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Beauty Makeover... And then some

by Lynda Christine

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© Copyright 2011 - Lynda Christine - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F+/m; D/s; cd; fem; makeup; wax; heels; maid; clothes; hum; oral; cons; X

I was traveling for a week on the road, checking things out and not having to deal with all my various employee's. I am a regional supervisor and many times work from home and occasionally go out to check up on the work of my people. I can do this one on one or, as I had planned this week, following behind my people to make sure that their work is up to par without telling them I would be doing so. Sort of like leaving them to do their jobs but making sure that they really are. I decided that I could do this AND indulge in my favorite little hobby, dressing up enfemme. Of course, I also knew that if I did, given how masculine I looked in the face, that I would have to limit myself to night-time dressing and maybe taking a little drive in the car rather than spending all day enfemme, which I can do when I am working at home. Still, I figured I could at least enjoy some time.

So, with that in mind, I packed up both my work clothes, which was just pants and company polo shirts. Under which I would, of course, wear panties, stockings (no pantyhose for this girl!) and socks. Since I can wear sneakers for work, I would bring them. But in my other bag, I would bring my bra's, forms as well as some skirts and blouses. A nice auburn colored wig and my make-up and I was almost ready to go. Since I also have this thing for high heels, I had to think about which ones to bring. I decided that since, for some reason I have difficulty walking in 3 inch or lower heels, I would bring my 5 inch stiletto pumps in black patent as well as my 6 inch stilettos. Each of these have a nice ankle strap and for some unknown reason, I can stand and walk in these all day...

I decided that I would head out after my conference call with the guys and start working. Since I have access to the internet and found a website for someplace I wanted to stop at along the way, I went to their site and saw that they offered makeovers. When looking at some of the before and after shots, I decided that I would give them a shot. Who knows, I might actually be able to enjoy looking at my ugly mug, I thought. So I called them before I left and found that they had an opening for the following morning, if I wanted it. I took it without really thinking, letting them know what I wanted.

The trip took a few hours to get to where I needed to be and I managed to finish my work at a reasonable time. I found a hotel close by and checked in, unpacked for the week and pulled out this wonderful stuff I had found, Nair for MEN!!! Of course, I needed to use it on my arms and hands, as well as my chest, since I seem to shave and need to re-shave after a few hours. The Nair seems to work for about 2 weeks. The only problem is that it, well STINKS!!! I showered and dressed for bed, thinking about how the next morning I would be putting this cosmetologist and her crew to task trying to make me over.

The next morning, I decided to pack a little bag with some clothes, my wig and additional undies. I put on my khaki's, a polo shirt and socks over my panties and stockings. I then drove off, slightly scared but also excited at the prospect of actually looking like a woman, if it was at all possible. I arrived at the boutique and walked in. It looked like a beauty parlor and had a curtained off area. When I got there, I was greeted by a pleasant woman who asked if she could help me. I almost panicked and walked out but decided that since the shop was rather quiet, why not take that step. I told her my name and as I was starting to tell her what I wanted, I could see her start to smile.

"I know what you are here for, sweetie. But I have to ask. Are you here to get just a quick make-over or would you like to REALLY be made over?"

"What is the difference?" I asked

"Well, with the makeover, we will do your face and such. But with the 'extreme' makeover," she chuckled, "I think we can guarantee that you will not be wearing a wig as you need to now AND you will definitely look like a woman. The choice is yours. I can tell you that it will take a few hours more to do the extreme makeover but I can definitely tell you that you WILL be pleased with the result."

I thought it over and since I had the time I decided to go ahead and do that one. She even told me that she GUARANTEED that I would like the results or my money back. I could not pass up an offer like that!

"Okay sweetie, first of all, we need a feminine name for you, since from this point on, you are no longer that 'Paul' guy you were when you walked in here! So, what's your feminine name, sweetie?"

"Lynda," I said and smiled at her.

"Okay Lynda, come on in here and take off that which you think you should. Behind this curtain, you are just a girl getting some beauty treatment done."

So, I walked behind the curtain, carrying my bag with me. She looked at me as I took off my shirt.

"Oh, all shaved are we? Or is that Nair?"

"Nair. I did everything that I could, top to bottom."

"How about your back, Lynda?"

"Well, I got what I could but could not make sure of everything."

"Turn around... Well, it seems that you got a fair amount of it but there is still some there. We can do a waxing or take a small razor to it. Up to you."

I thought about it... "Go ahead and wax it then."

"Then that is what we will do first. Then, after that, we can look at what you would like done to your hair. Because we can make it so that you WON'T be needing a wig any longer."

I stood there shocked. I was going bald up on top and had been wearing a wig whenever I got dressed up. The idea of NOT having to wear a wig really intrigued me. So I submitted to the waxing and it hurt a little, though not for long. Then I was turned over.

"Well, first I think we need to make sure that you are truly into the spirit of this. So, let me see your breast forms, Lynda. Right now, wearing those cute panties and stockings, you seem to be only about 25% girlie!"

I reached into my bag and pulled out my forms. She smiled and took out the adhesive spray. I had never used it but rather used tapes to hold them in place. So this was going to be interesting. Five minutes later, there I was, wearing breasts and looking more feminine. She then reached in and told me to put on my bra, as a woman doesn't sit around in the beauty parlor with her breasts hanging out for everyone to see. Then she winked at me!

"So, what color hair do you like, sweetie? I can do almost any color you want."

I pulled out my wig and showed her. She smiled and looked at my complexion. "Well, Lynda, I think we can handle that. Do you LIKE long hair or do you LOVE long hair?"

I smiled. "I LOVE having long hair, as long as it is NOT all the way down to my butt! But sitting about shoulder length is something I like a whole lot. Even a little longer."

"Well then, Lynda, I think this will take about another two hours. First we will dye your hair to that color, as well as your eyebrows. We are going to need to trim them up a little though, just to make them look more feminine. After the dye is set, we can move onto the next step. But I have to bring in my hair color gal to get you set up."

"Okay," I said, somewhat relaxed knowing that I was going to go from my current light brown with gray to an auburn color. She left and in walked this nice looking gal who smiled at me and introduced herself as Amber. She then walked me over to a sink and washed my hair, then started to color my hair. As I was laying back in the chair, I felt her work on the eyebrows, coloring them as well. I never felt her trim them up or anything. I could, however, smell the hair coloring and realized that it really did stink a little. But I figured a little stink would be fine if the outcome was going to be better. Amber then rinsed out the remaining color and dried my hair.

"Okay Lynda, Diane will be in here in just a moment. She is going to get you to a very nice length of hair for you. It is a weave and she will tell you everything that you need to know to take care of it, okay sweetie?"

"Thanks, Amber" and then I watched as she walked out of the area, watching as her hips swayed and I noticed that she had on rather high heels for someplace like this. But I figured that she could wear whatever she wanted.

Diane came in with my wig as well as a great deal of what looked like hair in her hands. "So, this is the style you would like, Lynda? And the length?"

"Yes, ma'am, I would!"

"You are so sweet, but just call me Diane." Then she proceeded to tell me that I would have to treat this just like real hair but that I would have to come in every few weeks to make sure that the weave is right and to make sure that the color stays the same. Then, for the next two hours, she worked on my head, giving me longer and very natural looking hair, even though most of it was nylon.

"Okay Lynda, Jamie is going to be coming back in to make you look absolutely ravishing. So far, though, I would say that with that hair style that I gave you that anyone would definitely think you are a woman. But that face will be the clincher. And trust me, sweetie, Jamie can work wonders." Then she walked out.

I sat there and noticed that there were no mirrors in this curtained off area. And I then noticed the sounds of other people in the boutique. But I didn't really worry since I was getting a makeover that was supposed to make people believe I was a girl. Then Jamie, who was the woman who greeted me when I walked in, came into the area and smiled.

"Well, I guess that your hair is done so now I get to work MY magic. So, come on over here and have a seat!"

I got up and walked over to where she was waiting. "Why are there no mirrors, Jamie?"

"Well, Lynda, I would not want anyone to start worrying about how they look in the middle of their makeover. So what I do is do all the work here, talking to you as to HOW I am doing it, so you can repeat this on your own, and when it is all done, I let you see what the final results are. That is how I know my work is done."

"Fair enough." I sat back and relaxed.

Jamie went through all the necessary things I would need to know in order to do this on my own. I noticed that she was using all makeup that I could buy in Wal-Mart, for the most part. Some of it, though, I would have to purchase at someplace that sells theatrical make-up. But I was going to be given all of the make-up that was being used on me. So at least I wouldn't have to worry about it for a little while.

After about 20 minutes, she looked down at me and smiled. I was then handed my bag and asked to put on some clothes. I pulled out my red plaid skirt and a red 3/4 sleeve blouse and finally put on my stiletto heels. When I did that, Jamie smiled and even chuckled a little.

"Lynda, I have a feeling that you are hiding something from us about yourself. Those are rather nice heels AND rather high for some. Can you really walk in them for long periods of time, sweetie?"

I smiled. "Jamie, lower heels, for some reason, actually HURT my feet. I can walk for hours in these."

Jamie smiled. "Okay sweetie. Now I got to ask you this question. I think I did my best work on you and if you agree that I did, would you be willing to come out to this little club I like to go to so that I can sort of show you off?"

"Well, I guess I could. But I don't have much more than this to wear."

"Well, I guess we are going to have to do something about that, since I sincerely hope that tomorrow you are NOT going to go back to guy mode, especially looking THIS good! Please tell me that all this work was not for nothing!"

I looked at Jamie and realized that she was actually upset at that prospect. "Jamie, if I look as good as you say, I will stay this was for the rest of the week, okay? I may have difficulty checking out of my hotel at the end of the week but I can still do something along those lines. Would that be fine with you?"

Jamie smiled at me. "Lynda, trust me. Now, come on out and look at yourself in the mirror.

I followed her out into the main part of the boutique and froze! In front of me was a mirror and in that mirror was a very confused and sexy looking redheaded woman! I touched my face and watched as the reflection touched her face. I touched my hair and it felt like REAL hair! I looked like a... WOMAN!!!

I stood there completely flabbergasted!!! I was looking at myself and yet I was not looking at myself.

"I would say, Jamie, that you have yet another satisfied customer!" I heard said beside me. I turned and saw this woman standing next to me. With her was another woman who seemed to look at me and then look away.
"In fact, Jamie, darling, I would say that this is your best work to date! Tell me that you are going to have her come to the club tonight!"

"Well, ask Lynda yourself, Catherine. I am sure that she can speak, though she does seem to be in shock at the moment!" I could hear the chuckle through the boutique.

I turned to Jamie. "Yes, I guess I could come. I just need to get something else to wear. Especially since I am going to be like this for a few days. Do you know where I can go to get a few more things to wear?"

"I think that can be arranged, Lynda," said Catherine on my right side. "I just happen to own a little clothing store, actually three of them, which may have some clothes for you to wear."

"Well, thank you, Catherine. Where is this shop so I can go and pick out something?"

"Actually, one of them is just down about seven doors from here. I can send Samantha down there with you if you would like." as she motioned to the woman standing with her who would not look me in the eyes.

"Well, that would be nice but I don't think that will be necessary. Besides, I don't think she wants to take me down there. She, in fact, seems a little shy."

"Really? That does not seem like Samantha. In fact, I will bet you that she would love to take you down to make sure that they treat you right while you are there." I managed to notice that Samantha looked up at Catherine and then at me with a forced smile on her face.

"Well, as long as it is alright with her, then I would be happy to have her help me out. So, shall we go?"

"Samantha, after you bring Lynda down to the shop, come on back here. You know we need to get that gray out of your hair today!"

"Yes, ma'am" and then she turned and led me down the sidewalk. The entire time, she said nothing to me and would not even look at me.

Part Two

When we got to the shop I saw that there were several women working behind a counter and one walking around the sales floor. Samantha opened the door and led me into the shop. One of the women behind the counter looked at Samantha and then me and then frowned. The other girl behind the counter did the same. It was the one who was walking the floor that came up to me and as she did, Samantha left.

"Well, what can we do for you today?"

I stood there, afraid to talk. I realized that I do not sound like a woman when I talk and fought to get composure. But I was standing there, all 6'2" of me and frightened out of my wits.

"It's okay, honey. I understand. You are here for clothes. And I saw that Sam brought you in, so you must be here at the direction of Catherine. So, what do you need to buy?"

I regained some composure and realized that I could speak. I just decided that I would do it softly.

"I don't need to buy anything. Samantha brought me down because I was up at Jamie's boutique there and got a make-over. Since I only have these clothes with me and with all the work that Jamie and the girls did on me, I promised that I would not switch back tomorrow and that I would go with her to the club to be "shown off" as she put it tonight."

"Oh, then you are not... Never mind. I think we can help you out then. What's your name?"

"Well, right now, I guess it would be Lynda, though I go by Paul otherwise. That is what my credit cards say anyways!" I laughed.

"Okay then, Lynda. My name is Cindi. What kind of clothes would you like to wear?"

For the next couple of hours, I looked at different blouses and skirts, dresses as well as every imaginable shoe that I could fit my feet into. It was kind of funny but as we talked, I learned that Cindi had no issues with guys who dressed up. The two other girls did, however, because they had seen me with Samantha, have some problems with me.

"You didn't know? That Samantha is actually Sam? A guy in a dress?"

"You're kidding!"

"Nope. And that Catherine is not only the owner of this shop but also a Dominatrix?"

"Okay, now that one I would not have figured out except for the way that she talked to Samantha in the shop up there. But I just figured that it was something like an argument or something."

"Oh no, she actually "owns" Samantha. And the reason I asked what it was that you were supposed to buy is that when one of Catherine's new sissies come's here, they are supposed to buy certain things from the back room."

"The back room?" I was intrigued, partly because of the fact that this woman was a Dominatrix as well as the prospect of having another of my fantasies fulfilled, serving a Domme at some point.

"Sure. Usually the first thing that they have to buy is a pair of high heels. Since you already have those, I figured that it was going to be something like a French Maid's Uniform or something along those lines."

I glanced up and smiled, which caused her to smile at me.

"So, the idea of wearing something like that DOES intrigue you, does it Lynda? In fact, right now, I can tell that you would like to see one of them. But would you like to actually try one on?"

I could barely speak. I had always wanted one but had never gone out to get one or even buy one on line. I nodded my head and Cindi laughed lightly.

"Lynda, if I didn't know better, I would say that you REALLY want to wear one. Let me get a black one in satin. I think you will really like it. And a nice petticoat to make it look right."

A few minutes later, Cindi returned with a maid uniform, in black satin and a white full petticoat. In her hands was also a pair of black with white lace ruffled panties that matched the uniform.

"Well Lynda, go ahead. Strip off your clothes and put this on. You know you want to, don't you, sweetie?"

I wasted no time and didn't care that I was stripping down to nothing in front of her. Well, I was stripping down to my undies at any rate. Then I put on the panties and the petticoat. I felt them as they went over my stocking clad legs and felt a shiver run up my spine. Then I pulled the uniform over my head and settled it on my body. I then put the apron around my waist and tied it and then looked in the mirror. Looking back at me as a woman in a black satin maid's uniform, looking like she wanted to be bent over and spanked or something, and that something could mean just about EVERYTHING imaginable. Cindi saw this and chuckled.

"I would say, Lynda, that right now, you are thinking several thoughts. I can even tell you that some of those thoughts are going to be kind of naughty, not that there is anything wrong with them. What I am wondering, Lynda, is just how excited you are at the wearing of this satin uniform. Because, right now, I see that you are about to fall over from all the excitement."

I looked at Cindi and I think that she could read my mind. In fact, I think I was sending out such a vibe that it just told EVERYONE what is that I wanted.

"Well Lynda, I think that Catherine will be very happy with you tonight at the club. In fact, I am rather jealous of her right now!"

"Pardon me? Catherine? Why would she be happy?"

"Well, aren't you going to... Wait, there I go, jumping to a conclusion that I should know better. You didn't come here to buy this because you were told to, right? You want this for yourself, don't you?"

"Well, yes. In fact, right now, I am looking at wanting almost everything that we looked at today. PLUS this Maid's uniform. Heck, I even want another one, because one can not live with just one of these."

"Lynda, you do realize that right now, you have over $2500 worth of clothes sitting there PLUS this. Can you handle that?"

"Cindi, I WANT these things. Heck, I even want some new undies and stockings. But I really NEED this uniform, Cindi!"

"And you are going to the club tonight, right? Do you even know what kind of club it is?"

"No, not really. But I figure that it is going to be someplace where there are others like me there and I should be comfortable."

"Well Lynda, if by others like yourself you mean submissive's, cross-dresser's and straights, as well as Dominant men and women who are trolling for sub-missive's, then you are right. And I think that I can tell you that you will probably be gobbled up in no time, even if Catherine doesn't grab you as you walk in the door."

"You mean that she is hoping that I will go there and be taken by her or something along those lines?"

"Yes, Lynda. She is like a shark. She will sense your fear or need and then feed off of it. Every one of the boys that she has brought out here to buy something has been there at least once. Many go several times. Samantha is her latest man. He was even chastised, permanently, and is now her slave. He is her first one and she wants more. I think but I don't know for sure, that you may become her next one."

"DAMN!!! Maybe I shouldn't go then! But I was kind of looking forward to doing SOMETHING dressed. Even going to a D/s club sounds interesting... Wait a second! You said something about being jealous of Catherine. Are you telling me that you...?"

I looked at Cindi and I could see this really evil smile that told me that she did indeed mean that she wanted something of me. Part of me wondered if perhaps maybe Cindi was the shark and I was the bleeding prey in the water about to be eaten.

"Lynda, Yes, I am jealous of Catherine. I love that she has all these men at her beck and call. I even love the fact that they listen to her and actually OBEY her. Stephanie is just her latest conquest and, like I was saying, I think that she has her feelers out for you. Bringing you here was just the first step in the process. Though I am kind of curious as to why Stephanie didn't stay to make sure that you got what Catherine WANTED you to buy. Of course, since we had seen you with her, I guess it was supposed to be obvious as to what you were to be shown. But you seem to have bucked her process in a small measure. Of course, something like $2,000 worth of clothes and underwear sitting on that rack over there doesn't hurt either."

"But yes, Lynda, I want that little bit of control at times, too. The problem is that I do not DO men. I really didn't like guys dressed up as women either until just this very moment. I do not know what it is but for some reason I want to, well, see just how feminine you CAN be. Does that make any sense to you?"

I looked at Cindi and saw something that at first looked a little frightened, as if she were afraid I would say no and then, as I came to realize that she was asking me the one question that I knew the answer to, deep inside my soul, I could see that she too saw my answer before I could even move my lips. As this realization came over me, I found myself drawn to the floor and was on my knees without even thinking about it. Then I had my face towards the floor and was kissing Cindi's shoes. It was then that I noticed that her shoes were as "killer" as mine were with at least a five inch heel on them and stiletto's at that.

"WOW! Okay Lynda, I want you to wait right there for a minute. Do not move!"

"Yes, Mistress!"

"Oh, I just love the sound of that!" and off she went.

I knelt there, wondering what it was that at first drew me into her and then made me actually want... No, NEED to kneel before Cindi like this. I did not know her from Adam, or Eve for that matter. All I knew is that she was giving me this very strong vibe that told me that I may have found the one person that would make me feel whole, though I was not sure what THAT might mean. In a minute or two, I could hear Cindi's heels tapping on the floor as she returned.

"Look up at me, Lynda!" I did. "Lynda, this collar is something that I was saving for my lover. Right now I do not have a lover but when I saw you there, I realized that this collar is meant for you." She showed me that it was patent leather and pink!

"I admit that it does feel a little weird, even to me right now, that I am going to put a collar around your neck. Especially when there is no way to hide it once I do this. But I think that is part of what appeals to me and it may even be appealing to you right now, a little of that public humiliation. But here is the deal. If you want to back out now, you may. If not, then the only way out will be when I let you out of this collar. Once I put it on, I will own you until I take it off. You will obey at all times. If you don't, I will punish you with this". Cindi pulled out a small riding crop and let me look at it. I looked at it and felt this growing need inside me. Cindi saw that and smiled at me.

"I see that maybe this is NOT a punishment for you, is it now, Lynda? In fact, this looks like something that you need and right now, isn't it, my pet? But you will have to EARN this. And I will have to think of some really delicious ways for you to earn it between now and tonight at the club."

I looked into Cindi's eyes and could see something that seriously looked like a mischievous child about to finally get one over on some unsuspecting adult. And I realized that I was that something. She wanted to go to not only have some fun but also to show up Catherine. And inside me, I really didn't care. All I cared about was feeling that collar around my neck.

Part Three

"So, do you want to run or are you going to stay?" Wordlessly, I bent my head and offered up my body and soul to Cindi, thinking that it was only going to be for a short period of time. I felt her hands brush me as she placed the collar around my neck and locked it into place. But something about the collar seemed a little odd, as if it had a little bit more weight to it that the patent leather appearance let on. But I let that go to my nervousness.

"Put your hands behind your back, SLAVE!" Once I did, I felt leather cuffs being placed around them and they too being locked up, keeping my hands in back. Then I was hauled to my feet, gently but firmly. Then I watched as ankle cuffs were put on me and these were connected by a chain which limited my walking distance and speed. Then I felt my hands being pulled up a little as another chain was connected and now my hands were up in the small of my back and could not come down any lower.

I was feeling a little nervous at this point but as I looked at Cindi, I could see a smile on her lips and this eased my fears. Then she attached a leash to the front of the collar and walked me back into the shop. In the shop I could see a couple of customers and they looked at me and laughed a little. I was sure that they were laughing at me and the outfit I was in and realized that they must have known I was a guy. Of course, since I was standing at well over six and one half feet in stiletto heels, I guess it was a little more obvious than if I were about a foot shorter. And I realized that the two clerks that had looked at me earlier were now looking at me a little bit differently.

"Well everyone, I would like to introduce you all to my very first slave, Lynda. As you can all plainly see, she does stand a little tall but all the much better for her to stand out in a crowd and be noticed, right, SLAVE!"

"Yes, Mistress!"

"Good girl. Now, I am sure that you all would like to get a chance to say something about how sweet she looks in her little sassy French Maid's uniform but I have to say that you will get to enjoy her a little bit tonight at The Loft in downtown tonight. I intend to bring her there, not only so that our friend Jamie can have her moment of glory with Lynda here, as she is Jamie's creation but also to have a little bit of fun with her at Catherine's expense".

"Oh, you all know I love Catherine as if she were my own mother. Hell, she IS my mother! But I think I need to do something for myself now more than anything and this is my first step. But first, I think I need to have Lynda pay for all those delightful outfits that she wanted. Of course, those outfits that she has there on the rack are NOT the only ones that she is going to be paying for. Jennifer, would you mind running to the back and grabbing a couple more of the Maid Uniforms back there.?"

I looked as the one clerk there smiled and started to chuckle. "Which one's do you think she needs, Cindi?"

"I think that she will need enough for maybe a week but I want all different color combinations. So, as she is wearing the black with the white lace, I think we want the one with the red lace as well as maybe the pink lace. Then the white with black and the pink lace. Then the red one with the black lace and the pink one with white and black lace. How many is that?"

"That would be seven more. Of course, you want all the matching ruffled panties and petticoats as well, right Cindi?"

"Of course, that goes without saying. Can not have my little pet wearing the same panties more than one day. Besides, the more the merrier! And I think that as part of her little added humiliation, she gets to bring all of these things to her car. And that is about seven doors down, isn't it my pet?"

"Yes, Mistress!" I said, realizing that this was going to be a rather interesting experience. Of course, part of me was thinking that this was all just a little play for the audience there, seeing as I thinking that this was all going to end maybe the next morning when I had to go off to finish working for the week. But a small part of me was hoping that maybe this WAS really happening and that this was NOT going to end.

I felt one of my wrists having it's cuff removed but it was only for a moment as now I found my wrists in front of me and attached to a chain connected to my collar again, holding my hands above my waist a little but allowing me to hold packages as well as sign a credit card slip.

I realized that there were a whole lot of packages there, with the "straight" clothes taking about three bags. The rest of the stuff took another EIGHT! I realized that there were also five pairs of heels as well as over a weeks worth of lingerie in these bags, let alone the fifteen different outfits as well as the eight additional uniforms and their accessories. And there was no way I was going to be able to take all of these to my car in one trip, let alone without being seen. I was getting ready to voice it when I felt hand on my back and a voice in my ear.

"Lynda, I can lead you there on a leash if you want. But first, open your mouth!"

"Yes, Mistress!" and I opened my mouth wide. Into my mouth went a gag that had a very strange shape and feel to it. And it was large and filling. As I moved my tongue around I realized that it was shaped like a cock! I had a penis gag in my mouth but it was larger than those I had seen in catalogs and such!

"Sweetie, I know that it seems a little large but you will get used to it. And it is, indeed large! That little substitute for the real thing is three inches wide and three inches long. It will definitely keep you quiet. Now, you need to take all of these bags to your car. I will lead you there the first time. Then you must finish by yourself. And if you are not quick about it, I will find a very special way to punish you!"

I was handed the first two of what turned out to be 10 shopping bags and then, with bags in hand and fear in my heart, was lead out of the shop. I walked slowly though I think part of that was in part due to the chains between my ankles and in part due to fear. I was thinking that my car was way down at the other end of the strip center and walking along the walk and then across the parking lot to my car was going to be the most humiliating thing I had ever been exposed to. And part of me was trembling and that too may have been part of what caused me to slow down. Then I managed to look out a little ways from the door as I was lead out and I saw... MY CAR! It was right there, in front of the shop!

"I know what you are thinking, Lynda. You were thinking that I was going to make you walk all that way when all you have to do is walk as far as a few feet out the door. I thought that it would be better if you only had to walk a short distance for your first bout with public humiliation. Walking all the way down to the other side of the mall would have been delicious to watch, of course, but you might not have been able to do it all the times you need to. So, I had Jennifer bring your car down here so that you could load up your new things easily yet still experience a little bit of that humiliation of having to display yourself. But do not think for a minute that you are going to be getting off easily all the time. You are still going to be going to the party tonight dressed like this, with EVERYTHING you have on, including the cuffs and collar, of course. For now, you need to load those packages as well as the other eight into your car and then we will lock them up. After that, you will come into the back room so that you can properly thank your Mistress for her gentleness on you."

All I could do was nod and I did so, then walked to my car and put the first two packages in the car. I then walked back into the shop under the watchful eyes of the women in the shop as I made this trip four additional times. Each time I felt a little better about the trip and even noticed that Jennifer was looking at me with something strange in her eyes. The other woman who was working the counter seemed to look at me with disgust, as if she did not approve. The three women who seemed to be customers, however, all seemed to revel in my torment and I had to admit that I was reveling in it as well. What I was unsure of at the time was why was it that out of all these people only the one woman seemed to be upset about this happening to me.

I finally got all the packages into my car and locked up. However, before I could get to the back of the store, Jennifer stopped me and unlocked one of my wrists and then locked them both behind my back again.

"Your Mistress asked me to make sure that you could not reach anything unimportant. Besides, for a little while, I do not think that you are going to be needing those things. Now, off you go. Mistress Cindi is waiting for you through that door to the left."

I nodded and headed in that direction, gagged and now with my wrists cuffed behind my back again. I was slightly more uncomfortable like this but after everything else, this was the easiest thing to deal with.

When I got into the back, I noticed that the room I walked into was a small break room. There was a small table as well as some chairs in there but nothing much else. Cindi was there, standing in front of a pillow that was on the floor. She pointed to it and I knew instantly that I was supposed to kneel on it before her.

"Well Lynda, that wasn't so hard now, was it? And all of your new belongings are now safely locked away in your car. Of course, later today you are going to have to have it parked someplace as you are not going to be able to drive it anywhere. And you have your hotel room in which to change your clothes in later. So that will be good for you."

At this point I was feeling better as my earlier fears that I may had bitten off more that I could chew, in more ways than one, plus the fact that everything that had been said seemed to revolve around the idea that this was NOT going to be ending at the end of the night. Now that I seemed to be told that after tonight I would be free to go off and be just plain old Lynda with the old Paul there as well made me feel a whole lot better on the inside.

"Of course, for right now, I so dearly want to play with you. I COULD wait until tonight to do some things to you at the club, both in the public space but also in some of the private spaces. But right now, I want you to smell this!"

With that, she took from behind her back a pair of panties. Even before she had put them in front of my nose to smell them I could smell her muskiness. I was somewhat surprised that she had done that but also it was arousing that she was holding them in front of my nose.

"I have NEVER been this wet even when my girlfriend was playing with me before going down on me! In fact, I may have to buy some new panties because I only have one more pair with my bag and I am afraid that by the end of the night I may have those soaked as well. For right now, however, I think that I need some cleaning up! And you just happen to have just what I need to get myself cleaned up! I am going to remove your gag. But first..." She then pulled out a blindfold and placed it on my head. "Just because you are going to clean me up does not mean that you get to view my femininity! You are just going to have the honor of tasting and worshiping my womanhood!"

With that Cindi removed the gag and pulled my leash so that my mouth was where she wanted. I could smell her and could not wait to taste her femininity. It did not take long before she pulled my face to her hip and I started to lick and suck upon her clitoris.

In a short period of time, I felt her start to convulse as I started to taste her cum start to flow into my mouth. I had never tasted this before and I found it to be a curious taste. I swallowed every drop that I could but was soon to discover that I was nowhere near finished with her desires. Suddenly I felt the sting of the riding crop on my panty clad bottom. I stopped licking.

"Who told you to stop, slave? I am just rewarding you for your work on my FIRST orgasm! I am going to use my riding crop on you until I have my SECOND or maybe even my third!"


I yelped into her womanhood and started to redouble my efforts at pleasuring her. The second orgasm took some doing as I was constantly feeling a little sting on my ass but I eventually got used to the distraction and managed to bring her to her second orgasm. Then I felt her push my head away from her.

"DAMN!!! That felt REALLY good, slave! I may be very happy for taking a chance to play with you away from Catherine. But still, I think that you have to thank Jennifer for bringing your car closer rather than leaving it where you parked it. Of course, I think that we need to fix up your make-up a little since your lipstick is a little smeared as well as your foundation. But I think, for now, just cleaning it up will be enough. We will just have to bring you down to Jamie to make sure that you do everything right later to make yourself feminine in appearance."

I listened as I heard her move around a little, not knowing what was happening. Every sound I heard seemed to be something important but I was having difficulties in defining what the sounds were. But I could hear the sound of stiletto heels on the floor walking towards us.

"Cindi, when are you... DAMN! Cindi, this is disgusting! Why are you taking this guy and turning him into some sort of... Well, OBJECT would be the best thing I can thing of! And what the hell is that smell! It smells like, SEX!!!"

"Cassandra, what are you worried about. Catherine is not going to be mad at you. In fact, the only one she will be mad at is me. And you know as well as I do that you have had your boyfriend in here doing the same thing to you as Lynda here did to me on your break. Catherine doesn't mind either, as long as we do it in here rather than on the sales floor!"

"But Cindi, it is just that I do not think that this is, well, RIGHT! Of course, the fact that your lover left you last week might have something to do with all of this, since you seem to hate men!"

"Cassandra, I do not 'HATE' men, it is just that the thought of them sticking their penis in my pussy does not make me feel like a woman. In fact, the thought of a penis inside me actually disgusts me. In fact, most guys could not even lick me this good! I had two orgasms and could not even try for a third!"

"WHAT??? You had TWO? Hell, Frank can not even last long enough to do me twice! Still, I think that if you are going to humiliate a guy like this, you could at least do it someplace else rather than here at work. Some of our customers may not find it as humorous as those ladies did earlier today. They did find that gag rather funny and realized what he was after reading the front of it more closely."

"Well, I didn't want those ladies to think I was doing this to some woman, though I know that there are some women who might get off on it. Still, I am sure that you would like to experience Lynda's fantastic tongue for yourself, wouldn't you?"

"No, but thanks anyway. I was just going to ask you when Jennifer and I could go on our breaks. Frank wants to take me to lunch and is on his way. But I could call him and tell him to hold off a little."

"Go ahead. Enjoy lunch. Besides, Jennifer I think is going to be waiting for her boyfriend to get here but that won't be for another hour or so."

"Thanks, sis!"

SIS??? What the hell was going on here? Catherine was Cindi's mother and now that one clerk who seemed disgusted with me is Cindi's sister? Damn, this was totally confusing to me, though right now I seemed to not have much to worry about. I listened as the sound of heels left the room and then heard some more heels coming in our direction.

"Hi Cindi! Well, is Lynda well used? Because her face is looking a little bit on the mussed side, as it were."


"Cindi, he is that good, is he? Damn, I seem to remember that Jackie could never get you to two orgasms in all those five years you were together, even after you would bring her to that many at least! I am so glad for you! But tell me. Do you think that I can, umm, well..."

"Jennifer, I am sure that Lynda would gladly thank you for moving her car closer. But I am not totally sure if she CAN thank you properly. Besides, isn't Mark coming to take you out for lunch today?"

"Mark? Well, he was going to be coming over but it seems that he has something more important to do, like that damned trailer park trash tramp of a secretary of his!"

"WHAT? He is cheating on you? When did this all happen???"

"I found out last night when I got his cell phone by mistake. There were text messages on there from that little tramp! So, I called him up this morning at his home, since he was working late last night and I told him that he had my phone. He stopped breathing, practically."

"What happened?"

"Nothing. I told him that I didn't want to see him again and that the cell phone that he has right now will be turned off. I then told him that he could pick up his cell phone when I was not home and that I would leave it in the mailbox. I am sure that he picked it up and is enjoying his new life with that tramp. I am so pissed off at him and yet, for some reason, I feel so much better now that I don't have to deal with his egotistical ways! But anyway, If you don't think that Lynda can thank me properly, I guess I can think of something else."

"Jennifer, I think that maybe Lynda can thank you. In fact, I know that she can. But I am not sure if she will be able or willing to thank you in the manner in which I am sure you WISH to be thanked. But I am sure that if we ask her, we can get the proper response from her."

"You think so, Cindi? Damn, I hope so!"

Now, I was kneeling there, listening to this conversation, not really understanding all of what I was hearing. But I knew that something was going to happen. I was worried because it sounded like I was going to get the living shit beaten out of me because of this guy Mark. But I did find it rather interesting that they were going to ask me if I COULD or would thank Jennifer properly for moving my car. Goodness knows that I would definitely want to thank her for her kindness.

"Lynda, right now, I am going to permit you to actually have a choice in something. Partly because of what it is that I am going to ask you to do and partly because this is a road that not many will follow, willingly or not. What I am going to ask you to do is to thank Jennifer, personally, in a manner in which you may or may not be prepared for. If you are unwilling to do so, I know that she will understand. If you are willing, then I am sure that you will have made Jennifer very happy."

I knelt there waiting to hear what it was that I was going to be given a choice of...


I was kneeling there, waiting to hear what it was that Cindi wanted me to do and part of me was scared and another part of me was excited.

"Lynda, I want to warn you that not everything that you see is completely what you might think. Jennifer is a very GOOD friend of mine and her boyfriend has decided that he needed to sew his oats someplace else other than with his now former girlfriend. But you might not realize that Jennifer is not a woman but rather a, well, for want of a better term, a pre-operative transgendered woman who has decided that she does not want to have her penis removed. Some call them she-males but I just call her Jennifer."

"Now, I will tell you that Jennifer is a very beautiful woman, as I am sure you realized when you saw her at the counter. Catherine actually does not know, as far as I can tell, that she is not 100% female, not that it would be any of her business. I know because I actually hit on her when she came to the store the first time, before I knew that she was looking for work. She told me, politely of course, that I was not her type and she said that she had come here to find work. Well, I hired her instantly and over the last year I came to find out just why it is that I am not her type. Oddly enough, though, I find myself thinking that someone LIKE Jennifer might be MY type. But until today I have never really thought about going and finding someone. But that is neither here nor there."

I listened and realized that what she was telling me actually interested me and even intrigued me a little. I also realized that I knew where this was going and the part that was a little frightened was starting to get a little more noisy inside my head.

"Now, before you get all frightened or anything like that, I am not telling you that you HAVE to do anything with Jennifer. In fact, both she and I understand that you may not be willing to do anything that she may have in mind. And trust me, I KNOW what she has in mind, sweetie!"

I could hear them both chuckle and I knew what they both had in mind as it was running through my own mind.

"But I am going to let you choose, Lynda, if you are willing to do anything and just what you might be willing to do. If you keep your mouth closed and keep kneeling on the floor like you are right now, neither one of us will think any the lessor of you. But if you actually ARE willing, then we will honestly think a little higher of you than I already do. The choice is yours and I want you to think about it CAREFULLY!"

I knelt there, wondering what it was that I REALLY wanted. A small part of me knew that I had been FANTASIZING about having my Mistress do something like this to me but I didn't have one. Or did I?

I was kneeling on the floor, obeying a woman who had a collar around my neck, which I had willingly had placed there and was doing whatever it was that she asked... No, COMMANDED me to do. So, does that mean that I now had a Mistress?

And if I had a Mistress, did that make me her slave? Since she had placed that collar around my neck and told me that I was to obey her until she took the collar off, didn't that mean that I was her slave? Did I want to be her slave? Did I even want to BE a slave, to any woman?



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