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Steve Gets a New Ponyboy

by Charles Michel

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© Copyright 2020 - Charles Michel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; ponyboy; training; bond; reluct; XX

Finally I was there after a two hours drive. I could see the house at the bottom of the mountains, in a very reclusive place. At least he gave good indications because it’s almost impossible to find it at the end of a dead end road.

As I approached, the house was a one floor building with wings, it seemed well kept. I parked my car in front, you couldn't see the back, a high fence blocking the view.

I was getting nervous now, I was going to see THE ponyboy, Steve talked so much about.

He wanted me to see it, like a gift you want to show to all your friends.

He must have heard me, he opened the main door, showing me in, greeting me, offering a drink. But my mind was on something else. He looked eager also.

"You want to see it?"

"I didn't drive all this way for nothing."

He directed me to the back door, then into the yard and he opened the barn door. It was cold, dark and damp but at the end it was brighter, I could see the ponyboy. It was my first time to experience a living ponyboy, not just a fantasy, in stories, or videos, no a real fucking ponyboy.

As we came closer, he started to make noise, he couldn't talk, he had a big gag in his mouth, but he was trying, making loud noises. pulling on his ties, he had a high collar connected to a big beam, a large belt securing his hands on his side.

He was looking at me with pleading eyes. His legs had heavy metal shackles joined by a short chain. He was now sweating a lot.

"Go back to the house," Steve said, "make yourself a coffee, while I calm him down, he's not used to visitors."

I went back in the house, still shocked with what I had just seen. Wondering how somebody would accept to play such a role voluntarily and be subjected to such an experience. I guess everybody has his tastes, who am I to judge?

I have to tell you how I met Steve, it was online on some fetish site, I'm a married straight guy, my wife is very conservative, we have only vanilla sex, whenever she feels like it, she was my high school sweetheart, now after 5 years, at 23 years old, I'm stuck in a boring marriage, that is why I surf for online sex.

Steve had wild fantasies like me even though he is gay, I could share with him the wildest dreams, he doesn't judge me, and the same for me, I would tell him about gangbangs, rape, force sex, slavery, involving kidnapped girls with details on their boobs, cunt, asses and he would tell me about his secret desires, his main obsession was about training ponyboys. In spite of our differences, he is older, 45 years, gay, we could confide in each other.

So now he has found a man willing to share his passion live, I wish I could find a woman like that. Steve called me back from the yard, I gave him the coffee I had prepared and we went back into the yard.

"I have the boy for a week now, so he's not used to showing off his body yet, I didn't tell him you were coming, he's alright now, come you can have a closer view now." It was true the ponyboy was standing straight, waiting silently. "You see," said Steve, "he has a big gag in his mouth in the form of a dildo, that’s why he can’t utter human sounds anymore, the high collar prevents him from turning his head, so he has to look forward all the time. His hands locked in mitts and attached to the wide belt prevents him from touching anything."

He was talking to me like he was showing his car with pride.

"You can touch him if you want, look how nice his cock is, don’t be shy, touch him."

The ponyboy was immobile now, I don’t like touching other men's cocks but it was tempting to do it and must have been humiliating for the boy to be inspected like a piece of meat. It was soft and wet, quite long, I imagined it must have been very long when hard. So I felt his balls also, and why not his ass?

The ponyboy stayed still all the time. When Steve made him turn around, I could see angry welts on his back and legs. He must have been into the scene deeply to go through all that humiliation and pain. We left him there and went back to the house to finish our coffee.

Steve explained all the training the boy went through during his first week. He also talked about what he had planned for the future weeks. We exchanged thoughts for hours. I promised to come back to see the ponyboy progress

A month had passed since my visit to Steve's place. I was very busy at work and I had to do overtime. I was looking forward to a promotion. The director of accounting had retired and I knew I could do a good job. My wife was always organizing weekend parties. There was no time for even some private fun on the net since I was exhausted all the time.

On Friday I got a message from Steve. "Hi Dan. How are you doing? You didn't send me any feedback about your visit. I was also lazy, I didn't try to contact you. I have to explain that the training of a ponyboy is a full time job, it's lucky that I had a lot of time to spare these past weeks. But I'm proud to say that it (the ponyboy) is doing fine. Its body is improving a lot. It can run for long periods, with a diet adapted to its needs, it has a lot of stamina. I had to purge it from all the stuff it used to take, junk food, alcohol, drugs. With forced workout, it will become a fine specimen. It is now an obedient pony eager to please me and ready to improve. I thought you could come and see by yourself the results of my hard work."

I have to say that I was tempted to go. My last visit was very exciting and it was the first time that I had experienced such a feeling. In my mind, I could see a woman turned into a ponygirl the same way that Steve had done. It was hard to turn off my mind, it got me so excited. I was very curious to see how Steve had worked on the ponyboy. But a few things worried me. Steve never mentioned where he met the boy. What king of arrangements he made with him. For how long he was going to keep him and how far he wanted to go.

When I saw him, he didn't seem to be consenting, if I meet Steve again, I have to get some answers to all my questions.

But it seems that my curiosity and frankly my excitement was overwhelming. I had to go and see by myself. Anyway I was so tired from work and house duties, it was time that I took a break from all. I told my wife that I had to go for a weekend meeting outside town. Also I work hard all week to finish all my work.

I answered Steve that I would be coming Saturday.

I'm getting closer to my destination. It’s about time I leave my stress behind, work and family. The nearer I am, the more excited I get. What happened to the ponyboy, in what condition is he? What does he look like now after a month of training? But I'm also concerned about the situation. I want Steve to clarify the whole thing. I don't want to be mixed up in a dangerous situation. Nobody knows about my involvement with Steve, nobody knows that I'm coming here so I shouldn't be worried for myself. But what about the boy? Should I be sorry for him if he is not a willing participant?

I think I'm making too much about nothing, Steve will explain everything and we can just enjoy playing with the ponyboy. I have to look at it, to see how it is being trained, how it can be worked into a real pony.

"Hi Dan, I've been waiting for you, hope you had a good trip."

"It was a long drive, I was feeling asleep at the end, I really need a rest."

"Since you are staying for the weekend, you will have plenty of time to rest."

"Good. We have things to discuss."

"Sure but there is plenty of time for that. First you have to see my ponyboy. You have to see how much it has improved since you came. Let’s go outside."

I really wanted some explanation but I was also eager to take a look at the ponyboy. So I followed him at the back of the house into the yard. The barn was still to the right, but in front was now a corral with a carousel in the middle, the ponyboy hooked by its nose.

"You can see how much work I had to do. It’s an automatic carousel, with three speeds, walk, trot and gallop, I control both time and speed. The ponyboy has to adapt since it has to follow the lead on its nose. You come just in time, it has just finished its afternoon training, look it is sweating and glistening from the exhaustion. Wait a minute I'll go and fetch it."

Steve went inside the coral, unhooked the pony to the carousel and tied its nose to a leash. The pony followed him raising its knees high. When it was closer, I could see how different it looked. It has no more body hair, not even eyebrows. Except his head is shaven with a black strip in the middle going all the way to the back of its neck. The lead is attached to a big nose ring. Then in his mouth is a bit tied to the back of its head. It has tit rings.

"Show BOY."

And the pony, still out of breath from its running, straightened his head to the back, pushing its pecs forward and its ass backward.

"Good BOY, you see Dan how obedient it is now. Its body is getting hard from all the exercises. Feel those legs, hard and lean, that ass, those pecs, these abs." At the same time, he touches the pony all over its body, but the pony doesn't move an inch, letting its master feel it.

"You can see its cock is trapped between its legs, I'm going to unhook it." Steve opens the small padlock holding it, the dick springs up in front; he fondles it and it comes to life, getting hard fast. It’s the first time I see it, it's big and wide. As Steve plays with it, the ponyboy tries to stay calm, but I can see some precum at the end.

"You can see how horny my ponyboy is. It likes it now when I touch it." He pats the pony at the back of its ear and takes a sugar cube from his pocket and puts it in the mouth. "Good boy. You see Dan the rule is, when you please me, you get a reward, when you don't please me, you get punished, and my pony knows that. Look how happy it is now. Do you want to touch it?"

"Frankly no, you know that I'm straight, so it makes me feel awkward. I'm impressed by what you have done but what I would like, is to have a ponygirl for myself, like you have your own ponyboy. I want to talk to you about that, and other things."

"OK wait for me inside and I'll put the pony in its stall."

While I wait for him, I think of all the possibilities to train a ponygirl, how fun it would be. But there is also the issue of the ponyboy. It seems to be happy now.

"So Dan what do you think of my ponyboy? Did you see how good its body has improved and how well it has adjusted to its new life."

"Yes it’s pretty amazing, in just a month , it’s really spectacular. I hope you're getting a lot of satisfaction from this."

"It's very exciting, I never knew I would be so involved in a project. It’s so intense, It fills my mind all the time. But it's hard work, all day I have to take care of my pony."

"Should be, you never told me how you came across the pony and he got to accept this experience."

"You need to know more now. Can I trust you?"

"Well. I'm somehow involved now. There is surely nothing illegal about the whole thing."

"I met the boy hiking on the highway last month when I went to the big city. I was on my way back. He just wanted a ride, feeling cold and tired. He talked a lot, talking about his life. He had run away from home, his father-in-law was abusive, very violent. Now he was moving from town to town, doing odd jobs. Drinking and taking drugs, sleeping with girls on the street, he was lucky not to catch any disease, he just had a medical test recently. At 18, he seemed to have seen much for such a young age. He asked me if I had some booze. I told him to go to the back of the van where I had some, He went to fetch it but I told him to stay there, I can't drive and drink. He stayed there lying on the mattress I always keep whenever I want to rest. After a while I didn't hear anything, So I looked in my mirror. He was sleeping soundly. He must have drunk more than one. When I reached my place, I looked again and saw that he was really drunk. I had to help him walk to the house and he just fell on the sofa. His clothes were dirty and smelly, I removed them completely and I saw that he had a nice body. He looked unnourished, but he had nice long legs, good shoulders, masculine square head, pitch black hair, and a long limp cock.

"I played with his dick to see how big it would get. He started to moan, getting out of his stupor, not enough to see what was happening to him. Playing with his tits and cock, I got him to get an erection, And what a nice one, he was big and large, what a waste to use it on pussies. I gave him a shot of vodka. He would be out for some time now. I thought it would be interesting to use all my leather gears I bought recently. I carried him to my bed and tied him to my bed posts. I spent the night playing with his cock, balls, tits, ass. Giving him more drinks from time to time, to keep him in his stupor. I finished by fucking his virgin tight ass. What a night, after all those weeks of solitary jerking, to have such a specimen at my disposal. So after that, I left him tied to the posts, a heavy hood on his head, he couldn't see or talk anymore. He could sleep quietly for the rest of the night. I went to sleep on the couch, exhausted and content.

"Wow. What a night. But the boy must have been angry when he woke up in the morning."

"I slept well, it was late when I awoke, I heard some noises coming from the bedroom. The memory of the night came back and I went to look at the boy on the bed. Still all tied up, struggling to get out of his bound, so sexy with his cock still hard, I played with it but never let him cum. I just couldn't let him go. It was a gift given to me."

"But Steve you can't keep somebody against its will."

"Seems that way, you know the boy was in need, in danger, on the street, with drugs, violence, homeless."

"That's true, he could have been killed."

"You know Dan, he needed to be freed from booze and drugs. I was the man who could help him have some directions."

"But still, he didn't agree."

"Yes but he was lost, couldn't decide by itself. See how it reacts now, happy to obey, did you notice how it likes it when I touch its body, it feels so good when I make it reach orgasm. Even when I give it a cube of sugar. Didn't you see how good it felt?"

"You're right, He seems so adapted to the situation, so contended. You're probably right, he needed it, you kind of save him from a no end life."

"Anyway you don't risk anything, nobody knows you are here, you just enjoy your stay for the week-end. I'll show you all the improvement I made, you already saw the corral with its carouse, did you see its automatic? I just have to program it, speed and time. I also do my own training to correct position with a riding crop, I want my pony to have a perfect stance when it walks, with the perfect knee heights. I make it run to exhaustion to push its limits, That's why he showed fast improvement. What name should I give it?"

"With its black hair and piecing dark eyes, why not Blacky? Did you do all the piercing yourself?"

"I like it, Blacky should do nicely. As for the piercing, I didn't do it myself, I have a friend, a former surgeon, he lost his license in the east, so he switched to veterinary work, he does side work too. He's good, I’ll ask him to do some inking, tattoo the word blacky over each tit, he's also coming for a branding on its left ass cheek. But I'm starving now, do you want to have something now?"

"Yes, in fact, I'm starving after that long ride, but what about Blacky?"

"No problem, it’s used to waiting, that's its life, wait for orders."

After the meal, he took me on a tour of his installation, the barn had more stalls, the pony was waiting in one of them, when it heard us, it took the proper position, head high, pecs forward, ass sticking out. Steve patted it on the head, touching its cock. The pony was leaking, in need of more attention. It’s true that blacky likes to be a ponyboy, really enjoying it, don't need to worry anymore. After that he showed me a shower room with the usual plumbing, it also had hooks, chains, bars, vertical and horizontal, some things I didn't know what their use was. Like rubber hoses. Then he showed me what he called the punishment room, it was sound proof, it was scary just to get in. I've seen dungeons on the net, you could say, it had everything you could imagine and more. All hanging from the wall, straps, riding crops, paddles, harnesses, cuffs, metal and leather restraints. It was at the same time scary and exciting.

"You know Dan, you did a lot of work, I understand now why you were so busy, traveling to buy all the stuff, then building it. Installing the plumbing, electricity, walls. You did a good job and all by yourself."

"Thanks a lot, you know it’s a lot of time and effort. But I get a big reward, fulfilling my dream fantasy, being in full control of a ponyboy."

We went outside and he told me about his plans, he wanted to make a trail where his pony would be trained to pull a cart, from the corral to the forest at the bottom of the mountains.

We talked all evening about his projects and mine, I told him about my own fantasies, using his installations for a nice ponygirl, harnessed, with a bit and bridles, a nice tail in her ass, Her pussy all wet. When I got to bed, I was so horny, forgetting all my problems.

I took a long shower, my cock so hard that I came. All night I thought about pussies, boobs, asses, ponygirls pulling carts, it woke me up many times, having multiple orgasms.

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