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Sam and Em

by ForeverAltered

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Storycodes: F/f; latex; bitchsuit; bond; collar; leash; outdoors; rom; cons; X

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I held my step-sister in my arms. Her body was still bound by the latex petsuit that I had trapped her in just hours before. Emily kept falling asleep on my lap, waking up for a few minutes before getting comfortable and falling back to sleep once more; I didn't mind one bit.

I still felt guilty about keeping her locked in her room for the morning and early afternoon, but that guilt took second place to the butterflies in my stomach when I looked down at her, using my lap as a pillow.

When her eyes closed once more, I took a moment to run my hand through her ponytail, her blonde hair was soft like silk and ran through my fingers effortlessly. It felt amazing when it touched my skin and was a complete contrast to my short, black hair; I was jealous.

My hand travelled to her forehead, with my hands traveled across her scalp, feeling her hair through my fingers once more until I reached the hair bobble that held her ponytail in place, my hand moved back seemingly petting her.

"Mmm, that's nice" Emily murmured, waking slowly from one of her many naps this evening.

She shifted herself so she was laying on her back, her head now looking up at me whilst her bound arms lay helpless at her sides. Her eyes tried to reopen, but Emily kept them shut, trying to enjoy the euphoric, comfortable feeling of dreaming whilst being held by her step-sister.

"What time is it?" she asked.

From where I sat, I glanced outside, the warm sun of the dark was slowly disappearing beyond the horizon which turned the sky a purple/orange colour. "Nearly 8 o'clock," I responded, my hand still on her head.

"8 o'clock? I've slept all day!" She sounded worried, but didn't move or attempt to wake up, "we should stop soon, as our parents will be back…"

She fell asleep.

I chuckled to myself as her breathing slowly became heavy once more. I continued petting her with my left hand whilst my right hand began exploring her latex-clad body.

The material around her arms was really tight, not allowing any movement apart from what her shoulders allowed. My hand played around with her arms, the tight latex around her elbow acting as a second skin, too tight to pull or make a crease in the material. With the knowledge that her arms were completely immobile, my hand travelled down to her stomach. Here, the material was much more forgiving, I pulled the latex and it travelled a very short distance away from the body before pinging right back into the same position. Despite this, it still held tight to her body, I could see the indent of where her belly-button would be. Traveling up I felt her chest breathing in and out, lowering her breasts up and down as she did so.

The outfit dipped slightly, where my finger rubbed. My hand traveled over to her ribs where my fingers traced along the bone, I stretched the latex around the area and it showed everything off before going back to the body-hugging shape.

"That tickles," Emily said softly.

She moved slightly, stretching her bound limbs as far as they would go. Her eyes slowly fluttered open, taking in the darkening room. It took a moment for her eyes to finally focus on mine. A smile stretched over her face and I returned a grin back, whilst my hand still teased her hair.

A moment later the serene moment was halted by the sound of the front door opening. Emily's eyes opened wider than I had ever seen before and a voice echoed through the house.

"Emily…Samantha, are you home?" Jane asked.

It was Emily's mother. I'm sure she would kill us if she saw us in this position. I realised I was holding Emily much tighter than I was a few moments ago but my brain clicked. She was helpless, she was bound because of me and she needed my help or she was going to be in serious trouble… I was going to be in serious trouble and who knows what they would do to us once they found out what we were up to.

"Hey," I approached Jane who was still standing in the doorway, putting her coat up on the rack.

"Hello," she smiled back, "Where's Emily?"

"She's just taking a shower," I lied through my teeth.

"Oh okay. Your father is going to be late home, I had to get a taxi back and I'm too exhausted to get myself a drink."

"I'll get one for you," I smiled at her.

She smiled back, thanking me and walked into the kitchen that was just left of me. I followed her, leaving the door open slightly so I saw Emily's bound, latex body scuttle from the living room to the bedroom; a part of me wanted to laugh.

"So how was work?" I asked, grabbing a glass and a bottle of wine off the side.

I began pouring into the glass as she told me about her day. Telling me small details about patients but not going into specifics. She brushed back her auburn hair as I handed her the full glass; which she started drinking immediately. One thing I only just noticed about Jane is that Emily doesn't look much like her. Whilst all Emily's had a petite nose that curved up, Jane had a straight nose that went down and her lips were much fuller than Emily's. The only noticeable feature both women shared was the deep, blue eyes. When Jane stared at me after finishing most of the glass, it looked like the same way Emily stared at me.

We spoke for a few more minutes before admitting to her that I was tired and was going to have a lay down. I wasn't tired at all, I had been sleeping all morning but I had to see to my bound step-sister.

I walked to the room, noticing the door was only slightly open. I did fully open it before when I freed Emily from the place but I assumed she closed it to hide herself a bit more from her mother, in case she decided to snoop. When I opened the door, Emily poked her head from behind my bed, looking at me with a slight concern in her eyes.

"She didn't see you," I said as I knelt down to release her from the suit.

Emily let out a huge sigh of relief as she got herself into a position where I could easily unlock her. The zip pulled down easily, showing off her naked back which was coated in a small layer of sweat. I took off the belts holding her limbs together and lifted her onto her knees, prying the latex from her arms. She groaned as she moved all of her restless joints, after hours of captivity they were sure to be tight.

She stood up, finally free from the suit. I wrapped a towel around her and she hugged me tight, clearly happy at the odd day we spent together. She then went to the bathroom to have a shower whilst I went to lie down in my bed. I took a moment to absorb the events of the day as now that I was alone, it all seemed so unreal. This was until Emily reappeared at my side, slightly damp from the short shower she just had.

I looked her in the eyes and she looked back at mine. Slowly, I opened the duvet, giving her permission to lie down next to me, which she happily did. Keeping the towel on, she covered us both up with the duvet. Her head landed on the same pillow I was using and her arm stretched over my stomach; cuddling me. I could feel her breath on my neck and she cuddled me a little tighter and we both quickly fell asleep once more.

"Samantha" I heard a voice calling me from the beyond, "Samantha, wake up!"

I tried to enjoy my blissful sleep for a bit longer as the voice brought me slowly out of my dream state.

"Samantha, you lazy girl," the voice called out once more, "Get up! My mum and your dad are expecting us in the kitchen!"

The warmth of the darkness still held me tight despite the pull of real life trying to take me. I felt way too comfortable to get up, and was happy to stay in this state as long as I could.

My eyes widened as suddenly all air was forced out of my lungs. I struggled to take short breaths as my vision focused on the white walls of the bedroom. A figure was on top of me, a petite figure with long, blonde hair. It was Emily, now dressed in shorts and a hoodie.

It took me a moment to realise she was sitting on my chest… that was why I couldn't breath.

"You're finally up," she said, stepping off me.

I took a moment to breathe before talking, sadly this gave her the time to talk instead.

"Our parents are in the kitchen, they want to tell us something before they go back to work… So… get up!"

"Go to hell," I murmured, turning around on my bed and planting my face back into the pillow.

"Come on!" she yelled, grabbing my foot from under the duvet and pulling me partially off the bed. I kicked her before scrambling back onto the bed, I just wanted more sleep, a few more minutes.

"Get out of bed now," she tried taking my foot again, "They won't be here for too long so you can come back as soon as they leave."




"It will only be a few minutes, they are leaving soon!"


"It sounded very important!"


I felt her hand pull at my pajama shorts. Within a second they were down and my bare butt was on show.

"What the hell-" was all I managed to say before the stinging slap of her hand caught my buttcheek. I screamed louder than I ever have before, I'm pretty sure my Dad and Jane heard it too, but I'm sure their gratitude that I was up was enough to forgive Emily for hurting me.

Emily grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to the kitchen, whilst my free arm was gently soothing my now red-hot butt cheek.

"Glad you are finally awake," Dad said, in a passive-aggressive tone.

Jane turned to him, placing her hand on his chest and turning back to us.

"What your Dad means is that we have something that we wanted to share and we wanted us all to be together to announce it."

My Dad then put his hand on hers, looked into her eyes and looked at Emily and then myself.

"You know Jane and I have been engaged for a while and even though we have been busy we have managed to book our wedding day."

"We have managed to grab the town hall. Which wasn't easy as it was booked solid for all of next year," Jane chimed in.

"What day did you book?" Emily asked, her hands were held together throughout the entire conversation and her smile never left.

"March 5th," Jane said, holding out her arms so Emily could give her a hug.

Emily practically lept into her arms, the two had a joyful moment as I stared daggers into my father's eyes. He momentarily looked away at his partner and Emily who; were just coming off their high.

Jane looked at me and then my father and then back to me.

"What's the matter?" she asked, worried.

"Are you fucking serious, Dad?" I questioned him in a quiet tone, trying to not let my emotions get the best of me.

"Listen, Samantha" he said, "I'm sorry about the date, but the place is booked solid. If we want to get married, that is the only time available"

"Then you wait for another date to become free… or you get married somewhere else!"

"What's the matter?" Jane asked, confused.

"March the 6th was the day Mum died" I stated, staring at the floor.

"Oh, I'm sorry… we can move it"

"No, we aren't moving it!" my dad intervened, "I'm sorry about the dates, Samantha, But it's taken us so long to get the place… we need this this."

"So I get to see you get married one day and the next mourn my mother… while you are out on your honeymoon?"


"I'm sorry" I genuinely said to Jane and Emily as I walked out of the room. I slammed my bedroom door and hid myself in my covers. The darkness of my duvet heightened my hearing and I could hear muffled voices coming from the kitchen.

I grabbed a pillow and held it tight to my chest. I couldn't believe my father was happy with the date. I was happy with him meeting someone new but I didn't realise he was happy to erase the date of her death with another event. I heard the front door open and close, guessing it was them finally leaving for work. I held my pillow tighter, closing my eyes which caused a tear to fall down my cheek.

"You okay?" Emily asked, pulling the duvet slightly off my face.

I don't know what she saw, but the image of her step-sister crying whilst holding a pillow for comfort must have been a strange sight to see. She slowly climbed into bed with me and I immediately held her tight.

"I'm sorry" I cried into her chest.

"It's okay" she said, soothingly, "Mum completely understands and they will have a talk about it"

"I just feel as If Mum is being forgotten about… I don't want her to go"

"It's okay," Emily kissed me on the forehead, "you cry it out…but no one wants to hurt you. Your mum will always be here with us."

"Thank you," I whispered, "I just don't know what to think at the moment.”

I put my head on her chest and we laid there for a while; in complete silence. I felt the beat of her heart thumping from deep inside her, the rhythmic sound soothing me into a calm state.

A few more tears fell down my cheek and landed on her shirt.

"I miss her so much," I whimpered, pushing my head deeper into her chest.

Emily held me for about an hour. Listening, not saying anything in return and kissing my forehead occasionally. The fact that she didn't say a word helped, as if she was a cushion to accept everything that I said. She just listened and accepted. She held me tighter when I needed it most but also gave me room to breathe if I felt too claustrophobic.

I couldn't believe the same girl that I hated just a few days before was the same girl that I couldn't let go of now. Soon, there were no more tears to be had. Emily's hand rubbed my back, going up and down my spine.

"How are you feeling?" Emily asked, politely.

I shrugged, I didn't have the energy to answer.

"I have an idea" she smiled, pushing me softly off her.

I didn't want to let her go, her leaving the bed felt like someone pulling off one of my arms. I hurt as our bodies finally separated. Emily practically skipped to her bed, she bent over and pulled out something I didn't expect to see so soon.

Emily held the petsuit that she was bound in yesterday. While it was stretched out it was practically the same size as her. She held it in one hand in a similar position to when a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat.

"You want to wear the suit again?" I asked.

"No," Emily's smile widened, "You should wear it."

"What? That's crazy."

"Listen, when I was in the suit yesterday… I had a lot of time to think. Being bound was almost like therapy to me… do you remember seeing how content I was?"

I did remember that. She was so comfortable with her head on my lap that she struggled to keep awake. I would admit a small part of me was interested to see how the suit felt like on my skin, tracing my hand across it whilst Emily was asleep, I noticed that it felt amazing on my fingers… it would feel wonderful encasing my entire body.

"Try it for an hour," Emily pleaded, "you can trust me, I WILL let you out in an hour if you want me to."

"Okay," I finally said, gently pushing back the duvet.

I walked slowly to her, pulling off my hoodie and my undershirt. Whilst holding my bare boobs with one arm, I pulled off my pajama shorts with the other, leaving only a lacy thong to protect my dignity. I stood next to Emily, who was looking away slightly.

"Ummm, you need to be completely naked," she reminded me whilst looking at me in the corner of her eye.

"Oh yeah, that…" I stuttered, "I made that up."

Ignoring Emily's insulted look, I placed my leg fully into the suit. I stretched my legs as far as they would go so I filled the entirety of the suit, then I grabbed the latex around my waist and pulled it up as tight as it would go.

HOLY SHIT! That felt amazing. The suit hugged my bottom half tight, with every movement the latex stretched and moved, sending a shiver up my spine every time. I held in my moans as the suit pulled against my sex, turning me on and teasing me. I pulled the torso part up and with some effort managed to push my left arm fully into the left sleeve. I bit my tongue as the waves of feelings washed over me as my limbs were completely covered in the second skin.

Emily walked in front of me, pulling my right arm through the right sleeve. Throughout this entire process she had a smirk across her face that never left… she wasn't going to do anything bad to me… was she? I know what I did to her yesterday was pretty nasty, but it was a moment that brought us closer together. Surely, she didn't have the same sadistic mindset like mine and was going to let me out when I needed to.

Once my hand was fully in the sleeve, there was no chance to turn back. I stretched my arm to make sure I was fully in and within seconds Emily was behind me zipping me at the back. The feeling of the already tight suit getting tighter was indescribable, if Emily wasn't here I would have definitely found it more erotic and maybe even played with myself.

"There you go," Emily smiled, locking the collar, "You are in… I won't put on the gag as that is just too harsh."

"Thank you," I whispered, trying to hide my need to moan.

"Okay, all that is left is the belts, so if you get onto your knees, I can lock them in."

I knelt down, Emily's hands worked quickly as she secured the belts easily on my legs and then moved onto my arms. With her help I was able to bend my elbow so my hand reached my shoulder and she locked it in place, she moved to the other side and within seconds, I was as helpless as she had been yesterday. Emily gently put me onto my elbows and knees. It took a moment for me to find my balance on my new limbs.

I didn't feel confident as I began crawling forwards, trembling, as I took each step as slowly as I could to avoid falling down. Emily opened the door, letting in a lot more light into the room.

"Take your time," she smiled, "I'll be waiting in the living room."

With that she walked out, leaving me in the same situation that I left her in yesterday. I struggled to turn myself around and headed very slowly to the door. By the time I made it to the hallway, I was feeling more confident with my bound limbs and began walking a little quicker. I remember pulling on the latex around Emily's arms and noticed how tight it was. Now that I was in the suit, I could feel that I have no give in the arms whatsoever.

Eventually, I made my way to the living room. Emily was sitting at the sofa, looking through her phone. Awkwardly, I made my way to the sofa, but instead of trying to climb onto it, I decided to lie down next to her feet and rest.

"How are you feeling?" Emily asked after a few moments of silence.

"It feels… good," I admitted.

"Would you like to take this a step further?" She asked, gently rubbing my back with her foot.

"What do you mean?"

She got up and walked out of the living room for a moment, heading towards our bedroom. Once again, I managed to get onto my elbows and knees as I assumed the next step would mean that I would have to be moving. Sill, after a while of being inside the suit, my arms and legs trembled under my weight.

Emily walked in a moment later holding a dog collar and a leash in her hand, holding them both up in a similar way to how she held up the suit just minutes before. It was as if her holding it was an achievement or something, but it quickly dawned on me what the collar and leash meant to my current situation… A part of me wanted to shake my head in disgust… but the other was intrigued.

"I used to look after the neighbour's dog when they were out of town," she said, walking up to me, "It was massive and kept breaking its lead so I always had a spare on me… the collar came with the lead."

I felt her tighten the collar around my neck. This was absolutely crazy… but might as well go all out. We were already out of my comfort zone. She stood back as soon as the collar and lead were around my neck.

"Awww, you look so cute," she smiled, putting the end of the lead around her hand, "Alright, let's go."

I felt a tightening around my neck as she pulled it towards her. We walked around the house a few times, circling from the living room to the kitchen, through the dining room and once more into the living room. We didn't need to stop or turn around as the three rooms were all connected. She looked back a few times to make sure that I was still behind her and wasn't struggling to keep up, somehow I managed to keep close behind her on my stumps.

Occasionally, I looked up at my step-sister. The position gave me a clear view of her butt. She decided to wear shorts once again today and I could see the bottom of her butt cheeks hanging out the end of the shorts. Partially funny and erotic at the same time.

"Okay," she said once more, "That's enough of the house tour, let's try something new."

I looked up, trying to figure out what she meant. Where else would we go apart from the house? My heart skipped a beat as I saw her approach the door leading from the living room to the large garden, she went to the door and unlocked it.

"What the hell?!" I screamed, trying to pull back on the leash.

"Samantha!" Emily yelled back, holding the leash tightly so I couldn't back up any further, "It's okay. We have no neighbours for you to see and it would be good for you to get some fresh air!"

"NO!" I yelled back, "I'm done with this!"

"HEY! BAD GIRL!" Emily yelled louder than I could.

She pulled me harder towards her, but she didn't need to. I stopped in my tracks, something clicked inside my head and I didn't want to disobey her.

…What? What the hell just happened, I didn't want this but being called a bad girl just… felt good. It felt like I should be doing as I'm told… I didn't want to be a bad girl… I wanted to be a good girl…A good girl for Emily… What?

"Are you okay?" she asked, still standing in the doorway with a confused expression on her face.

"Yeah," I murmured, looking at the ground, "Yeah, I am… I think."

"Don't get used to being told what to do, it's my job to be the obedient one."

Emily laughed to herself as she pulled me through the door. The cool morning air hit my head and exposed groin. It felt weird that I couldn't feel anything through the latex but it made sense due to the thickness of the material. Feeling the cool air on my exposed area felt new and interesting… good thing I was wearing a thong.

She pulled me away from the house and onto the soft grass that covered the entire area. I never took any time to look at the garden and I never realised how large the area was. It was a long rectangle shape with thick bushes on all sides to maintain privacy from any hitchhikers or dog walkers in the area. In width, it was the same size as the bungalow, but in length it was easily five or six times the size of the building.

Emily walked me around the entire length of the garden, this time not looking back as she knew that I was not far behind her. Every step was difficult for me due to the soft texture of the grass, causing me to sink in slightly with every step. Even though we were in the privacy of the garden, I kept looking around just in case anyone could see, the last thing I wanted was some peeping toms looking over the bushes at my latex clad body.

It was an unneeded worry though, as it was just me and Emily for the entire time. Not a single thing disturbed this moment between us, no family, no peeping toms, no neighbours and no random hitchhikers walking past. It honestly felt secluded to the rest of the world and somewhere me and Emily could practise this lifestyle alone… together.

I loved this so much, she never let go of the leash and made sure that for this moment; she was in charge. At this moment, I was nothing but a pet, a dog that she was looking after. The only thing I had to do was keep up with her. This and the way she spoke to me before we left the house… it definitely made it all a sensual experience… feeling something that I never felt before; a submissive side. Not something that I would dive into, it's just a fun idea that Emily could bring this side out of me. Altogether, I believe Emily would prefer to be the one in the suit, she was just showing me the experience she had yesterday.


Emily finally let go of the lead. Beckoning me to explore the garden without a guide. I looked around the area we circled a few times. I was enjoying being a pet but I prefer the company of my step-sister, walking on my own isn't as fun as being dragged about.

Emily sat down on the grass next to the backdoor. Deciding to join her, I crawled up to her and somehow managed to get onto my knees, with my hands helpless at my sides… but at this position, me and Emily are at the same height. We both stare into the garden, marveling at its beauty, the morning sun shining off every blade of grass.

"This really is beautiful," I said in a contented manner.

"It really is," Emily responded, "how are you feeling now?"

"Much better thanks," I wiggle my bound arms around, causing us both to giggle.

"I'm glad, I knew you were really enjoying it… it's a good outfit."

"It is… but how did you know I was enjoying it?" I looked at her with a puzzled look.

She looked at me for a moment before looking back to the beautiful scenery, "Your nipples are poking through the latex."

My cheeks turned bright red, I immediately looked down to see if I could see them showing, but it was impossible at this angle.

"Seriously," she continued, "you could pick up radio on those things!"

"That's it!" I yelled, and stuck my stumps out and fell into my sister, causing her to go onto her back. With my stumps I gently hit her. She laughed and just hugged me as I lay on top of her. Soon, I gave up hitting her as Emily's grip around my bound body got tighter.

"We're home!" Jane said, walking through the front door with my father right behind her.

The day went by ridiculously quickly and it was now night time. I had been in the suit for another hour, relaxing in the garden and then watching a few minutes of TV in my bound form. Soon afterwards, my aching body was begging for freedom, which Emily provided as quickly as she could… We really were two different people. She had so much love and care for me and I was… sadistic; to say the least.

"How was work?" I asked, coming out of the kitchen with Emily holding onto my right arm.

I saw a huge grin appear on Jane's face as she saw us two together, being sisterly and gentle towards each other. My father stood behind her, something was on his mind but I knew deep down he wasn't capable of talking about what worried him.

"Work was great," Jane finally said, "Busy, but good. How was your…?"

Jane stopped, sniffing in the air as a scent from the kitchen suddenly hit her nose. Me and Emiy have been cooking for the last hour. Emily wanted to surprise dad and Jane and I actually genuinely wanted to spend time with her.

"Oh wow, that smells amazing," Jane said, stepping through the door with Emily not too far behind her.

In seconds me and my father were in the hallway on our own. The awkward silence was painful and quickly made what I wanted to say much harder. With my hands placed together in front of me… I began speaking.

"Dad… I really want to apologise for this morning. I completely ruined your announcement for the date of your wedding. I knew you had trouble booking the hall and it's understandable that you took the first date you could get. There should be nothing stopping you from getting married. I promise I'll be more understanding in the future and will do everything to help make it a special day."

My dad looked at me for a moment as the area around us was once again met with silence. I looked down at my feet as I felt his eyes burning deep at me. He slowly walked forward and placed his hands on my shoulders.

"Thank you," he whispered, kissing me on the cheek, "It means a lot to me that you said that and it means alot that you became good friends with Emily."

"She's a good person… I like her," I chuckled, lightly.

My dad's arms pressed tighter, slightly digging into my arms. It was as if he wanted to turn it into a hug but lacked the power to do so… he was really wrestling with his thoughts.

"Just… Please dad," I once again looked at the floor, "I don't want us to ever forget about mum."

"No one will ever forget your mum," he ruffled his hand at the back of my head, "Come on, let's eat. The food smells amazing."

With only candles illuminating the room, we all sat around the buffet-filled table. It was the first proper meal between the two families and Emily wanted it to be a special one. My dad and Jane had a laughing fit as he struggled to get the champagne bottle open.

While our parents were busy, Emily's hand gingerly travelled up my bare knee. I smiled gently as I placed my hand over hers and my fingers interlocked with hers.

Emily was an amazing sister.


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