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Sam and Em

by ForeverAltered

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I took in the beauty of the garden. Despite it being in the middle of the summer, the morning was relatively cold but the view was worth it. The morning sun was just stretching over the horizon, illuminating grass and plants in it's heavenly glow. It filled the air and reflected off the morning dew that covered everything in the garden. To me, it looked as if it was a massive diamond, glittering in the light to show off it's amazing value. It gave the area a priceless and almost brand new and innocent look.

Innocent, in the idea that the thick layer of liquid had washed away the sinful acts of the day before, even hours before. Emily had dragged my bound, latex-clad body around the garden. Not only did this event terrify and arouse me, as my step-sister predicted, the situation gave my brain time to think as my body didn't have much to do. I found myself understanding as to why my father did what he did. It also gave me appreciation for my future step-mother and sister, as they loved me for who I was and never judged my appearance or my initial feelings towards them. It was unfamiliar, but comforting.

"Hey," Emily smiled at me whilst opening the door, "What are you doing out here? It's freezing!"

With a blanket wrapped around her shoulders, she took a step into the cold summer morning and quickly made her way over to where I sat. Her butt gently landed on my knees as she wrapped the blanket around us both. Her head rested on my shoulder with her lips extremely close to mine. 

I didn't understand why her lips were the first thing I focused on, but with our bodies so close I could not help but indulge myself in her scent. Not being sure if it was deodorant, perfume or just the way she naturally smelled, but I was addicted to it. It calmed me and reminded me that I wasn't alone. Despite it not happening often, the feeling of her skin on mine always gave me goosebumps, her body was just so naturally smooth that I yearned for us to touch whenever we were apart. This was a foreign feeling to me.

"Shall we go inside?" I asked, gingerly, trying not to show that my senses were being overloaded.

"Let's just stay here for a little longer," her grasp had grown a little more tighter.

My eyes fluttered open and was met with the blurry vision of my bedroom. It took a while to wipe away the sleep from my eyelids as another sense started to be awoken. Shouts from the kitchen echoed throughout the hallway before ending up in my presence, this surprised me as the only shouting to happen in this house has always included me.

As softly as I could, I made my way to the kitchen, taking my steps very slowly so as to not make too much noise and to understand what the shouting was before I got there. It soon became clear that the voices were of Emily and Jane, the two people who had been the quietest since the joining of our two families.

"Is everything okay?" I squeaked, whilst putting my head through the doorway.

I saw a stressed Jane, ready to go to work with a small suitcase by her feet. Emily sat on the opposite side of the room at the table, with her head in her hands whilst still wearing her pajamas.

"Mum and Dad are going away for the weekend," she moaned through her fingers, "They are leaving straight after work."

This stunned me, the idea that Dad didn't tell me about a weekend away was no surprise at all but the fact that Emily called my father 'Dad' shocked me.

Jane let out a strained sigh, "We have been working very hard and very late recently. We haven't even had enough time to move Samantha in properly. A colleague of ours noticed how many hours we have clocked over the week and allowed us to stay at his cabin for the weekend."

She picked up her suitcase before she continued, "Listen, Emily. I know this isn't what you had planned for this weekend, but we will be back Sunday evening... so we can all have dinner together"

My step-sister stayed silent. Jane took this moment to leave. After planting a kiss on her forehead, she gently brushed my arm and reassured us about their return on Sunday evening. The door slammed shut shortly afterward. 

The silence quickly became unbearable between us two, Emily stayed in the same position.

"Mum and Dad work hard," I chuckled as I walked towards her and placed my hand on her shoulder, "They deserve some time away."

"You don't get it," she cried, "I love our family, I love you... but we haven't spent time together. I'm going to university in September... after that we will have no time for family stuff."

"I get that, trust me. At least we have the weekend together" 

It took a moment but Emily finally showed her face. Wiping at her eyes before she forced a smile. I knew what I had to do to put her into a good mood once more. I held my hand out to her.

"Here, come with me. I have something to show you," I whispered.

Her fingers gently touched mine before they got tangled together, I dragged her up from the seat and began walking her out of the room. Her smile soon became genuine as she saw we were heading towards the bedroom.

"Mum and Dad?" she questioned.


"You said 'Mum and Dad work hard’."

"Yeah, you said it first though."

"Did I?"

"Yeah, you said 'Mum and Dad are going away for the weekend."


Emily placed herself on her bed with her arms and legs crossed. I could tell she still wasn't in a very talkative mood. I hoped what I did next would return her to her happy self. I reached under my bed and grabbed the shoebox, I was surprised how light the box now seemed with the petsuit removed. Taking away the time I caught Emily snooping through it, I honestly could not remember when I last laid eyes on the contents inside.

"Here you go," I said, placing the shoebox next to her.

Her position changed immediately with her arms and legs becoming free of each other. 

"Are...Are you sure?" she asked, staring at it, most likely trying to imagine the contents inside it. 

I sat opposite her on my own bed, "Sure, the box is yours."

A smile had risen on her face, the largest one I had seen yet. Immediately, she pulled the lid off and placed it on the bed beside her. Instead of rummaging through the selection of adult toys, something I would have done, she instead took a moment to take in the contents visually before picking the items out one by one. 

"Wow," was the only word that came out of her mouth.

I imagined this was the first time she had seen what was in the box clearly, a few days prior I had caught her taking a sneak peek at what was inside, but I caught her before she had any time to take it all in, the only object that interested her at the time was the latex pet suit.
Finally, she placed her hand inside and picked up an item, two objects actually. Two black, hollow balls with tiny tubes on one side.

"What is this?" she asked, inspecting one and squeezing the other.

I announced, "They are nipple suckers, you squeeze the ball to let the air out, place it over a nipple and when it makes contact with the skin; you let go and the suction pulls the nipple in."

"Sounds painful."

"It isn't, it makes them very sensitive. So when you finally take them off, they are amazing to touch."

Emily looked at them one last time before placing them on the bed also, right next to the lid to the shoebox. The smile returned as she pulled out a pair of metal handcuffs next.
"I know what these are..." she said gleefully, "We could give them a try sometime."

These too found themselves on the bed next to the suckers, handcuffs didn't need explaining in the slightest. With a quizzed look she picked out another item, this time it made me blush too, as this item was one that I personally used a lot, much more than any other item we've seen before.

Emily inspected the pink egg looking device that she held between her thumb and finger, within seconds she finally understood what it was for.

"A vibrator?" a delicate question.

I tried to remain as professional as I was before, I cleared my throat and tried to hide my blushing cheeks, "A remote vibrator, there should be a small pink disc in there too... that is the remote."

Her free hand scoured the box and shortly brought up the device I was talking about. The same shade of pink as the device it controls. It had three buttons on it, a power button and two to control the intensity of the vibration. I had used it so often, I was surprised that the thing still worked.

My step-sister giggled as the egg powered on, vibrating harshly between the two fingers that held it. Automatically, both of our hands reached up to cover our mouths; as we were in different shades of embarrassment. 

"Wow, that's powerful," she giggled as she passed the remote to me, "Could you turn it off please? I'm not sure how..."

"Oh, you just hold the power button for three seconds."

It died in my hands. I reached towards the bed and threw them to where the other, already examined toys lived. She brought out a pair of metal nipple clamps that were attached together by a short chain. I then spent the next few minutes telling her how pain and pleasure go hand in hand in bondage and domination, to which she replied with an expression that was similar to pure disgust. Without a word leaving her lips, she placed them on the bed with the others.

The next item didn't need much of an introduction. It was a long, thin vibrator that curved at the end. It wasn't as extravagant as the other one and didn't require a remote. With my cheeks going back to an interesting shade of red, I had to explain that the egg was more for clitoral stimulation, whilst this toy was for a deeper pleasure. She seemed to understand and surprisingly wasn't blushing as much as I was. 

"Oh my god," Emily held her hands together, as she saw what must have been the last two items in the box, "I love it!"

With both arms, she reached down and brought up a headband with two, realistic, fluffy cat ears attached to the top. They were black with small white patch of fur on the inside. Without hesitation, she placed it on her head.
It looked great on her. The band itself had disappeared into her thick, blonde hair and the black ears were such a contrast that they stuck out alot. It made her look like one of those typical Japanese cartoon characters.

The last object also required some explanation, it was a leather choker but had an interesting design that wasn't normal. What kept the leather straps together was a love heart padlock and it wasn't for show, it was an actual padlock with the key still inside it. Once more, I had to explain to her about BDSM and the significance of a slave collar. Once it's locked on, it's up to the keyholder when it comes off.

"So, in the future... that's if you want to enter this lifestyle. Your future boyfriend could lock it up and hold the key. You will be symbolising that you are owned by him."

She smiled nervously when I said boyfriend, but she put all the items back in the box; excluding the ears and placed the now full box on her lap.

"Thank you," she said, tapping her fingers on the box, "So, what would you like to do today?" 

"I'm not too sure... Do you have anything planned?"

"Umm, well, would you mind if I wore the petsuit again?"

"Sure, it's yours now, so you don't have to ask."

"I know, but I need your help to be put in and you'll have to look after me as I'm vulnerable in there."

"Oh yeah, I guess that is true."

"Well, you know how helpless you are in it. You are in complete control, I mean you could keep me in there forever if you wanted and I couldn't do a thing to stop you."

I stood up from the bed. "Don't give me ideas," I winked to her.

"I trust you... is it okay if I wear the ears too?"

"Of course." I gave her one last smile before I walked out of the room, giving her privacy to put on the suit before I locked it up for her. I decided to walk to the kitchen, the large window looking out into the wilderness has always been calming for me. As I entered the room, I took a seat at the table and just looked out.

As I prepared myself for the events that were undoubtedly about to happen, I took a moment to think about the relationship between me and my step-sister. At the back of my mind, I knew this was improper behaviour between so close, but it was the only thing we had in common.

It was unusual, but it was comfortable. 

In the reflection of the window, I saw Emily's half-bound latex body shuffle up behind me. As I turned around I could see she managed to get the outfit over her legs, showing them off in the tight latex, but despite managing to get her arms in, her torso was left unzipped. Only a wobbly layer of the material covered her breasts.

I smiled at her, finding the image pretty amusing, "Okay, let's lock you in"

"Umm, well..." She interrupted, "Do you think we can try the nipple suckers too?"

"I don't think there would be enough room, Em. The latex is tight to your body so it would just fall off."

"Could we at least try? Pleeeeeeease."

I gave in, "Okay, wait here."

I walked to the bedroom, towards my sister's bed where the recently exchanged box sat. Taking off the lid to reveal the items inside, at the top; the two nipple suckers lay. Picking them both up with one hand, I closed the box and returned to Emily. 

When I got back to her, she was sitting at the kitchen table. It was a bizarre image to see a naked, latex-clad girl sitting where the entire family eats. She perked up when she saw me enter the doorway.

"Okay" I passed the two sexual objects towards her, "Here you go."

Emily stared down at her shiny, black hands, which were both bound and unable to grab anything. After trying to move all the covered digits to no avail, she looked up at me with a slightly worried look on her face.

"Umm, I cannot grab it," she peeped.

I sighed, louder than I was supposed to, "Take your hands out of the outfit and grab them."

"Could... could you put them on for me?" 

"Are you fucking..." I stuttered, "No! Do it yourself!"

"It will take me too long to take my hands out, put those on and put my hands back in, Pleeeeeease!"

I yelled a combination of unknown words and groans but sadly my will to fight her proposal wasn't strong enough, "Ahhh! FINE!" I yelped.

The shocked look on Emily's face was more extreme than I thought it would be, it was clear that she didn't think I would say yes to it. The conversation the other day confirmed my step-sister was a virgin and the blushing, red cheeks that followed also confirmed that I would be the first person that would see her bare, adult breasts. Despite this being the second time she was placed in the suit, the first time I looked away to give her privacy. This time I had to look, I had to concentrate on what I was doing.

"Oh," she murmured, "Uh... okay."

"Are you sure about this?" I whispered as I took a few steps towards her.

"Uh, yeah... It's okay... thank you"

I couldn't help but laugh, she was so nervous around me despite what we had already been through. With the two suckers in one hand, I used my free hand to grab the top of the loose outfit. Slowly, gently I began to pull it down.

Her breathing got heavier, she closed her eyes as more of her chest was revealed.

Oh god...

Oh god...

Her heavy breaths hit my ear, every breath sounded like a tiny moan... her bound hands wrapped around my waist, holding me tighter and tighter as the layer of latex exposed more of her delicate skin. I was so turned on.

The latex was finally pulled down enough to show me the entirety of my step-sister's chest. Despite being small, her breasts were curvy and appealing. Her nipples were soft and waited to be touched. It was the first time I had seen another female half-naked in front of me and I was so desperate to touch. Taking a long breath in, I grabbed a nipple sucker and squeezed it to take the air out; after placing it over her left nipple, I let go and the suction caused the nipple to be taken deep into the object.

A slight moan escaped her lips. I didn't waste anymore time and squeezed the other sucker, placed it over her right nipple and let go, this time she made no noise but instead finally opened her eyes. She avoided my gaze and instead glued her eyes to the two spheres that covered her nipples, an awkward chuckle came from her. 

I tried not to show my arousal, I needed to get in control of my breathing, both of us were breathing really heavily, was Emily aroused as much as I was?
I knew at this point we had gone too far down the rabbit hole, messing around was one thing but this was a whole new feeling, this was not only fun; this was sexual.

"...Okay," Emily sighed.

I joined her, "Okay."

I walked behind her, lifting the latex up to her neck. I grabbed the zip that hung by the small of her back and began lifting it. I noticed the latex getting tight around her shoulders, moulding to her body. When the zip finally reached the top, Emily was once again mine.

With the belts of her hands hanging loose like an oversized shirt, she turned around to show me the same restrained figure that I had seen only days before, this time two obvious orbs that poked out where her nipples once were. 

"Let's get your belts on," I smirked, trying not to laugh too hard at the amusing figure in front of me.

She nodded, using my body to help herself down, she managed to get onto all fours and assume a position that would make it easiest for me to secure her limbs together. One by one, I locked every single belt together as tight as it could possibly go, Emily's eyes followed me as I slowly took away her freedom.

When the last belt was done up, I took a step back to admire my work, "How does it feel?" I asked.

"Familiar," she beamed, her strictly tied body struggling to move, her elbows and knees taking the place of her hands and knees.

I slapped my hands together, an idea just jumped into my head. "Oh, wait! We forgot something!"

Emily strained her head to inspect her enclosed body, moving every limb to see what I was talking about. I took the moment that she was distracted to walk out of the room, back to our bedroom. When she finished staring at her body, calculating what we could have forgotten, I was standing in the doorway, with the collar and lead that she used on me yesterday in my hands.

"Oh..." Her face dropped.

Despite her initial doubts about the situation, she sat still while I locked it onto her neck. I couldn't explain the feeling of glee I had as I took the end of the lead. Emily now looked more pet-like than ever before and all pets need to be walked.

"Come on, Girl!" I ordered, trying not to burst out laughing, "I pulled on the lead."


"Don't be like that, Em. I thought all pets liked to be walked."

She struggled for a bit longer, but finally stopped resisting and started to crawl behind me. I walked her to the door to the garden and opened it. I suddenly felt a wave of anxiety as soon as I stood outside in the cool morning air. While the same thing happened between us yesterday, Emily was the one in charge and my role as the submissive wasn't to worry about anything but follow her lead. Now I was the one in charge and I had the responsibility to look after her.

"Are you okay, Em?" I asked as she stumbled through the doorframe, out of the comfort of our home to the unknowing outdoors.

"Yeah, I'm good, Sam." She couldn't hide her smile.

"Good," I knelt down to her, "Well, I'm in charge now... So, we are going to take this a bit further"

"Further?" she yelped before I pulled at her lead.

Instead of walking down into the garden, I pulled my new pet around the side of the house and towards the front. Emily's eyes darted back and forth, shocked at the sudden realisation that we were taking this game to a much more public level. It never occurred to her to stand her ground and try to stop me.

"Umm... Sam?" she moaned, still walking at my side, "Why are we going this way?"

"I've noticed this path that goes around the houses and was interested in giving it a try."

"...But this is a public footpath? People walk their dogs here all the time!"

"How fitting."

"Sammy!" Emily screeched.

Sammy... that was a new one. I couldn't ignore how distressed she was getting, but she was still walking at my side, not stopping. I could tell she was interested in taking this further.

"Em," I knelt down next to her, petting her back as she stained her head to reach my gaze, "It will be okay. It's still early in the morning, which means there aren't many people around and if we do see anyone, there are bushes around that you can hide in."

"Umm... I'm not sure."

"Okay, If you want me to, I'll take you home."

Her head turned towards the footpath, I'm sure to her it seemed like a further distance that it seemed to me. The idea of walking publicly in an area in a suit that showed off her most vulnerable area, whilst also keeping her in a helpless form was a daunting one, but it was enough to give her a buzz. It was scary, yet erotic.

Emily began walking forward, surprising me as she began pulling the lead with me stuck behind her this time. Her black, shiny elbows and knees began getting dirty from the dusty main path, but she still carried on forward, determined to get to the end of this before being spotted by someone we knew. How would she explain the situation if we were caught? How would I explain the situation?

Emily didn't care about that, she was a woman on a mission and she was going to see it through. Her face had such a look of concentration on it... I wondered what she was thinking?

"Ohhhh," she moaned, "I should have peed before we left."

I struggled to keep a laugh in, I had to remain fully aware of anyone walking on the trail as I was in charge of her, but the whole situation was making me giddy. The path has bushes on both sides which gave us some privacy, but the road ahead provided no cover what-so-ever. 

"This feels exactly like walking a dog," I teased her, "It's weird, something is missing though."

"What is it?" Emily puffed, the strides she was taking were causing her body to ache.

"I'm not too sure," I paused before slapping my head in a comical fashion, "That's it! Dogs bark, but my little pup hasn't barked all day!"

"What? I'm not barking!"

"Come on, just one?"

"No! It's demeaning!"

"One... please, just one?" 

Emily pouted, "...woof."

"What's that? I couldn't hear that" I put my hand to my ear.

"Woof," she repeated herself, still as quiet as the first time.

"I've never heard of a dog that quiet. My Em is a loud and proud pup!"

A timid smile began to appear, "Woof! Woof!"

This time it was louder, she even stuck her mouth out for a moment and panted; like a real dog.

"There's a good girl!" I let her move forward again.

My step-sister turned a corner, leaving my sight for a split second before crawling back with her eyes wide open. She was moving as fast as her tied arms and legs could move her.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!" she screamed. Her eyes darted left to right at the bushes that covered the path, "Ms Taylor is coming!"

"Who?" I questioned, chasing her further back down the road.

"Ms Taylor! Our neighbour?! She's out walking her dog... She's coming, Sam! What do I do?"

Emily didn't wait for my advice, she turned her body around to face the bush behind her and she jumped into it head first. I covered my mouth as I couldn't take my eyes off the sight of my step-sister's shiny legs wiggling further into the bush. The hole at the bottom of the outfit meant her vagina was completely on show to the world. I... I couldn't stop staring.

"Hello there" an elderly voice interrupted me, her body had now fully disappeared.

I smiled at the old lady who walked past, "Hello there."

The lady carried on walking, she was a rather plump woman with glasses and short grey hair. If I were to take a guess, I would have said she was in her late fifties. On the end of the leash in her hand was a short, white-haired Yorkshire terrier. The dog sniffed the area around where Emily just dashed into, but was quickly pulled away by the woman.

Emily waited until Ms Taylor and her dog were completely out of view before she tried to climb out. 

"Sam, help me... I'm stuck!" she yelped, writhing her body through the bush.

I walked to her, grabbing her shoulders and pulling, "Okay, here we go!"

Emily eventually got free from the vines with a few tugs, which caused me to fall on my butt with her landing on my lap. She groaned as she stretched her aching limbs, slowly lifting herself off my fallen body. I couldn't help but chuckle at the absurd event that just took place, that chuckle turned into heavy laughter.

"What's the matter?" Emily growled.

"Nothing," I began laughing harder, "It's nothing."


"Shit! Shit! Shit!" I mocked her between my frenzied giggles, "Ms Taylor is coming!"

My hands covered my stomach as my insane laughing began giving me a stitch. A whimpering chuckle came from my new puppy.

"You should..." I struggled to speak, "You should have seen your face. Your eyes were so wide... they could have popped out!" 

Emily began laughing as hard as I was. Once again we both found ourselves in a state, we couldn't stop it even if we wanted to. A tear rolled down Emily's cheek but she was unable to remove it due to her latex prison.

"Oh my god," I wheezed, "That dive you did into the bush! Those were some military-like maneuvers!"

"Sam... stop!" Emily begged through a pained smile, "I'll pee myself!"

"Good thing Ms Taylor was in a rush," I squeezed my aching stomach, "Any longer and that Yorkie would have jumped in the bush with you!"

Emily guffawed into the ground, closing her eyes caused two more tear drops to fall down her cheeks, "Sam... stop... I can't... I can't."

"Your butt... wiggling... trying to get further into it... trying to get hidden!"

Our laughs showed no signs of stopping, both of our faces were read as strawberries as we struggled to take in breaths in between each giggle.

Emily coughed, "Sam... I can't... I'm... oh, god... I'm peeing! I'M PEEING!"

The sound of liquid hitting the soft, rocky dirt underneath where Sam knelt was enough to let me know enough of the details. I thought I was laughing hard before, but that sound with Emily's face was enough to send me even further. To a state I could only describe as howling. I slapped the ground as her embarrassment added a whole new layer to our current fit. Her face was just a mess of tears as she couldn't hide the snorts escaping her.

"We're home" I comforted her as I pulled her leash through the front door, "See, that wasn't so bad."

"Yeah sure," she crawled behind me, "You didn't almost get caught by your neighbour in a latex suit, you didn't just pee yourself, you didn't..."

"Do you regret it?" I asked, interrupting her current tangent, "Do you hate me for it?" 

I knelt down and unlocked the belts and her hands and feet. She gave out a large groan whilst her limbs began moving once more.

"No... it wasn't something I can say I wanted to do, but I don't regret it... and I could never hate you."

We both stared at each other for a second, with a soft smile we both felt as if we entered a whole new layer of this relationship. I can say I've seen my step-sister's private areas, but I wasn't sure how I felt about them...

"Oh god, I forgot about these," Emily interrupted my thoughts, she was staring down at her boobs which still had the two little orbs attached to them.

"Oh... yeah," I reached behind her and unzipped the outfit to the point the front began to loosely fall and reveal her breasts. It had gone beyond the point that this would have shocked me, I had already seen a lot of her today... more than I ever thought I would see.

"Do you want me to take them off, Em?" I asked, as she wiggled her arms free of the outfit.

She nodded, staring down at her petite and curvy breasts. My thumbs grabbed both balls and gently pressed down on them, reintroducing air to the toys. With this done, removing the orbs was easy and came away from her chest. Her nipples were swollen, easily standing out due to the suckers. They looked sensitive enough that Emily would be in for a shock once she touched them. The suckers left two circular indents where they rested on her areolas.

"Is it going to feel weird?" Emily groaned as her eyes looked down, between the two.

"It will feel good, trust me," I smiled at her, "I'll give you some privacy."

"Sam? I'm... I'm too nervous, please can you do it for me?"

"What? No, that would be too weird."

"Okay... we... could just wait for them to go down then. I'm way too nervous."

I sighed, hanging my head down, "No... I'll do it... Fine! You'll just beg at a later date to try it again if we don't do it now."

Emily took in a breath and propped herself up, getting to the same height as me to make it easier.

"Just, be gentle..." she begged.

"Of course I will," I licked my thumbs to use as a temporary lube. 

I reached out and gingerly my hands reached around and grabbed her breasts. Already Emily's breathing got heavier. My fingers cupped around her boobs as my thumbs sat less than a centimeter away, ready for touching. Emily's right hand reached up and grabbed my left forearm, mostly as a support for her. I could feel her fingers trembling on me.

"Are you ready?" I asked.

"Yeah," she spoke softly.

My thumbs moved down. Recently lubed, they slid around the nipple, moving the sensitive body part around. I moved my thumbs in little circles before going up and down then left to right, to being back at the full circles. The lube caused no friction and allowed her nipples to slide where my thumbs wanted, increasing the pleasure.

All this time, I didn't notice Emily's grip on my arm getting tighter and tighter.

With closed eyes, she leant her head back and moaned, "Oh...god..."


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