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Training Rose 2: Harrogate

by AngieF

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© Copyright 2013 - AngieF - Used by permission

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Rose has become something of a living legend around Saddleworth so I persuaded her to tell me her story for a small, or actually not so small, fee. I had to edit some of it and change a couple of identities but I hope you enjoy it. Angie. Continued from Part One

Part 2: Harrogate

The Box, it was a cardboard box. They bent me over the back of something solid like a table, and I think they snipped away so the box went over my back and hid my head completely because the sounds were even more muffled and then they started, they jabbed something up my backside something slippery, and when they pulled it out again I felt the first warm slightly soft penis nudge my poor bruised backside as its owner tried to worm it inside me. I tried to kick but someone grabbed my feet and tied them to something, table legs probably, and then he was inside me and it hurt.

"Ee, Henry, it ent the same we gag in." someone said. So he removed my bit, he must have lifted the box and there were tearing noises and I could hear better, "Aaaaggghhhh!" I screamed.

"Go on Eric, she loves it!" some one laughed.

"Want a pie Henry?" a woman asked.

"No, oh this un ent had her snap yet." he said.

"Noooooo" I wailed, "Please no!"

"It's only a meat pie!" Henry said and as I took a breath he shoved a wad of steak and kidney in my mouth, I choked which made me convulse.

"Her's cumming, Eric!" someone said and as I choked I felt his disgusting slime gushing into me.

"Good lass, Have a drink," Henry said.

"Henry," I started to say before he shoved another spoonful of pie in my mouth.

"Her wants a Henry!" some wag suggested, which wasn't bad because an Orange and fizzy Lemonade was just what I wanted.

Henry or someone held the glass to my lips and I drank as someone else unceremoniously shoved his meat up my backside, it wasn't  as bad as the first, and the drink was very welcome, "Want some more?" he asked.

I nodded, it was surreal, but the pie was nice and warm and I was starving and I didn't really have much choice, "Another pie Maggie she's insatiable, and a Henry." Henry chuckled.

"My bum hurts," I said, as I waited, "Why must you be so horrible."

"This is horrible?" someone queried, "Yer all soft down south!"

"Hey hold up Seth!" Henry advised, but Seth was not to be denied and I smelled the aroma of stale piss and realised he was waving his penis in front of my face.

"Sod off Seth!" Harry said, "I'm not sewing it back on if she takes a bite out of it."

"It's only pie!" Henry suggested, "Eat up!" as he fed me some more steak and kidney, "Meat in one end and steak pie in the other!" he chuckled, what a greedy Pony," he said, "And you Charlie Hebble, that's twenty quid if you want's a poke."

I heard a rustle of notes and I can only only guess it was Charlie Hebble that forced himself on me next, "I usually brings one of the Lasses over of a Saturday night," Henry admitted, "But you'll need taming before then," he said, "Both ends!" he said, "You like sucking cock do you?"

"No!" I said quietly.

"Lesbo see," Henry said, "His bloody Lordship's daughter's plaything as far as I can make out," he said, "I shouldn't mine poking her, what's she like eh?" he asked.

"She smells better than you!" I said.

"Ent got a cock though has she?" he laughed.

"Henry, it's time us closed!" Clive mentioned quietly and as soon as the last man pulled out of me Henry threw the "Bag" back over me.

"Bloody good idea that Burka," someone muttered, suddenly it made sense, it was one of those head to toe Muslim cloaks, Henry hadn't refitted my bit so I kept quiet, till we got outside.

"Why the blinders", Mr Bryant, "His Lordship doesn't use blinders," I asked.

"Because it works, look how calm you are now, I bet you don't know how many blokes fucked you do you?"

"Ten?" I asked.

"I cleared two hundred and seventy quid after paying old Harry." he said, "Sixteen, I guess that makes sixteen are you sore?"

"Bruised and torn in half more that sore," I muttered, "What can I do to make you let me go?"

"Win at Harrogate and see if thee gets any offers!" he suggested, "But I likes you," he said which worried the hell out of me.

He pulled the bag off me but it was raining and the cold rain chilled me and when he hitched up the cart I could barely stagger along. Henry must have seen I was in a bad way because he didn't attempt to attach the bit but walked with me to the top of the hill, "See," he said, "I'm not a monster, will you suck me off now?"

"No!" I said.

"That's disappointing," he said, "Tomorrow perhaps," and he led me down the hill to the farm.

He left Martha to unhitch the Cart and she fed me some soup or something and some juice and led me to my stall for a rest.

I must have slept for twelve hours or more because next thing I knew Martha had woken me with a kick in my backside, and despite my protestations she dragged me outside for the hosepipe routine, "Nooo!" I wailed.

Henry came over to us, "Now Rosie, do you like shouting?" he asked, "You want a bit or not?"

"Not, definately not," I said.

"Use a ring bit Martha." he said and walked off.

"Ring Bit?" I asked.

"You'll love it, helps you breathe," she said, it did that, it took three of them to hold me down and wrench my jaw open wide enough to get the ring bit in, I don't know if you've seen a ring bit but it's like a ring gag except in metal with "Ears" for the reins.

"Hiss sorrible!" I managed to say as Martha almost brutally stretched my jaw open, and forced the ring into my mouth "Eeeeek!"

"You want first poke Albert," Henry asked.

"Thanks Dad" Albert replied, "I'll stand on tump." he said, and Martha and Henry dragged me across so their son could do what he wanted and I just knew he was going to stick his cock in my mouth, but even so when it actually happened it was still a shock.

I tried to stop him with my tongue but all I did was nearly choke myself , "It was your idea not to have a bit!" Henry laughed. "Hitch her up!"

They brought the cart along, hitched it up, and with the usual flurry of whipping they made me head out across the mud and slime of the farmyard and away up the slope to the moors, it was raining, again.  "Bloody run you daft cow," Henry squealed, but I was too scared of falling over to really try to run, so he made me turn around and we went back to the farm.

Martha watched curiously as we approached, "Got a clip Martha?" Henry asked.

"Oh, all right, are you sure?" Martha replied uncertainly, "She's a southerner remember."

"Yeah and some weights!" Henry ordered, "This will teach the bitch to drag her heels."

I just stood there, "Open," he said pointlessly because my mouth was wide open anyway and do you know he pinched my tongue and dragged it out of my mouth and then clipped something to it, it hurt like hell.

"EEEaggghhh!" I wailed and then he put a weight on it, and before I could react he had hung something on my clit ring and things over my barbels on my nipples as well.

"Gwan" or was it "Go on!" he shouted as he roughly dragged the reins round and whipped me until I started off paddling through the mud and slime again.

The weights were torture but I struggled on, the tongue weight hung between my breasts and the breast weights inflamed my nipples and the clit weight, well you get the idea, it just drove me mad, I certainly wasn't cold anymore, and when he started flailing my buttocks with that whip I was so excited I could barely walk let alone run.

Finally I slipped and fell, I landed against the shaft of the cart, Henry thought I was struggling to get up, what an idiot, no I finally had something to grind my clit against and all the frustrations of the last two days just ebbed away,

"Hey, you all right!" Henry asked, suddenly my release came flashing stars, fireworks, exploding green elephants, psychedelic pussy cats, the works wow. One of the best. Ever.

He helped me to my feet and he removed the tongue clip and all the weights, "I'm pushing you too hard," he said, "We'll take short cut."  He helped me to my feet, I felt so much better, but he was too stupid to realise it.

He led me some way along a track and then unclipped the blinder, "It's rough up here," he said, "Watch your feet I'll guide cart."

 As my eyes became accustomed to the bright light of the day I saw the farm away behind us, the track ahead was narrow and rock strewn and climbed steeply and I struggled to find anywhere to put my bare feet, but slowly I picked my way around the stones and Henry pushed and we gradually climbed the steep slope to the moor, and finally we got to the crest, Henry quickly refitted the blinder, before I could get my bearings,  and then I trotted quite briskly where Henry guided me.

We must have stopped at the same place as the previous day, because after a brief halt Henry detached the cart, and dropped the "Bag" or Burkah over my head and led me back to the pub. Again he went in asked about strangers and everything and they took me in the back before Henry pulled the Bag off me.

There was no point protesting, all the kicking and struggling did me no good before so I let them bend me over the Table but then something was placed over my back, "Clive made a blank for you," Henry said, "Stops the!"

"Nuff said!" Clive cautioned, and he said, "Tom's been waiting since half ten I promised him first poke."

"Fair enough!" said Henry, "Who wants first poke in her gob."

"I meant Gob," Tom said.

"Well Fred were next," Clive muttered, "mebbe he could have first poke up its ass?"

"I don't care," Henry said, "Twenty in back twenty five front," he affirmed, "Cash up front."

It smelled of soap, this bulbous soft knob end, it barely touched the ring part as it slid inside me, I didn't panic or try to stop it, I knew better, but then someone said "Well suck it then,"

"She can't suck you daft beggar there a bloody great ring in her gob, he'll have to fuck her face proper like."

So he did but not before Fred had thrust himself up my poor abused anus which at least gave him something to thrust against. There was no question of spit or swallow, it was swallow or choke, as his slime flowed down my throat even as Fred humped away energetically at my anus.

"Phew Magic!" Tom agreed, "It fucks like an Angel."

"Tell you what!" Henry said, "Get her a big pastie and some of that fizzy orange she likes and stick her in the upstairs bog till tonight, that way I can get some work done with Astral sky."

"Lock-in Lads?" Clive asked, and when the cheer went up they let me up.

Henry released the ring and he fed me, I think he liked feeding me, and he let me drink but when I asked a question he clipped the tongue clamp on again. "Sssshh." he said quietly.

I had a job climbing the stairs, and then they took me across a room and made me bend, it smelled like a lavatory, I can't describe it because I never saw it, but there was a tummy support which they bent me over, and I'm sure they pulled down a partition over me because my bum was colder than my top, anyway something pinned me down so I rested on my tummy and breasts but I wasn't bent level like over the table, no I was at an angle, perhaps forty degrees.

I must have been head first through a hole in a wall, and the floor one side was obviously higher than the other because for the next few hours a steady stream of punters used me, my mouth and my backside, like  piece of meat and the worst thing was no one fucked me, or even played with my breasts or clit, I needed something, just something to rub against but there was nothing, absolutely nothing, and while seemingly every man in the pub used me it did absolutely nothing for me.

I even tried to sleep, I actually woke with some man's meat in my backside, whether I fell asleep in mid performance or if he took me in my sleep I neither knew nor cared, the abuse was continual but the strangeness and tightness had gone, it all seemed so pointless, and what the hell it had to do with winning Ponygirl events I couldn't begin to imagine.

He came for me eventually, it seemed like around midnight, he took me downstairs, flung the bag like Burkah over me, pulled rubber wellington boots on my feet and led me to his Land Rover.

"Got held up," he explained, "I chucked cart in back, hold up I'll put seat belt around you!" and we drove for ages all round the edge of the moor to cover a distance of less than three miles or so in a straight line.

He muttered about his other Ponygirls and the incessant rain lashed the windshield and rattle the doors, at least I suppose it was the door. and when we got back he just stuck me in my stall and left me, at least the Burkah was warm and in a surprisingly short time I was asleep.

They woke me next morning, the al fresco enema was simply a fact of life now, and the pipe slid easily in my bruised and battered backside, Henry took me out again, he changed the ring bit for a ordinary bit and he just took me out in the Cart, he tried  for more speed by swearing at me and whipping me but I didn't want to risk another fall so I kept to an easy jog, I was beginning to learn the route by feel and eventually we stopped where Eli lived, we paused briefly.

"Look I want speed, speed, speed," Henry said, "You should be well under seventeen seconds for the hundred with the cart!" he insisted, "So on my mark, Go!"

I sprinted but then the fear closed in and my speed fell away,and in exasperation he stopped me with a harsh pull on the reins.

"What's up with her Dad," I heard a voice, it had to be Albert.

"Sluggish as hell son." Henry said.

"You fucked her yet?"

"She's sewn you dopey idiot!" Henry exclaimed.

"Got an ass ain't she?" Albert replied.

"You think she needs fucking you bloody do it." Henry said.

I heard the rustle of trousers and Albert said, "Bend then,"

So I bent, like good obedient little Pony, there really was no other option.

At least he wasn't particularly big or long or energetic, but as a downside he gushed what felt like gallons of slime into me, and if in Bryant's reasoning a backside full of slime was going to speed me up, well it just didn't do it for me!

Albert slid out of me and to my surprise Henry straightened me up, "Fat lot of good that did she barely even noticed," he said but he patted my head, "I just had an idea!"

He reached up and unclipped the blinder from the right side.  I blinked furiously, but as I looked there was Albert, with a pair of Ponygirls in a tandem rig and four wheel cart which I had never seen before,  and there in front of me was a wide swathe of soft short grass leading away for hundreds of yards ahead.

I cursed the stupid man for using the blinder, it would be sure joy to run on such a surface except for the horrible feel of Albert's slime in me.

 "See, it's a straight clear run, now you run do you hear?" Henry ordered, and I nodded.

He left the blinder hanging and as soon as he climbed aboard the cart he slapped me and I set off running strongly but I was finding feel of my stretched anus was uncomfortable and as I tried to clench my buttocks, the shaft between my legs seemed awkward, it banged painfully against my legs because my running action was all over the place, but despite everything I was covering the ground quickly.

I was going well, I hardly felt the lightweight cart until somehow I got my left foot the wrong side of that single low shaft and down I went, it was completely unexpected and Henry wasn't expecting it either as I saw him fly over my head as the shaft dug in and the whole cart swung around violently throwing Henry to the ground.

I sprawled awkwardly, I wanted to shout but I couldn't, he wasn't moving, Henry wasn't moving at all. I felt helpless, but try as I might I couldn't shift the straps to release my arms, at least my blinder was off but Henry's leg looked very awkward. I looked around but Albert and the four wheel cart was nowhere to be seen.

I nudged Henry with my head but he was out cold, breathing but unconscious, I realised the cart was badly damaged but I  managed to pull it clear of Henry and dragged it with me as I ran for help, the cart tracked way to the right as the frame was bent and the left wheel leaned drunkenly and the rim wobbled, but I ran flat out uphill to where I hoped to find Eli and when he was nowhere to be seen I ran again rushing downhill towards the farm house.

The track seemed different to how I imagined, rougher somehow, and the farm somehow looked different from up on the hillside, the gates were open and I rushed into the farmyard.

"What the fucking hell are you doing!" a total stranger asked.  I suddenly realised why it looked different, It was the wrong farm!

The stranger was about twenty five, muscular, ginger haired, badly in need of a shave and probably a wash, not too tall and certainly not too bright, "You want to play kinky games?" he asked I shook my head violently and turned around to lead him to Henry but he advanced menacingly towards me, "You want a fuck is that it?" he tried again so I just wheeled around and ran, ran as fast as I could back up the track.

I ran dragging the useless cart and that ginger haired idiot chased me, I managed maybe two hundred yards before he caught hold of the cart and slowed me down, and as I slowed he grabbed the reins and stopped me, I shook my head violently but he came closer, grabbing my poor sore nipples with his rough hands before exploring my clit ring and running a finger along my poor stitched and neglected pussy.

"Has thee got any rubbers?" he asked, I shook my head.

"Best fuck thee ass then," he said and he made me bend over I felt his fingers on my buttocks spreading my loose anus and he suddenly exclaimed.

"You filthy bitch," he said, "Yer ass is dripping with spunk," I felt dirty and rejected, like a whore where the punter won't pay the price and yet this was free,  the humiliation hurt  me and finally anger boiled inside me, I had to run away, I had to.
He was straddling the shaft, the Cart's left wheel was at a drunken angle but the seat and everything was still there so as I lunged forward, the seat caught him behind the knees and he fell back throwing his weight back behind the wheels and axle which over-balanced the Cart and brought the shaft up in to excruciatingly violently contact with my crotch, while he in his turn  fell backwards into the seat, I staggered with the shock of the blow to my most tender parts but despite the pain and his considerable weight I just bolted for the moor and ran and ran and ran.

"Yee Ha" he shouted  as he sprawled back in the seat, "You sure are one mad bitch," but I wasn't interested, I ran past Eli's house and there ahead was Henry, I tried to stop by him but the momentum carried me past, slipping and slithering on the wet grass.

"Bloody hell it's Henry Bryant!" he said, "Why didn't you say!"

"Nnngghht" I snorted.

"Oh right your sex game went off half cock did it," he said.

"Ngghrrrfft" I tried

"What the hell is it," he asked and finally he realised and undid my bit and at last I could try to communicate, but first I gasped wordlessly for breath before I was able to say,

"We, ah, crashed, uh, do you, uh, know, whee, ah, first aid?" I asked as soon as I could.

"No," he said.
"Do you have a, uh, phone." I asked.

"Yes," he said, "At the farm!"

"Then for gods sake, ah,  let me out of these, uh, straps!" I demanded, "I did first aid at school!"

He released my arms but the pain was indescribable, "Ahhhhhggghhh," I wailed as I tried to move, but eventually I managed to make my hands work, "His leg's broke." I announced as I ran my agonised fingers over Henry's awkwardly angled right leg.

"Right," he said.

"He needs an ambulance!" I said.

"Not up here, there's just thin crust over bog, won't take weight." he said.

"So where's Bryant's farm?" I asked and he pointed,  it was away to the right in the distance I had obviously but unknowingly turned sharp right at Eli's on previous runs.

"You wait here I'll get help." I ordered, and I stood up to run.

"Fetch some rubbers if thee wants fucking." he said and I gave him my best pitying withering look.

My legs were like lead up the hill to Eli's and then on the downhill leg of the track to Bryants the jarring was agonising, there was no one around, I checked the stables, there were seven more Ponygirls tethered and blindered in the stalls but otherwise there was nobody about.

"Oi!" someone shouted, it was Martha, "How'd you get loose,"

"Henry, Leg broke, Moor by Eli's" I gasped.

"Likely story, where thee cart." she said.

"Battered and bent I crashed look!" I explained.

"You are in a mess," she said, "Hold up." and before I could react she blasted me with the hose pipe.

I shivered in shock at the deluge and then as the crushing debilitating horror of  the freezing torrent stopped as quickly as it started I staggered towards my stall.

"Right," she said, "get some kit on and give us a hand, Henry had you sussed madam, don't thee fret, his bloody Lordships spy, you 'ent even branded, I expect you nobbled him  you lying cheating conniving bitch."

"No!" I protested feebly.

"Dry thee sen, there's thee kit in stall, get it on then give us hand to get Tiger Lilly and Tamoshanter hitched up to the fourwheel, while I phone ambulance.

"No, we have to bring him in first!" I cautioned.

"Oh, of course we do!" Martha exclaimed, "I'll get them lazy girls."

I quickly slipped off the waist belts and slipped my panties and bra on and grabbed my trainers socks tracksuit bottom and tee shirt, and rushed to help Martha

They were in their named stalls, she had them tacked up, blindered strapped ready to go but I, removed their blinders and said "We have to rescue Mr Bryant,"

They weren't enthusiastic, and the shafts were in line tandem where usually it was side by side, so all in all it was a hassle getting them fixed and then when we did go they were so slow, I watched them stroll lazily towards the moor, as I dressed but they were so slow that I just saw red and raced after them and when I caught up I grabbed Martha's whip and laid into them.

"No!" she wailed and their knees buckled and they stopped. "You daft bitch you've made them cum!"

"What?" I asked.

"Bleeding Masochists of course, like you," she said.

"Look don't just sit there give us a hand," I ordered Martha and before we knew the Ponies were lying on the cart and Martha and I were pulling the cart which wasn't very bright so we hitched the Ponygirls to a tree and carried on without them.

Martha just about collapsed with exhaustion before Eli's place so I ended up pulling the four wheel cart on my own, without a proper harness it near wrenched my hands out of their sockets.

The ginger haired half-wit from the wrong farm was waiting for us, bending uselessly over Henry who was still unconscious even as we hauled him aboard the Cart, and as soon as he was safely aboard so I set off but not towards the farm but towards the Pub, I took the Pony helmet off, it was a nightmare to remove, and then I removed the neck straps which just left the barbels and clit ring to remind me.

I knocked on the Pub door,

"Bugger off we're shut!" someone said.

"Henry Bryant's busted his leg!" I said, "fetch the Vet!"

"Haha!" Clive said as he opened the door "hey you certainly wash up nice," he said, "I wish I had," and that's as far as he got before I slapped his face. "Want a Pastie and some fizzy orange? " he asked, "On the house."

"Yes thanks," I said, "And a bath would be nice!" I suggested, "But lets get Ambulance first!"

"Oh, nearly forgot!" he said and he went in to dial 999.

I stayed with Henry, and when he woke I said, "We crashed!"

"Yes!" he said, "Fucking Dressage for you!" and he twisted round screamed with the pain and passed out.

"You couldn't lend me fifty quid could you?" I asked Clive.

"You could earn it," he leered,

"Yes love tenner an hour live in barmaid," Maggie suggested.

"I suppose!" I said, "But the guys that?"

"They weren't looking at your face were they?" she advised, "You can pull pints and heat up pies can't you?" she asked and when I agreed she said, "Right Clive, I can get away to see my mother in Cleethorpes this afternoon after all!" and she just stormed out.

Clive rang the Bryants farm and said I was all right, and I told them I was staying at the Pub for a few days and then I would be back for Dressage, and solo events only. Martha didn't like it much but I just thought sod what she wants.

Clive was all right really, he told me all about Henry, how Henry was more interested in screwing his girls than grooming them and how Henry dreamed of training a winner for Harrogate.

I stayed a week, Clive let me use his computer, and I ordered a lot of tack on line, top quality stuff, and then I entered myself as Rose for Harrogate, in the Dressage and the Jumping and Cross Country, the same classes as a Three Day Horse Trial, except girls, and every day I ran and did my exercises, just the way Daddy trained his girls.

There was consternation at Bryants when I turned up on the Friday before Harrogate, Henry was still in hospital, Albert was in a foul mood, Martha was screaming at Tamoshanter and Annie  was screaming at Martha.

"All set for Harrogate then," I asked, "Who's going to lead me in?"

"Don't be daft you ain't trained," Albert said.

"Annie, you want to lead me in," I asked, "You could wear something too tight and get the judges struggling with a hard on," I said massaging her ego.

"Suppose!" she said, "But I haven't trained you!"

"Oh just wave the whip and don't hit me with it," I suggested, "Shall we give it a try."

"Ok," she said.

"And I live at the Pub, not here!" I said.

"Yes what ever," she said as if she didn't care either way, so I unloaded my boxes of tack and new clothes and sent the taxi away.

I changed in the kitchen, my tack was new southern tack, with thigh boots with hooves, hoof gloves, a crotch belt and a big corset, all in black leather and I had two silver bells to fit the barbels, and an abbreviated headset and a slimline rubber bit, oh and several sets of red and white plumes.

Poor Annie nearly wet herself when she saw me, "You're beautiful!" she said.

"I know!" I agreed.

The practice ring was outside and a few jumps were down but when Annie put them up I cleared everything easily, and the dressage mirrors showed my high stepping and posture was almost spot on thighs horizontal and everything, and I just relished a cross country. I was brimming with confidence.

I think everyone knows what happened at Harrogate, well on the moors near Skipdale actually where the Harrogate club had their Arena and cross country course and I won the jumping, third (dammit) in the dressage and a massive win in the cross country, to win the overall title. And that was my way out, I put in an online bid for myself, I know that sounds bizarre but there is an offer system where bids for the first three can be made, and Henry agreed I could be sold to the highest bidder, and I was out bid.

Henry watched and came up on his crutches to collect the winning trainers cup and then he said to me as I walked carefully behind him.
"Oh Rose, " He said "Major General Mc Naughton was high bidder, I'll have your stuff sent on, he'll pick you up in a moment."

I had my bit fastened too tight, and so with the full head dress on, I couldn't say no, and before I could do anything about it Annie pushed me into the holding pen I was allocated.

"Ah Rose!" a familliar sounding figure approached me, "Mr Bryant say's you are a total nightmare to train, shall we see, bend."

I bent, I couldn't very well not bend, there was quite an audience, I just thanked my stars I'd continued with Bryant's al fresco enemas.

My heart pounded, Major Mc Naughton undid my crotch belt checked the stitching and then said "Brace,"

"Do the Honours, Dighby, he said and with a popping of fly buttons I sensed rather than saw his huge appendage advancing stiffly and then it was filling me and the world seemed so right, so perfectly and gently did it slide in.

"You smell like your mother!" Mc Naughton whispered.

"Daddy" I almost said, I knew it was him, he often used the Mc Naughton alias but he knew it was me.

His finger was on my clit I felt him take a weight from his pocket and hang it on the clit ring  and then his humping grew stronger, "Cum for me Rose," he said, as Dighby started galloping, the clit weight was swaying and driving me crazy and then as Dighby humped me Mc Naughton  took the whip, swatting it painfully against my breasts, shoulders, clit, legs, everywhere overloading my brain with sensations, making me feel so alive until I just exploded inside and as he continued ruthlessly swatting so my legs buckled and I crashed to the ground in helpless orgasm.

"You see My dear Bryant, these pedigrees take a beating as a reward for performing well not a punishment," Mc Naughton said as Dighby finally climbed off me.

I lay dazed for ages until Annie came for me and escorted me to Mr McNaughton's van where I was draped in a familiar Burkah and strapped into a sideways facing seat in the windowless rear of the vehicle.

Mc Naughton took me for miles in the van until I could change at a roadside cafe, where I emerged in my street clothes as myself and he as my Daddy.

After the stop Daddy made me drive the van, while he lazed in the swivelling front passenger's seat, "Daddy," I protested,"I haven't driven at all for weeks, now you want me to drive this tank down the motorway!".

"Call me Mr McNaughton, please Rose," he requested.

"Yes Major General" I giggled.

"Now tell me all about Mr Bryants methods."  he requested, I told him all about the farm as we drove south, Daddy began to speak with his McNaughton voice and he wasn't Daddy so I was able to tell him everything, even about when I fell and had my orgasm as Henry whipped me, the accident where Henry was injured, the Ginger halfwit, just about everything except what happened in the pub.

He listened intently, "It's clear that you have some important decisions to make about your future young lady."

"I hadn't thought any further than Harrogate," I admitted.

 "You just won one of the most prestigious events in England," he explained, "Which means you're seeded into the top twenty for Cannes next month."

Cannes, I had no idea, all the glitz of the Riviera, "Oh, maybe I can stop with mummy," I suggested.

"Well she'll be there, after all she did compete there several times." he told me.

"Really," I replied, "I never realised."

"Oh one of the finest," he said, "But what do you want?" he asked, "was that just a one off darling," he said, "or have you become a pain slut?" he asked.

"I don't know Daddy," I admitted.

"So after Cannes, will you compete, or train, or" he paused, "or will you breed." he suggested.

"Daddy" I squealed and nearly caused a major accident as I swerved the van across two motorway lanes, "I just don't know, I had the best orgasm I ever had when Henry whipped me on the Moor."

"But how about breeding, Sam Carter's wife won Silverdale three years running," he said.

"What, Sam Carter?" I asked incredulously.

"No Simon, very clever chap, prospective parliamentary candidate," he said, "You must remember him, we caught you playing doctors and nurses once."

"Oh Simon," I remembered, oh how I remembered, being found completely naked while Simon "examined" me.

"Just a thought," Daddy suggested, "but lets work out the best training strategy first, "Pain as punishment or reward?"

"I don't really like pain at all," I lied.

"Of course you do," he retorted, "and just to prove it I'll whip you to orgasm later." he promised

"No I'm not like that Daddy!" I insisted.

"It's a difficult thing to come to terms with, I admit," he said, "But you cannot deny what happened earlier can you?"

We arrived home and parked the "Van" in the garage and made our way indoors, it seemed strange sitting on chairs again, and odd that I had to get my own food, and Daddy's as well, just a light supper, and to my horror I found I had lost my taste for champagne.

Luckily we had fizzy Lemonade and Orange so I made do with a Henry, and as I poured it I thought of Henry and the Moor and his whip and.....

"I promised you an Orgasm." Daddy said rousing me from my daydream, "would you like one now?" he asked, as he finished his supper and pushed his plate aside.

"Yes, Sir." I replied without thinking.

"Good put this on," he said as he took a neatly folded dirty old blanket from a canvas bag, "Just this nothing else,"

He made me undress completely then he covered me with the dirty old blanket before he took me outside into the cold damp night to the filthy old shed where we kept the lawn mower and there by the light of a flickering candle he made me put on a crude bridle and bit and a collar and leash and a waist belt with a crotch strap which he pulled much too tight, and finally he cut the silken cord and pulled the strap so tight that it painfully separated my poor abused pussy lips.

He roughly pushed me down onto the filthy floor and took up his whip.
I cowered in the corner protecting my face as best I could as his blows rained down, five, six, I counted, as they inflamed my tender bare buttocks, left, right, nine, ten, and then he changed to flicking up  between my legs, one, two, three swats on my pussy lips cruelly held open by the over tight leather crotch strap of my harness until I gurgled in helpless orgasmic ecstasy.

"You're such an easy pony to please!" he said as he unfastened the "bit" from my bridle and fed me two sugar lumps and a slice of apple, and with a final slap across my rump he was gone.

I waited until I was sure he was gone before I lay down exhausted on my blanket and fell into a glorious exhausted satisfied sleep.

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