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Sam and Em

by ForeverAltered

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"What do you think of this one?" Emily asked, picking up a white shirt with a cute cat pattern on the front.

"It looks okay" I gave it a quick glimpse.

The small town my father forced me to move into had hardly any decent shops. It was a quiet place that had lost many of it's buildings to time. The high street, which was once full of life has now transformed into a wasteland of empty windows. For every one store that was open and serving customers, two stores were completely abandoned.
As none of the open shops were clothing stores, me and Emily had to look through a few charity shops instead, most of them interested my sister… but to me they were all ugly.

I scoffed as I put the jacket I was wearing back on the hook, "Is there nowhere else we can shop?"

"Just a few more charity shops and a newsagents," Emily continued to look at the kitty shirt, "…oh, we do have a stationery shop too, that's if you want paper or pens. There is also a cafe and a petrol station outside of town"

"Great… so nothing then?"

"Life is what you make of it, Big Sister," she poked me in the side, "If you need more we can take a bus to the next town, they have plenty of shops there."


Emily turned to me with three pairs of shirts resting in her arms, "I think I will take these!"

"Just make sure to wash them first, you never know who wore them last."

Emily chuckled and reached into her bag to grab her purse. She asked me to look after her bag as she went to the bored cashier sitting behind the desk. My claustrophobia set in whilst looking around the store, which was a glorified cupboard to begin with. The clothes took over half the store, the rest of it was useless trinkets that served no real purpose other than to be looked at and a few DVDs that no one would want to watch… and a few VHS tapes.

"God, I'm in hell," I whispered to myself as I leaned against a wall and waited for Emily to be finished at the counter. I felt the contents of her bag getting crushed between the wall and my body.

"Oh god!" I heard Emily yelp, "Oh god!"

As I looked up at her, I saw her bent over slightly, the lady behind the counter looking at her in a slightly concerned, but mostly unbothered face. I expected her to ask her if she was sick or it was her time of the month, but the lady just stared as if the situation was an effort for her.

I began to step forward, but Emily stood up finally and asked the lady to excuse her for one moment. She turned around and walked towards me with a shocked expression on her face and her knees touching.

"Turn it off please," she whispered, when she was close enough to me, "Please, please turn it off!"

"Turn what off?" I was genuinely confused.

"In the bag!" she grunted, almost doubling over once more.

"What?" I opened the contents of the bag and it all looked normal. Her mobile phone was lying at the bottom with a pack of tissues and a few hairbands, a typical thing you would expect a young woman to have.

One thing did stick out though, a small light was highlighting the satin material, flashing quickly. It was the remote control to the vibrator I had shown her just yesterday, but why was it here?

I looked up with a shocked smile stretched across my face, the sudden realisation of what was happening caused my dominant side to return.

"Now, why did you do that?" I closed the bag and crossed my arms.

The expression on her face became desperate, "Please, Sam… Turn it off, please?"

"Why? I'm not turning it off until you tell me why you decided to do this."

"I can't… not here," her knees were now touching, "Please, I promise I'll tell you in a bit."

"Okay, okay," I let it go, reaching into the bag and turning off the power button.

She began standing normally now as the device stopped vibrating inside her, she cleared her throat and thanked me softly. Once again, she turned around and headed back to the cashier, apologising profusely as she opened her purse to pay. The lady took the money and gave her the change with the same bemused look on her face. Emily thanked her and apologised at the same time, taking the bag with the clothes in it.

She began walking towards me, an embarrassed look on her face as she went to grab her bag from my shoulder.

"Nope!" I smiled, "I'm keeping this!"

The look on Emily's face dropped as she realised what me keeping the bag meant, she had a toy inside her that could go off anytime I decided and it would remain there until we got home. In public, she had no way to remove it without causing some sort of public indecency. I grabbed her purse and placed it with the rest of her stuff.

"Come on, let's go," I grinned.

We both left the store, Emily awkwardly standing next to me, not knowing if I would press the button again. I noticed she was looking at all the people who walked past us, most of these people she probably saw many times in her life and any of them could easily see her being pleasured by an unseen object.
Unintentionally, she held her skirt down as if she suddenly felt more exposed.

I looked at every shop we passed, if it was a new shop I was interested in what it could potentially sell me and if it was a closed up shop, I imagined what it could have sold in the past. Many of them weren't interesting to me in the slightest, nothing modern or suitable for people my age. Each building that we passed, my hopes for finding something interesting in this town was slowly diminishing.

"This is a new one," Emily spoke up from behind me.

I looked up at what she was talking about, a shop that stuck out from the rest. The first thing that shocked me was that it was painted black, a strong contrast to the pale shops that littered the rest of the street, the fresh paint smell lingering in the air. The second thing that shocked me was the contents of the shop, while a few books stood in the window, it was easy to look further into the shop and see adult toys sitting on the shelves.

It was a sex shop.

While the books in the windows were all romance and erotic novels, the placement were to hide the exotic contents that hid inside. It wasn't to keep hidden the idea that it was a sex shop, with the name 'Angel of Pleasure' written in pink writing in contrast to the black paint, it was obvious to anyone who looked what contents lay inside, but also simplistic enough to fool anyone who wasn't sexual into thinking it was just a normal shop.

"Let's go in," I turned to my awkward standing sister.

"Why would my town have anything like this?" Emily pondered, "Most of the people who live here are middle-aged"

"When I'm middle-aged, I still want to be this kinky."

"So, I'm going to have to deal with you being like this when we are much older?"


"Nevermind, can we go home?" she begged, still pulling on her skirt.

"I want to go in," I looked back at the shop.

"I've never been in a sex shop before… It's scary."

"Well, you can go home if you want."

"Can I?"

"Yeah, I'll even give you back your bag… with one missing item."


"Do you think you can walk all the way home with that thing going ZZZZZZZZZ inside you?"

"No, I won’t."

"C'mon, I promise we will only be a moment."

I pulled the door open as I looked at my sister, her unsure face had never left. She grabbed the door as I disappeared into the shop. A series of small moans echoed from Emily before she came in as well. The idea of being caught holding the door open to a sex shop was more embarrassing as actually being in the shop itself.

The shop was more interesting than I had imagined, despite being as small as the shop we had came from, it packed alot more inside itself than the one before, two rails of PVC outfits and other naughty clothes filled the middle of the store and sex toys and other equipment filled shelves on three of the four walls. In one corner was a plump lady sitting at a small desk with a cash register, her eyes lit up as the door closed behind us.

"Hello, hello, hello," she greeted us, standing up from her chair, "Is there anything I can help you with?"

"Oh, we are just browsing," I smiled back.

"Yeah," Emily peeped behind me, looking over my shoulder I noticed she was hiding behind me. I didn't relish the idea of being a human shield but I did force her to come in with me.

"Okay," the lady placed her hands on her wide hips, "Well I'm Tanya, holler if you need anything."

"Thank you," I swung my head around, taking another quick look around the shop, "What made you decide to open here?"

"Oh, My actual shop is a few towns over, it is in the middle of refurbishing, taking a lot longer than I thought it would. So, in order to get some business, I decided to temporarily rent a shop here for nearly nothing and see if I can make some money while I wait"

"I wouldn't think you would make much here," I started to browse the outfits on the rails, "There's a reason why half the shops are empty."

"Oh, I don't know," she winked at me, "you never know what you will find around here."

I laughed, "My name is Sam and this is my step-sister, Emily."

"Hi," Emily said across the shop, I didn't realise she had torn herself away from my back.

"Step-sisters?" she asked, looking between us both, "What's the story here? Usually people come in alone or with friends, I've never had family members come in"

"Oh, there is nothing to tell. I've only just moved to town as our parents are getting married" I tried to shake it off.

Tanya never left my side as I looked through a majority of the outfits on the rail. She had everything: sexy police officer, naughty nurse and many others. A PVC unitard outfit caught my attention, coming with thigh high boots and a seventeen inch crop. It was titled 'Demanding Dom', which gave me a chuckle.

"So you two must be rather comfortable to be shopping together in a store like this," Tanya continued, desperate to get to the centre of me and Emily.

"As I said, we are both new to this," I took the outfit off the shelf to look closer at it, "We've never had siblings before, so we don't know what's normal really."

"It's okay, it's refreshing actually. So you two are looking to enhanced your sex lives with your partners?"

"I'm single," I said, automatically.

"…and I'm a virgin," Emily stuttered, walking up slowly to us. She held a box in her hands, but seemed more occupied by what the lady was thinking about us.

Tanya looked between us two once more, taking a moment to think of what to say next. I didn't know what to say either, this is the first time someone else knew about our relationship. Emily looked timidly at the woman but then we locked eyes and a happy look came back on her face.

"Sammy," she whispered, "Look, it matches my ears."

She turned the box around to reveal a buttplug with a black fur tail attached to it, the tail had a wisp of white that coated the end, it did have the exact same colour as the ears she wore yesterday. She pointed to it with a gaping smile on her face as if she just found a treasure chest.

"You do realise that goes inside you?" I whispered, as if to keep the plump lady out of the conversation, "Like… up your butt?"

"Oh…" Emily turned the box around again, staring at the furry tail, "It matches my ears though, does it hurt?"

"Not if you use lube," Tanya pitched in, "There is a it of pain when you get the plug to its widest point and then it slides right in, you'll love it."

"Oh, thank you," Emily's cheeks, "Do you sell… lube?"

"Seriously girls, what is going on here?" Tanya looked really confused, "You are single, looking at dominatrix attire, and you are a virgin looking at sticking things up your butt? That's like taking a driving test in a goddamn tank!"

Me and Emily looked at each other whilst Tanya continued looking at us both, painful silence overcame the entire store. All three of us were left mute by the sudden awkward situation we had found ourselves in.

"Sam started it," Emily said sheepishly.

"What the heck, Em!" I yelled back, "You were the one who snooped through my sex box!"

"You were the one who brought the box to our house! Also weren't you the one who locked me in that outfit and left me in our bedroom?!"

"Only because you wouldn't stop begging me to lock you into that suit, and I've apologised many times for leaving you."

"Suit?" Tanya asked.

"You made me walk in public in that suit," Emily moaned, "Ms Taylor almost saw my kitty!"

"Kitty?" I asked.

"Okay, girls… that is enough," Tanya sounded exhausted from our brief fight.

"Sam touched my nipples," Emily added.

I gasped, "Em!"

"I'm sorry, girls" Tanya apologised, "I shouldn't have asked. It's clear that you two have done stuff but It's not for a stranger to know."

"It's okay," I said, "I haven't really thought about it, this is the first time we have really openly spoken about it.

Tanya once again looked between us both, "So are you two?… Like?… Together? Like… Liking each other."

"NO!" I scoffed.

"No!" Emily chimed in.

"No," I confirmed.

"…No," my sister stumbled.

"No," I shook my head.

"No?" Emily questioned.

"No…no," I said in an unsure manner.

"I don't know," Emily buckled.


"I should have brought popcorn," Tanya cleared her throat.

"Can we buy the items, please?" My gaze fell to the floor.

"Yeah sure, the buttplug and the dominatrix outfit," The plump woman walked up to the cash register, "I'll throw in the lube for free."

"Thank you," Emily was as awkward as I was.

Emily walked up to me and asked me for her purse. With a dry throat, I reached in and handed her it. She politely thanked me and walked up to Tanya. It felt odd, Emily has been quiet with me before, but this time it felt very uncomfortable. The woman who initially couldn't stop talking to me, now could not even look me in the eye. I didn't know what Emily thought of me, I liked her and had fun teasing her whilst she was in the outfit… but I couldn't imagine it going further… Did she actually like me? Like more than a sister?

The store went ridiculously quiet, Emily waited impatiently as Tanya punched in the numbers into the register, the sounds of the electronic beeps filling the shop.

Emily doubled over, dropping the box on the floor as she let out a somewhat strained groan. A low buzzing noise coming from her bottom half.

"SAM!" she shrieked, "TURN IT OFF!"

I let out a loud chuckle, with the pink remote clearly in my hands.

Our bags dropped to the floor as soon as we got back into the house. Our parents' absence was obvious due to the silence that boomed throughout the bungalow. It was still Saturday morning, meaning me and Emily still had a day and a half with each other's company before they were home. I sat down on the sofa, letting out the biggest sigh I could muster, showing Emily that I was completely exhausted, a complete exaggeration physically but a true representation of my mental state. I was tired, despite my young body being completely full of energy, my mind continuously struggled with the juggling of my daily thoughts.

"Sam?" Emily said quietly, sitting on the chair that was opposite the sofa.

She sat on the chair lightly, looking as if she was about to stand up again soon. I was, however, fully swallowed up by the sofa, my body had sunk so far into it that it would have taken up far too much energy to get back up, energy that I couldn't ask for at this time.

"What's up, Em?" I whispered.

"I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?"

"For what happened in the shop, I'm not sure how you feel about me… but I care for you, more than a sister."

"Em," I sighed again, "It's weird, what we do is weird, it's not normal. Normal sisters don't see each other naked, or walk around in latex… or even visit a sex shop together."

"I don't care about that," her eyes began to tear up.

"What about Mum and Dad? What will they say?"

"I…I don't care!"

"Your Mum is expecting you to go off to university, meet a great guy or girl and get married and have a family. You can't do that if you have feelings for your sister."

She stayed quiet but her face went bright red. I could tell that she wanted to carry on arguing, she wanted to say another excuse but nothing came to mind. Her brain was overworking, she knew she couldn't leave it there… she had to keep fighting and I didn't know how much longer I could keep this wall up.

I wanted her, Of course I wanted her. She was still the annoying, young woman who I dreaded to live with, still that annoying personality existed in her but our time together has been precious to me. I enjoyed our late night bed cuddles, our sexy trips into the unknown and the fact that I see her everyday. That part of her that I once found annoying, that went and all I saw in front of me right now, was a woman who wanted my care and attention, that was something I wanted to give her but I couldn't shake the weirdness of the situation. Our parents are together, so we can't be.

Her face went redder and redder, almost as if she couldn't breathe. Her mind was still occupied with an excuse to stay together, I knew she was going to be stubborn and not give up. Then something completely unexpected happened, she began crying.

Tears ran down her cheeks like powerful rivers. She would wipe one eye and a tear would fall down the other cheek and when she brushed that, the other did the same. I was in pain, I mentally hurt her, she was crying now and it was all because of me.

She wanted to say something, but with red eyes, soaked cheeks and trembling lips, she struggled with her words.

"I… I…" her hands rapidly fixing her face, "I love you."

My wall was completely knocked down.

My bottom lip began trembling too, my face turned into one of pain and sorrow as my eyes began to water too. The image of Emily with her head in her hands became blurry through my tears and as soon as I closed my eyes they began falling down my face. I found the energy to get up from the sofa and almost fell into Emily, my hands quickly wrapped around her as she did the same to me.

"I love you," she bawled into my shoulder.

We held each other, on our knees on the floor. Equal, not one of us were dominant, not one of us were submissive. We held each other, be it as sisters, be it as lovers or something else. We held each other with the same problem in both of our minds. We cared deeply for each other, deeper than I would admit at this time. That was our curse, we were step-sisters, what brought us together had forced a limit on our love for each other and our feelings for each other had to remain a secret, otherwise it could tear our family apart.

"I'm not too sure about this," I pulled at the PVC outfit.

The full length mirror in our parent's room showed my full figure, hugged by the outfit that I had purchased that morning. It was tight, pulling at the shoulders and tight around the crotch area, the bottom of it came up very thin, showing most of the top of my legs but not my vagina.

"It was a good thing I shaved this morning," I said loudly, "Otherwise you'll see my pubes and that isn't sexy at all."

"What's wrong with pubes?" Emily called from the bathroom, "I have them."

"Yeah, but you have a small amount of them and they are blonde, it's cute. They aren't dark like mine."

"I've never seen yours before," Emily admitted, "You haven't exactly been upfront about your body, you wore a thong the only time I put you in the outfit."

"Oh, yeah," I shrugged.

The thigh high boots were sexy though, despite being included in with the suit they were a good make. The outfit showed off a lot of skin without actually showing anything, with my neck down to my private area in a thin layer of PVC, only my head, arms, legs were free, along with a diamond shape around my chest to show off my breasts.

"Can't believe this outfit was so cheap," I once again yelled, "It's good quality."

I picked up the crop that also came with the outfit, it was sturdy and well made. It had a metal handle with a thick, leather end, the middle part was plastic but had hand-made stitching all up it. My fingers ran up and down it, inspecting the high quality materials that it was made of. I laid my left hand flat as my right hand pulled the crop across it one last time before I lifted it up and smacked the tip across the palm of my hand.

"Ouch!" my voice once again echoed down the hall.

"Everything okay?" Emily asked from the bathroom.

"Yeah, I'm fine… just being an idiot as always."

"Okay, Sam? Want to see something funny?"

I stood away from the mirror and walked to the doorway to my parent's bedroom. I looked down the hall towards the open bathroom door, at this angle I couldn't see Emily.

"Yeah?" I shouted, "What is it?"

"Are you ready?"

"Yeah! Come out!"

"Okay… put your hands together for… PET EMILY!"

I gasped as I saw my step-sister crawl out of the bathroom on her hands and knees, she was completely naked apart from the dog collar around her neck and the pet ear headband that she wore yesterday. I erupted with laughter as she crawled all the way over to me. She stuck out her tongue and panted like a real dog and she coloured the tip of her nose in black and also added some black whiskers on her cheek. Her hair was done up in pigtails.

As soon as she got to my feet, she sat up and placed her hands in front of her breasts in a begging motion as a normal person would be if they were imitating a dog.

"Oh wow!" I giggled to myself, "You look so cute!"

I knelt down and began stroking her hair and my other hand stroking her chin. She loved all the attention I was giving her, just like a real dog. She wiggled her bum as her eyes closed to enjoy the feeling of my exploring hands.

"Who's a good girl?" I joked, "Wow, you really are just completely naked."

She nodded, looking my PVC-clad body up and down, she smiled as she inspected every last part of my body, I knew she approved.

"Where's your tail?" I asked, noticing that it was completely bare.

Her face fell and she knelt back, "Umm, it was too painful"


"I got to the bottom where the plug was the widest and it hurt too much"

"You have to power through that sadly, once you get the large part inside you, the rest just slides in perfectly, it feels good."

"I'm not sure," she whimpered, "How does it feel when it's completely inside you?"

"Well, it feels like you have to take a shit" I laughed, once again petting her hair, "It's a good feeling, just weird when you first put it in… would you like me to try and put it in for you?"

She looked unsure, "Will it be as painful as before?"

"For only a small moment," I reassured her, "Then it will slide in and out without a problem, If it hurts too much, just say and I'll stop."

"Okay," a small smile appeared on her face.

"Is it still in the bathroom?" I asked.


"Good, go get the leash, I'll get the plug ready for you"

Her face lit up with the idea of me walking her like a pet, this time without a suit to trap her in. Without warning, she leapt from her sitting position to a full sprint to the bedroom. I chuckled as I stood up and walked to the open bathroom. The buttplug was on the side with the open bottle of lube, the plus itself was already coated in a sticky layer of it.

I quickly gave the plug a wash, before coating it in a thick new layer of lube. Emily returned quickly with the pet lead in her fangs. She looked up at me with her wondrous eyes and her butt still wiggling as if she had an imaginary tail there. I responded with a devilish smile and with my finger, indicated to her to spin around for me.

A muffled whimper escaped the pup's mouth as she obliged and spun her body around. Her head sat on the floor whilst her butt was in the air, she even separated her legs as far as they would go to allow full access to her rear end. It gave me a clear view of her behind as well as her vagina, even though I saw it yesterday on the road, I still took a moment to stare and admire.

I squirted the bottle in between her cheeks, allowing it to drip slowly down and cover her anus. She yelped very quietly as the cool liquid touched her warm body. I gently began doing small circles with the plug around the hole and as gently as I could, began pushing the tip in and out. A combination of moans came from my new puppy, both pleasurable and uncomfortable ones.

It opened up more, allowing me to push the plug further in but not enough to put the entirety of it in. I continued the circular motions, pulling it out and leaving just the tip in, to pushing it further in but still moving it about. The painful moans had gone and now just pleasurable noises came from her as she experienced new feelings down there.

I pushed the metal plug in with a little bit of force, as most of it disappeared inside her, the thickest part of it pushed against the hole, slowly pushing it to the widest it has ever been in her life. I could hear Emily grunt with the lead still in her mouth, her knees buckled as it finally accepted the foreign object. As the plug slid in, Emily's grunts of pain were changed to moans of pleasure.

"There you go," I smacked her butt, "Now my pet's got a tail."

She slowly turned around and wiggled her butt once more with the furry tail sliding left to right. Emily giggled, "It tickles."

Immediately, she bent her head down to pick up the leash and turned her entire body around to face me. She continued wiggling her butt with the tail swinging between her legs, her eyes pleaded to me to take her leash.

I gently took it out of her grip and latched it onto her collar, Emily once again returned to panting with her tongue out and begging.

"How did you get so good at pretending to be a dog?" I asked, "It's very realistic."

"You've forgotten I used to walk dogs," she said as she looked up at me, "I just remembered how they act and now I am one of them."

She winked at me as she once again turned around and ran out of the door, the lead quickly pulled against my hand and forced me to stumble behind her. The pup led me to the living room, through to the kitchen, to Dad's study and then back through the kitchen and into the living room once more, during all this I was behind her; trying not to fall over in my PVC high heels.

The moment she stopped, I stumbled and grabbed my crop and smacked her butt with the tip of the leather.

"Ah," she groaned into the carpet.

"That was a bad thing you did!" I hit her butt with my crop again.

"Mistress almost fell," I hit her again.

"Mistress could've broken her ankles," I hit her again.

"You are supposed to be a loyal pet!" I hit her again.

After hitting both cheeks a number of times, the anger finally left me. Emily's peachy bum had now been covered in little marks, each one turning a shade of purple. As the anger went, the guilt started to set in.

"Oh, Em" I gasped, "I'm really sorry, I didn't hurt you, did I?"

She slowly turned her head towards me, the look on her face wasn't pain at all… but a look of arousal was. It also reminded me of the look a lion has when stalking its prey. I took a step back, startled by what she was planning. She turned and lunged towards me, pinning my body on the ground against her naked form. The crop flew to the otherside of the room and was helpless against her advances.

Her licks were the first to come, licking my cheeks, my nose, my forehead… everything her head could get in reach of, she licked. Soon, my face was covered in a layer of her saliva.

"Ewww, gross!" I yelled, pushing her away, but she continued.

Her licking kept coming, not leaving any skin on my face dry. She was like a dog who didn't know when to stop. Despite my hands trying to push her away, she seemed to block them all and get close to me. She continued to lick me for about a minute until she finally stopped and lifted herself up slightly. I couldn't help but laugh at the weirdness of what just happened. Emily looked over at me, still panting with her tongue out, but I believed the panting might have been to do with what she just did; rather than just pretending.

Her eyes looked at me for a while, to the point that it was getting slightly uncomfortable as she was calculating her next move. My entire face was now wet, so she couldn't keep doing that. I was helpless, however, with my two arms holding her body up, I couldn't do anything else to stop her. I had to admit, my pet was more powerful than me.

"Oh, no! What do you have planned?" I asked, still keeping her at an arm's length.

She smiled softly, bringing her bottom half down onto my right leg, straddling it. I still pushed against her shoulders, but it didn't matter, she was already able to go onto the next stage of her plan; to humiliate her owner.

I could feel the warmth of her vagina, even through the thick material that covered my leg. Once again, her tongue came out as she began rocking back on fourth on me. Just like how a dog would hump inanimate objects and even people.

"Oh my god! Stop!" I giggled, "Stop it, pup! That's gross! We need to get you neutered!"

Our laughs mixed, I did what I could to keep my sister out of reach but all she needed to do was to keep fucking my leg like a horny pup.

"Come on, Em! That's enough!" I insisted.

"Oh," was all that came out from my sister.

Her face went bright red and her fake humping slowed, but continued with her body going deeper into it.

"Em?" I asked, letting my grip on her loosen, "Is everything okay?"

"Oh god," she whispered, completely ignoring me.

I looked down to see what started as a joke, had quickly become real. Emily thrust her body a bit too far into my leg, catching her sensitive and aroused clitoris on the PVC boots. Each thrust now gave out a very real moan from my sister; clearly the first time this happened to her as she didn't realise it would happen.

"Em, stop," I whispered.

"Please… Please…" she breathlessly asked, her eyes finally opened up and looked deep into mine.

"It's still too weird," I begged.


I stared deep into her eyes, I knew that she needed this. Today was full of new experiences for the girl and a part of me didn't want to stop that, even though a small part of my brain was agonising over the details.

"Okay," I gave in.

Emily jumped back into it, rubbing her crotched further, deeper and faster than before, her soft moans from before had become much louder, echoing through the empty house. As I wasn't holding her back anymore, my hands began exploring her body. Her pale skin was now covered in a thin layer of sweat which helped my hands glide up her stomach and allowed me to reach her breasts. She let out another moan as both my thumbs began teasing her now erect nipples, adding that little extra to her pleasure.

"But…" my devilish grin appeared once more, "You must ask permission to orgasm."

"What?" she questioned, her head fogged up by the pleasure.

"You heard me, you have to ask permission to orgasm and only when I give you my permission, then you can come… okay?"

She strained her body with the multiple layers of pleasure hitting her, "Yes, yes I will."

"Yes? yes what?" I pinched her nipples slightly.

"Yes, miss."

"Good girl."

She suddenly went crazy on my leg, pushing her clitoris as far into as she could without damaging herself or me. Her small but curvy breasts jiggled with every thrust she managed, which entertained me as my thumbs teased them, switching between pinching them and circling my thumbs around them.

"Oh… oh…" she stuttered, "P-Please may I orgasm?"

"Hmmmmm" I pondered, "I don't think you need to just yet"

"Oh god, Please! It's coming fast."

"Nope! I'm not allowing you to."

Emily let out a pained groan as she stopped thrusting. Shudders of ecstasy were still flowing through her body, despite not reaching that point yet.

"What are you doing?" I yelled, "Did I tell you to stop?!"

I slapped her butt, a loud crack filling the room.

"No… miss" Emily whimpered, once again thrusting as hard as she was before, "I'm going to orgasm, though."

"No you won't!" I commanded, "You won’t come or slow down, you hear me?"

"I can't, Sammy!"

Another smack across the butt, "You can, you will hold it!"

"Oh god, please may I come?" she begged.


She continued thrusting harder and harder but avoiding the pleasurable pressure that lurked down below

"Oh, Pleeeeeeeease! I need to…"

"No! Keep going!"

She continued thrusting through gritted teeth, holding back what was easily the most powerful orgasm she ever had. Due to the look on her face, I guessed it had to be getting painful at this point.

"Please…miss," She started once again, "May I?…"

"Yes, you may come," I finally agreed.

It was as if a bolt of lightning hit my sister, her body leapt up and down as her hips continued thrusting, her hands gripped my waist hard and she let out a loud gasp as if she was holding her breath the entire time. Her entire body trembled as it continued to ride my leg and Emily let out short gasps every now and then, it looked as if her brain wasn't able to process the amount of pleasure that was coursing through her system.

She suddenly stopped, she ceased the thrusting and movement and sat completely still, however her hands continued to dig into me and the trembling got worse and worse,

"AHHHHH!" she yelled.

After the scream, she suddenly came back to life, the movement and thrusting came back and her grip loosened, only slightly. Her mouth opened wide as unimaginable waves of pleasure hit her over and over.

"Oh god… oh god … oh…OH" she murmured.

She was hit by another orgasm,this one wasn't as powerful as the first but overall gave a massive impact to her nerves as she fell on top of me, unable to keep her body up any longer. Her head rested on my shoulder with her mouth pointing towards me, warm moans of pleasure hitting my face whilst I stared at her; amused with what I just witnessed.

"My feet are jelly," she hummed.

I chuckled, "Good girl."

My chuckles turned into laughter, Emily was still out of it, smiling at me with a tired look on her face.

"No, no… no laughing," she whispered, "Not this time, that was amazing."

"Sounds like that was your first orgasm," I continued chuckling.

She shook her head but remained silent with a smile on her face. I could feel her heartbeat pulsing through my chest, it was steadily slowing down but remained strong.

"You look happy," I smiled at her.

She kept her eyes closed, "I am."

"You didn't get much pet time though? You are usually in pet mode for hours, today we hardly did it for five minutes."

"That's okay."

Emily's breathing became softer, I could tell she was steadily falling asleep on top of me. She looked content with what we accomplished this morning. I ran my hand through her pigtails, her blonde hair felt like silk between my fingers.

"Sam?" she asked, sleepily.

"Yes, Em?" I answered, whispering back to her.

"If you wanted to, you could kiss me?"

"Not now, pet," I rubbed her cheeks with my thumb, "Let's talk when you wake up."

She settled down even more, nuzzling further into my chest. Her breathing deepened and soon she was off to sleep. She was so peaceful and beautiful. I chuckled to myself, thinking of the awkward position I was now in, I had a naked pet girl lying asleep on top of me as I wore a dominatrix outfit. If someone walked in right now, what would they think?

"Looking forward to Mum and Dad coming home tomorrow?" I asked, sinking into my bed.

The day had gone by so quickly, Emily slept for forty minutes on me, I waited and watched her the entire time. To me, it felt like only five minutes. As soon as she woke up, we had a normal conversation, despite her being completely naked on me. We had fun trying to take the buttplug out and got changed into our comfy clothes. We spent the rest of the day on the sofa, watching films and just talking.

"Yeah," Emily answered, closing the curtain to the dark world outside, "This was fun, just me and you."

"That's how it's always been, ever since I got here we have been left alone."

"Yeah, but we had time. We can do whatever we want, knowing that our parents won't burst through the door."

"Yeah,that's true… but we still have tomorrow."


"What's the matter?"


"Okay, turn off the light," I tucked my body under the duvet, my eyes were already heavy and I was struggling to keep myself awake. Soon, I was beginning to drift off.

The light turned off, sending the room into darkness. I could hear Emily's light body slip under her own duvet.

"Sam?" her voice peeped from the other side of the bedroom.

I groaned softly, "Yeah?"

"Can I sleep in your bed?"

"No, Em. Not tonight."

"Oh… okay."

Silence entered the room, I could tell Emily was still wide awake from the nap earlier and she was unable to be on her own without company, but I was too tired to begin thinking about that and I was already half asleep, Emily had to keep her own company for the moment.

Very shortly after went under her duvet, she opened it once more and climbed out of bed. I could hear her light steps slowly walking across the carpeted floor.

"What are you doing?" I mumbled, still with my eyes closed.

I felt my covers being lifted and Emily's warm body cuddled up to mine. Her head rested on my shoulder and her hand gingerly stroked my stomach. She let out a quiet but delighted sigh as she settled into my bed, her body up to mine.

"Is this better?" I sighed.


"Good… Goodnight Em."

"Goodnight Sam."


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