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Training Rose

by AngieF

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© Copyright 2013 - AngieF - Used by permission

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Rose has become something of a living legend around Saddleworth so I persuaded her to tell me her story for a small, or actually not so small, fee. I had to edit some of it and change a couple of identities but I hope you enjoy it. Angie.

Part One

I cowered in the corner protecting my face as best I could as the blows rained down, five, six, I counted, as they inflamed my tender bare buttocks, left, right, nine, ten, and then he changed to flicking up between my legs, one, two, three swats on my pussy lips cruelly held open by the over tight leather crotch strap of my harness and I gurgled in helpless orgasmic ecstasy.

"You're such an easy pony to please!" he said as he unfastened the "bit" from my bridle and fed me two sugar lumps and a slice of apple, and with a final slap across my rump he was gone.

I waited until I was sure he was gone before I lay down exhausted on my blanket and fell into a glorious exhausted satisfied sleep.

It was all so different to how we all imagined it would be, of course I knew about Ponygirls, daddy had always had a few around when I was little, but never in a million years did I think I would be one of them!

Daddy used to be in Parliament, a Peer or member of the upper chamber at Westminster, the House of Lords, until they got rid of the hereditary Peers around 1999, and then Daddy was rather lost, which is when he became more involved in the sport.

We lived in a nice house in Wiltshire, as near to secluded as one can get in England and next door to what the locals accepted as a nudist colony, but Melton Villa, was far from the luxury guest house it appeared to be from outside.

It was the great recession 2008, I did very well in my school examinations but when it came to Universities I just couldn't get any reasonable offers of places, I think they thought with Daddy's wealth he could get me into Yale or Harvard or somewhere exotic so they didn't take me seriously, except Daddy just didn't have that kind of cash, in fact we were hurting.

Daddy had agreed to organise the Oktoberfest which is hardly cheap or easy, and then with the recession the sponsors began to pull out, I was waiting for the right moment to ask about a loan for a gap year in Australia, literally hanging around outside Daddy's study when he asked me if I could help out after lunch as his temporary secretary had failed to turn up.

I agreed immediately, "You' d better look the part!" he added, as he peered at my blue jeans and too tight tee shirt, so I changed into a old white school blouse and dark blue skirt, I even put on a white bra so my breasts were not too prominent through the almost translucent light cotton weave.

We were barely inside the office when Daddy's two o'clock turned up, "Gerald," he greeted Daddy in that familiar way Daddy hates so much, "Good to see you, you solved our little problem I see!"

"Simon, come along in, sit down, Cigar," Daddy said in confusion, "This is..." he said.

"Rose!" I said, "Pleased to meet you! Mr?" I queried as I looked at the ageing balding short fat slob as he shuffled past leering at me.

"Dighby!" he said, "With an H," as if you could spell it any other way.

"Well, Gerald," he said, "Waste of time me coming, what's she like unwrapped, got any pics of her in action?"

"I haven't said I'll do it yet!" I said, as Daddy looked at me in horror. "What's the deal Lord, Sir whatever your name is?"

"Twelve months two thousand a month, isn't it Gerald, tax free!" Dighby said.

"I want control of my pictures!" I insisted.

"All right, so where's your tack?" Dighby asked.

"Oh, Fosdyke and Earl are altering it!" I lied, "should be ready by Thursday!" I tried my best smile on Dighby and he said.

"Do we have a deal?"

"Yes!" I agreed.

There was some small talk and Dighby left, and we quickly followed, Daddy rented the office by the hour and we were out with a few seconds to spare of needing a second hour's hire

"Georgina, thanks ever so much for that." Daddy said as he drove us home in the Bentley, "It gives me another week or two to get a team together."

"He thought I was a Ponygirl!" I chuckled, "Wow, I guess that's a compliment."

"An easy mistake to make." Daddy admitted.

"Oh yes, with their perfect complexions and long legs and perfect breasts." I taunted, "Half catwalk model and half athlete, yes I definitely look like that."

"Georgie, look you've always been beautiful to me, but really, when you look at it, in cold light of day, you really are beautiful you know." he said kindly, "Which doesn't actually help me find another girl for the team."

"You wouldn't consider me seriously then?" I asked.

"Oh lord no!" he laughed, "What would your grandmother think!"

"Twenty four thousand pounds?" I suggested.

"No! definitely not." he said, "Do you want to do evening stables?"

"Yes, why not!" I agreed.

We walked the few hundred yards through the woods to Melton Villa, the Carts were already parked outside the stable block and Mary the stable girl was washing Dessie, Desert Orchid, or Nancy Boyd, as she was somewhat unfortunately christened, with a hose pipe. Daddy insisted on warm water, he just never understood, like the bedding, one needs consistency, there is no hot water or soft bedding at a real event, so why pamper the girls at stables?

Daddy as always went to change, he had his own office and he quickly returned in his white shirt and breeches and his black hacking jacket.

"Will you do Sabine while I do Dessie?" Daddy asked me.

"Ok," I agreed.

Dessie was my age, my height, blonde like me, blue eyes and I just knew Daddy would screw her. It was in her eyes, lust, sheer unbridled lust. I could always tell, it wasn't rocket science, if Daddy took them to the tack room then that was one thing, but he took Dessie straight to her room, that way she couldn't resist, not that she wanted to, but there is a protocol to be observed.

I took hold of Sabrine's reins and led her gently to the tack room, she wore a standard working rig, shoulder straps coming down in a vee between her breasts to join the under breast strap, then the wide waist belt over a tight leather lace up corset and the crotch strap pulled tight so her lower lips, Labia Majore were permanently parted.

Sabrine wore the elaborate wide wrist cuffs necessary for pulling the two wheeled cart which was parked outside, her given name was conveniently Sabrina, Sabrina Hollingsworth, so Daddy simply changed one letter before registering her.

I unbuckled her tack and laid it on the bench before I led her to the bath, a simple hole four feet deep by a yard or so square where they could stand in thermostatically controlled bliss as the aches of the day were soothed away. I left her bridle on as I scrubbed the dirt of the day from the harness and when I had finished I found her bathrobe and towel and laid them beside her, she hauled herself out of the water, emerging like a mermaid, and she undid her own bridle, and set it down.

"Phew!" she said, "Thanks." she grabbed the towel, "I am going to sleep for thirty six hours straight!" she told me, "They had me hauling fire wood!" and then she asked, "Are you coming to tea?"

I sometimes joined them, listening to their tales while they had their meal, usually they turned in around eight, in their individual "Stables" with comfy single beds and lockers for their things and CD player and DVD and TV and Computers, all in a nicely centrally heated double glazed freshly painted "Stable Block" better accommodation by far than your average student enjoyed!

Dot was waiting with Marmon as Sabrine dressed, waiting to use the bath and other facities, "You're welcome to stay, 'Rose!'" Dot chuckled knowingly.

"It's not funny!" I said, "He genuinely thought I was a Ponygirl!"

"You certainly have the looks but no way do you have the temprament," Dot, Dorothy Channing, Daddy's head groom laughed, "Oh dear no!"

"He thought I was a Ponygirl!" I told them at Tea, "Dighby, I could see it so I went along with it!"

"She called herself Rose!" Dot announced, "And do you know there isn't a Rose listed anywhere," she said, "I looked."

I watched the girls empty the plates of Salmon and then Chicken they were given, their appetites three or four times that of my own as they consumed just lean meat and a tiny sprinkling of vegetables and fruits, washed down with fruit juice and then, just like spoiled pets they sprawled on the couches and bean bags in the lounge in their casual clothes and watched TV for while before they grew tired and drifted away to bed.

"Dot," I asked, "Could I fill in as a Ponygirl if Daddy can't find one?"

"Ah," she said thoughtfully, "well you have the looks, but, it wouldn't be right, and you know how Daddy likes to bond with his Ponies."

Oh I knew all right, I came home from school early once and there he was, standing between the shafts of a Pony cart behind the Ponygirl who was bent almost double the flap on his breeches down, and her crotch strap undone as he thrust into her and she trust back equally enthusiastically. The image had a profound effect on me, shocked me, and I had stood watching them until they gasped and Daddy leaped back into the Cart and had whipped the over excited Ponygirl into a rapid trot.

"I'll see you later," he had said to me as he passed.

Sometimes after that he took me with him in the four in hand, and showed me how to drive with whip and reins, especially how to change hands and whip the left pair and right pair equally and to see who was pulling and who not by the tension of the straps.

"I'd be delighted if you would join us, perhaps as a groom or trainer?" Dot dragged me back to the present.

"Perhaps," I said, but I knew most successful trainers had themselves been Ponygirls, few grooms became trainers without starting at the bottom so to speak.

Daddy was in the study when I got home, he had the Club website on the big monitor and was checking what was available.

"Daddy," I said, "Can I go to Sydney for a while,"

"Sidney who?" he said absent mindedly.

"Australia?" I said.

"Look, Kitten," he said, and this sounded ominous, "Bit short of funds, ah, at present." he confessed.

"But it's quite cheap!" I said.

"Look," he said, "I can't meet my obligation for Henley really, let alone the Oktoberfest, look at the figures!"

I looked at the book he offered me,

"What is the blue ink Daddy?" I asked.

"Suspected Bad debts." he said, "Cheques in the post that sort of thing," he said, "They think we're rich just because I drive a Bentley and we live in a nice house!" he exclaimed.

"We are aren't we?" I asked.

"Not at this rate, Kitten, not at this rate!" he insisted.

We looked at the site Daddy, really needed a transfer, an experienced girl preferably but we could see from the CVs they were really not of the standard Daddy needed, he thought he could get a fresh girl, I think he had my friend Harriet in mind, or that Barmaid from the "Greyhound" but for whatever reason Silvana and Evie had both decided to retire so Daddy was in serious trouble.

"Looks like it's me or nothing!" I said sweetly.

"No," he said "Definately not!"

"I'll make her an offer I think!" Daddy suggested, as he flicked back, "her, Lynva."

"But she's foreign!" I protested, a whole series of fifths and sixths were her best results.

"Well what other option is there?" he asked, I saw he kept flicking back to a girl named Byron's Beauty, "You keep on looking, I'll rustle up some coffee." he suggested.

I took his place and scrolled up and down the vacancies pages.

I couldn't believe some of the deals, no wonder Daddy was struggling to attract new talent, John Bryant of Saddleworth offering forty thousand pounds as a sort of transfer fee to the trainer or "Owner," in Ponygirl parlance.

I started thinking, it seemed quite logical.

"Daddy, why can't I do it?" I asked as he came back.

"No, you can't be my Ponygirl, but you can help Dot if you like." he said, "or how about you go and see your mother in Monaco."

"I suppose," I said my mind working overtime.

"Good, it will give me some peace!" he said.

I sort of mulled things over in my head.

I woke late next morning, Mrs Giles, Daddy's housekeeper was really off with me because I made her late making the bed but she made my breakfast and I went into Daddy's study and logged on to the Club website. It was a bit naughty I admit, but I used some of Dessie, that's Nancy Boyd's, details and pictures of her tacked up and my own passport picture, and I registered myself as Rose Giles, using Mrs Giles surname and I used my own registration as assistant trainer as owner trainer, and I put myself on line!

It was just a joke really, but within an hour Bryant's of Saddleworth had emailed with an offer, luckily they emailed my own account, rather than Daddy's Ponyplay account. It was a very good offer. Very, very good indeed! They even included terms and conditions and an acceptance form. Daddy came home in a foul mood, more investor trouble, and well, I offered to be a stand in Ponygirl again.

"No, No and Thrice No!" he said paraphrasing Shakespeare, "Just drop it all right." he said.

"I'll go and see Mummy then." I suggested.

"Yes, good idea!" he agreed. "Anything to stop you going on about being a Ponygirl!"

I accepted Bryant's offer, I agreed to start a week Monday and they would collect me from Glossop Station.

I packed a case and went to see Mummy in Monte Carlo, and when I was sure the money had arrived safely in my on line bank account I set off back for England.

I went via Eurostar and then to Sheffield and got a Taxi to Glossop Station. Mr Bryant came in person to pick me up when I phoned, he seemed very nice, "Miss Giles?" he asked.

"Yes, Rose," I said.

"Right, I think I'll be seeing a lot more of you," he said with something of a leer, "You can do a hundred metres in thirteen seconds and the four hundred in the fifty fives?" he asked.

"Oh yes," I agreed, "In the thirteens not thirteen dead,"

"Well we'll test you and if you can't it's deal off," he said frimly, "Did you bring your tack?"

"No, I don't have my own." I explained as I carried my holdall to his car.

"No problem, we like to keep to our own in any case!" he said.

I squirmed slightly, slightly nervously, as he stared at my legs through the tracksuit bottoms I was wearing with my trainers and tee shirt.

He had a brand new Lexus, one of the Range Rover clones they make, and we were soon purring up past the reservoirs and up the hillside until we were high on Saddleworth Moor, the track deteriorated and soon the tarmac was left behind, and then he stopped, by a white post.

"Hundred yards from here to that gate yonder," he said, "You got fourteen seconds."

"I need a warm up!" I protested.

"So warm up." he said, he was older than Daddy, sort of a Yorkshireman, big powerful.

I climbed out and did my warm up exercises Miss Higginbotham had taught me, running on the spot, star jumps etc. and then when the blood was pumping I said, "Ready when you are."

He just said, "Go," no ready set, just "Go," so I went, luckily the turf was springy as I sprinted and I just lunged for that gate.

"Back go!" he ordered and I sprinted back, I was gasping for breath as I got back.

"What the hell did they let you go for?" he asked in surprise, "That was under fourteen coming back!" he thought, "That's fast." he said, "very fast," and he thought, "Maybe you're no good at something, I just took a punt on those sprint figures, oh and your pictures of course, and of course the pedigree a Melton girl."

I was sweating profusely, despite the cold wind cutting across the moor. "Yes," I agreed, "I don't know why they didn't want me," I paused, "I thought I was doing well."

The farm was intended to look derelict to keep prying eyes at bay but I knew Bryants were among the best trainers there were, but as we splashed into the yard through six inch deep puddles I wondered if they hadn't gone too far!

Mrs Bryant met us at the door, "Come in and have a feed girl!" she insisted, the fayre was plentiful, great slices of lean roast beef and a few peas and carrots with sliced apples to finish all washed down with a delicious fruity cordial.

"Come through and I'll sort your Tack," Mrs Bryant suggested when I finished eating and I followed her through to a room beyond the kitchen.

Tack hung in great profusion, "Henry likes pale tan for blondes." she said, "I'm Martha, by the way, shall we try this?" she asked, as she held up a corset and waist belt in tan coloured leather, "Slip your jacket off."

I did as she said and she pulled up my Tee shirt and buckled it round me, "Nice Tan," she commented.

"Monte Carlo!" I said, "Mummy lives there."

"Is that too tight?" she asked as she tweaked the laces on the corset.

"It is a bit but it will be all right," I agreed.

"Best have your Tee shirt off for the next bit," she suggested, and I quickly slipped my Tee shirt off , "Oh that's a fancy bra, best slip that off and all," she said so I did, I felt a bit odd standing there bare breasted but she seemed nice enough.

"Have you done cart work?" she asked.

"A bit," I lied, "twin shaft" I added, "With broad cuffs,"

"Good," she replied, "Lets try the cuffs next," she said and buckled the triple buckle cuffs around both my wrists, "We like the north country rest position, I don't suppose you tried that?" she asked.

"No," I said honestly enough, tried it, I hadn't a clue what it was!

She showed me, a short strap between my wrist cuffs, "Hands behind your head," she said

I tried it, it felt most odd, "and the elbow clincher," she said as she passed a strap around my elbows and pulled them together behind my back, "Look how good your breasts look!" she said pointing to the mirror.

We looked an odd pair, her in her fifties with greying hair dressed in the fashions of the nineteen forties, me half naked with my breasts thrust out, "It's a bit odd!" I ventured.

"We use a leather cap instead of open bridle, I'll see if this one will do," she suggested, "You got a lot of hair," she added, "Make a beautiful mane."

She picked up a leather cap and scooped up my flowing blonde hair and fed it through the ring on the upper back of the cap and gradually eased it over my head until at last only my face protruded, she added the wide neck straps and asked how it felt.

"Sounds are muffled," I said.

"Yes," she agreed, "Keeps your ears warm." and then she said "open," and "Try the bit,"

It felt horrible, I tried to tell her so but she tightened the strap, "Unggh," I said.

I shook my head and stamped.

"Stop it, bad pony." she said and thats when she hit me with the whip.

I whipped round and kicked her hard. "Henry!" she wailed.

I whipped round but as I faced him Mrs Bryant caught me from behind and Mr Bryant picked up something from the bench and put bit over my face.

"Best we blinker her Martha" he said, "no wonder his lordship got shot, what a bloody Madam!"

I found out later the blinker, or blinder actually strapped to the leather cap, blinding me completely.

"Pull the leather sleeve over her hand tie Martha she's marking her neck." Mr Bryant insisted, and I felt Martha working with something soft around my imprisoned hands as they passed around my neck.

"Beh Nung Nung queh," I threatened.

"Well use a wide belt and a single shaft," Mr Bryant suggested, "and we'll clit and tit her now while we're at it."

I felt the Corset being removed, a wide belt was passed around my waist and buckled firmly in position, but no crotch belt then someone pulled down my tracksuit bottoms and panties, balling them round my feet and pulling my socks and trainers off with them. Something was passed around my left ankle, a loop or noose and before I could kick it away a second was passed around my right ankle and somehow my ankles were pulled apart despite my best efforts and I did the splits and would have fallen if someone, Mr Bryant I think hadn't gently guided me down.

"I've got it Henry, do you want the freezer." Martha asked.

"No, this one needs to know pain, give her a few swats and see if we can find the little critter." he suggested.

She hit me, on the tender underside of my breasts, then on my sex, right on the lips, it stung, my god how it stung, "Got it," Mr Bryant announced, "There it is, whoa ho, there it," there was a click and the most excruciating pain I have ever endured coursed through me from the very innermost secret part of me to assault my brain and dissolve into a million agonising fireflies. "There it is, done." he said.

"Pliers and the solder gun please Martha." Mr Bryant asked, and before I realised my left breast exploded into an agonising firecracker of an explosion followed by my right breast.

"Bar bells on the Tits Henry!" Martha suggested, "I got the iron hot!"

"This won't hurt a bit," Mr Bryant said, "In fact it will hurt a lot, so much so that you might pass out but don't worry." he said, "I'm just making a loop for your new clit ring."

He lied, it was a bit hot but nothing compared to the agony of making the initial hole.

"Just hold still," he said, and I suppose he soldered the loop shut, and then he pressed something through each nipple and soldered that judging by the awful stench of burning flesh and the agony I experienced.

"Right, welcome to Pony land," Mr Bryant said, "This is proper training, Yorkshire style, no mamby pamby beds and TV's, Computers, parties just a hard slog, and when its over you will sleep and when you wake you will want to train again because you're so cold and uncomfortable in your stall."

"Beleop Phog!" I exclaimed,

"Just pack in the back chat, one stamp for yes two for no." he said, "Understand?" I stamped twice, so he continued, "Show her where she sleeps Martha!"

She led me away barefoot from the room, out of the door and across the yard and I heard her open a door, "In there," she said. and she pushed me into a pile of staw and slammed the door behind me.

I cried and cried, I just lay for ages sobbing, then I sat up, and listened, and despite the tight leather cap or helmet enveloping my entire head and covering my ears I began to make out sounds, the steady thunder of vehicles, it must be the distant sounds of the Motorway and then the sounds of other people or animals and finally the sounds of the TV the theme tune to Coronation Street, it could only be nine o'clock.

I thought back a day, saying goodbye to Mummy, going first class on Eurostar to get a good seat and finding it was almost empty, leaving my own documents in the safety deposit at Daddy's bank while I changed trains, and I remembered that beautiful dress I saw just after I put my credit cards in that safety deposit so I couldn't buy it, and now this naked and helpless.

I lay there for ages until I heard the ten o'clock TV news theme and then I explored carefully, it was a stable stall, straw on the floor, it smelled clean, I picked a spot beside the door for my dirty spot, kicked the straw away, and then I laid down, and stood up, and paced around, and thought.

You see I thought Daddy used the same training technique as everyone else, I really had no idea, of course I realised later, but you see an elegant girl from the Don Valley, Sheffield, Doncaster, she will be the result of a one night stand, drunken almost certainly, between an elegant chap and a local girl, maybe herself the result of a similar liaison, but she will be coarse and aggressive, so she'll need breaking.

Whereas I was broken years ago by the bitches at that awful school Daddy sent me to, no Ciggies behind the bike sheds for me, oh no cold shower, eat, prep, class, eat, prep, class, eat, cold shower, sleep. That was my life from Nine to Thirteen yers old. So I got thirteen GCSEs, so what, and Four A levels but not straight As, I got a B in Art, and missed my chosen University course.

It was cold and my arms hurt until they went numb, and I shivered, and it got colder and the wind howled and the rain rattled on the tin, and after an eternity someone came for me.

"Best get you cleaned out young filly," a woman's voice said as she opened the door, "Walk on." she slapped my left buttock with a whip.

I leapt forward, "Steady!" she said, "You're a lively one!" she commented, "Best have thee reins on afore us gets outside in the shit." and she clipped the reins to the end of my bit, and led me away, it was terrifying, the cold mud squelched between my toes and I followed blindly.

"Woah," she said, "Bend!" I stopped, "Bloody Bend!" she said and whipped me across the shoulders,

"Albert!" she said, "Bitch wont bend,"

"Her ent broke proper," a male voice said, "Ass like a knitting needle,"

"Hold her head then Albert!" she said and the next thing I knew Albert had wrenched my head down to my knees, and braced himself so I couldn't move.

I heard water running and then it hit me, right against my left bum cheek, it was freezing obviously from a hose pipe and then it homed in on my bum, I thought they were just going to wash me but she pushed the jet right against the bud of my bum hole and water started to squirt inside me, horrible freezing water up my bum freezing me inside, I wailed and stamped but she pushed harder and the cold metal of the hose nozzle eased inside my bum hole, I felt the freezing water filling me, I kicked and squirmed, they couldn't get to their whips, but I couldn't break their grip either.

"NNnnnuuuunnnngggg" I wailed into my bit but they carried on, I shook furiously shivering, and then suddenly the water jet splashed across my leg and the water began to run out of me, "Yuck what a mess!" I recognised Mr Henry Bryant's voice, "You better carry on till it runs clear, " he said and they shoved the pipe back in me again.

"Wriggle it about Annie loosen her up," he advised, "She's certainly got some pedigree," he said, "One of his Lordship's bastards I'll wager, your remember that one at Munich that time,"

"Oh yeah dad!" the woman agreed, "When you lost that bet with Gustavsen,"

"Yeah, bitch," he agreed, "And when she won he had her bit out and she bloody kissed him, my lot I'd have been lucky not to get spat at!" he mused ruefully.

Annie filled me up and pulled the pipe out again, "that will do!" Henry said, "Hitch up the single shaft cart, I'll take her for a trot."

I could barely walk, my insides had been scoured and felt raw, and someone just moved me a small distance to what must have been a barn, "This is a double vee single shaft harness, it swings up if you start or stop too quickly, so don't start or stop too quickly," she said as she bustled about, and then I felt the weight of the cart pulling down on my belt.

"She's ready Dad!" Annie shouted.

"Coming!" he agreed, and I felt him climb nimbly aboard the cart and take up the reins, he slapped my backside, pulled the left rein and I walked slowly forward squelching through the mud, "Gid up there," he ordered and slashed at my buttocks, the single shaft chafed between my legs and occasionally banged up against me, I was worried I might trip.

"Your all right," he said, "get a move on its turf," he said, "You'll be all right, it won't matter if you fall," he said "See!", he tripped me with the long whip, lassooed my foot with it so I cannoned helplessly into the ground face first, sliding along wet grass on my poor sore breasts and my face, "See," he said as he dragged me up by my hair.

"Understand?" he asked. I nodded, so I went a bit faster, he did it again, lasooed my foot, I did three hops and then crashed to the floor, faster this time, but at least i was expecting it and I arched my back and landed on my tummy, "Atta girl, now you run and I'll let thee feet alone. Deal?" I nodded.

I clambered up myself without assistance, and started to run, "Hey!" he wailed, but the straps pulled back against my freshly ringed clit and fireworks exploded in my brain with pretty green roses and space rockets and little furry kittens, the barbells through my nipples throbbed, and then it stopped, I felt horribly empty.

"Pull you daft bitch," he shouted, I tried again this time it just rubbed gently, I seemed to be flying as that lovely warm feeling spread though me as I sped across the ground and I was unprepared for him to apply the brakes and shout "Whoah."

I stopped, "Well Eli," Henry said, "What do you think?"

I heard an elderly man's voice,"Ee, not bad lad, not bad?" he agreed, "Where's her from?"

"Down south, Ee you listen," he fiddled with my bit, and pulled it free,"

"Let me go you beast!" I exclaimed, "Or I'll..." which was as far as I got before he re-fastened the bit.

"Posh see!" Henry boasted.

"Ah so she be," he said, "What she fuck like?"

"Too tight for us Eli," he said, "Ass that is."

"You want I to have a go?" Eli asked.

"If you 'ent got nothing else on," Henry suggested.

"Half a mo I'll get me pills." Eli suggested.

"Poor old sod's past it really." Henry said as he unhitched me from the cart, "But he's got a wiry little cock, ideal for loosening up you tight arsed bitches", and he led me around, "Just bend over the back of the cart."

Well to be honest it was the last thing I wanted to do, bend over so some old codger I had never even seen could sodomise me, but there was nothing I could do, because when I pulled away he just let the reins go and I had no idea where I was or where to run to.

"Now don't be awkward," he said as he seized my reins again, "bend!"

I bent over the back of the cart, I had no choice, and then I felt Eli, hard and warm against my backside, "Hold her still Mr Bryant her's all clammed up."

I tried a kick and got a painful slap across my breasts and as I jerked up so Eli slid his wizened old pen-like penis up inside my backside. It forced painfully up inside my rectum inch by agonising inch, It felt like I was on fire, it was horrible, and then long before it felt it was all the way in me it was squirting stuff inside me he never used a condom.

"Oh very nice Mr Bryant." Eli said happily, "lovely and tight, first time?" he asked.

"Must be," Henry agreed, "Stand back let a man in." he said, "Hold her head!" he added and I felt his strong hands grip my hips.

"Nnnnnggghhh!" I squealed, as I felt Henry's softer but much larger penis against me, "NNnggg!""No!" I squealed again but Eli's cum was running out of me lubricating Henry's entry and he humped and squirmed and just as I was sure my anal ring would split, he slid in me, all the way, I felt his balls slap against me, and he did a strange thing, he unstrapped my blindfold.

I blinked, Eli stood there, looking like a Victorian Grandfather, bent over stooping with a full beard, old dark raincoat and his trousers around his ankles and beyond, beyond was this vista, the view was unbelievable, I gasped, we could see for miles in the crystal clear moor land air right across the moors to the purple haze of the cities with their industry and smog, and in front of us the track led away straight as a die beside miles of drystone walls to disappear over a distant crest.

"Champion ent it lass," Henry asked as he cupped my breasts and used them to drag himself even further into me.

I nodded. "See it ent all bad up here." he explained, as he humped away "Do summat then," he said as if I should be enjoying it, but then he started groaning and his disgusting warm goo was flooding me. "Oh yes that oh that's it oh bloody hell." Henry groaned, "You'll give me a bloody heart attack."

He dragged himself out of me and staggered slightly as he connected the straps to attach me to the cart once again. "See, it's a straight clear run, now you run do you hear?" he ordered, and I nodded.

He pulled the blinder across returning me to the nightmare world of darkness, yet it was a safe world of privacy where I could believe that I was being abused in the darkness and privacy of my stable or room not outdoors in sight of anyone who might pass by.

I ran on carefully and although he whipped me I was too frightened to go any faster, and after a few hundred yards or so he stopped me once again, he just tugged the reins and I stopped, he spoke to someone, I felt unseen but coarse and dirty hands exploring my breasts and sneaking down, "Eh less of that Larry, tradesmans all right?"

"Spoilsport!" "Larry" exclaimed, "What's her fuck like?" he asked.

"Bloody tight for me lad, you want a go?" Henry asked, "Only I needs her loosened up really."

"No, you're all right Henry," he said, he turned me down, he turned down the chance to hump me when there was nothing I could do to stop him, except kicking maybe, but even so it was so humiliating, "Mebbe down Masons later,"

"Ha, you'll have to pay like the rest!" he said and he slashed the whip across my shoulders and shook the reins. My feet scrabbled for grip on the damp grass, my poor toes, I had a pedicure and everything at Mummy's and now my feet must be blistered and I doubted I had any toenails left!

I ran for ages and then we stopped, Henry climbed down and I heard him doing something and then a door creaked open. He threw something over me, a sheet or Tarpaulin and then he unhitched the Cart.

"We're near road," he explained, "Best wear the bag for next bit," he advised, "I'll let reins droop, you walk I'll guide thee." he said almost kindly, but the path became stony and he picked me up and carried me a short way.

I heard voices, faintly, music perhaps, he set me down and opened a door, and the hubbub of voices became clearer, it was a meeting of some sort, then I heard the clink of glasses and the smell of Cigarette smoke, stale sweat and beer it was a bar or more likely the Local Public House. "Is there any strangers in? he asked loudly.

There was a pause, "No you're all right!" someone said , "Is that the new un."

"Yeah this is it, Clive, if you want to lock up I'll get it out." Henry offered.

There was some laughing and clacking of door locks, "Da Daaaah!" Henry laughed and he dragged the bag off me to his imitation of a fanfare.

"Hey," "Wow," "Bit skinny!" were some of the more sensible comments, "When can we have a go Henry!"

"I need to have her seen to first," Henry commented, "I don't suppose Dr Sugden has been in?"

Seen to? Dr Sugden? My mind raced I'd already been raped anally and pierced and humiliated what on earth else did they have planned for me.

"No but Harry Balls is in snug, thee want's vet not Doctor!" someone said.

"Well let the Dog see the Rabbit." Henry suggested, and he tugged me forward, hands grabbed at me as he led me forward.

"Harry!" Henry said.

"Mr Bryant!" Harry replied, "And what can I do for you?"

"Stop this un getting up the duff." Henry said.

"Hundred quid?" Harry offered.

"Fifty," Henry countered.

"All right, up on the table with it," Harry suggested, "And mine's a pint of Newky Brown."

"You heard!" Henry said as he fairly gently picked me up and laid me on the table.

"Looks healthy enough," Harry commented as willing hands parted my legs and then some one Harry perhaps?, parted my sex and peered inside, it was all horribly exciting, and I was getting damp at the thought.

"Anaesthetic," Harry called, and someone loosened my bit just long enough to tip my head back and force a slug of whiskey, Jack Daniels I thought, down my throat and then suddenly the bit was back in and there was this horrible, horrible pain from my sex.

I couldn't scream, I tried to kick, it was hopeless, they were putting rings through my Sex lips Labia or whatever it's called in Latin, but they weren't, there was another pain and another and another, "Got a bootlace anyone!" Henry laughed.

"I got some lovely red silk upstairs!" a woman's voice trilled, "Half a mo," I heard her feet clattering up the stairs, the hubbub of conversation increased, I couldn't make out much, something about Harrogate.

"One of his Lordship's rejects!" Henry was saying, "Soft bastard hadn't even branded her, and her ass wasn't even broke but bloody hell is she quick over hundred yards."

"I got it!" The woman trilled, "Let me it needs a woman's touch!"

"No, you're all right, I used to sew the Pakistani girls back up at end of term at Uni." Harry said.

"Twenty years ago!" Henry said, "Let Maggie do it." and I cried with pain as they sewed my sex together, the lips sewn shut. I almost passed out.

Finally they were finished, "Right lads form a queue, twenty quid a time." Henry laughed, "Got the Box Clive?" he asked.


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