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Sam and Em

by ForeverAltered

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"What are we going to do?" Emily asked, on the verge of tears as she put on her pyjamas.

I couldn't answer, I didn't know the answer. Jane never gave us enough time to explain ourselves, not that there was anything to explain. As soon as she saw our two bodies on top of each other, she walked right into the kitchen and she had been in there since. Despite being stunned at first, I managed to get off Emily and we escaped into the safety of our bedroom where we dressed in our sleepwear.

We weren't sure what filled our minds, mostly it was regret and fear as to how this event could affect our lives permanently, it was my number one fear and it was soon being realised by us both. As I pulled my shirt over my torso, the ramifications flooded my head like a jug pouring too much water into a cup.

The room was silent, almost painfully silent, with the hundreds of thoughts going around both of our heads. We had no words to add or defuse the situation. We were shocked, we were stupid and we were naive enough we could have carried this on without the thought of getting caught one day, at this point in our relationship, we had gotten away with too many ideas; it was time we got caught and punished.

What about Jane? If we were the ones who were shocked, what was going through her mind? When she walked in from work, she found out three things at once about her daughter that she never knew about.

The first one was that she was interested in women. Emily told me numerous times before about how little she and Jane had spoken about sexuality and that they both thought she was completely straight, then I came in and turned their lives upside down.

The second was that she was having sexual relations with her step-sister. That would be a hard pill to swallow as the idea would definitely have an impact on her relationship with my father. They aren't married yet and we aren't blood relations, so there isn't anything wrong with it, but it will be a definite change to the family.

The third and final point was Emily's interest in BDSM. Jane had no idea Emily was sexually active and playing with bondage is still an idea that many people don't understand. The thought of Jane coming in and seeing her daughter in a latex outfit and strapped up tight as I took control of her…

"Sam?" Emily asked, taking me out of my thought process.

"Yeah?" I glanced at her.

"Shall we go talk to Mum? I'm not sure what to say"

"Me neither, but we have to"

"Okay" She took my hand for support and shot a small smile towards my direction.

She was cute and we were far too gone for me to say otherwise. I wanted to tell her that I loved her and we would be alright as long as we had each other. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs how much she meant to me, but we've already expressed enough words to each other to state this and I wasn't one for repeating myself.

"Em?" I said, quietly.


"I love you."

"I love you too."

…and that was it, that was all that needed to be said. We were ready to talk to her Mum. I let out one final sigh as I prepared my head and Emily did the same. With one final glance towards each other; we got ready to walk out of the bedroom.

The collar around her neck.

My eyes glanced down as I noticed it shining in the soft light of the room.

"Oh, Em?" I stuttered, getting the key out of my pocket.


She looked at me and then towards my hand, a horrified expression had risen on her face as she noticed the small key within my index finger and thumb. With her free hand she placed it around her neck to protect it from the idea in my head.

"No! Please don't Sammy!" she shrieked.

"I'm not going to feel right talking to your Mum with that thing around your neck."

"Please?" she begged again, "I don't want to take it off, It took so much to get it on in the first place."

"It won't be permanent, once we speak to Jane we can see how we feel about this."

Emily shook her head with her hand still around her neck.

"Emily!" I shouted as softly as I could, I didn't want Jane hearing us argue.


"Stop being a pain! I have to take it off!"

"Please don't."

"EMILY!" I shouted for real this time.

The way she looked at me broke my heart into a million pieces. She knew I was right but something about the collar was special for her. Her hand finally came away from her neck and I noticed a tear forming at the side of her eye as came in close to unlock the piece of jewellery. The padlock sprung open as the key dipped in and Emily slowly took it off, her eyes went over the opened collar, taking in every detail before throwing it onto the bed.

"I'm sorry." I felt bad.

Emily wiped her eyes and walked forward. This is when I forgot we were holding hands and she dragged me behind her.

We both cautiously approached the kitchen, as we walked down the hallway we saw that the door was still closed. Emily slowed down in order to take shelter behind my back. I wasn't phased by this as I knew she wouldn't be able to approach her mother at all. My sister's number one fear was to disappoint her mother so this was a complete nightmare for her.

I walked up to the kitchen door and slowly opened it. The room was lit well and we noticed Jane sitting at the kitchen table with a glass of red wine in her hand. She looked exhausted, as if the day at work was enough to make her want to climb into bed, I felt as if our situation just added more work onto the already stress-filled day. A half full wine bottle and an empty glass sat in front of her with a thin lipstick stain covering the rim.

"Jane?" I asked, trying to keep my voice quiet.

"Mum?" Emily asked in the same fashion.

It took a moment but her tired eyes slowly met ours, I felt dreadful and guilty at the same time, my mind raced with what could have been going through her brain, what she saw wasn't pleasant and was the last thing any mother wanted to see of her daughter. Her glass swiftly fell back to the table, with the little energy she had, she lifted the wine bottle and filled her glass up once more.

"Mum?" Emily once again asked, the shakiness of her voice was apparent.

It felt like a lifetime before Jane reacted. We had nothing to go on, she didn't seem angry, she didn't seem sad, her face was a blank slate with only her debilitated state being the only thing clear between me and my sister.

She finally placed the bottle back onto the table and took a long sip from the glass before any speech came out her mouth.

"Take a seat…please" she finally said, her voice as spent as her frame.

Emily didn't waste any time, jumping forward and pulling up a chair in front of her mother. Despite her eagerness, I could sense Emily was hating every moment of the situation but she didn't want to get into more trouble by idling around. It was an odd sight, seeing a mother and daughter in front of each other, within touching distance but neither was comfortable with the scenario in front of them.

"Sam?" Em peeped, looking over her shoulder at me.

I sighed and took the chair next to her. As I sat shoulder to shoulder with my sister, we awaited our judgement and how our actions would impact this family.

"I don't know what to say" Jane began, "I don't have any words to describe what is happening in my head…"

Those were the only words to fall out of her mouth before me and Em fell.

"I'M SO SORRY, MUM!" Em screamed.

"We did not mean this to happen," I added, "It just did."


"We've just been spending so much time together, we just grew close."


"We tried to fight it, we really did because we didn't know what would happen if you and Dad found out."


"Or us… or anyone. We…we…."


"We really love each other, we…"

"That is enough, girls," Jane finally tipped in, her head collapsed into her hands.

Emily looked at me with pained eyes. I wanted to say something that would make everything better but no words would have helped the situation, all we could do was wait for Jane to finally begin speaking properly to us; when she finally managed to get her head around it.

"So… you love each other?" She asked, her head still resting in both hands.

"…Yes, we do," I stated, resting my hand on my sister's leg.

A small smile appeared on her face as she rested her hand on mine.

Jane cleared her throat as she sat back and finally looked at us both, "So, when did this start?"

"… It started…"

"The day after Sammy moved in" Emily interrupted.

"Wow, you did not waste any time," Jane chuckled to herself.

"Well, not that early," I stuttered, "We've discovered about ourselves over time."

Jane nodded, "Okay, okay."

"Mum?" Emily squeaked.

"Yes, Emily?"

"Are you angry? With me? With us?"

Jane took a moment to think, "I wish I didn't find out this way. I would have preferred a conversation and not…"

"Seeing us having sex?" Emily couldn't help but interrupt, it was as if she couldn't wait for the end of the response so she had to fill it instead.

Jane's cheeks went red, "I was going to say 'to see you on top of each other', but that works"

I looked at the mother and daughter, the atmosphere in the room seemed to have lightened up; a complete contrast to when we came in.

"So, you aren't angry with us?" I asked.

Jane sighed loudly, "No, Of course I'm not angry… feeling a bit odd, but not angry."

Silence took a moment to fill the room, I didn't know what else to say and I'm not sure if I wanted to add anything to the conversation, I could tell by the look on my sister's face that she was in the exact same situation.

"You two can go to bed now," Jane looked down and swirled the wine in her glass, "I need some time to think."

Emily slowly rose up from her chair and began to walk out of the room. At first I felt the need to follow her, but looking at Jane one more time made me realise I had to say something.

"Jane…" I took a deep breath, "I really do love Emily, she means the world to me. For the last few weeks I've been trying to hide my feelings for her as I knew our secret could ruin this family. I know my father would not approve… but I'm tired of fighting my feelings and I can't hide them any longer. I'm sorry for the awkwardness and sorry for what you saw earlier."

Jane's eyes finally met with mine, "Look… I don't know what you want me to say. I'm still processing this information myself. Is it right? Is it wrong? Love is love but we have a lot to think about. I'm only just getting over the idea that my daughter is a lesbian… I have nothing against it, but I've never thought she was interested in girls."

"I'm not a lesbian," Emily peeped up, "I love Sammy but I still like guys."

"That's okay, as long as you are happy, so am I. Just… Please, give me a moment to digest everything. Go to bed and we will have a talk tomorrow, I just need time."

"Okay," I finally stood up.

Emily took my hand and we left the room together. Part of me was happy, our biggest secret was out and we had one less person to hide it from but I was also numb with worry about how this would affect our family, it was the biggest worry that sat in the pit of my stomach and had been there since me and Emily began having fun with each other. It didn't matter how Jane found out about us, I would have preferred her to learn about our relationship in a different way, but now she knew and there was no way to rewind time. Things were going to be different between us from now on.

Em dragged me slowly through the house before we ended up back into the safety of our bedroom, not a word passed our lips as we crawled back into my bed and threw the blanket over us. We just laid there, shoulder to shoulder as the silent hand of sleep slowly took us.

I awoke to the usual morning light and sounds. We were in such a trance last night that we didn't even know what time we fell asleep. We knew it was early, but to wake up to birds singing and the morning sun peeping through the window was a painful realisation. The bed was empty with the warmth of my sister's body slowly beginning to fade, it took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the bright room… I was alone.

"Em?" I called out.

I pulled the blanket off my small frame and jumped out of the bed. The collar fell onto the floor with an audible thud, it hurt looking at it, with the memories of me forcing it off Emily's neck coming to mind as it shines in the bright light.

I will make it up to her, I just have to wait for things to settle down again.

"Em?" I called again, opening the door to the rest of the house and taking a few steps down the hall.

The world was quiet… way too quiet, the noises from outside had completely stopped, the birds, the wind… I could not hear anything apart from some noises that were coming from the kitchen.

I found myself outside the door to the kitchen, almost as if I skipped the last few steps. The sounds of my father and Jane talking filled my ears, it was like I was right next to them… but I was still outside.

I opened the door to find my Dad at the table, enjoying his breakfast and reading the newspaper. As soon as he saw me he had the largest grin on his face, a sight I hadn't seen in years.

"Morning, Princess," his grin got even wider, "How did you sleep?"

"Umm… good," I stuttered.

Jane walked in with a plate full of food, she added it to the already full table. Eggs, bacon, sausages, bread and other items covered it, it looked like a feast fit for royalty.

"Well, dig in" Jane said, a grin on her face just the same as Dad's.

"Okay…" I smiled, automatically finding myself sitting at the table.

Jane sat down at the same time and filled my plate with much more food than I could even imagine to eat, I smiled but didn't want to stop her as she was piling food on food in front of me.

"So, you and Emily, eh?" Dad laughed, jabbing me in the ribs, the creepy grin never failing, "Jane told me all about it yesterday, I think it is great."

"Yes!" Jane shouted with glee, "Me and your Dad talked about it at length yesterday and think it is a wonderful idea… we were even thinking a double wedding!"

"What?" I blurted out.

"Well, you and her will be together forever, just look how much you and her love each other!"

"Looks like we are all one big family," my Dad chimed in again, laughing as he took another bite from his breakfast.

I put my hand up to stop Jane adding more food to my plate and she finally sat back down her chair and began eating her own food.

"What are your thoughts on adoption?" She asked, "When you and Em are married, adoption is the next step, or maybe we can look at an egg donor?"


Dad put his fork down, "Me and Jane are so hoping to be grandparents soon"

I felt weird… numb and far away.

"Where's Emily?" I questioned the two, "I feel like she should be here too."

Jane's grin got larger, "Oh, she isn't far. Emily? Come here, girl! Breakfast is ready."

I wanted to say my heart stopped, but I was too numb to feel anything. I noticed the tapping of latex limbs that entered the room and crawled to a dog bowl that was set on the floor near my chair. I dared myself to take a look and saw my step-sister trapped in the pet suit with her entire bottom half on show.

She began munching on whatever food was in the bowl and as I turned to my parents, they were eating their breakfast as if this was an ordinary thing.

I felt further away than before, as if my vision was being pulled back, making this unreal scenario even worse.

A knock on the front door took me out of this state. Dad and Jane stopped eating. They both looked at me.

"Who's that?" I asked.

Dad and Jane shared glances and turned back to me.

"Well, it's a special day," Jane said.

"It's a wonderful day," Dad said.

"So, we thought we would share it with someone special," Jane said.

"Everyone should hear the good news," Dad said.

"So, we did what we could and got her home for the one day," Jane said.

"Who's that?" Samantha said.

"It's your Mother," Dad said, with a tear in his eye.

"We got her home, just for one day," Jane said.

"But… that's impossible," Samantha said.

"We managed to do it. We pulled some strings and got her here, just for you" Dad said.

"Hurry, answer the door before she goes away," Jane said.

"I can't," Samantha said.

"It's okay, we'll go together," Emily said.

I looked down and noticed a cushioned, latex paw on my knee. Emily looked me in the eye with a mixture of comfort and determination, that was the only thing I could see behind her pet hood.

"Okay, let's go," Samantha said.

"Hurry!" Jane said.

"We'll be here," Dad said.

Samantha stood up from her chair and walked slowly out of the room, with her sister crawling behind her, she walked into the hallway and towards the front door. Her legs were walking on auto-pilot as she had no control over her actions. The warm silhouette of her mother was outlined against the glass panel of the front door, the morning sun rising from behind her.

Samantha reached out to open the door, as her hand reached the doorknob, she went to turn it.

It turned and clicked.

"Hang on," Samantha said.

It turned and clicked.

It turned and clicked.

"Oh, it's locked… I need to find the key," Samantha said.

"Samantha?" a familiar voice hummed from the other side of the door.


"Open the door, Sweetie. Then I can come in," Her Mum said.

Her warm and soothing voice touched Samantha’s heart, calming her after years of self-hurt.

"Mum! I'm going to get the key, please don't leave," Samantha said.

"Hurry, please," Her Mum said.

Samantha ran back to the kitchen door, she reached down to open it and…

It turned and clicked.

It turned and clicked.

Samantha banged on the door, "Dad? Jane? I need the front door key! Where is it?!"

The sound of Dad and Jane laughing and talking behind the door, casually eating their breakfast as her world came crashing down just outside the room.

"Samantha? Samantha please let me in" the voice outside called in.

"I'm trying, Mum!" Samantha yelled.

"Samantha, I came all this way… I came here, jUsT fOr YoU…"

The world went white.

"I'm sorry, Mum," I cried.

For a brief second I was in a hospital room, holding the hand of my Mother.

Saying my goodbyes.

For a brief second, I was in a hospital room, holding the hand of……….

My eyes opened up, my mind finally came back to reality as I realised it was all a dream. I closed my eyes for a brief second to allow a tear to fall down my cheek. It was the morning but I didn't feel like I slept at all, the early sun was shining through the window.

"You mumble in your sleep," Emily stated.

I couldn't see her but her voice came from the closet. The sound of shuffled movement also escaped the small room, within a few seconds Emily emerged from behind the door, half-naked pulling the pet suit up her waist. I almost choked on air as I threw my blanket over my body, jumping up on my feet.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" I shouted in a whisper.

She looked at me and sighed loudly, "Mum and Dad have gone to work, I'm not in the best of moods and just want to be pet Emily for a bit."

She turned around, "Can you help me do this up?"

"Are you crazy?!" I yelled in a slightly louder tone, "Even though our parents are at work, didn't yesterday prove a point to us? We have to be careful with what we are doing!"

"I know that, you can unzip me way before they are back?"

"No, Em. We should lay off this stuff for a while. Take things back abit, we cannot risk being found out by my Dad."

Emily turned around on the spot, looking at me with a red face, I've never seen her look so angry before.

"NO!" She screamed back, "No! I need this! I'm feeling awful and I just want to be a pet… just for a bit!"

"Em… no."

Emily didn't say anything, something that was a mixture of a yell and a scream exited her lips as she pulled the suit up, she forced both arms in, pulling the torso of the outfit upwards and that is when we both heard it.

To me it was the quietest sound imaginable, the only thing I could compare it to was paper being torn.

Emily's recollection of the sound was something much louder, she later compared it to a balloon being popped.

We both looked down at the same time to see the pet suit was now in two pieces, the torso and arms still clung to her body whilst the bottom half of the outfit was hanging by her ankles.

The suit was dead.

Another sound erupted from Emily, a combination of a scream and a cry. It had soon become her favourite possession and now it was broken. In a calm manner, I explained to her why the rip happened, the suit wasn't brand new, it had been in storage for a long time before Emily found it and it had torn from the hole that exposed the bottom half of the wearer.

She didn't care, she screamed and cried and stomped in place. God, she was a child. "Em!" I yelled.

She didn't stop.

"Emily!" I screamed.

That made her stop, she was too used to me calling her anything but her full name.

"This is what we are going to do!" I walked up to her and grabbed her shoulders, "You are going to dry your tears and get changed, then we will put the suit in a bag so no one can see it, we are going to walk to Tanya's and see if she has the supplies to fix it."

"What if she doesn't?" Emily wiped away a tear.

"She will, Tanya can fix anything."

It would have been a funny sight if my mind wasn't already pre-occupied. We managed to find a bag that came from the local supermarket and Emily held it tight to her chest as we walked through town. She was acting as if it was the most important thing in the world to her. We were power-walking through the street until Tanya's shop came into view.

We both saw Tanya standing outside, locking the entrance door. It wasn't long until she spotted us, whether she saw us first or heard out panting from the fast walk was unclear.

"Girls!" She said in a mixture of delight and surprise, "I'm closing up early today so I'm sorry but browsing must wait until tomorrow!"

"Wait!" Me and Emily yelled as we stopped in front of her to take our breaths back.

"Everything okay?" She asked, looking us both up and down, "How was yesterday? I must admit I am interested in hearing how your night went."

"Umm… not so well," I finally managed to say.

"Oh, is everything okay?"

"Can you please look at this?" Emily held up the bag.

"Girls, I am closed for the day. I'm happy to look at it tomorrow but I really have to get going."

"No, please have a look at it," Emily grabbed the outfit from inside the bag.

As soon as Tanya saw the flash of the black outfit, she hushed my sister and lightly scolded her for nearly showing it in public. Tutting to herself, the mature woman re-opened the shop and guided us both inside, making sure to keep the sign to closed.

She pushed us further into the shop to avoid anyone thinking the store was open.

"Okay, okay, What do you two have there?" She asked in a hushed tone, as if someone could overhear.

Emily wasted no time getting the two pieces of the outfit out of the bag and lifting them up for Tanya to see.

"It was accidentally ripped this morning," Emily blubbered, "Is there any chance you could fix it?"

"What am I looking at?" She asked, taking quick glances between the two blobs of latex in her hands.

I explained to her, "It's a petsuit. Emily wears it often and it ripped this morning, could you look into fixing it?"

She looked at me and Emily, "I can't, I'm afraid girls, I only sell the items… I cannot fix them and with a tear that big it would be easier just to buy a new one anyways."

"Do you have any more?"

"Not here, I have a few bitch suits in storage. They are in my garage at home"

"Bitchsuits?" Emily asked.

"Yeah, I can bring them over tomorrow if you want? They are more pet play specific and advanced than this outfit used to be but it should do the same job."

I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank you, Tanya. We will be back tomorrow then."

"No problem, girls."

In unison, me and Tanya both looked directly at my sister, despite us both being in agreement of what will happen tomorrow; we wanted confirmation from her too. As I feared, Emily looked back at us with a sad frown growing on her face. She held the empty plastic bag in her hand as she made it perfectly clear that she wasn't happy with the arrangement.

"Emily… girl, I'm sorry, but I'm closed for the day," Tanya apologised, "I'll bring it over tomorrow and you can try it first thing"

Emily's eyes seemed to grow wider.

"…and, I don't get much time off so it would be good to recharge my batteries."

Tanya defended herself, but my sister didn't stop pining. She wasn't doing it on purpose, she wasn't whimpering to make me or Tanya feel bad, she was hurt and wanted the freedom that the restrictive outfit gave her and the thought of losing it was painful for her.

"…and I have a date tonight, I really want to pamper myself before…"

Emily's eyes looked much wider than they had ever been, her beautiful irises were piercing through the mature woman's heart. I had to give her credit, I couldn't have lasted that long if that gaze was looking back at me.

"Oh, goddamn it!" Tanya finally gave in, "Fine! I will take you two to mine to try on the suit, but you aren't staying any later than 5pm. I meant it when I said I had a date! When we get back to town, I ain't even going to stop, so you will have to jump out of my car!"

The owner of the store pointed to us both with her freshly manicured fingernails, it was a side of Tanya that terrified me to the core, but Emily couldn't be happier. She ran to give her a hug and the older lady accepted it for a moment before turning my sister around and smacking her butt, forcing her to walk out of the door. Tanya made sure I was following behind and once we were all out of the shop, she locked the entrance and guided us all to her car.

"And on the way to mine, you can tell me what happened to you both last night, you owe me that much now".

Emily stayed silent the whole way, still clutching at what remained of the pet suit in her arms, she relied on me to tell the entire story to Tanya and I left nothing out. As the town turned to rolling hills and then that turned to a village, the shop owner learned everything about yesterday's events, from Jane, to the collar, to the suit ripping this morning.

Tanya turned off the car, "Wow, sounds like you two had a busy day. What happened has happened and you will just have to see where things go. I do not know your mother, but she sounds understanding".

"Yeah" was all that Emily said as she opened the door and stepped out of the car.

All three of us left the car as me and my sister took a moment to take in Tanya's house. It was small, a bungalow that sat in the middle of this quiet village. I didn't even know the name of the place we were in, I was paying too much attention telling her the events of yesterday that I didn't take in any details of the actual trip. I know we weren't far from home as we were only driving for around ten to fifteen minutes.

Tanya opened the door to the house and ushered me and Emily inside, telling us to sit in the main room as she scavenged around her garage.

Despite the adult manner and occupation of our new friend, her house seemed far more innocent than the occupier. I would have assumed it belonged to someone who was at least 20 years older than her. The rooms were well-lit and painted bright colours, like peach and cream. The walls were filled with family photos and paintings of beautiful sceneries. A quiet ticking of a grandfather clock filled the room.

"Wow," Emily whispered to herself.

"You said it, sis."

Emily took a seat on a white sofa, it sat opposite the fireplace as the TV was pushed to the corner of the room, it struck me as odd as none of the furniture was placed around the TV; like most modern households, instead two sofas and a chair were placed in a circle around a small table, seemingly to encourage conversation with any visitors.

I took another glance around the room before sitting down next to Emily. As I felt my butt sink into the sofa, white fabric, Emily immediately stood up and went to sit on the other sofa, she did this quickly to show she wasn't in the mood to be in my company.

"Em?" I stared at her with my mouth partially open.

"Don't…" Was all she said as she looked straight ahead, avoiding any desire to look in my direction. As she settled down in her new position, I saw her tenderly touching the area around her neck, the area that should have a collar locked onto it. In my mind, I had the image of the steel collar lying on the floor as we rushed out of the house this morning.

My thoughts were soon forgotten as Tanya burst through the door carrying two small parcels. She chucked to herself as she threw them onto the empty chair. She was laughing and trying to grab her breath as she told us how she always forgot how heavy the boxes actually were.

"Why didn't you ask us to help?" Emily asked, "We are more than happy to help"

"It's fine," she said, stretching her back.

"Why did you bring in two?" I quizzed her.

She looked at the two small boxes, "Well, I need to stock the other one at the shop tomorrow. If you two are interested in the suit, then it could mean other people are and I'm not going to bring people around my house everytime they want something that isn't on the shelf".

With that she opened one of the boxes and placed it on the table, after carefully opening the inner packaging, she called for Emily to come over to look inside. My sister jumped at the chance and literally leapt off the sofa, leaving the remains of the suit behind. A wild grin stretched across her face as she took in the entirety of the contents of the box.

"Let me take a look," I asked, in the process of getting up.

Tanya snapped the box shut and looked down at me like a disobedient child, "No! You have to wait!"

"Can I try it on?" Emily asked, her body struggling to hide her excitement.

"Ofcourse, you can. Let's go to my bedroom."

"Oh…" my sister stopped, a bit unsure now of the situation.

Tanya rolled her eyes, "You need a person to help you get into the suit, come on… let's not waste anymore time. It's nothing I haven't seen before."

Once again, the older woman spanked Emily's butt and forced her out of the door we came in, with a wink Tanya closed the door behind herself, leaving me alone in the main room.

I took a look around once more as my mind raced with the image of what Emily would look like in her new suit, Tanya's words floated around my head as I remembered her saying the suits were more advanced than the now ruined pet play outfit, how were they advanced? Was it really that much more of an upgrade?

As my eyes flicked between the paintings and the photos that expressed Tanya's world, my eyes flicked back to the box that was sitting alone on the chair. I took a peak around the box, it was completely sealed so I couldn't take a peek inside. The box was absent of any detail apart from a long code and the word 'BLACK'.

My sex showed some interest as I imaged the black bitchsuit that laid inside, a tight, advanced outfit that hugged your body. I knew that I was the dominant one in the relationship, that I would always prefer Emily to be the pet, but I couldn't deny how good the outfit felt when I wore it. Unintentionally, my hand ran up my body as I imagined the skin-tight latex holding onto my every curve.

I finally sat back down in my original spot, once again taking in the simplicity of the room as I bit my lip, Time dragged as I imagined my naked sister awkwardly putting on the suit as Tanya helped stuff her body underneath the shiny material. I couldn't help but smile at the thought.

Unknowingly, Tanya had become a vital part of our sexual relationship. She allowed us to explore our love of bondage further due to her store being in our town and she was understanding. I found it much easier to talk to her than anyone else about these kinds of things and she seemed to genuinely care and take an interest in what we liked. She even helped Emily out when they wanted to trick me into being Emily's slave and she made me realise why Emily was being so dominant.

The image of the collar being on the floor came to mind once again and I realised why Emily was so upset about me taking off the collar. It was her plan all along, to make me understand how she felt about being my submissive, I was so ready to give up my freedom to be her slave and that is how she feels about me, but I had to take that idea away from her once Jane found out about us.

"You ready?" Tanya's voice interrupted my thoughts.

She peeked her head around the open door, not letting it open enough to see the state Emily is in. She had the biggest smile on her face with all her teeth showing, I don't think I've ever seen her this excited before.

"I'm ready to see Emily," I smiled.

"I don't think you are… show a little more enthusiasm, baby!"

"I'm ready to see my sister!" I laughed, standing up.

"Well, here she is," Tanya began to open the door, "The new and improved, PET EMILY!"

"Holy… fucking… shit!"

Emily's small frame crawled into the room on her hands and knees, the flash of pink was the first thing that shocked me, her entire body was covered in a pink latex suit, very similar to the pet suit we used to play in but this one was much more form fitting, barely even creased with her movements. Her head was covered in a hood that was seamless with the suit, with small cat-like ears at the top, the hood covered her entire face apart from the eyes, two small holes sat at the front to allow her to breath through the latex. Her hands were useless at doing anything as the suit had built in mittens that forced her fingers into a small fist, at the bottom of the hands and feet were cute little paw prints that helped slightly with grip.

The one thing that shocked me most was that her chest was on full show. An oval shaped cut out at the front of the suit allowed complete access to her petite breasts. I know we are comfortable with Tanya, but seeing her partly naked in front of the shop owner was a surreal experience.

The situation took a backseat as I noticed Emily's eyes were smiling from behind the mask, she struck a cute pose as she got settled into the room. She placed her hands out in a begging motion and a muffled pet-like cry escaped from the latex.

"Oh my god, she is too cute" I struggled to contain my excitement.

"This model comes with a built in gag in the hood, you can breath through the holes at the front and even take a drink out of a straw if you are careful enough" Tanya was pointing to parts of the suit as if she was selling me the latest model of a car, "The mask is a separate piece to the rest of the suit, but the seam is covered with this choker that can be used as a collar"

I took a closer look, a choker that was the same material and colour as the rest of the suit sat tight against Emily's neck, the only thing that stood out was a metal ring that sat at the front.

"It is made from a strong material so you can pull on it as much as you want without worrying about the collar breaking or coming undone" the older woman circled around my sister, "There is a zip at the bottom of the suit for vaginal and anal access, the zip is small and hard to notice but it is there if you every decide to… explore. There are clips built into the wrists and shoulders and another two sets in the ankles and the top of the thighs. As you can imagine, this is to lock the limbs together to force your pet to walk on their elbows and knees."

"Perfect," I smiled, not being able to take my eyes off my sister, "She is too cute."

I knelt down to grab my sister's bound hands, the paw texture at the bottom of the mittens stood out slightly, it felt soft and rough at the same time, like an actual pet's paw. A thick, cushioned layer underneath the latex held Emily's hand in a tight grip, not allowing her access to her fingers and proving to me how helpless she was in the suit.

Tanya was right, it was more advanced. It looked comfortable despite the material being extremely tight to the skin, the openings were well hidden and seamless to the suit, if I wasn't told about the zip at the bottom, I wouldn't have known it was there.

"So, what do you think?" Tanya stood next to me and placed her arm around my shoulder.

"It's amazing. A complete upgrade compared to what we used before."

"I'm glad you like it, how would you feel wearing it?"

"Well, looking at Emily… I would say it probably would feel amazing."

"Good" She pulled me towards the chair with the box on it, "Well, How about I give you a buy one, get one free deal?"

"Emily shrieked behind her gagged hood, patting her padded paws together in a clapping motion.

"Oh, no, it's okay," I tried to play it off.

Tanya's grin widened, "It's completely free with the pink suit, don't you want it?"

"Well… yes, but…"

"Then you should try it on and see if it fits, you don't want to go home and realise it is completely the wrong size for you"

I looked around shyly, I know Tanya saw me in the situation at the store and Emily has seen me in many different ways since I moved in. Em was nodding her head in a manic way, as if she was way too excited to see me as a pet.

"Look, even your sister has become much happier in the outfit," she continued.



Emily shrieked in delight as Tanya began pushing me out of the door, as she picked up the box she turned to Emily with a defiant look in her eye.

"Don't you make too much noise, Baby girl," She pointed her finger at my sister once again, "I have a dog house outside and I'm not afraid to put you out there."

Emily stopped patting her hands together as Tanya closed the door behind her, a cheeky grin on her face made me realise she was joking. She was enjoying her dominant stance on this situation. Whilst she wasn't participating sexually, she was in charge and she was going to enjoy every moment of it.

"Come on, get to the bedroom!" She placed the box in my hands and pushed me towards the semi open door.

I stood with my back to her, even though she's seen me in a helpless situation before, it was weird to be taking off my clothes in front of her. I pulled off my top and bra as Tanya placed the pieces of the outfit on the double bed that took up most of the room. In one quick movement I took off my shorts and underwear, letting them fall to my ankles. I found myself completely naked in front of the shop owner as I stepped out of my clothes pile.

The shiny black outfit looked so inviting as the entire attire was laid out in front of me. It was in two parts, the suit was one piece and the hood was the second piece. Tanya showed me the hidden zip at the back of the suit, something I didn't even see on Emily's. The zip was small and made of a hard silicone-like material, looking similar to something that would close a zip-lock bag than a suit with the same thing to open the bottom zip. Once the zip is closed, the lining is hidden under a groove and becomes almost invisible to the naked eye.

Tanya held out the suit and helped me climb into it. I put my legs in, it surprised me how easily they glided into the suit, it felt amazing as the material tightened around my limbs.

"Wow," was all I could say.

"I know, right?" Tanya giggled, "I wish I had a petite body like yours and Emily's, I would be wearing outfits like this all the time."

"Nothing is stopping you."

"They don't do these in my size, besides… I get the enjoyment of seeing you two wear them and that is just as fun."

Just like my legs, my arms flew through the latex, it wasn't giving me any resistance and my hands fell quickly into the padded mittens that sat at the bottom, forcing my fingers into a fist.

As I was getting a feel of my new paws, Tanya was behind me pulling up the zip, the material pulled tighter against my skin. The hole at the front of the outfit lined up perfectly and as the suit closed up, my modest breasts popped out.

… I was now helpless…

… and it felt so good.

I noticed Tanya's side look at my exposed chest, they must have popped out alot in contrast to my tight, latex-bound body. Me and Emily were pretty much the same body type but my breasts were definitely bigger. Not that breast size ever mattered to me, I preferred Em's more petite look to what I saw in the mirror everyday.

"Okay, this is the last bit," Tanya said as she reached to pick up the hood, "The built-in gag in this hood is something similar to a mouth guard, like what people in sports use to protect their teeth. Once you have bitten on the gag, the hood should easily pull over your head and then I can attach it to the rest of the suit."

I nodded and my world went dark as she placed it over my head, as she adjusted the hood for the best fit, my mouth explored the material as it expected the gag to fill it any second. Tanya pulled the hood down and the mouthpiece fell into my open muzzle, it was strangely comfortable with the outer grooves forming onto my teeth. The gag filled my mouth and made it nearly impossible to say anything. As I was getting a feel of the foreign object in my mouth, my eyes adjusted to the sight of Tanya; who continued to adjust my hood.

"Okay… and there we go," she spoke to herself as she clicked the choker around my neck, forming the two pieces into one large suit. I was fully locked in.

"… and that is it," she continued, "how do you feel?"

"Mm, fmfl grff" I tried to say with a gagged mouth.

"Umm, I think you said that you feel good?"

I nodded.

"Would you like to see how you look?"

I nodded again. She turned me around to the view of a full length mirror that hung on the wall, if I wasn't wearing the hood my jaw would have been on the floor.

I looked exactly as Emily did when she crawled into the main room, however, my body was a much sleeker black in comparison to her beautiful pink. My breasts stood out much more than I imagined, as if the suit was pushing them outwards and making them more prominent. The suit clung to every curve of my body, acting as a second skin. It highlighted my thin body but expressed the natural sexiness that I never knew I had.

I squealed behind the hood and jumped on Tanya, holding my arms around her as I gave her the biggest hug I ever dared to give anyone. Being locked behind the suit made me feel amazing and exposed my natural submissive side . I couldn't express my gratitude in speech so I did the next best thing.

"Woah, is that Emily or Samantha in there?" She hugged me back, "I swear Sam is in the room with me but that is a very Emily thing to do."

I giggled softly under the layers of latex and smacked her back with my cushioned paws.

"Yep, that's definitely Sam in there. C'mon, get on your knees and I'll introduce your new self to your step-sister"

I obeyed, the material creaked softly as my joints moved to being in a kneeling position. The suit pulled at several different points of my body as I made the quick, simple movements. As I looked up at Tanya, my eyes widened as I felt my sex become excited. My vagina quickly became wet and was already begging to be touched.

"Let's go, girl!" Tanya commanded as she opened her bedroom door.

"Introducing, Pet Sammy!" Tanya announced.

She opened the door, allowing light to flood the hallway. I focused on crawling and tried to ignore the sexual messages that travelled to my groin. Emily managed to get herself on the sofa again, this time she was lying down on it like a sleepy pet, but she jumped up as she noticed my new, shiny, black body. She jumped off the sofa and crawled up to me, we both sat in the same position, on our knees with our paws on the floor. We both looked each other up and down. Apart from the stark contrast of colour, the colour of our eyes and the size of our breasts; we were nearly identical.

"Awww, I've always wanted pets and now I have two," Tanya couldn't help but gush over the adorable image of two pet girls.

Emily continued looking at my suit in every detail, it was similar to the way a dog sniffs another one to get used to the scent, I would admit; I was doing the same. I felt cute, something about the suit pulled out a feeling that I hadn't felt in a long time. The suit pulled up all of my sexual feeling and I wouldn't do anything to suppress it, every single movement I made just added to the arousal.

"Alright, girls! That is enough gettin' to know each other. You have until 5pm, go play and enjoy yourself!"

With that, Emily didn't wait. She leapt onto my bound form and began cuddling and caressing my body. Her muzzle tickled my neck and she pretended to kiss up my neck and up to my ear.

Oh god… I couldn't take it… I was so horny.

I managed to get out from underneath her and I crawled out of the room, I headed towards what looked like her kitchen. I didn't care where I went, I wanted to hide from my sister and try to suppress my need to touch myself.

I felt the paws push into my back once again, I fell to the floor as Emily fell on top of me. I could hear her giggles escape the suit, her padded paws pushing and prodding parts of my sensitive form.

"Don't you two play too rough!" Tanya's voice echoed from the main room again.

My vision was filled with nothing but my sister as her body was mounted on top of mine. She was in a playful mood and wanted nothing but contact with her new pet sister, but I couldn't help but think about my sexual pleasure. With each slight movement of the outfit that covered my skin adding to the desire, my brain fogged up more and more until I couldn't take it anymore.

A mixture of moans and groans leapt out of my mouth as my helpless hands tried in vain to reach my vagina, not only was my hands locked into a unmovable position and therefore I couldn't undo the special zip down there, but Emily's cute body was in the way and she was determined to play pet games together. I couldn't stop, I needed… something.

Whether it was my pathetic moans, the movements towards my crotch or some connection me and my sister had with each other, but she finally moved. She jumped off my body and spread my legs open. I focused on her eyes, they were full of content, understanding and arousal. That is when I realised she was in the exact same situation I was. I didn't know if she was turned on by all the movements of the suit; like I was, but it was perfectly clear that the situation had turned her on too.

She didn't waste any time getting her body in the right position. After a few times playing, we both figured out the best way to please each other by rubbing our clits together. This would be the first time we did this between two layers of latex, but it should have still worked.

My eyes instantly rolled to the back of my head, Emily hit exactly the right spot as she began grinding against my sex, but the feeling was much more intense than I thought it was going to be. She sped up, with her breathing becoming heavier, it was clear she was desperate for pleasure as much as I was.

I held her waist with my paws as she slowly quickened up. The movements down below were teasing me more than it was pleasuring me. I focused on the moments where the motion hit my clit just right. I managed to look at Emily once again, she was arching her back as waves of pleasure consumed her body. That did it, I couldn't stop as I was pushed over the edge. Seeing Emily's bound form in pure ecstasy was the point where I couldn't hold it anymore.

My eyes once again rolled to the back of my head, shocks of electricity grew up from my vagina and up the rest of my body. Inhuman grunts escaped my gag as my body processed the orgasm. Even though Emily was in the middle of her own one, she was still speeding up her movements. My body spasmed as one wave of pleasure escaped my body but another one was coming my way. I wanted to tell Emily to stop and that I was done, but I wouldn't have been able to stop her and deep down, I didn't want her to stop.

"Hey… hey, how was it?" Tanya giggled softly, "I bet it was intense. That's what these suits do to you"

Emily was fast asleep on top of me, her bare breasts pushed up against mine. I didn't know how long I was underneath her but I spent the entire time coming down from what was the most intense set of orgasms I ever had. I focused on the shop owner, her tone didn't seem as cheery as before.

I moved my head to the side, to signify I was asking her a question. She knew exactly what I was asking and her already small smile dropped instantly.

"Umm… My date isn't happening. He called to say he was stuck at work," she patted Emily's back, "I don't get much time off so I have no idea when I'm going to see him next."

I looked at her, I wanted to say something but it was impossible in this state.

"You and Emily, you don't have to get home until late, do you?"

I nodded.

"Would it be okay if I can have pet cuddles? I could really use them."

I wanted to say so much to her, she was saddened by the cancellation and human Samantha and Emily would say whatever we could to make her feel better. Pet Sam and Em would have to suffice and our pet cuddles would have to do.

Emily softly woke up but soon read the situation of the room, knowing something was wrong she paid close attention to me as we both crawled behind Tanya. As we got back into the main area, we noticed the TV had moved, being placed on the table in the middle of the room instead of in the corner like earlier. A typical rom-com was showing on the screen. The shop owner fell into the middle of the sofa, the soft material deflating underneath her.

I crawled onto the sofa after her, falling into her right side. Emily followed me, crawling onto the sofa and lying down so her head was on Tanya's lap. The older woman wrapped her arm around me and began rubbing Emily's warm, latex belly.

"Awwww, my girls."


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