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Steve Gets a New Ponyboy

by Charles Michel

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© Copyright 2020 - Charles Michel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; ponyboy; training; bond; gag; whip; nc; XXX

Continues from

Part Two

Here I am suspended in a harness, I can't see anything, I don't hear anything and can't talk. I have a wide hard gag in my mouth stretching it painfully. My arms tied behind my back and my legs spread wide. How did I get in that position? What a fool, I was.

After my last visit, I went back to my routine, it all seemed dull after the excitement, my mind was obsessed and filled with sexual fantasies. Then everything crashed. My wife saw on my computer the sites I was visiting, I forgot to erase my history. We had a big fight, she felt betrayed.She said, she didn't recognize the young man she married. Finally she told me to get out. What could I say? This marriage was not satisfying for both of us. I decided to move out to a small apartment, on a month to month lease, to give me time to think things over. In fact, it was a liberation, now I could spend the time surfing as I wished, the problem was that I was hooked; spending more and more time going from site to site, from stories to stories, I stopped going to the gym and ate a lot of junk food. It even affected my work performance, I was always tired, I didn't get the promotion I was hoping for. So life sort of continued without any improvement, I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

On the net I continued to communicate with Steve. Life was good for him, his internet business was doing good. He made a lot of money and he had an offer from a big site to buy his site. He made millions from that. Now he had more time to spend on his little hobby. His ponyboy, Blacky, was making progress, he was training it to pull a cart, its body was adapting splendidly to all the training and it was responding accurately to all his orders.

I told him about my present situation, how I was relieved to leave my wife and be free to do as I wished. My problems at work and lack of motivation. I talked about my sexual involvement with ponygirl sites, I was obsessed with it, always on my mind, even at work.Then I told him that I settled with my wife for the house and that I had a large amount of money aside. That I could take some time off my work, use it to get a ponygirl, that I could use his installation. Give him the money to organize the whole thing since he already had experience. ( What a fool I was ).

He told me that it was fine with him, he had a free stall, I could also help him with the workload since he was planning to get another ponyboy. ( why didn't I get the hint? ) I went back to work and arranged everything. Asked for a leave of absence from work, sent the money to Steve, moved the few things I had to a storage place, I left with only my cell and computer, some clothes, eager to start a new life as a ponygirl master. It was a new start but not the one I was thinking of.

When I arrived, Steve was welcoming as usual, we talked a lot about our mutual plans, I felt so good for the first time in my life, I was at last free to realize my dreams. He offered me a drink and then everything went dark. I just remember the wicked smile at the corner of his mouth.

When I awoke, it was pitch dark and I panicked. Where am I? What happened? I'm I dead? I tried to concentrate and relax. Everything came back to me. I was tricked. Nobody knew where I was, I even paid him. I tried to struggle to get out of my restraints but to no avail. After a while I was exhausted and stopped, just hanging like a piece of meat. I thought I must be in the barn, I never noticed before it was so cold, apart from my restraints, I was naked and I could feel a small draft. The gag in my mouth was getting more painful.

I have been hanging for ages, I don't know how long. I'm cold and thirsty. And now I feel I need to pee, I try to resist, to hold it in. It's beginning to be painful, I just can't piss like an animal, I try to think about something else, the pressure is mounting. What the hell.! I let myself go, what a relief! Feels so good! It's as if I never pissed before. When I realize what I have done, that the ground must be filled with my urine, I feel ashamed that I can't control myself.

Time passes, I still don't know how long, so slowly. Now I can smell my piss, filling my nostrils, it's so cold! I have goosebumps on my legs, arms, shoulders, I just wish I had something to warm me up. I am so thirsty now, my mouth is so dry and painful with the gag, I try to push it out, but it's hard, like wood, so wide, I feel it's going to break my jaw.

Seconds, minutes, hours pass, still nothing, the cold, that awful smell and I just wish I could have a drink.

I think about my stupidity. How could I fall in such an obvious trap, any intelligent person should have known? I'm so angry at myself. And Steve, that fucking bastard, right now I would kill him if I could. He was such a good friend, I confided in him, told him my intimate thoughts. When I think about him, get into a frenzy, trying to free myself. I calm myself, I just have to wait for the right moment, not to spoil my energy, when he gets here, I will tell him what I think. He has no right to do that. I'm not like the other boy, submissive and obedient. Does he really think he is going to turn me into a fucking ponyboy? The hell not! First I'm a straight man, I'm a dominant person. I'll never accept to obey him, to allow him to touch me, Just thinking about that makes my skin crawl.

Suddenly I hear the sound of the door opening, some footsteps and the breathing of somebody close to one ear. I start struggling with all my force. Trying to shout. All in vain. Then the voice of Steve.

“Well if it's not my friend Dan. I'm so happy to see you naked at my disposal, I've been waiting for this for such a time. At last you surrender to me, not voluntarily as I thought you would, A nice 23 years old straight ready to serve. Don't struggle too much, you will hurt yourself, you can't get out of these bindings. I decided to take you on when I saw you naked, I installed a cam in the bathroom and the bedroom, you gave me quite a show when you came for a weekend. I thought it would be a waste to have such a body used for pussies, and what a cock, it’s almost as big as blacky and you have seen it’s size. Too bad you won't get to cum so much, I hope you had plenty of time to enjoy it. It belongs to me now, I will control it like the rest of your body.

“Sorry you can't reply, I'll have to do all the talking. I had to take you out of your misery, your life was going nowhere, you didn't have the nerve to have a ponygirl for real, it was just in your head. Shh...stay quiet. I don't understand what you are saying anyway, you're wasting your energy, I know what you want to say. I was looking for a new pony as you already know and you came into the picture, young, straight, good looking, well not so good now and you smell terrible, you really let yourself go in the last weeks, don't worry I'll get you in shape in no time. Shh... Shh... again stop making noises every time you don't agree or are upset. You need to have a new direction in your life, I will help you find your way. Remember how blacky is doing now. It will be the same for you. I'll let the situation sink in for a couple hours and come back for your first day of training.”

He's crazy! I have to get out of here. It's a nightmare! Does he really think that he can do that to me? What can I do? I have to stay calm, wait till I have a chance to escape, just wait for the right occasion. He can't keep me against my will. Slavery doesn't exist anymore. Somebody has to stop him. It's still freezing and I'm so thirsty, waiting like a fool for Steve to come back, he won't be able to change me. I'm strong and resistant. What can he do? I'll resist. Show him that I'm a real man, not a sissy boy. I hear the door opened again and his footsteps.

“Listen boy, this is your first training day, you will experience pain, real pain. Let it be a lesson for you. I can give you as much pain as I wish. But I'm a good master. Remember this, if you obey, you get rewards, if you disobey, you get punishments. Today you will experience a lot of pain, let it be a lesson, I can dish out much more. First the riding crop.”

Oh my god! He's really mad. He takes my left arm and pulls it high. Then the same to my right arm, he removes the harness, spreads my legs and attaches them, I am now spread-eagled. I feel my arms pulled upward so that I stand on tiptoe. I feel the first blow at the back of my left leg, its stings but not so bad, next on the other leg, then on the back. I try to move but I can't move much, I hold my breath and the blows continue on the back, the legs, the ass, getting harder and harder, it's getting painful, but I won't be broken, I have to resist. All my back is feeling pain now, and it stops for a while and then its in front, my legs, my pecs, my stomach, its raining from all sides, back and front, harder and harder, I try not to cry, but I can't resist, I'm shouting through my gag, it's so painful. It continues and continues, never seems to be ending. I'm in pain from head to toe.

- Good boy, I'll take a break, I need to rest. Since I'm a good master, I'll give you some water with a tube that goes directly in the gag. I don't want my boy to be dehydrated, you need to be strong for the next lesson: the paddle. But first I'll clean the place. All that piss and sweat. Loosen your restraints a bit, See you soon.

I can still feel the pain all over, But it's subsiding, I can breathe normally again, get a grip on myself, The water is dripping slowly in my throat, what a relief but it's not enough, I need more. It diminishes slowly and comes to a halt. I wait and nothing comes anymore. I was sweating profusely but now my body is feeling the cold, I'm trembling, I'm back to my formal state, cold, thirsty plus the pain. The wait is worse, how much more can I take, as usual I can almost count the seconds, it helps me spend the time and forget my condition. 60 seconds, 1 minute, then 2, 3, 4 and then my mind start wandering, I shouldn't have accepted Steve offer, I should have stayed with my wife, I should have kept my job. Thinking about my sex sites, ponygirls, and so on...He's back, he tightens my arms higher and my legs further back, my ass is now fully exposed. I hear the smack on both my ass cheeks, and suddenly the pain registers. I howl loudly gasping for air. STOP STOP ( I say in my head, ) I prepare for the next one, it lands on my right cheek, I don't have time to react another blow on the left, one on both, I start to cry out loud, PLEASE STOP PLEASE STOP PLEASE STOP ( nothing comes out clearly ) hyperventilating, my ass in on fire. The blows continue on a regular base, ten on each cheek, ten on both, harder and harder, my ass must be black from all the abuse, permanently damaged. Its stops and I feel Steve's hand on my painful ass, it feels cold against my burning bums.

“So boy you did well, I'll let you rest, loosen you up and give you more water. You can thank me for taking care of you and teaching you a good lesson. The next one is the whip. Wait for me, true that you have no choice I'll make myself a nice coffee.”

What a bastard! My ass is killing me. And he has the nerve to ask me to thank him. It's true that I feel better, I am so thirty and I could at last relax in my bounds. After a while, the dripping stopped and I was freezing again, worst I had to piss, this time I didn't wait and I just let it flow. What did I have to lose? My dignity? How much lower can I go? Naked with my ass probably a bright red if not an angry black. I was now focused on my body, just my pain, just the cold, just the thirst, I couldn't think about anything else. Can I survive the rest of my ordeal. Just the thought of the whip scared me, I had images of people getting whipped in films. It must be terrible, where would it land, my ass is already a mess, my legs and back so sensitive.

I have to wait, it seems like ages, I fear and long for Steve to come back... Suddenly the familiar sound of the door, he changes my position. I am stretched very tight, almost hanging from my wrists, my toes hardly touching the ground with my weight pulling me down. I hear the sound of the whip a few times, the bastard must be practicing. I wait holding my breath, I feel the leather around my back and front, I hear the sound, then the pain surges from the lash, I'm out of breath, can't even shout. NO PLEASE NO. ITS SO PAINFUL IT'S KILLING ME. Then he lashed my back from the shoulders to my wait, each time in a line, on a different spot, I gasp for air each time, waiting for the other blow. ( I'm floating now, a beautiful girl sucking my dick, so wonderful, slowly taking it, her amazing blue eyes looking at me. )

“Wake up boy, it's not the time to leave me, you must feel all the blows. I see that your cock is hard. You've learned a precious lesson, pain and pleasure can come together.”

All the hurt comes back, its crazy, how can pain cause pleasure? I feel so miserable.He must have come in front, because this time he it's me on my pecs. OH IT'S SO BAD, OH GOD, MAKE IT STOP, PLEASE He keeps going on lower until he reaches my abs. It's a sharp pain each time, cutting my skin. I'm now sobbing, pleading, wishing to faint again, PLEASE STEVE, PLEASE STOP, I'LL DO ANYTHING. Mmmph mmmph. I know he can't understand, I'm almost choking myself on the gag. It's just pure pain, nothing else exists.

“This was your third lesson boy, I hope you are learning from this, the next one is the cane. You'll never forget it. Now I'll give you more water and put some cream to make you feel better, it will hurt first but after it will heal your wounds faster, you see I take good care of you. You need more time to recover and prepare for your last lesson, so just wait patiently, I'll have plenty of time to eat. I also need to take care of blacky, you're not the only needing attention here, don't be selfish, it should take a while, stay put.”

All my weight is on my arms, I am in shock, I can almost feel each stripe on my back and front. I can't even move an inch, every movement causing some pain. I shake when he applies the cream, each line burning more than the other. I cringe whenever he touches a wound. He leaves me with my pain, after loosening the restraints, standing in my pool of piss. Naked, suffering, cold. At least he left the water drip permanently, I can swallow and soothe my throat. Can I go through another round of torment? And the cane?

Sounds terrible, must be worse than the whip since he left it for last. I hope I will faint again, I can't believe I had a hard-on. He's playing with my mind. That fucking bastard is pushing me to the limit. I don't know how I will survive and now I have to wait...and wait in pain and fear and wait... in the cold... And wait smelling my own piss... And wait...

I'm waiting in the dark, shivering and in pain. Dreading the moment for the cane. My body screams all over from the crop, the paddle, the whip. I tried to block my brain, think about something else. Hide in a space inside my mind. Will I be able to stay sane in this house of pain? If I could only wake up from this nightmare. The doors crack and my skin shivers with the draft.

“I see you have waited for me patiently. I had a nice warm soup and the football game was interesting. I hope you didn't miss me. Well I'm back to give you your last and memorable lesson that you won't forget. Blacky has already experienced it, he came out an obedient boy, eager to please. I'm sure that will be your case. You won't even think about displeasing me, you know I can be harsh, it can be worse, you don't want to see that. I will give you 20 lashes of the cane. I will count them so that you can prepare yourself, breath in and brace yourself. I'll try not to break the skin because I don't like seeing permanent marks on my ponyboys. After that I'll apply some vinegar to disinfect the wounds. It will make the marks disappear and heal fast. First I have to adjust the bounds to make your ass, legs and back be a good target.You can make noises as much as you can and try to move around, it will help you take it better. I'll wait between each hit to give you time to recover. I don't want you to miss anything, you need to remember each blow. Now brace yourself, breath in, it's coming..."

“1. A nice hit, that's it, release your anger.

“2. Shout at the end of your lungs.

“3. Release your fears.

“4. Stay with me, breath.

“5. You're doing well.

“6. Yeah, all those nice welts.

“7. I know it's hard, but you must learn.

“8. Good boy, breathe, let go your anger, your pain, feel it deep inside.

“9. I like that sound, before it hits you, and then your reaction.

“10. You will never forget this.

“11. Shout more, don't keep it in.

“12. I know you're pleading with me to stop, begging, but you will make it.

“13. That's it, don't let go, stand up straight, show how proud you are, not a weakling.

“14. I know you can do it.

“15. Only 5 left.

“16. three fast, one at the back of your thighs.

“17! 18! 19! Breath, stay calm, here comes the last one, brace yourself…

“20! Good boy, you came through without fainting, you must be in shock by now. So I will let you go, to reflect on your experience. I'll put you back in your harness, your hands behind you. You wont get water anymore, I have to clean you up again.and I don't want you to mess up the place again. I'll see you tomorrow and start your ponyboy training.”

I'm wide awake now. In complete dark, shivering and suffering. How long have I been hanging? I don't know. At first, I just fell into a kind of coma, drifting in and out, I've never experienced so much hurt in my life. Just wished, I could escape, wake up or run away. But everything came crashing back after a while, my terrible ordeal, my former life, my foolishness. The fact that I can't see anything makes it much worse, it heightens my sensations. Every time I move, even just a bit, I hurt so much. So I just let myself hang.

But my brain doesn't stop. All kinds of thoughts going in my head, past and present. The pain is tolerable now, it's kind of a general numbness. My ass and thighs are still burning, it must be the caning, yet I can deal with it. How can I get out of this nightmare? Steve is a nutcase, a fucking sadist who enjoys torturing people. I don't want ever to relive that beating. I'll just have to play the game and make him think that I'm submitting to his will. When I have a chance, I'll escape from this hell. Does he really think that he can change me, have me accept such a crazy thing, becoming a ponyboy, and worse from a faggot. I am much stronger now, I know I can resist. Just don't want to have more pain. I'll play his game, we will see who is going to win in the long run. If only I could see, quench my thirst, have that awful gag removed from my mouth. I almost wish Steve would come back.He won't turn me into his willing ponyboy, he can be as manipulative as he can, he won't break my spirit.

My mind wanders from thoughts to thoughts, daydreaming when I am dozing, focusing on my body when I'm awake. Pain, cold, thirst, and just waiting, if only Steve would come back at least I could deal with what he has in stock for me. He said he would start my training. What a fool, I'm not letting him do it so easily. I'm waiting and waiting, preparing myself.

Then after some hours, feels like days, I hear the familiar door opening, the draft and his steps.

“I see my boy is ready. Did you learn your lesson? I'm sure your ass wont forget. Well, it doesn't look so bad, the marks will go away and I will be able to enjoy the sight of your cute bum. Before I start your training, I'll give some water, so you can recuperate, I will inspect your body. I see that you have a little beer belly, that's not nice boy, we will have to work on that.”

He is treating me like a little boy, I hate it when he calls me BOY. I'm not a boy and surely not HIS boy. He ties my arms and legs, spreadeagled, then removes the harness, I feel his hands on my back, they are so warm against my skin.

“Now BOY, I'm going to remove your gag on one condition, you are not to utter a single word, you can make noises but not a single word. Is that clear BOY? Nod your head if you understand, if you utter even just a single human word, the gag goes back and you will be punished severely. Do you agree BOY?”

What can I do? This awful gag is killing me, my throat is parched dry, my jaw must be broken after so much time. I would do anything to get rid of it. I nod my head. I feel a finger reaching inside my mouth, stretching it painfully, then pushing the gag out. What a relief, I can breath through my mouth again. I slowly try to close my mouth, it hurts so bad. But I succeed, I close it, move my tongue, lick my lips, my tooth. He puts something in my mouth, a bottle that I start to suck, I `m like a baby, it's silly but so good. Suddenly he removes it, oh I need more...

“Listen BOY. I'm going to inspect you from head to toe, I want you to stay still. If you do as I say I will give you some more water. Remember you obey, you get rewarded, you don't obey, you get punished.”

I realized how thirsty I am. I don't want him to touch me, a fucking gay asshole feeling me. But what can I do? I need that water, can't continue like that. So I stand straight and rigid. I now feel his warm hands on my back, I hate to say that it feels good, then my shoulders, he goes slowly, rubbing my skin gently, I forget the pain, just a soothing feeling, He rubs my legs, my ass, my pecs, my stomach, my cock. Ah... I grind my teeth, forcing myself to stay quiet. He touches my balls, I'm really trying not to move. Suddenly, I feel something poking my asshole and I shout, “FUCK!”

“What did you say BOY, I told you not to utter a word. You have to be punished for that!”

He pushed back the gag in my mouth before I could realize what's happening. My mouth is still sore. I try to say that I'm sorry, it was just a reflex. But what can I say now with that big gag in my mouth? I really tried not to move, I didn't want to feel more pain, but when I felt his finger in my hole, it just came out. I'm sure that wicked man knew that, he just wanted to punish me more. What kind of punishment is he going to give me? My hands and legs are stretched tight again. I'm waiting fearful of the next step. What did he have in his crazy mind?

“BOY you did bad. You forgot your lesson, remember: reward if you obey, punishment if you disobey. Since your ass, back and front are already sore, I don't want to scar my new pony. There is a part I didn't touch yet. I'm going to work on your balls., relax boy, I know this will be hard, but as a good master, I must teach you, next time you won't forget. Your nuts are just waiting. I'll strike them 20 times, each blow separate, to give you time to register the pain, recover and wait for the other one. I hope this time you will learn.

1 BOY. 2 BOY. 3 BOY. 4 BOY. 5 BOY. 6 BOY. 7 BOY. 8 BOY. 9 BOY. 10 BOY. Don't move, you'll harm your balls. 11 BOY. 12 BOY. 13 BOY. Your nuts are all swollen and warm now. 14 BOY. 15 BOY. You’re getting there. 16 BOY. 17 BOY. Don't worry, your nuts are not permanently harmed. 18 BOY. Looks so nice, angry red, so big now, I'm sure your brain will never forget. 19 BOY. The last big one, breathe deeply, brace yourself here it comes. 20 BOY! I really hope I don't have to repeat this. That you will be a good boy. Reflect on that. I'll leave you in your harness, in the dark, no water, with your gag in. I'll see you tomorrow.”

It's pitch black, I've been in the complete dark for I don't know how long. I feel dizzy sometimes, but if I stretch my legs, I can touch the ground with my toes, it helps my brain to understand what is up and what is down, and not lose my balance. I don't know how much time has passed, Steve said see you tomorrow, if I count the times he came, it must be three days. I'm hanging like a piece of meat with no water in the cold. That terrible smell, piss and feces. Hours must have passed since my last ordeal. At first I was in shock, my brain just shut down. Trying to forget what happened. But now the searing pain in my balls reminds me what I went through. It was worse than the first beating. I remember precisely the first blow: it went directly to my brain, I thought I would die, tied high, I couldn't protect myself, I felt like vomiting, I think I lost my mind, pissed and relieved myself.Each stroke was worse and I couldn't even faint. The bastard let me recover between each blow, going slowly, I could hear his voice teaching his little boy. Who does he think he is? I felt so hopeless. Living that hell. I'm sure I don't want to relive that terrible experience. I have to submit to his will for the time being. I know I will survive and the Ben inside me will come out of this. But now I have to concentrate on keeping my mind, first I thought I was losing it. I keep repeating to myself: I'm Dan, a free man, a straight guy. This asshole won't break my spirit...I hear footsteps, at last...water...Steve is coming...I hope he removes the gag...I need to stay quiet...I can do that...


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