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Sam and Em

by ForeverAltered

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"Em?" I whispered groggily as I gently woke up from my dream.

Last night, Emily laid in my arms as we fell asleep together. Admittedly, It was a nice moment, but now she was nowhere to be seen. I rose up slowly from my blankets with a mixed feeling of the day before in the pit of my stomach, I remembered the fun we had with the sex shop, Emily buying a butt plug for the first time and me coming home with the dominatrix outfit.

The crying, the moment me and Emily shared when we realised what our secret could do to our family. Emily loved me… and I couldn't tell her that I had the same feelings for her. I wanted her, all of her, to hold in my arms to kiss and touch.

Would I tell her?

Can we both keep it a secret?

What would it do if it got out?

What would happen if this wasn't just a fling?… if it was something more serious?

Now my senses had woken up, I would hear the television in the other room, Emily was awake and probably in the same mood I was… uncertain.

I took a moment to stretch and wake myself up completely. Also, to give myself a bit more time to think before I spoke to her, I needed time to consider what I would do as I knew the conversation was going to come up… well, I knew what I was going to do, I just needed to think before I did it.

I needed a shower and I wasn't going to go in alone.

Before I had the moment to change my mind, I threw off my clothes and grabbed a towel from the ensuite bathroom that we both shared. I put it on tightly to cover my entire body before walking through the house.

As I left our bedroom, I breathed deeply to calm my beating heart as the sound of the TV got closer and closer. I held my towel firmly with my hand, even though I knew it wasn't going to fall down, I needed something to hold to calm my anxiety.

I didn't stop myself before going into the living room, I wanted to look as natural as possible.

Emily was sitting on the sofa, the same spot I sat when we first did the petplay. She was still wearing her pyjamas from last night, but this time she was wearing the pet ears once again, but they were cute and definitely fitted her.

On the TV was a typical game show you would see on during the mornings, but it was at a low volume so Emily wasn't paying much attention to it, it was just background noise to her. She fiddled a bit more with the ears, moving the headband around to try to make it as comfortable as possible.

"Everything okay?" I asked her, walking past the TV and towards the sofa but I didn't sit down.

Her eyes looked up at me and glanced down at the towel, her eyes widened ever so slightly but her stare eventually went back to me.

"Yeah, everything is fine" she grinned softly, "I'm just enjoying wearing the ears, it's a nice look"

"It suits you" I smiled back at her.

She shot me a smile and continued to stare at the tv, still her hand kept fidgeting with the ears.

I wasn't lying to her, the ears suited her well and I enjoyed that she loved them so much. They were black ears that contrasted well to her blond hair and when the band was covered underneath her hair, it looked completely natural to her; It was definitely a cute look.

"Em?" I asked, my hand increasingly tightening around my towel, "About yesterday…"

This wasn't a comfortable thing for me to talk about, I've never spoken about my true feelings and it was obvious. Emily stared at me with a blank look on her face and I struggled to bring out any words, I could talk about anything… literally anything right now, but what was personal to me was never a comfortable place.

"It's okay, Sam" Emily politely interrupted my manic moment, "I completely understand, we cannot be together…"

I could feel that saying that hurt her deep down but she kept it cool.

She continued, "Our parents would hate it, it could mess up everything. We can keep it a secret, but it's uncomfortable for you… I completely understand".

She shot me another smile before looking back at the television. I took a moment to look at her, take in all of her little features, her cute nose, her lips… she was a beautiful young woman and I couldn't help but have feelings for her.

Slowly, I walked behind the sofa and rested my head on her shoulder, taking a quick kiss on her cheek.

"I won't stop you anymore," I whispered into her ear.

Taking a step back, I noticed her posture didn't change, she just stared directly at the TV and didn't stop.

My heart pumped heavily as I slowly took off the towel, I was still behind my step-sister so she couldn't see. It was weird, having me be completely naked whilst in the room of another woman, this time I wasn't hiding anything.

I threw the towel over Emily and quickly exited the room before she had the chance to see anything.

In the bathroom suite, the shower stood over the bathtub with a curtain to give you some privacy. The shower welcomed me immediately with warm water as I slowly stepped my entirely naked body into it and pulled the curtain closed right behind me.

It was a refreshing feeling with the water hitting my face and slowly falling down my body. I wiped the water out of my eyes and pushed back my short, black hair, making it stick to the back of my head.

My heart was pounding, I had completely lowered my sensors in front of Emily, giving her the go ahead to follow her feelings. I was the only thing in the way of whatever was between us, a dam in the middle of a river, a bumper at the end of a train track and a…

A hand gingerly massaged my back, forcing me out of my inner monologue, slowly making its way to my stomach and gently pulling me around.

I shouldn't have been surprised that it was Emily behind it but it was a shock to see her still. She was completely naked, slowly getting drenched in the warm water coming from the shower head, her clothes in a messy pile on the floor which was unlike her, and made it seem as if coming in with me was a matter of urgency.

Her eyes… Her eyes look at me in a different way completely, like a different Emily I had never seen before. The expression I saw on her face was lust, something I had experience with but I had never seen it on my step-sister's face before. It wasn't in a kinky way either, like all the times we have played before, it was a pure need to have me and I couldn't resist her any longer.

She continued to stare directly into my eyes as we held each other close, her beautiful, blonde hair now drenched in the steaming water that ran equally down through our naked bodies. Her body felt amazing to touch, her skin was smooth and warm and welcomed me to explore it. I moved in closer and our petite frames finally touched, I could feel her warm stomach on mine, our breasts were squeezing together and I could feel the thin hairs of her pubic region touching my shaved vagina.

Her beautiful blue eyes moved from my own, down to my lips. It was as if she desperately wanted my lips, like she was starving and looking at food. I knew she wanted it, but something was holding her back and I had to take that step for her.

"Sam… I…", she whispered, well, it was barely even a whisper, I couldn't hear her over the sound of the shower running.

I made the leap, I moved my head forwards and our lips finally touched. My heart finally stopped beating so fast and slowed down to a normal pace, I had finally done it and there was nothing left to fear. Her lips were softer than I imagined and I couldn't describe the feeling that it made me feel. She was stiff, as people usually are when it comes to kissing for the first time.

It was surreal.

After an eternity, we finally moved our heads back. We didn't make out or passionately kiss at this time, it was a sweet, toe-dip into the potential of where the rabbit hole could take us.

"I've… I've never kissed anyone before" she said, once she came back to reality.

I somehow held her even closer, despite our bodies already touching, "Well, that's my first time kissing a woman."


"Yeah, I think I could get used to it."

We both grinned as Emily came in for another kiss, it was as exciting as the first time round. I couldn't get enough of my step-sister. Her scent, the feeling of her skin on mine and how her lips all felt; it was like a drug to me.

I tore myself away from her lips and began kissing her neck, starting low and working my way up to her ear, each kiss was more harsher than the last, leaving slight marks along the way. Em loved it though, each harder kiss made her moan even louder.

I couldn't stop myself.

I began moving further down, kissing past her collarbone, down her chest until I felt her small but firm breasts on my lips, her moans became much more vocal when her nipple entered my mouth. I sucked it and swirled my tongue around it, making the nipple harden inside my mouth. When I was done orally with that one, my mouth found the other nipple and it followed the same way but this time one of my hands was keeping the other breast busy, my fingers doing the same motions my tongue was doing.

"Sam… oh, god… Sam" she moaned, her shaking hands holding onto me tightly, one hand was running through my drenched hair whilst the other was holding the top of my back.

I couldn't stop myself.

When I was done and her breasts were thoroughly used by my hands and my tongue, I moved downwards, I continued to kiss between her breasts and began to kiss downward, down her stomach and passed her belly-button; all the way down I kissed.

"Oh, god… Sam, are you…?" Emily mumbled, knowing what was about to happen.

Her body was amazing to kiss, I could feel every bump and change as I went from skin around her stomach to the more sensitive area down below. My mind wondered how I should approach this, I've never orally pleased a woman before and it was a new territory for both me and her. I didn't know if I should ease us both into it and take it slowly, perhaps teasing her gently before going in further or should I go with my hunger and dive right in as if it was my last ever meal.

Now kneeling in front of her, it was the first time I had ever properly seen her sex before, it was adorable… in a weird way. It was a typical virgin type, all tucked away with the clitoris ever-so-slightly exposed, as if it was supposed to be hiding but interested to see what was outside.

I decided to take the leap and dive right in.

"Oh, wow… Sam… Sam…S…"

Her words were the same but the meaning had completely changed. The first time round she was talking about the teasing, but this time she was getting complete pleasure. I pushed my head into her as far as I physically could go, with my tongue beginning to explore deep inside her.

She tasted so good.

Just like before with her breasts, I alternated between licking and sucking her clit and sticking my tongue inside her. Both of her hands were now on head and in my hair, they were gripping tightly but also moving around as if she couldn't think straight enough to know where to put them. That wasn't my focus at the moment, this was the first time I had orally pleasured a woman and I was now obsessed.

It wasn't just the amazing taste in my mouth from her juices, but it was the moans from Emily that cheered me on, knowing that my step-sister was in ecstasy because of what I was doing to her, was almost like receiving pleasure myself.

My tongue went wild, exploring as far as it could go and not leaving anything untouched and I could see the impact it had on Emily, her moans began getting faster and heavier; with her grip on my head getting tighter, her knees started to buckle.

She let out one final, soft moan before her body started uncontrollable quivering, her hands fell from my head and instead she kept herself up by having one hand on my shoulder and the other on the bathroom wall. The orgasm had hit her weirdly this time round, yesterday when she released herself it was like a hit, a massive, pleasurable blow to her body. This time when my step-sister came, it was more like a crawling sensation, a slow, creeping and blissful feeling that began at her vagina and spread out both downwards and upwards her insides.

Her moans were short but getting louder and louder with each second. Her legs were the first thing to go, as the pleasurable sensation hit them, Emily was no longer able to keep standing with her own strength. It was this time that Emily's other hand; the one that was secured on the wall, had grabbed my other shoulder. She was now resting the entirety of her weight on me.

"Sam… oh, god", she still managed to say, "I'm close…"

My hands reached round her and grabbed her back, making sure she wasn't going to fall backwards. With her body secure enough, I began licking and sucking as hard and quickly as I could muster. I began moaning myself as I enjoyed the situation and the taste that was hitting my tongue. It tasted sweet and savoury at the same time and wasn't overpowering. Emily gripped hard into my body as the reaction to my faster tongue movements finally hit her.

"Oh, shit!" she yelled loudly, the bathroom echoing her profanity. Her body shook violently as it writhed on my mouth and tongue. It was impossible to explain the rush of taste that entered my mouth at that time, it was delicious and I couldn't have had enough of it.

I didn't realise my tongue was going faster and faster, the flavouring that filled my mouth so much that everything else felt numb. Emily wasn't able to tell me to stop or tell me that the feeling was too much because she wasn't with me anymore, was physically there but mentally she was on another planet. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she gave herself up to her pleasure.

"Emily?" I asked, painfully pulled myself away from her sex, "Are you still in there?"

Her body went stiff but I could feel her muscles spasming with the lasting effect of the orgasm going through her.

"Em?" I asked one more time.

One moment she was standing and the next she collapsed on top of me, which caused me to fall backwards. With her mind still far, far away, she managed to fall in a way that she was lying on top of me, with her head resting on my chest.

"Em?" I said with a little more concern, "Is everything okay? I'm getting worried."

I moved her head upwards to look at me, her moans finally stopped and her iris finally rolled forward, staring at me with a sort of shocked expression. She leaped forwards, kissing me on the lips with much more intent and passion than I had ever seen from her before. It probably didn't occur to Emily that my lips and mouth were covered in her flavour.

"That was… intense" She murmured softly as she finally broke away from me, "I never felt anything like that before."

Once again she lowered her head onto my chest with the water from the shower still spraying over us as we held each other tightly.

"Can you go in first?" Emily gently pushed me.

It was the second time Tanya's shop stood in front of us. Yesterday, Me and Emily walked in with no problems, obviously with Em being alot more timid in front of sexual outfits and toys. Today, we were both struggling to find the courage to walk through the door.

It had taken an hour for Emily to be able to walk again after our play in the shower this morning and we managed to get to the store just before the turn of midday. Despite the purchases yesterday, Emily still begged me to come with her today as she had more ideas in mind.

"You wanted to go in," I replied, after taking a few moments to think, "why don't you go in first?"

Tanya seemed like a lovely lady, but with our little outburst in her store yesterday and the thought that she was the only other person who knew about our relationship, it felt like a massive hurdle to cross the boundary into her shop.

"You are more into this stuff" she begged, prodding me slightly with her index finger.

I turned towards her, slapping her hand away from me, "What did you want to come here for anyway? We already have a large selection of toys at home now."

"A thought came to mind and I wanted to get something for when it could potentially happen."

"What does that even mean?"

"You'll find out… just please go in!"

"No, you go in first."

"Would one of you go in first?" A voice came from in front of us.

We were too busy arguing to notice that Tanya opened the door to her shop and was standing in the doorframe with her hands on her hips, she must have been watching us stand in front of her shop for the last few minutes.

"Come in, I don't bite," she turned around and disappeared into her store, leaving the door wide open for us to follow her.

Me and Em looked at the open entrance for a short while with some of the awkwardness gone as Tanya was the one to begin the conversation, all we needed to do was enter the establishment, but we knew some awkwardness was still to come.

"Sam?" Emily whispered next to me.

"What is it, Em?" I asked.

"Can you go in first?"

The shop was exactly the same as it was the day before, everything was in the same spot. The walls were covered in sex toys and in the middle of it all was the racks of clothing, all sexual outfits. The smell of vinyl and latex filled my nostrils, but it also made it smell very clean. Tanya had climbed back behind the cash register and was reading a music magazine, with images of famous rock bands on the front.

Tanya seemed like a very alternative woman, someone who is the complete opposite of vanilla and had many years of experience of not being normal. The five piercings in one ear made that fact perfectly clear. I never took much time to look before, but it surprised me how young Tanya actually looked, despite her plump body and experience in this adult way of life, it was odd seeing that she couldn't be anymore than ten years older than me and Emily, but she was far more mature than we could ever be.

"So, have you two figured out what relationship you have?" she asked, not looking up from her magazine.

"We aren't really sure yet," I said.

"Okay, well let me know when you guys know."

"Would you be able to help us once we do know?"

"Oh? No, I'm just being nosy," she winked at me before looking back at her magazine.

…I want to take back the part where I thought she was mature.

I turned around, expecting Em hiding behind my back once again but she was on the other side of the store, staring at the large collection of sexy outfits. She looked like she was browsing normal outfits at a typical clothing store, rather than staring at adult attire.

"Are you okay, Em?" I asked across the empty shop.

She poked her head up with a large smile, "Yeah, everything is okay."

"Has anything new happened between you two?" the more mature lady continued to ask, still not looking up from her magazine, "You have that house alone between you two, have you done any more experimenting?"

"Why are you so interested?" I quizzed her, “it honestly cannot be that interesting, can it?”

"As I said, I'm nosy." A small smile spread across her face, "It's been a slow day and it feels like months since I had any good gossip."

"You literally saw us yesterday." I crossed my arms, it seemed like she was having fun winding me up as my sister browsed her wares.

"Tanya" Emily yelled from the other side of the room, "Could I get your help with something?"

"What is it, Em-?" I asked.

"No worries, hun," Tanya spoke over me.

She got her large frame out from behind the desk and walked over to the entrance to the shop, locking the door before any other customers could potentially come in. As she walked back, she grabbed the magazine and placed it into my hands.

"Here you go, read your star sign or something," a giggle erupted from her as she walked away from me and to my more innocent sibling, "What are you looking at, hun?"

They continued to talk far away from me about numerous items that sat on her shelves. It was a shock that Emily was interested in so much stuff. The magazine caught my eye as Tanya actually gave me the page that was on the horoscope sections. I briefly glanced over all the other star signs before catching mine.

"A chance encounter would make a lasting change to your life," I read it out loudly so everyone could hear, "Whether you take this encounter, or be blind to it; that is up to you."

Tanya turned her head towards me for a moment. "Typical Libra," she winked at me before turning back.

I continued to look through the magazine, it had many articles on celebrities and what they do in their normal lives. It took a moment to sink in but I soon realised that many of the small stories I was reading were old, they were events that happened around two years ago. I closed it and looked at the front cover and it confirmed that the magazine was indeed, over two years old.

"Tanya," I was curious, "Why are you…"

"You still reading that?" she asked, walking up towards me, "Emily is in the changing room and she will need your help."

"Yeah, I will help her out, I was just wondering…"

"She can't wait, she's just back there on the left. GO, GO GO!"

She interrupted me once again, taking the magazine out of my hand and pushing me towards the back of the store.

Tanya was bigger than me, in both width and height, I knew I wouldn't be able to fight back in any way and she was still being friendly; despite the new pushy attitude. I had no choice but to follow her order.

"She's back here?" I pointed towards the back.

She finally sat back behind the counter, nodding with a large smile.

The back of her store was very small, it was like a mini warehouse with cardboard boxes stacked on metal shelves. The only other things to occupy the room were a door to a bathroom, an emergency exit door and a small room that had a red, velvet curtain drawn across to give the occupier some privacy. I assumed that it was the only place Emily could be at the moment.

"Emily?" I asked, just to be safe.

"I'm in here," she confirmed.

I drew back the curtain to the sight of Emily taking off her shirt in front of a large mirror. On one side of the changing room was a small bench for sitting and placing items and on the other side was a metal rail for putting up outfits. It was obvious that this shop sold clothes before Tanya took control over it as the changing room felt as if it was a completely different style to the front of the shop.

"Come in and close it up," Emily laughed, "I need some privacy."

"Why are you acting so weird?" I questioned her as I closed the red curtain behind me, "You aren't usually this forward."

"What can I say?" She threw off her bra without taking a second through, exposing her breasts, "You've brought out a new side of me I suppose."

"Oh, have I?" I giggled.

I looked forward, towards the large mirror. I wore a baggy hoodie with leggings and my step-sister was standing next to me almost completely naked, only her white panties covering her most vulnerable area.

This is when I noticed the selection of outfits that Emily had taken off the shelf, the entire bench was covered in so many of them that I could hardly see any bench left.

"Really, Em?" my mouth hung open, "Do you need that many outfits to try?"

"I want to keep my options open." She grabbed a white outfit and slowly put it on herself, "-but, I get that it is a lot. Is there any that you like the look of? You could try some on if you would like?"

I sighed loudly, "What do you have?"

"Ummm, a nurse outfit, sexy police officer, a latex catsuit, playboy bunny, Japanese schoolgirl and I also picked out some harnesses too that looked fun."

"Wow, you really have changed from the vanilla Emily that I once knew, what outfit are you trying on?"

"The Japanese schoolgirl" she gasped, pulling the skirt up and fastening it as tightly as she could.

"Looks nice" I complimented her as she made a weird Japanese anime pose, something that flew right over my head.

"Is there anything you would like to try?" She asked once again, pointing to the large collection.

"No," I partially lied. The outfits didn't interest me at all but the harnesses did. I couldn't even tell what they were for but the presentation of leather and metal did something to me that made my knees weak.

"Is there anything that interests you? You keep looking at something."

"Oh," My face went red at the whole situation, "Umm… I was just checking those harness things."

"Yeah? These two?" Emily knelt down and picked the two items up, the skirt did very little to hide her underwear. "They looked interesting."

One of the items looked like underwear, but Emily didn't allow me to have a good look at it. She held the other harness in her hand which I did look at in detail, it was a simple belt-looking item with leather handcuffs linked to it.

"Would you like to try it on?" Emily asked, acting as if it was a simple piece of clothing.

"Are you sure we can? Would Tanya mind?" I asked, worryingly.

"Yeah, Mum gave me a bit of cash before she went on holiday and I decided to spend it on me and my favourite person in the world. So… we are going all out today."

This was another side of Emily I had never seen before, all the time I had known her, she wasn't materialistic in the slightest, despite living a relatively wealthy life. She seemed so innocent and simply entertained. Right now, she sounded like a rich, spoiled girl.

"Umm, sure" I accepted it, "Can I try the harness out?"

"Sure" she handed me the item.

It was really good quality but felt flimsy not being locked on. If a vanilla person saw it, they would just have assumed it was just a set of belts that were attached together.

After mustering up some courage, I finally pulled off my hoodie, exposing my body which was only covered by my bra. I never bothered putting on a shirt for this trip.

"Tanya won't interrupt us, will she?" I asked her, to which I got her crossing her head as a reply, Emily was still staring at her body in the mirror, covered with the Japanese school girl outfit.

"Why are you keeping your bra on?" she quizzed me, looking at me through the mirror.

"I don't need it off… Do I?"

"Would make things easier later, for when you want to wear outfits."

She didn't make much sense as I was only interested in the harness, but to keep her quiet, the bra came off and found itself on the floor. I was still self conscious of my bare breasts as I was getting used to showing my body off in front of my sister.

The main part of the harness I locked around my stomach, I locked it as tight as I could so I could feel it holding me in it's grasp but It wasn't causing any discomfort. The two handcuff parts were hanging loose against my thighs. I grabbed one and locked it against my wrist, once again trying to get it as tight as possible without digging into my skin, with one hand I managed to lock the strap so I couldn't easily get out.

I pulled the cuff away from my body with all my strength, but it did a great job at keeping it bound. I wasn't able to lift my hand any higher and it stopped me even placing my hand at my side like normal, it wouldn't ease my hand away at all.

"Oh, do you want me to lock the other one for you?" Emily grabbed my hand and quickly began placing it in the other cuff.

"Em, you don't have to-" I stammered, but my protest ended quickly as she was already placing the strap on and before I knew it, both of my hands were locked in this harness.

I wanted to continue arguing, Emily did something I didn't ask her to do and my head was screaming at me to yell at her, but that thought quickly was drowned out by the feeling that overwhelmed me. I tried to pull against the restraints but my hands still didn't travel too far. The feeling of pleasure hit me hard, I was helpless and what felt like waves of electricity was heading towards my groin.

I moaned silently to myself, not wanting to give Emily too much of an idea of what was happening to me.

"Oh, we have this one too" Emily picked up the underwear looking one. It was leather with two holes, one at the front and the other at the back. The two straps at the sides had padlocks placed on them.

"Is that a chastity device?" I asked, completely shocked and confused at what I was seeing.

"I'm not too sure, I saw it on the shelf and it looked fun. Want me to put it on?"

"I can do it, If you unlock my wrist cuffs, I will do it myself."

"It's okay" She smiled loudly, "I can do it for you. Just need to get your leggings off."

I murmured to myself, wanting to stop my sister but curious of what the belt would feel like down there. Emily's hands tickled my sides as she grabbed the top of my leggings, bringing them down as well as my underwear in one swoop.

"Em!?" A mixture of a gasp, giggle and pure shock came out of my mouth as in a second I went to being completely naked at the back of this store. I stepped out of the rest of my clothes as Emily placed them on the side and grabbed the belt. She took a moment to look at it and figure out how to use it.

"Hey, girls" Tanya threw open the curtain, "How is it going?"

"Tanya!" I screamed, bending myself over to try and hide myself from her view, my hands were useless at hiding anything so my breasts were on full display at not just my step-sister but this stranger we only met yesterday.

"Oh, don't worry" She winked again, "It's nothing that I haven't seen before."

"GET OUT!" I screamed again, my cheeks blushing.

Despite the years she had in this type of industry, the sight of step-sisters, one in a Japanese schoolgirl outfit and the other one completely naked with a harness around her stomach must have been a new experience.

"Okay, I'll leave this here then," She placed an item on the side behind Emily.

She took another moment to look at the situation again before she spotted the chastity belt that was in Emily's hands.

"Oooooh!" She gasped, "I have some items that go with that, I'll quickly grab them for you."

Just as quickly as she came in, she left us alone again.

"Can you let me out before she comes back," I begged her, "This is too weird!"

"Sam" Em reassured me, "We are just having fun, we will try a few things out and leave when we are ready. I won't let anything happen to you that you don't want."

She stood back, giving me a bit of space and allowed me to think. I was startled by the new situation but I would be lying if I said I wanted to leave right now.

"We both know Tanya is harmless. She's eccentric, but she's friendly and only wants the best for us both. So let's indulge ourselves for the moment."

"Okay," I whispered, a small smile rising on my face.

"Okay, let's get this on." She took the padlocks off the belt, allowing it to open up completely, which meant she could attach it without getting me to step through it. Just like the wrist cuffs, she tied both sides tight, causing the belt to be locked against my skin without any way for it to come loose. It looked like a large thong that was made of leather but the padlocks on the sides was the only giveaway that it was kinky wear, that and the holes that allowed access both vaginally and anally. This did raise my curiosity as chastity belts were supposed to stop access to these areas, not allow it.

I pulled at the cuffs, after getting enough slack I managed to feel the top of the belt. The leather felt amazing and it refused to budge at all, with me being locked in, it was impossible to remove without the keys to the locks.

"What did Tanya leave?" I questioned Em, still fingering the leather that was wrapped around my waist.

"Oh… this!" Emily turned around and held up a ball gag. It was a typical gag, a sphere with holes in it that was attached to two leather straps that locked around the head. It was a fairly ordinary piece of kit and I was surprised she made such a fuss over it. That was when I realised the only other gag we had was one that attached to the original pet suit that I made her wear, and it was very harsh for a newbie or vanilla person; the gag she held in her hands was more of a typical type.

She giggled and danced around a bit before putting the gag into her mouth, it cemented the Japanese anime look she was going for wearing that outfit. She tried to open her mouth as far as it could go, but the gag wouldn't go past her teeth. Despite the months I thought she had a big mouth, this is the only time that it was completely untrue. She finally gave up, looking at the object with complete disappointment.

"Oh, that's a shame. It's too big for me" she sulked.

I felt sorry for her for a brief second, before she turned to me and her eyes lit up for a split second.

"Will it fit in your mouth?"

She quickly got behind me, despite my protests I found myself opening my mouth to allow the object to invade me orally. It went in without any problems and Em locked it as tight as she did the other items on me. It happened so fast that I forgot to ask her to take off the first harness that currently locked my hands to my sides.

I was now locked.

It clicked, when she turned around to look at me, It clicked.

She was just wearing a sexy outfit, but I was now locked in three different bondage items, this was Emily's game and I fell right into it. I was locked and helpless… all I could do was move my legs, but that wouldn't take me anywhere as my hands were useless. I was helpless and I had to ride whatever train Emily wanted us to take. I was hers.

"You look amazing," she smiled once more, this smile was different, it was meaningful and full of hidden meaning. She probably knew that I now know my situation and my helplessness to it, she probably knew that I was overthinking the situation… which I was. When did she decide this? Was Tanya in on this? Why was she helping and how far will she take this?

My thoughts were immediately stopped when the curtain was pulled open once more. Mentally, I wanted to hide my body again but I knew it was useless, I couldn't hide anything from them. My breasts were fully on show and my vagina, despite being covered with the belt, could easily be seen through the hole. I was helpless to not only Emily, but to Tanya as well. I knew things wouldn't go too far, but it was still weird being so naked and helpless.

"Looking good, Sam!" She giggled as she handed a few more items to Emily. She looked at me up and down again before looking back at Emily, "I need to get that last thing, did you want me to take the outfits you don't want?"

"Yes please," Emily pleasantly answered, it was the way she always spoke to everyone, an odd feeling as her dominant side was taking over, "We will take this outfit I'm wearing, and everything Sam is wearing. If you could get that thing for me and order that other thing, please."

"No problem." Her now famous wink greeted us once again before she left us, this time leaving the curtain open. She took all the outfits that were on the bench behind Emily, leaving the two items she just gave her. I was still too self-conscious of my body to look at what was exchanged between the two women and my mind was racing, what item was Tanya getting and what did Emily order? I already felt somewhat claustrophobic in my harness and the idea of more things locked on me made my stomach turn slightly, but also piqued my curiosity.

"Huh?" Was all I managed to say past the gag, I wanted to ask her what all the questions that ran through my head, but it was impossible with a silicone ball locked in your mouth.

"You know those holes that are in your belt?" Emily bent down once more, showing me a peak of her underwear under her skirt, "These are supposed to go in them."

Emily opened a plastic box, and two strange looking dildos came out. They were flesh coloured with a circular black base with one significantly bigger than the other, the base was black, a very similar colour and texture to the chastity belt I was currently wearing. They were typical dildos, they weren't in the shape of male genitals but were long shafts that stayed the same shape, getting thinner slightly at the end before going back to it's normal size.

"You are usually the dominant one" Emily's smile stayed, "I thought it would be fun to get my payback, I hope you don't mind."

Our eyes met, I was still in this helpless situation. She was right, I was usually the one who took control and in the weeks that we knew each other, I made her do some pretty silly and sexual things, most things people would never even think of. I was enjoying the feeling of the leather keeping me locked away and I was happy to get a taste of my own medicine. I ended my thought with a nod.

She responded with her smile widening slightly. Without breaking eye contact, she took the larger of the dildos into her mouth. She had never had a guy's penis in her mouth before and the dildo was larger than average, but she took it into her mouth without hesitation. Lubricating the phallic object with her saliva, she took another step towards me before gently falling onto her knees. My breathing quickened as I felt the dildo invade the entrance of my vagina. Unknown to both of us, I was loving the harness too much and it had made me extremely wet, this meant that I gave no resistance as the dildo filled me up.

With no control over my thoughts, I moaned loudly through my gag as it was the first time in a long time I had something so large inside me. As the base touched the belt, something clicked and held the dildo in place, with my hands still locked in the harness, taking the dildo out of me was an impossibility.

Emily stood up quickly, the skirt of her schoolgirl outfit flying up and once again revealing her underwear for a brief moment.

"Wow, I didn't expect that to go in so easily," she laughed to herself, "Are you okay?"

I nodded once again, still moaning to myself as I felt the object explore me with every little movement I made. Emily looked at me, taking in my entire being in this particular situation, I was completely bound and helpless, I was moving slightly side-to-side, feeling the dildo touch the walls inside me.

"Ah, I can't take it anymore!" Emily pleaded, she moved up to me, pinning my bound form against the wall, she kissed my bound mouth passionately, as if the ball gag wasn't locked inside my mouth. Her hands explored the back of my head and unlocked the back of the ballgag, freeing my mouth for a second before she took my mouth against hers. Despite only first kissing this morning, the situation got the better of me and I stuck my tongue inside her mouth and she wrapped her tongue around mine. We knew our moans were loud, we wanted this and we even stopped breathing properly as our minds were currently occupied. To take it to the next step, Emily's fingers found my nipples and she began teasing them in the same way I was doing with her in the shower this morning. My groans echoed inside her mouth.

Emily finally pulled herself away from me. We both took a minute to finally find our breath. Her hands spent a moment exploring my body before she finally spoke.

"Okay…" She breathed out, "I'm going to go back into mean mode… Is that okay?"

"Oh, god, yes," I begged back, desperately wanting my lips on hers.

"I'm going to put the gag back in."


I held my mouth open as the familiar taste of the silicone ball filled it up, it was covered in my spital, but I didn't mind. I was helpless again, I was plugged and it felt amazing.

Emily bent down once more, the flash of her white panties greeting me once more, this time I wanted to touch her, I wanted to taste her the same way I did this morning, I was yearning for her vagina, that sweet taste in my mouth once again, but due to my bound form, I was unable to do anything unless my step-sister allowed it.

"Here we go." She held up the other dildo. It was much smaller than the one that was currently invading me. It was cute in some ways, designed in exactly the same way, a long phallic shaft with a thinner part in the middle, but only three to four inches in length whereas the dildo in my front had to be seven inches minimum.

Emily reached into the pocket of her jacket which was hanging above the bench. She pulled out the lube that she brought from Tanya yesterday, the one she used to place her tail inside her. She drowned the dildo in the lube and turned round to me, with her index finger she made a circle motion, to tell me to turn around.

I gulped, I've never really tried buttplugs before and my first one was larger than I expected it to be, much larger than what Emily had inside her. I spread my legs for my sister, as far as I could go without the risk of falling over.

She didn't waste any time, placing a small amount of lube around the entrance to my bum before placing the smaller dildo inside me. It was uncomfortable at first but added to the intense feeling of being plugged both front and back. The click came a lot sooner than I thought, confirming that I was filled both ways.

The uncomfortable feeling soon went, the pressure just added to the stimulation from the front plug. I slowly stood up with Emily holding me in case I accidentally fell over. "There we go" she patted my back, "How do you feel?"

"Mmmph, mmph," I moaned through my gag, it was supposed to be a 'so, so' but the object stopped it.

"How is it going so far?" Tanya once again interrupted us, she held her hands behind her back as she walked up to us. A small giggle escaped her lips as she noticed my new situation, despite her not being able to see anything down there, I still felt naked as my breasts were fully on show, to add to my embarrassment, my nipples were fully erect due to the make out session minutes earlier.

"I think she is enjoying it," Emily looked at me, staring at my bound form once more.

"Good, good. I have that… thing, when you want it."

"Yes, perfect!" my step-sister clapped her hands together.

More… there was more? I was currently in a completely helpless situation in front of two people, I was bound, gagged and plugged. I still couldn't get over the situation. My step-sister; who was the most submissive and innocent person I knew, was dominating me in front of another person and taking it to further and further levels. I've been into bondage for many years and I would have never even imagined this, ever.

"Sammy?" Emily asked in her sweet voice, "Could you please close your eyes?"

I gave both her and Tanya a look that meant, why? but ultimately agreed, closing my eyes as tight as I could.

"I don't think she's closing them tight enough" Tanya pondered, "I'll put my hands over her eyes just to make sure."

"Good idea," Emily laughed.

After a few seconds, I felt Tanya's hands completely cover my eyesight, I even peeked my eyes open and I couldn't see anything through her digits, I was now blind, gagged and bound. I heard Emily move around a bit before I felt something cold touch my neck. I visibly trembled and Emily apologised, Tanya reassured me that everything would be okay.

Once again the cold thing touched my neck, this time it was the whole way around my neck, but my body quickly got used to it. I could feel Emily move her hands round the back of it and she finally took a step back. "Wow, what do you think?" she asked.

That is when Tanya let go and allowed me to see. I immediately looked into the mirror as the two women shuffled around me to look for themselves. I was still my bound form, gagged and plugged, I knew that but the mirror showed that I was now collared and not just an ordinary collar, it was a metal collar, a thin but tough pipe that sat flush against my neck, travelling all around.

I was… owned?

The only thing that deviated away from the collar was a ring at the front. This is for multiple uses and I'm sure Emily already had many ideas in mind. If I had full access to my arms I would hold it and pull it to make sure it was properly secured.

"Do you like it?" Emily asked once more, her face was serious, the playful side of both her and the shopkeeper had completely gone now.

Emily… the girl who only just started her bondage journey, the one who spent most of her time with me bound and leashed, had now gone the full mile and got a collar, a collar that stated I was her property.

She was playing with her fingers, the typical thing she would always do when she was uncertain about anything.

“If you want, I can take it off," she murmured, "I didn't know if this was too far."

I was numb, but I managed to shake my head. I didn't want her to take it off, did I?

Tanya yelled with delight, grabbing both me and Emily and pulling us both into a big hug.

"So that is the key for her collar" Tanya showed her an odd looking key, she was now back behind the desk and me and Emily were fully dressed.

Well, fully dressed was an understatement. I was still locked up, none of the items I put on in the dressing room had come off. The leggings were put on over my chastity belt and the plugs were still in. My hoodie was placed over my bound arms with the loose sleeves placed into the pocket at the front, to make it seem as if I just had my hands in my pockets. Despite being the middle of summer, Tanya let me borrow a scarf of hers which covered my gagged mouth.

In front of a normal person, they wouldn't know that I was locked up beneath my clothes.

"…and these are the keys for the belt" Tanya gave Emily some small traditional keys.

Emily thanked her, placing all three of the keys into her bra with a devilish look on her face.

"Well, that's it," Tanya sat back, "If you need anything else, please let me know."

"It should be okay. I'm sure she won't cause me much trouble," Emily smiled at me before digging into her pocket and taking out a small remote, "Yeah, we will see how good you are."

"I almost forgot about that," Tanya grinned.

"Come on, Sam. Our parents will be home in a few hours so we better get back"

She pressed a button and an intense feeling from underneath me appeared from nowhere, both dildos came to life and began vibrating. The one in my vagina was giving me immense pleasure whilst the anal one created pressure, which added to the overall feeling. It wasn't just that, both dildos were growing inside me, pumping up and down at the same time. It was a feeling beyond description and was pleasuring me quickly with a lot of power. I dreaded to think how many orgasms I would have before we got home and even worse, my legs were already struggling to hold my weight, I didn't think I could walk once I began to orgasm publicly.

Emily linked her arms in mine and walked me out of the shop, the sounds of buzzing filling the air, "Goodbye, Tanya. We'll see you tomorrow."

"Mmmphmmphmmph?" I yelled behind the gag, which was supposed to be 'tomorrow?'

I struggled to even think straight, Emily pulled me past many people who were walking the street, unaware that I was both bound and fighting off an orgasm.

Maybe I can fend off the orgasm? Maybe I can take my mind off the pleasure? Maybe I can fight it and not explode outside in front of other people.

I lost.

"We're home!" Jane burst through the door with my father close behind her. They came home a few hours later than we thought they would, it was dark outside by the time they entered the house.

Me and Emily walked up to greet them, I was finally unlocked from my bindings just less than an hour before. The toys placed in the box with the other sex toys, the dildos had to spend a few minutes soaking in the sink. It still felt weird being able to move my hands a few centimetres away from my body.

"Hey, Mum," Emily laughed as her Mother embraced her and grabbed me to include me in their hug, which gave me PTSD from Tanya's hug from before.

"How're my girls?" she asked, finally stopping the hug and placing her hands on our cheeks, "Did you miss us? Sorry we left so quickly."

"It's okay, Mum" Emily said, "It's something you needed. How was the holiday?"

"Ah, it was perfect" She moaned softly, "But our bed is calling me, do you mind if we talk about it tomorrow?"

"No problem."

Jane gave Emily one final hug before grabbing her suitcase and taking it to their bedroom. My Dad awkwardly grabbed his suitcase and walked up to me, showing much less emotion than his partner before him.

"How is everything?" he asked, straight to the point.

"Everything is good," I said back.

"Nothing went wrong, nothing broken?"

"No, exactly as you left it."

"Okay, I'm going to bed. It was a long drive, so we'll talk tomorrow then, I guess?"


"That's a nice necklace" he said, pointing slightly to the new collar that hung around my neck, luckily the locking mechanism isn't easily viewable from the front.

"Thank you, Emily got it for me."

He nodded slightly and followed Jane to the bedroom.

"Wow" Emily placed her arm around me, "Any more ice and we'll have penguins knocking at the door."

"Well, that's me and Dad for you," I sighed, noticing the contrast between us and Jane with Emily.

When the door to their bedroom closed, Emily wrapped her arms around me and planted a kiss on my lips. She kept her face very close to mine, her eyes jumping between my own eyes and my lips.

"How about we go to bed early too?" She smiled, "It's been a long day and I think we need a rest ourselves."

I could help but grin, the Emily in front of me was much more comfortable and controlling, it was almost like she was a completely different person.

"So… what do you say?" she asked one more time.

My grin widened, "Yes, Mistress."


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