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You Got What You Wished For

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; latex; catsuits; bond; ponygirl; kidnap; enslave; toys; cons/nc; X

"Are you sure about this?" Tina Asked.

"Yes, absolutely!" Said Trude.

"I’ve been doing research on the net, It’s what I need!"

"I suppose, if you’ve made your mind up."

"I wouldn’t have dropped it on you like this if I hadn’t researched and found out exactly what I was getting in to!"

"But why a pony girl?"

"Because it’s total! Total submission, Total obedience!"

Trude didn’t like the idea, Tina was effectively removing Trude’s control and giving it to someone else!

Trude had met Tina about three months ago at a party. Both being nineteen and almost identical height and build, the only differences were Trude had shoulder length hair and Tina had most of her hair shaven except for the front which was only an inch or two long! The pair started flirting and it became apparent that the more dominating Trude became the more Tina liked it! With Trude to guide her Tina had joyfully taken the rocky road to total submission and Trude realised that she had taken Tina just about as far as she dared! Tina seemed adamant, and wanted more and more. In the months after they met Tina had built up a collection of latex, due to Trude’s love of rubber..

"You still want Me as your Mistress?" asked Trude, just saying what she thought.

"Of course! You’ve taken me in and shown me things that I wouldn’t dream of doing, and I love you so much for taking me and controlling me! Of course I want you …..Mistress!"

Trude felt a bit better, the last thing she wanted to do was lose Tina. After all who else would allow her to control their every move twenty four hour a day!

Tina wanted to go to a specialist shop to buy the necessaries, and pick their brains as to where to go!

Trude found the town on her inherited road map, they decided a time to leave, as it was a long way and it was on the coast. As they got close to the town Trude drove into a garage and brought a road map of the town, finding the shop was easy now!

To their disappointment the shop appeared to be an Army and Navy store not a Pony store! A woman, sitting behind the counter smiled at the pair, and noticed they were a little different owning to the five inch heeled latex boots and latex legs disappearing underneath their PVC Macs!

"I take it your not here for Para Boots?"

"Er No, We would like to see what you have in the way of ponies please?" Said tina

"Of course! Follow me, by the way, I’m Betty!"

The girls followed Betty through two doors and up some stairs into an upstairs room filled with pony tack.

"Is it for both of you?"

"Oh no! Just her!" Pointing at Tina. "I’m her Mistress!" Trude said proudly.

"Have you used this tack before?"

"No, but I’ve done a lot of research online!"

"Good! It’s important to know what your getting involved in, After all you look quite young to me!"

"We’re both nineteen!" Trude said slightly irritated.

"Oh I didn’t mean that you were too young to enjoy yourselves! Me and my partner make all this tack ourselves and it’s all made to measure so we’ll try some of the tack on you and get a feel for it, but I can tell you it’s the best thing since sex!"

"Are you a pony girl?" Asked Tina.

"I used to be, I was in a car accident and if I walk any length I need a walking stick."

"Oh, I’m sorry."

"Now lets try some stuff out! Do you have the latex helmets to go with the catsuits?"

Both the girls looked at each other and took their helmets out of their pockets and took off their PVC macs to reveal their latex catsuits. They pulled their helmets over their heads and zipped them up. They started looking around.

"Is this a corset?" asked Tina.

"No, that’s a waist harness, goes in the same place and should be about as tight, here let me put it on you!"

Tina gave Betty the harness, and turned to allow Betty to fit it.

"There you go, If anything it’s a touch small if that’s possible, how does that feel, OK?"

"Oh that’s fine, what’s next?"

"How about a head harness, there’s different styles but they all serve the same purpose, they restrain the head and neck and allow different straps to be used around your head."

Betty Picked a head harness and fitted the posture collar and the harness round her head.

"How’s that?"

"Oh I’m getting into this, have you got any bits I could try?"

"Oh yes , but let get everything else sorted."

Turning to Trude, "Don’t you want to try some of the gear?"

"Oh, well yes, OK!"

Betty tried a waist harness on Trude which fitted rather well after strapping it on, Betty found a head harness and pulled it over Trude’s helmet and strapped it tight!

"How’s that feel Trude?"

"OH fine, fine!"

"I’ll just get you a couple of condoms!"

The girls looked at each other.

"Condoms?" asked Tina.

"Condoms!" said Betty coming back with two strap on harnesses.

"Hours of fun?" Waving them about.

Betty put them down and picked out a harness for Trude, which she did up, then picked out a head harness and slipped it over Trude’s head. As she did it up Trude’ pulled on her nipples through the latex of her suit.

"Are you both pierced?"

"Just our nipples! " Said Tina.

"I should have seen these through the latex!" Said Betty.

"Well we aren’t the best endowed are we?"

"Well no I suppose not!"

"Now to these!" Picking up the strapons

"What do we do with strapons beside the obvious!"

"Well they're not strapons, undo your crutch zips ladies!"

Tina and trude looked in amazement at the huge dildos! Betty looked at the girls.

"Yeah I thought the same thing the first time but believe me this is one of the best parts of being a pony!"

Betty pulled a condom over the brutal dildo, and dripped lubricant over the head rubbing it like she was milking it!

"Right who’s first?"

"I guess that’s me!" said Tina.

Tina held her lips open ready for the dildo, Betty started pumping it into Tina’s pussy. After thirty seconds it was all inside her and Betty strapped her up to the harness.

Betty laughed. "Turn around, I’ll do you up at the back!"

Tina turned and Betty pulled the straps so that they were tight!

"Wow! It’s just amazing! You must try this Trude!"

A bit reluctantly Trude unzipped her crutch zip and pulled her lips apart to take the monster. As before Betty covered the dildo with a condom and lubricated the condom with gel spreading it around with her hands.

"OK here we go!"

As before Betty’s assault started slowly pumping in and out letting a little more into Trude’s pussy until she was full! When Betty stopped and strapped Trude in!

"Turn around pony!"

Trude didn’t answer her. Her focus was on the dildo, filling her every dream, as she turned around Betty strapped the rear end of the intruder. Betty turned to Tina again.

"OK, Lets try on the shoulder harnesses, arms up pony!"

The front crushed Tina’s breasts under the latex, now you could see the silver rings through her nipples. As Betty strapped the harness on Tina she stopped and felt Tina’s nipple through the latex, Tina stiffened and grabbed her other nipple, pulling on it!

"Tut! tut ! Ponies don’t pull their titties."

Betty picked up another shoulder harness and offered it against Trude, again Trude’s nipples must have been hard because they nearly poked through Trude’s suit. With both girls wearing the main harnesses it was just the bits to finish with.

"Now Mono gloves, there are a few type but they all do the same job they hold your arms behind you as, as a pony you don’t need them! Here Tina Put your arms behind you!"

Tina put her arms behind her and Betty laced up her arms behind her back.

"How’s that feel ?"


"That good! Oh you’re a natural!"

"Now! Pony turn around!"

Trude flew round and a Mono Glove held her arms captive.

"There how does that feel Pony?"


"Well I told you! It’s a pretty intense experence!"

Betty had to support Trude as she was having an orgasm! Once she had recovered she stood unsteadily.

"Well nearly done! Lets see waist harness, shoulder harness, head harness, crutch strap, vaginal probe! Yes all you need is a bit and reins, pony boots and pacifier! Now I’ll need your addresses and your telephone numbers, so we can contact you!"

"Well my purse is in my bag, my driving licence is in there, that’s got our address on it and our home phone number is on my mobile, in my bag! We live together you see!"

"Mmmmm I see well the rest of the tack is kept downstairs in an out building so you think you can walk downstairs I’ll get you kitted out, OK!"


The girls stepped out into a courtyard, helped along by Betty and crossed over to a large outbuilding.

Betty unlocked the door and ushered them in! There were about twenty pairs of what looked like horse hooves.

"Sit yourselves down on the bench, ponies what size shoes do you take?"

"Five and a halves!" They said together.

Betty carefully pulled their boots off their feet and replaced them with the hooves .

"Ok Lets get your bits and reins!"

Betty got up and opened some draws, pulled some stuff out.

"Right these are nearly our smallest bits I want you to try them they are as far as we know unique, so I think they’ll suit you, at least you won’t have to remove your two rear molars to get them in!"

Betty bent down to fit the bit to Tina, she pushed the bit into Tina’s mouth and strapped it in!


Betty do the same to Trude.


"Wow! They work better than I remember! OK, Reins well we’ll wait for them because you would use different reins for different things that leaves the pacifier! OK Ponies I’ll give you a hand to stand, OK Now if you come over here I want you both to stand over on this frame, OK now if I just tie this strap around you like this and lock you hooves like this I can bend you like this!"

The girls were suddenly bent double their bums in the air, they couldn’t move a muscle!

"Now your pacifiers, here you are ponies open up and say AH!"

Betty had lubricated the pacifiers and started pushing the thing into Tina’s anal passage!

"The quicker you relax the quicker you’ll be comfortable!"

Tina relaxed her muscles and the pacifier slid home, it clicked into place and was obviously meant to be used with everything else! Then Betty got the other pacifier ready, she got behind Trude, Trude wasn’t going to play and did her best to keep the pacifier out!

"OH dear you think you’re the first one to think of that eh?"

Betty strapped some heavy leather straps around Trude.

"I would say if you last thirty seconds your doing well but if I leave you in there for any more than a minute you’ll be screaming for me to put it in!… Last chance………… OK!"

The straps were heavy belts that were fixed to separate frames, because Trude was attached to one frame the other one moved via hydraulics compressing Trude’s prison into a death bed. The hydraulics started pulling Trude into a smaller and smaller space after about twenty seconds she screamed! Betty stopped the Hydraulics and pushed the pacifier home.

"There you go! Wasn’t so bad was it?"

Trude was gurgling as the hydraulics hadn’t unwound, Betty flicked a switch and the frame return to normal.

"Well I suppose the cat’s out the bag isn’t it?"

Betty lifted the pair so they were straight and upright.

"Now we will use some reins." As Betty clipped the reins to their bits. She strapped some blindfolds to their harnesses and led them out of the out building into another. Betty clipped them to a ring on the wall and left them to their own devices for a while. They gurgled at each other, no more than that! Betty came back, with her partner, Betty had changed into jodhpurs, white blouse, tie and riding boots, they were led into a horse box and driven miles! They had no idea were they were to begin with, so they had no idea where they were now.

They stopped hours later they were led out of the horse box and tethered to a post. A deal was done and the horse box was driven away their blindfolds were removed and their new Mistress led them to the stables to start training!

"Well you got what you wished for!"

The girls looked at their new mistress.

"I bet you’ve not been fed and watered have you?"

The girls shook their heads, they hadn’t drunk anything for hours, and since it was pointed out to them, they were incredibly thirsty!

The Mistress removed their head harnesses and their helmets.

"There! Lets have a look at you! Ooh you're both pretty ponies!"

Trude’s hair was soaking with sweat, Tina’s little bit of hair was soaked to her scalp.

The Mistress gave them water in an old enamel cup



"Ponies don’t talk!

"You won’t be able to talk or walk after we’re collected either!"


"We might be a bit naive, but we’re not stupid! My Mums the bigger half of the fabulous Righteous Sisters, she knows exactly where we were going and unless those two clowns leave the country tonight they might find it a bit difficult to walk as well! It’s up to you, but if they find us slapped about, Well work it out for yourself! You could always release us and let us use your phone couldn’t you?"

The Mistress thought for a moment, "How do I know your telling the truth!"

"Well, how many girls get to this point! Don’t they seem a bit frightened?"

"Well, yes they do !"

"And do you think we fit in with someone who is frightened out of their wits!"

"Well, no not really, no!."

"Well perhaps it’s because we know something you don’t!"

"Well, I’ve not had anyone so composed before!"

"Well perhaps that’s because we know who’s going to be kicking your arse around the courtyard in a couple of hours! Put it like this, My mum will tear those jokers arms out their sockets until they tell her where they have taken us. And that road can only lead to your front door! And guess what they’ll do when they get here?"

"I‘ve watched them fight! They’re vicious bitches!"

"Yeah and that’s only for the telly imagine what would happen if they’re pissed! My guess is they would have gone in my bag and taken the car keys and driven back to our flat with the intention of removing anything incriminating. Am I right? I know I’m right ! well guess who’ll be waiting for them when they get there!"

"Oh shit!"

"Now maybe you could ring them and tell them what’s waiting for them, but they’ll still get it when my Mum wakes them up in the morning. Maybe they’ll end up on the frame being crushed like I was! Bare in mind, My mum's used to cracking bone, she does It for a living! "

"OH shit, Do I need this!"

"Oh no the point is do we need this!"

"OK I’ll release you!"

The Mistress took off the mono gloves, after a while the girls could feel their hands and they phoned Trude’s mum! The Mistress told Trude’s Mum where they where but, she said she’ll put the girls up for the night and they could be collected in the morning.

Trude’s Mum rang the Mistress in the morning and told of two intruders in the girls flat. They had been "subdued" and were taken to a disused barn and hung upside down from the rafters until they calmed down!

Linda, Trude’s Mum had found out where the girls were anyway. When the jokers woke upside down, hanging from rafters in an old derelict barn, It didn’t take much to prompt them to talk! All that was said was the first person to tell us where they are gets a drink! The other doesn’t! That prompted both women talking at the same time!

As Linda found the place, she drove up to the house. She didn’t know whether to punch the woman or hug her, just as long as she got her Trude back she was happy. As she got to the front of the house the Mistress and the girls were waiting .

"Hi Mum!" Said Trude.

Mistress interjected. "I think your mother and I had better have a talk."

Linda looked at the Mistress, she had an air of power. The Mistress showed her into her home.

"Why don’t you go get Agamemnon?"

The girls walked off and the Mistress walked inside to talk to Linda.

After a while the Mistress came out with Linda and walked with her to the stables, once in the stables Linda could make out Trude and Tina trussed up like chickens, she glanced round to see where the Mistress was, the Mistress was way ahead of Linda, she whispered "Hamadryades!" Linda stiffened and relaxed, as Mistress dressed her as a pony. She neither smiled, or grimaced, but stood impassively obvious to her fate or that of her daughter. As she felt the bit in between her teeth silencing her. Her tormentor smiled at them all, as they were released from whatever depths they had come from, as they wrestled with their binds that proved to be stronger than they, the mistress said

"I am Mistress Selene, but you will know me as the whip mistress from now on…"



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