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Sam and Em

by ForeverAltered

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© Copyright 2021 - ForeverAltered - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; petgirl; first; latex; bitchsuit; gag; cons; X

Chapter 1

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!" I scream in the car, my voice slightly breaking at the end of the sentence.

8 years after my mother's death my Dad had finally met someone. A lady named Jane who he knew from work, both of them were doctors who worked in the local hospital and got on very well. Jane had been divorced for over two years at this point and both her and my Dad had the idea of merging our two families. I was my Dad's only daughter and Jane had a daughter too. That was my problem.

"Keep it down, Samantha!" my Dad barked, "It's not the biggest property so you'll have to share with Emily"

Emily… She was the one issue I had with this whole situation. She was the opposite of me in every way I could imagine. Emily was a happy, loud, 18 year-old who never seemed down. She always had something to say, she hated being alone and would pester me with conversation at every opportunity. With her around, the room is never silent. She had long, blonde hair that was usually in a ponytail or pigtails and large blue eyes that could stare right through you. Her body was small and petite, only 5’2”, small waist and no boobs.

I was a 20 year-old, quiet girl who only enjoyed my own company. I was 5’4” with a slightly bigger frame, I had short, black, dyed hair and green eyes. My boobs weren't huge but stood up in comparison to my small body.

Not only did I hate this girl with every fibre of my being, I now had to share a room with her.

I sighed loudly, crossing my arms and staring out of the passenger window.

At this point my Dad had fully moved out, this final trip was for my belongings only, which was a small amount of items that easily fit into my Dad's Mercedes.

"You'll be fine," my Dad tried to reassure me, "Even if you hate it. Emily will be moving to University at the end of the summer and I'm sure you'll be looking to move out soon yourself."

That was true, I was looking to move out on my own for quite a while now, all I needed was a job, money in my account and the will to not spend every penny I have on useless stuff and food.

"The summer holidays have only just started," I said to myself, "That means I have to deal with her for 3 whole months!"

"Alright, Samantha, that is enough!" my Dad said in a normal, yet commanding tone, "It's not the end of the world! Emily will understand your wants and needs and cater to them. All you need to do is talk to her and she will leave you alone… OR… You can not act like a child and cater for her needs too."

I sighed again. This is how every conversation with my Dad has ended since he told me we were moving, it always ends in a shouting match.

I put my feet up on the dash and once more stare out of the window. We both remained silent for the rest of the journey.

We soon arrived at the new house. It was a large stone bungalow in the middle of nowhere. It was a short drive down a concreted road, roughly 3 minutes after turning off the main road.

The place was beautiful though, a large parking area for parking in front of a house, a stream passing through the side and a large garden in the back. The bungalow itself looked very modern, large windows for the dining room looked out to the stream, smaller windows for the other rooms and a stained glass window for what I guessed was the bathroom.

In front of the house was a shrubbery, a mixture of a small fence with many different flowers infused into it. In front of this though, were Jane and Emily waiting for us. A horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach began.

"Listen" my Dad said calmly, turning off the engine, "I know it has been tough…"

I knew this tone he had. It was a 'let's have a deep talk’ kind of tone. It was the same one he always had whenever he wanted a heart to heart.

I sighed loudly, opening the passenger door and stepping out of the car before he had a moment to say something. I slammed the door behind me and prepared myself before I had to face Emily.

"Hi hi hi hi," Emily squealed, practically skipping towards me.

She put her arms around me, squeezing me in a tight embrace that she would have called a hug but to me it was close to being strangled. My arms were pinned together in front of me as she placed her head on my shoulder and she hummed happily to herself.

Finally, she let go, placing her hands in a prayer position. She looked me up and down with a smile never leaving her face.

"Ooooh!" another noise came from her, a strange mix of intrigue and excitement, "Look we are even dressed the same!"

I took a moment to look at her attire and then mine. She was right, we were dressed in a very similar fashion. It was the beginning of the summer and it had become a very warm afternoon. She was dressed in a light blue t-shirt with darker blue denim shorts, she wore white converse trainers with a white sock sticking out of the top.

I wore a white shirt with black denim shorts, the bottom of my shorts had a ripped look to them as they used to be actual jeans. I wore black flat trainers but with no socks. To an 'untrained' eye we probably looked similar.

I did a small heckle laugh to try to come off as friendly but at the same time sounding finished with the conversation.

"Would you like me to help you unpack, sis?" her voice once again assaulted my eardrums.

The way she said it felt like a blow to my stomach, a name no one has the right to call me and she was throwing it around as if we had come from the same birth mother.

"No," I said abruptly, to lessen the blow I followed it up with, "Thank you, I'm happy to do it myself."

Her face went from a moment of being concerned back to a regular smile. At this point my father had come out of the car and placed his arm around his girlfriend's shoulder. Him, her and Emily were now all staring at me, a very uncomfortable feeling.

"Well once Emily shows you to the bedroom, come down for a bite to eat," Jane said through a polite grin, "I've made chicken wings so just come down and help yourself."

At this point I had taken my suitcase from the back of the car. A large black case that was around the length of me. I struggled to lift it so I placed it on the floor, but still held the handle so it didn't look as if I was struggling.

"Ummm, no thanks," I responded as politely as I could, "I just had something to eat before I got here, so I'll just head to my room if that is okay?"

"You haven't had a bite to eat all day!" my Dad once again yelled, still with his arm around her.

"I'll be fine!"

I painfully wanted out of this direct situation. My eyes flickered from Dad to Jane to Emily, who was standing in front of me smiling and completely oblivious to the passive aggressive spat me and my Dad was having.

"Can you show me my room, please?" I asked Emily quietly.

Spending time with her at this moment felt a lot less painful than being stared at by them all. I felt self conscious, I felt weak, I felt…

"Sure!" Emily smiled, almost screamed the words as she grabbed the handle of my suitcase. It wasn't a large handle so our fingers touched and between us both we managed to lift up the suitcase with ease. Emily practically pulled me to the house, taking long floaty steps almost like skipping and me being dragged ungraciously behind her.

The bedroom was much bigger than I thought it was going to be. It was a long room with white wallpaper and cream carpet. As we both stood in the doorway I saw my bed about 6 feet in front of me. It was a single bed with a blue duvet laying smartly on the top. At the end of the room was Emily's bed, it had the same blue duvet but had obvious signs of being slept in. It also had a pink bunny plushie sitting on the pillow. Between about two beds was a good ten feet of space, something I definitely agreed with.

In front of the bed were two sets of drawers, obviously one each for Emily and myself.

Between the drawers was a tv mounted on the wall. In the corner to the left of us was a wardrobe for coats and heavier items and both beds had one wooden nightstand.

The only other thing in the room was a door to the ensuite bathroom.

"How old are you again?" I ask, stepping into the room and putting my suitcase onto my bed.

"18," Emily smiled, placing her hands behind her back and tiptoeing behind me.

"It's very clean for an 18 year-old."

"My clothes are either in the wash or in the drawers."

"No pictures of bands on your walls, no hot guys or movie stars."

"That stuff never really interested me."

"So what do you do? What are your interests?"

A part of me regretted asking that question. I knew any second now she would blow up in a cloud of nonsensical chatter. About every single minute detail of her life that I honestly couldn't care for. I opened my suitcase up, preparing my ears and getting ready for the hours of nodding that I'll have to do to pretend that I'm listening.

But it never came.

A few seconds went by and I got the courage to look behind myself. She just stood there, staring down at her feet with her hands still behind her back.

"There's not much to tell," she whispered.

She walked further into the room and sat at the end of her bed. She took out her pigtails and went through the process of transforming them into a larger ponytail.

"Surely there is something to tell?" my heart changed very quickly, at this moment I felt bad. I felt as if I wasn't approachable at all and I actually wanted her to talk to me. 

"No, nothing," she finished the sentence quickly before looking back at me. "So, have you had many boyfriends?"

I laughed, "Only 5 minutes here and already you are asking me about my sex life." 

"Well, we are supposed to be sisters. We are supposed to tell each other everything." 

Somehow the smile never left my face, it felt genuine.

"Not many," I said, "a few but nothing for a while." I grabbed a handful of clothing and began placing it in the drawers. “How about you?" I asked back.

Emily suddenly snorted and laughed at the same time, obviously surprised at the suddenness of my question. In response I doubled over, a laugh was in me that couldn't come out. The suddenness of the laugh and the weird noise that came from her was too funny for me. Emily was in the same situation, she was laughing but making no noise, one hand on her stomach and the other over her mouth. Her face quickly went red and a tear fell down her cheek. 

For half a minute we were like this, staring at each other in the middle both mute at the absurd situation. A sudden intake of breath from both of us filled the room with our laughter. My eyes watered up as I used the set of drawers to keep myself up, Emily's laughs quickly transformed into coughing and when that subsided once again turned to more laughter.

Slowly and painfully it stopped and apart from a few accidental chuckles, the room was once again silent.

"No," Emily smiled, "no boyfriends at all." 

"None?" I said through a temporarily stuck smile, "So you haven't…?"

Emily shook her head, her grin quickly faded.

"Damn girl," I said quietly, "You must have some determination to not do it." 

"I want to," she played with her fingers, "but I just haven't met a guy… Any guy, actually. I'm hoping to get some experience at University."

I suddenly realised how uncomfortable this conversation was making me. I really didn't want to know about her private life in that way. I turned to my suitcase, still full of my belongings. 

"I should really carry on unpacking," I blurted out.

 "Oh, let me help you" Emily stood up and sprinted to my suitcase. She grabbed the first thing she could reach, which was a shoebox.

Immediately I froze, knowing the contents of the box was very delicate. She stood back from the suitcase and looked around the room asking me where I would like to put this. Something inside the box rattled with her movement and caught her attention.

I snapped the box out of her hand, "Ummm, I'll sort this out, don't worry about it. Could you continue putting my clothes in the drawers, please?" I said the entire sentence without taking a breath.

"Oh, okay," she said, seemingly unaware.

She grabbed a few pairs of jeans and placed them away. As soon as her back was turned I knelt down and pushed the shoebox underneath my bed and stood back up before she turned around.

We both smiled at each other as we both reached into the suitcase once more.

My eyes painfully opened to the morning sun filling the room. The curtains being slightly open had filled my bedroom with unnecessary light that bounced off everything with certain objects like the TV being almost blinding to look at. With one eye closed I looked at the clock on my bedside table; it read 7:14am.

I remembered going to bed as soon as me and Emily unpacked. I must have slept for 12 hours straight. Wow, yesterday really made me tired. I turned again to see Emily asleep in her bed with her back turned to me. From here I could tell she was wearing a white vest, the straps hanging loosely off her shoulders. Once more I turned around and with a quiet groan I managed to get myself out of bed. 

Walking through the quiet bungalow was creepy. The walls seemed soundproof so no noise could get in. No chirping of the morning birds and even the stream, which was viewable from the dining room, was completely mute.

However, the reason for the silence was quickly answered. A note on the dining room table from my Dad stated that he and Jane went to work, they didn't want to disturb us as we seemed peaceful and they will be back late this evening.

I poured a glass of water and drank it, staring at nature outside. My mind wondered, yesterday on the drive here spending the day with Emily would have been the worst thing in the world, but now it was something I was actually looking forward to. What could we do? Maybe get some junk food and have a film day? Or go for a walk around the area and take in the natural sites… Getting to know Emily wouldn't actually be the worst idea in the world, apart from the constant chattering she seemed like an interesting person.

I placed my glass on the side of the sink and walked back to the room.

There, I was met with an interesting site. Something that initially was funny. From the door I could see Emily's foot, it was anchored to the edge of her bed and her legs were disappearing in the space between our beds. It was clear that she had moved herself in a way so her feet were still on her bed but the top half of her was looking underneath my bed.

What was she looking under my bed for? I had nothing down there apart from… MY SHOEBOX!

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" I barked, my voice coming out a lot louder than I expected it to. 

Under my bed came a bang noise as I suspected the jump made Emily hit her head on the underside, she quickly darted out from under my bed. 

"Nothing!" she responded in a panicked tone.

She opened her duvet to hide in, quickly I saw a flash of her white underwear that matched her white vest.

"Nothing," she said once more during this process. Soon her entire body was hidden under the duvet and a muffled, "Nothing." 

Tutting to myself I moved to the other side of my bed to access what happened. My shoebox was opened up, displaying the crammed full contents of vibrators, handcuffs, nipple clamps, etc. Exactly the type of thing you don't want a 'sister' to see. Laying on the outside of the box was a dildo vibrator, still wobbling slightly from recent movement.

Shocked, I sat on my bed, facing the crumpled up duvet that contained Emily. I had so many questions to ask, my heart burned for the answers but all that came out was… "Why?" 

That word hung around for a long time before Emily's head slowly emerged from the bed. Her eyes locked onto mine.

"I was curious," she said, barely a whisper, "I've never seen that stuff before in real life.” 

I sighed, placing the sex toy back into the box and shoving it back under my bed.

"Why were you curious?" I groan as I lie down on my bed, the waves of embarrassment still flowing over me. 

"I… I go onto the Internet, I see stuff and it Interests me. I've never went and actually bought stuff, y'know."

"It's not that difficult," I say, turning away from her.

"Maybe for you, yes" she answered back, "I know you are more confident than me, I know you have more experience than I do. But I've lived on a tighter leash than you, my Mum never let me try this stuff and she never let me meet boys, so I'm sorry if this embarrasses you, but this is the closest I've ever been to seeing anything like that in real life. I love my Mum, but I have desires too." 

A moment of silence entered the room and lingered for an uncomfortable amount of time.

"I'm sorry," I broke the tension, "If you want, we can look online and get you something. It will be under my name so you don't have to worry about anything. Just please don't mention it again, it's embarrassing and weird enough as it is."

"Okay," I heard her whisper.

Another moment of silence came around, this time broken by her. "Sam?" she asked.

"Yeah?" I responded, still turned away from her. 

"What was that black and shiny thing at the bottom of your box"

"Please leave it!"

"Tell me, please… Was it… A catsuit?"

"No… Not really"

"What was it?"

"If I tell you, will you keep quiet?"


"It's a petsuit. It's similar to a catsuit, but it forces the wearer to walk on their elbows and knees. I had an ex who was interested in trying petplay but we broke up before we got the chance to try it out."

"Oh, sounds interesting." 

"Yup, can we please talk about something el--"


"Okay, this is the last question. What is it?

" Can… Ummm… Could I possibly try… Can… I wear… It? The suit? Just to… try it out, please? 

I turned around to look at her and she returned the stare.


"Please don't yell. I've always… Wanted to try something like this, please? I'll never ask for anything ever again… Just once, please?"

My stare at her never wavered. A part of me wondered why she wanted to do it. I know she is curious and that temptation to try a fetish can hack at your brain until you try it… But we were… 'sisters'.

What felt like a red flash across my face quickly changed my mind. I had a sinister thought in my head that needed to come out, a part of me was surprised that I wasn't grinning evilly.

 "Sure," I said.

Her face lit up instantly. With a thousand words of gratitude she left her bed and walked up to me and gave me a big hug. I returned the hug and she was practically vibrating.

"There is one thing though," I said, pulling her away from me, "this outfit doesn't allow any room for clothes. You have to be completely naked to put this on, otherwise it won't work."

"I am naked though," Emily blushed, looking down at her white vest and underwear. 

"Butt naked," I clarified, "you cannot wear any clothes with this, it just won't work with anything on." 

"Are you sure?" she asked, timidly.

I nodded and she once again looked down and then back at me. Her face was a mixture of blushing and embarrassment. 

"I won't look. I promise." I turned around, once again grabbing the shoebox and opening its contents onto my bed. After all the vibrators and bondage equipment the petsuit fell out onto my bed still in a fold.

I unraveled the suit, it creaked and cracked as I unfolded every part and it finally was ready to be put on. I turned around to Emily who was now standing completely naked.

Automatically I glanced down, taking in the quick look of her body. Despite being small her breasts stood out well and she held her hands together just in front of her vagina so I didn't see that. And instinctively I closed my eyes, the same way you do when you see something you aren't supposed to.

I held out the petsuit in front of her, she reached out and felt it up and down, hearing it move and shimmer she laughed to herself.

"There's a hole at the bottom…" she said worryingly.

"No, it's just… open."


"Do you not want to wear it?"

"No… It's okay, I'll wear it."

"Okay, put your legs in first and then your arms and then I'll zip you up."

I believe I heard her giggle as I felt her put her left leg into the shiny material. With my eyes closed I heard every breath and whimper as the new experiences washed over my sister. A moment later her other leg was now fully inside the suit. Opening my eyes I pulled the suit up, bringing it over her tiny bum. I heard a moan escape her as I pulled it up, making sure it was a tight fit.

I stepped in front of her once more and held out the suit wide to allow her plenty of room to get her arms in. Silently she knew what was next and placed both arms in at the same time. A smile had risen on my face as a flurry of giggles belted out of her as her hands explored the latex sleeves until they were in all the way. Emily stood with a massive smile on her face looking down at her now fully latex body, as I zipped it up the suit went from tight to really tight. Apart from the currently open collar and loose belts around her hands and feet, the rest of the suit hugged her body like a second skin with the only exposure being her head and vagina. 

"What are the belts for?" Emily asked quietly, as if something could be hearing us. She brought up her two hands and shook the belts around a bit; forcing a clinking metal sound to appear from them.

"I told you this was a pet suit, that's to add to the experience" I said, moving in front of her and beginning to do the belt around her neck. 

"Oh, I don't think I want to do that…" she murmured. 

"Oh shit!" I yell, smacking my head with my hand in a playful manner, "I forgot another part of the suit"

I turned around and went to my bed where the final piece of the suit lay. It was simply a gag but unique to the suit. It was a typical ball gag with a neck cover, the neck piece had laces at the back so you would put it round the wearer's neck the same way someone would put on a corset around their waist and clips at the bottom would attach it to the collar on the suit. The end result would be a complete latex look that ran from under her nose to her feet. 

To me the best part about the gag, apart from it not allowing the wearer to talk, was its other purpose: the thickness of the neck piece and the heavy clips locked it to the suit, it would be physically impossible for the wearer to move their head.

I showed the gag to Emily which resulted in her looking back in total horror. She shook her head as the gag seemed to be too much, too soon.

"Try it for an hour," I pleaded with her, "Dad and your Mum will be out all day. We don't have to worry about anyone coming home. So try it with the gag and everything for an hour, if after an hour you still don't like it, I'll take it off and you can keep the suit on for as long as you want." 

"You promise?" she asked, her eyes looking unsure about everything.

"Swear on my heart" I smiled, making a pretend cross over my shirt.

She nodded and as quickly as I could I prepare the gag. Telling her to open wide, i placed the gag behind her teeth and pulled the neck piece down, clipping it to the collar of the suit and when that was done I tied the laces tight at the back, this took the longest as my hands trembled whilst I fed the laces through the holes and tightened them up. Quite often I would ask her if she was okay and two grunts coming from behind the gag would say “yes."

Finally I was done with the gag. I stood in front of her and stood back, admiring my handy work. She still stood with her hands by her sides, with the belts hanging loose, this time however her head never moved. Looking closely I could tell she was trying to look around due to the small movements her head was making and the positions of her eyes but to an unknowing eye, they would think she was just looking straight forward. 

I took out my phone and took a quick photo. I walked over to her and showed her my screen. A picture of how she is right now came up and apart from wide eyes for a second, I couldn't tell what emotions she was portraying.

"Right" I said, putting my phone back into my pocket, "The final stretch."

I gently grabbed her right arm. Bending it at the elbow so her hand and shoulder was nearly touching. Taking the belt at the end of her hand, I hooped it around a latch that was hidden in her shoulder and within seconds the belt was locked and her arm was trapped in that position.

I stood back once more as she moved around her arm. Her hand was tied to her shoulder so she would have to walk on her elbows. She stared at her stump, emotionless. I knew deep down she was probably thinking of a hundred things at once but the gag stopped any of that showing through. 

"Okay, next one," I said, gleefully. 

I practically skipped to her other arm, bending the elbow, and in nearly a blink the same results. Emily stood with both arms tied, moving them around and getting used to the feeling. 

"Do you like it? I asked. 

Her head moved ever so slightly, but it nodded.

"Okay, last bit." I grabbed her waist. "You will have to kneel, I'll keep a hold of you, just kneel down as you would normally, and use me as support."

A moan of slight concern came from her. I held her as hard as I could as she began going down, shakily. I felt her arm stumps hold my back as support and she finally got onto one knee. Lifting her up slightly allowed her to get the other leg down.

Automatically she sat in a comfortable position on her knees. I got behind her, taking the belts on the feet and securing them to the latches on the back of the thighs. Just like the arms, her legs were secured, and she would have to walk on her knees. 

I stared at her with a grin on my face. I didn't understand why, but it felt good to have Emily in such a vulnerable position. I looked her up and down over and over, taking in every detail of the suit that enveloped her skin…she looked good. 

Emily twisted her body and landed on her elbows, very slowly she began walking further into the room. It was amazing watching her walk as it was similar to seeing someone taking their first steps. Each movement was shaky and imprecise, she had no trust in her elbows whether they were going to hold her up or not and every step could easily have her fall face first into the floor. 

The second problem Emily was having was the gag. With it not allowing her to move her neck in any direction, she was forced to look at the carpet beneath her and use memory to navigate the room. 

By this time Emily had staggered to her bed. Still looking down and very uneasy on her new limbs, she was so helpless. It was the longest time before I realised that I was staring at her exposed crotch. My cheeks went red and I quickly looked away.

"Well, I hope you have fun," I smiled, ear to ear. 

She turned around slowly to me, manoeuvring her body so she could finally face me. She painfully moved her head despite the gag in order to look at me but by that time I had already closed the door and was walking away.

I sat on the sofa, putting my feet alongside it. It was so comfortable. I stretched and yawned as loudly as I could and sank into the furniture. I picked up the remote and took a moment to look out of the window at the morning sun. A fun day lay ahead for me.

I waited for the inevitable pounding on the door to happen. After a minute it finally came, it was softer than I expected, probably due to the latex suit and using an elbow to bang the door. I put the TV on and made sure it was as loud as I could make it, to the point that she would definitely hear and know I wasn’t coming to her rescue anytime soon.

My eyes opened. I must have dozed off for a few minutes. I sat up slowly, rubbing my eyes and stretching. I looked around the empty living room, noticing the change in the lighting, my eyes darted to the window to see the sun had moved.

Oh shit! I looked at the clock. It's 3pm!

Emily had been locked away in that room for nearly 6 hours!

I jumped from the sofa, running down the corridor screaming Emily's name the whole way. I didn't mean to hurt her, I just wanted some peace and quiet. I swung open the door and was met with Emily lying on my bed.

She was asleep.

She lay face up, her head still stuck facing forward, her arms at her sides and her knees up in the air, I assumed this was the only position she was comfortable in. The duvet was half sprawled on the floor, looking as if she struggled to get onto the bed.

I sat gently on the bed. She looked very peaceful and didn't want to disturb her. I unclipped the gag from the suit and tried to reach the laces behind her neck. It took a few goes but I was able to begin untying them without moving her.

Emily began opening her eyes, adjusting to the room after what I assumed was a good nap.

"It's alright," I whispered as I finally undid all the laces. A part of me was still embarrassed and ashamed of leaving her and all I wanted to do was make sure she is completely fine. "Open wide," I said, still in a hushed tone. She complied and opened her mouth as wide as it would go. Gently, I pulled the gag from her mouth, leaving a string of saliva hanging between them.

"That was a nasty prank," she finally said after a painful silence. 

"I'm so sorry," I pleaded, "I was mad about you snooping on my stuff and I… I was only going to leave you for an hour… but I fell asleep and now it's the afternoon." Words couldn't convey how sorry I was. I noticed a small goofy smile on her face which told me that she enjoyed the experience or she enjoyed me being honest and genuine. "Did you want me to get you out?”

"Not yet. I want to enjoy it like this for a while," she smiled at me.

I rubbed her belly, noticing how warm it was despite the layer of latex. "Well I'll get some food and water for you. It will be in the kitchen if you want it."

Emily followed me to the kitchen, surprising me how steady she was and how fast she could walk in that suit. It actually felt like I was being followed by a pet.

I cut up some salad stuff and cheese into tiny bites, placed them into a bowl and filled another bowl up with water. I presented both bowls on the floor in front of her and she immediately began slurping and lapping at the water bowl.

I couldn't help but giggle at the odd experience. Without thinking I rubbed her back up and down over and over until the bowl was completely empty. She must have been thirsty.

I filled up the bowl again and left her in the kitchen, making sure all doors were open so she could come and go wherever she wished.

With my feet up, I sank back into the sofa. A part of me was glad Emily found the box, it seemed like she had the key to a special lock in my life, a lock that I dared not tell anyone else about. It was nice to have someone who would understand this side of me. For the first time in a long time, I was actually happy.

A small tug at my feet woke me from my deep thoughts. Emily was at the end of the sofa trying to climb on, her stubby arms and legs wouldn't give her enough leverage to pull herself up. I sat up and reached under her, grabbing her butt with both of my hands and pulling onto the sofa with me. I fell back into the comfy cushions. Emily crawled from her side to my side, unbalanced by the softness of the sofa. Her head finally hit my legs and then she ungraciously rolled over so her head looked upwards while resting on my lap. She smiled to herself, feeling accomplished with what she did. Emily's exposed latex belly begged me to touch it and I couldn't help but rub it up and down.

"That tickles" she giggled softly, wriggling underneath my hands.

"Em?" I asked, also playing around with her beautiful blonde hair.

"Em?" she pondered, "No one has called me that before. But I like it, it can be your special nickname for me"

I did a mixture of laugh and a heavy breath out. Somehow the word 'special' hit me deep down. It felt as if me and Emily would have a secret life away from everyone.

Well… I guess if Dad and Jane knew I was holding Emily as a pet while she was in a sexy latex outfit, they would be pretty upset.

So…maybe a secret life away from everyone would be a good idea. I had a feeling Emily wanted to explore this side of her more and I am more than willing to help, whilst learning at the same time. 

"So… Do you like the suit?" I asked.

Emily took a moment to respond but shook her head rapidly when she did.

"Okay," I grinned, still playing with her hair and rubbing her warm belly, "You can have it."

"Thank you," she smiled, still whispering.

"Even the gag… If you aren't too scared of it." 

We both laughed for a moment but shortly the room was back to being silent. We both watched the television, spending the rest of the day in the same embrace. A position that was fun as a temporary owner and pet but meaningful as a growing bond between step-sisters.

Several times through the day I would stare at her, taking in how beautiful I had never realised she was and enjoying her helpless form. A mixture of feelings fueled me for the rest of the day, from jealousy to love and to a growing feeling deep inside when I inspected her latex body. I chose to ignore that last feeling. Within a span of a day, Emily went from being the most annoying person I had ever met to someone who danced around my brain even though she was lying right in front of me.

I knew the events of the day would change me and Emily's relationship and deep down I was excited to see where it would take us. 


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