What was she up to?

As she turned her back to begin checking the contents of the store, my heart sank lower, realising that somewhere on this floor; between the aisles, there was Becky bound helplessly in her nearly see through outfit. How would this lady react seeing her? Would Becky be in any danger?

Emily continued to rest against me, clearly unaware of the situation that was unfolding in front of me. I didn't want to leave the counter, I'm sure it would raise questions if the woman saw me looking between the aisles, as if looking for a pet.
I stood up, trying to get a clear sight of Becky.

The woman began browsing through the many outfits that were on the racks, flicking through sexy halloween costumes, to full latex catsuits.
I nearly screamed with relief when I saw a shiny latex suit come into view, Becky's bound paws were the first thing I saw as she came to the counter from a different aisle the woman was in.

I cringed, hearing her little paws tap quickly against the floor, it sounded like the loudest thing ever at this moment. I pointed towards the warehouse, grunting lightly each time my finger was pointed towards the door, trying to tell her to get back there before she was spotted without using any words.
Luckily, Becky understood what I was trying to say and nearly sprinted towards the back area, moving as quickly as the tight costume allowed her to, as she crawled passed, the sound of the latex outfit stretching and moving hit my ears.

The moment Becky's body had left my sight, I looked up towards the woman.
The first thing I saw was the sly smile, making my stomach turn even more; her body was turned in a weird way as she looked towards the back room, with her hands still on the outfits she was looking at moments before.

"Oh… no," I whimpered quietly.

She swiftly walked back to the counter; sauntered actually, her eyes never left the door to the back room and with every step, her smile seemed to have grown wider.

"What was that?" She asked, nearly slamming her hands on the glass in front of me.

My blood ran cold, I could imagine my skin went pure white as my eyes widened, "What was what?"

"That 'creature' that ran away?"

"What creature?"

Her tongue traced her top lip, whilst her eyes never moved an inch, even when talking with me, she never made eye contact, as if she was expecting Becky to crawl back out any second.

"Have you ever seen something that changes the way you think? The way you see the world?" The way she asked that hit me in a weird way, it was rather philosophical for a cam girl.

I shrugged my shoulders, "I-I guess."

"I came here, to this very shop, a while ago. I believe it was the first day this place reopened. The place was busy, the large woman was trying to sell me everything that I took interest in and then… I saw them."

"Who's them?"

"I saw two women, dressed head to toe in latex, one black and one pink. I searched the Internet when I got home, they were called 'Pet Girls', I was obsessed the moment I saw them, I wanted to ask what they were but they ran away before I got the chance to ask."

"Oh… okay."

"Was that one of them?"

"No… umm, we don't have 'Pet Girls' in the store."

"I have eyes, I know what I saw."

I was so uncomfortable, I just wanted this conversation to end, "What exactly do you want?"

She looked me up and down, her smile faded and it felt as if she was being real with me for the first time since she walked in.

"Have you ever had an obsession that you just couldn't get rid of? Something that just clicked in your brain and changed your perspective?"

I have, the last year of my life has been nothing but moments like this, "No…" I lied.

"Seeing those girls has opened my world. I've been researching pet-play ever since, it's become the first thing I think when I wake up and the last thing that comes to mind at night."

"I see."

"Can I see her?"


"The girl who just ran away?"

"I don't think that is a good idea."

"Oh, I'm sorry if I am coming off a little strong."

"A little."

I caused an awkward silence. I knew exactly what the girl was going through, the moment you are initiated into this world, it grabs a hold of you and is impossible to let go, it becomes an addiction and you have a constant desire to crawl further into it.

"How about this?" She interrupted the quiet as she grabbed my hand and took a pen from the counter, she began writing down my wrist, "This is my number, if you can arrange anything between me and the pets, I would be very grateful."

"What is it that you want with them?" I tried to relax my limb as much as possible, avoiding the tickling feeling the pen gave me, "You just want to cuddle them or something?"

"Sounds like something you've done before, are you sure you don't have any round back?"

I mumbled to myself.

She laughed before continuing, "Well meeting them will be nice, I have a few ideas in mind and seeing one in person would be just the thing I need to get my ideas in motion."

"What ideas?"

She finally finished writing her number, signing it with a large heart at the end.

"I'm going to be blunt, I want to actually own a petgirl."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well, not right away. It's a large undertaking, but isn't it just the sexiest thing in the world to treat a person like an animal? They don't have to be in latex, just having them crawl on their hands and knees, giving them belly rubs and even eating and drinking from bowls on the floor."

"Like… forever?"

"Well, as long as they were comfortable with it" Her smile returned as she was imagining life with a pet by her side, "It all started coming here, it really has opened my eyes."

This is when I noticed Emily was holding my leg much tighter than before, she had taken her attention away from her own body and noticed my nervousness around the woman and around this whole situation in general.

She continued, "It seems like fun to be wearing those outfits, but I'm sure they would have to be taken off eventually, I'm giving the girls the chance to be that pet all the time if they wanted to. Just ask, that is all I would like you to do. You have my number, call me no matter what the answer would be."

"Okay, I will," I looked at the number on my wrist once more.

"Thank you," she smiled as she turned towards the door.

I finally let out a sigh of relief, I knew exactly where she was coming from, but it was uncomfortable having her talking to me about it. It wasn't like sharing a secret with someone, it felt more like she was digging the information out of me, trying to make me say the wrong thing to encourage more out of me.

She stopped by the door and turned around one last time, "I'm guessing that creature by your legs isn't a pet either?"

She smirked… that damn smirk. I couldn't hide it anymore, she knew we had exactly what she needed. Luckily, she did not overstay her welcome and walked out straight afterwards. I knew where she was coming from, the idea of having a pet… or being a pet for the rest of your life was an addictive one and it was possible, but was it a good idea?

I fell back onto the seat with Emily still hugging my leg, her beautiful eyes looking at me from behind the hood. Becky came back a moment later and returned to her position by my left leg. Then, it felt as if the whole thing wasn't real, we returned to the same point before the woman entered the shop, if it wasn't for the writing on my skin; I would have said the entire thing didn't happen. It was all a blur.

"Hi," a voice came from in front of me.

I didn't know how long I sat there, it was as if the rest of the day flew by whilst my head was stuck inside my thoughts, I was watching the world go by from a window.
I looked up, for a second I thought the woman had returned, came back to haunt our day until she got what she wanted, but it was Tanya in front of me.

I was actually glad to see her, despite the frown she was wearing. She was someone who had control over her desires and never allowed anything to go too far. She walked up to the counter with her hands on her hips.

"Where's Becky?" she asked, the familiar tone of her stern voice echoed through the empty shop.

I pointed to my feet as my body still felt numb somehow, "She's down here."

A tutting noise could be heard from the mature woman as she walked around to be greeted by the sight of the two latex pets below me. Becky's eyes looked horrified as Emily just gave her a simple wave with her bound paw.

She huffed, clicking her fingers towards the direction of the warehouse, "Go to the backroom! I'll tell you off in a minute, let me speak with Samantha first!"

Becky took one last look at me before hanging her head in shame, she crawled slowly towards the same door from earlier and none of us moved until her little bound body was out of sight.

"You too, Emily!" she continued, asking the girl who was still wrapped around my leg.

Emily did the same thing, looking at me before slumping off to the back room, but this time taking a longer time to try and catch my gaze.
I knew we were in trouble and I was going to take full responsibility for it, however, I was still recovering from my interactions with the woman from before, still healing from the idea of her wanting a full time pet.

Tanya kept her hands on her hips until Emily was out of sight.

I finally looked up at my boss, "Becky looked nice in the outfit."

Her frown finally broke and turned into a full smile, "I know, she looked really cute."

"Are you mad at her?"

"Well… yeah, but I've been mad at you too, but both you and Emily seem to win me back over."

I smiled at her, trying to forget what happened earlier. I decided not to tell her for now as it was something I wanted to deal with.

"I'm guessing you are here to get unlocked?" Tanya asked as she searched through her handbag.

"Yes please, I didn't even realise it was Saturday today."

"Okay, let's get you out."

The words I had been waiting to hear for ages, they felt amazing to hear after two weeks of being locked up, to be unable to touch myself or even see my sex. I couldn't wait to finally have an orgasm and get all this pent up frustration out of my system. I even felt my heart skip a beat as I saw her reveal the key out of the bag.

"Can I ask you something?" she asked, stopping with the key held in the air.

"Sure, yeah?" I said, wanting to get this all over with so I can finally get unlocked.

"Have you ever thought of how you came to be locked up in a chastity belt to begin with?"

"Emily picked it out."

"…and why do you think she picked it out?"

"She probably just saw it on the shelf and thought it was a good idea."

Tanya laughed lightly, as if I was unaware of the point she was trying to make.

"Sam… you know I told you a while back, that when Emily dominates you, she wants you to pay it back when you are in charge?"


"Well, I've come to realise that Emily wouldn't introduce something into your relationship unless she had a specific interest in it and I think she was also trying to get you to wear it. Do you remember when we were at the convention?"

I did remember, that specific memory haunted me ever since it happened. It was the reason I was wearing this belt, it was also something that I did find rather sexual, being tied helplessly to that bondage furniture whilst Emily forced me to have an orgasm in front of random strangers. Due to that one act, my name was placed multiple times to be placed into chastity for two weeks.

"You saying Emily wanted me in this belt? What for?" I asked, unintentionally placing my hand over the steel that was locked around me.

"What I said before, she would only dominate you so you do the same back to her twice as hard." Tanya gave me a little smile.

"Emily's into chastity?"


I stayed silent for a moment, it was bad enough that I was processing the information from before, but this was all too new to me, I never realised Emily had an interest in anything this extreme. How did Tanya know more about her sexual desires than I did?

Tanya started to speak again whilst walking closer to me, "Right, let's get you out of that belt, shall we?"

"Yes, please."



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