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Sam and Em

by ForeverAltered

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Chapter 18

"Happy birthday, Baby," a voice came from beside me.

I felt like I was awake but my eyes refused to open, I felt as if I was so tired that I could go back to sleep within seconds. Even though my eyes were still closed, I could tell it was still dark out as the room was pitch black with no natural light shining through the window.

"Mmmmm…" I said to agree, making myself more comfortable on the chest I was sleeping on.

"I can't believe how old you are getting, look at you… you are a grown woman," the voice continued.

The voice did not come from the person I was resting up to. Emily shared the bed with me, but the voice was deeper and sounded very familiar. It did not cause me alarm, as the voice was soothing and made me relax even more.

"Mmmmm, thank you," I mumbled again.

I felt a hand gently rub my back as it continued once more, "And to think, twenty-one years ago, at this very hour, I was in complete agony, asking for as much pain relief as the doctors could legally give me… but it was all worth it, to see you tiny body in my arms."

I felt a tear run down my cheek, I was unsure why at first, but my brain seemed to understand the situation after a few moments, "…Mom?"

She shushed me quietly, as if she knew that I had to stay exactly as I was. Somehow, I knew that if I opened my eyes, she would be gone. Whether I was dreaming or not, I wanted this moment to last as long as possible.

"Do I really look that old?" I asked, trying my hardest to keep the tears from coming.

"Yeah, just give it a few more years and you'll be collecting your pension," she joked, continuing to rub circles around my back.

I laughed, forcing some more tears to come down. I knew it was her despite not being able to see, it felt as if I was resting against her body, I could slightly smell the scent of the perfume she always wore and she was always one to make jokes, no matter the situation. She wasn't as far away in my previous dreams, she wasn't on the other side of the door, she wasn't walking down the street whilst I was stuck at the top of a high-rise building… she was here, in my arms.

"Fine. Let's take a look at you" She asked, pulling her head away to get the full picture of her daughter, "Wow, just look how beautiful you've become. You are growing up too fast."

"Thanks Mom."

"You're doing so well, I'm so proud of you."

I couldn't say anything to that. I tried my best to cover my face to hide the quivering my lip was doing. I did not want to ruin this moment by spending it crying.

"Oh, you don't have to do that anymore. There has been time to mourn me, now it is time to put yourself first, you and that wonderful partner of yours."

I took a moment to collect myself before answering, "Y-you know about Emily?"

Even with my eyes closed, I could feel her form a smile, "Of course I do. You two are perfect together. You both are lucky to have each other."

"Thanks, thank you so much."

I felt her arms tighten around me.

"I wish you were really here," I continued, "I need you so much."

"I wish I was, but you don't need me anymore, you are doing so well."

I wanted to continue talking, but my quivering lips broke and I was fully crying into the poor woman's chest, "M-Mom… I… I…"

"You don't have to say anything. I love you, Samantha. I love you so much. Please take good care of Emily and your dad, they both need you as much as you need them."

"I… I will."

"Sam?" Her voice sounded a little different, but still with the same loving voice.


"Sam?" It wasn't her voice anymore, it was Emily's.

Finally, I opened my eyes to see Emily looking down at me. So many tears had fallen down my face that had collected on the white vest she was wearing.

"Sorry… sorry, Em."

"You okay?" She asked, placing both her hands on my cheeks, "You were talking and crying in your sleep, I was starting to get worried."

I wiped my face as much as I could, "I'm okay, I really am."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, actually I feel better than I've felt for a while."

"Okay, come here."

Emily placed me once again against her chest, understanding that my brain was processing something and that I needed to be cuddled at that moment. I did not know if what happened was real, or if it was just my sleeping brain that allowed me to have that moment with my mother. It didn't matter, as I was glad that I could have that moment with her.

"I think this place would be nice" My dad stated, looking out of the window to the town outside.

The apartment was empty and void of life and originality. It was rather small in comparison to the ones we had seen before. A large room that acted as the living room with an open kitchen to the side and two separate rooms for the bedroom and bathroom. There was a small walk-in cupboard by the front door which seemed to be used only for storage.

It was a family day out, Dad joined me, Emily and Jane to look at several apartments near Oxford… However, I thought Emily meant in Oxford and not one of the towns outside of it. I could not remember the name of the town, it was that boring. Not a single sound could be heard outside the walls, no cars, no animals and no people. I guess in a way, it wasn't too different to the place I had spent a year living in.

"I like it," Emily squealed, running in between all the rooms whilst her family took their time looking around.

"However, it's small," my dad continued, "There is only one bedroom, not a lot of space to move around."

"Honey, I don't think sharing a bed would be difficult for the girls," Jane laughed.

Immediately my cheeks went red. She was so open about my relationship with Emily, which was something my dad continued to forget time and time again. I did not think it was out of denial, or being malicious in any way, but because Emily and I have acted the same way for so long that he treated our affection to each other as just sisterly. Emily seemed to not notice what Jane had said and continued running between each room.

"Oh… yeah," Dad whispered as he suddenly remembered.

My sister ran up to me and placed her hands in mine, "What do you think? Do you like it?"

"Yeah, it's really nice." I tried to hide my blushing cheeks from her.

"It's only a five minute walk from the campus too, there are takeout places just down the street, we are all set!"

"It's really good. If you like it, then I like it too."

"I really, really like it. When can we move in?"

Both my dad and Jane laughed at Emily's naivety. "You can't move in just yet," Jane chuckled, "We need to pay the deposit and fill out some paperwork."

"And then can we move in?"

"In about a month or so, it depends on what the realtor says, plus you need to graduate first before you think about moving. For that, you only have to wait until tomorrow."

"I know, I know. I just can't wait!"

"Plus, you have the whole summer before your classes start again, do you really want to leave that badly?"

Emily stopped, "No, I guess I can be patient."

"Good girl" Jane continued to laugh at Emily's reaction, "We'll talk to the realtor and get the paperwork sorted, then they will give us a date of when you can move."

My dad and Jane continued to look around the relatively small apartment as Emily cuddled up next to me, placing her head on my shoulder. It was nice to see her so excited about the next stage in our lives.

"Our own place, can you believe it?" Emily whispered directly in my ear.

I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, I couldn't help myself when she was in that position, "No, it's almost surreal."

"Have you seen the bedroom?"

"Yes, I did."

"Did you notice the metal frame?"

I smiled, knowing exactly where she was going with it. It always surprises me how Emily can quickly change into different moods, a moment ago she was excited like a kid on Christmas, now she was whispering little things into my ear, things that my dad and Jane shouldn't have heard. I did see the bed, it was a nice metal frame with plenty of room to place restraints. There was also a lot of room underneath the bed for storage and other activities.

"I did notice the metal frame." I tried not to laugh too loudly and attract the attention of our parents.

"Have you thought about what you would like to do on that bed."

"Mmmmmm, I have."

"Tell me."

"Oh, you will have to find that out for yourself one day. You will have to get used to the bedroom, as you will be seeing alot of it."

Emily quietly moaned deep into my ear, as if multiple ideas went through her head at once. She was easily the most submissive one out of this relationship, but she had more ideas of how I could dominate her than I did. She was the product of her own demise. She was certainly the leader of the sexual side of our relationship, but I was the one who was in charge of making it happen.

"Are you two ready to leave?" Dad asked, "Birthday girl decides where we go for lunch!"

"Mmmm… I would like a burger," Emily continued with her whispering.

I laughed, "I'm the birthday girl, I can choose where I like for lunch… However, a burger does sound good right now."

Emily could not contain her excitement as she stood next to me, bouncing up and down as eagerly awaited the door to open after I had pressed the buzzer. It was still early afternoon by the time we got home. We all agreed on the apartment and our parents had contacted the realtor to put down a deposit. With all that behind us, we were now standing outside Tanya's house, hoping to have some time in the petsuits before we had to return home.

It was Emily's idea, she hinted at it during lunch and the idea didn't sound too bad. It felt all too grown up, finding a place to live in a different town to where our parents lived. All I wanted was to relax under a layer of latex and forget about being human for a while.

However, this was not a guarantee. We did not check with Tanya beforehand and it was uncertain if she would be in.

The sound of footsteps walking towards the door confirmed that she was home. Emily's arms wrapped up in mine as we heard the lock being undone from inside the house. I could feel the entirety of her body shaking as if she was extremely nervous. This was something that happened to Emily every single time she went into the suits. No matter how long she spent as a pet, she was always so anxious before it happened. It was cute in a way.

"Hello?" Tanya asked, opening the door just enough to get her head around.

"Hi!" Emily squeaked.

"Hey Tanya, how are you today?" I tried to sound a little more professional.

She smiled, "I'm good thanks, can I help you with anything?"

"Me and Emily were wondering if we could come in for a bit? Maybe have a chat? Maybe… wear… one of the suits?"

For a moment, I thought the older woman did an eye roll, as if she had heard us ask those questions time and time again. However, I did notice that she was hesitant about letting us in, she kept the door as closed as possible without trapping her head between it and the frame.

"Ummm… I'm kinda busy at the moment, sorry girls," she stated apologetically, "Maybe we can do it some other time?"

"Oh… I'm sure that's fine." What she said startled me, she had always given us a warm welcome, this felt a little off, "Do… Do you have a guy in there?"

"What?! No!"

"A girl?" Emily asked.

"We are not one to judge," I added.

"No… Well, yes!" Tanya got frustrated, "I have company at the moment."

We left it at that, I did not want to say anything to upset the store owner, but I could tell this is what Emily wanted more than anything else right now.

Emily continued to plead, "Please? It's Sammy's birthday"

"It's your birthday?" The large woman asked, looking directly at me.

I stuttered, "W-well… yes, but you shouldn't change your plans just for that"

Tanya thought for a moment, "Give me a minute, please."

The door was shut once more and the footsteps backtracked from it. Soon, nothing could be heard from inside the walls and only Emily and I had each other's company. Just us and the sound of wildlife, as well as the occasional sound of a car driving by on a nearby road.

Hushed words could just be heard on the other side of the door. Even when being as quiet as possible, Tanya's voice had the ability to travel further than what she liked. Despite clearly being in conversation with someone, no words other than hers were heard. As soon as her voice stopped, her footsteps returned to the front door. This time, she opened it fully with a more welcoming manner.

"Come in, come in!" She said in a much happier tone, lifting her arm up to lead us in.

This felt more like the Tanya we knew. Not wasting any time, we called into her reception room and waited for her to close the door behind us before continuing the conversation from earlier.

"Happy birthday, Sweety!" Tanya came in for a hug, "So, you both want to wear the suits? I definitely have them here, I'm just trying to remember where I stored them. They are either somewhere in the bedroom or in the basement."

"Thank you, Sammy really wanted to wear the suit for her special day!" Emily said, keeping a smile on her face the entire time.

I scoffed, "You liar, Emily pretty much begged to be put back in the suit, can you do me a favour and not let her back out? I think that would be much easier for me."

Tanya finally let go, "Girls! Girls! Stop bickering, I have no problem with you two wearing the outfits, I'll get them both in a moment. There is just one thing that I have to tell you before we go any further."

Emily smirked, "Is it that you have Becky here? And she is wearing that pet suit again?"

"How the hell did you know?"

"She's right behind you."

At first, I did not know what Emily was talking about, then I realised she had a much better view into the next room than I did. I peeked around the corner and there the shy girl was, sitting there on her hands and knees, her body bound within the more advanced suit both of us got stuck in. However, this time she was much more comfortable within its layers, wearing the full outfit that included the realistic dog mask that gagged her mouth. Just seeing her in that pose was adorable, it gave me the same feeling as being welcomed at the door by a real dog, even going as far as to turn her head to the side to convey that she was trying to understand the situation.

Tanya sighed and turned around, "What did I say about waiting in the living room?"

"It's okay, she's cute!" Emily pretty much skipped to my co-worker, bringing up her paws into her hands and making them swing left to right.

This was the second time that my sister saw Becky in the suit, but she was still in awe of how good it looked on her. It seemed that the shy girl did not mind people seeing her within the layer of latex, almost giving her more confidence in a way. Despite the suit covering the whole body, it didn't do much to cover her nakedness as it was see-through, but that did not matter to her.

The young pup in front of us was almost a different person whilst bound, maybe she would make a good pet afterall.

"I don't get it, why is she wearing the outfit? Why is she here?" I asked, turning back towards the shop owner.

For the first time, I noticed Tanya became rather shy, "Because it's what Becky wanted."

I was stunned, I had no words but had several questions floating around in my head but no way to properly ask them. It was just odd seeing Tanya indulge Becky's fantasy of being her pet. For one, as Becky was going to be a pet soon, I thought she would want to spend most of her time as a human before that day comes. Second, it was unclear what Tanya thought about Becky wearing that outfit. It was just strange overall that the shop owner was happy to have the shy girl around as a pet, similarly to how Emily and I had been her pets in the past.

"Come on, Sam," Tanya lightly jabbed my side, "As Emily and Becky are busy with each other's company, we can go get the suits."

"No… no problem at all, will you be okay, Em?" I asked, following the store owner out of the room.

My sister didn't even look in our direction, "Sure, sure"

The living room was so quiet as Tanya and Emily had left me alone with the pet. I did not know what to say to her and felt rather awkward having her head on my lap. I had no issues the first time Becky was in the suit, having her and Emily by my feet whilst we were in the store was a fun and entertaining experience. However, without Emily… I just felt strange, almost like I couldn't see Becky as a pet and she was still just a human in my eyes.

With Emily, I could just forget everything and treat her as I would a regular pet. There was a part of my brain that I could just turn off. My sister was still human in my eyes, but I could just cancel out parts of my brain when she was bound.

Right now, it felt as if Becky was cuddling up to me, human Becky. Could it be that this is the first time we had been this intimate before? Maybe it was because I always treated Becky as a friend and nothing more… or maybe it was because I could see her naked body underneath her suit.

I sighed, trying my hardest not to think about it too much. Instead, I placed my hands on her head and began stroking it, first left to right before travelling down to her neck and rubbing between that and her jawline. Pet Becky seemed to love this interaction, squirming lightly where she rested, like she could not get enough of being touched right there.

In a way, I was as proud of Becky as I was Emily. It did not feel too long ago where the situations they were in were very different. Emily begged me to accept Louise's request and allow both her and myself to become full-time pets to the mysterious camgirl. After a brief talk, Emily realised what else she could do with her life and decided to train to become a teacher. Becky's request was more out of the blue, I wasn't aware she had any interest in becoming a pet, but I spoke with Louis and gave her Becky's number.

Since then, the two girls have interacted with each other and become quite close. It went from having a few meetups, to going on full dates. Whilst I did not know the full details, the two girls have more in common than they thought, despite one being a shy sex shop worker and the other being a cam model who showed her naked body on a webcam, the two girls managed to get on like a house on fire. Getting to the point that they started to have deep feelings for each other.

Becky understood that despite their mutual interest in pet play, both girls had to be realistic with how they approached the situation. They both agreed that Becky should not be a pet all the time and decided that she needed every other weekend off to be human, to have time to think normally and do human tasks. I dreaded what would have happened to Becky if she was in pet mode all the time without any escape. They also decided on a safeword and a safe action, a way for Becky to get out in case of injuries or mental struggles.

Once it was all decided, Becky slowly sold off most of her belongings, only keeping what was needed and stuff of sentimental value to her, which Louise was more than happy to oblige with and found suitable storage for her belongings.

I was glad that both girls managed to come to a realistic conclusion. Becky was spending most of her time outside of work moving and selling her belongings, despite how exhausting it was, it was clear that it would all be worth it in the end for the shy girl.

I placed my right hand on her neck, tickling the other side of it as the left hand travelled down to her back, rubbing her soft second skin up and down in a slow, rhythmic fashion. Everything was going according to plan for the shy girl and things were moving much more quicker than I thought it would be, it only just occurred to me that it would not be too long until the young, blonde haired girl would leave Tanya's altogether. She had only been in my life for a year and only just now I realised that I would be losing her. Whilst she would not be a pet everyday, me and Emily were going to be moving and chances to see her in her human form would be limited.

I wonder if Louise would ever let us visit Pet Becky.

"Ta-Da!" Tanya cheered, opening the bedroom door to let Emily roam towards us.

Becky immediately jumped off my lap and ran towards the other pet, both of them met in the middle and rubbed their noses together. It was cute in a way, seeing two women interact in their limited ways. It went from rubbing noses, to resting their heads on each other's shoulders.

It was funny to think that both girls would be too shy to do this in real life, as humans and out of the outfits. Becky and Emily hardly interacted with each other apart from a few sentences, but take away their humanity and they were easily the most loving things in the room.

"Okay, time for your turn," Tanya opened her hand out to encourage me to join her in the bedroom.

Whilst it was more Emily's idea to be a pet today, I must admit the idea of just resting with two other pets was nice. Easily one of the best birthdays I ever had. I stood up, walking over to the large woman, I took her hand as she led me into the bedroom and closed the door behind us.

Tanya positioned herself behind me, manoeuvring my body to allow undressing me easier. Tanya did not allow us to undress ourselves, personally I thought it was a slight kink the older woman had, while she was not sexually involved with any of her pets, stripping the bodies of those who were seemed to give her a slight high. I did not mind it at all, in a way I saw Tanya as the one in charge, I saw her as the pet owner of me, Emily and currently Becky. When I was locked in the latex suit, her word was final and that mentality kinda stayed when I was in my human form. It might have helped with her being my boss too.

"Arms up!" she commanded in a light tone.

I did exactly what she said and she took off both my shirt and undershirt in a single move. As I put my arms down, I felt her undoing the back of my bra and within seconds, that too joined my shirts on the floor.

"So, Emily is going to Oxford?" Tanya questioned, her hands travelled down my body and she pulled down my leggings and underwear as quickly as she did the shirts.

"She told you?" I asked, not realising the two had that conversation in the short time they were both in the bedroom.

Within moments, I was standing in front of the store owner completely naked. Something that I was completely used to in the year I had known her. Being naked in front of Emily was a completely different experience, Emily lusted for my body as I did hers. When I was nude, she would latch onto my body within seconds and either she would be pleasuring me or I would be doing the same to her. In front of Tanya, it felt like it was a halfway point, either halfway to being placed in the pet suit or some other form of sexual attire, but I only ever saw it as work.

It was funny, I could be fully nude in front of Tanya and have a normal conversation. That woman had seen all sides of me, she had seen me in the arms of pleasure, but it was a completely different experience between the two women. Not that I ever thought Tanya wasn't a good looking woman. She was a fair amount older than me, but I could see how she was sexy to other people, but she was never interested in joining us in any way. She reminded me on a few occasions that she was fully straight.

So, did she see me naked in the same way? Just a halfway point to becoming her pet?

"Legs," she commanded.

I placed my arm on her shoulder as I balanced my body, allowing her to slip the latex suit up one leg and then up the other.

"Yeah, Emily told me about it," she continued, "She looks so happy about it, I'm glad for her."

"She is really happy," I added.

Tanya stopped for a moment. Usually she was really quick about putting the suit on me, but she moved away from me briefly as she began searching through one of her bedside drawers. From behind me, all I could hear was a lot of rattling of small objects.

"What are you doing?" I laughed, resisting the urge to turn around.

Tanya walked back up to me, "Do you trust me?"


"Do you trust me?"

This is the woman I've worked with for so long. The person who has looked after both me and Emily in more ways than one. Of course I trusted her.

"Yeah, I do."

"Then let me have my bit of fun." The way she said it was so mischievous, as if she had planted an idea in her head to make things a little entertaining. I knew what was in store was probably going to be a humiliating moment, but at this stage in our relationship; I had experienced many of them before.

As she slipped the suit up my stomach, I suddenly felt butterflies. I don't think Emily would have said anything about me, which meant I had to tell the store owner that I would be following Emily to Oxford. It was too far away to still be working here, so I had to tell her that I would be leaving the store. All the thoughts before of me being naked had completely left my brain. I did not have it in me to tell her what our next plan was. Not only that, but Becky was leaving too, so she would be losing both of her workers at nearly the same time.

Tanya had been so good to us, if it wasn't for her… I'm not sure Emily and I would be as close as we are now. Sure, we know we both had an interest in bondage and there were some feelings for each other, but Tanya's was where we could let ourselves go, we could journey into every root of the bondage tree and realise what we both liked. It was even at her shop where we both realised we had feelings for each other. Tanya was a main part of our relationship and we were all leaving her.

I felt bad… so bad. She was easily one of the nicest and most caring people I know and she wasn't aware that we were all leaving her.

"Tanya… I," I stuttered, trying my hardest to think of what to say.

Her eyes locked with mine, at this point she had the suit over my shoulders and was zipping it up. I felt the layer of latex tighten around me, pulling against my stomach and pressing my breasts together. It wasn't long before the zip reached the top of the suit.

Tanya came to the front of me, with the mask in hand, "What's the matter?"

I stared down at my hands, which were now paws. It was an unrealistic feeling, seeing what used to be the digits you see everyday turn into helpless mounds.

"I just wanted to say… thank you," I looked back up at her, "Thank you for everything, you have been really kind to me and Emily."

She smiled, "It's no problem, now let's get you finished up."

I forgot how tight the suit was against my body. I could feel the latex against every part of my frame, my head, neck, chest, back arms and legs. I completely forgot how overwhelming the sensation of latex against my skin was.

The second thing I forgot was how the suit exposes our breasts, I didn't really notice it as Emily came into the room, seeing the contrast of my pale skin against the black suit, the suit really highlighted my cleavage. At first, I was rather nervous returning to the room where Emily and Becky were playing. Despite being naked in front of both of them, it just felt a little strange, but the moment I went onto my hands and knees; it felt as if I was back in pet mode.

It was a rush. I had completely forgotten the last time I had worn the suit, the last time me and Emily were pets together. It was a mixture of nostalgia and adrenaline that hit all my senses. By the time Tanya had led me back into the living room, into the full view of the pet versions of both Emily and Becky, my mind was in overdrive. Not only was the idea so addictive that we were spending the next few hours just as pets, but there was something else there as well, something that I had not felt since the last time I was in the suit, something that I had completely forgotten about.

The sensation of being sexually aroused.

I had been aroused many times since I last wore this outfit. Emily was the one to bring it out of me and she did it very well, almost as if she knows exactly what buttons to press to get me going. This was a different feeling, one that only came from having the sensation of tight latex against my skin, having it stretch and move around my body to tease my sex and drive me wild.

How did I forget about it? Was it always this strong? Was the act of being placed next to two other pets making the sensation worse for me? All that I knew at that moment was I had the desperate need to relieve myself in some shape or form. Becky came over the moment I was put into the room and instantly began nuzzling my mask the same way she did with Emily just moments before.

I responded by nuzzling her back. I decided to just enjoy the moment. It did not matter why Becky was here as a pet, it did not matter how my body was reacting to the feeling of latex covering it. At that moment, I was just a pet and I was determined to lose myself for a few hours.

Tanya cooed at the sight of all three pets in her living room. Clearly, the sight did something to the woman. It might have just been adorable, or it could have been she got something out of fitting three young women under a layer of latex and taking away their freedom. However, like many times before, she did not participate further than just watching. She made herself comfortable in her chair with a book in her hands, ready to spend the afternoon relaxing or potentially watching her three pets play with each other.

It did tickle me that the day before Emily graduates, she wanted to spend part of the day as a pet. Surely, her brain should be focused on more important things, just like what Becky should be doing. However, it was nice to have this moment between us all, this moment of leaving the human world behind us for just a moment.

Overall, the experience was rather awkward. It was almost second nature to be a pet under Tanya's control, but the inclusion of having a third pet meant that I could not rest as easily if it was just Emily and I.

"Hey, birthday girl!" Tanya yelled from behind me, "Blue, purple or pink?"

I turned around, confused as to what the store owner was asking me, what did the colours mean? As I turned around, I noticed Tanya's mischievous face from before had resurfaced. I shrugged my shoulders, trying to show that I was very confused by the question.

"Let me make this easier, if you want blue raise your right paw, purple just nod and pink raise your left paw."

I was still confused. I think the suddenness of the question meant that I wasn't supposed to know what it meant. It was pretty much a guarantee that this had something to do with the object she picked up from the drawer earlier, as that was the last time she had that smile on her face. Blue was always a nice colour, so I decided to lift up my right paw.

From one of her pockets, she brought out a small device that was blue in colour. Working at a sex shop, I knew exactly what this device was, it was the remote for a vibrator. With only two silver buttons on the front, it was basic in design but highly effective. She wasted no time and pressed one of the buttons. I braced myself, fully understanding what plan my boss had come up with… but nothing happened.

A yelp came from behind me. Emily fell to the floor as she tried to place her bound hands between her legs, a loud vibrating sound came from within my sister's suit. Tanya was a crafty woman, I was not the only one she did that too. She had placed vibrators in our suits.

"Becky? Pink or Purple? Purple is your right hand and pink is your left" The large woman asked the timid girl next to me.

I quickly glanced at her, both of our eyes widened in panic. I quickly assumed that Tanya had placed the vibrator inside Becky's suit before we got there and decided to make it a game. Neither one of us knew who was next with the sound of my sister writhing in pleasure behind us.

She too lifted up her right hand. Tanya took out the purple remote for the purple vibrator and immediately pressed the button. I braced myself again, with 50/50 odds, it was a good possibility that I was going to be the next to hold back the power of the vibrator.

Becky fell down too, holding between her legs in a similar way to how Emily reacted. The shy girl fell backwards with her legs in the air, with her suit being partially see through, I could see the purple vibrator placed against her sex. It was deep and impossible to remove without taking off the entire suit. Both her and my sister were at Tanya's mercy.

"Well, guess you are pink then," she sneered.

This was the closest to a villain I had seen the store owner become. I understood that she took some glee out of the situations us three had been in, but this is the first time she actively tormented us with an idea of her own. It wasn't like that time I was her submissive to teach others how to be dominant and it wasn't like that time me and Emily asked her to walk us around the garden on dog leads. This was entirely the store owner's idea and she was going to enjoy every moment of tormenting us.

She winked as she pressed the button on the pink remote. Within seconds my sex was being teased by an intense vibration. I fell onto my hands, knowing that there was no way to remove it without Tanya taking off the suits entirely. So, I might as well enjoy it.

Oh… god. It was way too intense. It was hitting the exact spot it needed to.

I fell onto my back, I was already losing the strength to my arms and legs and could not hold up my body anymore. Emily had her head on the ground with her butt in the air, she continued to hold the area between her legs as if there was some magical way to turn the device off from outside the suit. Becky was still on her back, lying very close to me, so close that I could hear the short shallow breaths escape the mask of her suit.

I was losing the battle. Already I could feel a small build up coming from inside me. The machines were small and mighty and felt as if they were fully charged, they would not be dead anytime soon.

Becky placed her head on my chest, as if to get some comfort during her struggles, it did not help me in the slightest as she continuously brushed against my sensitive nipples. They were begging for attention as my sex was getting all the attention.

"Well, I'm not sure if I am in the mood for a book. I might take a bath instead" Tanya teased, throwing the book back on the chair as she made her way towards the door.

With the weight of Becky on me, I could not lift myself off to get to the store owner. However, I could see Emily making her way to her, trying her hardest to fight the extreme bliss that was forming inside her. This seemed to play further into Tanya's fantasy. Yes, it was intense. Yes, we were all enjoying it. However, we knew that Tanya did not bluff, she would run a bath and leave us all in this state, to suffer at the hands of the machines and overcome multiple orgasms whilst she relaxed in hot water.

Tanya closed the door behind her as slow as possible. Making sure that Emily was as close to her as my sister could get before dashing our dreams of being released early.

'Oh! I'm going to get her back for that!' I thought to myself, trying my hardest to think.

Emily sighed loudly as her attempts to reach Tanya were thwarted. As soon as we heard the large lady walk down the hall, my sister began crawling over towards me, stopping every now and then to try and ward off the approaching orgasm.

'No!' I thought again, trying my hardest to keep Emily away from me, I knew exactly what she was doing.

However, with Becky still on top of me, I could not move anywhere. I had lost all power to my limbs and moving the shy woman was nearly impossible. Still, Emily continued to crawl towards me, not stopping until she was in the same position as Becky, resting on top of me. I knew that was her goal, as Emily knew what my weakness was. We were all going to orgasm and we would all probably orgasm multiple times before the store owner came back to release us. Emily knew my weakness for her and decided to tease me further despite our desperate situation. I placed my hand out, trying my very hardest to push her back, still I had no power in my hands and it was easy for her to fall on top of me, placing her head on my chest; opposite Becky.

She then let go. She stopped fighting the vibrations deep inside her and rode the pleasure that was in the early stages of hitting her.

Then it happened… my weakness. She placed her head right up to mine. As she was no longer holding back, the sensation soon took over her body and a quiet whimper escaped her mouth.

No… No… No…

I grunted as I held it off for as long as I could. Becky took the noise from Emily to give up holding on too and soon the shy girl started whimpering and panting as the feeling soon overwhelmed her body. I was stuck between two girls both moaning in my ear, something that Emily discovered was one of my biggest turn ons a long time ago.

Becky jumped forward, the orgasm hitting her harder than I imagined. The whimpering turned into full moaning and groaning as she rode the waves, not realising what it was doing to me. To make it worse, as the vibrators did not move, the constant vibrations drew out the climax for as long as possible.

Emily joined her, pushing her head further and further into my neck, her warm breath panting against my skin. Her chest went up and down at a quickening pace before her body jolted and stopped. A long, drawn out groan escaped her lips before her body relaxed and began to spasm rhythmically as the waves hit her with a high force.

I gritted my teeth. I could see stars as my body began to sweat. It was here… the orgasm was so close that it was looking for a way in, trying to push its way out of me. I was strong, I didn't want to let Tanya win so easily, I wanted to show her, Becky and Emily that I could hold on to it for as long as necessary.

Becky's exhausted head fell onto my shoulder, the loud moans echoed out of her suit as she slowly recovered from her first orgasm and the vibrator was beginning the process of the second orgasm. From what I could see of Emily, she was in the same position.

Those moans.

Those damn, sexual, exhausted moans.

They… oh, god!… They… they…

I couldn't stop it, I couldn't…

Oh god! Please… I… Oh, FUCK!!!


I… can… hold… on… just…a-a little…longer…


"I'm sure you will find it in your heart to forgive me," Tanya said as she had the biggest smile on her face.

It was clear the shop owner was happy with what she caused me, Emily and Becky to go through. It was nearly an hour of us huddled on top of each other, trying our hardest to hold off the orgasms as much as possible, but we were forced to have them no matter what. It reminded me of that situation Louise got herself into, except this time we had someone to look after us, we knew that Tanya would let us out eventually. We just had to wait for the older woman to have her kicks before we had our freedom back.

"So… that's what you had planned for Becky? Before me and Emily even got here?" I asked, still confused about the situation before our arrival.

We had left the other two pets in the living room as Tanya brought me back to her bedroom to remove the outfit. Both Em and Becky were still in a daze after their ordeal and the shop owner decided it would be best to give them a little longer to rest. However, I could not make sense of what happened earlier.

Tanya hummed to herself as she began the process of unzipping my outfit, "It was Becky's idea. It was something she wanted to do, I did not have the heart to say no to her."

"Why would she want you to be in control of a vibrator that was inside her? I didn't think she was into that."

"Well, she said she wanted to try it." The store owner got serious for a moment, "Becky has handed in her notice, she told me about the choice she made… the one that woman originally offered you. We don't have much longer with her, so I'm happy to do anything she wants to try before she goes."

I nodded, it was understandable. For the entire time I knew her, she usually took a step back when it came to trying things out. Did she really want to try the same things as Emily and myself? For a moment, I stopped. I remembered how bad I felt that Becky wanted to wear Emily's suit when we went to the convention, unfortunately that did not happen and I later found out that Becky had a keen interest in pet play. If I knew that, I would have helped the girl out earlier with achieving that goal.

Then I remembered the time Tanya taught a group of women how to be a good dominant, using me as her submissive. I had to leave early as it was the day dad went into hospital. Becky filled in for me as the submissive for the rest of the class. Was it something she secretly wanted to do?

"Where did she get that idea from?" I asked the shop owner, referring to the events just beforehand.

Tanya gave a quizzical look, but almost immediately got it.

I had to think, what situation did we get into that gave her that idea? Was it even something she experienced with us? She could have found it on the Internet, or maybe Louise told her about the time she was tied up at the mercy of a vibrator and I was the one who let her out.

Then it clicked. A very similar situation happened between me and Emily a while ago, a situation that involved Becky. It was the day Tanya reopened her shop. Emily and I wore our outfits with a shirt covering our breasts. The shop owner was as mischievous then as she is now, as she placed a vibrator in my outfit and hid the remote in Emily's paw. My sister's emotions got the better of her as she saw both of her parents browsing the shop, unintentionally turning on the remote hidden by her hand. Becky held onto me as I was remotely brought to orgasm by the hidden vibrator between my legs, almost to the point of wetting the warehouse floor.

I hated that moment at the time, I was not used to having complete control taken away from me. Now… it was a memory I was fond of thinking about, it was rather sexy and I could see how Becky found it erotic as well. If it was something the young woman wanted to try, there was no use in stopping her. She deserved to have every experience she wanted.

"Okay, I get it," I said out loud.

Tanya nodded as she continued to undo my outfit.

"Tanya… Can I say something?"

"Sure, of course you can," she had a little giggle in her voice.

"You know that Emily is going to be moving soon, as she is learning to become a teacher?"

"Yeah, I do."

"I wanted you to know that I would be moving with her."

Surprisingly, the words were easier to get out than I thought, but I did notice how quickly it went quiet. The large woman immediately stopped unzipping my suit, stopping just shy of opening it completely. I turned around as the latex folded away from my body, exposing my top half to her… but I could not care about that at this point. The look on her face, it was so mutual that I could not tell if I had angered her, or if she was saddened by what I said.

She looked me straight in the eyes, leaving it for an uncomfortable amount of time before speaking again, letting out a long sigh before she did so.

"Yeah, I kinda guessed." Even her speaking tone was mutual.

"I'm sorry, Tanya… I don't want to upset you, you mean the world to me."

"You haven't upset me, I knew you would not be leaving Emily's side. I completely understand."

"You do?"

"Of course. I'm really happy for you two, I'm sure Oxford will treat you both well."

"Oh, Tanya!" I leaped forward, hugging the plump woman as tight as I could, "I love you so much!"

"I love you too, you and Emily." Her voice went quieter as she placed her arms around me too, "Just promise that you will come in and see me every time you are in the area."

"We will. We are going to be coming home as often as we can."

"Then there is nothing to worry about."

She gave me a wide smile, showing off all of her teeth. She seemed genuinely happy for both me and Emily and that made me feel worse in a way. I did not want to leave her side, she had played a big role in our lives and had been so kind to us, but I did not want to get separated from my sister. The reason I felt so bad was that she was always happy to help me and her Em, she never let us down and was always open minded regarding our kinks. We could have approached her wanting to try anything out and she would make it happen.

I knew if it wasn't for Tanya, me and Emily would not be as close as we are now. It was due to her understanding and the access to her shop that we indulged ourselves in our sexual fantasies.

One day soon, I would be saying goodbye to the store owner as we move away from this place. Until then, I swore to myself that I would do everything to make Tanya happy. She deserved it.


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