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Sam and Em

by ForeverAltered

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Me and Emily sat in silence.

It had been two hours since we got home after the eventful day at Tanya's store, my body was sore and my bottom-half was still buzzing from the earlier events. My sister played with her fingers, her mind absent from the real world and was full with multiple questions with a few answers she was already coming up with. Her anxiety was on high-alert and I couldn't lie that my body was going through the same.

We have been silent ever since we made it through the door. Tanya congratulated us and kept us entertained with her happy tone on the drive back, she was very excited from the launch of her old shop. We were more than happy to talk, returning the congratulations and talking to her about the future of her store, but the moment we stepped out of her car and back into the empty bungalow; we stopped the conversation. It wasn't a personal choice, just the realisation of the situation had taken its toll.

We took off our clothes and got into the shower together, we did everything in unison, cleaning our own bodies and helping each other with the more difficult tasks. We did everything without exchanging a single word. I did consider asking her a question as my hands rubbed shampoo into her hair, but I decided against it after reading the room.

Now, me and my sister sat on my bed, our soft, clean bodies hidden behind a layer of soft pajamas. We physically felt good after the rinse but the situation still loomed over us. What did it all mean? Why was Jane at the store during work hours? Why was she in the wrong town? Why did she have the company of Emily's father?

Thinking about it now, I did notice some similarities between the tall, striking man and the young woman who shared my bed. A part of me was jealous of her having a dad who looked ten years younger than he actually was. The only part of him that showed his age was the thin, grey lines of hair that stood over his ears.

Come to think about it, I never asked Emily about her dad… why did that thought never occur to me? She knew everything about my situation, how me and my dad never saw eye to eye, when my mum died, the issues me and we had faced before he met Jane. I didn't even know his name or why he and Jane broke up (that's if he even did!)

My mind was a whirl of emotions and none of them were good, I wanted to say something, something that would bring ease to my sister… nothing came to mind. I had to remove the silence.

"I love you," I said quietly.

She smiled briefly, "I love you too."

"Whatever happens, I love you, I always will and I can't imagine my life without you."

Her smile continued to grow for a second, "Thank you."

Sadly, her smile faded quickly and the room returned to its silent, mutual state. My heart skipped for a moment, realising that what I said was true, I couldn't spend any time away from her. I loved Emily with everything my heart could give and the thought of her being away from me made my entire body ache… but that was exactly what she was doing next week, she was leaving me for her education.

"Emily," I whimpered, "Do… are you happy about going to university next week?"

"What?" She finally turned to look at me.

"Will you miss me when you go to university?"

"Of course, if I could I would bundle you in a suitcase and take you with me."

We both grinned at that, the idea just being so outrageous, a part of me did consider joining her… or maybe applying for a few extra years of education, I knew the idea was nearly impossible, I didn't have the grades to keep up with her, let alone the chance of being accepted into the same establishment.

"Are… are you going to miss me?" Emily peeped.

"Yeah, I will miss you so much," my heart was speaking for me, "A few months ago I would have never thought about being in this situation…"

"You hated me," she grinned widely.

"I didn't hate you."

"Oh, you did. You never wanted anything to do with me or this family… but you have changed."

"It certainly has."

"I never knew you were such a loving person."

"Neither did I," a lump was in my throat, "After what happened to my mum and the distance it caused with me and dad… the last thing on my mind was the love of someone else. I thought I would spend a few years being independent before finding a guy to stick with."

"…but you found me," She grinned again, showing her rows of perfect teeth.

"I did, I honestly cannot imagine life without you. You are…everything."

"Then that does it," Emily slapped her knees, "I'm not going."


"I'm not going, I can't leave you."

"Emily, don't be silly. You have to do this, you have to get an education and do amazing things in your life."

"But… Sammy?"

"And I will be there, along for the ride."

"Sammy… I can't. I thought I can but I really can't leave you," Tears once again entered my sister's eyes, "I will struggle without you by my side and we won't see each other for a while."

"You'll be home for Halloween," I forced a grin.

"That's still two months after I start."

"We'll video call?"

"Sammy, I need you."

I kissed her. My hand carefully grabbed her cheek and I pulled our lips together, taking her completely by surprise. It was partially to keep her quiet, but mostly due to a wave of affection I felt as she told me how she couldn't cope with her independence.

Her cute, soft moans filled the room as our kiss extended into more, our lips widened and our tongues began massaging each other. It took a while for our faces to move away from each other.

She hummed as we kept our faces close, the bedroom saw a lot of our relationship, the bdsm side was most apparent but now it saw the true love side that we hardly ever showed. It was intense and raw, no words could explain how much I loved the girl in front of me and no actions would quench my need to have her. I could have had her right then, my lust for her body went beyond anything I ever felt for her before, despite my tiredness and already exhausted privates, I wanted to rip my clothes off and hold my sister down as I did whatever I wanted to her.

However, now was not the time.

I pulled my head back further but kept skin-to-skin contact with her. My eyes once again met hers and I saw they were still full of tears, one blink would cause them to break and fall down her cheeks.

"You'll be fine," I had to fight the need to get her to stay, "…and I'll be fine and we'll see each other again soon."

She couldn't even force a smile again, she showed her sorrow and could not hide it.

"Well, we still have a week," I finally broke away from her and walked to the side of the bed.

Her gaze followed me, turning her body to keep up.

I reached below my bed to find the familiar steel ring, the one that caused so many problems before, but now it seemed to have found its neutral place in our relationship.

"You can't wear this to university," I held the collar in both hands, "But for this last week, you have earned this collar. I want you to wear it with pride… my slave."

I never saw Emily so happy before, in a second she jumped up and hopped over to me, grabbing me in both arms.

"IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou," She blubbered over and over again.

"I love you too"

The front door slammed shut, echoing through the halls of the bungalow and snapping me and Emily out of our moment.

We slowly made our way through the building, almost edging ourselves against the wall. We took it one step at a time, trying to be as quiet as possible. We didn't know why, it felt like the situation warranted it, but our main goal was to talk to Jane and that would not have required stealth.

We made it to the reception, where my Dad walked into view, making me and Emily jump.

"Hey!" he jumped partially too, "What are you two doing sneaking about?"

"Nothing," I said.

"Nothing," Emily said.

"Oh, that's alright I guess."

"Where's Mum?" Emily asked him.

"Oh, she's in the kitchen."

Dad looked at us for a second longer before walking passed us as he headed towards his and Jane's bedroom. We watched as his large frame got further and further away and finally disappeared behind the door. As soon as he was away from us, me and Emily got back into stealth mode, quietly stepping closer towards the kitchen. It never dawned on us that there was no reason to be quiet, Dad knew we were here and Jane would have heard Dad speak.

Emily grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly as we stood in front of the door to the kitchen. We stood side by side, trying to gain the courage to step through. It dawned on me that this scenario is very similar to the time Jane caught us having sex. Just like then, we were dreading talking to Jane, but it was something we had to do.

Surprisingly, Emily pushed against the door and walked in, as she still had my hand in hers; I was forced to follow.

The soft light of the kitchen welcomed us once again. Jane was sitting at the table with a coffee in her hand, her eyes were once again tired but not as bad as before, she spotted us as we edged ourselves further into the room.

"Hey, girls. How was your day?" She gave us a soft smile.

"Good thanks," I answered, I could see Emily's mind struggling to come up with the words, "Can we talk about something?"

"Sure. Your Dad has gone for a lie down," Her tone changed, "So, we can talk about anything you two want to."

It took me a moment to realise she was talking about us and our relationship. I'm sure it had played on her mind since she saw us. It might have been a few weeks ago now but seeing us in that situation must have come to mind from time to time.

"It's not about us this time," Emily's voice was a whisper.

"Oh, then what's the matter?"

"We… umm… as in me and Sammy, we… ummm…" She stumbled over every single word.

"We saw you today," I stepped in, "We were out shopping and we saw you, with someone."

"With Dad," my step-sister managed to blurt out.

"Oh," Jane went silent, her eyes flickering every second between me and Emily, "Why… didn't you say hello?"

"Because, you looked busy… we didn't want to disturb you."

"Oh, well. I was on lunch and your Dad was in town. We haven't seen each other since the divorce and we decided to meet for lunch."

"Does MY Dad know?" I asked.

"Of course he does, It was partially his idea. Your father understood that he was an important man in me and Emily's life and I should meet him."

With Jane talking about dads, I was beginning to get confused about whose was whose.

"It was nice to see Mitch, it has been years. He's doing well."

I took a moment to look at Emily, I never knew why she never spoke about her father. It doesn't seem like the divorce was too taxing on the family, but I was still surprised that Emily never even mentioned him, not even once in the months I have lived here.

Mitch, I know it was just a name, but I wouldn't have thought that was Emily's Dad's name, before knowing them, I thought Emily's family was stuck up and posh, obviously since knowing them I knew that wasn't the case, but I still expected a more grand name than Mitch.





I didn't realise it but I was smirking thinking of all the posh names that circled around my head.

"I'm sorry that you saw us and you got the wrong impression," Jane was very sympathetic, "But it was just lunch. I know Mitch hasn't been around much recently, but he wants to be there for us, he would like to see you too, before you go off to university."

Emily took a moment to think but softly nodded once she understood, "I will."

"That's great," Jane smiled before taking another sip of coffee, "I'll send him a text tomorrow."

Emily turned around and walked out of the room, she didn't even say goodnight to her mother. I guess it was a lot of information at once. As she left, it meant for that moment I was alone with Jane. She finally stopped drinking out of her mug and looked back up to me and smiled.

"Was it a good lunch?" I asked.

"Yeah, it was okay. It had been a while since I saw Mitch, I was unsure on what to say to him, but it was nice."

"What did you do after the lunch?"

"We had a walk around some shops before I had to get back to work."

"Why did you go into a sex shop with your ex-partner?"

Jane's face went white, I caught her off guard. I was generally curious but it sounded like I was grilling her about her choices. I didn't mean to but my voice came off much more stern than I had anticipated.

"W-What?" Jane asked, softly.

"I know it was something you were probably curious about but if I was having lunch with an ex-partner and I was already set to get married, I wouldn't go into a sex shop… even if I was curious."

Again, my voice came off too harsh, as if I was telling her off, I didn't mean for it to come off like that.

"I know it wasn't the right thing to do, but after seeing you and Emily… I just wanted to understand."

I couldn't look her in the eye once she mentioned catching me and my step-sister during sex.

"Honestly, I don't think I'll ever understand what you two see in that stuff, but I don't like secrets and I want to know what is going on in my daughter's life. I'll never be one to intrude on your relationship, but you understand where I'm coming from, right?"

"Yeah, I do. I'm sorry for not saying anything earlier but me and Emily didn't know what to say. We didn't want to hurt the family with our feelings for each other."

"Yeah, I understand. It has made things a little more complicated but I just want you and Emily to be happy… and you two really seem happy."

"We are."

"Good, it's getting late. I'm exhausted."

"Jane," I asked.


"Please do not hurt my dad."

The smile on Jane's face faded for just a moment before returning, "I will never hurt him, I swear."

After saying our goodnights, I walked down the corridor to my bedroom. As soon as I opened the door, I found Emily sitting at the end of the bed with the metal collar in her hands. She inspected the ring closely, taking a look at all the small details it held.

"How did it go?" She softly whispered, she heard Jane's footsteps walk through the corridor.

"It went okay, are you happy about seeing your Dad? I noticed you never talk about him much."

"Yeah, there isn't much to say. My parents split up, my Dad moved away and we stopped seeing each other as much. Last thing I heard he was in Vancouver for work, so I never bothered to call him."

"Well, it's nice that he is around and wants to see you."

"Yeah, do you mind putting this on me?"

She held out the metal collar in both hands as if she was handing me a crown. I grabbed the collar, watching it fly open in my grip. Taking it in both hands, I moved it around her neck as the catch rested on the lock, one small move and they would slide together and lock in place.

"You sure you want to do this?" I smiled as I asked her, "Once I lock this on, it will be on all week and you'll be my slave the entire time."

Despite being tired, she was giddy, "Yes… Mistress."

"Do you promise to serve me in every way I see fit, to not argue with me and obey my every command?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Do you promise to get naked as soon as I lock this collar on and wear only the clothes your mistress desires you to wear?"

"Yes, mistress."


It was a warm morning, the sun was already in the sky as me and Emily once again stood in front of Tanya's store. A week had gone by since we were last here, she was excited as ever to be unlocking the door, the exact same as she was last time. The week went by as before, we kept out of Tanya's way as she was too busy managing the store to come look after us, Emily was missing the pet suit but I had kept her entertained after locking the collar on her.

Even after seven days of wearing the collar, she still smiled to herself as she gently touched the ring with her fingers, she knew it wasn't going anywhere and that I had the key. She felt owned and it made her feel amazing. It was almost enough to take her mind off how vulnerable she was standing in public. As per our rules, I had dressed her every single day this week, she never wore panties, she never wore a bra and she was forced to wear short skirts for the entire week. At first she was nervous about going out in public, the thought of a sudden gust of wind exposing her bottom half was too much for her, but it was what her Mistress desired and that made her happy.

As Tanya opened the doors, I noticed a huge white sign in the window that said, 'Closed for a private event'. I couldn't process how nervous that made me, but Emily took my arm and walked me into the building before I could change my mind. Tanya closed the door behind us and walked us further inside.

"Okay, with Emily attending, that is five women who are coming to this class. They all want to know the basics of being a dominant and you both know that isn't easy."

Me and Emily followed her, agreeing with what she had to say.

"So, the event will take place in the main shop floor, I will introduce you to the women and all you have to do is what I tell you to and it should all be fine. It really isn't too difficult."

"Sounds easy," Emily said on my behalf as we walked into the back.

"Okay, I'll need you to wear this.'' Tanya went into a box and pulled out another latex outfit, this one was white, "This is a new outfit I have in stock. It's very similar to your pet outfits but the latex is much thinner, allowing you to feel everything, it doesn't have a hood but I will have you wear a blindfold, so you won't be able to see anything as I think that would be for the best, it won't make you nervous in front of the others. This one’s zip only reaches the small of your back so no one would be able to touch you inappropriately."

"It doesn't have shoes… or gloves?" I looked at the suit with wide eyes, I was surprised as the other outfits I wore all had latex socks on.

"No, you will be barefoot," Tanya looked the suit over again, "I know you don't like feet, but it will be important for the session for you to be barefoot."

"What's wrong with feet?" Emily asked

"Nothing, I have nothing against feet, I just don't like my feet," I murmured, looking down at my shoes.

We were stopped as a knock came at the entrance.

"Oh, that's probably the first of the clients. Get changed in a changing room and I'll be back in a second."

The shop owner walked away, heading to the front of the store. She placed the empty latex skin in my hands and I glanced at Emily with an unsure look.

"White isn't even my colour," I sulked.

"You'll be fine," she once again took my arm in hers, walking me slowly to the changing rooms, "Did I say how proud I am of you? You are really helping out a friend."

"Yeah, I wish it was earlier," I continued to moan, "Today is our last full day together before you go off to University and we are spending it here."

"What's wrong with that? I'm definitely going to enjoy myself today, seeing my Mistress being the slave? This definitely won't happen often."

"So, you don't mind me being shared between other women?"

"It's not exactly sharing, they won't be the ones going home with you today."

I giggled to myself as me and Emily walked into the changing room stall, I stood in front of the mirror, staring at my reflection and Emily closed the curtain behind us. My eyes met my reflection’s, taking a moment to realise what I was going through with. Within minutes, I would be put on show in front of four other strangers as Tanya did whatever she wanted with me, all this to help her out as Nicola couldn't do it.

Do I really want to go through with this? At this precise moment, I wanted to cuddle with Emily in our bed, no cares in the world as we only focused on each other, this was even the last full day we would have been together before she goes off to university tomorrow. My heart ached for so many different reasons that my mind couldn't juggle them all at once, it all just turned into a giant cloud of sadness that my brain struggled to cope with. All I could do was focus on the here and now.

I felt a pulling at my back as I realised Emily was behind me trying to take my clothes off for me. She silently took off my jacket and hung it up on a hook on the wall, as soon as that was off she went in to pull off my shirt. Within seconds I was naked in front of my sister, looking at my petite frame in the large mirror that hung in front of us.

"Now… how to put this on…" I pondered as I glanced over the white, shiny material.

"Just like the pet suits, I guess?" Emily chimed in, "Just unzip the back and go in legs first."

I picked up the latex material, it warped and wobbled as my hands trembled.

I murmured to myself, "White's really not my colour, but here goes nothing."

I lowered the suit and began to push my freshly shaven leg through, the suit wrapped itself around my skin and I moaned softly as I pulled it higher and higher, my foot pushed through the bottom with a bit of force and as soon as i began standing on my new latex-bound leg, I began pushing my other leg through.

"How does it feel?" Email asked.

"It feels amazing, very similar to the pet outfits but more like a second skin." I smiled as I pulled it above my waist.

Finally my arms were fed through the sleeves and Emily was zipping up my back before I knew it. As soon as the zip reached the top, I was locked in and helpless… well, not entirely helpless. My hands, feet and face were all still on show.

"I feel completely naked." I couldn't help but laugh.

I still looked in the mirror as I took in my shiny form, Tanya was right, the outfit was a lot thinner than what me and Emily have worn before, I felt free as if I wasn't wearing a thing, I could move my body without any restrictions the pet suits would generally give, the downside of that was it showed off my entire body, all the small curves and details of my form were on show, my thigh bones, belly button and even my nipples poked through the suit.

"You look amazing," my step-sister came in close and grabbed my waist.

"Thank you," I turned towards her to give her a kiss.

The curtain pulled back to show Tanya smiling ear to ear, a white blindfold in her hand. She looked between me and my sister, obviously showing we were in the middle of an embrace.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did you two still want another minute?" She asked.

Emily turned to her, "No, we are good. Let's get this going."

"Sam?" the store owner turned to me.

"Yeah, I'm ready. Let's do this." I tried to hide my nervousness.

"Right, turn around then."

I turned once again towards the mirror as Tanya came up behind me and placed the blindfold around my eyes. I couldn't tell the material of it, at first it seemed like latex, but it also felt stretchy, as if it was made from silicone and it also felt like it would only move with a lot of force, meaning it would stay on if I moved a lot.

Tanya took my mind off it by going over some rules, "Alright, everyone is here. We will have two safewords in place. If you say 'Yellow' I will ease up, for example, if I was spanking you and I was hurting you abit too much, when you say 'Yellow' I would ease up, maybe even begin spanking you elsewhere."

"Okay," I nodded as she tied the blindfold behind my head.

"If you say 'Red', I will stop what I'm doing completely; if you are in restraints, I will unlock you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand completely."

"Good, let's go then. Best not to keep the customers waiting."

Tanya pulled my arm as Emily held my waist from behind. Together, they gently walked me from the changing rooms to the shopping floor where the women waited for us. The blindfold did an amazing job at keeping my vision obscured, so much so I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. Despite that I had full control over my movements, I felt naked, I felt vulnerable. More so than I did within the pet suit.

"Morning, ladies," Tanya's voice was full with glee, "I would like you all to welcome Samantha, she will be my human guinea pig for the day."

"Good morning," A group of ladies answered.

Tanya continued to walk a few more steps before stopping me in a certain position, her hands gently let go off me as she made sure I would fall over, but without her support I felt more vulnerable than before and within seconds, Emily let go of my body too.

"This is Emily," Tanya continued, "She is Samantha's significant other and she is here for the viewing as well."

"That's a lovely slave collar you are wearing." A mature voice came from the room.

"Thank you," Emily sounded awkward as always, "Sammy got it for me."

The same voice questioned, "You mean she is your dominant?"


"Wow, that's interesting."

"Okay, Samantha," Tanya stood next to me, "I want to introduce you to our guests today."

I was still blindfolded, but I could imagine Tanya pointing to them all.

"We have Moriah, her husband just came out as submissive, so she is interested in this course to help her understand the dominant role better."

"You think after twenty years of marriage, we would have told each other everything," that same mature voice came from the room, "But, I'm open to anything so I thought I would give it a shot."

"It's nice to meet you," I bowed slightly, my heart raced as I wasn't used to being the submissive and I was unsure on how to act.

"Let's see," Tanya continued, "We have Lani, who…"

"I'm going to be completely honest," A younger, stricter voice came from the room, "I'm interested in becoming a dominatrix one day, it pays well and I enjoy being dominant in the bedroom, but I've been struggling more with the sensitive side… aftercare and whatnot. I came in last week to your open day last week, saw the flyer for this group and thought I would give it a go… what's the harm in it."

"…Well, It's nice to meet you too," I also bowed in her direction.

"Next, is Jennifer," Tanya continued.

"Thank you for letting me join the group," A quiet voice came from the room, I struggled to gauge where it came from, "Ummm, I've been reading stories online about stuff like this and I've always enjoyed the idea, but I've never done anything in person."

"Well… It's nice to meet you too," This time I bowed my head, the last lady didn't give off any dominant vibes at all so I didn't feel the need to greet her in my submissive stance.

"Oh, and you've already met Becky," I could hear the humour in Tanya's tone.

"Becky?" I gasped quietly.

"It's lovely to see you again," The familiar voice of the awkward girl from last week greeted me, "I'm staying in town for a bit longer so I thought I would join in.

"It's nice to see you again," My brain went foggy, picturing the last time Becky saw me, I was in the back room, struggling to hold off my orgasms as she threw towels on the floor. Heat entered my cheeks as I imagined myself blushing as red as a strawberry as my legs unknowingly closed together.

"Well, that is everyone, as we are all introduced then, let's get started!" Tanya placed her hand on the small of my back, "Samantha is blindfolded, as you can see. By the end of the session you'll understand why. Sam, please could you get on your knees for me?"

I tried to read the room but it was completely silent, I couldn't even hear any breaths between the women. As ordered, I slowly got myself onto my knees, with only the stretching latex sound filling the shop. When I got onto my knees, I rested my butt on my bare feet and placed my hands on my knees. I awaited my next order as the group stared at my submissive position.

"A simple but a good one," Tanya walked around me, "Why is it important for a submissive to be on their knees for you?"

"One, it shows their submissiveness to you and shows they are ready to serve you," Lani's voice filled the room, she sounded demanding and smug, as if she already knew everything, "Two, it's for the submissive, usually they prefer to be lower than the dominant as it adds to the fantasy."

"Very good, Lani," Tanya continued walking around me, "Please, do not think about whips and chains or dungeons or cages when you think of bondage, sometimes the simple techniques are enough to fulfil your submissive's needs."

Tanya finally stopped right behind me, my body was covered in goosebumps as I anticipated anything she could have done behind me.

"Take this for example," The store owner had something in her hand, "This is a traditional crop. Now, you might look at this and think it could cause pain, but it doesn't have to be used that way…"

The older woman traced the end of the crop up my back, between my shoulder blades and above my neck. I felt the tip move to my left and it finally settled on my left shoulder. I visualised the image of Tanya standing over me and just resting the crop to prove some sort of point. I was trying to figure out where she was going with her speech.

"Lani, may I ask you something?" I heard Tanya ask.

"Yeah, sure?"

"Who do you think is in charge?"

"The dominant, obviously… Samantha is on her hands and knees and you are in complete control over her."

"Okay," The store owner seemed to agree with her slightly.

Tanya moved the crop from my shoulder and I felt it touch the back of my neck, with a small amount of force she was pushing it forward and forcing me to go forward.

"Stay on your knees," Tanya commanded me in a quiet tone.

My brain tried to comprehend what she was asking but my body was already reacting without thought, she kept pushing the crop forward, I placed my hands on the floor and I ended up on my hands and knees but I kept feeling the pressure in the back of my neck and kept going down until my nose touched the floor.

"There we go," Tanya breathed out, finally pulling the crop away.

I realised what she did with one single motion, she pushed me from a kneeling position to having my head on the floor with my butt in the air; if I wasn't vulnerable before…

"Honestly, I'm tempted to agree with you Lani, I do feel in charge," Laughed Tanya, "Sadly, Samantha is a very loyal submissive so there isn't much reason I can punish her… as much as I want to."

I felt and heard the mature woman's footsteps walk up to my head.

"The first thing you should always agree on are safewords, before you get them on their knees, before you start hitting them with a crop… safewords are the most important thing between a submissive and dominant," Tanya began walking around me again, "Samantha, what does yellow mean to you?"

"If I say yellow, you would ease off me and not be as harsh," I said into the floor.

"Well, she's using the short version," She spoke to the small crowd, "But, she is right. If she says yellow, I will ease up on her. I would stop hitting her as hard, maybe let her out of her restraints for a moment… give her a breather. What does red mean?"

"Red, means you'll stop everything and let me out."

"Once again, my guinea pig is using the short version. However, if Samantha was to say red, I would stop everything and make sure she was okay. If she was to ever say that word, it is important to stop everything. At that point, it stops being 'sexy' or 'erotic', it could be a life or death situation and as the dominant, you must stop everything."

Tanya walked around me once again and stood in front of me, "Lani, the same question again… Who is in charge?"

"You are, the dominant," the younger woman said with confidence, "Samantha is on her knees to please you and will do anything you command. You are completely in charge."

"Unfortunately, that is not true," Tanya knelt down next to me and placed her hand once again on my back, "The dominant's role is an impossible job. The submissive is completely in charge at all times, but we have to not make it seem that way. Samantha is here because she wants to be, she can stop everything or make it easier with a single word. Everything I'll be doing to Samantha would be to please her needs and fantasies. She wants to feel helpless and as if she's the one pleasing you, but it is the other way around. She is completely in control. It's the dominant's job to make it seem like she isn't… as I said, an impossible job."

The silence in the room was deafening, I could even hear Tanya's boots squeak as she got up.

"Yes, you have a question?" She asked one of the women.

Strangely, it was the quietest woman, Jennifer, to ask a question, "What's the crop for? Isn't that a little too much?"

"Good question. No, it isn't too much. Even if you do not use a crop, or whip… it gives you the power of authority holding it and would make your submissive respect you even more."

"…But if you do have to use it… isn't it painful?"

"Let's ask Samantha, shall we?"

Tanya's footsteps walked behind me, I remembered the position I was in and how helpless it made me to the store owner, my body trembled as I anticipated any feeling, maybe it wouldn't be too painful, maybe it would…


I jumped out of my skin and my entire body was now covered in goosebumps. Tanya's crop hit me on the right cheek. What surprised me more than the quick hit was the loud, audible and sexual moan that escaped my lips afterwards.

I could hear Tanya trying not to laugh, "Now, was that painful?"

"No… it wasn't," I could still hear the sexual release in my voice.

I could hear parts of the group chatting to themselves.

"See, it doesn't hurt," Tanya continued to walk around me, "Whilst the crop stings, it isn't painful enough to hurt the submissive, as you heard from Samantha… she enjoyed it a little too much. However, a submissive will remember the same and they will also remember the pleasure. They should desire the crop, but they would also fear it… as I said, it is an impossible job."

Tanya walked off, asking Becky to help her with something. As the attention fell from the store owner, I felt the eyes stare right through me. I had the attention of all the other women in the room and didn't have anything to hide from them. I was still stuck in the submissive position with my now stinging butt hanging in the air.

The floor vibrated, getting worse as I felt a large object move towards me, stopping between me and the group.

"Now, do any of you know what this is?" Tanya threw another question to the group.

I felt her walk up to me, place her hand gently under my chin and with very little pressure, she managed to get me back onto my knees. She made being dominant so easy, she wasn't putting any pressure on me to move but I felt no control of the situation.

"That's a horse," Emily peeped up, "Samantha told me about that last week."

"Yes, that's true. It's like a pommel horse that gymnasts use, but with restraints… its also called a sex bench. Samantha? Do you think you could take more of the crop?"

"Yes… miss," I couldn't help myself, calling Tanya 'Miss' or 'Mistress' was coming too easy to me, but I tried to restrict myself as I knew it would make her uncomfortable with familiar use.

"Perfect, do you think you can stand for me?" she asked.

I nodded, my already shaking legs struggled to take my weight but within seconds I was standing in front of the group.

"Oooh, looks like Samantha is really enjoying it," Tanya giggled.

A few chuckles from the group were added, my face went red as I imagined my nipples showing through the suit, poking out passed the latex and revealing how turned on I already was.

"It's fine," the store owner rubbed my shoulders, "It's understandable, I might be too good at my job."

I laughed as I didn't know what else to do. She led me to the furniture, resting my body over the top and securing my wrists and ankles into the restraints that hung off the horse. Automatically, I began to test the cuffs and I mentally confirmed to myself that I wasn't going anywhere.

"Right, that's our guinea pig strapped down, who's ready to dish out the punishment?" Tanya asked the room.

"Ummm, I would," The timid voice of Jennifer hit my ears, that took me completely by surprise, I thought the more dominant Lani would have happily taken the first hit.

I heard Tanya welcome the woman to the front of the group, I could hear every step she took forward and the crop swapping hands. My ears heard everything and my mind gave me the mental image of what was happening.

"Okay, have a go when you are ready," I heard Tanya whisper to Jennifer.

I prepared myself for another punishment.


Holy fucking shit…

My body shook violently as a much more painful yet more pleasurable feeling travelled through me.


Jennifer hit both sides of my butt in an order, each hit was hard but didn't help me take my mind off how horny I already was. I didn't realise how easy Tanya was on me earlier. Over and over again, she hit both sides of my butt.

Left *THWACK*, right *THWACK*, left *THWACK*, right *THWACK*

"Okay, well done, Jennifer," Tanya clapped, the rest of the room clapping along with her.

"Wow, that was fun," the older lady laughed as she walked back to where everyone else was.

My butt was vibrating as I fell down from my high, I tried to limit my breathing to not alert anyone to how horny I was getting from the punishment.

"Well, Samantha still hasn't said the safeword yet, so who is next?"

"I'll have a go," I heard Lani's voice get closer to me.

My hands began trembling, the more dominant woman was sure to be harsher than anything that came before her. I could hear her high heels click across the floor as she took her place behind me.

"Okay, here you go," Tanya must have given the crop to her, I could hear the uncertainty in her voice.

Okay, let me just brace myself, she is clearly going to be-


My body violently pulled against the restraints, I was expecting a strong hit but that was much more than I imagined it to be. She didn't hit my butt cheeks like the previous women, the crop came down right between my legs, hitting the middle of my butt and just catching my clit as she hit downwards.

"Give her a minute," I heard Tanya say.

Yes, that hurt like hell but it was finally scratching the itch to be touched and it was adding to the teasing somehow, a part of me wanted to say the safeword but my brain knew I could take more.

"Okay, continue."


Once again, straight down the middle, hitting the exact spot as it did before, this woman was a pro. My body shook again but this time it knew how painful the swipe was going to be. Again, I kept mute.


Every. Single. One. A direct hit. The pain stopped at this point and all I could feel were the vibrations hitting my clit, it felt good, but I was still shocked to feel the beginning of an orgasm fast approaching.


Oh… god.


Yes… yes, a bit more.


Almost there, please… Please, I'm so close…

"Perfect Lani, thank you," Tanya interrupted the strikes, "Let's go for a break, I've prepared food and drink around the back."

WHAT?! NO! I was nearly there!

"That felt amazing," I heard Lani sigh as she fell from her high.

Tanya and Emily came up to unlatch me from the horse as the group of women chatted to each other and walked out of the room. As soon as the cuffs were freed, the two helped me up and supported me as I got feeling back into my body. Emily wrapped my arm around her and allowed me to put my weight on her, keeping my body upright.

"How are you feeling?" The shop owner asked.

I could help but giggle, "I'm loving it," I could hear the desperation in my voice, desperate to complete my pleasure.

"Good," She continued, "Emily, could you bring her round back? I need to see to the ladies, please keep the blindfold on."

"No problem, we will be there in a moment," my step-sister laughed, probably blown away by the situation.

I heard Tanya's footsteps walk away from us.

"How was it? You looked like you really enjoyed yourself, I was getting a little jealous," Emily laughed as she took my weight again and tried to walk me to the back of the shop.

I grabbed her shoulders with both my hands, I placed my head next to hers, so close I could feel her warm breath hit my cheek.

"Please fuck me!" I begged in a loud whisper.


"Please… I'm so fuckin' horny, please just touch me and make me cum… I need it so bad!"

"Sammy, now is really not the time."

"Please, Em… I'll do anything. Just make me cum, I can't take anymore teasing."

"That punishment did seem rough, looked painful more than anything."

"It wasn't, it was such a turn on… but I need you, I need you right now…. please…"

I felt for her hand and pulled it between my legs, with my other hand I tried to reach for the zip.

"Sammy, your suit doesn't have a zip, remember?" Emily whispered.

I muttered to myself, still trying to find the imaginary zip, "Oh, shit… please, no!"

"Just hang in there and we can do something when the class is over," her usually calming voice was doing nothing to dull my lust, "Stop it, Becky is coming!"

I could feel my heart beating in my chest as I heard the young woman's steps walking towards us.

"Tanya asked me to come help," she mumbled, "Is everything okay?"

"Yes, everything is fine," Emily brushed me off.

My step-sister began pulling me towards the group of women who were casually chatting about what just happened in the room. I struggled to find my footing with Emily pushing and pulling me around to make sure I didn't crash into anything, I felt drunk, unaware of where my position in the store was now. Becky must have seen how she was struggling holding my weight and began to help, she grabbed me by the waist and pulled me towards the awaiting women.

This would all be easier if I could take off the blindfold, but I knew why Tanya didn't allow me to take it off, once I saw the group of women, it would be too real. I would know what they all looked like and what they were doing to me. At least with the blindfold on, it was still like a fantasy, I felt as if these things weren't happening to my body but I was still experiencing them. It was a strange feeling but I was grateful for her to hold those rules in place.

"Okay, I can't go any further," Emily groaned in a loud whisper.

Emily fell to the ground forcing me to land on top of her, I could feel her forcing her knees together to not show the group the lack of underwear she was wearing, my head fell on her lap and a fit of giggles erupted from my step-sister.

"Oh, you okay?" Becky murmured.

A concerned Tanya yelled from across the room, "Are you two alright?"

"Yeah, we are okay," Emily laughed, "You okay, Sam?"

"Yeah, just leave me like this for now," I sighed, my body resting on the cold floor with Em's soft legs being used as a pillow. I placed my free hands on my stomach, this position being usually calming, for a moment I took my mind off my begging vagina. Emily slowly regained herself and began stroking her fingers through my hair. We weren't being professional at all but Emily got lost in the moment of having her temporarily submissive sister lying on her. I sighed gleefully as her warm hands rhythmically brushed through my hair.

"So, how did you two meet?" I heard Moriah ask.

The older woman knelt down next to me, despite her talking to Em I could feel her eyes on me. Despite leaving out the fact we were step-sisters, Emily told her the whole story about how we met and how we were both introduced into the world of bondage. As she was saying this, I felt her hand begin to pat my stomach, almost in the same fashion as Emily was with my hair.

"I love this outfit, it shows off everything," she said after Emily finished talking to her.

I tried to not laugh as the mature lady gently rubbed the outside of my ribs, I did not realise how ticklish I was there, my mind was screaming but I kept a brave face. Becky joined in, placing the palm of her hand on my side and moving it up and down.

"Yeah, It's a nice outfit," Emily chimed in.

"How's your butt? Abit sore?" Lani knelt down, placing her hand as close to my butt as possible, she rubbed it up and down as if she was trying to soothe my punishment marks from earlier.

What is going on? All these hands covering my body, I couldn't take it. I wanted to scream due to the sensory overload. Moriah's hands rubbing the outside of my ribs was by far the worst.

"Oh what the hell," I heard Tanya sigh, "I should stop this but I'll give Samantha a few more minutes."

Oh god, please stop them!

I began giggling, I couldn't hold it in anymore. I needed to do something to take my mind off it by doing something else… I'll… count the hands, that would help. I could feel Emily's hands around my head… that's two… I have two of Moira's hands by my… ribs, that is four, Becky's hands are on my side, that's six… Lani is patting my butt, that's eight.

Two on my legs… that's ten… hang on…. Ten? That must be either Tanya or Jennifer.

I focused on the new set of hands as they were in the least sensitive area, the person must have been sitting between my legs with a hand above each knee. I tensed up as her hands continued to travel upwards up the inside of my thighs. It was getting too much, I was about to scream and there was nothing I could do to stop it, I tried to hold it in for as long as I could.

The hands on my legs went further and further up, taking painfully long to get to the destination. Do I even want that? My body was aching for a touch anywhere since the punishment, but Emily was still by my head, running her hands through my hair. Did I want to get touched by someone else?

"Holy shit!" I screamed loudly as their hands brushed past my clit.

The outfit was so thin that it was the same as being naked, naked in front of a group of ladies, I'm sure they could see everything too.

"Oh god!" Someone brushed past my erect nipple.

"Fuck!" Someone touched my clit once more.

"W-Wait," All the hands covered my body, touching all the sensitive parts of my body. At first it must have been genuine curiosity regarding the outfit I was wearing, now it became a game to overload my senses, I could hear some of the women laughing as they explored my frame through touch.

I began to hear the ringtone to Emily's phone ringing somewhere.

"Oooh, that's my phone," Emily stuttered, "It's in my purse, Becky… can you take over?"

"Umm… sure," She replied.

I felt Emily hold my head up as the two girls switched laps that my head laid on. Becky's legs were slightly thinner than my sister's and weren't as comfortable, but my mind wasn't focusing on that, it was concentrating on the barrage of touching that was covering every inch of my body by the group.

Emily's feet thudded as I heard her run to her purse that she left somewhere in the room.

"Oh shit," I stammered, my hands reached up and grabbed Becky's arms, just for something to hold onto. A wave of pleasure started to surge through my body, the person who was playing down below wasn't touching me directly but simple brushing against my skin was taking me over the edge. I didn't know if I wanted to orgasm here in front of a group of women, but it was looking like I didn't have a choice.

"Oh… shit," I planted my head into Becky's lower arm, the wave getting stronger and circulating all over my body, my mind went numb as whoever was touching me down below was stroking me faster and deliberately brushing harder against my most sensitive area.

"Oh… oh god," It was past the point of no return, I groaned loudly into poor Becky's now saliva-soaked forearm.

My body shook as I groaned into Becky, wave after wave hit my body. Over and over again the pleasure hit my most sensitive spots as the hands of the women slowly ceased, I imagined the ladies watching their work whilst I writhed underneath them. My mind escaped my skull, I couldn't begin to comprehend the feelings that were in my body.

The orgasm finally subsided and I slowly regained my senses. The realisation that I had three women looking down at me came and my cheeks immediately went red, my pleasure was done and I was just lying with my head still on Becky's lap.

"Ummm, can I talk to Sam?" I heard Emily's voice pipe up from across the room.

"Sure, hun. Is everything okay?" Tanya asked, a little bit of concern in her voice.

I struggled to gain the energy to get up, Emily's hands grabbed mine and lifted me to my shaking legs. Ungraciously, she pulled me away from the group and to the silence of the shop floor, in a quick sweep she pulled off my blindfold, forcing my eyes to adjust to the bright, natural light.

I groaned, wiping my eyes with both hands, "What's the problem?"

My feet struggled to hold my weight, I wiped my eyes and squinted to make the shape of my concerned looking sister in front of me.

"We have to go," she said, "Your Dad is at the hospital."

"Of course he is," I laughed softly, "He works there if you haven't forgotten."

"No, he collapsed," Emily's voice was more urgent, "that was Mum, she sounded panicked."

I stopped what I was doing, the brightness of the room was overloading my senses but I didn't care about that. My mind was absent, forced to take in the sudden news that my Dad wasn't well.

"We… we need to go," I stumbled on my words, trying to take off the latex outfit.

"I'll ask Tanya to give us a lift. Stay here, I'll be right back," Emily ran to the back of the store, leaving me alone with my thoughts, the only things keeping me company being the sexual outfits and items that littered the shop.

My Dad is in the hospital, I thought to myself.


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