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Sam and Em

by ForeverAltered

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Chapter 17

I did not know whether I wanted to laugh or cry, the fact that I got myself into this situation was a testament of my love for my sister. It had been nearly a year since I had arrived at the new house, where I've explored my sexuality and my fetishes for latex and pet play. During that time we have even brought other people into our sexual world.

In a year, my world had completely changed for the better, Emily had become part of me and I finally found someone who would be at my side for the rest of my life, someone who I could rely on constantly and love me without any limits.

In return, it was hard to say no to her, I hated the feeling of letting her down in any way and I would happily do anything just to see her smile. Despite being the dominant one in the relationship, I have found myself going above and beyond to make her every wish come true, this was no different.

In the last year I had worn some of the sexiest outfits I had ever seen, I had spent the most amount of time naked and people other than Emily had seen me in the intense pleasures of an orgasm. If I was comfortable with that, why was I so nervous right now?

It was morning, a mild sunny day with a selection of clouds in the sky. Emily and I were in the garden once more, sitting on the patio with a full view of the garden. I couldn't help but smile at my sister, she had the most intense look on her face as she concentrated on all the fine details, her tongue was partially sticking out of her mouth as she tried her best to get everything just right.

In a way, it was something I always wanted to do. It was almost a cliche at this point, seeing it happen in multiple romance films and novels. As she was the one to ask me, I assumed it was something she wanted to do as well.

Emily wanted to paint me naked.

I could not say no, seeing the light twinkle in her eyes as she described the painting she had in her mind, exactly what position she wanted me in, what colours she wanted to use, where we would be whilst she painted. It was like a scenario she had in her head and I was more than happy to make it happen.

However, actually being where she wanted, in the position she wanted me to be and wearing absolutely nothing somehow made me so nervous.

She was firm in the position, forcing me to sit with my legs open, leaning back against the chair with my hands behind my back. It wasn't just a nude painting, but one that did not shy away from the female body… my body. It would show everything, my breasts and my vagina would be painted to some degree of detail. Not to mention that I would have to sit in that position for however long it took for Emily to paint, her eyes gliding over my sex as I had to sit still for her.

Why was I nervous? It wasn't like she had seen these before, she's done far worse than just looking at them previously.

It didn't matter in the end, no matter how nervous I was at the situation, seeing Emily enjoying herself more than made up for it. It may have been because I was bare in front of her, or she really enjoyed being creative, it didn't matter at all.

"What are you smiling at?" She asked, glancing over to me.

"Nothing." I tried biting my bottom lip to stop my emotions, I had to be still for my sister.

"Keep doing that."

"Keep doing what?"

"The biting, it's a good look."

God, I loved watching her. Emily was addictive to me, even something as simple as watching her draw or paint was fascinating to me. The way her small hands were wrapped around the paintbrush, the way her long blonde hair would fall down over her face as she kept moving her head left to right to match my details to the painting, the way her tongue would pop down during intense moments of concentration.

A year.

All that has happened within this year has completely changed my life.

The Samantha from a year ago really did not like Emily, she thought she was the most annoying person she had met. Emily wasn't interesting, she was overly talkative and too much of a know-it-all.

Here I was, nearly a year later sitting completely naked for her just for a little project, unable to take my eyes off easily the most beautiful person I had ever met.

Emily was my world and I am glad I was wrong about her.

"Almost done!" my sister chirped, "Now I just have to add the black colour!"

"Does that mean I can move?" I could hear the excitement in my voice from just being able to change position.

"Yes, you can move."

"Ah! Thank god!"

I stretched my arms out as I sat up normally, making sure to move every muscle and joint that was slowly going numb from being immobile for the past hour. As I did this, I noticed Emily had brought out a larger paintbrush and dipped it into the black paint.

"Can I see it?" I asked.

"Umm… Well, you can. But I would prefer if you waited a moment, I would much prefer you seeing the final product."

"That's okay, how does it look?"

"It looks great! Guaranteed my best piece so far!"

"Have you painted much before? I don't think I've seen you paint since I've been here."

Emily's tongue came back out as she began applying the paint to the canvas, "Umm… no, I haven't painted in a while. I doodle a lot, you should see my college notebooks, they are filled with my scribbles."

"I will."

Emily did not further the conversation, instead just focused on the art that was right in front of her. I wanted to ask if I could move around, but I did not ask her that question. Whilst I did want to cover my naked body up, I was in awe of seeing my sister in her artistic mindset, seeing her bring her work to life with a few strokes of a paintbrush. I was never going to get used to how addicted I was at watching her, it was something that always drew me in further than I imagined it would, I could easily just watch Emily cook, watch TV or take a bath, as even watching her in the process of something incredibly boring was entertainment to me in some way.

However, I was so invested in what my sister was doing, I was not focusing on anything else around me. If I did, I would have heard the front door open and close. A small sound against the natural sounds of the outdoors was very quiet, but it was something that would have grabbed my attention if it wasn't for the beautiful goddess in front of me.

It wasn't until the door to the back garden had opened when I realised that we weren't alone. The vision of the hand opening the door felt like it was in slow motion, it felt like I had all the time in the world to run and hide, or at least do something to cover my bare body. Despite this, there was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. I just had to accept that whoever was coming out was going to see me naked.

Emily took a little longer to notice the intrusion. She was so far into her painting that it took a moment longer to bring herself out of that world. The adorable image of Emily with her tongue out, trying to get the painting just right, being turned into a horrified face with her eyes wide open and mouth stretching out and beginning to scream, was painful and gave me a knot in my stomach.

I didn't care too much that someone was going to see me naked, it was Emily's reaction that I hated more than anything else.

For a moment, I wished it was Jade, or even Tanya was a welcome sight to see, even though it would raise a question as to why she was in my house, it would have been much better than seeing the face of the last person I ever wanted to see me naked.

It was my dad.

By the time he looked out of the door and towards me, he had already seen everything, I did not even think to cover myself as I was horrified by the whole situation. The moment his eyes scanned me, it was too late, he saw his daughter entirely naked in front of her step-sister.

"Oh! Jesus!" He screeched, immediately covering his eyes and throwing himself back through the door.

It was only at that moment when it occurred to me that I could cover my vital parts with my hands, it wasn't much and it wouldn't have made the situation any better; but at least he would not have seen everything.

"What's the matter?" I heard Jane's voice echo through the room behind the door.

Dad's voice got quieter as I imagined him walking as far away from me as he could, "Samantha's naked!"


By this time I had already begun to cover myself, one arm managed to hide my nipples whilst the other hand completely cupped over my vagina. It was only a second after I managed to do this when Jane's head peeked past the door, staring directly at me with a huge, toothy grin.

For me, it wasn't as bad that Emily's mother was seeing me naked, in a way she had seen far worse of me, but Emily herself did not appreciate her mother's intrusion.

When my dad was looking at me, Emily just stood there, mouth agate. However, when her mother decided to do the same, she grabbed the canvas she was working on and ran towards me, trying her best to cover my bare body against her gaze.

"I'm just trying to paint!" she screamed, pressing it against me.

I imagined Emily's cries were her trying to explain why I was naked, I'm sure our parents understood the situation, that I was just posing naked for her drawing, but she did not elaborate on what was happening, she just screamed the same thing over and over again until Jane finally left us alone.

"I'm just trying to paint! I'm just trying to paint!"

"It's ruined," my sister said as she was scanning the piece of art she had been working on throughout the morning.

Luckily, our parents were in the kitchen as we escaped to the safety of our bedroom. The first thing I did was cover my body with a robe and I noticed the sad expression my sister had as I tied the belt up.

"I'm sure it's fine," I said as I walked up to her, placing my hand on her shoulder.

Her bottom lip quivered as she looked up and down at her art, that look alone was enough to break my heart, it looked like she worked so hard on it and loved every moment; just to have it taken away from her.

"Can I take a look at it?" I asked.

"Here" She said almost dismissively, placing the large canvas in my hands.

It was beautiful. It unmistakably was a great likeness of me, she copied my features down completely, to the point that it was almost like looking in a mirror. Whilst the initial sketch was done in black and white, Emily used a multitude of paint colours to bring the art to life, using yellow, red and blue to put an artistic spin on a really well-done drawing. The colours made the background look electrifying, not only highlighting the area behind me, but illuminating my naked body at the same time. Unsurprisingly, she managed to get my naked body correct too, my breasts were the exact size and shape that I was and my shaven sex was completely on show.

In a way, I almost felt more naked seeing the drawing of myself. It was crazy the amount of detail she managed to capture, from the exact look on my face to the detail of my private area.

However, the one thing that was a complete contrast to the rest of the painting was the large black paint that covered nearly half of my body. It was clear this was the last thing she was painting before our parents interrupted us. A long, curved, black line travelled from the top of my head to the bottom of my right foot. I could tell that the black line was supposed to represent that bondage suit that I had worn on a few occasions now, that black pet outfit was something that was constantly on my mind.

Due to the event that happened with our parents, the black paint began to travel across the painting, understandably so due to Emily's actions. No longer was the paint a line across one half of my body, it had now travelled in small groups across the canvas, going into multiple directions with no organisation, like a tree's root travelling through the ground. Small black streaks touched the rest of my body, travelled across the canvas and even covered parts of the electrifying background.

"See, it's ruined!" she continued saying.

"Emily… it's amazing" I was in awe of the art in front of me, despite the mistake that was made moments earlier, somehow it seemed to have enhanced it, giving the black paint new meaning.

"You mean it?"

"Of course!"

The longer I continued to stare, the further drawn in I was to what I was looking at. The black paint now meant more to me than just the latex petsuit I had worn, it reminded me of latex in general, mostly the chaotic and sexual energy I receive from being in latex and my relationship with it.

…but there was something else about the dark colour that seemed familiar, something that took me a moment to realise why it felt familiar.

My dreams.

I could not explain it, but for some reason the bright colours against the void of the one colour reminded me of the black and white tone my dreams about my mother always had. I could not explain why one colour could remind me of something sexual and something heartbreaking at the same time.

Altogether, it was an amazing picture and represented me in many ways, the sexuality of my body, the hunger for the latex outfit and the troubles that plagued me everyday.

"It's beautiful, Em," I confirmed with a smile as I handed the canvas back to her.

"Thank you, thank you so much!" She glowed as she accepted it back in her hands before looking at it, "I guess it does have an interesting way to draw your eyes in."

She wrapped her arms around me, sighing happily as I successfully changed her mind on how she viewed the art. For a moment, I thought it was a happy, peaceful hug, but then I felt her slowly kiss my neck, with her lips slowly travelling up towards my ear.

"Not now, Em!" I giggled.

"Oh, sorry." She stopped both the kisses and the hug, returning to staring at the art.

"Maybe later…"


It wasn't long after that I was back in the delivery van and making my way to work. I had a small selection of deliveries to make today and I wanted to get through them as quickly as possible as I wanted to be home to see Emily after a long day.

Before leaving , I watched through the window as Dad's Mercedes pulled away from the house; Emily waved through the window at both me and her mother whilst Dad gave me a nervous nod, but before we knew it the car travelled up the path and was away from our sight within seconds.

I happily agreed to Emily painting me this morning as it was a way for her to take her mind off the day ahead. From what I understood, she had a meeting with one of her teachers regarding her future prospects. I understood how my sister felt, ever since she told me it felt as if we shared the same headspace, she was completely nervous about what the future could bring, as soon as she graduates from the University, she was going to be placed into the unrelenting, scary world and she did not have her education to fall back on.

I continued waving at them, even at the point I knew they couldn't see me anymore. In a way, I was nervous as well, whatever happens today will change life and me and Emily know it. However, I understood that things could not remain the same. I loved spending last summer with her, all those days with the house to ourselves boosted our relationship, sexually and mentally, but those days were behind us.

Then, I got used to Emily going to University. Spending every night talking to her on the phone when she was away and making up for lost time when she was here, but this too was a temporary state.

However, whatever the future held for me and her, I knew that we were going to do it together. I was never going to leave her side, no matter what fate she chose in the end.

Even if that meant leaving everyone behind that had entered our lives within the last year.

Before long, I was entering the store. The familiar smell of latex and cleaning supplies filled my nostrils the moment I stepped in, Tanya was a very thorough cleaner as it told her customers that all the products were sterilised and germ-free, no one would want to buy sex toys and outfits from a shop that was dirty in any way.

"Hey, hun!" Tanya yelled from across the store whilst in the process of placing multiple clothes on a rail, "Becky is round back, she has the deliveries ready for you."

I yelled back, "Perfect, thank you Tanya!" I walked through the shop, just glad with the fact that she wasn't angry about me wearing the new pet outfit.

She never specifically stated if she was disappointed that I wore it, even though she had set a trap for the next wearer. I was expecting to be punished in some way; but it never happened.

She actually seemed happy, somewhat glad that both me and Becky were stuck in the same outfit, helpless and only being let out once someone with access to their hands walked in.

I'm guessing in a way, it told her that we were all the same. Even Becky, who was much more shy about the subject of latex and sex toys, was caught locked in the pet suit with no hope of getting out alone. In a way, I was glad of it too as it made me feel closer to the young woman.

"Oh! Sam! Sam!" Tanya literally jumped up from where she was in the store and nearly sprinted in my direction, "One of the deliveries you have today is for that woman you told me about!"

"Okay…" Was all that I managed to get out.

The woman… She was talking about that webcam model that had a keen interest in owning a pet slave. The same woman who was streaming herself completely naked the first time we met. Her proposition had never left my mind, the chance to spend the rest of my life as an animal was a great idea and honestly I would have gone for it, that is if I did not have Emily in my life.

"I want you to know that I will accept any choice you make," Tanya continued, "I know you said that you did not want to go ahead with it and I'm happy for that too, just know that you don't have to make up your mind today, you have all the time in the world to answer her"

"I know… Thank you"

"And I'm always happy to have my pets around any day." She finished with a wink, as soon as that was said, she walked back to the area she was working on and returned to stacking the shelves.

"Oh! Sam, Sam, Sam!" She called again from across the store.

"What's up?"

"That thing you ordered Emily should be in tomorrow!" she said, winking again. Luckily, that was the end of the conversation as a couple walked into the shop and she immediately went up to greet them.

She called it the 'Tanya Charm', she used it on many of her customers, but mainly couples who seemed to be together. She would gently follow them around the store, trying her hardest not to make it obvious and chat to them to get to know about their lives, she would joke with them, get to know their kinks before pointing them in the direction of toys and outfits they might want to buy.

I should know her tactics by now, it was the exact one she used when me and Emily first came into her store.

I quickly walked into the small warehouse, greeted with the sight of Becky checking over some paperwork as she also looked over the boxes to be delivered today.

At first, I thought it would be weird between us, as this was the first time we had seen each other since me and Emily caught her wearing the new pet suit, but she welcomed me with a simple 'hello', acting no different to her usual, awkward self.

"Morning, Becky. Is this it?" I asked, pointing towards the small selection of boxes by the bottom of her feet.

She nodded, not audibly replying like usual. Her eyes glanced over the boxes one more time as she ticked a selection of boxes on the paperwork.

It was odd, I knew she was an awkward person naturally and struggled socially in some way, but today she seemed much less talkative than usual, I was actually getting quite proud of the girl and how much she could hold a conversation now, compared to when we first met.

"Becky? Is everything alright?" I had to get the answer as to why she was so quiet, otherwise it would be bugging me all day.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine!" She answered almost immediately.

"What's the matter?"


"Becky?" I was going to get the answer one way or another.

"It's nothing."

"Becky, I know there is something on your mind."

The young woman grabbed both sides of the clipboard she was holding and placed it flat against her chest, it was a comfort thing for her.

I wasn't going to move until she said what she was thinking about.

"Umm… that woman who came… in, the other day… the one who gave you… that choice" She struggled to even say the sentence, gulping after every three words or so, "Have you… have you given her… an answer yet?"

For a second, I wondered where she heard that from. I did not talk to her about it and I highly doubted that Emily spoke to her about it either. However, I remembered that Becky was there when she asked me that question; she was hiding around the back of the store but was still in earshot of me and the woman talking.

"Oh, I haven't spoken to her yet, no," I started to feel slightly awkward too, "Tanya told me she has a delivery today, I was going to talk to her today"

"Okay, that's her parcel there!" She pointed to the largest box in the pile before returning to her original position, she spent the whole time staring down at the floor, "Did you and Emily come to a conclusion?"

"Uh, yeah we did. We've decided not to go ahead with it."

"Oh…" Was all that came out of her mouth.

I joked, "You sound relieved."

"Uh… yeah, I am." The young woman finally let go of the clipboard with one of her hands and dug the other hand into one of her pockets, she continued to keep the clipboard against her chest as she presented a small piece of paper and handed it to me, "C-can you give her… this for me please."

A general feeling of confusion came over me, Becky had never spoken to the webcam model before and I could not begin to imagine what she could give her. Out of genuine curiosity I opened the small piece of paper and looked at what was written inside. I knew it was a breach of privacy as I had no right to look at what she wrote, but it was my first instinct. I half expected to see Becky jump at me or to hear her yell at me to stop, but she remained completely still and silent.

"Becky? This is your phone number?" I questioned her as the familiar digits came into view.

"I know."

"Why are you giving her your phone number?"

She remained silent, raising the clip board to cover the bottom half of her face. I wanted to wait for her to speak, but I could tell that I wasn't going to get a response from the awkward, young woman until I spoke first, but I could not think of what to say as my brain was still fully digesting the situation.

Then it hit me.

"Oh, Becky… are you sure this is what you want? This isn't a decision to take lightly."

She just nodded behind the slim piece of wood.

"Does… does Tanya know?" I continued.

She shook her head, keeping the board in place.

I was breathing heavily as my brain took in what was happening, "… And this is definitely what you want?"

She just looked at me, she did not nod or shake her head in any way. I looked at her for a full few seconds as I waited for some sign from her, some indication that she answered the question.

"Okay." It was only my voice echoing through the room, "I will give her your number, but please start off by just meeting her, make it a date or whatever before jumping in."

"Yes, I will," she finally spoke.

"Have a safe word, always have the ability to leave if you become too uncomfortable and make sure you both understand how serious this is."

"I will."

She placed the clipboard back at her side, having nothing to put between us. I could see how terrified the woman was in front of me, she knew how serious this was but it was clearly something she wanted to do, she would not have brought it up otherwise.

"You want to be her pet?" My question was blunt and to the point.

For the first time she retained eye contact, "Yes, I really do."


"Because… It's something that I always wanted to do. Even not whilst wearing a suit… it feels natural to be on my hands and knees. Despite being stuck in that outfit, I was happy and content with being like that. It's not what I envisioned doing, but I know I would be happy if I was being treated like a pet all the time"

That's when the guilt set in, I have always known she had a keen interest in the hobby that Emily and I indulge in. She really wanted to wear Emily's suit to the convention, yet that was not something that happened. I've had the entire time I've known Becky to formally introduce her into the world of pet play and the closest she ever got was being stuck in that suit for a few hours.

"If it's what you want, I will give her your number," I said as I accepted her decision.

"Thank you." She smiled at me before returning to her duties.

My heart was beating much harder than usual. It had just changed to the afternoon as I pulled up to the familiar view of the webcam model's home. I knew that the moment I left the van and knocked on her door would change not only her life, but Becky's also. That was, if she wanted Becky as her pet to begin with.

I turned the key and felt the engine suddenly halt its actions, causing the metal frame of the car to step screeching from all the small movements. I chose to take my time to deliver this parcel as I knew what was at stake.

I took a long breath out before I opened the door of the van, grabbing the parcel as I stepped out into the outside world.

Before I knew it, I was standing outside her door, I pressed the doorbell before I chickened out. Either way I had to deliver the parcel, but the urge to throw away the piece of paper was getting harder to ignore.

What made it worse was the disturbing silence that came over the street the moment I pressed the doorbell. Despite having many houses on both sides of the road, not a single sound could be heard apart from the whistle of the wind hitting the houses. It was ominous and put my nerves on high alert, any minute now I was expecting something to jump out of me… However, what I heard was enough to make a grown person jump out of their skin.

A muffled scream came from inside the house I was standing outside of. It was hard to hear over the sound of the wind hitting my ears, but I knew it was there. It sounded exactly like a person trying to scream through a gag. I stood there, disturbed by what I just heard and the fact I knew without hesitation the sound of someone moaning whilst their mouth was gagged.

I did not think; my finger immediately went to press the buzzer again. Who knew what was happening on the other side of the door, but it was my first instinct to announce myself again. Just like before, a loud, bound scream came from inside the building, this time more clear. I had no doubt that it was someone in trouble.

My hand instantly jumped down towards the door handle as I began to think of how to get into the building as I was confident that the door was going to be locked, but to my surprise, the door opened up without any issues.

I used as much force as I could get to push myself through and into the house of the mysterious webcam woman. As soon as I was inside, the muffled sounds of screaming became much louder and a loud buzzing noise also accompanied it.

The house was smaller than I imagined. A small hallway greeted me, along with an open living room. Down the hall were two doorways, both opened to show a clean bathroom and a bedroom. To the side was what I imagined to be a kitchen, but that door was firmly closed.

I did not have to guess that the screaming was coming from the bedroom. The noise made it perfectly clear and from where I was standing; I could see someone's feet with their ankles bound to the bottom of the bed-frame.

I placed the package on the ground and ran down the short corridor until I got to the doorway of the bedroom. It was clear then that there was no intruder, nor someone to fend off, but there was a helpless woman, completely naked on the bed and begging for me to release her bonds.

In a way, I should have been more surprised, but seeing what she did last time I was here; this felt no different. It was the webcam model, the young woman who was interested in owning me and Emily as pets. Just like her feet, her hands were bound to the top of her bed-frame. Her entire body was on show and in her mouth was a bright red ball gag, tied tight enough that it was impossible to remove without a set of hands.

On the side of her bed was the same laptop I saw her streaming on, however this time it was dead, the screen was blank and there was no sign that it had any power to it.

However, I could tell what made the situation more intense for her. It was the massager between her legs. The bright, pink vibrator was held in place by some sort of harness that was buckled around her waist on one side with several small leather straps wrapped around the massager, meaning that she was not able to remove it without the use of her digits; despite how much shaking and pulling she probably did in her state. To make matters worse for the young woman, the vibrator was plugged into the power socket, meaning she had no hope of a battery dying and was probably a slave to its will until she was freed, but there was no one coming for her. Just like the situation Becky and I found ourselves in, it was clear that this woman tied herself up, locking her own limbs against the wooden bedframe and was unable to free herself from her bonds.

Her eyes widened as soon as she noticed I was standing over her, giving me a sense of urgency of getting her out of her bonds, it wasn't because I believed she was in any danger or pain; but the awkwardness of her eyes set on mine, I did not want to give her the wrong idea by just standing there and looking at her bare body.

I quickly undid the buckle on the back of her ballgag, moving the spital soaked bondage item away from her face.

She let out a selection of heavy breaths before speaking, "Oh f-, Oh, FUCK! Thank you so much! Please can you turn the vibrator off?"

"Oh, yeah sure," was all that I could think to say.

The pink vibrator that was between her legs was equally as soaked, but this time it clearly wasn't saliva. I tried my hardest to touch only the power button as I didn't enjoy the idea of having her dried squirt on my skin, but sadly due to her extreme movements within her bonds; the massager turned in the process and the OFF button was not placed against her leg.

It took a few seconds of feeling around the pink device to find the button to stop it, but eventually it was found and the loud buzzing noise came to a halt.

"Oh god! Thank you!" The bound woman screamed the moment her torture came to an end.

"What the hell happened?" I asked as I walked up to her hands and started undoing them, not that it was difficult to understand the situation.

"I was doing a show and got stuck! I've done it a thousand times before but I got my hands stuck and couldn't undo the cuff"

"How long have you been like that for?"

"What time is it?"

"Just after midday."

"Then I've had a busy morning." She picked herself up as soon as both hands were free, "Can you please fetch me a glass of water?"

"Sure thing!"

I left her bedroom and walked back down the hall, as I entered the once closed door; she continued talking to me with her voice echoing throughout the entire property.

"It was insane, I've done this so many times before, it's one of my most requested shows" Her voice came through clearly as I looked through her kitchen for a glass, "I tie myself up with a vibrator on and… I'm not sure what happened but it was insane… like really intense and before I knew it, I was having a mind-blowing orgasm, I'm surprised the neighbours didn't call the cops. I must have shifted downward because the cuffs covered the bottom part of my hands and I could not move my fingers enough to undo them."

I walked back into the room after finding a glass. During this time she managed to remove the harness from around her waist and had shimmied to the end of the bed. I handed her the water and hovered around her; not being sure what to do with myself.

"I'm sure you've never had that issue, you guys at that shop seem very responsible," she said before she took a sip.

I chuckled lightly as I remembered the events of being locked in the pet suit only recently, "You'll be surprised, it's lots of trial and error."

She did not stop drinking until the glass was empty. The first thing I noticed was the big gulps she was taking, the second thing I noticed was the water coming down her chin and landing on her naturally large breasts.

She was attractive, that is for sure. I'm sure Becky took that into consideration when thinking about being a pet full time. I could see why she was a webcam model, she had a body that screamed sexuality without even trying.

"Thank you so much!" She yelled as she finished the water, placing the glass beside the bed.

"No problem… Just curious, if I didn't show up, how long would you have been there for? If I didn't show up?"

"Oh, god knows! I have a friend who hangs out every couple of days. She lets herself in, but apart from that… no one. Trust me, I'm definitely not putting myself in that position again, I'm always going to make sure I can get out; no matter what."

"That's good," I smiled but tried to not look at her, I did not want her to think I was staring, "Can I ask how many times you came?"

"Oh god, I lost count when it hit double digits. Not that I'm ungrateful or anything, but why are you here?"

"I'm just delivering a parcel, I heard your screams from the front door and let myself in."

"Sorry, I forgot about that. Thank you, I am very grateful." She rubbed her wrists, which had the imprint of the restraints against her skin, "I was kinda hoping you came here about my proposal."

I looked down at my feet, "Yes, about that."

"You don't have to say anything now, I'm not expecting you to answer straight away, but I promise I will be caring towards you and the other pet… that is if you both decide you want to go ahead with it… I'm happy with just one, being honest."

I stared straight into her eyes, it was as if she was bargaining with me. The woman I met the other day at the store and the woman who answered the door completely naked to a stranger, they were almost completely different people to the one in front of me. Gone was all the charm I could sense of her, gone was that smooth talking, sexual woman who was so curious about latex pet girls and in her place was someone… oddly so human.

She reminded me of when I first found out about bondage. I was so curious as to what it felt like, what the limits were and why so many people were into it. When I found out about petplay, it was like that idea had exploded into millions of other questions, it was a subject so unknown to me; yet something that plagued my interest.

It got so bad that I ordered that latex petsuit that Emily found. I was with a guy at the time and only a few weeks into our relationship, but I could see exploring my bondage fetishes with him. Of course, he freaked when I brought up the subject and the petsuit remained in a box… for Emily to find one day and take us on this magical journey together.

"What's your name?" I asked the webcam model, surprising myself that I had no idea what it was.

She stopped her rambling, whilst I was thinking about my history with latex, I failed to realise that the poor girl had not stopped talking, "Oh… it's Louise."

"Louise?" I said before clearing my throat, "Thank you for your offer, but I'm going to have to decline it."

Her face fell. I instantly felt bad for saying it, but it was what me and Emily agreed on.

She took a moment to collect herself before standing up, somehow having the power to be on her feet despite how weak her legs were after that ordeal.

"I'm sorry if I caused any issues by asking that question to you and the other girl," She sounded genuine as she apologised, "It's just something that I wanted to try for so long, I did not want just a random stranger I met online to take that place, I wanted someone that I had seen in real life to be my pet… does that make sense?"

"Yeah, it does," I smiled.

"I was lying before… sorry. I don't share this apartment with anyone. If you didn't show up, I don't know who would have got me out… if anyone came to my rescue at all. I guess it was a good idea that I put that order in."

I smiled, trying my best to make her feel better as she seemed so down after admitting the truth to me, "Yeah, I guess it is good you did that."

"I have a sister… She's my only family, but she doesn't talk to me anymore since finding out I'm a camgirl… I haven't spoken to her in years. She was my best friend before finding that out."

"I'm really sorry to hear that."

"Ah, I was tied up so long my laptop's battery died," she said as she briefly looked at the blank monitor, "I should put up a post so my followers know I'm safe."

I knew by the way she said it, that she was trying to push me out of the door. She acted like she had things to do and did not want company around to keep her busy. I felt even more bad as I realised how lonely the poor girl must have been.

"Here," I placed my hand into my pocket and brought out the piece of paper that Becky gave me.

She looked puzzled but took it, immediately opening it to see the digits of the shy girl's phone number written on it.

"What's this?"

"That's my co-worker's phone number, she was at the store when you came in. She is interested in becoming a pet slave full time and is happy to meet with you to discuss it."

Louis did not know how to take that information, I could see a sense of gratitude illuminate from her but it was hidden behind a set of eyes that had tears forming within them.

"Thank you… thank you so much, I'll give her a call later," she said as she wiped one of her eyes.

"Please take good care of her, she is a great friend."

"I will. I promise."

I nodded, there was nothing more to say at that point. After a short pause, I walked out the front door, leaving the camgirl on her own.

It was done… The moment the cool air of the day hit my face, it felt like a task was completed. Both Louise and Becky will be happy if everything goes ahead, with each girl getting exactly what they want. All I did was be a messenger between them and I did what was asked of me by both sides.

I slowly walked back to the van, taking as much time as possible before getting back into the vehicle. My brain was fogged up with multiple thoughts and I wanted to make sure I was in clear mind before returning to being behind the wheel. Somehow, giving Louise that piece of paper weighed more on my mind than everything else that happened beforehand, I saw a woman get herself stuck in self-bondage, where she was tormented throughout the entire morning by the vibrator between her legs and passing on Becky's number impacted me more than that.

Maybe it was because it was a physical action that I made? I could have just left it in my pocket, the webcam model would have been none the wiser and Becky would have thought she had no interest in pursuing that relationship. All I did was witness the girl in that dire situation and helped her get out, it wasn't like I was the one who helped Louise place the restraints on her body.

I opened the door to the van as the metal exterior of the vehicle screamed from the action. My eyes glanced once more at the house, I imagined what the future would look like for that building, would it have a new pet soon? A beautiful, naked woman on her hands and knees constantly?

Whatever the outcome was, I hoped I did the right thing… by Becky and Louise.

My body slumped against the wall as soon as I got back into the house. I was not physically tired in the slightest, but mentally was a completely different story. The door closed behind me as I made my way to the living room, where the echoes of the television could be heard.

It was still light out, I managed to get home less than an hour after delivering the last parcel. It was still early afternoon, but my body was telling me it was later.

As I walked into the main room, I noticed Jane was sitting on the sofa, engrossed in the program that was on the screen; typical daytime television crap.

"Hi, Hun," Jane greeted me without taking her eyes off the screen, "How was work?"

"Same old, same old," I groaned.

Honestly, I was happy inside. I knew that Louise would contact Becky and the two girls would hit it off. They would take care of each other in the same way me and Emily look after each other. It was most likely the start of a wonderful relationship, but mentally it had exhausted me.

I fell onto the sofa, right next to Jane. Without hesitation, I placed my head on her shoulder and wrapped my arms around her thin stomach. Ideally, I would have preferred if I could have come home and did the same to Emily; but her mother would suffice for now.

… She was surprisingly comfortable.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Jane take her eyes off the television and look down at me, she was probably confused as to why I was acting so needy. Despite everything, I was not the one who showed affection first and definitely not to this extent.

I expected her to laugh, or even to jokingly tell me to go away, but she gently kissed my forehead and moved her arm so her hand was on my back; embracing me in a hug.

She even began gently rubbing my back up and down, soothing me after the busy morning.

"What's this about then?" She asked in a whisper, with a hint of laughter in her voice.

I didn't want to answer, it was too much to put into words and I didn't think she would understand that there was a chance that her daughter and I could have become pet slaves.

I rubbed my head further into her shoulder, trying my best to block out all the recent events. I just needed comfort at that time and I needed Emily back in my arms.

She had only been out for a few hours and already I was missing her like crazy.

"What time are Dad and Emily back?" I asked into her soft skin, I sounded like a child when I said it… but I didn't care.

I noticed she hugged me slightly tighter, "Hopefully not too long, but they will most likely still be a few hours, your dad is going to call me when they are about to head home."

I groaned, I did not want to wait that long for her.

"What's the matter?" The older woman asked, this time a little more concerned than before.

I finally lifted my head away from her body, "Nothing… just been a long day."

She noticed how abrupt I was being, letting what I just said hang in the air for a few seconds before drowning the silence with her voice.

"Well, I was going to make a BIG dinner." She sounded like she was talking to a child… but then again, I was behaving like one, "How about you help me out? I'm sure Emily would love to come home to some delicious food."

"Yeah, that sounds nice."

"Great, we'll get started soon then!"

"Do you…" I stuttered when I was starting to ask the question, "Do you think I should wear that outfit again? Dad and Emily seemed to love it when they came home last time."

Just as I expected, my request was met with a huge smile from Emily's mother.

The request was not just for Emily's and my dad's benefit, I knew that Jane would relish dressing me up again. She loved it so much last time and it was nice how my entire family reacted to seeing dressed up. If today had taught me anything, it was that we had to live in the moment. I wasn't sure what the future would hold, both for me and Emily and for Becky and Louise.

Tomorrow might be different, tomorrow might never come at all. What was so wrong for embarrassing myself in front of Dad, Jane and Emily? I could take the teasing and I could take the snickering, because at the end of the day; they are smiling… and that was all that mattered.

I sat at the end of my bed as Jane looked through our closet, trying to find anything that resembled 'girly' clothing. The idea was to make me look feminine without using the same outfit as last time. I didn't want our audience to get bored of seeing me in the same attire.

Despite my protests, Jane wanted to look anyway. I had no idea where the original outfit she put me in was and there wasn't anything in the cupboard that was similar in any way. I had no clothes that were feminine and Emily wasn't exactly like that either.

Jane shot me a wide shocked smile, as if she saw something that amused her. Within seconds, she produced a latex outfit that I had long forgotten about; it was Emily's nurse outfit. I remembered her buying it very shortly after we discovered Tanya's shop.

"Oh, I forgot about that," I said, surprisingly not embarrassed that her mother caught us with a sexual costume stored away.

Somehow her smile continued to grow, "What's this? Care to explain?"

"Emily brought that last year. She told me she wanted to wear it when I'm next sick or ill, so she can be 'Nurse Emily' and look after me."

"That's somewhat cute."

"Yeah, but we've never used it. Actually, I've not been ill since coming here."

It was odd how quickly I got used to Jane being in our sex life. Something that I spent all my life hiding and now I was talking about it openly, heck… I couldn't even talk to Emily about a lot of sexual stuff as she got easily embarrassed or it made her laugh too much.

Jane placed the nurse outfit back into storage, "Okay, I'm convinced. You have nothing here that's suitable."

"That's what I was trying to tell you."

"Well, I know that now." She closed the door, "Let's go to my room, I know I have something in there that you can try on."

"Let's go then."

However, the older woman didn't move, her gaze travelled across towards something on the other side of the room, something that gave her multiple emotions.

I followed her gaze, only to something that did cause me to freeze up. It was so strange. I was happy to talk to her about stuff like sexy outfits, but the moment she spotted the art that Emily made of me this morning; I couldn't move.

She smiled. It must have been awkward seeing a drawing of her step-daughter naked and with everything on show, but even I had to admit that the style was very striking and eye-catching.

"Is that what Emily made this morning?" She asked.

"Yeah-" My voice was as stilted as my body.

"Wow… she's amazing."

"I'm sorry for this morning."

"Oh, don't be… nothing I haven't seen before. Although your dad was very shocked."

"Oh… really?"

"Yeah, I was the one who was supposed to take Emily out today, but your dad jumped at the chance to leave this morning."

She chuckled the entire time she said that. Suddenly, I wasn't in such a rush for him and Emily to get home now.

"Right!" She abruptly continued, "Let's get you dressed! Off to my room!"

It was dark by the time the lights from my dad's car came into view. He didn't waste any time parking outside the house and almost immediately turned the engine off, causing the outside world to go pitch black again in comparison to the warm light indoors.

"They're here!" I shouted through the house, getting up from where I was spying out of the window and running towards the door.

The delicious smell of dinner hit my nostrils once again, it was the collection of hours getting the food prepped that made it smell even better than a normal meal would. Jane came to my side and stood with her arm around my waist as the front door opened, an exhausted Emily came into the room; followed by my even more exhausted father.

As soon as his eyes and mine, he immediately looked away, obviously still scarred from the sight of me completely naked this morning, I did not blame him.

Emily's eyes widened as she saw what I was wearing, she jumped forward and wrapped me in her arms, something that I was happy to receive.

After Jane took me to her room, she placed me in an old, strapless dress of hers, it was a light red colour that hung just above the knee. Underneath I was wearing a pair of black stockings that ended in a pair of matching red heels. I just had to be careful of how I walked.

My hair was placed back into the same pigtail style that I wore last time.

I felt good. I was not as dolled up as I was last time, but it was still nice to wear something formal and girly and Emily's response was worth every minute of being in it.

"I need a beer," My dad sighed, taking off his coat.

As I hugged my beloved sister, I took a moment from it to apologise to my dad. He was the last person I wanted to see that side of our relationship. Jane had already seen too much, but she always had a different reaction to what we got up to.

He chuckled lightly, "You don't have to apologise, Emily spent the entire day doing that for you. We are good."

With that knowledge, I hugged her a little tighter.

"Ow," she whispered.

Jane placed her arm around her daughter, "C'mon, don't dawdle in the hallway, dinner is almost ready and the table is set. We have some time before we eat, so we can talk about your day."

I finally let go of Emily, only to take her hand and walk her over to the set table. Dad grabbed a beer from the fridge and both he and Jane soon joined us too. It felt like a long time since we were all sat around the table… it felt right, it felt like the family were all together.

My sister's hand stayed in mine, even whilst we were sitting down.

"So, how did the day go?" Jane asked, placing her head in her hands.

Emily looked directly at Dad, who nodded in return. I did not know why they had this moment, but it was clear that they had a productive day together and got to know each other more personally in one day than what they accomplished in nearly a year of living together.

"Well… I spoke to my lecturer," she cleared her throat as if she was ready to talk for a while, "He was really interested in my work and complimented me on how I worked with my fellow students and helped them out when they needed it."

"That was nice for him to say."

"Yeah, he wanted me to pursue this. So, he managed to talk to a friend of his who works at a college… near Oxford. We spoke to her today and I can attend the college for a teacher training course."

"Wow." My mouth fell open slightly, being a teacher is easily better than being a slave.

"So, you want to be a teacher?" Her mum quizzed her.

"Yeah… Yeah, I do." I noticed Emily was rubbing her knees up and down, she was nervous, "It's great, but the one near Oxford is the closest course for me. But, as soon as I get the qualification, I can start working at the college, first as a part-time teacher but full-time as soon as I get the full grade."

"Oxford?" I asked, "That isn't really close, that's about an hour or so drive?"

"One of the perks of living in the middle of nowhere," Dad said before taking the first sip of his drink.

"That's a long drive everyday."

"Nonsense. Emily can find an apartment closer by."

This was a lot of information to take in, I felt my heart begin to beat faster as I tried to digest what was happening.

"Is this what you want?" Jane asked Emily, the same question as in my mind.

My sister looked up with complete sincerity in her eyes, "Yeah, I really do. We talked about it on the drive home, it would make sense to move out."

"Oh, wow… You are really moving out?"

"Yeah… if that is okay?"

The mother and daughter had a moment, eyes locked together as Jane realised how grown up her daughter had become. Jane took Emily's other hand and placed it in hers, the exact same way her daughter's and mine were locked together.

"Ofcourse, if it is what you want"

Jane choked up slightly, trying her hardest not to bring tears to her eyes. Emily was the exact same way, her bottom lip began to quiver.

"Sam," My sister finally looked in my direction, "I completely understand if you want to stay here, I don't want to tear you away from your life."

"Are you kidding? I promised you that I would follow you wherever you go!" I started to tear up too, but I was happy for her, "I can find a job out there"

"So, it's settled" Dad confirmed after taking another sip, "First thing tomorrow, we will start looking at apartments in the area."

Emily tore her gaze from me and looked towards my father, "Thank you. Thank you so much for today."

Dad just nodded, a firm smile on his face. Jane continued to hold Emily's hand and I did the same, gripping her soft skin as hard as I could without hurting her.

"So… Oxford?" I asked, realising how quickly my life was about to turn around.

Emily grinned, as if confirming the upcoming change in our lives, "Oxford."


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