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Sam and Em

by ForeverAltered

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Chapter 8

I chuckled to myself, Tanya wasn't lying when she said she had a dog house in her garden. Me and Emily cuddled up to each other in the small, wooden structure as we watched the light rain fall down onto her modest-sized garden. Despite the small size, it was a very private area with no one able to see into.

It had been a few weeks since Tanya introduced us to those new outfits, she had allowed us to keep the suits at hers in case we would be caught again by trying something at home. The shop owner soon became a vital part of our relationship, she became more of a mother figure and a mentor, telling us about bondage techniques and many other things to do with domination and submission; things not even I knew about.

Soon, Tanya's bungalow in the next town became something of a safehouse for us. Whenever we needed it, we could go to hers and spend a few hours as a pet. Tanya didn't mind, she loved having us as her pets and even allowed us outside in her garden with the suits on.

Tanya never sexually got involved with us, the only part that still took a while to get used to was her seeing us naked as she transformed us from our human versions. Despite her taking a keen interest in our sisterly turned sexual relationship, she reminded us often that she was 'straight as a pin'.

As humans, our relationship began to settle down. Emily began doing some research for when she heads off to university. She would place all of her books on her head and spend hours reading through them and taking notes; at night she left her bed in the same state and crawled up next to me. She didn’t talk about the time I removed her collar, I knew it still bugged her that I hadn't put it back on; one day we will approach the subject again, but as I spent a lot of time being bound with her now, the feeling of being the dominant one hasn't crossed my mind that much.

Jane began to understand how me and Emily were. One day she came home alone and gave me and Emily a big hug. I think she began to understand how happy me and Emily are now, in comparison to before we moved in.

My Dad stayed at work more often, apparently there was a legal issue at the hospital and Dad was caught in the middle of it. Dad did everything he could to sort it out, which meant leaving much earlier in the morning and coming back nearly at midnight to sleep. He was at home to eat and sleep and nothing more. This went on for a few weeks before he finally began coming home with Jane. He seemed more relieved when it was all over. I didn't want to ask him what the issue was about.

"Sorry girls!" Tanya opened the door and yelled at us, "I didn't realise it was raining, c'mon in!"

Emily leapt up and made her way out of the dog house and I followed shortly afterward. I stared at her curvy butt as the rain drops hit it and slowly trickled down. She closed the door behind us as we kneeled in her kitchen soaking wet.

"I'm sorry, girls," she continued as she grabbed some towels from a nearby cupboard, "I was on the phone to my supplier and they messed up an order. I didn't look up to see how the weather is doing, I won't let it happen again."

Me and Emily didn't mind, one at a time she wiped our bodies down until all the water was off the latex. She generally seemed much happier now that she's had two successful dates, with the same man who had to cancel when we were first introduced to these outfits. She hummed to herself as she patted down our bodies until we were completely dry.

"Are you ready to come out now? Or would you like some more time?" Tanya asked as she folded away the towel.

I nodded, patting together my cushioned paws but Emily shook her head, whimpering quietly to herself as she backed away from our owner.

"Emily…" Tanya sounded like she was about to discipline a pet, "You know you can't wear that thing forever. You need time as a human as well as a pet."

If I were in my human form, I would have made a joke about her forgetting about her human life and living the rest of her life on a leash, but my gagged mouth prevented me from saying anything at all.

"Fine, you can have one more hour. Sam, you want out? Come here and I'll unzip you."

It became second nature for us to be naked in front of Tanya. I stood up completely in the middle of the room as she began the process to unlock me from the suit. I felt the tightness of the outfit loosen when she unzipped the back and I felt a rush of cool air once the hood was removed.

Emily watched the entire thing as the loose latex fell to my feet, with that off I was now completely naked in front of both women. I walked to Tanya's bedroom to find my normal clothes neatly in a pile on her bed, whereas Emily's were scattered across the entire room. It was usually the other way around, but Emily is always too eager to get into her pet form.

I walked back into the room to find Emily relaxing on the sofa and Tanya in a different room taking a call. We could only hear her side of the conversation but it sounded like she was just agreeing with the person on the other end with the occasional remark. I walked up to the sofa and collapsed on the end that was free, sitting right next to Emily's feet. As I settled down, I saw her head look up at me and very slowly she got up on all fours, she turned her body around and fell back down, with her head landing on my lap.

"Awww, good girl," I smiled as my hand automatically started petting her head. We both got into a routine where we considered our pet counterparts to be completely separate people compared to our human selves. As a pet, I was naturally submissive and enjoyed cuddling up to my latex step-sister and I did everything the store-owner told me to but once the outfit was off, my mood came back.

Emily was harder to understand, she was a very submissive person even out of the suit. I even began to think that her pet version was more her natural form and the human side was just a mask, she seemed much happier bound inside latex. I heard her sigh happily as I continued to stroke her beautiful form.

I was obsessed with her new pink layer of skin, it was beautiful and felt amazing to touch, she looked very sexy with the outfit hugging and showing off her curves. I'm sure I looked the same in my outfit but the colour really made it stand out.

She was so cute.

"Okay… okay… okay," Tanya said to herself as she re-entered the room. She fell onto the sofa next to me as she scrolled through her phone, looking for something. Emily woke from the movement of the sofa and turned her head towards the mature woman. I doubt Emily fell asleep, but she was in a calm place before the interruption.

"Is everything okay?" I asked.

"I'm fine, Emily," she answered, her head not coming up from the screen.

Me and Emily shared a quick glance before I corrected her, "It's Sam."

Tanya looked up, seeing me sitting next to her in my normal clothes and the pet version of Emily sprawled out over the furniture.

"Oh… sorry, Sam," she shook her head before climbing back into her phone again, "I just have a lot to get through now."

"What happened?"

"Umm… I just got a…call…" she was too distracted.

"Tanya?" I waved my hand in front of her face, "Let me know what is happening and I'll try and help."

"Oh, there is nothing you can do to help… Umm…"

Me and Em shared another glance, she had never been this distracted before.

She finally looked up at us with a half shocked / half cheery expression on her face, "My old store is finally finished!"

"Oh, that's good news!" I did a half smile, not wanting to show my annoyance of losing the only sex shop in my town.

"Yes!" she exclaimed, "Finally means I'll have more money coming in! Things will go back to normal!"

"That's good news." I was still in a daze.

"Oh! I will have to reopen!" she stood up, "I will have to do a opening ceremony to attract customers, I will have to rehire help."

"Rehire?" I asked.

"When I was forced to close the store for repairs and refurbishing, I had to let go of two employees. It was painful but I couldn't guarantee when the shop would reopen. I was always happy to rehire them once everything went back to normal, but they both found jobs since then"

"How big was your old place? You handle the one in town all by yourself"

"Oh, quite a bit bigger, plus I did a delivery service" Tanya was walking in circles, "I wonder if Becky and Nicola are available for a day?"

I quickly guessed that those were the names of the girl's who used to work for her.

"Me and Emily would be happy to work for the day? If it helps you out" I stated without asking my sister, to my surprise; she nodded.

"Ah, thank you so much girls. Give me some time to think about it, I have so much planning to get through."

The heavy rain hit against the window. Me and Emily in our room as I watched the rain trickle down the glass, Emily had her nose in a book. The room was silent, it was so quiet I could easily hear Emily's breathing deepen as her eyes darted across the pages.

This was a typical evening for us, since we got found out by Jane, we were understandably hesitant to pursue any physical actions on behalf of our relationship, even in the comfort of our own rooms, we still were scared at the idea of my father coming in unannounced and seeing us in that state.

For the first time in a while, my dad was home at the same time as Jane. We decided to give them some space as they don't often get time together anymore. We could hear the softly spoken words and occasional laughter from the living room. They sounded happy.

"Em?" I asked, breaking the silence that was held over us.

"Yeah?" she questioned back, finally putting the book down.

"I'm thinking about asking Tanya for a job."


"Because you are going to university soon, dad has been on my back about getting a job and there is no chance I'm spending that much time alone in this house."

"Tanya's shop is a good distance away, it will take an hour to get there by bus."

"Then, I'll ask my dad for a car."

"Can you drive?"

"Of course I can! I learned when I was seventeen, I've just never had a car. Don't you know how to drive?"

Emily's cheeks flushed red as she brought back up her book to cover her face.

"You don't know how to drive?" I continued.

The book stayed in place as she mumbled something too softly to be heard.

"It's okay, Emily," I laughed quietly, "My Mum didn't learn to drive until she was in her late 30's."

She finally lowered the book, "I've just never felt the need to drive, everything I need is here in town."

"But… you can't expect to live in the same place forever, right?"

"I know."

I fell into my bed, my body sinking into the soft mattress, "I always wanted a car, a vehicle that can take me anywhere I wanted… far away from certain people."

"Far away from who?" Emily quizzed me.

"Sorry, my brain went back a bit."

"Far away from your Dad? Why would you want that?"

The room once again welcomed the quiet as I realised how long I have been holding onto the words I was about to say.

"When my Mum died, things between me and my Dad weren't good. We kept our distance from each other, we had verbal matches every time one of us opened our mouths, we were more like strangers who were forced to live with each other. I saw my Dad change from a kind and intelligent man to someone with a short fuse, a man who hated every moment of being with his delinquent daughter."

"I'm sure you weren't that bad."

"I was, I pushed his limits and I disobeyed his rules. I hated what we had become and I disliked my Mum for leaving too soon. She broke us. I never did anything I was told, so my Dad did what any rational person would do… he gave up on me."

"Sam…" Emily placed the book on the table and came up to sit on the bed with me, "Your Dad would never give up on you, what happened to your family was dreadful and everyone has different coping mechanisms. You might not have liked what you did in the past, but there is no way to change that. Your Dad is still here, he's right in the other room. You two can always make up."

My eyes finally had the courage to look up to her after she finished her sentence, I wasn't used to being so open and vulnerable to someone.

I smiled, "You know, I keep forgetting how intelligent you are."

"Well then, I'll just have to be here to remind you of it."

We both shared a laugh as Emily went to lay down next to me. Sharing my bed had become second nature to me, Emily's own bed remained cold and unused for a majority of the time I had been in this house. I reached down and pulled a blanket over us both, with Emily sighing softly once we got into a comfortable snuggling position.

God, I loved her.

"Come on, come on girls!" Tanya yelled excitedly as she opened the front door of her original store.

It had been a few days since she had the call. It was odd not going into the shop in town for a few days, me and Emily got used to going to the shop anytime the mood took us. Tanya went off-grid, spending the days away from the world to restart her old business. Emily started to get nervous as the store owner didn't even invite us to come over to her house to relax within our latex outfits. Despite the fact that I didn't mind a few days as just a normal person, I suspected Emily was getting withdrawal-like symptoms, she tried to focus more on her reading to counter the need to be locked inside her suit.

It wasn't until we received a text from the mature woman, that we even knew she was still alive.

"Meet me outside the old store at 9am tomorrow. Get ready for a busy day" was all that the text said.

Despite me and Emily getting to her temporary shop early, we were surprised to see Tanya already waiting for us. Her car was full of boxes and before we even had a chance to say hello, we were pushed inside the vehicle and we drove off. With a half-hour car ride to go, the mature woman detailed everything about the last few days, how she stocked up everything, how she got in contact with her two old employees and also a young man called Martin, who was willing to help. She didn't give us any chance to get any words in, but it was nice to see her so happy and excited.

As Tanya opened the doors of the shop, me and Emily walked in and were in instant awe. The building was easily three times the size of her one in town. It was one of those buildings that had the structure of a warehouse, with a ceiling that was easily thirty feet above us, but the floor was a nice red rug that was recently put down as you could feel yourself sinking into it slightly. The walls were painted a deep black colour that made the mannequins and merchandise stand out. The shop was split into categories, Handcuffs, gags, blindfolds, sexy outfits, vibrators, dildos, buttplugs, books, collars, whips, crops and paddles, everything had its own place and own space. It was a complete contrast to the cramped look we were so used to.

"Wow," Emily said out loud, what I was thinking.

"Yeah," Tanya squealed, "This is what I've been working non-stop towards. We open in a few hours, I was thinking of having you two in your suits, you can greet the customers and hand out gift bags to everyone who comes in."

"Greet? In our suits?" I laughed, "We can't talk in our outfits and we cannot use our hands."

"Trust me, dears. A few nods, maybe a cute pet pose will be enough to get customers into the door… and bags have holes in, just put your paws in and the customers will take them off you."

"I'm not sure… I'm comfortable being seen in my pet outfit," Emily stuttered, obviously worried.

Tanya stopped what she was doing and took a moment to look at my sister, "Emily, you are so confident in that outfit, it seems more like your natural state than being naked. I have five helpers today and I'm going to need all five. Would you honestly be more comfortable with my customers seeing your face and talking to you? Rather than wearing that outfit and being your cute self?"

"Ummm… I guess I would prefer the outfit."

Tanya sighed loudly, "Thank you so much. I have Becky and Nicola arriving any minute, they know more about the products so they will be around talking to the customers and Martin will make sure the shelves are always stocked, you cannot have a brand new store with an empty shelf."

Me and Emily took a few more minutes to look around the store, taking in all of the products that we have seen before but not all out in the open like this. Dozens of mannequins in different positions were wearing different outfits, from typical sexy nurses and cops, to latex catsuits, some had accessories like handcuffs around their wrists and blindfolds. Almost automatically, me and Emily drifted off into the BDSM aisle, where many familiar products were stored, many toys we owned or had seen multiple times before.

"What is that?" Emily pointed passed me, "Looks like equipment from gym class."

I looked at what she was pointing to, a small wooden structure sat unassuming in the corner of the shop, it was triangular in shape, with a smooth top for someone to lay on.

"That's a whipping horse… I think that is what it is called," I smiled.

"A whipping horse?"

"Yeah, you have your submissive lie on their stomach, cuffing their hands and ankles and whip them until you are satisfied."

"Whipping? Seems… a bit much"

"Well whipping, using a crop, paddle… whatever suits the dominant I guess?"

"Did you ever want to try… whipping?" Emily whimpered as she said the word.

I looked at her with a cheeky glint in my eye, "Well, as long as you stay in line, I wouldn't have to resort to whipping, but thank you for giving me that idea."

Emily whimpered again.

"Alright, girls!" Tanya yelled from over the store, "Your outfits are round back in the changing room. Sam, if you get Emily locked in, I'll come in soon to lock your suit up."

"Ummm, Tanya? What about our boobs being on show?" I asked, pointing to my chest.

"Oh? Don't ya' fancy showing them off?"

I went bright pink, my nerves were getting the better of me and every slight tease from Tanya made me blush more than Emily ever did, I was dreading how she was feeling about this, I was the more confident one of the two, but even I was beginning to hide away in my shell.

The store owner laughed, "I'm just playin', we have t-shirts which should be delivered shortly, they'll cover your bits up"

A row of six changing rooms stood before us, a simple wooden structure with a thick, velvet curtain protecting you to whoever would be walking past. As me and my step-sister entered the same room, the memories came flooding back to me when we were last in this scenario. Emily decided to be the dominant one and I ended up being tied. I remember the look Tanya gave me as Emily dragged me by the cash register and out of the shop, I had to walk home, tied up helplessly and struggling to fend off my orgasms that were caused by a vibrator.

I was the more dominant one and I loved being in charge, but a little part of me still enjoyed remembering that memory.

In the room were two boxes, the same boxes we had seen a dozen times by now. One box held Emily's suit and the other held mine. It felt weird seeing our outfits in such a public setting. Despite spending many hours a week in the suits, we were confined to the comfort of Tanya's residence and today, we'll be bound in our second skin for the whole world to see.

Still staring at the boxes, me and Emily took a few deep breaths to get a hold of the situation.

"We'll be fine," I reassured her, "We'll be in our outfits so no one would know it was us and all we need to do is greet people at the door."

"Okay," Was all that Emily, I felt her hand wrap around mine as we both stared at the boxes.

"Are we sure we want to do this?" I asked.

"It's for Tanya, she does so much for us… we can do this for her."

"No one else has seen us wear these before."

"It will be a one time thing… I'm sure it will be okay."

Emily took her hoodie off and threw it on the floor, in another quick move she took off her shirt and was standing just in her bra. I was shocked by how quickly the usually timid girl was getting ready. She turned towards me, looking at me looking at her.

"What?" I asked.

Without a word she took a step towards me, she grabbed the bottom of my shirt and attempted to lift it over my head.

"Wha-, What are you doing? Stop! It tickles!" I tried to throw her off me.

She kept silent as she successfully pulled off my top, leaving me as naked as she was, she threw my shirt on the floor next to her clothes. As soon as she turned back to me, she began pulling down my skirt.

"Emily, stop!" I screamed, trying to pull her off me, "Seriously!"

It took a few moments for Emily's fingers to stop digging into my underwear, it took a few extra seconds for her to pull her fingers out. When she was done, she stood back and looked down at her hands.

"What's got into you?" I questioned her, confused by her sudden, awkward actions.

She stayed quiet, still staring at her hands.

I continued, "Are you worried?"

Her gaze never left her hands but she gave a small nod, I would have missed it if I blinked.

"We'll be okay," I smiled, "Tanya would never put us in any danger and only people who come into the store would see us… and we aren't completely naked, nothing would be showing."


Emily looked up at me and met my eyes.

"What's the matter?"

"Tanya is busy…"

"Well she is a very busy person, being a store owner and all."

"She hasn't seen us in a week… and she's going to be too busy looking after this store to give us our pet time."

"Well, we can compromise, we've done it before."

"Sam… this might be the last time we wear our pet suits before I go to university."

I stopped, a second ago I was laughing at the awkwardness of the situation but Emily's sentence just brought the realisation to the changing room. I only have one week left with her before she moves away. We had limited time together.

"There will always be time to be pets, we will make time," I forced a smile.

"In here?" A voice outside the changing room said.

Within a second the curtain was pulled back, revealing a young man holding the t-shirts on his arm. Me and Em yelped as we tried to cover ourselves up.

"Oh… shit! I'm sorry!" The young man apologised, "Tanya just told me to bring these to you."

The young man was decent looking, behind his spectacles sat two blue eyes, his hair was short, brown with natural spikes pointing up.

"Thank you," I reached out and grabbed the shirts, trying not to reveal my bra to him.

"Umm, I'm Martin," he waved, trying to be polite.

"Hi… Hello… I'm… Em… or Emily… or whatever…" Emily babbled.

"Okay, I better leave you two to get dressed," Martin went to grab the curtain.

"Hey, Marty," A woman's voice called out to the young man, "Tanya wanted me to wear one of the outfits to show off to her customers, which one do you think I should pick?"

A tall, asian woman walked up next to the young man. She had shoulder-length black hair and wore a slimming black dress. As soon as she spotted me and Em, she looked us up and down.

"What are you two doing?" she asked.

"We're getting dressed," I said sarcastically, "we aren't here holding our boobs for fun."

"As if there is anything to hold. Marty, come help me pick up an outfit."

She left as quickly as she entered, leaving Martin holding the curtain.

"That's Nicola, I'm really sorry about her, she takes a moment to get used to… I'll leave you alone now."

He pulled the curtain, leaving me and my sister alone once again.

"I don't think I would have enough patience to get used to that bitch!" I scoffed.

My attention went back to Emily, who didn't move at all for the entire duration. I noticed her cheeks were as red as a strawberry.

"What's the matter? Were you annoyed at that woman too?" I asked.

She shook her head.

"Was it the guy? Was it weird being half-naked in front of him?"

"Sort of," she smiled.

"Did… you like him?"


"I must admit he was pretty good looking, not my type but he was cute."

"…Yes, he was."

"Oh my god, you do like him!" I teased.

"I don't," she moaned, "I like you, I don't like anyone else."

"You sure? You are allowed to fancy other people."

"… He was nice to look at."

"Just remember to invite me to the wedding."


"…and name one of your kids after me."


The curtain drew open again, the moment it happened me and Emily went to cover ourselves up once again, but we stopped as soon as we noticed it was Tanya. She walked in with a huge grin on her face.

"I heard you've already met Martin and Nicola!" She closed the curtain behind her, "When you are doing these kinds of jobs, there is no such thing as privacy. Now, let's get you all petted up"

Emily was in absolute bliss as Tanya pulled her petsuit on, watching that pink outfit slide onto her soft skin and tighten to show off her body, I couldn't help but watch with a wide mouth. It was such a transformation from shy girl to sexual pet, even thought I watched her get into the outfit a dozen times; the process still intrigued and excited me.

Once the latex skin tightened around her body, Tanya produced the hood and placed it onto my step-sisters head, removing all sight of that beautiful blonde hair she has and giving her the full pet-look.

When the older lady was done, she took a step back to admire her work, Emily did the typical thing of taking in her new form and patting her paws together when she was happy and content. I noticed she looked at her left paw for a moment before Tanya pulled the shirt over her petite frame, covering her breasts from everyone. It was a cute short shirt that still showed off the stomach.

Tanya turned to me, holding my black shiny suit in her hands. It felt odd slipping my naked leg into it once more, I had gotten used to being outside of the outfit for so long that the feeling of latex wrapped around my skin was nearly nostalgic. My skin obviously showed off my goosebumps as the outfit got pulled up higher and higher. Once the suit was pulled up to my stomach, I began to filter my arms through the sleeves and within seconds, the latex outfit tightened around my body and Tanya had me completely zipped up.It was a process that changed from taking a few minutes to a few seconds, we became very efficient at taking away my humanity.

"Right, and now for your mask" Tanya said as she lifted up the mask that covered my face for so long.

Something was different, as I obeyed the dominant, older woman and opened my mouth over the gag of the hood, my padded paws felt the outside of the suit, right between my legs. Tanya tightened the hood as my paw felt a small, oval-shaped device that was hidden over my crotch area.

"Mmmmmpff" I groaned, as I pointed to between my legs.

Tanya walked around as the outfit was finished. Looking me up and down and admiring her work.

"Do I know how to dress my pets or what?" she congratulated herself.

"Mmmmmpfff," I moaned louder, pointing once again down there.

"Oh, that. I almost forgot I did that," she grinned, "Do you two remember the first time you came into my store? Despite the awkwardness and telling me your secret, Emily came in wearing a vibrator in her panties."

My eyes widened… No… she wouldn't do that.

"Well, you were mean to your sister and used the remote in front of other people. I thought that, if that was your first experience at my other store, well your first experience at this store should be the same, just with the roles reversed."

I looked at Emily and she was looking at her palm.

"Inside Emily's paw is the remote controller for the vibrator that's inside you. She can use it anytime she wants to."

My knees began to shake at the anticipation of what the day would bring. I wouldn't be able to stop my sister in any way if she was to begin messing around with me. Tanya saw my worried expression and pulled me in close.

"I'm testing Emily's control. You are the dominant one, you enjoy teasing your sister too much. You enjoy putting her on the spot. She isn't like that, she has restraint and she wouldn't do anything to harm or embarrass you. I'm just curious how often she will do it"

She was right, despite that it was harsh for Tanya to put me in this situation and on this particular day where everything was supposed to go well, Emily wasn't as mean as I was. The only time she was really dominant was for me to take over and now that was all in the open, I was curious on how she could be.

I wasn't worried.

Tanya called us to follow her, she opened the curtain and walked out. As soon as I was about to follow her, a quick tingle shook through my body and I literally jumped in the air whilst holding my privates. I quickly turned around, to be faced with Emily silently laughing behind her gag, making it obvious that she loved my response to her pressing the button and she loved the power it gave her.

Holy shit.

I felt powerless in my bound form as Emily held a hidden power over me.

As my step-sister and I followed the mature lady out of the changing rooms and into the main store floor, we were greeted by another new person. She was a young lady, most probably around the ages of Emily and myself but standing a few inches shorter than us, she had curly blonde hair that was wrapped up in a ponytail and stunning blue eyes.

"I picked the schoolgirl outfit as it seemed more situational to my petite size," the young woman said, showing Tanya the outfit that was freshly picked off the shelf, "I don't think any of the others would suit me or at least be convincing enough."

Tanya placed her hands on the young woman's shoulders, "That's okay Becky, it would be a perfect fit. This is Samantha and Emily, they will be handing out the gift bags to the customers today."

"They are in your specialised pet outfits," Becky said, analysing our bound forms.

"Yes, they have been wearing the outfits on and off for some time now. Girls, this is Becky, she is an old employee of mine and a good friend."

The room sat in silence once the young woman was introduced. Me and Emily couldn't speak, otherwise I would have said something, the awkward silence filled the room for much longer than we imagined.

"Did you know a strawberry is not actually a berry?" Becky stated.

Tanya chuckled, "I do apologise, Becky isn't much of a social person, she memorised facts to help with her social anxiety."

Me and Emily watched in complete silence.

"The term 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog' uses all of the letters of the alphabet in the English language."

Once again, this was met with silence. I was starting to think she didn't know me and Emily were gagged, I was glad we were as we didn't have a response to that statement.

The realism of the situation came in when we stood next to the counter, seeing the silhouettes of the customers against the frosted glass of the main front doors. Me, Emily, Tanya, Martin, Nicola and Becky all stood, surrounded by the hundreds of sexual items. Nicola stood in a sexy, strict teacher outfit and Becky wore a school girl type outfit, showing off a part of what Tanya had to offer. Martin was still in his normal shirt and jeans, he looked smart but had a casual look to him also. Emily and I stood next to the shop owner, clearly the most bound of the group.

Tanya stared at her watch, counting down the seconds before the doors had to open, we could hear the hands ticking, it was that quiet.

"Five…" Tanya began walking to the door.



"Two…" Her hand grasped the lock on the inside.


She twisted the lock and swung the door open. My heart fluttered as a small group of women took their first curious glance into the store.

"Come in, Come in!" Tanya sounded so excited, "Take a look around."

Some of the women smiled and a few stayed outside as a few took a few steps in. It reminded me of the first time me and Emily walked into her shop, Emily was worried about who would have seen her. I can imagine everyone else was the same, no one wants to be seen walking into a sex shop. I got a jab in my side, Emily patted me and pushed me forward. I almost forgot what our job was. I reached down and grabbed a gift bag in my paws and ran over to one of the women who walked in. I gave her my cutest pose and handed her the bag.

The lady, who must have been in her thirties, was understandably shocked by my presence, a five-foot-something, bipedal, latex-bound pet with a gift bag between her paws. She slowly grabbed the bag and thanked me with a timid voice, walking further into the store to browse.

One down…

Emily walked past me, holding another gift bag in her paws. The female customer she gave the bag to seemed more happier and accepting of a human-sized animal. I looked on in partial jealousy when the customer fussed over how pretty my sister looked and even went as far as to pet her on her head. She thanked Emily and took the bag out of her hands.

I ran back to the counter, placing another bag in between my paws, and got back to the entrance as a young couple walked in. A tall young man and bespectacled woman took in my form as I held the gift bag out to them.

"Wow, thank you," the young man said, taking it away from me, "Shall we get one of these outfits for you?"

"I don't know, It is a bit much, isn't it?" The lady looked me up and down.

"It looks sexy and it will shut you up."


The couple lost all interest in the pet girl in front of them and walked further into the store. I groaned behind my gag as I looked over my shoulder to see Emily being fussed over and petted by a group of young women this time, all seemed to be in their early twenties. Emily was loving all the attention.

As I looked around the room, Martin, Becky and Nicola were all busy talking to customers. I felt a hand wrap around my shoulder as Tanya came up next to me. The mature woman had a smile that never left her face.

"It's nice to be open once again, I didn't realise how much I missed this," I could hear the glee in her voice, something I wasn't used to hearing.

That's when I realised how happy she actually was. It was as if she had a whole new personality. She seemed bubbly and excited, rather than the sarcastic and somewhat sadistic person we got to know. It was nice to see her with a smile on her face… she deserves to be happy.

"Some days I thought I would never be back here, I've worked so hard and had so little to show for it, but here it is… I'm home."

Then Tanya did something unexpected, she hugged me, she hugged me tight. A caring and compassionate hug that meant something to her. I snuggled into her, sad that she was moving from the shop in town to this one, but I was happy for her.

A sudden push threw me and Tanya off guard, the taller, mature woman stopped me from falling over. As soon as we managed to get a hold of our balance, we looked up to see a clearly flustered Emily standing over us. A look of concern in her eyes.

"Emily!" Tanya yelled softly, "What was that for?!"

Emily jumped up, putting her hand up over the store owner's mouth, as if to try and shut her up.

"That isn't like you! What's got into ya!"

With one hand on Tanya's shoulder and the other hand on my own, she stared into my eyes, pointing them behind her. I followed her quick glances to the entrance of the store where a small handful of customers were browsing the more vanilla items. I struggled to see what got Emily so worked up, just a few older-looking people…

"Jane?!" a muffled yelp escaped my gagged mouth.

There she was. Carefully browsing the naughty outfit section. She had a small smile on her face as she checked out the increasingly erotic line of clothing. Her black jacket hid the typical nurse garb that she was wearing underneath. She had the company of a tall man.

I realised I was holding my breath. I let it all out, I patted her hand and walked behind the counter. Grabbing the next gift bag in my paws. I knew it would be difficult but I had to do my job and I knew Emily was too shaken up to do anything to help. I strutted across the floor as I made my way to my step-mother.

"Oh… hi," Jane smiled at me as I held up the gift bag towards her.

She gratefully took it from my hands and continued looking at the outfits. Her face was a mixture of intrigue and unease. Her eyes darted between the nurse outfits, sexy schoolgirls, dominatrix, police outfits and pet suits. I was surprised she wasn't more shaken about a 5 foot something latex pet girl running up to her.

"I'm sorry, I don't know anything about this stuff," Jane apologised, "I'm not even sure why I came in here."

I nodded, the only thing I could do to interact with her.

"I…I think my daughter might be into this stuff, I don't know anything about it. When I was her age… sorry, you don't want to hear it."

The memory came flooding in, the memory of Jane walking in on me and her daughter having sex in the hallway. She spoke more about her daughter's sexuality at the meeting afterwards than the fact Emily was harnessed into a full latex outfit. I nodded my head, trying to get her to talk more. It was a weird feeling, knowing that she saw me as a complete stranger, a lot of my features were hidden behind a layer of latex. The only familiar part she might have noticed would have been my eyes, but we haven't had that much personal time together for her to recognise my irises.

"Hey, did you find anything?" a male voice came up from behind her.

The man walked up to Jane, standing unusually close to her back with his head nearly over her shoulder. It threw me off more than the fact I was wearing this outfit in front of my future mother-in-law. He was a tall man, standing at nearly 6 foot tall, he must have been the same age as Jane, maybe a few years older. His naturally blonde hair had begun to show a few grey hairs next to his temples. He aged well.

What was he doing standing so close to her, it was closer than you would let a stranger… it was closer than you would have let a friend. A normal person would only let a family member or lover stand in that level of proximity to them… was she having an affair?

Jane must have noticed my eyes as my brain struggled to comprehend the image that was in front of me. I must have looked mad to them. My mind went to my Dad, who was probably still at work as his fiancee was hanging out with another man. He was good looking, for a gentleman in his fifties, he aged well.

"I think we should get going," Jane said, taking one final look at the items on the shelf.

"Why did you even want to come in here in the first place?" The man stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Emily's mother.

"I don't know."

Jane looked towards me one more time, thanking me for the gift bag. As she turned around, she placed her hand on the man's small of the back and they walked out of the shop together.

It was at that moment I could feel my heart pumping in my chest, it wasn't from being in this outfit in front of Jane, it wasn't the fact we were both standing in a sex shop, but it was from the fact that my mind was full of the images of her and that man being together. In a moment of lust that woman could have ruined everything, just like the way me and Emily could have ruined everything.

The image of this family being happy together faded away and it might not have been my fault.

As I finally caught my breath, I returned across the shop, walking slowly to where my sister and Tanya stood. The store owner was holding Emily tight in her arms as they both watched the interaction between us.

As I reached the pink petgirl, we locked eyes as mine showed concern, her's was filled with tears.

"Em?" I mumbled with a mouth full of latex.

She broke free from the woman's grasp, running to the back of the shop with tears rolling down her face. The gagged sound of her blubbering echoed through the shop.

I immediately went to run after her but my body stopped, I couldn't move… I could barely stand as my feet turned to jelly. Tanya noticed me, taking in concern as my posture completely changed. She could see that the only thing I wanted was to run after my sister, but she looked at me with a quizzing look as to why I suddenly stopped. For a brief moment, I didn't know why I stopped either, my brain took a moment to process the feeling that was surging through me.

Without any control of my body, I groaned loudly as my paw came up to cover my privates. My suspicions were realised as I felt the vibrations under my latex-clad hand.

"Oh, shit!" Tanya yelled as she ran into the back to find my sister.

Nicola and Becky came to my aid as Martin focused his efforts on the last of the customers who were still looking around the store. I wanted to take my mind off it, literally think of anything at all, but my mind was focused on that little machine that was buzzing inside me. My knees gave way and Nicola caught me before I landed face-first on the floor. Simple groans escaped my hood and my eyes rolled to the back of my head, I didn't know how but the machine was hitting me in just the right spot that made my entire body weak and not in control.

"Get some towels and meet me round back," Nicola commanded Becky.

Becky just nodded and jogged out of sight.

"Alright, Sam?" Nicola tried to comfort me, "We just need to get you up and get you to the back of the store, do you think you can stand?"

Despite my mind being disconnected from my body, I still managed to shake my head. I didn't think I could have done a thing to help, everything just felt numb… apart from the torment deep below me. Nicola grabbed what she could of my shiny body and picked me up, she had one arm around my shoulder and dragged my almost lifeless body away from prying eyes. We met with Becky who threw a towel onto the vinyl flooring of the back area, Nicola threw me onto it and began looking around my body.

"How the hell do I get you out of there?" the asian girl asked.

"There's a small zip at the back, you'll have to detach the hood first!" I heard Tanya yell before she went back to calming down Emily.

I couldn't see her but it sounded like Emily was in distress, she must have clenched her hands into a fist and unintentionally placed her finger on the remote. Both Nicola and Becky struggled to get me out of my second skin, the harness at the back of the hood but have confused them. Despite the pet suit being a unique and form fitting design, it seemed overly complicated to put on and take off.

In my mind I wish I could have helped, but my body still wasn't responding to my brain. The feeling got too much and the pressure began to build up underneath me… the point of no return.

Nicola managed to sort out the back of the hood and removed the pet-like head away from me, I felt a rush of cool air hit my now sweaty skin. I was breathing heavily, trying to cool myself even more and maybe hold off the orgasm.

"There we go, almost there!" Nicola laughed as she reached behind me to unzip the rest of the outfit.

"Too late!" I stammered, holding onto the older girl with all my might, I yelled into her shoulder as waves of pleasure fell over me, my legs spasmed and closed with the unforgiving, small vibrator going at it inside me. The orgasms were long and drawn out with the sound of liquid hitting the towel on the floor… I was peeing!

"I'm sorry," was all I could say between contractions.

"You're not peeing!" Nicola corrected me.

I wanted it to stop but the waves kept coming, the machine wasn't stopping, it was taking everything it could from me. Becky managed to pry my limp body away from Nicola and she began pulling up the soaked t-shirt, exposing my chest to the two girls. My body hit one final orgasm before the vibration finally finished. My lifeless body fell back onto the wall, completely limp.

"It's… it's stopped," I managed to get out between breaths.

The two girls finally relaxed and even let out a chuckle, probably looking at my state. I was sweating, boobs out and soaked in my own juices. I didn't even bother counting how many orgasms I just had, but it was more than I ever had in a row.

I slowly opened my eyes to adjust to the light, the two girls were sitting next to me and Tanya was on the other side of the room, holding the saddened Emily. My sister was still in her suit, she was looking at me with wide eyes, probably completely unaware that she was even doing that.

"High five!" Nicola laughed, holding out her palm for me to hit.

I looked at her still panting, but found the strength to bring my paw up and connect with her hand. After seeing us do it, Becky held out her hand the same way and I high fived her, the soft sound of cushioned latex filled the air.

"Okay, I think that is enough for today" Tanya stood up and walked to us, "Sam, get changed. Nicola, Becky, you serve the final customers and get Martin to close the shop."

"What about her?" Becky asked, pointing towards my sister.

"Just give her some time, being in the pet suit is like therapy for her. She just needs a moment."

Her eyes met with mine, "Sam?"


"I'm sorry."

Once I was done in the changing room, I walked into the store in my civilian clothes, my mind a mixture of emotions…


Tanya closed the store doors and bolted them shut. Nicola sat behind the cash register; Becky and Martin were nowhere to be seen. I realised I walked in half-way through a conversation between the store owner and the asian girl.

"I've already had some people sign up to it" Tanya had a pleading tone to her voice, "I didn't actually think people would want to do it, but I've made arrangements for a group of 5 women for next week."

"Tanya," the girl tried to reason with her, "I did this as a one off, for old times sake. Yes, it was fun… but I don't live here, I don't do this stuff anymore. Tomorrow morning, I need to catch the first train into London for my real job."

"What am I supposed to do?"

"I'm sure you can find another guinea pig, but I can't stay in this town any longer. I had fun and I missed this, but you shouldn't think for other people, you should ask them before you make plans that involve them. I love you, Tanya… you were the best boss I ever had, but the reason I quit in the first place was because you began to include me in these sex parties before you even asked me"

"They aren't sex parties, they are tutorials."

"…that require a guinea pig," The younger woman cut her off, "I just can't. I have a job… a life that I need to get back to."

The woman walked out from behind the register and walked up to Tanya, giving her one final last hug, Tanya begrudgingly hugged her back, "If you need me for anything else, please give me a heads up… a week at most," Nicola continued to say.

As they stopped hugging, Nicola spotted me, "Why don't you ask her?"

"… I can't," Tanya said with a sad tone.

"Well, I'm sure you'll find someone. Ciao!" The asian girl waved at Tanya and winked at me as she walked to the back of the store, "See you later, Super Soaker!"

I couldn't help but smile, at first I didn't like her but I guess that was just the attitude she gave off. Carefully, I walked up to Tanya, who soon found herself behind the counter.

"She's an acquired taste," Tanya laughed to herself before asking me a more serious question, "What got Emily so wound up?"

"Oh, her Mum came in," I could hear the tiredness in my voice already, "We weren't ever expecting to see her here as Jane isn't that type of person… and she was supposed to be at work."

"Oh, that's Jane?" I could see the smirk on the store owner's face.

"What were you and Nicola talking about?"

"Oh, nothing. She was right, I don't ask permission before including others, we all have our faults, I guess."

"What was it? I wouldn't mind helping out."

"No, Sam, not this time."

"Could you at least run it past me first?"

Tanya closed the cash register and looked directly at me, "Promise me this, you aren't doing it!”

"I promise."

After a pause, Tanya found her words, "Every now and then I run a party, mostly for women who take an interest in a certain… subject. I hold events where people can try out these interests in a safe place. Online, I've had five women sign up for an ad for one of these events, I just need someone's help."

"What kind of event is it?"

Once again, she took a moment to phrase the sentence correctly, "It's for women who are interested in trying out… being dominant. I was going to teach them how to be safe, how to do things correctly. Despite what you heard, Nicola volunteered a few times before at these events and we had a good thing going… I didn't realise what she actually thought."

The silence that hit the room felt like agony. Tanya remained quiet, her mind trapped in a daze of memories and realisation.

"I volunteer," my voice broke as it filled the shop.

"No, you are not doing it!" she scorned me, pointing her finger at me also.

I scoffed, "Why the hell not? I want to help!"

"Sam, the way our arrangement works is that I do not get involved with you and Emily. I give you a safe space to live out your pet lives. Yes, sometimes I intrude and get the chance to test you, but I should not go over that threshold. Take today as an example, I did the vibrator in your suit to teach you a lesson for what you did to Emily. It was supposed to be fun and a tease, but you almost ended up passing out in the back."

"…but, I'm okay."

"Sam… no! I've already gone too far. Nicola was right, if you do these events with me, you would be my guinea pig. I will tie you up, spank you, touch you, tease you and possibly bring you to orgasm, which means that barrier between us, the barrier we need to keep a healthy relationship, will be broken. I can't cross that line as that would change everything"

I looked down at my feet, it felt safer than to look her straight in the eyes… fuck it. I brought my head up and smiled at her, "So, next week then? I'm looking forward to it!"

Tanya looked back at me, I knew she didn't want to but she smiled too, "You know, you can be annoying sometimes. You remind me of myself when I was your age."

The back of the shop greeted me once again. It wasn't long since I was sitting in the corner struggling to hold back my orgasms, the room seemed crowded then, but now it was empty. Well… except from me and a sad ,little pet girl who was curled up in the corner.

As I crouched down next to my sister, I placed my hand on her shoulder, she slowly turned around and as soon as she realised it was me, she jumped into my arms and held me in for a tight hug.

"Shhhh… It's okay," I reassured her, "It's alright, do you mind if I take your hood off to talk?"

She kept her place for a moment before leaning back and nodding her head softly. I reached behind her and unclasped it, easily removing the layer of latex away from her head, her beautiful, long blonde hair fell to her shoulders.

"I'm sorry," she blubbered with her paws covering her mouth.

"It's okay, you didn't mean it. Gave me quite the jolt though, I'm surprised my hair wasn't standing up."

Me and Emily chuckled, she lowered her hands and rested them on the ground, sitting in a typical pet pose.

"…Mum," was all she said, it wasn't much but it was enough to start a new conversation.

"Yeah, wasn't expecting her."


"Who… Do you know who that guy was, who was with her?"


"You do? Who was he?"

Emily's eyes darted around, as if she was trying to say the right thing but her mind was in two different places. The latex that hugged her body squeaked as she tried to find the correct position to sit in.

"Emily, Is Jane cheating on my Dad?" I knew it was a loaded question, but it was something I needed to know.

Her eyes filled with tears, "I don't know, it looked like it."

"Emily, please tell me, who was that guy Jane was with… please tell me."

The tear finally broke and fell down her cheek, "That was my Dad."


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