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Sam and Em

by ForeverAltered

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"Mmmmm," I whimpered softly to myself.

We had only been in the bedroom for ten minutes but Emily already had me completely naked and on the bed. Emily was nearly naked herself, wearing only her bra and panties, a collection of our clothes were laid out on the floor. My orders were to lie completely still and close my eyes, I was happy to oblige as I was slowly fading to the realm of sleep anyway.

A flurry of kisses were planted on the bottom of my stomach, Emily seemed obsessed with that particular area, she would place a her lips on the pelvis bone on the right side and plant her lips over and over until she reached my left side, then she would do another line back to my right side. I didn't know why but it felt amazing when she kissed the bone and I was struggling to not show how much it turned me on.

"I think I might have found a new fetish," Emily said in between two pecks, "I love your stomach, it's amazing to the touch."

"Mmmmm," I hummed, in a way that made it seem like I agreed with her but was also covering my arousal.

"I could just 'nom' on it all day."

"Mmmmmm, yes," I got the courage to say a word

"Do you like me doing this?" she asked, again kissing in a line.

It was so hot, it was stimulating but a massive tease as well. As if her actions weren't quite scratching the itch, but it was very close… so very close.

"Sam? Can I ask you something?" Emily finally stopped her oral attacks.

"Y-yeah," I tried to calm myself, I was so desperate.

"When did you know that you liked girls?"

A serious question? NOW?!

"Umm… I don't know… I've never actually liked girls before."

"Me neither."

I breathed out a light sigh, trying to get my head over the desire to be touched again.

"Honestly, I thought I was completely straight," I managed to finally say a full sentence.


"I've never been attracted to a woman before."

"… Then I came along," she grinned loudly.

"You did," I raised my hand up and stroked her blonde hair.

"I've never given it much thought… I thought I would always be straight. I thought I would meet a guy at university… That would be my first time."

"You were so certain that you would meet a guy?"

"Well, that was the plan. So what would that make us?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well if we like each other… but we also like guys, does that make us gay… or straight? Or something else?"

"Do you have to put a name to it? Could you just be happy with the fact that we love each other?"

"I would like to put a name to it… I'm so confused."

"Umm… I think we are either Bisexual or Pansexual."

"What's the difference?"

"Emily, would you please stop talking and touch me again… please?" I couldn't take it anymore.

"Sam? What's the difference?"

She said it in a more stern voice; in the moment I had forgotten about the collar around my neck and the fact she was in charge.

"Umm…" I took a moment to think, "Bisexual is where you are sexually attracted to both men and women…"


"Pansexual is where you love someone, no matter what sex they are. Just love them for them."

"Oh, okay. That makes sense."

MY body was desperate for her touch again, I was so aroused that my clit was now aching for attention. As Emily was paying all her attention to my pelvic area, she didn't go anywhere near my vagina and it would be super sensitive to the touch.

"Em… Please…" I begged.

"Can I ask you another question?" she pondered, not even moving an inch since her last question.

"What is it?"

"Why do you shave down here?"

She moved her head closer to my vagina, even her short breaths hit my clit and made it gag for more attention. This was mental and physical torture.

"Ummm… I like it. It feels clean and sexy."

"Oh… do you think I should start doing it too?"

She was literally lying between my legs, her head mere inches away from my vagina and it was screaming for attention. A touch, a lick… anything would do… I need it… I need it so much.

"Umm, let's talk about that tomorrow. Sleep on it." I could hear the straining in my teeth. Deep inside I just wanted to reach between my legs and have my fingers pour over it, itching that sensitive spot that is aching for all the attention it could ever want. Emily was processing the situation her way and that was with thought and conversation, not the action I needed right now.


She seemed saddened by the fact I pushed her question aside.

"I…I like your public hair," I smiled softly, "it's very light and cute. I think you should keep it."

The large grin had returned and she was almost blushing, she took it as a large compliment. I assumed this was because no one commented on her being in a sexual way before and my recognition of her pubic area was confirmation that she was, atleast in some ways, sexy.

"Awwww, that you Sammy and for that, you get this."

"What's that?"

I didn't have time to update my brain on what just happened, I couldn't even comprehend the rush of pleasure that shot through my mind at that moment. In one second Emily was looking at me and smiling, the next she went between my legs and planted a kiss right in the centre of my vagina, touching my clit that was poking out and screaming for contact.

"HOLY… HOLT SH-" I groaned, "HOLY…"

My brain just exploded to the point I couldn't even swear properly anymore.

Emily brought her head up, she just kissed the opening but it had already caused enough damage. It wasn't even orgasmic, it just felt good to have something.

"Would you like me to go further?" she asked, I think she meant it to be sexual, but it came off like it was an actual question.

"Yes… yes, please."

"Yes, please… what?"

"Yes, please… Mistress."

"Em, stop!" I yelled between breaths, "I don't think I can go any further!"

"C'mon, Sam. Just a little more!" she grunted through gritted teeth.

"I haven't done this since school, please slow down!"

"You can't spend everyday stuck inside and eating. Some days you have to go outside!"

"I don't mind going outside, it's this running thing I'm not fond of."

"Okay, okay," Emily finally stopped, "we can take a five minute break."

"Oh, thank god!" I gasped as my body planted the floor face-first.

It was Monday morning. I had the idea of going outside today and it was Emily's idea to go jogging on the outskirts of the town; we met halfway and went jogging on the outskirts of town. Sadly, having the collar around my neck made my options limited, the proof that Emily was now in charge was constantly hung around my neck. Emily was inexperienced, but had a good imagination so I knew I was destined for some interesting scenarios. During the times I was in charge, I locked her up and left her helpless in the pet suit and I even walked her in public, nearly getting spotted by her neighbour in the process.

Emily giggled as she knelt down and spun me around on the floor, as I was on my back she climbed on top of me. I was still gasping for air as she began to play with my body. Despite being outside of the town, we were still on a public trail. She began by slowly unzipping my hoodie, I didn't have the energy yet to stop her… and I was enjoying 'Take-charge Emily'.

She opened it up, showing my white shirt underneath and due to her earlier orders I was completely braless underneath. I guessed this was for two reasons, one was to see my boobs bounce as we jogged and the other was to see when I was excited by what she did. Right now, I was very excited in anticipation of what she was going to do next and she could tell.

Her hand travelled up my body and lifted up my shirt, showing to the outside world my breasts. It was getting to the point that having my body exposed in public felt tame compared to what me and Emily have done before. Only yesterday, I was tied up underneath my hoodie trying to hold off my orgasms as Emily walked me home.

Her hands gently travelled over my breasts, her fingers teasing at my nipples, she was touching them so gingerly that it was more of a tease than actual pleasure. I wanted her to grab them, to tease and pull them, to take them in her mouth and to clamp them in her teeth. I wanted her to be so rough with my body and use me as her plaything.

I have never been the one who was submissive before and my body fell into the idea so hard.

I couldn't help but giggle as she wrapped her finger inside the ring on the front of my collar, pulling my head upwards towards her and greeting me with a kiss. She was still new to kissing, but she had become much better at it, our lips touched for only a moment before our tongues began to caress each other. I was in awe of Emily's sudden change in sexuality, from something that was only an interest, to having her own submissive. A collared and owned submissive at that.

She finally pulled her head up with a content look on her face. Emily remarked a few times last night how much she enjoyed the way I 'tasted' and she meant that in every sense. She loved the taste of my lips, telling me that they tasted like a strawberry treat she used to have when she was younger. Even when her tongue explored the inside of my vagina last night, she loved the flavour that was left in her mouth afterwards. I couldn't figure out what she was so obsessed with, I was no trophy.

"Right," Emily jumped up, looking around at the area that surrounded us, "Now that we had our morning jog, it's time for us to go back down."

"No!" I pouted, "I want to stay here, I don't want to move another inch."

"Sammy?" she said in her most stern voice, "Come on, we have to go to town. We have to go see Tanya, remember?"

I could feel my heart in my throat, we were only at Tanya's yesterday but the scenario played over and over in my head like a video on repeat. I struggled to even believe the event even happened, it was so unreal and unclear, but the collar around my head reminded me that it was all true. Emily dominating me in the shop, Tanya helping her and leaving half bound… it was something that fantasies were made of… not real events.

"Yes, mistress," I finally said as I stood up on my own.

A grin widened on Emily's face, I knew my current submissive behaviour was doing things to my sister. Despite her forceful and dominant side being in complete control of the situation, I knew it was still virgin territory for us both.

"Okay," I breathed out, "Let's go back to town."

Emily didn't move but instead stood her ground, with her being in charge I wanted to wait for her to make the first move, however, she was holding her ground. She looked me up and down, from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet and she did it with a questioning look on her face.

"What?" I blurted out.

"I'm not liking this," Emily pointed her index finger towards my general direction.

"What do you mean?"

"Something is missing… OH, THAT'S IT!"

She reached into her coat pocket and picked out a blindfold… a blindfold that I recognised from my sex box, the one that was now in her possession. With the object in her hands, she pulled the elasticated fabric and walked over to me.

"I think you should wear this for the journey," The smile never left her face.

I wanted to yell at her and ask her what she was thinking, why would she bring that thing here? To the middle of nowhere in a town that no one cared about? Why? Wh-

It hit me.

It was revenge, for the time I walked her in public. When she was helpless in the pet suit and we almost ran into her neighbour… but we were still close to the house, on a public path that ran around the back of her garden, I know we were pushing each other's limits but to do things this far away from home was crazy.

I wasn't paying attention as Emily walked up to me and placed the blindfold over my eyes. It did an amazing job of blocking my vision, because I couldn't see a single thing anymore, not one drop of light seeped through.

I gingerly touched the fabric. Emily brushed my hand away before taking a step back.

"Hmmmm" she pondered again, "Something else is missing"

I was in agony as my mind searched for all the ideas that were probably going through my Sister's head right now.

"Oh, that's it! It isn't that something is missing, it's that there is too much stuff!"

I was mentally screaming as I knew what was coming next, she was dominant but she was predictable.

"I think there are too many clothes on your body," I could hear her hiding her laughter, "I think we should remove it all! What do you think?"

My heart pounded in my chest as if it was trying to break out, I could feel the wind brushing the parts of me that were already on show. I would be lying if my body wasn't trembling with excitement but the panic and worry was also present.

"Em… I'm not sure-" I pleaded.

Emily spoke to me in a soft and non-demanding tone, a welcome change to the sudden persona change she just had, "Sam, trust me. I won't do anything that will harm you. I love you".

"I love you too." I accepted my fate.

Taking it one step at a time, I took my coat off and let it fall to the floor, I heard Em jump forwards and pick it up, shortly afterwards I felt her hand grab the bottom of my shirt and before I knew it, it was being pulled above my head and my breasts were exposed to the world.

There was no going back now.

"Hehe, naked Sammy," she giggled.

It was funny to think that the geeky Emily was still there behind her dominant cover.

In another swift move, she pulled down my leggings and underwear at the same time, leaving them at my ankles. I was now fully naked and unable to see, anyone could have walked past and had a glance at my birthday suit. I could tell Emily took a step back again, I could feel her eyes digging into my bare skin.

I was aroused. It might have been the semi-helpless situation I was in, Emily's control over me or having my naked body on show outside. My body yearned to be touched and we haven't even moved yet, I'm sure Emily wouldn't give in and fondle me early.

"Oh, one more thing," she said, in her usual cheery tone.

"Please, kill me now," I whispered as I tried my best to hide my current sexual desire.

I felt her pull at my collar, she was gentle but not trying to hide the fact she was messing with it. I could tell she was done when I heard a click, I could hear her move away but the pulling continued and got harsher, to the point I had to take a step forward… and then another step. The leggings wrapped around my ankles made this more difficult.

"Come on!" I heard her command, her voice at least a few feet away from me.

At that moment I realised what she had done, she also brought along the lead that we used during our pet play sessions and attached it to the ring at the front of my collar, I was being walked, not as a pet but as a slave. I was blindfolded and hobbled, being led through an unknown area. I'm sure if Emily had deeper pockets, she would have brought much more with her. I wouldn't be surprised if my hands would have been tied behind my back and I would also most likely be gagged.

The yearning to be touched didn't stop, with my vision gone my brain had more fun thinking of the situation and that made the arousal much worse, I could feel my vagina becoming more and more wet. An unrealistic thought entered my mind of a hiker spotting us and watching my Sister walk her slave through the woods, with them knowing I am owned by her.

"Good girl," Emily reassured me midway through the walk. I loved this so much.

Suddenly, I felt the leash slacken. I stopped, nothing was being pulled. I panicked slightly, my hands immediately wanted to reach up and pull off my blindfold, but for the moment; I held my composure.

"Em?" I asked the area around me, "Emily?"

"Come on, Sam," I heard her voice call back, slightly further ahead of me, "Keep going."

I reached my hands out and took my time walking forward, my underwear around my ankles seemed more restrictive than they were before. I guessed it was because I didn't pay attention to it before, as I was only focusing on being pulled, now I was on my own.

"Em?" I called again, only after taking a few more steps forward.

"Come on, you are falling behind!" I heard her call again, this time noticeably further away.

"EM!" I yelled, a bit more panicked than before. It took all my strength to not pull off my blindfold and pull up my leggings. I knew Emily was messing with me but I felt so exposed. The world went quiet as the wind calmed down. It was eerily quiet, not being able to see had increased the reliance on my hearing, but there was nothing. It was to the point that all I could hear was my heart beating in my ears.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit!"

I finally heard Emily's voice again."Everything okay?"

I mumbled, reaching my hand out to touch her.

"Someone's coming!" she yelled.

My mind instantly went back to the time Emily was almost caught by her neighbour, she jumped into a nearby bush to escape the elderly lady.

"Where do I go?" I begged her, feeling very exposed.

"There's nowhere to go! We are out in the open!"

"Oh shit!"

My brain went into autopilot as I was desperate not just to protect myself, but the dignity of my sister. This was a small town and people talked. What if everyone started talking about Emily being spotted with her sister whilst naked? What if they talked about me being in bondage gear? What… What if Dad and Jane found out?

I jumped forward, holding Emily and taking her with me, diving into the grass below us, hoping with all my might that the grass was long enough to hide our bodies from the nearby walker. Emily landed on her back and my naked form was on top of her. I tried to cover her as best I could, the idea being that if they just saw a naked person, they would be too awkward to confront them and they wouldn't see her or at least recognise her.

My heart was pounding, the quiet world around us being a complete contrast to the screaming that was happening in my mind.

A soft giggle came from Emily, that giggle turned into laughter and that laughter erupted into a roar.

I yanked the blindfold off and looked around, despite it taking a moment to adjust to the light, I could see no one around for miles and despite us being out in the open, we were surrounded by sunflowers and no a single person would be able to find us if we weren't standing.

I sighed, the worry rushed out of my body as my step-sister continued laughing, she was incapable of stopping as tears began to flow down her cheeks. She held her stomach as she tried furiously to catch her breath.

She got me.

She got me good.

I should have been mad, submissive or not. The Samantha of a few weeks ago would have begun a fight with her, turning her buttcheeks black and blue just to teach her a lesson, but I was different now.

I stared at Emily, with her choking on air and trying to calm herself down under the hordes of giggles that exploded from deep within her.

I couldn't stop staring.

She was so perfect.

A smile did rise on my face, it wasn't completely from that situation that just occured, although I was beginning to see the funny side. I was just helplessly and completely in love with her.

Eventually, she managed to control herself and her gaze met mine, we both fell deeply in each others eyes and we never wanted that feeling to stop.

"Why is my leg wet?" Emily asked, looking down at me straddling her leg, my vagina sat just above her knee.

I looked down as well, to discover that I covered part of her leggings with my juices.

"Oh, you really were enjoying it."

"Yeah… sorry," My cheeks went red.

"It's okay, hopefully it will dry before we get to town."

"Can I fuck you… Mistress?" I politely asked.

She placed her hand on my cheek, "Maybe when we get home after Tanya's."

"Okay, can I at least kiss you?"

"Of course."

The bell at the door jingled as me and Em walked through the front door of Tanya's sex shop. It was the exact same as it was yesterday and the smell of latex hit our noses. Emily walked in first, a complete contrast to just a few days ago. She walked in with so much confidence that it was almost as if she lived there. I walked in behind Emily, both as a sign of submission and that I was still embarrassed about yesterday's events. As soon as my foot stepped into the store, my cheeks turned strawberry red.

Tanya was once again behind the counter with her nose in the latest celebrity gossip magazine, she slowly rose up once she saw me and Emily walk through the door. Emily said hello to the older lady but didn't stop, she continued to walk further into the store where the costumes were. Tanya stared at her with a bemused look on her face, but when her gaze met mine, her look turned more annoyed, like an adult about to tell off a toddler.

She placed her hand on her hip with one hand steadying herself on the counter.

"What?" I asked, crossing my arms.

Her eyes scanned the metal ring that was locked around my neck, "I'm surprised you are still wearing that thing."

"My collar? What makes you say that"

"Nothing, just thought you were made of stronger stuff."

I was confused, "Tanya, you were here yesterday, you helped Emily get me in this situation"

"I know… I remember."

"Okay, you are confusing me."

"Don't worry, you'll get it eventually."

Tanya stopped the conversation, once again looking at the magazine that was laid out in front of her. I looked around for Emily who was going through all the costumes on the shelf, at this rate I'm surprised there was anything in the store that we haven't tried yet.

I turned back to the owner, she still wasn't looking up. "Please, tell me. Why does it surprise you that I'm wearing the collar?" I begged her, I hated that she knew more about my situation than I did.

She sighed, closing the magazine as if she knew she wasn't going to get peace from me, "I really shouldn't tell you, these things are more fun to figure out yourself."

"It's something about Emily, isn't it?"

"Well, you guessed that part… why do you think she's become dominant?"

"I…I just guessed she found it deep inside her? It was probably always there."

"You think she's dominant? That girl?"

Tanya pointed towards where my step-sister was. I dared to look behind myself to see that she was currently holding three sexy outfits, two that were sexy schoolgirl and one that was a sexy cat outfit. She had the biggest, goofiest grin on her face.

"Oh…" was all that I managed to say.

Tanya leaned over the counter, getting her face close to mine before continuing her conversation, "What did you get up to today? Did Emily push your limits?"

"…Yeah" I agreed, still nervous talking honestly about my sex life to strangers.

"…And this is something you and your sister do often? You like to push each other, going harder and harder?"

"It has been fun…" I admitted.

"There's your answer," Tanya leaned back, "Emily does not have a dominant bone in her body, she is waiting for you to take back control and she is hoping you will push her further than she has pushed you."

"Are you sure?" I was confused, but it was making sense.

"I can read you two like a book. I know you are enjoying being the submissive, but all three of us know you are the dominant one in this relationship. Just think of who should be wearing the collar."

My fingers played with the ring on the front of my collar.

"What's the matter, hun?" she asked, "You look sad."

I tried a smile but it faded fast, "Nothing, I was just enjoying being the submissive, for once."

"I know, it's easy to follow footsteps, it's harder to make the tracks."

"Thank you."

Tanya smiled to herself, "Wow, that was a very philosophical thing for me to say, you can quote me if ya like?"

She was right. It is harder being the one in charge, but it is what makes me and Emily happy. She is a natural submissive and I was becoming very protective of her. Yes, I pushed her limits but I always kept the situation under control. I felt somewhat numb walking over to my step-sister. She was still holding the three outfits but was still exploring the hundreds of other outfits that she could have potentially gone home with.

"Sam! I've found a few more schoolgirl outfits, I think they would look good on you" Her smile was the most genuine in the world but I finally say Tanya's point, despite imagining me as the role of the submissive, she was obviously thinking of herself wearing these outfits.

Her smile dropped, noticing my stern face, "What's the matter?" She asked.

"Emily, give me the keys to the collar," I said strictly but in a soft voice.

She played dumb, "What do you mean… slave?"

"Em…" I held my hand out, "Come on, time to give it up. We've had our fun"

She looked down for a moment, as if she was taking in the last moments of her freedom before I took over.

"You figured it out," A small but nervous smile greeted me.

I grinned back, "I had a little help, sorry Tanya dropped you in it. Now, the key?"

Still holding the costumes in one hand, she reached into her back pocket and handed me the key to the collar. It was much more flimsy-looking than I thought, as if I could bend it with just two fingers, but actually feeling it in my hand, it felt much tougher.

It took a moment to find the keyhole, but just placing the key into the slot made the collar fly open, as if it was spring loaded. It felt freeing but odd having my neck feel so naked.

Emily glanced at Tanya and then at me, as if she was almost embarrassed to ask what she was about to, "Are… are you going to lock that on me?"

"Not yet. Come on, let's go home." I turned to begin walking out of the store.

"Can I please buy the outfits first?" Emily begged.

"Don't worry about it," Tanya yelled, overhearing our conversation, "I'll get you two a tab, looks like you'll be in here often."

Emily grinned her goofy grin once more, "Thank you."

As we both walked passed Tanya, she handed me a parcel, stating it was something that Emily ordered before she took me as her slave. However, it looked like the tables had turned and I would be using it on her. I thanked her as I took it, I wasn't interested in using it today, I already had something planned for when we got home.

Emily walked behind me as we travelled down the street, we kept silent for the entire time as I went through what was about to happen in my head. I was horny before we got to the shop but now my clit was screaming for attention and now that I had taken back control, I could satisfy my yearning in any way I saw fit. Emily forgot to get a bag from the shop and was hiding all three costumes under her shirt.

The walk home was agonising, every step of the way I was thinking of what I could do with my step-sister, all the ways I could get back at her… but I had taken back control, so I have the rest of our lives to get back at her.


I couldn't help myself.

I grabbed Emily, pushing her against the wall and planting my lips deeply on hers. The small sounds of her giggling were deafened by the sound of the outfits falling out of her shirt and on the floor. She wrapped her arms around me and I couldn't help but moan as my tongue explored hers.

Oh god… I couldn't stop myself. I pulled off her shirt and bra, exposing her small breasts and I picked her up, taking her nipples in my mouth as I carried her to the bedroom. I dropped her on my bed and she was in fits of giggles, she was clearly turned on as much as I was… but I didn't want Emily at the moment… I wanted ‘Pet Emily’. I walked over to her bed and picked up the bondage box from underneath it. The box that started it all would now help us transition into the roles of permanent Mistress and Slave.

"What do you have planned with that?" Emily asked in a mixture of curiosity and nervousness.

She knew when I took charge, I would always push the limits of what we both can do, everytime we took out the box, it was most certainly an interesting night.

"Get naked," I commanded her, I couldn't hold it in anymore… I was horny, hornier than I ever had been before, I needed her now.

As she stood up, she threw off her trousers and underwear in one go. She walked over to me with her head down and her hands behind her back, showing me her submissive side and being a complete contrast to the Emily from this morning.

I pulled out the pet suit from the box, the item that had the most use out of all the toys we had and one that instantly made Emily smirk. As I held it up, she automatically began getting into it, I didn't even need to tell her what to do. Within seconds her body was snug within the layer of latex. I helped her onto her hands and knees where I locked the belts, keeping her hands and feet in place. It was a familiar feeling for my sister, but still one that was still fresh and exciting. I even made a point of brushing my hand past her vagina to excite her even more, what surprised me was how wet it already was.

The next item I brought out was a gag, not the harsh one I used with her first time, but a typical gag that ties around the back of the wearers head. I locked it as tight as it would go without it being uncomfortable. I wanted it to be tight to add to Emily's experience.

As a favour to her, I also added her tail butt plug, which took a lot of lube to get in and the matching cat ears. I wanted her to enjoy feeling like a pet. It took a moment to get it in but Emily let out a soft moan as the plug slid smoothly inside her.

I circled around my creation, Emily was tied tightly and was completely helpless for my pleasure. Despite her arms and legs being trapped in the usual restraints, she still pulled at them to feel how much slack she had. She was beginning to drool as well, the gag was in so tight that she couldn't control her mouth and the butt plug and ears added the authenticity of her being my pet.

I wanted her right now, but there was the last thing I wanted to add.

I sat down on the floor in front of her, her eyes looked up at me and she did a playful smile from behind the gag.

"Okay, is this definitely what we want?" I asked, holding the collar that was once around my neck in my hands.

She glanced down at it and one again back at me, she had complete confidence in herself as she nodded, the only way she can communicate at the moment. I stroked her face, she looked so cute in that outfit, she was cute all the time but when her submissive side came out, it was so adorable.

"Emily," I said, holding the collar out in front of me, "will you be my slave?"

Once again she nodded, this time a bit more erratic than before. I didn't give her time to change her mind as I locked the collar around her neck. I gave her a moment to take in the feeling of the steel on her. It was a strict reminder that you belong to a person, the collar never eased up, it remained completely the same and would always be there. Emily had me tied up tight when she collared me and in some sense, I thought it was only the right thing to do to her as well.

She looked down as if she was trying to see it around her neck, but from the angle she was currently, this was sadly impossible, she would be able to see it and feel it later when I finally took her out of the bondage gear. She wiggled her neck around and got the feeling of the weight the collar had on her neck.

"Do you like it?" I asked.

She once again smiled from behind the gag before lunging her bound body at me. I giggled as I tried to fight her off but she knew I could control my lust. I needed her right now and I knew she wanted me in return, it was the most passionate we had ever been and we couldn't hold back anymore. Despite being fully bound, Emily managed to easily get my top off, showing off my breasts. I couldn't help but laugh at how easy it was for her, as if getting me naked was something so simple to her that she could do it without the use of her hands.

I managed to crawl out from underneath her and escape to the safety of the hallway. This wasn't for long as she lunged at me once more, pulling down my leggings in the process and getting me completely naked. Emily found herself on top of me but I quickly wrestled her to the ground and I was the one on top.

I cheered as if I just won a battle and Emily accepted the defeat and relaxed on the carpet. Her bound arms and legs stretched out in defeat. I leant down and kissed her gagged lips, both of us holding our giggles as the taste of plastic entered my mouth.

I took a moment to examine her body, just staring at her was turning me on in so many ways. The way the latex moved as she breathed quick and deep, exhausted from the play fight. The way it hung tight against her chest, showing off the bottom of her ribcage as she breathed out and the way the material stretched but held her body in place, it was a sight that made my mouth water.

I couldn't stop myself.

I needed her.

I held down her bound arms and placed one leg over hers. I had never done this before but I knew in my head how to do it… I needed to do this. Thanks to the fight we just had, I was already naked, Emily stared up at me as if she was trying to guess what I was about to do.

Beginning softly, I brushed my vagina against hers. Rubbing our clits together up and down and I would have gone from there.

But… holy shit… that's… good… oh… god…

Emily's eyes fluttered to the back of her head as a long and soft moan escaped her lips.

Why is this so…good, it's heaven.

The mixture of our juices allowed me to slide easily over her, I got faster and faster. Emily's body was already beginning to spasm as an orgasm washed over her, but I wasn't finished… not for a long shot.

"Holy shit, Em," was all I could say.

I lost track of time, it could have been a few minutes, it could have been anything up to an hour. I just continued going and going, Emily had multiple orgasms, she came over and over again with not much stimulation needed, I was the opposite… I had a powerful orgasm growing which was taking it's time… it felt amazing, better than years of masturbation I've had.

"Oh… Em, I'm coming" I moaned as the pleasure hit me hard. I sped up… I couldn't hold it anymore, I needed to… need to…

My body shuddered as waves of pleasure travelled up and down, my knees shook and I couldn't hold myself up anymore. I collapsed on top of my step-sister as she was recovering from one of her orgasms too.

I tried to speak but only mumbling came out.

The pleasure between my legs didn't leave but continued to grow, I moaned again as the pleasure of an orgasm hit me again, I was just laying there and not moving anymore but my body was still being pleasured, as if the echoes of us humping was still vibrating deep inside me.

"Oh god! I moaned loudly into the floor as the third and final static orgasm exploded from my body. My body finally stopped shaking. I could feel my nerves trembling but I was done. I had never had a multiple orgasm before.

Emily finally opened her eyes and looked at me, both of us content with the experience we had. I struggled to grab the lock keeping her gag in place, but I somehow managed to unlock it and let her mouth be free. She softly giggled, I returned the giggle and held her close. It was nice just to have her tied body in my arms, she was perfect.

The world stopped around us as we slowly came back to reality, just enjoying the warm, fuzzing feeling of holding and being close to someone we loved. It was a first for me, to love someone and let them in close and to have someone love me back unconditionally. Nothing mattered anymore, I was happy, I was content.

Would Emily keep the collar on and spend the rest of my life as my slave? It was unlikely, but it was special and the collar meant something to both of us. Neither of us knew where the future would take us, but as long as I had her by my side… I knew everything would be okay.

I opened my eyes once more to look at her, the person I loved so much. Her gaze did not meet me back, she was staring with wide eyes to the front door, the entrance to the house.

"Em?" I asked.

"Mum?" she asked.

My heart stopped, I finally looked up to see a horrified and confused Jane standing in the doorway.


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