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What am I now 2

by Master

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© Copyright 2011 - Master - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; ponygirl; training; bodymod; piercing; branding; slave; reluct/nc; X

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Part 2: Why Didn't I read the Fine Print?

Its been one year now and nobody had miss me or even looked for me. The days passed by and I couldn’t do anything, my situation was beginning to get worst. I was going to be sold to a new Master because my training was now completed. Just because I looked like I was supposed to like, an animal (pony girl). I forgot what was the feeling of having hands or feet or what was the feeling of having clothes on, or how to communicate, it’s been almost 8 months since I was last permitted to speak, just because animals didn’t talk, I was not permitted to say not even a word.

My body looked almost perfect, my hair was so beautiful that I didn’t remember when the last time it looked so nice. My tits no longer perky now a 34C with bells pierced into my nipples and a new piecing in my belly botton in the form of a horse shoe. The bit gag that was always in my mouth is still there and the harness was always locked on my body. The tail was now part of me, a butt plug was inserted into my anus first thing in the morning and taken out last thing at night and an enema was given to me as soon it was taken out so my body will do it's thing.

Now my name was Valentina, the beautiful Pony Girl that will soon have a new Master.

First thing in the morning they began to prepare me, my harness was inspected and buffed; my hair brushed and braided, my teeth cleaned and whitened and the leather mitts and boots polished. I was then paraded so my new Master was able to have a good look at me, the first he did was an inspection of my teeth, that was the only way he will know if I was a young or an old pony girl. Then he inspected my tail to see if it was far enough inserted into my ass hole and to see if I was already used to having a tail in my rear, so he will moved it and inserted it deeper and deeper into my anus. Satisfied then he made me move to see if the bells pierced into my nipples were working well or not. He made sure that the harness was locked on my body and if it was tight enough to make my curves look like it was supposed to. Then he made me walk like a pony, like it was the final test to see if I was trained well or not.

I was attached to a cart so I could give my new Master a ride, he will make me pull him around the farm and then he will decide if he will buy me or not. Satisfied with my performance and the thorough inspection, he decided to buy me and spoke with the trainers and bartered a price for me. I was sold and now I knew that I wasn’t going to escape my destiny, I will be an animal for the rest of my life. 27 years old and I never thought that this will be my life from now on.

As soon as I arrived at my new ranch I was taken to a barn where my new Master had set up a branding iron, as soon as it was hot enough he held the brand on my skin to mark my body with the logo of his ranch. It was very painful and I screamed as the heat touched my naked flesh. I was now marked on my right cheek with the initials KT, now I really felt like an animal and was my new Master's property. It wasn’t enough to have all this gear on that from now on I was marked on my right cheek like real animals were.

Then I was taken to another room, it had surgical instruments all over it, my new Master told me that I was going to be operated so I no longer will be able to speak or scream, my vocal cords will be removed so the only sound produced by me will be like the sound that real horses made. I was locked down onto a table and given a sedative and the next thing that I can remember is that I no longer could speak like a human being, my throat was hoarse and raspy.

The days went by and I couldn’t believe the faith that I had given myself, just because I wanted more money and really I don’t know for what, if in this kind of situation that I was on I was not able to use any kind of money at all. Lily was my name, a beautiful girl that used to do promotions of all kind local beers, coffee, swimming suits but I never thought that one day just because the money wasn’t good enough that my ambition would take me to the world of fetish and bondage role playing and losing my life like I really did.

Part 3: Why Me?

I would just like to know why me?

I've always been a good girl, I never used drugs or even smoked, all I ever did was go to some parties and drink just a little bit. For a job I always liked the one with least responsibility like promotions, but the money wasn’t always good or arrived on time like I wanted it to do. My bills were a little late but I managed.

My father always told me that I was beautiful and that my legs and ass were my sex appeal and that my hair was my thing. And sometimes when my feet were on the sofa or on him he always told me to take my hooves off him. But having hooves for real on my hands and feet was something else, these things on my extremities was driving me crazy. I think that everybody likes to play with a puppy’s tail or comb the tail of a horse but having a tail for real all day inserted in your ass hole was something else. This leather harness was so tight that I had trouble breathing, the bells that were pierced into my nipples were making me lose my mind with their constant sound. And not being able to speak was worst, the only sound that I could pronounce was similar to that a horse made.

Valentina the pony girl was something that I didn’t plan, all I wanted was to make some easy money to buy the things that I always wanted and I thought that working with this guy at $100.00 an hour was going to help me get what I wanted. This guy told me that he had spent sometime watching me and studying my movements and after a long analysis he came to the conclusion that I was the perfect girl to become the pony girl of his dreams, my figure was perfect, my shape was the one he needed to be able to transform a girl into an animal.

This dream was the one he had since he was a little boy when he sat on his girlfriends back and when he combed her hair into a ponytail. He told her what to do and when to do it. As he grew his fantasy grew with him and started to buy on the internet all the gear that he needed to transform a girl into a horse. There are many sites on the web that help him satisfy his fantasies and then came the day that he won the lottery so he could fitful his ongoing fantasy to become into a Master. Money does buy everything, the ones that say that money isn’t everything in life they're right but it can buy anything you want, even a greedy girl that didn’t have the time to read the little letters in a contract that could obligate her to do things that she never though she was capable of.

All I want now is to be the same girl that I once was, Lily 26 years old with long brown hair 124 pounds 5’ 3’’ tall 32a-26-36 my measurements were now 34c-26-36 and 130 pounds just because my new tits. What can I do to be the one I used to be, a free good girl that loved life as she can live it. But now a prisoner of her own stupidity and not being able to control her own body or life. This new Master had control of everything in my life, when to go to the bathroom, when to take a bath, when to eat and what to eat, how to move and definitely what to wear, when to sleep and how to stand. I look at myself in the mirror and all I can see it’s an animal, captive of her own desire somebody once said what you get it’s what you deserve.

So from now own I will be a Pony girl not the person I use to be.                         


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