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Sam and Em

by ForeverAltered

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Chapter 16

It had been a long time coming, for the first time in ages, I was completely naked, no clothes, no collar and definitely no chastity belt. My hands began exploring all parts of my body as I breathed out slowly, it was an odd feeling being this bare.

I was loving this moment, the bathroom door was locked and I was standing in the bathtub, the hot beads of water fell from the shower head onto my body, adding to this addictive moment.

Steam had filled the room, the floor, the tiles on the wall and the fogged up window were all covered in a layer of condensation. I breathed out again, this time much louder than before, I couldn't help myself as the sensations were too much for my brain to handle.

I wasn't alone in the bathroom.

As I stood with my front against the shower, Emily was on her knees behind me, her face as close to my butt as it could get with her tongue exploring wildly down there. I had to place my hands on the wall in front of me to balance myself, make sure I am safe if my legs begin to buckle.

"Ahhh" I mumble, the layers of water covering my as her tongue touches my freshly shaven sex.

I could get used to this, I lift my backside up to allow her to get further inside me, which she does without hesitation, placing her arms around my waist and holding the bottom of my stomach, allowing her to travel deeper inside of me. This was the first time we had tried this position and it definitely would not be the last.

Despite how great it felt, her tongue still wasn't as deep in as I wanted it to go. On any other day, I would have had all the patience in the world, but today, after a few hours of being unlocked from my belt, I needed more.

My body turned around, giving Emily a full view of my sex before I placed it on her face, giving her no room to tease anymore. If she moved her tongue in anyway, it was going to be inside me.

It was difficult, but I managed to hide my moans… at first. Emily waited a moment before opening her mouth and attacking my extremely sensitive clit. The moment her tongue touched it, my legs began to buckle and I was no longer holding her in place to keep her in position, but to stop me from falling over.

Not only was her technique amazing, doing a great job of stimulating it and teasing it at the same time, but soon she began moaning, as if she was receiving some form of pleasure from the situation. This didn't help keep my balance, the idea that she was loving to, so much she began making sounds, was so hot and arousing to me.

I gripped her shoulders as tight as I could, constantly reminding myself to keep control over my body. However, this feeling was beyond anything I had ever felt, I had been stimulated multiple times throughout my life, but being denied for two weeks from any form of pleasure was enough to make this moment a spectacle. It was beyond any feeling my body could begin to comprehend.

"Ah… shit" I muttered under my breath, unknowingly grinding softly on my sister's face.

It was almost too much, as if all my senses were on overdrive and the slow, somewhat painful orgasm was going to be more than I could bear. It was as if my brain was preparing me for the most extreme feeling I had ever felt in my life, like the moment you know you've hurt yourself and you are waiting for the pain to come.

However, this wasn't painful, it was the opposite of pain. It was beautiful, addicting and pleasurable, but almost too much in a way.

No matter what it was, I couldn't stop. I needed this more than anything else in the world at that point, it may hurt… it may be the best experience of my life. No matter what, it was going to happen.

"Emily…" I moaned my sister's name, echoing through the small room.

The way her tongue moved was no different to how she did it before, but each stroke it made was heaven on my body, Two weeks of not being able to touch myself, not being able to feel any pleasure from down below had taken toll on me and within about a minute of Emily licking me had brought an indescribable wall of pleasure to hit me from behind, causing the room to go bright.

Once again, I held Emily's head in place, not allowing her to move away from her duty until I had experienced that pleasure.

"Ah!" I groaned, unable to make any other noise at that moment.

Her tongue did not give up, hitting me with a wall of pleasure that was unexplainable, it was much more intense than anything I had ever felt before, I had felt a similar pleasure before, many times in fact; but this covered my entire body, all the nerves in my arms and legs tingled, threatening to become numb if this feeling continued.

My hands dug into her blonde hair, I wanted to tell her to stop, I wanted to tell her to continue… I couldn't explain how this feeling was beautiful, but too much at the same time, painful but pleasurable, extremely sensitive and numb at the same time.

I wanted this feeling to last forever, almost to the point of the orgasm not coming at all, the feeling of just getting there was enough to bring me joy. Sadly, it wouldn't last and an intense sensation came from underneath me, starting as a large aura and getting smaller and smaller to the point of being a tiny ball that was about to explode.

I couldn't go back. Even if Emily stopped licking me, I was past the point and an orgasm was guaranteed at this point.

My fingers dug harder and harder into Emily's scalp, I tried my hardest not to hurt her, but she wasn't stopping, in fact, it seemed like she was speeding up with her motions, forcing an even heavier experience to come from me.

My eyes shot open, even though the room was covered in thick steam from the shower, I could not focus on the world around it, everything seemed further away than normal and yet, much closer than they should be.

"Oh god" I gritted my teeth.

I couldn't hold on any longer. Not that I was holding onto anything apart from Emily's head, the world soon travelled further away from me, out of my reach and would not come back until the experience was over. My legs buckled, I couldn't feel them anymore, the feeling as gone completely as I almost fell on top of my sister, somehow pushing her tongue even further into me.

"Em… I… Uhhh… S…S-s…" A list of words escaped my mouth with no meaning to them.

Luckily, Emily was in a position to keep me up, holding onto my butt with both of my hands. I was glad she was comfortable enough to take my full weight, but she did not stop with the attacks from her tongue, knowing what it was doing to me.

Then the world went white. It was an unexplainable experience but everything just went. All of my senses just disappeared, I couldn't see, hear, smell or even taste. The only sensation I could feel was Emily's warm body next to mine, the heat of her breath on my sex and her soaked hands on my butt.

"Oh, shit!" I screamed.

The lack of sensations only lasted a second before everything came back twice as harsh as before. The familiar pleasure of an orgasm came over me, covering my entire body, it was too much to handle. I fell off my sister, hitting the porcelain material underneath us, my bones seized up as it prepared for what was about to happen.

"Shit!" I repeated myself.

The world flashed white, bringing with it the painful touch of the orgasm I was so scared to have before. My body wasn't moving but my head thrashed left to right.

Oh…god…another one hit me with the same force as the first one.

Again and again waves washed over me, exploding inside me and leaving me.

Three… four… five… they weren't stopping, they weren't decreasing in strength… I could not take it.

"Sam? You okay?" My sister finally spoke, leaning over me to see if I had been hurt in any way.

"Let's… not…" I mumbled between waves.

Six… seven…

I continued, "…Leave it… another two… weeeeks."

I squirmed as an eighth orgasm hit, shaking my body as it left me.

Emily laughed softly, wrapping me in her arms, "Shall we get to bed?"

"Just… one minute," My speech was still shaking, "I'm still coming"

The bed was a welcome sight. Emily and I fell onto the mattress and covered ourselves in a blanket, covering our still naked bodies from the outside world. This was much more comfortable than the cold, hard bath and it took about five minutes post orgasm to finally get the numbness out of my body, only a few minutes after my body could not orgasm anymore.

Despite being able to stand, I was not confident on my legs as they still felt weak from the experience.

Emily rested her head on my breast, smiling as head moved up and down slightly with the beat of my heart, which was still beating heavily. This was the best feeling I had all day, nothing in the world beat cuddling up with Em after a long day, our freshly showered body touching and our legs intertwined with each other. The first time I had experienced it, I knew me and Emily were going to be much more than sister's, she was going to be my entire world and I could get through anything, as long as I knew I was coming home to her everyday, spending every night with her in my arms.

I gently kissed her forehead, thanking her in a whisper for bringing me that experience, not that it was one I wanted to have anytime soon, two weeks was far too long to wait, especially living a sexually charged life that me and her had.

In fact, I was grateful for everything, as it had worked out so well. Jane and my Dad were comfortable with our relationship, I had a boss that understood our kinks and actually pressed us to explore them further and we even had like-minded friends. I knew Becky was interested in being a pet, but to the same level as us was different. It was almost as if we had added an extra pet to our collection, Me, Emily and Becky… all pets with Tanya being our owner.

I hugged Emily that little bit tighter, everything was going right for us.

"Sam?" Emily's breath travelled across the top of my chest, "Can… Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, of course you can" I leaned into her further.

"Are… are you going to consider what that girl asked? About being a pet all the time?"

I could tell by the pauses Emily gave, she was nervous about something, why was she nervous talking to me? We can talk to each other about anything.

"No, I don't think so."


I looked down at her, hoping to catch her eyes, but she was looking away from me, "What's the matter? Did you want me to?"

"I think… we should keep our options open, If that isn't a bad idea."

"It is a bad idea, we don't know this girl, we don't even know her name. Plus, I doubt Tanya would accept us leaving our lives behind, she would force her to stay."

"We can talk to Tanya."

I leant upwards, forcing the blonde girl to get up too. I didn't want to stop us from touching each other, but I needed to actually see Emily to discuss something as important as this.

"Why are you pushing this? We do not know this woman, she could be mentally ill for all we know and forever is an extremely long time to be a pet."

Emily still didn't meet my gaze, staring down at the mattress cover, "I like being a pet…"

"I know you do, that will always be a part of our lives. The reason we are together is because we both have an interest in bondage. It isn't realistic to expect to be a pet permanently."

"We could make it work…"

"Emily… I love you. Why are you asking this? Do you honestly think Tanya would let us give up our lives to be pets? What about Mom and Dad? Do you think they'll be okay if we just disappear one day?"

She continued looking down, tracing her finger over the mattress cover, "No… they probably won't."

I gently placed my hands on both sides of Emily's face, forcing her to look at me. The first thing I noticed was the tears that were collecting in her eyes, ready to fall down at any moment.

"Em… where did this come from? Are you okay?"

"Yeah… yeah," she said, the moment she spoke a tear broke free, falling all the way down her cheek and collected at her chin.

I wiped her cheek dry, "What's the matter, Babe?"

"I'm… scared, I'm sorry."

"Scared of what?"

"Scared of leaving University… I would go out in the real world, I have no idea what I want to do and scared I'll just do nothing."

"Em… it's okay."

"I've never been out of education! I've never had a full time job… I just don't know what to do, my future just seems so dark."

"It's okay, Em. I felt the same when I left school."

"Just… being a pet is so nice and comforting, would it really be so bad if we do it all the time? How bad can it be?"

"Em…" I finally let go and sat back further, "You are the most intelligent person I know, you have such a bright future ahead of you. It would be a shame if you left that all behind to be someone's pet. I want to see a world where my Emily is a successful person and I will be there with you by your side the entire time."

"Thank you." Emily smiled, but I could still see some pain behind her eyes.

"Tell you what, I'll talk to Tanya tomorrow."

Her eyes widened, probably the most shocked I had ever seen her, "Wha-What do you mean? She will go crazy!"

"I should have told her what happened at the beginning, but I will have a proper discussion with her tomorrow. The store is closed tomorrow, so she shouldn't be too busy.

Despite her initial shock, she calmed down and resumed cuddling me. It was nice to relax again, seeing her return her head to my breast. She was calm and quiet, but I could tell her mind was still fighting with itself, torn between the ideas of being a pet for the rest of her life or being the Emily I want her to be.

"Mom?" I screamed, my voice echoing throughout the hallway.

It was a long, cold, grey hallway with hundreds of doors either side and an infinite path in front of me. This time, I knew I was dreaming, my brain managed to make the acknowledgment that this place could not exist in the real world. However, what I was feeling was more than real, it was dread and I knew it would get worse before I woke up.

I tried every door along both walls, every single one was locked, not opening despite how hard I pulled.

One door was different. All the others were still, but the hallway echoed with the sound of a doorknob trying to open, but it wasn't me that was doing it.

I ran down the long room before I was face to face with the door, it sounded like someone was trying to open it in a panic from the other side, the doorknob turned left and right in a flurry of movements and the wood was being pressed against its frame.

"Mom!" I screamed, as I reached down to open it from my end.


The door burst open, hitting me directly and causing me to fall onto the hard ground. As I fell, I tried to look to see who opened it, but only darkness from behind the door frame welcomed me.

"Mom!" I screamed once again, moments before the back of my head connected with the ground underneath me.

My body jolted forwards as I left the dream behind me, returning to the world that was all too real. I was back in my bed with Emily at my side. The blonde woman was still fast asleep, her eyes closed tightly with her chest moving up and down in a slow rhythm.

I tried my best to quiet my heavy breathing, I felt as if I had just ran a mile, but the last thing I wanted to do was to wake Emily up. Half the reason was a genuine need to not disturb her sleep and the other reason was to not have to admit to her what just happened, I did not want to admit that I had another nightmare about my mother.

My skin was covered in a layer of sweat, I only found out when I went to place the blanket off my naked body and the cold air of the room hit me harder than it would have if I was dry.

I managed to get my entire frame from underneath it without disturbing my sister in any way, she didn't even move… she must have been tired.

As I said at my corner of the bed, I placed my head in my hands as I struggled to digest what just happened.

It was a short dream, it didn't drag at all or made time feel as if it was moving slower, that was the case of the nightmares I used to have. It was a moment, a small moment, as if the dream I was having had changed drastically and I was plunged into that dark world that I thought I had left behind, it was like a regularly scheduled program being interrupted by a world-changing news report.

It had felt like ages since I had a dream about her, the last one I had was just before Dad went into the hospital following his accident. I would have thought that the experience I had with him afterwards, us reconciling our relationship and getting closer; as well as accepting Jane as the mothering figure she was… I had thought that was all I needed to get over my fears.

I had accepted my new family into my life, so why was it still happening?

I clicked my phone on, to see that it was now morning. I had about an hour before I needed to get ready for work.

I stared back at my sleeping sister, where I opened the blanket it had uncovered the top half of her naked body, almost as if her breasts were greeting me and begging me to come in for a longer cuddle.

No… I should leave her be. She has a lot to think about and she needs her rest and also, I didn't want to return to the realm of sleep and risk having another bad dream.

As I finally got myself off the bed, I returned the blanket to its original position, covering my sister up completely before I went and jumped into the shower.

I had made it to the shop in record time. I left the house as quiet as possible, doing everything I could not to disturb the sleeping Emily, but I didn't want to sit around the house doing nothing whilst I waited to go to my job, so I decided to leave early.

The drive to Tanya's shop was absolutely beautiful, the sun just started to appear above the horizon, causing the sky to shine a stunning red and yellow glow that bounced off the dark clouds that had formed during the night.

By the time I had left my house, the night's rain had almost completely dissolved , but just enough water remained on the road to reflect the scene above me; it was as if the road was made from broken glass, a shattered object mirroring a pleasant painting.

With no cars on the road, I made it to Tanya's the moment the bottom of the sun left the horizon. A proud achievement of mine, I must admit.

It wasn't a shock to see the shop's lights were turned off, Tanya doesn't ever come here early. She does all the work in the evening so she could get a longer rest in the mornings before having to get herself ready.

An electrical buzzing sound filled the warehouse once all the lights were turned on, covering most of the area in a dull colour as the electrics had to warm up. Nothing had changed since I was here yesterday with my sister, all the storage boxes were in the same place, the shop floor had been restocked since my boss came back yesterday and that new box that held the outfit Becky was locked in was exactly where it was before.

I laughed quietly to myself, well… it was quiet to me but it was enough to echo throughout the room. It was the image of Becky stuck in the suit that made me giggle, it was the look on her face as she emerged from the darkness to greet us, in one way she was enjoying the feeling of the latex against her skin and in another way she was scared that she was found out in the suit, an equal mixture of embarrassment and terror.

Me and Emily had been in that situation before, it was a painful mix of every feeling possible, embarrassment, sexual, terror, weakness, trusting… it was insane what being locked in a latex outfit could do to your mind, especially if you are more bound in multiple ways.

I caught myself looking towards the box again. Yes, it was embarrassing for Becky to be stuck in that situation and it was good that me and Emily were there for her… but was the outfit really that hard to get out of?

I was hardly an expert at this point, but I was more than sure that there were ways to get out of the suit whilst you were inside it, the paws looked complex enough that they should be able to open up and allow the user to grip the back zip and unlock themselves.

I assumed that as it was Becky's first time, she got overwhelmed by the fear of getting caught and struggled to undo the zip, surely… someone with more experience would be confident enough to keep calm and unlock themselves?

I sighed loudly to myself, why did I put that thought in my brain?

The box once again entered my vision as an itch that needed to be scratched entered my mind.

It wasn't as if I was thinking anything bad of Becky, it was her first time in the suit and she panicked. Luckily, me and Emily were both with other people when we first went into our pet suits, when she found the suit at the bottom of my bondage box, I was there to help her into the outfit… although I did unintentionally leave her alone for a few hours.

When we were first introduced to the suits we wear now, Tanya was always there to look after us, letting us crawl around her house like normal pets and play with each other.

We had people with us, but Becky was completely alone… it was no wonder why she panicked.

The hinges of the box hummed deeply as I unlocked it and opened it up. It had a more expensive and grand feeling to it compared to the outfits me and my sister were used to. They were placed in normal cardboard boxes, this one was more like a bigger suitcase. I was almost disappointed to not see smoke appear from inside or for it to have a glow; like I had just uncovered something.

Despite this, the suit was amazing to look at. Even removed from a naked body, it had its own demanding presence. It was an odd choice of colours but it worked well together and it was clear this outfit was designed to be much tighter than what me and Emily are used to, leaving the outfit wrinkle free whilst the wearer was locked inside.

I had another quick look over my shoulder to make sure I was the only one in the store. I could almost guarantee that I was, but it felt as if I was doing something that I shouldn't have been doing and I wanted to make sure that I was not going to be disturbed.

"Screw it," I said to myself as I took off my jacket.

A part of me was questioning why I was doing this, the other part of me just wanted to feel the latex against my skin, to feel the tight feeling covering me and just to try on a new outfit, something new that I had never personally felt before.

I pulled up my shirt, throwing it on top of the jacket before I undid my bra, placing that in the same area.

My shoes were easy to kick off and with one movement, I managed to pull off my leggings and underwear off at the exact same time; showing my naked body to the four bland walls of the warehouse.

My nerves started to go, causing my arms and legs to feel weak, but the situation had given me an adrenaline rush and allowed me to go ahead with what was going through my mind.I leant over and picked up the suit, even feeling the latex on my fingertips was enough for my skin to crawl, causing what felt like electric shocks to travel up and down my body, grouping between my legs.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit," I kept saying to myself once I had opened the zip on the suit.

As a majority of the suit was in one piece, the only part that remained in the box was the hood, the dog hood with long ears and wide holes to allow the user to see clearly. However, I had absolutely no intention of putting the hood on, only the part that covered everything below the neck. It was as if the hood was staring up at me, silently watching as I made a fool of myself.

The hardest part of the suit had to be the legs, it did not allow the user to stretch their lower limbs out and forced them to walk on their knees. The moment your foot and calf were fitted correctly within the latex, the user had to bend their knee completely before pulling the rest of the suit up their bodies, as after this moment the leg is locked in place and the wearer cannot straighten their leg out until after the suit was taken off.

I understood why the instructions stated it would be best to have a responsible person nearby as putting the outfit on felt like a two man job. I had to lie down on the cold floor to get both legs in and it took longer than I expected it to.

"Right, now the hands," I was talking to myself as if I was pumping myself up for something.

I managed to manoeuvre myself onto my knees, using the box to steady myself, I pulled the outfit up my body until it went past my waist. One hand easily slid down the sleeve, ending at the attached paw which easily glided my fingers into place, forcing my thumb against my palm and placing my fingers into different departments of the paw; my index finger in the first one, my middle and ring finger in the middle on and my little finger in the last one.

Getting the other hand down the sleeve was more of a struggle, but wasn't enough to put me off.

My human hand easily pulled the latex upwards, which allowed the hand going into the paw to glide within the latex. Using a paw to pull the latex up wasn't as easy, the paw did not allow for much traction and slid easily over the shiny material.

With some patience and an iron will, the task was accomplished and only the back of the suit had to be zipped up. I was almost laughing at this point, it was so easy to do that I was considering asking Tanya to request some more outfits from this company. The latex was much tighter to the skin than the previous outfits I wore, but it felt so good.

I reached behind my body with my right hand, hooping the large rings around my index paw before pulling it up. The latex felt like a few sizes too small for my body type, but the material stretched and soared over my back; allowing the zip to be done up with ease.

Each time the zip came together, it made a dull sound which was rather satisfying to hear, not to mention the rest of the suit tightened and pulled against parts of my body, I even felt my breath getting heavier as my sex was beginning to bed for attention.

My right hand managed to pull the zip up so far before I could go no further. I knew the zip was about half way up and high enough for my hands to reach if they went over my head.

I moved before I had any time to think. In a swift motion, I arched my back and lifted my hands over my head, my paws felt around for the ring, but it wasn't long before I felt the metal object and the suit tighten up slightly from it being pulled up slightly.

The very second this happened, I returned my back to its original position and pulled my hands upwards. My second skin tightened around me much more than I thought it would, but I was in heaven either way. The sound of the zip stopping at the back of my neck confirmed to me that I was fully enveloped within the suit.

I was smiling from glee as I fell back to the ground, the sensation of being fully enclosed was more intense than anything I had ever felt at this point, almost as if the suit was stroking every part of your body with the slightest movements. My nipples and sex were very aware of the motions I was making. Guaranteed, it would not take much crawling for the outfit to give me a full orgasm.

How the hell did Becky wear this yesterday? She moved around the same way Emily did, but the suits she and I wore were definitely not tight enough to get this response from the material.

"Oh… god," I murmured, that last movement caused the thought to completely disappear from my head.

I need one of these, as soon as Tanya gets in, I will ask her to order me and Emily one each. If I had one of these to use for my personal use, I would be begging to be locked in the outfit as much as Emily begs to be locked into one of our ones.

Everything felt so great, the tight material was perfect, my legs were comfortable despite being locked into that one position and the paws felt like extensions of my own hands, even though they were bound in place, it felt like I could actually use them; instead of just being stumps.


My blood ran cold.

My vision zoomed in but went blurry at the same time.

My head began to spin…

Whilst still lying down, I had lifted my hands up to inspect the paws. I wanted to enjoy the craftsmanship of my new hands and to see the extent of what I could do with them, little did I know that I was going to send myself into a blind panic.

On my left hand, between the index and middle paw… was the ring from the zipper.


My body jumped up as I tried to put the ring back on the zip, as if I could do such a complex task with these bound stubs, but I wasn't thinking, I just needed to fix the problem, I needed to get out of the suit before Tanya came in.

I tried and tried again to put the ring back to its original position. Time and time again it remained on my useless paw. I was hoping each time the ring would automatically snap back on the rest of the zip, as if they were magnetic, but each time my hope was crushed.

If the ring was still on, I would have no problem at all getting out, but I had never imagined a brand new, expensive suit like this would have broken so easily.

It was useless, I threw the ring across the room in anger, I was not getting it back on without the help of someone else. The last thing I wanted was for Tanya to see me this way, she could yell at me, punish me… heck, she could even fire me for messing around with her merchandise and breaking it.

Emily would most likely still be asleep, even if she was awake, how would she get here? She didn't drive.

Jane? No, she was probably getting ready for work at this point. Even if she could get here, she would not be able to unlock the door to get into the shop.

Becky? Yes, Becky should be able to help. If she was awake, she doesn't live too far away, meaning she can drive here and get me out quickly. Plus, she was in this exact situation yesterday, she would know how I was feeling.

I stretched my arm over to my clothes and pulled my phone out of my pocket. I gently placed it on the ground and turned the screen on with the tip of my paw, but my hopes of using my phone to call Becky was crushed as the stupid, latex paws could not do anything to the screen, I tried many, many times to open my contacts; but none of my movements were recognised.

Second plan, Tanya had an old phone with buttons behind the desk, I could use that to call her.

"Good plan!" I said to myself, as if I was talking to another person within this room.

I nearly sprinted on my hands and knees across the room, aiming for the door to the shop, but I stopped almost immediately. I was breathing very heavily, but not from being out of breath, it was surprisingly easy to move in the suit and was not a strain on my muscles to do so. I was breathing heavily as the suit continued to excite me. Even now, in this horrible situation, the suit tormented my body parts with every movement, it would bring me to a strong climax if I continued to move this way.

My body was still, the only sound that was audible was my breathing, which was amplified by how empty the building was and the echo of the warehouse.

"Oh… no," I whispered.

I continued, but this time at a snail's pace. Moving my hands so slowly that it was almost painful to be moving at this speed. I managed to make it to the door to the store, thousands of sexual items greeted me as I crawled through the door frame. However, even moving at this speed was enough to torment my body, as if the latex was circling over my nipples and moving unlimited fingertips over my swollen clit.

I continued to whisper, "Please… please," as if I was actually begging the suit to take this situation as seriously as I was.

My eyes widened as I stopped at the door, my breathing was painfully heavy as I realised that I had to stop. If I moved one more step, I knew I would be having one of the most intense orgasms I would probably ever have. My clit was begging for something, one more touch would do the trick. Heck, if someone just breathed on my clit right now, it would probably send me into a flurry of orgasms.

This suit was way too much.

I tempted fate as I made a small movement forward, I hardly moved an inch and I was still crawling as slowly as possible, but it was too much and caused me to go over the edge.

I threw my head down, placing my mouth over my latex covered wrist as I yelled into it. The feeling below continued building up and up, slowly forcing an orgasm out of me. It was almost painfully slow, I knew I was past the point of no return but even sitting still would not stop the intense feeling.

All I could do is brace myself for the inevitable.

"Mmmmmmppphhh!" My wrist did it's best job to hold my scream in.

I was rocking my body backwards and forwards as it overwhelmed me, as if my mind and my body were fighting with each other, my mind being knowledgeable about the situation I was in and my body loving the feeling the latex suit gave me.

"Holy shit! Holy shit!" I yelled out in between screaming into my wrist.

It felt like the suit had a mind of its own, knowing exactly what it was doing, feeling like a hundred hands gently travelling over my clit, being so gentle but not stopping and giving me a moment to think. Just like the long build up before, the orgasm did everything to stay as long as possible, being a constant high that numbed my brain at a time when I needed my brain the most.

"Okay… okay," I said over and over to myself as the feeling eventually began to wear away, "You can do this, Sam."

My legs and arms were still rather numb from the experience and I could feel that my hands felt weak under my weight, despite this, I still had to carry on.

I was finally able to move away from the doorframe and further into the shop with the sound of my paws hitting the floor echoing through the empty room.

Throughout the entire time, the suit continued to move and massage my body underneath, the latex rippling over my nipples and sex; my body was telling me to stop, begging me to slow down as it was still exhausted from the pleasure, as if I was the one causing the feeling.

The cold floor vibrated from the tapping of my bound arms and legs, the only other sound I could hear was me breathing heavily, due to the pleasure before, the difficulty of the suit and the situation. I was about half way towards the desk with the phone standing on it elegantly, like a trophy waiting to be picked up after winning a race.

This made it easier to ignore the feeling below, as I could see the goal I was aiming for.

I closed my eyes and powered through, pushing myself harder and ignoring every feeling in my body until the phone was in reach.

I audibly gasped, I was proud of myself in a certain way. I managed to get here without any more trouble. Using the desk to balance myself, I leant against it as I placed myself onto my knees and stretched out my paw, the phone only being a few inches away.

"Oh… no," I yelped.

The feeling had come back, pushing through as if it was offended that I tried to ignore it earlier; but I could not ignore it now.

My body was tired and my sex was exhausted post-orgasm, it made me aware that it could not handle anymore sexual interaction for now, but the suit forced it on me, being a dull feeling before leaping ahead and forcing itself out.

"No… no… no… no… no…" I continued saying to myself as I stayed in place, not moving due the fear of cumming again.

I honestly did not think I could take any more, but my body was telling me otherwise. It may be painful, it will definitely be uncomfortable… but I was going to have an orgasm if I dared move again.

I was stuck in the same situation as before, this time I was in a terrible position. I was still kneeling with my hand against the desk, one move in any direction would bring me beyond the point and even though the knees of the suit were padded; my legs were already getting tired.

My paw was still reaching towards the phone, frozen in place in complete fear, the sensation of my hands trembling was one thing that was perfectly clear to me, I didn't have the strength for what I had to endure.

However, as before, the feeling wasn't vanishing, it was idling in place just waiting for that one motion. Somehow, despite the situation, despite my brain being in a scared state and my body being exhausted from the previous orgasm, I was still highly aroused.

I had to accept that I wasn't getting out of this situation without cumming again. Despite having dexterity in my paws, I didn't have the means to pick the phone up and would have to somehow lift it off the receiver without causing my body any more grief.

I breathed through my teeth as I gently touched the top of the phone, causing it to fall off the receiver and hit the desk with a quiet thump.

I would have cheered if it had finished there, but my brain had no time to process as the phone fell off the side of the desk, being pulled towards the floor as the cord began to stretch further.

Panic set in and I flung myself onto the floor to grab it before it had the chance to impact onto the stone-cold ground. I did not know if it would have broken as a result, but I could not afford it to happen.

It felt like the world went into slow motion as I reached my hands out to grab the device, forgetting momentarily that I had no thumbs or fingers to grab it. My left hand was the first to touch it, causing the phone to fly up into the air a little further, then my right arm tried to rectify my first mistake, that too missed.

The moment I moved away from the desk my fate was sealed, I could not stop my fall and no matter how many times I tried to reach for the phone it just slipped higher up, until the point that it was out of my reach and my body connected with the ground first.

I landed on my back, the phone slowly fell down and landed on my soft, latex bound belly. At this point, even if I could pick it up again, I was unable to do so.

I had moved.

My eyes had rolled to the back of my head as an indescribable painful pleasure hit me, it was way too intense, to the point that I had no words to describe it, no words came out at all.

I placed my bound hands between my legs; somehow thinking that it would help, as my body rocked side to side, this time I could not stop the noise escaping, I did not want to move my hands away from their position.

I let out a long, drawn out moan, loud enough that anyone walking past the shop could hear me. Somehow, the phone managed to stay on my stomach despite the constant movement.

"Oh… god… please… stooooop!" I gritted my teeth as the orgasm overstayed its welcome.

Despite how turned on I was with the suit, my brain started to yell at me regarding how stuck I was in the suit. I needed to get Becky on the phone to let me out, otherwise Tanya was going to be fuming.

I forced my eyes open as I was still riding the high, the pleasure was not done with me but I tried to battle through.

I grabbed the phone with both paws, turning it to face me as I stared at the numbered buttons; trying to remember which one was Becky's.

"Samantha Thayer!" A voice called out from the door to the warehouse.

It was Tanya, staring at my hopelessly bound body with her hands on her hips, calling me out by my full name like a mother angry at her daughter.

My mouth was wide open, I was not expecting her this early. However, despite the shock, I was trying my hardest not to show her that I was in the middle of an endless orgasm.

The room was completely silent as Tanya sat behind the desk, something that wasn't like her. I was apologetic from the moment I was able to think straight and move, but she wasn't asking for an explanation of what happened, she just wanted me to sit in silence with her, well… she was sitting and I was on my hands and knees beside her.

I felt defeated in some ways, maybe because the first thing Tanya did was take the telephone away from me, making the last moments of my day a complete waste. I was expecting Tanya to yell at me or even be mad, but she wasn't, she had no expression on her face as she was sitting behind her desk, placing today's paper and a selection of food items in front of her that told me she had skipped her breakfast at home.

"Come here," she said; her tone so calm.

I stared up at the woman as she cut up some toast and eggs into little bites, "I'm sorry, Tanya."

"Come here," she repeated herself, a slightly different tone but no malice behind her words.

I was very careful to move my body as slowly as possible, trying my hardest to keep my legs and bottom half of my body rigid to prevent further unnecessary stimulation to that area, placing my head on Tanya's large legs was a small comfort, within a few moments she took a tiny amount of egg and toast and placed it into my mouth.

My eyes never left her as I began chewing the delicious food, my stomach was appreciative of having something to fill it.

This was new for me and the store owner, whilst we had multiple intimate moments; I cannot say she had ever fed me like this, it was a comfort.

Tanya made up a different sandwich for herself and began eating that as she began scanning the front of the paper.

In a way, this made me feel even more guilty, that I kept forgetting how forgiving the larger lady was, how much patience she had for me, my sister and Becky. I owed her more than I know and I still took advantage of her store and her stock. I had no reason to put this outfit on other than pure curiosity and selfishness.

"I'm sorry," I repeated myself from earlier, but this time I had meant it a whole lot more.

"That's okay… Open!" She said, placing another bite of food into my mouth.

She meant it too, even though she was short with her answer, I could tell she wasn't angry at all and probably as curious about the suit as I was.

I realised then that I needed to tell her something that I should have told her yesterday.

"Tanya?" I asked, looking up once more at the woman as I finished that second bite.

This time her eyes flicked towards mine before she answered, "Yeah?"

"…I need to tell you something"

"Sure, go ahead."

Then I told her, I told her everything that happened. She already knew about my delivery to the naked cam girl, but she did not know she came in yesterday. Between small bites of delicious food that Tanya handed me between words, I explained everything that happened, her coming into the store, seeing Becky in the suit I was currently in, to her telling me about her fantasy, to Emily thinking about it and our conversation this morning about how much more she had to give.

It was a lot to talk about, but I did not realise until then how much of it I did not process, talking it out bit by bit to the store owner made me realise the entirety of the situation.

She sat in silence the entire time she was hearing me speak, finishing off the rest of her breakfast as the situation unfolded in front of her.

When I was done, she continued to remain silent, putting the paper away in her bag before she started to finally speak.

"I knew about the situation, Becky told me about it yesterday," she said, wiping her mouth clean of the food, "I didn't know Emily was taking the idea so seriously."

Despite the food being gone, my head remained on her lap, "Yeah, it really messed her up. Emily wanted to do it so badly. Emily is worth more than that though."

"She is, she really is. She's scared and it's understandable why. I was frozen in fear when I left school and went into the real world, you really have to start thinking about where you want to go with life."

"Yeah, I get that."

"At the end of the day, it's Emily's choice what she wants to do."


"Obviously, I would always prefer that she doesn't go that direction, she is a bright girl with a bright future ahead of her."

"I know that."

Tanya cleared her throat, "She'll have to come to the conclusion by herself though, we can't get in the way of her decision."

"What do you mean? We can't let her go ahead with this!"

Tanya stood up, placing the leftovers of her breakfast and the paper back in her bag.

"There's something else," I continued, "She wants me to join her, she wants us to both be pets for her."

"Oh," She stayed quiet for a moment, "Is that something you want too?"

"No… of course not… No. I don't think so… Maybe…"

I stared down at the cold floor below me. It struck me as odd that I was adamant that Emily wouldn't go ahead with it, but I struggled with the question the moment Tanya asked me it.


"I don't know."

"That's fine, it's not a problem if you don't know the answer. Come with me."

"Where are we going?"

"Well, I need to stock check the warehouse before we open."

"If you let me out, I can help."

"Nope, you can crawl around and watch me."

I moaned as I struggled to crawl after her, trying my hardest to ignore the feelings the suit gave me as I moved, "I think you need to talk to the supplier of this suit, it's clearly faulty."

"It's not faulty, I replaced the chain with a weaker one I had lying round."

"WHAT?! Why would you do that?"

Tanya's laugh echoed through the empty shop as she walked through the door to the warehouse. I huffed and whimpered as I followed closely behind her; I continued to ask her over and over again what was so funny, each time I asked she laughed even harder. The entire time I was trying to ignore the intimate touches of the suit.

It was dark by the time I got back home. The headlights of the vehicle illuminated the building before I turned the engine off. The rest of the day had been extremely uneventful compared to this morning. Tanya kept me in the suit for about another hour whilst she took down all the stock, taking much longer than she usually wood; stretching out my punishment as long as she wanted.

Two distinct voices could be heard from the kitchen; I assumed it was Emily and Jane, as I got closer to the door, I could hear what they were talking about. The pitch of Emily's voice told me what she was worried about something; she always has a higher tone when she is whining about something. Jane had a deeper tone; telling me she was more serious than usual.

"I just don't know what to do," Emily squealed, "It's not like I have much time left at school."

"I wouldn't worry about it and you are at University, not school. Why don't you talk to your teacher? I'm sure they can give you an idea of what to do next," Jane reassured her, "They've been working with you all year, they should know what your strengths are."

"But what if I don't like what they say? What if I'm not good at what I do?"

"Emily, you are amazing at what you do. It was you who decided to go to University, you wouldn't even have got in if you weren't good."

"Yeah, but…"

"Just don't put any pressure on yourself, take things at your own pace and you will know what you will want to do. Have you spoken to Samantha about this?"

I stopped, I was just on the other side of the door but I decided to wait a moment, Emily needed this talk more than knowing how ill I was, I was comfortable waiting for a few more minutes.

"I… I had a suggestion that I told her about," Emily's voice became more quiet.

"What was that?"

"Oh… just something to do with working at the shop."

I knew Emily was lying, but Jane would have understood that more than the actual idea she had. My Sister knew her Mother would not have accepted the idea of spending the rest of her life as a pet.

"Would that make you happy?" Jane asked.

"I think so… I don't know."

"What does Samantha think about you working at the shop?"

Emily remained quiet for a moment before responding, "She didn't really seem to like the idea of it, she thinks I could do much better."

"She is a smart girl, so why not take her advice and see what else you can do?"

"Yeah, she's great"

"Set up a meeting with one of your teachers as soon as you can, you'll be surprised what they can do to help."

"Yeah, that would be good. I'll email them tomorrow."


I walked back to the front door, I opened it up again and closed it louder than I did before; making sure they heard it this time, "I'm home!"

I pretended to look into the living room before walking into the kitchen.

Emily's and Jane's smiles welcomed me as I entered the room, and the delicious smell that was coming from Jane's cooking.

I threw my bag onto the floor and immediately walked over to Emily, I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tightly as I sat on her lap.

"Must have been a bad day," Emily laughed lightly.

I hugged her even tighter, I wasn't tired from the day in the slightest, I was proud of my sister as she had come to her senses. I was expecting a battle from her, I was still expecting her to try and fight for the right to be a pet to a complete stranger. The Emily I knew was stubborn when she wanted to be and I did not expect the subject to be dropped so lightly.

However, the weight on my shoulders was lifted when I heard her mind travel to the next available option she had.

Eventually, my arms released their grasp against my sister's thin body and I placed the biggest kiss I could muster against her cheek, the entire time she was giggling from my actions, unaware of how proud of her I was at that time.

She had the chance to live a full and beautiful life and nothing was going to stop me from being right next to her for the entire journey.


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