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What am I now

by Master

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© Copyright 2010 - Master - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; ponygirl; training; bodymod; piercing; insert; cons/reluct; X

My name once was Lilly 26 years old a beautiful brunette long brown hair with a petite body and beautiful legs, now Valentina why?

Since I was a little girls horses were my thing I loved them but not enough to become one. The theme Pony girl was unexplored or known by me but one day while a was doing a promotion for a sun tanning lotion in a swimming suit a guy came to me and asked me if a wanted to earn more money in promotions and since the money in this kind of promotions wasn’t good enough. I decided to say yes to his proposition, he gave me his card with his phone number.

The next day I called him to schedule a meeting and he asked me to meet him at his house and told me to come along. When I arrived it was a big mansion, as soon as I got there big rough woman received me in the front door and then escort me to the same guy that I meet the other day.

"Call me Master," he said and so I did then he asked me if I ever done some modeling in Fetish clothing.

I said no but I asked him what was he referring when he said Fetish Clothing.

He answered do you know what a Pony girl is?

I didn’t know and he started to brief me in. "It’s a girl, a beautiful girl who is transformed into a horse".

"What do you mean by transformed?"

"You will be asked to dress as a Pony girl with an outfit all day. A harness will be placed in your body, boots in the form of hooves will be placed on your feet and mittens as well in your hands, a bit gag in your mouth and rings and bells will be placed in your nipples".

"But it’s just a costume".

"Right sure it is. All you have to do its sign this contract and be here tomorrow".

"But how much money are we talking about?"

"$100.00 an hour and you could start with 8 to 10 hours a day".

So I did but as everybody else I didn’t read the little letters in the contract. The ones who were going to force me to be whatever he wanted me to be.

The first day was to measure me from head to toes. 32A- 26-36 were my measurements, 124 pounds, 5’3”tall, 8” for shoes.

The second day they gave me a list of food that for now on I was supposed to eat. They scheduled my day so I could do exercise in their gym so they can prepare my body to be perfect as they wanted it to be.

The first six weeks were nice enough but then the real training started. I had to wear a harness all day, strips of leather all around my body curves, my ass and tits were exposed, it was locked in place with padlock and I didn’t have the keys so I wouldn’t take it off.

Since my tits were too little my master as he wanted me to call him said they are too little for my taste. So he schedule an operation so from 32a I went to 34c and he started to locked my hands with arm binder in my back, leg cuffs in my ankles so I couldn’t run away.

As my new tits were recovering the pain was awful but what can I do in this kind of situation. Then they took me to a piercing shop and two rings with bells were attached to my nipples so he will know where I was at all times.

I was given enemas three time a day so I didn’t have to go to the bathroom for long times of period. I felt violated but it was in the contract and also a huge butt plug in the form of a ponytail was inserted deep into my anus, it was wired but cool at the same time to feel that I had a tail like horses did.

The most awful experience was to have my nose pierced and a ring was put right in the middle of it then. Hooves in my feet so they were no longer my feet, now there were hooved boots locked into my feet and mittens in my hands so bye bye to my hands as well.

The last article was a bit gag placed around my head and locked into my mouth, so no more words could come out from my mouth and I had to learn to move and be an animal, a pony girl from now on.

It was difficult to move around with hooves on my feet, a butt plug in my anus, bells & rings in my nipples, a bit gag in my mouth and a harness all around my body, it almost felt like it was part of me. Long hours were like an agony I tried to use my hand, sorry my hooves but it was useless. That tail was so far inserted into my anus that I almost thought it was part of my body too and the bit gag was so tight locked in my mouth that not even a word could come out. The bells placed in my new tits were making me crazy the sound went with me everywhere.

It’s been five month almost and I was starting to think that I was a real Pony girl, my hair was given a treatment that it was like I had the hair of a real horse, my hair cut was given in the form that horse were cut. Sometimes I was allowed to look at myself in the mirror and I was starting to see myself as a real animal. Sometimes even I asked myself who am I now, Lilly the 26 year old girl from San Juan or Valentina as they call me now. The new Pony girl from the ranch and with a new Master from now on. I even had to sleep in a barn my new master was in charge of all my personal stuff. If I didn’t do what I was supposed to do, I was punished, he made me stand for long periods of time putting a hook into my nose and attaching a chain to it and putting it in a wall ring, so what could a pony girl do but stand there and wait for her Master to take her away.

This situation was sultry enough but what can I do, no one knew that I was in this place, my master was wise enough to send for me in his limo, so who was going to suspect that a was kidnap by this people to be transformed into a pony girl.

Fetish was the word that I wasn’t going to forget not even in a million years. I had seen and read about fetish costumes, but literally been transformed from a human bean to an animal this was too much. This life was something that was going to be impossible to escape from.

My body was in perfect shape, my tits were beautiful as I could wish for, my leg strong enough to move a car with them. My abdominals were to die for. My buttocks were something that only in a dream you can wish for them. But not been able to use my feet and hands was making me crazy, these boots and mittens in the form of horse hooves was sick enough for anyone, this bit gag was so deep into my mouth that my tongue was practically asleep all the time I wanted to speak but it was impossible.

The last training was to insert a dildo in my vagina and leave it in there all day vibrating and expanding inside me so I will learn to be a good pony girl and let the butt plug inside my anus because a good pony always has a tail, so from now on I will have to have a butt plug in my anus almost every hour of the day.

Becoming an animal wasn’t easy not being able to control your body and being controlled all the time was a nightmare.


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